Monday, April 13, 2015

Shedding Sarge

I had a number of errands to run today so I didn't get out to the barn until around 1:30 PM on Monday.  I went down and got Sarge.  Biscuit tried to go with me but I left him in the pasture.  He took off running and he was whinnying for Sarge!

I started grooming Sarge - he was muddy.  He is rarely muddy so I know he has been rolling to get the hair off.  I brushed and brushed and brushed.  Hair was flying everywhere - so glad he finally started shedding.  I used a scissor blade to pull the stringy pieces of his mane off.  He looked so much better!!!

I put the surcingle on him and side reins and worked him in the arena for 30 minutes.  He was a bit of a toot at the end  -  I think he was a little annoyed but too bad.  He did a good job after I insisted on finishing RIGHT. 

I could hear Biscuit whinnying the entire time I had Sarge up front.  I hosed him off and scraped him and took him back.  Biscuit was so glad to see him.

I went back a few hours later.  No matter how bad I feel, my horses make me feel better.  They are so precious to me.  I straightened out my tack closet while I was there.  I gave the horses carrots and clover. 

Check out Biscuit's mustache...could he be any cuter?

Short Ride

Kellie and I planned a ride for Saturday.  We got out to the park and tacked up.  I rode in her Circle Y.  We got out about 2/3 of the way down Cattail Marsh and it started sprinkling.  We made the decision to turn around.

We got back to the stables and it was sprinkling and we heard thunder.  We raced through taking our tack off .  I had a hard time getting the saddle back in the Brenderup - Barry's saddle was twisted sideways and I was having a hard time getting the Circle Y in. 

Kellie used her broom to sweep poop out of my trailer and I loaded up The Biscuit.  When we turned out on the park loop road it started raining.  LOL  we got out just in time!!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Hauling to Darolyn Butler's Barn

Biscuit came to me!  Woot!!  He was rewarded for doing so.  Don't want to revert to what I had before.

I took him to the wash rack and brushed him and cleaned his hooves.  He is still shedding.  I loaded him up and Jamie and Edgar closed the ramp for me.  I left at 9:40 AM.  Got half way there and realized I had left my dang credit card - I had no cash.  No lunch for me but I did eat Biscuit's carrots.  I hauled slow and steady and got to Darolyn's at 11:50 AM.  I knew she had an appointment.  They called her and she was on a ride at Pundt Park.  Her other saddle fitters started with Biscuit - they used little forms kind of like Allegany uses.  They were a little flummoxed by his little shoulder bulges.  Darolyn arrived and she tried several on him and then said no saddle would fit him and to get a shimmed saddle pad.  Oh my stars.

She decided an E saddle would work  for Biscuit.  She hah 15" E and she tacked him up with a thicker pad.  She told me to cut my shims and sew them into my Equipedic.  I can get Devin to do that at work on his super duper sewing machine.  Anywhoo.  I rode Biscuit in that saddle - LOL I actually fit in it which was nice.  I was more comfortable in that saddle than in the Steele.  I put the Steele on for Darolyn and with shims it would probably fit but I am going to go with the Saare.  She had her eyes and hands on Biscuit.  That makes a difference.  The saddle is much wider than my Allegany.  I will have to shim his back and get a thicker pad which I can certainly do.

Darolyn is going to get in contact with the saddle maker for Saare and have him call me tomorrow.  I loaded Biscuit back up and hauled home.  He was such a good boy while we were there. 

I talked it over with Lee Ann P when I got back.  I think this will be the best solution for me.

Monday Blues

I went out to the Barn Monday and woo hoo  Biscuit came to me.  I was afraid the riding may make him start refusing to come to me.  I walked him and let him eat grass.  He was up to his belly in grass. 

I took him up to the front and the Lee Ann's were there.  I noticed his back was a little swollen again.  I wasn't when I rode Sunday.  Gaaaaaaaaa....I soaked Biscuit's feet while talking with them.  Lee Ann P suggested I called Darolyn for a saddle fitting for a Saare Saddle.  Sigh.  I am so sick of saddle fitting blues.  I called Darolyn and made an appointment for Tuesday at noon.  I groomed Biscuit and dang...there were two lumps on his side about 4 inches from his spine and about 3 inches apart.  One was a little tick...which I pulled off.  There was a tick on him 2 weeks ago.  YUK!  The other was just a place where the tick was and then moved.  On the lookout for ticks now. 

I got out my hoof knife and rasp and did Biscuit's front feet.  They look so much better.  Got to soak more!!!

