Monday, January 28, 2013

Dashing Big Red is coming home

Dashing Big Red is returning to Texas.  Sarah has done a great job with him but he has limitations as a dressage horse.  It was a hard decision for their entire family but Red will be returning to me.  I will be picking him up Sunday after next.  I am free leasing him to Barry's godchild for her 13 year old daughter, Alex.  Barry learned to ride on Terry Mark's horses and has been best friends with him since kindergarten.  They lived across the street from us for years.  I feel comfortable with the match.  Alex doesn't know and it will be a big surprise for her.

Kellie is going to go with me to get him and I will ask if he can stay in the arena at Plum Nearly overnight.  I will then haul him up to Jasper where he will do ACTHA rides with Alex.  I told Toni she could use my extra Aussie saddle and that I would throw in his old bridle.  It is still handing there.  I have his Dashing Big Red stall sign too. 

The following weekend we are going to Ebenezer to ride.  I will get Barry to go pick her and Red up and she can come ride with us in a controlled group so she can get used to him.  I will be very happy to see my boy again.  I have missed his face so much.

He will be close enough that I can see him and so can Margaret.  She was glad he was returning too and she knows the people who own the stable he will be at.  She said they are wonderful and that is what I had heard.

Can't wait to see him.....he is my sweet man.  

Ride to the Back

Barry, Kellie, Randy, James and I all went riding today.  Barry and I got there first and I started tacking Biscuit up after grooming him.  It takes me longer - I put his boots on, I put the Garmin on, I put the helmet and camera just takes me longer.

I went to mount up and he moved.  Dang.  Set him straight and got back on the step.  He moved again.  He then got whapped and a stern STAND STILL.  He decided it was best to stand still.  I got on without assistance.

We went out to Cattail Marsh.  We saw some gorgeous pink spoonbills flying over the marsh and then landing.  So pink!!!  We went down Willow Bayou and crossed the bridge.  We stopped and Barry cleaned Sarge's hooves and then we kept going.  On the right of way down to the right hand side we could see hogs and some dang big ones at that.  We went straight at the land bridge.  We went around the curve and there were a zillion buzzards.  We went all the way to the back and down the bayou.  I saw a pelican and we ran into hunters/fisher people at the little cement bridge.  They had a fire going.  Two boats, 3 kids, 4 adult men.

We kept going and crossed the bridge and did a little jogging.  I was doing ok.  When we got back to the park area I jogged Biscuit quiet a way.  I need to make sure I can balance right.  I didn't have any problem.

Saturday Ride

Barry went out to the barn this morning to ride Sarge.  I asked him to bring up The Biscuit.  I had to run to the carwash to vacuum the RAV4 and the trailer's tack closet.  Biscuit's bucket of treats had dumped over in there and it was a mess.

I got to the barn and Biscuit was a filthy mess on the wash rack and had pooped to boot.  Cleaned that up and then brushed Biscuit.  OMG he was covered in mud.  I put him in the trailer and hauled to Kellie's.  Randy had to help us get Elan in the trailer.  It took a little bit of maneuvering to get out of the driveway!   We hauled to the park and tacked up.  I mounted up without assistance and he stood very quietly.

We went out to Cattail Marsh and out the gates.  We went to the right at Willow Bayou and crossed over the little ditch without a hitch until Elan jumped it behind Biscuit!  Hahahah Biscuit scooted up so fast you would have thought a bear was after him.  We went up the bayou and crossed the ditch to the road and then heard a car coming so we had to get back into the ditch.  We crossed the bridge and around the hairpin turn.  OMG much scarier coming in that direction.  We went down the bayou and the horses were moving so slow we said we needed to put some more quarters in them!  We went up and down the little hills and one part was mushy and Biscuit jumped/scooted up like something had ate his leg.  He is so funny.

We jogged up part of Willow Bayou going back.  When we got to the front of Cattail Marsh we went into the woods to check how wet it was.  The ingoing trails were dry but the main trail was still under water.

We rode 6.3 miles.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Trimming Sarge's Hooves

I have put off doing Sarge's feet forever.  Weather, my own health issues and the fact he wasn't be excuse but I went down and got him Thursday afternoon and brought him up.  I groomed him first and then started on his front feet.

I had finished nipping his front feet and clearing out the frog ends.  He had some bruising that was at the top I am sure from walking on the rocks at Mississippi.  One at the tip of his frog.  It was clear when I sliced that away.  He has fantastic feet.  He gave me a little trash but not too much.

Lee Ann came out and we visited.  I told her about being released from the doctor to ride as I please as my problem is not a spinal cord injury or condition of any sort.  I have sensorimotor polyneuropathy and the cause has not been determined.  I have to go to a neurologist for that and I will be going Wednesday.  I told Lee Ann I hope we can go on that girls trip we had talked about!  Legato is getting better so maybe in April we can go on a girls ride...Legato and I are the wonky ones at this time!

