Sunday, November 28, 2010

We have a name that will STICK!!!!!! Biscuit!!!

Well, butter my butt and call it a Biscuit....Lee Ann B came up with a name for The Other Horse - Biscuit.  He is the color of a biscuit...Susan suggested Biscotti - Kellie said Scotty - Lee Anne said Biscuit and Biscuit it is.  I like it.  Maybe even Honey Biscuit or Biscuit n' about that?  Full name "Biscuit 'n Honey"  He was a total sweetheart today.

I got to the barn and had to go all the way out to the pasture.  He walked away from me once but I was able to catch him fairly easily.  I walked him up to the front and brushed him off.  I got him some hay.  I loaded him up and then we loaded Rogue up!  He walked in fairly easily with Lee Ann leading him.  Woot!  That was wonderful.  We hauled to Tyrrell and tacked up.  Biscuit was behaving nicely but many times he moves when I go to mount.  Lee Ann held him by the side of the trailer and I got on.  Normally he is like a wind up toy when I first get on but not today.  Calm as a cucumber and quiet as could be.  We rode into the woods and there is a red bin that is a trash piece and Elan startled at it, Biscuit just kept on going, Sababba went up to it and then SPOOKED and all the horses behind her spooked!  We went out of the woods down by the canal and went all the way to the bridge and over it.  We went across the land bridge over the other canal and we rode all the way to the bayou.

The perfect foil for each other - Biscuit and Elan

The canal from on top of the bridge

Susan, Kellie and Lee Ann coming across the bride single file

Susan and Kellie

Kellie near the bayou

Lee Ann near the bridge

Biscuit coming across the bridge
All that is left of a little pig!!!!

Biscuit on the bridge


Sharon and Robin coming across the bridge

view to the east of the bridge

Entering the bridge from the south

from the land bridge looking towards the shooting water pipe

Water lilies on the canal

Sharon, Eli, Stacy and Robin

Susan and Sababba

Lee Ann
GAAAAA.....we came upon the remains of a little pig that wasn't there 2 weeks ago.  Hair everywhere and a few bones and feet.  That was it!!!  Elan stopped dead in his tracks and so did Biscuit.  LOL he was actually to the left of it and side stepped to the right and went by it.  To the left was FULL OF HAIR and I think it freaked him out just a little.

We rode all the way to the bayou and I ate my sandwich back there and my little cup of chips and drank part of a coke.  We started back and we got up to the canal and trotted all the way to the curve.  Woot!!!  What fun!  We went over the land bridge and headed back.  Robin and her group wanted to get back quicker and wend down the road.  The Little Gorilla Elan doesn't have his shoes on so he can't walk on the rocks.  Kellie cantered him a little down the wide opening beside the canal and said he did a great job and feels like "the old Elan" before he had to have shoes.  Lee Ann, Susan, Kellie and I went down the side of the canal - trotting most of the way.  We went into the woods by the street and started trotting.  We trotted half way there and Biscuit spooked and shot to the right - a tree stump scared him!  LOL but he didn't freak out and I didn't come off of him or anywhere near coming off.  Started trotting again and trotted all the way to the stables.  We beat Robin and her group back!  LOL

We talked to Kenny and Tracey at the stables.  Hoping that goes through so we can have the stable to use.  I got a Rockin' R Tee shirt from Kenny - hope it fits.  It was just $12. We took off again and headed for the trailers and when we crossed the little street bridge Kellie cantered Elan to the trailer...soft, slow, smooth as glass.  That puts a big ole smile on her face.

We took the tack off and I passed out treats to my favorite boys, Biscuit, Elan and Rogue.  We looked at Stacey's "new" trailer and we all headed out after loading up the horses.  Rogue loads easily into the Brenderup!  Woot!

We hauled back to the barn and I pulled down the ranch road and unloaded the boys - Lee Ann said that was terrific curb service.  We are going riding again Sunday - can't wait!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

He is FILLING OUT!!!!!

I went out to the barn after delivering my wedding cake to see the boys.  Sarge is such a love bug - he gives an evil eye to The Other Horse if he is getting his hugs and kisses.  He is getting fuzzy and he has lost some weight.  I have to talk to Lee Anne boys need to eat a little more.  The Other Horse is putting on weight and looking good.  His little "roach" or "hog" back is disappearing somewhat.  His hair is shining and soft.  He is fuzzing up too.  I hugged him up and he is good about being hugged now.  I took a bunch of pictures of him and I scrapbooked one.  I took some of Sarge with Barry but none turned out really well.   I will have to take some more tomorrow.  I am going riding with Kellie, LeeAnne B, Susan, Stacy, Robin and Robin's Mom...can't remember her name at this moment!  We are going to Tyrrell Park. 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

There is so much to be thankful for this year.  I am thankful for my family, our health.  There are some that have so much less so there is so much I am thankful for.  I have my kids, grandchild, daughter in law and a bambino on the way.  We have jobs when so many don't.

I have been blessed with new friends and new cousins.  I have two horses that bring the kid out in me.   The horses have brought fun and adventure back to me.  I love being around them both when I am riding and when I am not.  They bring a peacefulness to me.

