Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ride at Big Sandy

Big Sandy

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Lee Ann B, Lee Ann P, Kellie, Randy, Barry and I went up to Big Sandy today to ride.  We rode 12.2 miles.  Crossed tons of downed trees, got snagged up in some!!  Went off trail once - circled back and around a snapped in half tree that was easy going one way and not so easy going back!!  Crossed a little bridge.  It was just a fun ride.  I enjoyed it so much.  Biscuit was an absolute doll for the most part.  He layed back his ears a few times, Lagato kicked up a few times, Rogue was a doll - like his old self!!

Barry took off on the ride back by himself to stretch Sarge's legs.  It was a pretty ride - I bet it is gorgeous in the spring and fall!  A tree or something fell out of the trees (loads of downed and snapped trees due to storms - you could hear branches falling!) and it startled the horses some.

The Big Thicket

Riding down the trails in Big Sandy

Crossing the little bridge

Biscuit and Denise - doesn't he look gorgeous?

Barry and Sarge
It was a nice park with a potty!!!  Thank God for Park Potties!  We are planning to ride at Masterson's next weekend. 

When we got back to the trail head Biscuit was soaking wet and filthy as all get out.  Where does he hid all of that dirt?!!  I picked up his feet one by one and they looked polished on the inside from walking 12.2 miles in the sand!  He feet looked simply fantastic!!  I can see where the bars have grown since last Monday - Lee Anne P and I are going to trim them tomorrow.  His frogs looked healthy, his soles did too.  He did stumble a few times today on rocks, stobs, roots, but mostly he did a fantastic job.  His girth had foam on the outside when we got back.  I think he was pretty darn hot.  His hair is long but he is shedding off nicely.  His face is a darker gold.  I think he is going to be gorgeous when he sheds out.  His chest is full and pretty - he is just looking fantastic.

Darolyn Butler's Barefoot Trimming Clinic

Monday I got out to the barn early and pulled up Biscuit.  I put him on the wash rack.  Kellie, Susan, LeeAnne B, LeeAnne P., and Miss Jean were taking the class.  Regan came for a short while - Mr. Gus popped in too.

Darolyn told us how and why she got into barefoot trimming - we have all been reading books on it.  We finally got down to business.  She first trimmed Elan.  His feet are doing so much better since he has had his shoes off.  She did Torique and poor guy, his feet are so tender I felt sorry for him.  He was better after she trimmed him.

She then got on Crimson Dancer.  OMG I didn't know she had foundered 2 years ago after they bred her.  She didn't take.  Her feet looked like melted icecream cones.  She was so crippled she could barely stand in the barn.  Miss Jean has spent a fortune having her shoed and treated to no avail.  Darolyn started trimming her hooves, we could see bruises and abscesses under the shoe pads.  Poor thing!!!  When Darolyn got through with one hoof she was smacking her lips and chewing - she felt so much better!  When she got through with her other foot Dancer could actually WALK.  I have never seen anything like that.  Later she was trotting around in the little arena.  They had to stop her!!

Crimson Dancer before her trim

Crimson Dancer after her trim

Elan's Feet

Darolyn said this was an abscess in his hoof that will grow out

I am helping trim Biscuit's hoof!!!
We worked on Dulcie and she said Dulcie had a false sole so we got a look at that.  We got to Biscuit and he was kinda cranky about her doing his feet.  He is not used to other people fooling with him but he wasn't awful.  She said the hole in his foot looks like an abscess not a white line issue.  She gave his feet an A!!!  I was out at the barn from 8:30 to 6:30.  We had lunch with Miss Jean - she had a sandwich tray and I made Cherries Jubilee.  Lee Ann B made a cheesecake soppapia that was amazing!

We learned so much today on the bars, the frogs, the soles, the walls of the feet.  I know I can do this.  I ordered rasps, a knife and a sharpener, got gloves and now I really need a rolling stool.

