Sunday, January 31, 2010

Riding Red today with Lee Anne

We were supposed to go riding with Ray and a big group today but this morning it was COLD -  it was 30 something degrees with a wind chill in the 20's.  Later it warmed up and cleared up.  We went to the barn about 1:45 and the wind was still blowing and it was chilly chilly chilly.  I tacked Red up and it is easy to mount with this saddle.  It didn't slide.  We rode in the arena for about 15 minutes or so.  I had Barry tighten up my girth as it has loosened.  Lee Anne and I then rode out into the back.  Red behaved very well but he refused to step over the little fence.  I kept trying but he refused.  Hummm.  I really like the new saddle - it is very comfortable.  I still haven't found my perfect rhythm when posting but I am working on it. 

When I got back to the barn I was able to get off without the saddle slipping.  I groomed Red again - he was a pig.  I trimmed his bridle path and trimmed his wiskers.  He looked so pretty.  I took a picture with my cell phone of him in his saddle today and I will post when I get it downloaded.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I learn to give shots!

I went to Dr. Schneiter's yesterday and got shots for the boys.  Margaret came over today and she went out to the barn with me this afternoon and showed me how to give shots.  I didn't think it was rocket science and it isn't but it is nice to have someone show you how so that it is done right. 

I need to call Dr. Schneiter and arrange for Sarge to have his Coggin's pulled next week.  I will have to haul my boy over there - hum....maybe I will do that tomorrow if I have to. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lunging Red and a ride is planned!

I lunged Red in the pasture today.  He is gorgeous!  I had my buggy whip and my 30" lunge line.  Red needs to get in shape so I am going to work on that.   I want to either ride or lunge him every day to start getting him in shape for this years trail rides.

I called Ray about setting up a ride this Sunday.  He was game so it is on like donkey kong!!!  We are going to his riding club and he said he would invite Kent and Denise and he said that Raymond and Bruce and Mr. Short will be there.  Possible Ms. Ruby and Gayle.  Woo Hoo....I called Kellie and she and Randy and Esther are going.  I called Lee Anne Brown and left a message and I need to tell the other Lee Anne too!!!

We are meeting at 1:00 PM at the hunt club.  We will leave the barn around 12:00 noon - eat on the way - and take drinks.  If it is cold, I am going to take a thermos of hot General Foods International Coffee!!!

I can't wait to ride my Aussie Saddle out!!  It will be the bomb dot com!

I missed my boys

I missed my horses while I was in California.  Margaret sent me a picture with the message of
"Hi Mom, I am fine".  LOL  everyone on the set got to see Dashing Big Red.

I went to see them as soon as I came home and hugged their necks.  Yesterday I went out and groomed Red and LeeAnn and I examined his Aussie Saddle.  I took pictures of him with his saddle fit and I sent them to Ricki at Down Under Saddles.

I got in the arena and rode him and I had such a good time.  Barry lunged Sarge.  Sarge is such a sweetie!  After we rode we gave them alfalfa.

Monday, January 18, 2010

My first ride in my Aussie Saddle

Barry and I went this afternoon to ride.  We tacked up and Barry had to help me pull the saddle girth up.  I took Red into the arena and was able to mount and not have the saddle roll - I didn't even need Barry to help me.  I like this saddle!!!  It is extremely comfortable.  I trotted Red around in the arena and we stayed in there for a little while and then went out to the back of the ranch. 

I was watching for signs of discomfort in Red.  He wasn't moving fast but he was moving well.  When we got to the end of the pastures Barry started a slow lope and I followed.  Red is pretty choppy but I enjoyed it.  We went to the left and I trotted all down the fence area.  Red seemed to be breathing a little hard - but he hasn't been ridden in quiet a while of any consequence.  We walked down the tree line where he usually spooks but no spook this time!  Lots of water standing around.  We went to walk over that little "fence" that is set up for training and he refused.  I kept insisting he go and he wanted to go around!  Barry took Sarge over it and Red finally went - pretty clumsily though.

When we came back to the area of the pastures it was pretty rutted with the tractor and it seemed Red walked over bricks covered up with the mud.  We trotted down the road next to the pastures, crossed the ranch road and down the side of Mr. Hebert's property.  Red a couple of times felt a little disjointed in the backside like when he went over the "brick" area.

We came to the corner and went to the left down towards the back of the property.  It was MUDDY.  A few time sit felt like Red was doing something strange with his backside and I asked Barry if he was limping on his back feet.  Barry said, no, just sinking in the mud.  I don't think either of the boys liked the mud.  We came to the back of the ranch and went left.  Red and I trotted down the fence.  It was a beautiful day.

I filmed Sarge prancing around.  We went down the road back to the barn.  I got off of Red and the saddle didn't slip but it was loose from riding and I believe it slipped way back. 

I took his tack off and started cleaning his hooves.  He pulled his back right hoof out of my hand and I popped his butt and cleaned it anyway.  I thought there might be a rock or something in it.  I put his hoof down and noticed "ulcer" type marks on this coronet bands.  ACCCKKKK.  I put Furazone on his hooves and took pictures.  I asked Margaret and Ronnie about it and noted that there wasn't heat, pus, or blood.  Hummmm...I don't know what it is.

Alfalfa made them pretty darn happy and we came home.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Running for Alfalfa!

I was busy today - I had to finish a groom's cake and Margaret went with me to deliver it and take the pictures.  Barry and I visited with Ronnie and Margaret and I packed her off with supplies to do her first paid cake next weekend.  Fannie came over to get a cd of the Horned Toad cake - I have found that my computer is fubar and I am not a happy camper.  I couldn't write a CD.  Ugh.

