Thursday, May 31, 2012

Biscuit trips with me and then busted his butt

Kellie and I went riding Saturday.  I had a hard time catching Biscuit...he was running all over the pasture, pulled back from me when I got to him but did let me catch him.  I have barely been out there since I started the construction on the cake kitchen.  I took him into the area and lounged him for 15 minutes and he was a good boy then.  Hauled out to the park and he stood still after a stern warning while I saddled him.  Kellie and I mounted up and took off.  The trail to the right is like "iron shore" out at the islands...jagged and sharp peaks.  We went out on the bayou and down to the bridge.  On the way back we were trotting a little and he stuck out that nose when I asked him to slow down to collect up.  I can tell he hasn't been ridden much., illness, cakes, etc. has got in my way of riding. 

We were almost back to where we go into the woods when Biscuit stumbled on his left front foot and I thought he was going down. He floundered for three steps and he couldn't get his left front hoof back up under him.  I moved my feet to the back of the stirrups and gave him his head.  He was really floundering to stay on his feet.  Kellie said he just couldn't get that hoof forward.  Poor guy.  He stumbled a few times going to the trailer and when I got there he had this in his foot....

Sweet Gum Ball

Poor Guy had this in his front left hoof

It was in the little hole now by the frog. 
He was given a ton of treats which he liked...poor Biscuit!  I took him over and washed him off and he stood and let me spray water on his jaw.  Wow...before water couldn't come more than 2/3 up his neck!!  I stood back, held the line and sprayed water up in the air and he didn't struggle to get away.  I spray gentle like falling rain and he is getting over his fears.  He stretched out his neck lipping at the water.  He is really making progress.  He is a good boy!!! 

I took him back to the barn and did his feet.  He was pretty good about it but geez, that is back breaking work.  Plenty of treats to go around for The Biscuit and his feet were very grown out.  I have to do Sarge's soon....they are way over due too!  He went back into his paddock and took off running to Sarge!!

I had wanted to ride Sunday with Kellie but had to stay up all night working on a cake - didn't start til 10:30 PM because I kept the grandkids so my kid could go to a wedding as a groomsman in a tux and really stupid looking Converse sneakers.  That looks so stupid!

Anyway, Barry went instead of me.  He said he got to the barn and Sarge and Biscuit started running all over the place.  Biscuit was galloping down the far side of the pasture when he either slipped, tripped or stumbled and fell near the fence.  He went to get up and fell back down, had rolled under the fence, stood up, pulling the fence out of the ground and was outside of the pasture galloping all over the place.  Barry and Jamie (pronounced Hi-Me) finally caught him after he got all of the horses stirred up and galloping all over the place.  Barry said he seemed fine.  He went on his ride with Sarge.  He joined Kellie, James and Kurt on the ride.

I went out to the Barn Sunday afternoon to check on Biscuit and he seemed slightly sore but ok.  I went out Monday and he was definitely sore on the front end.  Stiff but not really limping.  He didn't seem inclined to move a bunch on Monday.  Tuesday he was better but still stiff.  Wednesday was walking freely but a slight stiffness.  Yesterday he seemed just fine.  I think he may have some stiffness or soreness I can't perceive but he seemed fine.  I never could find any real puffiness, tenderness or heat anywhere so I guess he was just sore from busting his butt!!

Sigh...horses can make one just a little crazy.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Hot Ride

Kellie came to PNR today to try on saddles.  I pulled up The Biscuit and tacked him up.  He was a good boy today about being saddled up.  Kellie tried the Steele saddle and really loved it.  We went down the ranch road and Biscuit was listening to Kellie when she kissed up Elan - I had to put his brakes on and tell him to listen to me not her!!  Sarge came blowing up to the fence but Biscuit behaved.  For two cents he'd have been galloping but he listens.  We went out towards the back and saw two coyotes!  I have never seen them out there.  We rode to the WindMill and OMG it was SCORCHING HOT.  My face was on fire and I had my cool vest, cool hat and Frogg Togg neck towel on and I was still burning up. 