Darolyn did Biscuit's front feet.  I will do his back feet next week.  We are going to soak feet, rasp and trim and keep them in good shape. Biscuit's frogs are getting better!  Woot!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ebenezer Weekend Trip

Barry and I left Friday morning for Ebenezer.  We got up and got ready, got the horses loaded up and left around 9:30.  We got there at 11:15 and unloaded the horses.  We ate at The Stump.  We got back and visited with Randy and Kellie.  A bunch of people started arriving that were there with the Rockin R Riders.  We just kicked back and enjoyed the day.  We sat around the campfire and laughed and talked.  Kent, Kenny, Robin, the Havards, Esther and others were there. 

It was kinda damp and cold Friday night - that wasn't too great.   I woke up at 4:00 AM really wishing I had a living quarters trailer so I didn't have to get up, get dressed, haul my hinney up the hill with the old "Willie Makeit and Betty Wont" chasing me.  I barely Made It!!!

I made peppered bacon and eggs for Kent!  LOL  He brought it over to the camp and I cooked it for him.  We got to meet James M.'s wife, Debbie.  She is very nice.  We rode out.  We headed up to Eagle's Nest Hill.  Biscuit did a good job.  He gets a little excited but controllable.  We went down and around to the second beach.  Barry and I got separated.  He went to the first beach and all the way down that beach.  I went to the right and around the hills.  I went straight up a hill and Biscuit was basically galloping up.  Poor guy!!!   He was soaking wet.  My saddle was slipping going up the hill.  Wow.  He went down in a hole, I yelled at Sue to watch for it and down Sababba went.  LOL  thank God they weren't hurt.  We went around and down to the beach.

Biscuit was pawing the water and his back legs started buckling and I was kicking him for all I was worth to get him to move.  I think he wanted to drop and roll!!

I got so many compliments on how good he looked!!  Woot!   All of my hard work is paying off.  We rode way way way down the beach.  It was pretty darn terrific.  We came back up into the woods.  Biscuit did just a fantastic job.  We got back to the park and I gave him a bath.  He was disgustingly dirty.  I tied him up so he could dry off.  We went to The Stump for lunch.  We had a fun visiting with everyone.  Biscuit looked TERRIFIC when we got back.  He had dried and his coat looked so nice!

We made another ride but with a much smaller group.  We rode down the front trail and all around.  It was so much fun.  On the way back we were almost to the camp and I let Biscuit canter.  He did a great job...but it was in an area with tons of roots so I slowed him.  The other horses were way ahead of us.  I started trotting him again and he took off in a gallop.  Uhhg No.  I pulled him up and he tossed that head and shook back and forth.  Not a good Biscuit...He was pulled to a walk and had to walk back.  I didn't get scared though and I was so proud of myself!

We went and ate at Archie's and head a great time.  We came back and sat around the camp fire.  Woot!!!  We went to bed late.  We got up and visited with everyone and then saddled up.  James M. asked where we wanted to go and we said "Beaver Pond".  We went from the right side of the pond instead of from the left.  All kinds of ways to go!!  It was a terrific ride.  Biscuit doesn't do great over some trees...some he does...some he doesn't.  He jumped a little ditch and did that wonderfully.

It was a fun relaxing ride.  All told, we rode about 20 miles.  Wish it had been longer.  I would love to go out and ride from like 9:00 to 4 or 5.  Take times to stop for lunch etc. but ride all day.  That is what I want to do.

Margaret showed up at the camp when the ride was over.  She was in the back following us.  Sorry we didn't get to ride together though.  We ate lunch and visited.

We left around 2.  Kellie and Randy were just ahead of us and had a blow out just outside of Jasper.  We followed them home to make sure they got there safely.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Thrush Meds in Biscuit's Foot

I went out to the barn this afternoon and took Biscuit out of the pasture.  He had a gash on the point of his left hip.  LeeAnn P.  later told me she saw Sarge take a chunk out of Biscuit when Biscuit reared up (I think that is right!) and bit him.  Sarge put him in his place in 2 seconds. Sarge NEVER has a mark on him and Biscuit looks like a war zone.  Biscuit was all excited when LeeAnn took Legato down the road.  Biscuit is very fond of Legato and she thinks he is a hottie in return.  Must be the white manes!  Anywhoo...they ride well together and he gets excited when he sees her.  That is hilarious.  She gives Sarge the evil eye on a regular basis but she is a sweetie to Biscuit. 

