Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The pictures I had wanted to upload!!!

Sarge and Biscuit on a late August afternoon. Biscuit is as big as a barrel...he hasn't been ridden in 16 days. He looks like a chunky monkey. Sarge is, as always, so sweet. I can't wait til my leg is better so I can go play with my boys!

This is the plume of smoke we saw up in Jasper County. We were going over the Dam B bridge when I snapped this picture.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Going out to see the Boys

Barry and I went out to see the horses this evening after having dinner at Carrabba's. We have been on a Carrabba's kick. Barry texted me last Monday and said he wanted crap cakes. I said "crap cakes or crab cakes?" LOL We went last Monday, Thursday and today. I get the same thing...Sicilian Chicken Soup and bread with olive oil. Barry gets crab cakes and the soup. It is becoming our little ritual. Oh.. and we did have soup at home twice last week too...on Sunday and Tuesday. We have had quiet a bit of soup this week even as hot as it is!

After leaving the restaurant we went out to the barn. The horses were in the back on the pasture on the gate side. Biscuit saw us coming up the road and was watching us. When we got out of the car he started for the front. Sarge waited awhile!! My knee was being cranky so I was being was hurting on the inside lower part. Gaaa. I petted Biscuit up and went around picking up his hooves. They are in serious need of trimming and it has just been two weeks Wednesday. The frogs look pretty good but the front right needs my attention. I will give it a go tomorrow and try to clean Sarge's sheath. Biscuit slightly dropped while I was there and he doesn't spook and flinch when I touch his junk. I touched Sarge's today and have been getting him used to that. Hopefully, tomorrow won't be a big deal.

They were wormed by LeAnn and Allison yesterday. I laughed at LeAnn and told her I had just wormed them and had told her about it. LOL She didn't remember but heck, another worming won't hurt them. She said they were real good about it!!! LOL they have had to get over their crankiness about it. They were wormed by me on August 8, so that was just 3 weeks ago. LOL I will kick the worm issue!!!

OMG I ran out of Picture Space

I tried to upload a picture of the smoke plume that was around the Jasper area. I took the picture Friday and tried to put in into my post. I had to call my Blog Guru, the amazing Jacque B. She is a master tailor, a master cake decorator that bakes cakes with exotic sounding liqueurs, she can hand model out of this world and makes the most creative elements for her cakes, writes a sugar teachers blog and knows Blogging way more than me and to top it off, she is a crack shot. LOL One is always safe with Jacque. I enjoyed talking with her tonight and her parrot, Tuko was laughing hysterically at my problems. He laughs like her so it is even funnier!

Jacque told me how to go onto Google and add storage space. I have used up 1 gb. I bought 20 gb for the small fee of $5. It will take about 24 hours to process and in the mean time I will blog away. Thanks Jacque B...what would I do without you?!

Fire Smoke Stack

Barry and I went on a joy ride Sunday and we were going across the bridge over the Dam B area and we could see this huge column of smoke north of there. It has been burning up and around Ebenezer Park.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

This is too funny not to share!

I found this on one of the forums I am on about what a horse would say about themselves it they were writing the ad to find a new owner.  I thought this was hysterical.

If Horses Sold Themselves…

I found this horse on Craigslist. Looks like a sweet deal…even if he does swear too much.
$1000 Best. Horse. Ever.
Date: 2011-08-18, 3:39PM PDT
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]
Konichiwa compadres. Are you looking for the most kick-ass horse that ever lived? If so, look no further. You found him. I’m a 15-year-old professional packer with experience at bad-ass barns in the United States of AMERICA. That’s right! I graduated from Penn National racetrack, and moved to NYC at the tender age of five. After deciding that New York was a ragin’ stink hole, I moved back to Pennsylvania to cultivate more professional experience on the A circuit. Why? So I can pack your *ss around the show ring and not have to post sh*t like this on Craigslist.
Anyway, so I lost my job in the recession and I have no clue where to live. Honestly, I’ve got three weeks of board left, so I don’t give a rats behind if I have to sleep in your round pen.
A bit about me: I’m respectful, quiet, clean and I won’t touch any of your crap. If you leave a bucket of oats outside my stall at night, I’m just like, “Sweet Jesus, I better not mess with this crap, because it’s not mine.”
I’m never lame. I don’t eat much. I’m always ready to work. Heck. I’ll even do ALL THE WORK for you. That’s right! My dad is an international champion and taught me everything there is to know about show jumping. I’ll memorize the course, make ridiculously tight turns, and jump at least six inches higher than the jump. I’ll make you look like a f*$&ing superstar. EVERY. SINGLE. CLASS.
Don’t want to run at jumps? That’s FANTASTIC! I’ll canter on the slowest 12’ stride you ever imagined and find the distances for you. Imagine all the ribbons you’ll win!
Do you like trail rides? I LOVE TRAIL RIDES. I can ride the sh*t out of trails. Water, ditches, gates. Whatever. You want to go there. It’s my life’s mission to take you. Or we don’t have to go on a trail ride ever. It’s completely UP TO YOU!
A lot of people ask me, “Hey, you’re a Thoroughbred. Are you batsh*t crazy?” And, the answer to that question is, no. I’m not crazy. I’m not even judgmental. I LOVE PEOPLE. I want to help human beings for no other reason than they are human regardless of race, religion, sexual preference, or personal hygiene. Pretty cool right?
I own almost nothing! Last I checked, I had a halter and lead rope with my name on it. I have one pair of shoes. You can HAVE THEM. See?! I’m the most considerate horse you’ve ever met. I’m offering to give you things already!
Am I interested in your barn? You bet my nomadic ass I am! I only require a bit of grass, four fences, water and a tree to shelter me from the elements. Anything beyond that will be considered a bonus.
I’m taking being a show horse to the next level. Email me! I’ll hook you up with Facebook links, background checks, credit reports, phone numbers, resumes, references, awards, sexual history, pictures of Pony Club trophies and a list of the top 10 things I’d like to eat before I die. If you want a next-generation horse that consistently blows your mind with awesomeness, then hit me up. I’ll give you the ride of your life.