Saturday ride with Kent and Barry

The Posse was supposed to ride but eye injury of Aladin kept Kellie from going.  Barry was going with me.  I stayed at the barn to load up the tack while Barry went down to get the horses.

I loaded saddles, blankets, bridles and no Barry.  I walked down to where I could see the pastures and could see Biscuit trotting around.  Ugh.  So I walked down there and he had ran from Barry.  FAIL!!!  He came in halfway to me and trotted off.  I wasn't going to chase him - so counter productive.  I started walking back and here comes Barry with Sarge.  Biscuit then came into the corral and Barry shut it behind him and haltered him.

Kent was at the stables when we got there.  We tacked up and headed out.  I rode in Kellie's Circle Y.  We got just a little way down Cattail and Jerico started tossing his head and then threw in a little buck.  Kent checked to make sure the bit wasn't under his tongue and no rocks in his feet.  We went on and still he was tossing that head and throwing in little bucks.  He eventually stopped.  Kent thought too much rice bran!!!

A flock of Black Throated Blue Warblers were all around us at Willow Bayou.  So pretty!  So very blue and chirping up a storm.  Wish I could have got a good picture!!!

We went out the back and we saw muskrats/otter/something but it was too far to tell exactly what it was plus we saw Rosate Spoonbills!  We got down to Hildebrandt and Barry didn't want to go down the little trail to get to the main trail - but Biscuit and I did.  Way to go Biscuit!!! 
Barry trotted some and OMG that KILLED my knee.  The saddle was torquing my knee and I twisted the leather some and that helped.   Jogging didn't hurt.  We went up the other side and Bella was running in and out around Biscuit and he finally was fixated on her like a laser but he did behave.  She stopped and sat on the trail right in front of her and he did hit her with his leg but he was trying to go around her.  I was surprised.  He always wants to drop kick her.  

We crossed over the bridge and Barry wanted to canter Sarge as he was ready to GO.  I put Biscuit in a jog and we pretty much jogged all the way back to the gate of Cattail Marsh.  Jogged more going to the stables.  It was a good ride - sun shining to beat the band but it was a little windy.  Great day.  I hosed my horse off and we loaded up. 

Another 8.2 miles.  Hoping to make up for lost time. 

Good Friday ride

Kellie and I went for a ride on Good Friday.  I got out to the barn and went down to where Edgar and Jamie were working and asked if they could pick up my ramp for me.  They said yes so I got Biscuit - thank God he comes to me now.  I took him to where I have the trailer and tied him to the side where Sadda couldn't see him.  I hooked up the trailer and thank goodness Sadda went into his stall - I was able to get Biscuit in without fussing at Sadda!!

I hauled out to the park and Kellie and I arrived at exactly the same time.  I got Biscuit out and tacked him up.  He was a little pissy about his feet but gave them to me anyway.  Good boy.

We went out the front of the stables as the woods are too wet still and probably will be for a long time.  Ugh.  We went out Cattail and down the bog area.  It wasn't wet out in the back surprisingly enough.  Gorgeous out there even though it was overcast.  Nice slow ride for my first 8.22 mile ride in a long time.

My horse behaved beautifully.  He did start stumbling some - the Aussie was falling down on his withers.  Ugh.  We got back to the stables and I noticed his left shoulder had a swollen area.  Ok.  this saddle will not do but I can have it adjusted.

A young black kid of 12 (little bitty fellow!) wanted to pet the horses.  He stayed around watching them graze.  He had a phone app of neighing horses and the horses were looking for the  horse that was neighing. It was pretty funny.  They looked like the Yin and Yang.  Kellie and I had our Lunchables and the hauled home.

Biscuit was such a good boy!!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Working with Sarge and Biscuit

Wednesday out to the barn and Mike the farrier was there.  Thank goodness I had money with me and I had Andrew, his son, put new gators on my hoof boots.  LOL Mike said "didn't you just get gators?"  I said yes and that they were chewed by the dogs. 

I worked with Sarge and Biscuit with the surcingle.  Lee Ann showed me how to take up the slack on the outside rein when I was working with Biscuit.  He did a great job and so did Sarge.

Thursday I met Cherie in Kountze and loaned her my saddle.  I hope it fits her horse.  I went out to the barn and brought my horses both back up and soaked Biscuit's hooves for 45 minutes and worked Sarge in the arena.  He did a great job.  A few fusses but not much.  I worked him for 30 minutes.  I really want to get Sarge back in shape.