I wish that my kids could have grown up with horses like I did...that is something I regret but nothing I can change.

I will go out to the barn later this afternoon and ride CoCo/Nic/Pac/Tucker/Goose or whatever his name will be in the arena and maybe out to the back.  It is so much fun to ride!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Craig Williams looks at Tucker/Nick/Pac's feet

LOL  I need to get a name and stick to it!  Poor horse!  Craig Williams was out at the barn today to trim and I went out to the barn and went with him down to the pasture.  I took treats with me.  I was able to catch him easily.  Craig looked at his feet and I told him I thought they were short!  He picked them up and said the hoof wall looks thin and the soles do too.  I told him that his feet had been nipped off backyard style.  We decided to wait for another 6 weeks or so before doing squat doodlie with his feet.  He was somewhat resistant but I think over time he will be better.  Sarge had his feet done.  Woot!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Wonderful Weekend riding with friends and family

Barry and I met Kellie and Randy at Petro in Beaumont at 6:00 AM Saturday morning and were off and running for a terrific weekend of riding.  I gave Kellie the hat I got her for her birthday and we were full of BLING BLING!  We got to the Southtrail at the Bush International Airport and unloaded the horses.  Later Barry and I went with Justin and Judit to get out badges.  Barry got his, I didn't get one - I didn't have the proper ID.

Back to riding - we saddled up and off we went...Kellie and I with our matching style Bling Bling hats.  We went though woods and I was riding with Kenny.  He is pretty sure he is going to be able to secure the Tyrrell Park Stable for the CC!  That is terrific so we were talking about doing stuff with that.  Then we made it out onto a ride away.  Lots of gated horses and lots of people running around and it was getting the horses pretty excited.  We were going down a straightway edged by the woods and Kellie and I started cantering.  Nick The Other Horse was speeding up and goes from 0 to 5 on the dial.  There is no 1, 2, 3, 4 on his register.  I slowed him down but he was still raring to go and shaking his head.  I nudged him a to get him back into a trot and he wants to FIRE off instead of going smooth.  It will take some work!  A little later he was still really hot to trot so to speak and I needed to go over a big lump - not a hill a lump and I didn't want him to jump it so I got off.  Esther said to just go with it but he needed to calm down.  He was shaking his head back and forth and just all hyped up.  I let everyone go by and was trying to calm him down and he finally got a pop on the side of the mouth with a stern STOP IT.  I walked him a ways and everyone by this time was out of site.  I walked him til I found a low spot to put him in.  I tried to mount and the saddle slipped.  I tightened my girth and considered the possibility of not being able to get on!  I tried again holding those reins and was able to mount and he was trying to move out before I got my other foot in the stirrup.  He was ready to MOVE and was still fighting me and tossing his head.  I was trying to follow where everyone else had gone...went back down a wrong trail and circled back to where I was and then kept going.  It took about 15 minutes of walking to calm him down.  Went through some muddy patches.  Came to a very wide cut ride away and went west on it towards the airport as I knew that is where the camp was and if Barry was looking for me I'd be easier to spot!  The Other Horse and I trotted down some of the ride away and he was calm by them.  LOL  Randy said I can't name him Nick Nolte as NN is a freakazoid which I think Randy is full of bull.  Anyway, I finally made it back to camp and it was a good ride for me for the most part.  I didn't let the horse get the best of me, I did what was right for me no matter who thought I should do something different and TOH and I made it back just fine.

We ate the catered lunch from The Boston Market.  The RR riders there were Kenny, Kellie, Randy, Susan and Esther.  It was a nice enough lunch - not great but ok.  Company was great.

I had to clean TOH up several times.  When we first got there he had feces all over his back end and he is cream colored.  Thank God Kellie had a pack of Baby Wipes.  I will have to buy stock in that if I am going to have a palomino.  Randy was standing over there taking pictures of me wiping Nick's butt.  LOL  Randy is such a pill.  On the morning ride Elan threw a shoe and Kellie said she'd have to go back as Elan has to have shoes because of his hoof wall issue.  She called Casey Schneiter about him shoeing him on the way home.  Casey said just pull the other shoe...he will be just fine for a walking ride so Randy pulled his other shoe.

We saddled up but didn't go out with the large group.  Wow...too many wild horse with too many people not controlling them.  We went down a different trail and this guy was having trouble controlling this horse and said he was nervous and I told him I understood.  Poor guy!  Later we became friends and he is riding to spend time with his little teenage daughter.  He lost his wife recently to cancer - how sad and what a guy!  I told him to get a horse that he could easily control and go for it.  We eventually split into two groups and we were riding all over.  Eventually back to a ride away on the side that backs up to the airport and sloped down to a huge drainage ditch.  Some people were cantering and Kellie and Esther were up ahead and Barry was cantering up ahead and I was riding with Randy for the most part.  We were yakking and then I went up a head at a little trot and then turned around to see where Randy was and Jamie and her friend Pattie were cantering on the higher part towards me but there was a concrete run out there and they both veered to the right - right towards Randy and Jamie went on one side and Pattie crashed her horse right into Regan's butt.  Thank God she didn't knock him over.  I yelled "are you ok Randy?" and went to him but he was fine but I thought that was BS.  She apologized up and down but that doesn't help if you cause a crash!  Everyone needs to be safe for themselves and others.  Kellie almost had a cow when she found out.