I can just imagine what my horses would come up with it they were selling themselves to ME when I was looking for them.

Biscuit was "Goose" and looking for love...and his next meal.  He wanted to go on killer trail rides and pack (that was his name for a short while) around some old 50 something chick who would buy tack just for him, put him at a facility that was cherry or plum either one (he landed at Plum Nearly!) where some guy would come on a Gater twice a day to dump feed his own bucket and where he could stand knee deep in a round bale in the winter.  He wanted his own chariot to drag him around to said trail rides and a pasture mate to run around with that would keep him in line.  Treats passed all around would be nice, as alfalfa would.  In return, he would pack his owner around, learn to pick up his feet, tolerate having his hooves rasped by an amature, learn NOT to throw up his head, not flinch when saddled and learn to LIKE hugs and kisses.  He would learn to collect up and jog like a pro.
  Sigh...the things poor old Biscuit has had to do to keep his new owner!!

Sarge I think was happy where he was but he wasn't getting out much as his owner had been injured.  Sarge's ad would have said he'd be glad to go somewhere if there was nice owners like he had before but trail riding in FRONT would be nice....(Barry take note) as he is the Sargent...not the private.  He would appreciate his owner learning all of his cues so he doesn't have to dump someone's butt because they didn't understand he was had plenty of buttons like a remote...push the wrong one and it is going in another direction.  He certainly would appreciate hugs and kisses as he is all of that and a bag of chips...just look at his pedigree and how shiny his coat is.  And watch how he goes...collected up and going like a the super star he is.  He would also appreciate the same level of care as he had before and to be petted and spoiled and taken occasionally for man's work...trail blazing or chasing cows.  What fun!!!

LOL  I don't think my boys can complain too much about their care.  Sarge has had an easy summer...I think we have kicked the worms for good and Barry was a little under the weather this summer.  Fall is right around the corner and Sarge will be in charge again.  Biscuit is having the time of his life...fat and sassy, leading trail rides and looking gorgeous as he is becoming a wonderful trail horse. 

I really like my horses...they are more fun than a barrel of monkeys and I want to take the best care of them I can.  They deserve that for being my main source of entertainment!!  Barry and I went to see the boys this afternoon.  They are looking terrific.  My muscle above my knee isn't as sore and it is getting better.  I am going to try to mount Biscuit in the arena either Saturday and see if I can get on.  The Dr. said 2 weeks and that would be 2 weeks.  I have missed my rides. 

Getting ready for the ACTHA ride

I went out to the barn today to see the horses for just a few minutes.  They were on the other side of their shelter and came over to the gate.  Sarge was dripping wet with sweat and wanted all kinds of sugars.  He is such a sweet natured horse.  He truly is a "man's horse" in terms of his very masculine appeal...hard working, no nonsense looking horse.  Yet, he absolutely craves attention.  He loves to be petted, hugged and loved on.  He has been highly trained with loads of push buttons, but I imagine had Sarge just been plain old broke/trained to walk/trot/canter and was owned by some little 12 year old girl he would be the same...sweet as can be and gentle as a kitten.  LOL  one of these days he is going to be my horse!!!  Barry says no but I think that will come to pass...I will give Barry Biscuit and I will ride Sargent San Peppy!

