Bombproof Clinic Photos

I got in the DVD from the Bombproof Clinic.  These pictures are not in order.  I look like I was dragged through a knot hole but since I had 45 minutes sleep that night I will cut myself some slack.  

Biscuit and Elan looking at the smoke from the bombs.  Biscuit looks like "So?  Is this something that is a big deal?"

Biscuit and I had rode in Kisatchie Forest when it was smoking and was scorched.  He was ok with this.  
Stepping though the smaller cut off box.  Biscuit gave me a little flack over that but eventually just went.  Good Boy!!!

Easy Does It.

Such a Good Boy....and pretty too.  I was melting in the heat and exhausted.

Walking over the bridge.  He tried to side step the first time but after that he was a pro.

Look Ma.....I am a BEAST!!!

Sacking out...Biscuit was a little upset over it but he got over it really fast.  He was trembling at first poor baby.

Stepping on the couch cushion.  He thought that was dumb.  

This was an exercise at the end which we were all in a circle and throwing the nerf football around to each other.  I caught each one and Kellie said "Did you play football in school?!!"  hahahahaah  as, I said, I just have good hand eye coordination - that is the ONLY coordination I have!!!

Biscuit and Elen confer on whether this whole thing is BS.

Passing the football...Look how pretty The Biscuit is.

Denise and Kellie listening to instructions.

Going over a mattress.  Just a tiny bit of fluff on going over this.

Biscuit was fine with this until a funoodle touched his butt.  He scooted it up.  Look how pretty my boy is and no, I am not partial.

Stepping on feed bags

Biscuit is the Bomb

No, I do not want to step on that dang bag.  It could have an alligator in it that will EAT The Biscuit's leg!!!

So sister, what is up with that dang bag on the end of the buggy whip?  

He was a little nervous and was shaking at first but he got over it when he realized I wasn't going to hurt him.   Love this picture of him.  

No, I don't want to go around in a circle to the right...I will go to the left but the right is not a good thing for me. 

Look is just dumb is that?  

Fire in the hole....Biscuit is ok with that too.

Biscuit is the Genie in the Bottle

You can't see me....

Yep, this is dumb.   But hey, it makes the Treat Girl happy so I will stand here quietly.

What a funny colored tree to step over.

Walking on bottles.  Biscuit hesitated for a tiny bit and then he went.
This was at the beginning.  Chad told Biscuit "yeah, dude, you are so going to the right".  After a few seconds, Biscuit decided it was in The Biscuit's best interest to go to the right.  Good Boy.

Cracking whip, shaking rocks in that huge bottle, blaring sound and the horses going round and round.  Biscuit kept one ear on Chad but he kept pace and was ok.  When it was over Chad walked somewhat behind us - not close - but behind us and Biscuit quickly scooted to the right keeping his eyes on Chad.  
I learned so much that day.  It has held me in good stead too.  Biscuit was a very good boy that day and that week following I rode him in Tyrrell and made him walk over a plastic back in two different places.  He did a good job.

2 comments: said...

Looks like Bisquit has learned to trust you!! Good job!

Denise said...

He has...he is a really terrific trail buddy. He knows the difference of me coming off of the saddle to get into a 2 point position and me losing my balance and coming out of the saddle. He instantly stops. I have a pinched nerve right now that is giving me a fit and making me unbalanced. His knowing the difference is a life saver!