We were riding along and Randy said Nick had poo on his butt - He has said this much earlier and there was green poop looking stuff on his butt - OMG how does this horse do that?  I accused Randy of spitting dip on him.  I told Randy to get it off and he wiped it on my pants GGGAAAAAAGGGGG.  I think it was slobbery grass from Regan actually.  Randy was laughing fit to died.  We finished the ride and had a great time.   I had Nick tied up to the trailer and this older man (like around late 70's) came up and patted him and untied him and said someone had told him to come get the palomino!  LOL  that was hilarious.  I told him that "well, this little fellow is mine so I think they were talking about the other little palomino!"  LOL He about had a cow!  He said he was so sorry and was just doing what he was told and that they still hung horse thieves in Texas.  That was hilarious.

We finally loaded up and headed for the barn we were going to stable overnight at.  What a nice place!!!!  We really liked Cowboy City.  The man that owns it Mike Wall and his wife were so nice!  We all went out to eat at Chili's...Jamie, her son, Chris (the widower) and his daughter, the Wall's, Esther, Kellie, Randy, Barry and I.  Barry and I went on to the hotel and he took a bath...Kellie texted and said to come back as everyone was visiting.  We went back and sat out and visited with Mike and he was such a nice guy.  He looked at Nick's teeth and he thinks he is only 5 or 6.  I am guessing 6 then.  He said this notch in their teeth appears all the way to the bottom when they are 10 and it is only 1/2 way.  I don't know what to think.  Mr. Lavergne with the stallion said the only horse he bred for Allen Root was bred in 2000.  I don't know....I will ask Doc and see what he says.

We had a wonderful visit with Mike.  He trains his own cutting horses and he and Barry decided to ride early Sunday before Mike left for Brenham to a show.  We finally went back to the hotel and I went to sleep.  I was tired.

Sunday morning we were up and at 'em and back at the barn.  Mike gave us all wonderful religious hats - mine says God the Father in the typeface of The Godfather and then says Creator of Heaven and Earth!  Woot!  Love it.  Barry's said "Frog" fully rely on God.  It is so cute!  Mike rode his 125k reining horse Jazzy who is a stunning grey dapple (my absolute favorite colored horse!) stallion with a black mane and tail.  He was cutting little calves and Sarge was in his element.  Mike asked to ride Sarge and Barry got on Jazzy.  Jazzy is one well behaved stallion.  He was standing right next to Sarge and didn't turn a hair.  Good boy!  Mike said Sarge didn't like his bit and changed it to a low port with short shanks.  He said the bit Barry was using was his least favorite.  He worked with Sarge on his spin as Sarge is not in practice anymore to do that.  He said with some work Sarge would be good.  Barry had a great time and Sarge was a little ball of sweat.

Mike invited us back for December and we will be going.  We finally loaded up and headed for Cypress Creek.  We got there and the Lee Anne's had arrived - they were slowed down by heavy fog at home.  Julia was with them and she was so excited.  We finally were off!  Wow wee Cypress Creek is amazing.  Fabulous Fabulous Fabulous.  Deep cut trails in some places, steep drop offs to the creek, winding trails through the woods.  Nick did a great job and was a little calmer today.  We did get out on a ride away so Esther could canter and Nick was having a fit when we stopped and shaking that head and not wanting to stop.  I made him stop and behave.  Later I trotted with Kellie and he was wanting to speed up and I was half halting him - he really has been gassed up and that will take some work to stop that nonsense because I don't want a gassed up horse!  We rode all through the woods and it was really a very nice ride.  Kellie and I want to go back and are looking forward to riding there in December.  We finally got back to the trailer and I took the boys and Barry and I washed them off.  They were disgusting.  We paid $10 for the trailer parking and then sat down with everyone and had tuna fish sandwiches that Kellie made.  LOL  Barry would have NEVER ate tuna fish sandwiches if I had made them.  They were great and it was just a fabulous day.  The Lee Anne's and Julia were staying for another ride but we loaded up and hauled home.

I fed the boys when we got back and shoveled out poop.  Barry's Billy Cook saddle's horn leather is coming loose so I will have to take that to Sam's Western Store and get it repaired.  I am hoping to ride Thursday afternoon...what a great Thanksgiving thing to do!  I have a wedding this weekend and Kellie and I have already planned a ride at Tyrrell for Sunday.  We are going to meet at 10:30 and have a picnic lunch out there Woot!!!!  Looking forward to it.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Repaired the tire and rode Nick

Yesterday I took the tire to be repaired and they patched it for $20.   I took mom out to see Nick and she thought he was pretty.  I can see he has gained weight even since Sunday!  Bless his little heart.  I went out in the pasture with the lead rope behind me and gave him some treats.  I walked him up to the front so Mom could take a look at him.  I turned him loose and he started walking and then broke into a little lope.  I haven't seen him move really and he looked terrific from behind!  I took mom home and later went back and got him and brought him up to the front and groomed him.  More treats.