Robin called a meeting at LaCantina this evening to go over duties and answer questions about the ACTHA ride.  I was going to judge a obstacle, but due to not knowing how my leg will be, she is going to put me elsewhere, which is fine with me.  Barry is going to be a Safe Rider out in the back.  Kellie is a safe rider and what I may do is assist her IF I am able to mount Biscuit and ride with this knee.  If not, I will stay up at the front and assist with whatever is needed and what I can do without hurting myself!!!  Kellie is ordering shirts for us and I think we will all have a good time.  Beverly, LeAnn, Lee Ann, Kent, John (met him tonight) and Esther will be judging.  Kellie, Barry and James will be safe riders and I will be doing whatever I can.  It is in 2 weeks so maybe by then I can ride.  It will be exactly 3 weeks from my surgery so I am hoping so.

The LeAnn's aren't riding this week as it is supposed to be uber hot for several days this week.  I haven't rode in 12 days - geez, I miss my rides!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Biscuit tearing it up in the paddock

I made this video with my phone of Biscuit running and bucking in the pasture!  He was hilarious and I can't wait to be able to ride again!

Stitches out ! Hoping to ride in a week to 10 days

My stitches came out yesterday and I can walk a little easier.  Dr. Hayes is simply an amazingly sweet man and did a great job on my knee.  He said the pain above my knee is the blood pooling there and will dissipate and when it does the pain will go away when I flex my leg.  Right now that is hard to do!!!

Biscuit's cut
I went with Barry out to see the horses.  He brought Sarge up and I would have liked to have brought Biscuit up but he said it wasn't a good idea!  LOL  uhhh ok....Biscuit had a cut on his lower neck/shoulder area.   I put SWAT on it later.  I hugged him up and petted him.

I went up front with Barry and hugged up Sarge.  I took a wet cloth and washed his face.  His face is filthy with dust and crust!!!  I have been preparing both boys for a sheath cleaning.  When I got Sarge 2 years ago he wasn't comfortable with his winky being touched.  When he would drop he wasn't dirty like Red was so I have left him alone.  He is scrubbing his butt again and I have been working on desensitizing him to my touching the pouch area.  He is FULL of crud up in there.  I have been pulling it out!  I sprayed a little water up in there and pulled some crud out.

Barry said to take them to the vet for their sheaths and he'd pay....I just actually need tranquilizer's to make them drop.  I will do that next week at the ranch.  I will ask LeAnn if I can use the ranch's medi center and put them in the stock.

Sarge looking like he should - gorgeous!

Biscuit has such a pretty tail!

Biscuit wondering why we aren't trail riding anymore

My sweet man

Biscuit chewing on a treat
Barry rode Sarge in the big arena and I watched for awhile...then I went down and gave Biscuit a few treats and put SWAT on his shoulder cut.

I was watching Biscuit and he was waiting for Sarge.  He started running and bucking in the pasture and then I started filming him.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Vet Checks and visiting my boys

I went with Margaret today to the vets for a standard vet check.  It made me think about what to look for in vet checks.

Buying a new horse can be so exciting but fraught with pitfalls and disappointments.  I was SO disappointed that Butterbean and Shiloh didn't work out for me.  I had Butterbean's shots, teeth floated, etc. expecting him to be "The One".  I rode him one weekend up at Ebenezer with no problems but 2 days later he was LAME.  I hauled him to Doc's and he said that I could probably turn him out and in a month he'd be fine for another trail ride but would be lame again...he said he wasn't sound for trail riding the way I wanted to trail ride.  (considering Biscuit and I have logged over 400 miles this year it was a good choice)  I hauled him back to Archie.  Archie had him shod all the way around ($100 + tranquilizers!) and finally gave him to someone to trail ride with.  I hope they treat The Butters well as he was a very sweet horse.

Shilow actually was popping out with an abscess which made her somewhat lame but the farrier said his opinion was her feet would be a serious problem with trail riding.  He said lots of maintenance.  What a shame.  I really liked that horse.  I think I would have become very attached to her. 

So, what are you looking for when a horse is vetted?  Part of that depends on what the horse is going to do!  I am interested in trail riding and trail riding is not really for sissies.  Up and down hills, crossing creeks, rivers, bogs, mud holes, going through deep sand, going over rocks.  You need a horse with tough hooves - barefoot is great - but in lou of that - good strong hooves and no thrush, contracted heels, etc.  (I am still fighting thrush in Biscuit's feet).

Make sure there is not evidence of foundering, fever rings, (poor Shilow had fever rings) no limping when taking off, stiffness coming out of a trailer, etc.  Have a qualified vet check the horse - yes, it is expensive but not near as expensive as a horse with problems!!!  If you are going to do heavy duty rodeoing, jumping, eventing, endurance, showing etc.  get x-rays.  Have them evaluated by the vet with your particular needs in mind.  Horses can be like humans with arthritis - their hooves and hocks can be injected to make them more comfortable while working.  Right now I couldn't pass a vet check with my own bum knee!!!  The vet will check for hock, hip, stifle issues.  Many TW horses end up with stifle issues due to built up shoes in the ring.  Stifle issues can be a total deal breaker.