I took Biscuit up to the front and cleaned his hooves.  He did a good job of staying still.  Not perfect - he did get one pop on the leg but he was pretty good.  I put some of the medicine mixture in his hooves and rubbed it into the creases of his frogs.  I dug out the notch in his back hoof.  I am going to need something to dig the cotton out with better.  I rolled the cotton in the meds and stuffed it in the hole. 

I then washed his legs which he didn't like too much.  The water was cold!!!  I scrubbed his tail (just from below the bone) and his hocks.  The soap from his tail was DIRTY as it could be.  I rinsed it and brushed it out.  His mane is filthy and I would love to be able to give him a good bath. 

I gave him a handful of alfalfa as a treat.  I walked him down the road and was letting him eat some of the new green grass.  LeeAnn B came down there and we chatted about Monday's class with Darolyn.  We are all excited.  I later talked to LeeAnn P. and I got my gloves to the class.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Darolyn Butler is coming Monday the 21st!

LeAnn confirmed that Darolyn is coming Monday the 21st to teach us Barefoot Trimming!  Wow Wee!  I can't wait to go!!! 

Been reading up on feet in Making Natural Hoof Care Work for You and A Lifetime of Soundness.  Biscuit and Sarge have nice feet.  Sarge's being perfect....Biscuit's being a work in progress but with loads of potential.  Will be working to clear up the white line hole and the little cracks that have appeared and will work to get ride of the thrush. 

I have to go to the pharmacy - I am sick as a dog and will get what I need for Biscuit while I am there getting medicine for me!

Thrush Recipe

LeAnn sent me this link to a thrush recipe!

For years I've searched for the perfect thrush medicine. Most products that kill the fungi and bacteria also kill living tissue; contributing to the problem. I use a 50/50 mix of Triple Antibiotic Ointment (Neosporin) and Athletes Foot Cream (1% Clotrimazole) (for humans; over the counter at any pharmacy). I mix it thoroughly and put it in a 60cc catheter-tip syringe (available from any vet) (The syringe may well be more important than the cream, as it allows deep penetration to the core of the problem). Mix the products in a Tupperware bowl, then spoon in or 'top load' 15cc with a butter knife. I have my horse owners treat deep into central cleft daily until no cleft is present. No need to squirt it all over the frog; just a pea-sized dab at the very bottom of the central sulcus. To date, I've seen it eliminate deep, sensitive central frog clefts in 100% of cases within 2 months. (A first, with every treatment I've ever used, though past experience tells me we'll never find a product that works on every case in every environment.) Added 3-15-09 Great new thrush tool

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rasping Biscuit's Feet

After work Monday I went out to the barn.  The LeeAnns were there.  LeAnn B was riding Rogue in the little arena and Sadda was the big arena.  OMG he got really cranked up and was galloping at top speed all around the arena.  He looked absolutely amazing.  He is gorgeous. 

On the way up the barn road Biscuit made a funny move toward my arm.  I thought he was going to nip me.  He had a pissy look on his face and rained down on his little Biscuit head.  I think I scared the poop out of him LITERALLY.  He pooped three times on the washrack. 

LeAnn P worked on his feet - he gave us a little fit with the front left one and he got his butt busted a few times by LeAnn.  We finally got his feet done - the notch in his back left is a break in the white line.   LeAnn dug it out and put iodine in it and I stuffed it with cotton.  I will have to do that til it grows back. 