While I was talking to Lee Ann, Sarge was kissing me up on my face, shoulder, neck, my hair, my back.  OMG he is such a love bug.  Such a sweet boy.  Love him dearly.  

I finished Sarge's feet and only had to pop him once for not standing still but he kept pulling his feet from me. 

Lee Ann's little Halflinger Mike was there.   OMG he is DARLING.  A big hairy chuck of a boy.  I was giving him treats so he decided I was an ok girl.  Lee Ann said that the other Halflinger, Andy, had developed a cancer on the end of his penis poor boy.   He is over in Vinton and had surgery that morning to remove it with a laser.  She caught it early so he should be ok.  They are going to stay at the ranch for about 4 weeks so she can keep an eye on him and put the meds on him.  They are just darling and can't wait to see them on a regular basis.  Lee Ann was shaving Mike because his hair was so heavy.  Poor guy must be melting in that!

I got through with Sarge and put him up after hugging him up some more.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Whitney Rides with The Biscuit

My little great niece Whitney came out to groom and ride The Biscuit.  She wasn't afraid at all - I showed her how to give Biscuit treats and he and Elan were just gobbling them up. I am hoping to interest Whitney in horses. 

She was so dang excited to ride!!!  Way to go Whitney!!!

Kellie and I then took off to the back of the golf course.  We found a little trail back there and went down it some but it needs to be cut back further.  We think Barry and Sarge are good candidates to do that.  We got into the back and through the little jungle and came upon a hog trap right where the golf course/back of flower park is,  We went down the bayou and Biscuit hit a litte trot.  It felt good - not bad.  We jogged some on the way to the trailer too.  Biscuit jumped the little ditch by the was a huge river all right!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hog Hunter Ride

 I finished my wedding cakes and went to bed early.  Saturday morning I was on the road to deliver them to Winnie.  Kellie and I were riding at 1:00 PM  I got out there just alittle before here and had to brush Biscuit.  OMG he was a pig but he looked good when I got through with him. I tacked him up and then Kellie arrived.  She had trouble catching Elan!

We went out Cattail Marsh.  A nice couple held the turnstile open for us and we went down the road from there.  We went down to the bridge and crossed over to the other side and rode up that side of the bayou.  It was torn up by hogs everywhere.  We encountered a man up towards the front that was hunting hogs.  We told him we ride there and he said that he was only shooting those close up!  We certainly hope so.  WE went on and around the gate at the front.  Elan went willingly this time.

We got on the bridge and Biscuit went on the other side when a man spoke to him.  Biscuit is still afraid of certain people.  The man even picked up on it and said "wow he was so brave coming around the fence"  Biscuit didn't start shaking but just moved out of the area!  We tried to cross over into the woods at one point and they were hesitating over crossing a tiny bit of water in the ditch.  We moved to a different spot as cars were coming and they finally went.  We think we were not in the "regular" place and they weren't happy about it.  We came back down the bayou and to the old gravel road.  Biscuit was a little tender footed and kept tripping on the rocks.  Biscuit pushed on the turnstile and I think with some work he would go through the turnstile.  What a good boy he is.  Our ride was 6.24 miles and was so much fun!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Thundering through the Mud

It has been miserable weather here.  Today it was 38 degrees, 29 real feel and 93% humidity.  Woo Hoo.  Wet and nasty cold. 

I drove out with Betty to check on my boys.  I stopped at the tack room to grab a handful of treats because I left their carrots.  I got out there and the boys were in the bottom of the pasture.  At first they didn't budge...they were grazing.  I called to them and they started walking towards me and then busted out in a gallop running to me - mud flying everywhere.  Hahahah  they have never done that before.  Red used to run to me but Sarge and Biscuit never have. 

I shared the treats with them and rubbed their faces and patted their necks.  Too bad it was so nasty out there.  I wanted to hug them up.  They seemed quiet happy grazing and were little fluff balls.

Got back in the car and Betty said she thought they were so cute and got a big kick out of their running to me.  So did I.  What a big pick me up.  That is why I have my little fellows - they never fail to cheer me up. 

Just in case you are wondering - YES!  I am a little 12 year old horse crazy girl on the inside even if on the outside I am a fluffy, graying, stumbling almost 54 year old.  Horses are good for my soul.  I thank God daily for letting me have two of some of His most beautiful creations.  Love my Sarge and Biscuit.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Splish Splash Ride on Saturday

Finally!!!  Kellie and I planned a ride for Saturday morning at 9:00 AM.  I left the house at 7:45 in case it was hard to catch Biscuit.  He usually doesn't run around if I don't have Barry but you never know!  I only hauled down almost halfway through the pasture before theirs so he wouldn't walk to the back.  Their pastures are soaking wet! 