I spoke with a lady at the vet's today about a former horse of hers.  Excellent horse with great potential that her daughter was showing.  Poor guy had ulcers that they were treating - he finally ruptured a gut and had to be put down.  Poor thing.  I have heard of horses having ulcers but rupturing a gut was horrible for the horse and the people.

Some issues can be controlled and managed.  But to be informed is to be forewarned.  The more information you have the better decision you can make about the purchase of a horse or the work you expect your horse to be able to handle.

I did go out and visit the horses.  I got to hug them up a little, being very careful of my leg.  Hopefully it will be better soon and I will be riding again!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hurricane Preparedness

It is hurricane season again.  There is a hurricane running up the east coast as I type. 

I didn't own the horses when we evac'ed for the hurricanes.  I was looking at horses at that time.  I have talked to Margaret and Ray about how the horses fared when the hurricanes hit.  Sarge was hiding up in the woods at the back of Ray's property.  Ray's brother, Bruce, got Sarge and pulled down trees off the road with him.  I am sure Sarge was kinda cranked up!  Red was in the barn at Margaret's and she sedated them as they were really upset by the noise and wind.  Her longhorn steer, Renaldo, got a blue tarp wrapped around his horns and he wasn't exactly the same after that.

I have looked at the pictures of a dead horse down at the beach, stranded cows, and people rounding up the cattle after Ike.  One of my cake customers lost 500 head of cattle - they drowned down in the Winnie area.

Scary stuff.  Out at Plum Nearly, a new equipment barn was ripped up from it pilings and the pilings were huge.  They were still sitting there when I moved Red to PNR.  I bought Red 3 and half months after Ike.  Two of the barns had the roofs peeled off.  LeAnn and Krystina moved the horses to Lumberton to LeAnn's property.

Kellie had to stay but Randy hauled their horses up around Centerville; during Hurricane Rita he had a flat on IH 45 on the trailer.  Gaaaa....Susan hauled her horse to a B&B in Lufkin.  Some people took their horses to the event center in Tyler that rented out stalls for refugees. 

So, I have been thinking of what I will do in the event that I have to haul the boys out. 

1.  I won't wait til the last minute to go!

2.  Depending on where the hurricane threat is coming from will determine which direction I go in.  I could go to

A.  Happy Horse Hotel in Bastrop, TX

B.  Texas Rose Horse Park in Tyler, TX

C.  Lucky B Ranch in Melder, LA

D.  Southern Stables B & B in Lufkin, TX

E.  Brushy Creek in Gloster, MS

F.  Bar Fifty Ranch in Bismark, AR

That is boarding in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi.  If there is a threat I will be on the phone making reservations.  I would have to take some feed and most of our tack.  As long as I have them with me and I know they are safe I will be fine.  If I had had a horse when we were in Natches, MS I could have rode instead of being stuck in the hotel!!!

I would have to take Coggins, Health Certificiates, shot records, etc.  Those are up to date so that isn't a problem.  Biscuit is due a Coggins in October and Sarge's was done in late February or March so he is good to go!!

Approximate miles in 2010 on Biscuit

I went back on the blog and added up miles I rode Biscuit in 2010.  Some are approximate as I remember it because it was before I got the Garmin.  Some of the rides are the same ones I make now so I know how far they are.  I think I was fairly conservative.  I had approximately 17 rides off of Plum Nearly at Tyrrell Park, twice at the beach, Ebenezer, both trail heads at IAH and Cypress Trail.  I believe we went approximately 109 miles so with our current miles of 294.8 I believe Biscuit and I have logged 403.8 miles since I first rode him October 16, 2010 to try him to see if I wanted to purchase him.  That was 10 months ago.  So in 10 months we have rode approximately 40 miles per month so about 10 miles per week average.   I have rode quiet a bit this summer out at Tyrrell Park and had a blast.  Biscuit has been such a pleasure to own.  He is getting better and better and I enjoy his company.  I feel I can trust him not to act like an idiot!  I know we will make 500 miles by the end of this would be nice to make that before October but with this bum knee who knows?

Happy Trails!!!~

Visiting The Biscuit

I went out to the barn today.  I was stiff but able to drive.  I went down to the pasture and backed down the ride away and got out and stood by the fence.  Biscuit was in the shelter, Sarge was on the other side of the pasture.  Biscuit finally came over to visit after I kept calling to him.  He was dirty and his mane had grass in it and felt stiff!  I petted him up and took a few pictures of him.  I took the picture and photo shopped it.

I went up to the barn and The LeAnn's were returning from riding out at Tyrrell Park.  They said that the back by Hildebrandt Bayou had been cut and looked terrific.  They said someone kind of suspicious was on the trails near the bayou opening.  That is cause for concern.  They said it wasn't someone who looked like they were out enjoying nature and a hike.  Hummm...just when I was thinking that possibly I could start riding the woods by myself soon since I can now get Biscuit to move out by himself.  Safety first always. 