He let me pick up his front right hoof and pick it.  OMG it has the funk.  Nasty smell.  I went and got my stuff that Dr. Sherwood made for Red and he let me put it in his hoof.  I got him to let me pick up the back - not high but enough I was able to pick them.  Front left was a wash.  I got him to pick it up twice but he was insistent on putting it down so wasn't able to pick it.  I tacked him up and went into the arena.  He didn't want to stand still so I stood him next to the hotwalker and got on.  220 221 whatever it takes.

We walked/trotted/worked on not going before asked.  When I got on he wanted to GO.  I had to make him stand still.  We worked on circles and backing up.  He will do a tiny sidepass to one side but he isn't very good at it!!  He kept wanting to speed up but he listens.  I rode with spurs.  Once he stopped and didn't want to go but spurs changed his mind.  I was very careful with them though.

I got off and brushed him some more - picked up that front right and picked it out and put more stuff in it.  I will take that stuff with me this weekend and keep putting in his foot.  I might pick up some turpentine at work for that too.  I do have Coppertox also.  I walked him back down and waited til Jaimie came and fed them.  I got the Weight On stuff and he had it in his food today.  Hoping to put some weight on for the winter as quick as possible but this is the only supplement I will be buying for him.

I went out to the barn today when I got off of work.  Nick came in from the center of the pasture and I handed him two treats - one at a time and rubbed his face.  Sarge came up and Nick moved as befitting number two on the totem pole!  I hugged Sarge up and gave him a treat...Barry wasn't there to say I sneaked him a little treat!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Flat tire on the Brenderup

I have had to put air in the back left tire several times so I made plans to take the trailer tomorrow and have the tire checked and repaired if necessary.  Barry took it off today and yep...there is a nail in my tire.  I will take it tomorrow and have it patched.  I will then bring it home and put on my trailer myself.  Woot!  Can I do it?  We will see.

Today I went to (well, yesterday now that it is after midnight!) Sam's and bought some weight gain supplement for Nicky, wormer for Sarge and a hat for me.  I bought a pretty black/pink/raspberry heart sparkly thingy hat yesterday at Tractor Supply along with shirts.  I thought it was pretty even though I look like BOZO the clown in hats.  I texted a picture to Kellie saying "Look at my new hat!!!  I will look like Bozo but I got it anyway".  Kellie loved it and wanted one.  She said "it's not will look better on my head!"  LOL  I am going to give it to her for her birthday that is coming up.  I found a pink/raspberry/brown one at Sam's today so I got that for me. 

I ran into Rita H. at Sam's!  I haven't seen her since I left Tyrrell Park!  Her horses are back at Tyrrell and we planned a ride for tomorrow.  She was so excited.  She got ride of her trailer :( but hopefully she will get another.  I told her about our rides with RR.  She said the stables lease was up as of Saturday.

I texted Kenny about it and he said Spirit stable got it.  Bummer...then later he texted me on Facebook and said Spirit is not getting it so he is going tomorrow to try to get a meeting about leasing the stable for CC.  That would be a kick.  I told him I would help him with a business plan and I do have ideas that could work.  I told him sold renters would be needed.  Rita is willing to work off board which may really come in handy!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Riding Tyrrell Park was an adventure!!!

Barry, Kellie, Susan and I rode at Tyrrell Park today.  We met at 10:50 at the clubhouse and saddled up and away we went.  We went in the woods and rode 1/2 the woods and came out on the gravel road and rode to the canal and crossed the bridge.  Sababba got scared and stopped at the crack and turned around and went back.  Nick crossed quietly but was cripping over some of the rocks.

Sababba came on across and "jumped" the cracks.  We went down past the water pipe and all the way down past where I had rode before.  We rode for several miles - the horses heard hogs rustling and all were perked up looking and on alert!  We caught the butt ends of some hogs but didn't get a good look at them.  We went all the way to the back where it dead ended at Hildebrandt Bayou.  Kellie said there used to be a trail to the left but Hurricane Rita downed tons of trees.  Barry and Sarge went up there but it wasn't a usable trail.  We came back the way we came trotting fast for quiet a bit.  We crossed the canal and went all the way around past where I had been before.  What a pretty ride!  Down the canal we went, heavy vegetation all around and Kellie told me about an alligator that surprised them one time and the horses did a 180 turn when it rolled into the water and startled them.  We rode down a "road" that was really two tracks and I saw a coyote cross the road!!!  We kept going til we got to the bayou and took a right and went over a old cement bridge.  We got to a place that was way overgrown but Kellie said they used to ride back there so she led the way through brush that was thick as could be.    We went up and down some hills and came to a downed tree.  Elan refused to go...I asked Nick and he said ugghhh not at this time sister.  We called in Barry and Sarge and Sarge tried going over and pulled back and seemed stuck and tried and and pulled back and I thought he was going to fall over!  LOL then he went and was fine.  I asked Nick and he refused and I kept asking and he went over it and then leaped with his butt and we went off the the side and then righted up!  LOL  I was almost unseated but I held my seat!  Woot.  The other horses kinda leaped too.  Barry led the way though this super tall stuff til we finally came to a dead end...too much downed vegetation.  There used to be a trail and hopefully one day we can get that back open because I bet it is a great ride.  We turned around and came back and Nick kinda leaped it again but I was ready for it.  We went back and crossed the land bridge and then went under the big bridge and pipe line and down the ride away.  We came to a little low wet spot and Sarge LEAPED it like a hunter.  I walked Nick across a  drier spot.