Kellie then tried to Sharon Saare but she liked the Steele Saddle best.  We visited with The Lee Ann's and Lee Ann's pretty daughter Devin.  It was so nice to see my barn buddies - I haven't been out there much due to working on the cake kitchen.  I MISS riding.  I am going to try to go this week by myself and ride Saturday and Sunday with Lee Ann and hopefully Kellie too.  The cake kitchen has taken up quiet a bit of my time this week but it is what pays for the horses and I am so glad to be getting my own space!

Riding Solo

I made my first SUCCESSFUL solo ride at Tyrrell Park today.  I have rode the trails solo, once on Red and twice on Biscuit, but this was the first time I hauled him out to the park and rode a complete circuit.  I had taken him out once when I first got him and he refused to move forward after about a 8 minute walk!! 

I didn't get to the park until 6:00 PM.  I waited until it had cooled off.  I went to tack him up and he always spazzes out I saddle him up.  He moves towards me trying to evade the saddle and he pushed into me with his shoulder and I stumbled backwards, dropped the saddle and fell backwards.  Gaaa!!!  I got up, told him sternly to HOLD STILL, got him saddled and mounted up.  He stood like a champ to be saddled.  We took off and he was a good boy.  He moved slowly through the woods and wasn't inclined to trot which was ok.  We went all the way around and I was so proud of him and of me.  We got to the end and he turned his face into the woods like I made him do last year and turned to go out.  He had some foam under his saddle when I dismounted.  We rode 1.8 miles.  I washed him off and he is getting better about accepting water spray to the face. 

I gave him some treats and then hauled him back home.

It was a red letter day for me and for The Biscuit.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Visiting The Biscuit

I hadn't seen my horses in a couple of days - bad weather and working on cakes kept me away.  I went out there today and they came up from the back of the paddock.  Biscuit is just such a sweetie.  Barry and I pulled some clover and fed it to them. 

Kellie and I are going to try to get in a ride tomorrow afternoon.  Can't wait.  Going to Ebenezer next weekend to ride.  I have to deliver a wedding cake around 11:30 Saturday in Vidor, return home, get the Brenderup and Biscuit and head up to Ebenezer.  I am going to get Barry to put the A/C in it early along with the cot.  I will bring home tack and load the trailer on Thursday.  Randy is going to help me get the A/C into the door God Bless him.  

Here is some pictures of Biscuit in his new Aussie Saddle and him rolling in the pasture.  Look at that tongue hanging out!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Biscuit The Pill

I went out to the barn today and pulled Biscuit up.  He was a good boy while I brushed him and tacked him up.  Couldn't have asked him to be better.  I put his new Aussie Saddle on and stepped up and on quickly.  The stirrups were too short so I got off and lengthened them.  I remounted with no problem and we started off.  He went along just fine when we were walking but she I asked for a jog he was rushing.  When I asked him to slow down he stuck out his neck and tossed his head somewhat and kept trying to take the bit. 

Ugh...we went round and round and walked.  Walked.  Tried to jog - he'd try to take off.  I would ask him to slow down and he would stop.  I finally got a semi decent round out of him.  I only rode 15 minutes and he was not a fun ride.  He wasn't horrible but he wasn't a pleasure either. 

I found Allison's medical bracelet in the arena and gave it to Lee-Ann to put in their locker.  I called Allison to let her know I found it - she was so glad!  I told her Biscuit had been a pill and for her too work his butt off the next time she rides him.

I am going to try to go out and ride him in the morning. It may be more of the same but I am going to work him anyway.  I think I am going to lounge him first and then get on.  I don't want Biscuit to be a pill!!!  I don't know if it was because of the new saddle or just because he was just being a pill because he wants to GO!!!  Doesn't really matter.  He needs to do what I say when I ask.  We will work on those skills.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Ordered the new Allegany

I talked to Staci this morning about the saddle.  This is what I decided on:

A Renegade Endurance saddle withe the slim endurance pommel.  It will be the medium oil chestnut.  I like that color!  It will have bob wire stamping on the saddle and stirrups.  It will not have drop rigging though.  I am not a fan of that.  Slim curved fenders.  Horse Shoe hardware and 8 latigo ties.  I told Staci to feel free to carve a horse in the fenders!  She tried her hand a leather carving and I thought it looked great.