I did speak to LeAnn P about cutting back on Biscuit's feed.  He is huge - he looked like he had gained 100 lbs this week.  Riding helps keep him in shape and not overweight but we didn't ride as far last week - 10.6 miles as opposed to the approximately 17 miles we generally ride.

I told Kenny today on text that I was hoping to hit 400 miles on Biscuit this year and being off right now doesn't help me get to that number!!!  We currently have 294.8 for 2011 and I am going to try to figure out how many miles we have together since I got him.  I rode him the first time in October of 2010.

Kellie emailed me a link to a place where we may go for a weekend of riding.  I am looking forward to getting better so that I can ride again.  I miss it!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Barry rides Sarge and Biscuit is on Vacation!!!

I had surgery on my right knee yesterday.  I am doing well and the doctor said I could ride in 2 weeks.  LOL  I am not sure about that - it may be longer but who knows?  I am going to make sure that I don't do anything to hurt my knee and let it heal.

Barry went out to the barn and rode Sargent San Peppy today.  He said they enjoyed their ride.  He said The Biscuit was just fine.  I am hoping to go out and see Biscuit and Sarge tomorrow at least from the car. 

Biscuit will be on vacation for awhile now til my knee improves.  Next week I can maybe work with him in the arena.  We will see!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Trimming Biscuit's Feet

I went to the barn yesterday and brought Biscuit up to do his feet.  He was a very good boy today while I did his feet.  I didn't use the nippers but just the circle knife and rasp.  He is having some snags but we are working on the issues. 

Front right before - working on the split in the front and chip on the side
working hard on that is getting BETTER!!!

The front left had a flap pop up Monday morning.
I rounded it off and smoothed it.
Back left After

Back Left Before
Back Right Before
Back Right After
Smoothed and rounded and worked on his frogs and rasped mustang rolls.  I will need to work on them late next week if my knee will allow - otherwise the next weekend.  I looked at his feet today and they still need a little work.  LOL  It is addictive to try to get perfect feet.

I bought some Mrs. Stewart's Bluing to try to take the yellow out of his mane.
 Here is The Biscuit with bluing in his hair!!!  LOL  he is such a good sport and he earned quiet a few little treats today.

Lee Ann came out with Rogue and I got to see her get him to bow.  He is such a cutie patootie.  I just love Rogue - his little grumpy face is so adorable!

I cleaned Biscuit up and brushed his mane and let him dry.  He looked so pretty.  He is such a sweet boy.  He ran out to Sarge on the other side of the pasture...rearing up running around.  Sarge took off running to me!  Biscuit followed.  I am petting Sarge and Biscuit is biting his back legs.  Sarge wheels around buck/kicks/runs off - they both charge around the pasture bucking and kicking.  I videoed some of it and will try to post it here.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My trail horse is making progress!

Last month I posted the traits of a top notch trail horse.  I have been working on me and Biscuit.  I need as much help and training as he does!

Biscuit and I are making really good progress.  He can jog a very slow western pleasure jog and keep at that pace for as long as I ask.  He will still speed up some but with The LeAnn's help, I am learning to sit the jog with little or no bouncing, arms in correct position, hands in correct position and in turn, Biscuit is collecting up and driving from the hind end.  I have kicked him up into a lope on two different weekends and he still wants to go faster than he should but I wasn't nervous.  I like to lope but Biscuit isn't a slow loper!!!  He is a fast loper!!!  Slowly we are working on our shortcomings.  He is learning not to walk with his nose up another horses backside but that is mainly because he is now leading the trail rides.  That is huge for me.  He will walk off from other horses now.  He still will back up if he doesn't want to go forward but after a moment or two he will go ahead and move where I am pointing his nose.  I will continue in the coming months working on his lope.  I need to work with him in the arena.  He does know to go into the lope on command or it seems to be that way.  When I have asked for it, I have got it.  Now it is time to get the lope I want!

He will stand quietly for the most part, if he is turned "loose".  He will stand there while I take off his saddle and bridle.  He is having issues with removing the bridle and I think he may need the teeth floated.  They were done in November so it is early but it is just a theory.  For the most part he will stand still to mount.  I make sure we stand still when I first mount.  He sometimes needs a reminder.  He will stand tied for as long as it takes.  He never pulls back when tied.  Good boy.

I will keep working with The Biscuit til we are totally in sync with each other.  He is a good horse and I am looking forward to trail rides this fall.  We are planning trips to Ebenezer, McKinney Roughs and Kisatchie.  I also want to go to Pundt Park as soon as it cools down a little!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Eeekkkkk!!!!! Spider Wrap! and a Clean Trailer!!!

