Friday, October 30, 2009

Calories used in Horse Back Riding

I checked out the calories burned in horse back riding. Woo Hooo!!!! It is considerable

If I groom my horses for one hour and then ride them at a walk for 2, trotting one hour and galloping 10 minutes the calories expended are:

grooming: 634
walking: 535
trotting: 690
galloping: 143

total: 2002

No wonder I get wore out grooming Red!

Wooooo Hooo!!!!!! That is fabulous! I have lost 7 and a half pounds going to Weight Watchers. I have been eating very healthy food....lean meats, salads, berries out the wazootie....watching what I eat so that I can run endurance races next year with Red. It is a goal...don't know if I have a cajones for it but I am going to try!!!

I need to lose tons of weight off of my butt so Red can cart me around easier!!

Get a new saddle - don't get a new saddle

OMG my mind has gone round and round this week. I think I have looked at more saddles and saddle companies than you can shake a stick at. I have talked to Southern Trails saddles - they are such nice people - about customizing a saddle for Red. I have sent pictures to them and talked to the people at Steele.

Lee Anne B and I put her Steele saddle on Red....gracious! Is it ever comfortable. I talked to Steele and they were very nice. I truly considered getting a new saddle - but I don't have money sticking out the wazootie. I asked on the forums and got some really good information about pads, saddles, etc. I looked at Skito shim pads and discussed Red's hollows with them. They suggested a back bridge shim so I ordered one and had it over nighted to me. I am waiting on it right now. I have tracked it from Idaho!

I am hoping to keep my saddle so we shall see if this works. They were very helpful and the reviews on this product were wonderful.

I am packing for our camping trip. Woo Hoo...watching the weather - it has been raining and blowing but it is pretty much over and it is sandy up in Jasper so it should be ok. I got out blankets and have changed my mind on blankets! I am getting sleeping bags and taking back the sheets. I took back the lantern - the tent LED lights are brighter and WAY WAY WAY cheaper than D cell batteries!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Riding in Evadale - Did Red throw a buck?

Susan H. called me Saturday evening about going riding. I called Ray and we made a plan to ride at his hunt club. I called Lee Ann B. and she joined in on the fun.

Susan and Lee Ann met us at the barn and we cleaned up and loaded up the boys. We hauled over to Evadale and met with Ray, Raymond and a nice lady named Gail (who is the mom of the lady Stacy that I rode with a few weeks ago).

We saddled up and I discussed with Ray and Raymond about Red's issue with the saddle. I had a new gel pad I bought in Houston. Red's tail was swishing to beat the band. We went down the dirt roads, trotting quiet a bit. Lee Ann's horse was trotting along and I got to see some of his fancy Tennessee Walker walking! Raymond was riding a Tennessee Walker too.

Red was very forward but swishing away and OMG he shook head to tail and toe about 10 times today. He nearly threw me off doing that.

Barry, Ray, and Gail were ahead of me and I let Red gallop (he really takes off) and was slowing him some and I felt him slip in the back end and then buck up or kick up. I shrieked "RED!!!" Whoa! LOL I know I sounded like an idiot.

I trotted him out later and a good clip and he was still shaking me like a blender. I know there is something up with this saddle and it has to go. When we got back to the trailers Ray called a friend that wanted to sell a Tucker and the gentleman brought it to me to try. It is dirty but not tore up. I cleaned it later and it is ok.

I am now in the market for a saddle. I called Margaret because I was so caught off guard that Red would even buck up kickup or whatever. That is not in my boy's nature.

I have looked at a bazillion saddles. I like the Australian saddles. They are nice looking. Next weekend I am going to try out the Tucker, try Lee Anne's Steele and use of on Margaret's saddles. I spoke to Archie today and he said that Millard had an Australian saddle that perhaps I could test. Sigh.....I just want my boy comfortable.