I am going to order two rasps and a knife to trim his feet with.  Darolyn is supposed to come next week - hope so.  I can't wait to learn more.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Biscuit can canter slow

Biscuit Can Canter

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Barry fixed my trailer yesterday!  He added the lock that Brenderup sent to me.  I had to go to Setzer's for some nuts...they weren't included as they were supposed to.  He got it put on and it WORKS.  Fabulous.  It won't be popping open anymore.

We went riding today and what a great time we had.  Barry and I hauled out to the barn and pulled up the boys to the barn.  We unloaded them at the barn and I lunged Biscuit.  He did a good job but didn't seem too interested in going very fast!  I brushed him and cleaned his hooves.  He picked them up easily for me.  Score!!!  He got ONE treat for all four feet.

I saddled him at the barn, flipped up the stirrups over the seat and loaded him up.  We ate our sandwiches on the ride over to the park so we were good to go.  I put Biscuit's bridle on when we got there and mounted using my steps.  Kellie had her new saddle and she loves it.  Pretty much the same as the other except it has a rounded skirt.  Looks nice on Elan! Lee Anne B., Susan and Robin joined us today.

We went around the road and out to Cattail Marsh.  We went down the old gravel road.  There were a couple of feather down piles where something had got a duck.  Biscuit passed up two but had to stop at the third and smell it.  LOL  he is so funny. 

We went down Willow Bayou and I told Kellie  to try to see if Elan would go over the Yellow Brick Road.  Biscuit went with no problem.  I took a picture of Sarge on the Yellow Brick Road.  He looked fantastic today in his new bridle and bit.  Gorgeous boy!

We went back the other way and over the big bridge.  We stopped and cleaned hooves.  We mounted up and took off.  Rogue was giving Lee Ann a few fits today.  I think he just feels good after feeling so bad for so long.  He is getting very strong with her and spooking but she holds her seat like velcro!!!  She is my butt would be on the ground!

We went down and around the canal and there was a buzzard on the ground hopping around.  He hopped into the water in a little slew when we went by.  Poor thing...I think he is buzzard food.

We continued on down towards the bayou.  Everyone but Sue was in front of me and I was trotting fast and Biscuit popped into a canter!  A REAL canter - not a gallop!  When I got up to Kellie and Randy, they were facing me, and I pulled the reins to slow him and he slowed WITHOUT throwing up his head!  OMG I was SO proud of him.  I told Kellie he felt like he crowhopped with the first canter but she said she thought it was just him changing leads.  Woot!!!!!!!!  My boy had his head down, cantered slow, smooth and easy.  Good boy!!!

We went all the way to the bayou and Barry and Sarge went down the side where the trail goes that is blocked.  Hopefully we can get that cleared and the ride will be around 10 miles.

On the way back Biscuit was wanting to GO.  I was pulling the reins gently on one side and then the other so he was very controllable.  On the gravel road back he was moving slowly and deliberately.  We went through the right side of the park back to the trailers.

Biscuit was a sweaty, dirty mess.  I brushed and brushed him and it helped some.  He is DIRTY and needs a really good bath.  His mane is nasty.  I picked up his hooves easily and cleaned them.  He does have a little crack in one of his hooves so he is going to have a nice little manicure tomorrow. 

We loaded them up and hauled back to the barn.  I can't wait for our trip to Ebenezer.  It is going to be a blast.  I found my trip on the phone but my phone doesn't track as true as my Garmin.  I love my Garmin!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tyrrell Park Mud Ride

Around the levee we go

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What a ride we had today.  I got out to the barn and we hauled the boys up to the front.  I brushed Biscuit and cleaned his hooves.  Then I took him into the arena to lunge him.  He did a good job.  He even cantered. Good boy.  We loaded them up and headed for the park.  We got out to the park and I saddle up Biscuit and had to make some adjustments for him.  Finally - we are up and gone.  It was Barry, Lee Anne B, Kellie, Susan and me.  We go over to where the bathrooms are - Kellie was going to use the facillities....they were locked.  Barry CLIMBED the GATE DOOR.  OMG I told him if he got hurt I was going to send him to live with his sister that doesn't cook.  Sue said that was harsh!

