Recipe to help Anhydrosis

I cut this recipe in thirds because they were making it on a race track with many horses. This makes more than you need though for one horse!

5 lbs sugar
10 oz salt
18.6 oz KCL (Potassium Chloride) or Lite Salt

Mix thoroughly. Stir into feed.

Day One 1 Cup
Day Two 1.5 Cups
Day Three 2 Cups

The person that gave this to me said it works for her but you could repeat after 3 days if necessary.

Also, give a horse barley.  I was always told to give my horse dark beer like Guinnes Beer.  Goodness, I nearly went broke giving him a Guinnes Beer a day.  I rehomed my horse and the new owner gave him barley.  I have since picked him up and rehomed him here in Texas.  His new owner is giving him barley.   

If you search this blog on anhydrosis you will find all of my trials and tribulations.  It started on June 20, 2009 with my horse being fine one minute and in distress 20 minutes later.  The above recipe was given to me by a lady off of a race track.  It helped Red more than anything else I tried. 

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