I called David the farrier and he is going to shoe Red Friday. I really want to take Red to barefoot. Perhaps David can just put new nails in Red's shoes? I'd like as much sole to grow as possible.

We are going on our camping trip with the boys this weekend at Ebenezer! I can't wait. I am going to make a chicken/sausage gumbo for Saturday night's meal. Sandwiches for the rest of the time. I can't wait!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pictures from our ride at Ebenezer

There is Barry and me in the middle of the picture coming down the trail. It was so much fun!!!

Enjoying the day in the woods. Gorgeous!

Going carefully through the woods - stepping over downed trees, going through little creeks and little streams.

This is the only place where Red refused to go. He wouldn't step over this log. I asked 4 times - he refused. I later went back with Margaret. He still refused. Next time Margaret will ride him over this...she is braver than me!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I think I will have to get a new saddle

I think Red will have to have a new saddle. This one is not working for him. I am going to ride him with two pads until I can find a new saddle. I took these pictures of him in the saddle without the pad.

I am trying to upload pictures but due to an internal error they are not uploading. Ok...they are now uploading.

I am checking out different saddles on line and talking to different people about fitting saddles, etc. I am going to try the two pads and order a special "shem" pad. I checked out our pads today and they seem a little compressed and they are expensive pads. Hummmmmmmmmm

We went riding today out at Tyrrell Park with Lee Anne B. and Rouge. Thank God she brought her step stool. I am going to get one and leave it in the trailer. We mounted and off we went. Red was stepping high and wanting to GO. We met up with Susie and Alice. We rode with Susie at Ebenezer a few weeks ago. We went through Cattail Marsh. OMGosh the bugs were horrendous. I sprayed Red really good and sprayed my arms, neck, and my clothes. Red shook himself 4 times while we were riding and darn near unseated me. Good grief that is a hoot.

I did lope Red down the side of the canal - I don't think I like riding at Tyrrell. The grass was high and I can't see where Red is putting his feet. I don't like that at all. I guess I am still a sissy.

We went over the big bridge - Sarge led. He did a good job but spooked once and Red startled because he startled but it was nothing. Red stopped and looked at the cracks - he is cautious but not spooky.

We got over the bridge and the pipe there rushes with water. Sarge gave that a REALLY wide berth and Barry turned him to look at it and Sarge wasn't too excited about getting close to that!!!

We rode down farther and turned around to go across a little "bridge" over the canal. I was approaching it and Susan came up at a gallop behind me and Red actually raised up his front quarters and struck out with his front right hoof! Wow. That surprised me that Cary Grant would do that! I reprimanded him and we went on. We rode around the curve to another curve and Barry, Lee Ann and I decided to turn back as we didn't want to get way over there for a really long ride and the mosquitoes get worse!

I led the way over the bridge and I was so proud of myself. I am still scared of being in high places. We went on down the canal and saw a little alligator in the water. Red really wanted to go and go fast and I had to stop him. We worked on the "you don't go just because Sarge or anyone else goes off". I had to stop him, make him back up and turn around at quarter turns. It helps Red to focus on what I want instead of what Red wants.

We walked back on the top of the levee - rocky as all get out and Red gimped some but not bad. He does have shoes on the front. Margaret called as I was heading for the truck and we chatted some.

Hauled the boys home and I fed them and gave them hay. Unloaded the trailer and went to Subway! Margaret and I later talked and skyped for the first time. That is a hoot!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Does Red's Saddle Not Fit?????

Last Wednesday or so I noticed a smudge on Red...I tried brushing it off but it stayed. It was whitish hairs and later they popped out on the other side - same shape. UGH. Margaret said his saddle was rubbing and to get another fleece blanket. I went today to 5 Star Feed to look at blankets. I talked to the lady there and told her the problem and she seems to think that Red's Saddle doesn't fit him. Barry thinks it is the up hill - down hill riding I have been doing. Whatever - I can't have my boy being hurt. Anywhooo....I called a saddle place and asked about the bars in this saddle and he said they were Regular Saddle Bars - I thought they were full quarter horse bars. UGH. I may have to get another saddle. If I do I think I will be leaning towards either an Australian saddle or a Tucker saddle.

