Barefoot Trimming

I started reading about barefoot trimming after I bought Red and had so much trouble keeping his shoes on!  When I got Biscuit I had to work at training him to even let me pick up his feet much less clean them or trim them.  Two buckets of treats helped teach him picking up his feet was a good thing!  Darolyn Butler came in February 2011 to Plum Nearly Ranch and did a trimming clinic for us.  We all purchased books to read on it it and equipment to trim with.  I ordered rasps, knives, and a sharpener and bought gloves.  I later added a really good rasp with a handle, a Bellota which is very nice - it is for professional farriers.  I learned of a place in Vinton, LA that made really nice nippers - DS Farrier Supply and I went over and bought a pair of nippers from Terry.  I also bought a left handed knife and a sharpener.  I now find that the circular knife is TERRIFIC for cutting the frog.

I have worked on bringing Biscuit's heels down and clearing up some cracks on his left feet front and back.  He also has alot of thrush I am dealing with.  LeAnn had a soaking bath built in the old kennel at the ranch and we do soak their feet.  We look at the angles of the heels, make sure the bars are correct and that there are no flares.  It has taken alot of practice for me to use the rough side of the rasp and make a correct mustang roll.  Mine are still not perfect by any means, but Biscuit's feet are doing well and I will continue to barefoot trim and lean as much as I can.

There are many good articles on the web for trimming and one of the most important things is to get really good equipment.  So So nippers make it HARD to do.  Mine cut the hooves like they are softened butter.  The circular knife I borrowed of Julia's the other day was AMAZING and I will be getting one ASAP.  It just worked better for my hands.

Here is a link to a page with my farrier tools Tools from DS Farrier Supply

August 7, 2011 Check out this link to see improvement in Biscuit's hooves in just one week...
Biscuit's Hooves are Improving 

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