We went all the way down to the bayou and the footing was choppy and bad.  Nick was starting to trip and stumble.  I think he was getting tired.  We got to the bayou and I thought my saddle had slipped back so I got off and that is when I found out how unlevel the ground was.  I reset my saddle and took him to a low spot and got on.  It was a struggle as I had put Cowboy Magic on his mane and my hands were slipping!

We came back up that way and all of the horses were tripping on the rough ground.  We came over the bridge and they said Nick had rocks in his hooves but he was leading and that is a good thing.  I got off of him and it took both Barry and I to pick his hooves.  He is not too wild about it but he is learning.  We trotted back down the canal and Barry and Kellie cantered some.  Nick was cripping on the rocks coming back down the rock trail (used to be a road I suppose).  I got him back to the trailer and he was between them and stopped.  I would have had to dismount in a pile of poo so I asked him to move and he just stood there.  I kicked and urged him forward.  Nothing.  I hollered at him to move his butt NOW and he did.  LOL  Maybe I need to raise my voice!

I brushed him and gave him a treat and gave a treat to My Gorilla Boy Elan and to Sababba.  Poor Sarge gets no treats.  Later, Kellie started feeling really weak and bad.  Barry went to the golf clubhouse and got her a Poweraide and candy bars.  I drove her home.  Randy had all of the gates up and the goats and horses in the new pasture!  Woot!!!

Kellie was feeling a little better.  I talked to her later and she was better.  We are planning our trip for next weekend and I can't wait.  I had such a good time today.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Going out alone

Went out to the barn and loaded up my tack...loaded up Nick.  Hauled out to Tyrrell Park and unloaded near the woods past the stables.  Nick was so well behaved!!!  I brought my little step stool to get on and was successful.  Off we went into the woods.  Woot a fall day ride with my new buddy.  He stopped and just stood there for a minute or so and then went on.  We went around towards the stables and kept going.  We got out around there and he stopped.  When I say he stopped I mean he S.T.O.P.P.E.D!  As in refused to move.  I kicked, I waited I clucked I turned him in circles.  I kicked some more, I clucked some more (it is a wonder I didn't lay an egg!)  I took my latigo off my saddle and popped him with it.  Still just STOOD there.  I finally got off and he followed quietly.  I thought maybe there was something in the woods bothering him.  Ugghhh no....he was fine.  I walked about 100 yards are more.  I went to get on and saddle rolled so I had to push it back on.  I stood by a tree with a incline and was able to get was a struggle but I made it.  LOL I saw my phone on the ground and picked it wasn't my phone - someone else got off their cranky horse and dropped their phone!

Still...he just stood there.  OMG I think he is autistic.  He wouldn't budge.  I popped him again a few times with the latigo and finally he started going.  I headed back to the trailer.  He stopped again on the way but I was able to get him to go after turning.   He can flex at the poll!  Wow he has a head like a rock.

I was sitting on the trailer well and Nick was standing there quietly and I was telling Kellie about my autistic horse when I saw a car slow down and roll towards me.  I told Kellie that someone was coming up and this black lady rolled down her window and said "Can I ride your horse?"  Sham wow!  I said "He isn't behaving very well today so sorry no."  She asked "What kind of horse is that?"  I answered Quarter Horse and she said "What?"  I answered again that it was a Quarter Horse.  Wow.  I couldn't believe she asked me that!  She wasn't a kid - like I'd let a stranger ride my horse!

I hauled him back to the barn and he ate in the trailer going down to the pasture.  I unloaded him and put him up.

I talked to Lee Anne P. about what happened and we discussed me riding him down the ranch road by himself and then out to the back.  He probably has never been ridden by himself.  I would like to make little Tyrrell Park rides by myself so I am going to work on that!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Treats for Nick and Pickin' up those Feet

I hauled the trailer to PNR with the thought of hauling Nick to Tyrrell was misting rain...starting a light rain.  I got to PNR and Lee Anne P was in the arena riding MiTie.  I walked down to get Nick with some apple oat treats I bought yesterday.  I gave a treat to Sarge...he LOVES treats but Barry doesn't like him to have them.  Nick got a treat also...he thinks they are wonderful!

I walked Nick back holding my umbrella but he didn't even take notice of it.  He was wet so I brushed him and combed his mane.  I tacked him up and went into the arena.  He didn't want to stand still but finally he did and I mounted and we walked around the arena going in both directions.  He is doing a good job but he does want to go faster and not listen sometimes but I made him listen to me.  A few times he stopped and refused to move.  A few kicks - nothing.  We just stood there until he went forward.  I wasn't going to back him up turn  Stand there until he changed his mind!  We went round and round, back and forth and he was wanting to go where he wanted but we went where I wanted!  Lee Anne said his bit is too low in his mouth so I will burn more holes in his headstall. 