I will call Charlotte's Saddlery about fitting a saddle to Red. 5 Star can do it but they don't have either of the saddles I am considering.

Red lost weight this week. I looked at him in corral and I could see his ribs some. He is so hard to keep weight on. I got his food for this weekend and put it in Gallon Baggies. I put two of the scoops in the bags. He ate every bite plus his hay. Margaret said he needs more groceries. I talked to Lee Ann P. today at the barn and discussed upping his grain as he is losing weight. I will also be putting hay out for the boys. She agreed and I said I would discuss with Margaret on how much grain. According to Edgar I gave him 6 lbs with the two scoops. I told Edgar I would come out and feed the boys unless I called and told him otherwise. LOL Sarge will be eating Red's feed if I don't watch him.

I went back to the barn this evening and scooped up their food. I gave Red 2 scoops and Sarge 1 scoop. Sarge was running Red off and he was coming to me instead of Barry. LOL Barry finally took both buckets and poured Sarge's and walked Red down to get his. Sarge finished his food in record time. Obviously he can eat faster now that his teeth were floated. He went after Red's food and we had to shoo him away but Red was already through really. We gave them a bucket of hay. There was still some from the day before which is good. My boy was full.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

What an adventure!

Red is ready to go

Red and me by the lake

Margaret and Cub in the lake

Ray, Bruce and Stacy

Packed back up and ready to go

I got up at 5:45 AM Saturday morning to go on my camping trip. I loaded up the car RAV and hooked up the Brenderup with no problems EXCEPT to swing the wheel up. It had sunk in the mud. I pulled the trailer backward and forward to get it in position to raise the wheel. Finally I was able to go!

I went to the barn and loaded up the trailer and went and got Red. He loaded up quickly and we were on our way. I stopped in Jasper and went to the ladies room. It was overcast and slightly cool.

I was talking to Margaret and she was coming from the other direction. We met up going down Hwy 63. We got to the site and unloaded the horses. We made sandwiches and had a quick lunch. We then saddled up and hit the trail. OMGosh it was FUN. We went down the little deep hill at the front and Red LOVES to go as fast as I will let him. I think he is a budding endurance horse! I remembered some trails and wanted to go to the left. LOL we went to the right. We went up that tall hill and I held Red back some. We went down the steep hill and Red wasn't to happy - I wouldn't give him his head and held him back. He was tossing his head, shaking it side to side and popping his tail. Tough as I command. I want Red to mind at all times. He wasn't too happy but he minded. We went down to the log he wouldn't cross - he still won't cross it. I had to go around and we went to the water on the right. We took some pictures. We went to the left where we hadn't gone before. It was kinda neat.

We went on riding and Red did a great job. Over and under up and down. We went back to the camp and rested and went to the bathroom. The horses rested and then we loaded up and went out again. A little boy asked us why Red's feet were blue! LOL Red had on his bell boots!

This time we went to the left. Down the hill Red loves to run down and run up. LOL I am getting brave. We went up down and around again and came to a puddle of water that covered the trail. Cub didn't want to go! Margaret kept urging him to go with her spurs and Cub was snorting, grunting and blowing up a storm, weaving from one side to the next, backing up. He was not a happy camper. Margaret turned him around and backed him into the waterand then spun him which he likes to do. It wasn't more than ankle deep. Margaret said a root in the water bothered him. This took about 5 minutes! LOL I think Cub has holes in his side that water is going to leak out like a cartoon - he has sprung a leak! Red went through the water like a trooper - he didn't want any part of Margaret getting a hold of him! Lots more water and muddy crossings but the trails were really sandy so they weren't bad at all. We turned around and went back so we didn't get caught in the woods at night!