Ring around Tyrrell Park

EveryTrail - Find the best Hiking in Texas

Lee Ann B and I went riding at Tyrrell Park this morning.  I tried on the new cinch but decided it will not work and put the old one back on.  I think I will try the neoprene one that I have here at the house.  We tacked up and hit the trail.  We went to the right and walked all the way around...stopping to take down spider webs along the way.

I MISSED ONE and it wrapped around my hat.  I reached up with my left hand and my hat was covered with spider webs and I pulled it away and looked at my hand dangling to the left of my head and ughhhhhhhh   a huge spider was hanging there.  AAAAACCCCCKKKKK!!!  I shrieked like a crazy person, shaking my hand and I am sure pulling at Biscuit.  He got a little freaked out and was dancing around - poor guy - I scared him! we went again.  I stopped again to pull the spider webs off of my hat.  I took my hat off (it was my favorite purple one with the sparklies that Kellie gave me) and my sunglasses even had spiderwebs on it.  UGH.  Biscuit didn't want to stand still and I backed him up a few times.  We took off again.  Biscuit stepped in a hole with some downed wood and I think he scared himself and he leaped forward - LOL  He scared me so I guess we were even.  We went all the way around and on the second round we started jogging.  He wanted to go faster than I wanted...I wanted collected and jogging at the slow Quarter Horse jog.  He kept pushing out his nose trying to go faster.  He was met with a firm no...and he had to collect up and go at the right pace.  On the third round I tried a little canter but he does go too fast but he was a good boy and stopped when I asked.  He is doing great.  We rode for 5.6 miles today.

Lee Ann brought him water but he didn't want it.  We loaded up and hauled back to the barn.  I pulled into the center courtyard in front of the arena and we unloaded the horses.  I rinsed him off.  Lee Ann rinsed off Rogue and turned him into the arena.  I backed the trailer up to the washrack and we pulled the mats out and Lee Ann scrubbed those and I scrubbed the inside with a brush.  We swept the water out and I used a towel to soak up the water in the manger.  My trailer was clean!!

I need to clean the outside and wax it.  I want to have the Brenderup for many years to come.  I loaded Biscuit up and hauled him to his pasture.  I pulled the mats back so the trailer would dry.  I unloaded my tack and cleaned out the tack closet of wipes, water bottles, etc.  I brought my bridle home to condition it more. 

When I got home I opened the tack doors, opened the back ramp and pulled the mats out onto the ramp.  I will put them back tomorrow. 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Short Ride in the Woods

Riding with the Peeps

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I met The LeAnn's, Julia and Allison at the barn this morning and we were going to meet Kellie and Randy at Tyrrell Park.  I got Biscuit out of the pasture and brought him up.  I took him out and brushed him after he got through eating.  His front right hoof had a flapper of toe in the front.  I got my nippers and cut it off and then used my rasp to smooth it out.  I decided to put his boots on him because of the bruise on his heel.  I didn't want to make it sore.  It doesn't really seem to bother him but I am erring on the side of caution!  I got the boots on him and we loaded up.  I had had 3 hours of sleep and Friday night I only had about 4 hours.  I had a wedding cake sitting on the table ready to deliver so the ride was kinda short.

When I went to put his saddle on he ran sideways and then moved towards me and nearly knocked me down.  I dropped the saddle.  OMG that is twice he has done that.  He didn't want me touching his forehead.  He has a fit when taking OFF his bridle now where he used to lean into my hand to take it off.  It is almost like someone is riding him and being rough with him and I know that is not happening but his behavior has changed.   I think he needs his teeth floated so I am going to have to check that out.  Esther was there and was going to ride Nugget!!!  Doc said he was healthy as the proverbial horse so Esther had rode him before so she was giving him a little go today.  We started out and I was in the lead with crop ready to swat spider webs.  We went out on the levee for just a little ways and Kellie was fussing at Elan to pick up his feet.  She stopped and checked his eye and said it was dilated and they wanted to return to the woods so it was shaded.  Poor fellow...he had some did Biscuit.  I think Elan was a little nervous because his vision was not normal.  Poor baby...he really is a total sweetheart.  Allison got off of Avery because he was cutting up I think.  I didn't see what was going on though.  We went back into the woods and made a loop.  Kellie, Randy, Esther and Allison just did one loop and the rest of of kept going.

Biscuit was NOT happy that the others left the trail. OMG you would have swore he was being sold off the farm.  We stopped to tighten a saddle and when I asked him to go forward he started backing up.....right into the brush.  Lee Ann and Rogue went forward and then Biscuit went too.  We got about a 1/3 of the way down the right side of the trail and started jogging.  We jogged all the way around to the other side almost to the end but we slowed down to let them cool down but LeAnn and Legato went on a little canter.

I was thrilled when LeAnn said I was doing a great job with the jog and my butt was staying in the saddle.  My little head just puffed up.  When we got back to the trailers, Kellie, Esther, Randy and Allison were still there and LeAnn said I was doing a good job and so was Biscuit and I said that I used to be a good rider and am working on it.  Lee Ann B said "you are a good rider!"  God Bless her!!!