Biscuit and Sarge were at the front and I put his halter on and walked him to the trailer and loaded up.  I stopped at the barn and got his feed and the tack.  We hauled out to the park and got there around 7:35 or so.  Biscuit was filthy so I spent about 15 minutes grooming him.  He didn't look too thrilled to be curried.  Oh well - he was cleaner when I got through and then I tacked him up.  I also put his hoof boots on in case we went down Cattail Marsh's old graveled path.  Kellie arrived and got Elan out and he made a bee line for me.  LOL  he was looking for treats so I went and got him some.  He is so expressive and funny.  Just love him! 

Kellie held Biscuit while I mounted up - no problems thank God.  The yard area and trails had standing water and we carefully made our way to the road and walked around the park.  We crossed to the inside and Biscuit jumped a little ditch.  What a sissy.  He didn't want to walk in the water.  We got to Cattail and he didn't want to walk across the ditches that were full of water and I knew he would jump it.  I went to the gate and went around it which I didn't like to do because it was so soft and I didn't want him to hit something on the side of that because I couldn't see it!  We walked though the big double gates and headed down past the bogs.  OMG wet is not the word - sodden is more like it.

We got to new clear cut for the pipeline and there were mats all the way back there - trucks and equipment.  The horses both spooked HARD at something.  Dang...that made my legs go weak.  I thought Biscuit was going to fly to the moon but he just spooked in place.  We went down to the bridge, turned around and came back, passed up the gravel road and went down the bayou a ways and then turned around.  We headed back and Biscuit headed right for the gravel road.  He is so funny!!!

I gave him and Elan a ton of treats and we talked to KD for a while.  I had cakes so I had to hurry home.  I didn't take my Garmin and we rode about 4 miles.

Kellie had bought me a gorgeous purple cane - that was so sweet of her - it will be put to good use so I don't fall over.  My appointment is in 10 days from today.  I want to ride so I need to get this taken care of.

I hauled Biscuit back to the barn and he dropped down and rolled.  It was humid and kinda of warm today and he was sweaty.  Today (Sunday) it is freaking cold. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mounting up was easier

I went out to the barn today and got Biscuit.  Lee Ann B arrived just when I got to Sadda's old pen.  I tied up Biscuit and got his grooming tools.  He had some huge patches of mud all over him.  Lee Ann loaned me her circular knife and I worked on Biscuit's frogs.  He had a round red cut on his front left bulb that wasn't there yesterday.  Didn't appear to be an abscess as it didn't have pus nor did it seem tender.  It looked fresh.

I did his feet quickly and tacked him up.  Lee Ann B stood by to make sure I could get on.  It was so much easier today.  I think I need to go and mount up as many days as possible, even if I don't ride a long time.  Just mount up.  I need to keep those muscles working.

We rode around in the arena and Lee Ann P joined us on MiTye.  She is such a pretty mare.  I gave treats all around to the horses including Legato who is still on sick leave!  MiTye gobbled them up and I was quite taken with her.  I would buy her in a minute if I could afford another horse!

Monday, January 7, 2013

First Ride of the Year 2013

I met Lee Ann B out at the ranch and brought up the Biscuit.  He was filthy.  I brushed his coat and thank goodness most of his dirt came off!!! 

I tacked him up and Lee Ann was already in the arena walking Rogue around.  I got Biscuit ready and went into the arena, picked up the steps and put Biscuit in the corner of the arena.  I went to step on and the saddle slipped.  I stopped and cinched him to 16th hole.  He has dropped some weight.  I went to get back on and OMG it was so hard.  My legs are so weak and I pulled my self on and used even the outside rail to right myself.  That was so upsetting and was in tears.  I am so afraid I will get to weak to get on my horse.  I can't wait til the 23rd so perhaps Dr. Murphy can tell me what is wrong with me.  I am scared I will always be this way - stumbling and unbalanced and not be able to ride without someone assisting me.

I got going and went round and round the arena.  Biscuit was being an angel.  So different from when I got him.  He was always a spastic in the arena.  We worked on a little of the giving at the poll to flex his head towards me.  We do that to wipe the mosquitoes from his face.  We rode about 30 minutes and I dismounted.  I took his tack off and Lee Ann was working with him to learn to bow.  Hahahaha  He did it once when I had gone into the barn to fine tape to put a carrot on a stick!  Serves me right! 