He will turn on his haunches to the left but not well to the right.  He doesn't turn on the forequarters or side pass so we will be working on those issues.  He stood quietly while I talked to Lee Anne P.  Lee Anne B. arrived and we all chatted and he stood quietly.  Once when I was in the arena by myself he gave me a little guff but settled down and did as I asked.  I dismounted and put him on the wash rack and brushed took his tack off.  I brushed him all over and he got a few treats and a few handfulls of hay.  I worked at picking up his hooves.  He was resistant but I praised him for little improvements and gave him treats.  He picked those hooves up then.  Lee Anne B. picked up his back hooves.  Just briefly but he did a good job.  He is very smart and willing to learn. 

I am off tomorrow and plan on riding at Tyrrell if possible.  Hope we don't have any rain!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Boys are Fine

I went to the barn this morning early before work and put the halters on the boys.  Doc Schneiter would be proud of me...I, for ONCE, remembered how to put the halter on like I have been shown! 

I walked the boys down the ranch road.  Nick walks a little faster than Sarge and I had to pull him up just before we got to the pasture.  He needs to learn to walk behind/beside me like Sarge does.  Sarge is literally a perfect boy.  He is such a sweetie.  I had to hug him up and let him smell my hair!

I took some pictures of the boys.....they are so cute!  I think that Nick will be as stocky as Sarge in a few months.  They are very similar in size except Nick is a little longer bodied than Sarge.  I really can't wait to see what Nick will look like in a few months!!

Floating Teeth, Drunk Horses & Clydesdales

I got up this morning, hooked up the trailer, hauled out to the barn and got feed and then down to the pasture.  The boys were easy to catch!  They were hungry!  Sarge just self loads like a little doll and so does Nick.  I hauled them to Dr. Schneiter's and he said to put them in a paddock out back and unhitch the trailer in the back.  Doc is truly a very nice person.

There was a big beautiful Budweiser Clydesdale in the round pen!  He was hooked up to IV drips.  He had bad diarrhea since I think I am glad they didn't come stay out at the ranch as planned!  I put the boys out in the paddock and left.  I had to go home and then to work.

I looked for lace up boots at lunch but wasn't successful.  I will have to order some I think.  My instep on my right foot has been swelled and hurting for days.

I left work at 5:00 PM and headed for Doc's.  I took more pics of the Clydesdale and petted his nose.  He is better and should be leaving tomorrow.  I brought the boys into the barn and we started with Sarge.  I had him look at Sarge's teeth.  Sarge doesn't like ANYONE looking in his mouth.  Doc is fearless though and calm as can be.  Sarge got his mouth looked at whether he liked it or not.  He said he had hooks so I put Nick in a stall and put Sarge in the stock.  Doc gave him a tranquilizer and he was in zooloo land.  Doc said he had lots of hooks on the back and that his teeth were "soft".  That maybe why he tosses his head...his teeth may be very sensitive poor baby.  I held his head while he was floated.  His little stubs of canine teeth were scaly with plaque and Doc got an instrument to strip the plaque off. When Doc was through I walked him out and he was dragging his back hooves and he was swaying some.  Poor guy.  I put him in a stall and Doc gave him a rabies shot and he was just standing there with his head down! 

I got Nick out and put him in the stock.  Doc gave him a tranq and the rabies so fast and quick I didn't even SEE him do it and I was watching him!  LOL  I told Doc all that money on his education paid off!  We got the speculum in Nick's mouth and Doc checked them out.  Lots of hooks and crooks and Doc started filing away.  He had to get a tool to snap off some of the bigger peaks.  Poor old Nick's mouth was bleeding and I felt sorry for him but he is going to feel so much better.  Doc got through and quickly and efficiently tube wormed him.  He thought he looked wormy too.  Doc showed me how to tie the halter and I took a picture this time.  LOL  He said "Put his halter on him...this is a test".  LOL  I passed but may forget by tomorrow.  I walked him out of the stock and he was dragging his feet too.  Doc said to load them up.  Poor guy was just standing by the ramp and I got in the trailer to "pull" him in.   Doc's dog spooked him and I fussed at the dog and he took off.  Nick loaded up quietly poor baby.  I got Sarge out and he, too, loaded quietly and just walked up the ramp and stood quietly.

I paid Doc $251 which wasn't bad for 2 floats, 2 rabies and a tube worming.  He gave me copies of records when he gelded "Blaze" who is now Nick and an old Coggins and shot record.  We may go to floating Sarge every 6 months.  He said his teeth were soft.  Poor guy.  I drove to Plum Nearly very slowly so not to cause one of them to fall in the trailer.  By the time we got to Plum Nearly they were not near as drugged as when they went in.  I am sure the cool air blowing on them helped wake them up.  I put them in the arena with no supper.  I didn't want them to choke on their food.  I will go in the morning and walk them down to the pasture and turn them out.  Last time we had Sarge's teeth floated he was in zooloo land for 4 days.  Dr. Sherwood had to sedate him twice so he was pretty loopy and I think in pain - he couldn't really even eat well for days. 