I took Biscuit's tack off and was really careful with the bridle.  He seemed scared when I put my hand up to take his bridle off...that bug eyed stiff look he used to get...his nose was flaring and he was breathing hard.  I talked softly to him and just kept my hand there and he eased up some but not much.  He had backed up when I went to take it off and I let him til he stopped.  I took it off of his ears and held it by the bit so it wouldn't clang on his teeth.  I held the bridle ear part near the center of his face til he quieted and then took out the bit.  I told Barry later that it is like someone else if fooling with him as his behavior is different.  Poor guy.

I took him over and washed him off and offered him water.  I scraped him dry and we loaded up and hauled back.  Lee Ann and Rogue went with me.  LeAnn P said later Rogue was aggravating Biscuit in the trailer - ha ha...he is usually the one aggravating Sarge!!  When I dropped him off at his pasture, Sarge was up there and he started scrubbing his tail.  Sigh....I have to check him for a bean...hopefully tomorrow.

We rode 5 miles today...way too much fun.  Lee Ann B and I are going to ride tomorrow.  Woot!!! 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Shots and worming today

I went to Sam's today and bought two tubes of Zimecterin Gold  -  $13.99 each.  Then over to Dr. Schneider's to pick up their shots.  Cassie labeled them so I would give the right ones to the right horse!  Barry and I went to the barn in the late evening and the boys weren't in their pasture.  They had mowed their pasture and the horses were up in the front side pasture in the mare barn.  We went over there and Biscuit's should had two deep scratches and Sarge's jaw was scraped up...I guess they did that on the fence.

I gave them their shots and poor Biscuit's left side bled some.  Poor guy!!  We wormed them and it was a little bit of a challenge but they both were pretty good about it.  We took them to clean them up. I had Biscuit in the main barn and went and got my potions for his shoulder and his sunburned nose!  I hosed him off because he was full of sweat.  I put SWAT on his shoulder to make sure flies didn't get in it.  I have to fake him out to put the balm on his nose!  I walked him over to the back wash rack and tried to get Sarge to drop.  He has a dirty sheath so next week I am going to have to tackle that issue.  I pulled a big chunk of yuck out....but I need to check for the bean.  We put them back into the paddock and I filled their water up.  It had a bunch of tiny grass pieces in it and Biscuit was acting like he wanted to drink after taking the wormer but he refused the water.  I thought perhaps he didn't like the floating stuff so I added water.  Hopefully he drank after we left.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Soaking a bruised heel

I went out to the barn and drove down to the pasture.  You would know it...they were both all the way in the back....gaaaaa.  I got the bag balm and headed carefully towards the back to make sure I didn't wrench my darn knee!  I got out there and Biscuit walked in a big arc around me.  He stops and I walked up to him.  I wanted to put the balm on his nose and he acted like I was putting caustic acid on him....pulling his face away and I didn't have his halter on.  I put some on Sarge's nose and he wrinkled up his lip and looked so funny.  I finally got enough on Biscuit's sunburned nose.  I walked back to the front and he finally started following me up there.  It is so nice that he now will follow me or seek me out!

I took some pictures of the foal in the next pasture and Azziza.  Azziza is such a little pill...she is a pretty girl though!!

Today's view of the bruise

Soaking in Epson Salts and eating alfalfa

Can I get my foot out of this now?

Biscuit out in his pasture
I brought Biscuit up to the wash rack and got out my circular knife and worked on his frogs.  Working on getting rid of the thrush pockets.  He had a little snag on his front left hoof that I shaved off with the knife and then used my rasp to smooth it out.  I rasped the back hoof what is "cloven"!!!

I took Biscuit back to his pasture with LeAnn in the Gator.  We stopped and took pictures of Rogue for her "GarAnimal" chart with numbers in the even someone's horse is ill it can be reported with accuracy. 

We discussed Sarge and worming patterns that she is going to adopt using Panacur once a year.  She suggested I call Panacur again about Sarge and I did when I got home.  I did talk to the same vet I spoke to before.  She suggested an Ivermectrin so I will be getting him that tomorrow.  She suggested a fecal in 2 weeks.  Getting rid of these worms has been a chore!!!

Short Ride With Susan & repairing the Brenderup Plug

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EveryTrail - Find the best Hiking near Beaumont, Texas

Hay field off of Hildebrandt road with round bales neatly rolled up
Biscuit and I went for a short ride with Susan and Sababba yesterday.  I had a little trouble getting the trailer on the ball of my hitch....grrrrrrr.  I went to the barn and picked up Biscuit and dumped his feed in for him.  Loaded up my tack and took off for Susan's.  She'd called and said Sababba wouldn't load.  I got to Sue's house and took out my buggy whip.  Sababba needed no further instruction - she loaded up without a fuss.