After that I was just relaxing and it was raining and kinda cold and yukky so I wasn't going to the barn.  Barry had left to go to Sam's and Morgan was at lunch.  Just out of the blue I felt an overwhelming need to check on the horses.  I was worried they were cold since I took their blankets off!  It was 5:30 PM but I put my pink boots on and my coat and off I went. 

I got to the back of the pastures and Red and Sarge were in the back of the pasture.  Red started walking toward the front when I pulled in.  I got out of the car and hollered at him, clapping my hands, "Come to momma, Baby!!!"  LOL he is hilarious - he started GALLOPING toward the gate.  He is just a scream...he knows when the red car and the Alfalfa Girl arrive that alfalfa can't be far behind.  I got the biggest kick out of him today.  I handed out the alfalfa to he and Sarge.  I just stayed a minute because it was cold and blustery.  I left and they were happy munching on their hay and I felt better.

I guess what I could hear in my heart was Red yelling for his alfalfa!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I have owned DASHING BIG RED for one year!!!! Wooo Hooooo!!!

I have owned my boy for one year today!!  He is such a sweetheart and I just love him!  I picked up the photo enlargements that I had made of Red and Sarge today when I was working at WalMart.  They came out really nice and I am going to have some more made.

I got my overgirth in today but way too late to ride.  I will try to ride tomorrow before it is too late.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Missing my overgirth strap

I am snake bit. SNAKE BIT I said. Barry and I went out to the barn to ride. We stopped at 5 Star to get a saddle stand for my new saddle - it was purple!!! WOO HOO I love purple. We got out there and went to get the horses. They were warm under their blankets, thank God. There was ice in the mud holes! Sarge was up in the shelter eating hay and Red was by the gate.

We walked them up to the front and I brushed off Red's blanket. He'd obviously been laying down in it. I cleaned him up as good as I could. His hair was very smooth under the blanket. Even his tail was smooth. It was 19 degree's Friday morning with a "Real Feel" of 13 degrees. BBBUUURURRR that is cold! It is supposed to be around 21 degrees tonight with a "Real Feel" of 21 or so too. Geez, there was ICE in the hoof tracks near the gate today.

I got out his tack and was looking at the girth and there was NO overgirth. I sent the overgirth back with the 19" saddle and they didn't send another one with the 18". I am SNAKE BIT. I called Down Under and they will send one Monday so it will be Wednesday or Thursday before it arrives. Sigh...I rode in my Steele saddle which is very nice but I can't find a good rhythm in that saddle. Red and I trotted, jogged and walked over logs in the arena. We worked on backing up and neck reining. He is such a good boy. He coughed 3 times when I first got on and sounded once like he was breathing raspy. That was just for an instant and it went as fast as it came. I will listen and watch him closely. We had a fun ride but riding in Ebenezer is way more fun. I wasn't cold either.

I had on my flannel night shirt (LOL whatever it takes!), my Texas Star long sleeve shirt and my pink and brown jacket. I didn't have on hose or gloves. I will get some stockings for next weekend and a heavy flannel shirt and some gloves. I should be comfortable with that.

I had groomed Red when I got there and I redid his hooves and put the liquid in his center sulcus' like Dr. Sherwood told me to do. The nails in the left shoe on the inside are working their way out. David will be coming Wednesday to reset his shoes. David has done a good job and I am thrilled with Red's feet - finally!

Friday, January 8, 2010

My Billy Cook Saddle Update

I spoke to Jody yesterday about my saddle. He said it was on Mr. Cook's saddle stand and he was at lunch and he didn't know any particulars. I said I would call later. I called today and Jody was in a meeting and I talked with the receptionist. Jody called later in the afternoon and said that my Billy Cook saddle was being replaced with a new one that Mr. Cook is building. Wow wee that is terrific. They aren't repairing it - they are building a new one and it should be here in approximately 2 weeks. That should be around the time I am in California. I am excited and can't wait to see it.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Beach Picture

I captured this off of the Rockin' R Rider's is a picture of Susan, Kelly and me!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Red gets almost full rations!

I went out to the barn this afternoon to see my boy. He nickered when he saw me. Bless his heart. I got him a armload of bahai hay and he was nickering - that was funny because he rarely is vocal. Bless his heart. I went and got his blanket and put on him and hugged him up. I couldn't hug him enough. It is was a week ago that he colicked and I am so glad he is ok.

I asked Edgar if there was any alfalfa in the barn and he said there was some for Amir and I "borrowed" a 1/2 flake for Red. I will be getting my boy alfalfa Monday. I walked out with the alfalfa and into the arena and Red nickered when he got a sniff of the alfalfa. LOL He loves his alfalfa. It will help keep his bowels regular. I got his grain (5 lbs) and he left the hay for the grain. He scarfed it up and went back to the hay.

I went down to see Sarge and he is as fat as a butterball. He was sniffing and smelling me and getting as close as he could to me. Poor baby, I think he is lonely out there by himself. I hugged and petted on him and backed him up a few times. He is such a pretty boy.

Barry and I watched Man From Snowy River a few days ago and then today we watched Return to Snowy River. It was fun to watch and I can't wait to be riding in my own Aussie Saddle!

Kelly and I are hoping to ride next weekend if it is not too cold. She said the wind chill might be down in the teens. BUUURRRRRR!!!!!

I have got to check out the blanket situation for Sarge and make sure he has cover if it gets that cold. I also need to get Red's shots this coming week and worm him. I love my boy! On the 13th I will have owned Dashing Big Red for one year.

Happy New Year!!!

Red is doing better! I am so glad my boy is recovering nicely. I went to the barn today to put the Aussie Saddle on him. He looks great in it!

I rode him around a little in it and it is very comfortable. Doesn't he look precious? I even vacuumed him today with the new Shop Vac!! He was ok with that.

I have had him almost 1 year - on the 13th it will be a year. He has been such a pleasure!