We came to Red's favorite little hill/valley/ditch thingy. Margaret walked Cub down and then let him charge up from the bottom. I let Red trot down and he exploded up the other side! LOL My goodness that boy has a HUGE stride. I was leaning forward and banged my stomach on the horn. I told Margaret I could feel a bruise coming and when I got home that is what I found! A big ol' bruise!

Red would make a great endurance horse. He loves going on the trail and is very forward...such a difference to riding in the arena. We got back to the camp and washed the horses. I called Archie and told him to come on over for lasagna. We set up my tent and ate dinner. The horses were fed and watered and had hay.

Archie stayed awhile and then had to leave. Margaret and I took showers up at the bath house. Not too shabby! I ended up using Margaret's blow up mattress and we sat up awhile and then crashed. She went to her trailer and I got in the tent. It was not cold at first but during the night I added 2 blankets. I slept ok...I did hear Cub all night banging his bucket! LOL

We got up early this morning to a misting rain. Margaret had to leave and go to her church because RDF was starting to film for the segment they are doing on their church.

Ray and Bruce were coming up to ride with me and brought a nice lady named Stacy. We took off and went down a different trail. We saw a doe and a half grown fawn! They were so graceful with their flopping little tails.

I enjoyed the trails - they were great! We crossed through an unmarked area to get to a different trail and it was the one Margaret and I were on. We went through the scary place where Cub was busting a gut. We went through a creek thingy that was about 2/3 up Red's legs...Pretty darn deep but he didn't care. We zig zagged up a hill which Ray said is good for teaching manners - that is true. Red needs to learn not every hill needs to be charged. Lots of logs to step over. We went down a deep little place and I insisted Red WALK. He was pretty ticked off but we made it anyway. We went through another unmarked place and Ray told Stacy and I to go up the hill and around. The ground was soft there and Stacy's mare sunk down to her hocks! Red sunk down but not that far. I don't know if it was animal dens or what. We got it though! We went on and down to the lake in another place than where we had been yesterday.

Red is a poop eating dog. He loves to get up other horses behinds and lays back his ears flat if a horse comes up his backside! He got in trouble a few times for that. He wants to GO on the trail and I worked with him to know that he doesn't have to speed up going up and down him all the time.

We rode for about 2 hours and then returned. I had already folded up the tent - Bruce and Ray had helped me. When I took Red's tack off I was standing by me and he put his muzzle up against my face and leaned into me with a hug of his on. God bless him...he is so sweet! I watered Red, cleaned the trailer, dumped poo, gathered buckets, put up tack and finally loaded Red up. I took the trash and dumped it and then went up to the restroom before leaving. I made a sandwich, got a coke and chips and headed out.

It looks like a Covered Wagon!!!

I stopped in Buna to get gasoline. I got 13.20 mpg hauling. Not great but ok. A man approached me and asked me about the Brendup. He said he'd never seen a trailer like it. I gave him a little tour and he asked about what it was made of. He asked about Red and said the wagon looked like a covered wagon!! LOL that is hilarious!

I was almost home - exiting for Cardinal Drive on the curve. Doing about 50 mph or so. Some fricktard in a minivan pulled out in front of me. She hesitated then went and PUTTED. OMG what an idiot. I had to slam on my brakes and I pounded on the horn. I had a bazillion things run through my head of my trailer flying off the road with my horse and my RAV. Thank God all I felt was a bump bump bump and my trailer following right behind me. I was pretty annoyed at that idiot. She could have gotten Red and me killed.

I got back to the barn and went down to the pasture. I let Red out and he and Sarge charged around the pasture - racing around. I put my Tifton hay I got from Margaret in their paddock and in the shed. I turned the trailer around and went to the barn and unloaded my stuff and then came home. I am TIRED!