We went out the Cattail Marsh gate and went to the left.  We went around the levee in mud - Biscuit doesn't like mud and actually wanted up on the road!!  We got around the side and Rogue started acting up.  He went a little down the embankment and Lee Anne got him under control.  He wanted to GO!  We went around to the back of the retaining ponds and around the entire back of the the marsh.  It was MUDDY MUDDY MUDDY and Biscuit was slogging through and wasn't a real happy camper about it.  Lee Anne had her hands full with Rogue...he reared up  just a little and threw in a little buck too boot!  He powered up  embankments - He was a handful!  We kept going until we reached the Yellow Brick Road Bridge.  We went to the left of it and around the bayou like Barry had scouted for us.  It is a nice ride back there.  We did see some hog poop.  We went all the way down to a point and came back up the side of the bayou.  All the way down again not far from the way we came.  Biscuit seemed to be spazzing out with the mud.  He was really having a hard time.  Twice during the ride he nipped Sarge on the butt.  We were between Kellie and Randy and he felt like he was going to bust a gut.  He reached over and bit Kellie on the leg.  OMG I nearly died.  I popped him and fussed at him.  Thank God he didn't chomp down on her.  I was stunned.  He was still spazzing out and I asked everyone to stop so he could rest.  He seemed to be really cranked up.  Of course, I am a cow he is dragging around through deep mud poor guy.  I stopped so he could collect himself together.  I think he was having a melt down.  We went on and later stopped to clean hooves.  OMG the gumbo was full of rocks but he was good about his feet...just had a few issues but considering how far we have come he is doing great.

I was going to mount up and back up to a incline.  I went to step back and my boots hit the incline and I fell on my butt...well, sat on it as it was an incline.  I mounted up and aways we went.  We went down the center of the park on the roads back up to Cattail Marsh.  We rode a little over 7 miles and it was hard going for them.  They were all soaking wet with sweat.  We loaded them up and off we went.  I rode back with Lee Anne and then hopped in our truck to go to the back.

Both the boys dropped and rolled - Biscuit is gaining weight like crazy.  I think he had a hard time hauling me and his new fluffiness...but if he bites anything EVER again I will get off and beat his butt.  I won't tolerate that EVER.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Barefoot Trimming

The LeeAnns and I are very interested in Barefoot Trimming for the horses.  Sarge has great feet and he is barefoot.  He doesn't have a mustang roll to his hooves but he still has terrific feet.  Hard as a rock and he can walk over anything.

Leanne P contacted Darolyn Butler about coming to PRN to teach us about Barefoot Trimming.  It should be around the 20th or so.  I am going to take a day of vacation or just take time off if it is not on a Friday.  Friday would work really well for me!  We have tons of horses out at the Ranch to work on.  Biscuit is getting so much better about having his feet done.  I have been reading Barefoot Trimming websites...Biscuit has the potential to have really good feet.  They are finally growing out but his frog on two of his feet has sloughed off a huge chunk. They have thrush and we are working to get ride of that!!  

Fluffed up against the cold and looking terrific

Biscuit and Sarge are all fluffed up against the cold weather.  Biscuit and Sarge has decimated the round bale this week.  Biscuit has put on plenty of weight and looks like a million bucks.  Sarge's coat is fluffed up and coppery colored.  Since I tube wormed him he has put weight back on and he is looking better.  I might have them both tube wormed once a year.  It is pretty cheap so it won't break the bank.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Paid the deposit on my saddle!

I sent the forms back to Staci at Alleghany cost $36.  I told her I had not got the invoice for the deposit in PayPal so she sent it.  The full payment will be $1,125 plus shipping.  My saddle with former use of $60 and shipping back of the formers was $1221 plus the shipping of the saddle to me.  The $60 came off the saddle so the saddle would have been more.

I should receive it around the first of March.  I can't wait!!!