I will monitor their behavior tomorrow and have Lee Anne check on my boys.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fabulous Ride with my cousin Kellie!!!

What a fantastic day!!  Kellie and I made plans to ride all over Tyrrell Park.  I got out to the barn and down to the pasture and called the horses...yeah...right lady...we see that isn't happening!! 

I walked out in the field but they both ran back and forth.  I was able to get Sarge and walked him up to the front hoping Nick would follow - took hay out there in the bag and he looked at the hay and then looked at the trail...still no can do Lady.  He is VERY smart.  I took Sarge up to the front and Susan H. called and said that she'd help me catch him!!!  LOL  I put Sarge in the front arena (I am sure he was wondering why he was being punished!)  Sue came and we went down there with same feed.  I was finally able to get him and walked him up to the front.  He loaded up nicely after coming out once.  I put a "treat" in there of a little feed.  It took me ONE HOUR to do all of that. 

I left for the park and Kellie had just got there.  Elan had been stomping and kicking in the trailer this morning.  Kellie and I sat down and ate our lunch early and drank a coke.  LOL  Nick likes the crust of the bread but not potato chips.  Elan likes the crust and the potato chips.  I shared my crusts with the horses so the sandwich went fast!  I mounted up and Nick was wanting to "GO" and I had to slow him down.  He listened to me.  We rode out and went behind the golf course and all the way around the reservoir and then to the left down the side of the canal.  The vegetation was HIGHER in some places than our heads!  We got to the golf course and had to go down a hill that we couldn't see how deep the ditch was.  Kellie got off (she has rode there a zillion times) and it wasn't that deep and so she crossed and Nick and I followed.  We crossed that section of gold course on the greens ( didn't see any golfers!) and then up a hill and down the canal again til we were in very front of park property.  We had to go around a gate that was locked and we got off because there was just a little tiny 2 foot area before it dropped off into a deep ditch.  LOL  I stood on a rotten log that I rolled out to get back on.  Nick stood very still so I could get on.  He is being such a good boy. 

Sue drove by right then as we were coming to the road and we met her back at the trailers and she was tacking up Sababba.  Kenny, Traci and the girls drove up and we visited and talked and I unlocked my Rav so Kenny could get his bridle.   We talked about the Cowboy Church getting the stables and that would be great if Kenny did that.  I told him it needs to be ran by someone with business sense.  Finally had Sababba ready to do and off we went to the trees.  We rode all through the woods and trotted a bunch too.  Woot.  Nick is funny as he can be...he will lead out and then stop and won't budge no matter how hard I kick...he wants Elan to go when he feels uncertain.  LOL  He is a good boy.  We went to some of Kenny's Cowboy Church but I think the music was making Nick a little uncertain - he spooked when Kellie reached for her phone.  LOL  I took him over to the bleachers and got back on.  Sue's horse stepped on reins and popped the leather so she went back to her trailer and was going home.  Kellie and I hit the trails again and rode all the way to the back and down the side of the canal til we got to the new rideaway and we rode down that to the gravel road and then back into the woods.  We trotted trotted trotted.  Woot!!!  What a fun day.  We went back to the trailers and loaded up. 

What a great day!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Doctor's Appointment is Set

Driving to work this morning I realized that Nick wasn't tossing his head yesterday when I asked him to stop!  LOL  I guess he really likes that bit better.  He didn't even have a curb chain on!  I spoke to LeeAnne P and she said she likes him.  She thinks he has kind but sad eyes like something bad has happened to him.  Maybe so.  He strikes me that way too.  He is wary of people but not spooky.  I am going to work at gaining his trust.  It may take a while but I will get there. 

I am going to take both of the horses to Doc's Monday morning for a Monday afternoon appointment.  They are both having their rabies shots and Nick is going to have his teeth floated and tube wormed.  I looked at him this afternoon and I think he definitely could be wormy.  He is getting some shine and his coat actually looks darker but not really better.  It will take some time.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lessons with Nicky

I texted Barry and asked him to go riding with me after work...and to bring Nick up from the pasture.  He said he didn't know any horses named Nick!!  I got to the barn and got out the fuchsia colored bridle that has never been used and my black saddle.  I groomed him and talked soft to him.  When I put the saddle pad on him he flinched hard.  Poor guy...he seems nervous and uptight.  I got him in the arena and moved the mounting block and he moved away several times and then I got him to stand still and I got on.  He kept wanting to take off before I gave him the signal.  I had to keep stopping him.  He was ready to GO GO GO.  I slowed him down and we walked and walked around the arena.  He would have zipped off had I not stopped him.  We trotted round and round and I would have to slow him down.  He was neck reining fairly well.  He would stop on whoa most of the time.  I was doing circles and figure 8's with him. 

I actually got him to turn on the haunches fairly well and we backed several times which he did just ok in this bit.  I think it will take awhile to slow him down but he is controllable.  He is only doing what he has been taught or allowed to do.  I groomed him again and picked up his left foot with no problem.  He has a problem with the right foot though.  I will keep working at it. 