I did his feet after that.  The backs needed nipping but I just rasped the fronts.  His feet looked really good.  Lee Ann and I are going to meet at the barn tomorrow and hopefully ride with Lee Ann P when she rides Legato for the first time since her accident.  Hoping that goes well. 

Lee Ann B said that Julia bought Shalom and a horse transport will pick her up either Tuesday or Wednesday and haul her to Atlanta.  Hoping the best for Julia and Shalom!!  She is a great little mare.

Last Ride of the Year

Kellie and I went on the last ride of the year on December 30.  I had to walk all the way to the back of the pasture to get Biscuit and he loaded up nicely and we hauled to Tyrrell Park.  I parked in the big area nearer the trails as there was rainwater in the ditch.  I saw a HUGE tree down covering the right side of the trail head.  Oh Joy.  Kellie arrived and we walked over there to check it out.  It was the huge tree to the right of the trail head. 

Tree down at the trail head
 We tacked up and Kellie helped me adjust my stirrups after I had let them down for Adam to ride.  I was too bundled up to get on so I had to take off one jacket.  Then I mounted up.  We walked over and tried to find another path to the right but it wasn't real apparent and the palmettos were thick there.  We didn't need a poke in the eye for the horses so we went to the left.  Such a nice ride around.  Quiet - not trotting as the doctor ordered.  Came to the huge pallet from the opposite side and Biscuit put his feet up there and I think he wanted to back off but he went on up there and kinda waited a second with all four feet up on it and then walked off.  LOL he is such a funny boy.  We got up to the front and got a better look at the tree from the other side and saw it was all rotten on the side we never could see.We couldn't cross at the far right - the tree came down with a limb close to the main trunk and it would have been to wide for them to step over - they would have had to jump.  We found a path through the brush that wasn't apparent from the other side.  I had to slow Biscuit down - he was in a hurry for some reason.

Rotten!  Biscuit has backed up into this tree a few times when he thought the trail ride should be over!

Fresh hog tracks of a pretty good sized hog!!!  It was int he middle of the trail.  We didn't see any hogs today though.

Kellie and I continued on around and went down the little trail.  She stopped to eat her sandwich and Elan stopped dead in his tracks when he heard the rustling of a sandwich bag!!  I walked back to where she was and Biscuit and Elan were nose to nose almost.  Kellie had given Elan a bite of sandwich and he had a big old smear of mustard on his nose.  Biscuit stretched his nose toward Kellie entreating her to give HIM a treat.  Elan actually bit at him and gave him the ugly Gorilla Face.  I told Elan he was being a crank as I had gave him a treat that morning.  He bit at Biscuit again - not really biting him - just showing dominance.  Biscuit was unperturbed.  Kellie gave him a bite and he didn't care if Elan was being pissy about it.  Kellie and I thought it was hilarious because the mostly get along like a house on fire!  Horses are just so freaking funny!!!

We kept going and got towards the back and Biscuit was suddenly in a huge hurry and would walk off when I had stopped him to take pictures.  OMG we had to make this a huge training ride.  Walk a little ....! I SAID STOP.....Don't know what his huge hurry was all about.  I told Kellie for 2 cents he'd have been in a gallop back to the trailer.  He is a hoot.  We had to go through the brush again and OMG I had to get after Biscuit to SLOW DOWN going through there.  I didn't want him to mow me over with saplings!

We got back to the trailer and took their tack off.  Elan later came looking for his treats - LOL  I shared some treats with him.  He is just so funny.  Biscuit gobbled up loads of treats while I did his feet.

It was a fun ride but not very long...only around 4 miles.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Adam rides The Biscuit

My half sister, Beth, from Georgia and my nephew, Adam, came to visit.  I haven't seen her since she was 7 years old and she is 46.  Dang.  It was so nice to visit with her.  Adam said he'd never rode a horse so I invited them to come out Saturday and ride the Biscuit.

They met Barry and me at the corner store and followed us to the barn.  Barry and Adam went down to get Biscuit and Sarge and LOL they were running all of the pasture from Barry.  He finally caught Biscuit and Adam walked the Biscuit up - he was being a good boy.  Barry finally caught Sarge and brought him up.  Adam got to groom Biscuit.  We tacked up the horses and I got on Biscuit to make sure he wouldn't act like an idiot with Adam.  I rode him round and round and he was being a good boy.  Barry was making Sarge work in the big arena. 

I thought Adam was ready so he mounted up and we changed the stirrups.  He went round and round on Biscuit and Biscuit couldn't have been a better angel.  Kellie and Randy dropped by and we all chatted.  Biscuit kept wanting to go to the center of the arena but I told Adam to make him walk to the edge and around the rail.  He got Biscuit to do what he wanted.  I was thrilled that he got to ride - he seems like such a nice kid - an Eagle Scout at that!!  Wow!