I traded my Skito pad to her in exchange for an Equipedic pad in purple. It will be like this  Biscuit will be stylin'.  It will match his bridle.   I certainly hope this saddle fits.  I don't want Biscuit to have any problems at all.  I took the fit kit to the post office and mailed it.  I put the Skito pad inside and it fit. 

I went out to the barn and talked with The Lee Ann's and Allison.  Allison rode Biscuit last week and she said he did a good job.  She is working on his cantering.  I will have to get her to coach me soon so that I can feel comfortable cantering in the arena.  That is where I feel least comfortable!

I went down the road to see the boys and gave Biscuit a snack on the sly and gave them both handfuls of clover.  They are both looking fantastic.  Biscuit was a little dirty.  I may have to go wash him off tomorrow.

I got home and UPS delivered the new girth and new saddle pad for the Aussie.  I will try to go out to the barn tomorrow and ride Biscuit in the new stuff.  I won't be getting the new saddle for 7-8 weeks or so.  I am not expecting it until the middle of July.  May get it earlier and I will consider that a bonus!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Clod Hopping in Tyrrell Park

 Lee Ann B and I met Kellie out at Tyrrell Park at 10:30 this morning.  I went to saddle up Biscuit and when I put the blankets on he started to move.  I spoke very sternly to him and told him to STAND STILL and bless his heart, he did.  He always tries to evade the saddle.

Kellie got a new saddle - her flextree saddle is what was hurting his back.  She has tried several on him including my new Aussie and Barry's, LeeAnn P's Sharon Saare.  She bought one at Liberty Tack and it is a hard seat ranch saddle.  It is a nice looking saddle.  We tacked up and I turned Kellie's stirrup so she could get her foot into it.  It needs to be turned.

We rode into the woods...Biscuit was leading - after a little pop on the shoulder with a crop.  He was a good boy today.  The trails were dry but where horses had gone through the mud it was hardened into clods that were difficult to navigate.  We went out and down the bayou to the bridge.  It was hot as all get out.  On the way back just before we went into the woods again Biscuit got a little goofy and a pop with the crop settled him down.  We went to the right had side of the woods and walked around.  We walked out of it near the road so we could get out of the clods.  We went to the trailers and Kellie opted not to ride around again.  Lee Ann and I went back into the woods and around again.  We came to where we had gone out and Biscuit wanted to go out of the woods instead of following Rogue!  LOL he kept trying at each exit to go out so he didn't have to walk on the clods!  We got to the top of the trail head and Biscuit remembered that I make him go back and forth and NOT just head out and then I would make him go to the area across from the trail head and stand with his head facing the woods.  LOL  He headed right for that spot....stopped...faced the woods....then turned himself around to go!  I cracked up laughing at him - he is just way too funny...and smart too boot.

I took his tack off - we had gone 6.2 miles.  He got several treats and then I rinsed him off.  I sprayed the water in the air to wash his face.  He is still a little reluctant about that but he is getting better.

One the way back to the barn and idiot pulled out in front of me in my lane and then went down the middle of the two lanes.  I had to slam on my brakes OMG  I nearly had a cow.

I can say that my Brenderup behaved so wonderfully...I slowed quickly and so did the B'up!!!

Catching up

I haven't posted in awhile!  Sarge is looking fabulous - thank God.  Still has a yukky spot where the skin was kind of burned by the Capsan.  He looks like he has a little bit of a summer sore.   I treated it with the potion that Dr. Sherwood made for me.  Biscuit looks like he has gained weight since we haven't rode very much!

I did Biscuit's feet last week.  I had his front left foot on the stand and Edgar shot a pigeon and Ginger ran into the arena!  Biscuit can off the stand and kinda had a little hissy.  LOL  I told Edgar to give me warning before shooting pigeons!!  Biscuit's feet looked like the pits after our trip to Kitsatchie.  Looks like some bruising.  I gave Biscuit a bath and scrubbed his mane and tail.  I have been giving them alfalfa on a regular basis and they are both shiny and slick looking now.