I won't be able to ride tomorrow but will ride Saturday afternoon and Sunday we are going to the beach at 10:00 AM.  It is supposed to be Kellie, Susan, Esther and Allison and me.  Woot!!!!

Barry said he seems a little unsure and that it will just take time for him to trust us and get used to us.  I wish I had more time to spend with him right now but I don't.  Next week I am off two days but do have cakes.  I am going to try to spend as much time as I can but winter is coming on.  I am going to see about using the lights in the arena this winter and do alot of the walk trot jog stuff!

I changed his name!!!

I went to the barn today to ride the new horse.  I went to the pasture and he was midway out and Sarge was on the other side.  I whistled to the new boy and he started coming in.  Sarge just kept eating.  All of a sudden Sarge started GALLOPING in and cut in front of the new horse and ran to me.   LOL he is has a jealous bone somewhere in his body.  New boy had a kick or bite on his side but it was pretty tame looking. 

Walked him up to the washrack and the LeeAnn's were there fooling around with Rogue.  I was brushing the horse and talking with both Lee Anne's and LeAnne P got the biggest kick out of the new boy's mustache!  It is so cute!  I told her he had a mane like Nick Nolte's hair and we decided he looked more like a Nick/Nicky/Nick Nolte than a Pac!  So Nick it is!

I picked up all four of his feet.  The back ones he pulled back but not like he was going to kick.  He looked wary and a little unsure but he did such a good job of being laid back!  I tacked him up moving slow with him.  Lee Anne P got her lunge line and ran it through his bit, over his head and snapped to the other side and worked with lunging him.  She never could get him to canter but he was trotting so prettily!  She did both sides - he is unsure but he kept going.  He did a good job and seems willing and smart and able to learn quickly.  He may have been lunged long ago.

I put his stirrups back on the saddle, attached the curb chain and reins and mounted with the block.  Lee Ann was directing and I put him in a trot and he does go too fast and slowed him down.  We went around a number of times both ways.   He was responding well.  Lee Anne told me to slow him down gently, talk gently and softly, etc.  He will move off the leg if he is moving forward so we practiced that to start the process of teaching side pass.  I tried an actual side pass...uhhhh no.   He is clueless. 

He seemed afraid of the lunge whip and Lee Anne gently ran it over him but later he could see it and we could tell he had his eye on it.  He isn't spooking or looking wild eyed but you still get the feeling there has been some really rough treatment in his background.  I insisted on picking up his front feet again - I got some guff from him but got to pick them up anyway.  I brushed and groomed him.  I am going to get the purple shampoo to keep his mane and tail pretty.  We think he has gained weight in the past 12 days and gained some shine to his coat.  I think in 6 months he will look like a million bucks. 

I did call and made an appointment at the vet to have his teeth floated and he and Sarge to get rabies shots.  It is for Monday at 6:00 PM.  I talked to the vet assistant and she said he was gelded in 2006 under the name of "Blaze".  Geeze...he was 5 years old!  Poor guy.  He had a Coggins on 06 and earlier this year.  Sporadic shots.  I am getting a profile on him so that I can fill in the gaps.  

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

1st Month Board for Pac is Paid

I went to PNR to pay for my board today and Susan H. was there paying for Sababba!!!  I am so excited that she is getting such a great horse for her.  They will make a great pair. 

I paid my board and Lee Anne P. said she and Lee Anne B. thought that Pac had gained some weight and some shine to his coat.  I think he has added shine too!  I found some older pictures of him on Kenny's FB and he was a much darker gold.  Time will tell on what color he will be in the spring after good food and care all year.

Kellie and I are going to swap blankets.  I think Red's blanket may be a little too big for him...and she said Aladin has outgrown his!  We are going to swap and save $$$$$!!  Woot!  I am planning on riding him tomorrow and working with him in the arena.  I told Barry that since he goes up and down hills so much quieter than Red I might keep my Aussie IF it fits him.  I am going to put my Aussie's on him tomorrow and take pictures and sent to Down Under to check fit. 

I am hoping Pac and I bond well and become a good team.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Pac is officially mine

I called Kenny today and we came to an agreement on Pac.  I am now the owner of a 9 year old palomino gelding named P.A.C. which stands for "Piece a' Cake".    I need to take Pac to Dr. Schneider to have his teeth floated.  He is in BAD need of dental care. 

I need to get him a bridle that is right for him and work to get him trained to do what I want him to do...sidepass, back up, turn on the haunches and forequarters and go smoothly into a lope.  He and Sarge need rabies shots so I need to arrange for those. 

I went to the barn yesterday and worked with him a little bit and rode Rogue!  I can get on Rogue from the ground!  Woot!  I am going to work at getting on Pac so that I can come and go at will. 

Kellie sent a message that she would like to ride at the beach so we might do that this Sunday.  I have to deliver a wedding cake at 3:00 PM in Orange.  It is a damask cake.  If I can get it through by Friday night I will be able to go riding Saturday morning.   I know I will ride Sunday if the weather permits.  I think I am off next Wednesday too so I may ride then.  I want to work on his skills so that we become partners and buddies.