We got to the park and Biscuit had dumped out a MOUNTAIN of runny poop.  I had to take him over to the hose to clean him off because he was so nasty.  His butt was covered with green watery poop and his tail was full of mess.  Too much alfalfa for him!!!  After that, I tacked up and we took off.  We went to the left first in the woods.  We walked while I was swatting away spider webs.  We went all the way around, turned around and went the other way!!!  I jogged Biscuit and Sue commented on how good my posture was (Thanks Sue!  That was so sweet!!!) and how good Biscuit was doing.  We got to the little under used trail and went down it.  Where we would normally turn left to go to the road we kept going straight.  A tree was felled that we could go under but there was a skinny tree/branch about saddle high right on the other side.  I had to pick it up and go under limbo style!  We went around to where the walking trail starts.  It shot off down another little narrow trail but it was seriously laced with spiders.  Gaaaaa.....we went out to the road and down and then back into the woods were we normally came out.  Under the downed tree and limbo limb again and jogged down the trail to the trailer.  We rode for an hour and a half and went 4.3 miles.  It was just plain old fun!!!

Sababba loaded up with no problem.  I cleaned out the mountain of poo that Biscuit unloaded during the ride and spread it around so it wouldn't be a big mess.  I hauled back to the barn and Craig was there.  I asked if he had time to do Sarge and he said yes.  I unloaded Biscuit to check his feet and he had a huge bruise on his heel that was not there when we took off at Tyrrell Park because I checked his feet.  Craig looked at it and said it was just a bruise.
Bruise on Biscuit's front left heel bulb

Front Right

Back Right

Back Right

Back Right

Back Right

Back Left

Front Left

Front Left

Front Left
I loaded Biscuit back up & went down to the pasture and unloaded Biscuit.  Sarge was at the water trough and he cantered over whinnying to Biscuit.  He was so excited when I put his halter on.  Poor baby thought he was going somewhere.  I took him out and set down his lead rope to tie the gate and he took off...thank God he stepped on his lead rope and stopped himself.  He easily loaded up and I hauled him to the front.  Craig trimmed his LONG toes in the arena.  OMG it had just been 6 weeks and his feet were so long!  Craig answered a zillion questions for me.  He uses a round knife too!  I LOVE mine.  He uses GE nippers and said they are great.

I noticed Sarge is started to rub his backside.  I patted his "junk" before we started the trimming and he dropped.  I looked at his urethra and I think he does have a bean.  He pulled it away and lifted up his leg...poor guy...I didn't want to hurt him with fingernails.  Bean will have to be removed.  That will be a chore as I don't think he has ever had it done.

I think my lights were not working for quiet a bit of my trip today on the Brenderup.  I have had problems with them working/not working/blinking.  I left Sarge in the arena and went to The Hitch Depot and they installed a new plug.  I left the trailer there and went back at 4:30 to get it.  It cost $43 and some change to have the new plug installed and it WORKS.  Yay!!!  My horses are safe!  I also stopped at Sam's and bought Electrolytes, bag balm ointment and a new Billy Cook mohair girth for Biscuit.   His little tiny girth doesn't have a d ring for a breast color and I think the guards that I put on it was what was causing him to get a gall.  Gaaa!!!  Don't want any of that!

Kellie texted me last night and told me Elan's eye was swollen.  It was drippy, snotty...yukky.  Doc came by to look at it and said it had a dent in it but wasn't cut.  Drops are in order and he may have a clogged tear duct.  She said it was better this morning and texted another picture.  I spoke with her this afternoon and it is much much much improved!  I am so glad for my little gorilla man.  

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Biscuit's Hooves are improving!!!

Barry and I went out to the stables to see the horses and take them some alfalfa.  I picked up Biscuit's front right hoof and was thrilled to see how it looked. 

This was taken last Monday a week ago on August 1st.  Lots of black thrush that I have been fighting against.  Deep groove on the center sulcus.  It is looking better!!!!

This is his left front hoof today.  It is looking better but still has a deep cleft center sulcus. 

This is his front left hoof last week.  Little pockets of thrush I have been fighting and I used the circular knife to cut them out.  It looks like it is working!  Still got a ways to go on this hoof but we are working to de-contract it and get rid of the thrush for good.  This is something I have been fighting with since I got Biscuit!!! 

Sarge's feet were done 6 weeks ago tomorrow and they are LONG and overgrown!!!  I showed them to Barry a few days ago and again today.  I told him that I could easily do Sarge's feet - and to look at Biscuit's feet.  He finally said yes, I could do Sarge's feet.  Oh well, Thanks Barry!!!  It is hard work but it will save me $35 each time and I will be able to keep up with them.  So tomorrow or Tuesday I will be doing Sarge's feet.