I had such a good time and I can't wait to go in 2 weeks.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Picked up a few more things

I went out to the barn this afternoon and took Red's supplements and took hay out to the boys. Red was running around me acting like an idiot until I really got onto him and said STOP. He finally did. Bless his heart, he acts like an idiot around alfalfa.

I went to Wal Mart to work and later grocery shopped. I also bought a plastic tub to wash in, if necessary, a set of sheets for the new air mattress, and bought grocery stuff to go. Woo Hoo.

I called Margaret to see what kind of drinks she liked and she said Ronnie might come with us! Yay!!! I can't wait.

I told Barry and he said he might go if Sarge's mouth is ok. I think Sarge is just fine. He looked fine to me today - I think he may still have a little sore throat as he is chewing slowly.

I did speak to Charlotte today and she had not had Sarge's teeth floated. So...I will have him on a schedule of every year. Charlotte and I talked about trail riding and I am hoping she will be able to go with us in the near future. She is such a nice lady! She still has Beau so she does have a horse to ride!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My camping trip is right around the corner!!!

Red and I are going camping Saturday and Sunday. I think Margaret may spend the night up there with me because Barry is not going.

I have my tent, air mattresses, sheets, table cloths, lanterns, tent lights, rope lights, cooking stuff...woo hooo.....I can't wait. For the horses, I have two buckets each and I got the fork for cleaning the poop. I also got a coiled garden hose to make sure I could get water.

Margaret is going to ride Cub. I called Ray and he and Bruce are going and he said maybe Raymond, too. Woo Hoo.....It might rain some Saturday but it is suppose to be really nice Sunday.

I am going to get up and leave the house before 7:00 AM. I will let Red eat in the trailer. Margaret is bringing him a bail of hay that I bought from her. I figured I would get there and meet up with Margaret and ride out. I told Ray I would give him a holler when I got there. I will set up the tent after we come back from the morning ride. I told Barry I was making a lasagna. I will heat it up by putting water in the skillet and putting the foil pan in with the lid on and putting it on warm while we ride in the afternoon.

I am going to get Raid Yard spray or citronella candles. I think we should be comfy. I can bring music to play on the computer and movies too. LOL The comforts of home!!!

I am hoping Lee Ann B and Krystina can join us on Sunday. It will be so much FUN.


I am going to start giving Red and Sarge their wormer myself. It is only 3.95 at SmartPac! WOO HOO. I will save $8 each so that is $16 I will save. Where it normally costs me $24 each time both are wormed I will be able to get it done for approximately $9 (gotta add tax!) so I will actually save about $15 per worming. That is more than the meds will cost! WOO HOO. I will make sure to buy some for Red and Sarge at Vinton's Feed Store. I will have to ask Lee Ann which kind they were given the last time they were wormed.

I am also going to give them their shots. Red will be due shots in January. Sarge will be due shots in January too. We will have had him 6 months. So...onward to DIY and save some $$.

I would like to learn to trim their feet - not the full thing...just rasp them down a little. I want Red to go barefoot eventually. He is such a sissy but if I can save money on that it would be nice. Red has just about broke me with his shoes!

Sarge is better

I left for work this morning and called LeeAnn - Barn Manager and I asked her to check on Sarge. She checked on him and called me back. She said Sarge was grazing and then he came to the gate. She said Sarge was talking trash on me for hurting his mouth!!! LOL She said that it often takes several days for them to feel better after a floating on teeth that are over due. She said she hates having her horse's mouth done but it is a necessary evil.

I went up to Jasper and I stopped at Margaret and Ronnie's on the way. Margaret is going to ride with me this weekend so I am looking forward to going. I just stayed a short while and then carried on to work. When as I was at the Jasper store I turned into a customer and got another blow up bed, a flashlight, a lantern, a tent light like we used in the cake challenge, 2 platters, and an aluminum pan with handles.

After work I stopped at Sam's Western Store and bought 2 smaller buckets for either water or feed. I am just about set for this weekend. Barry and I went out to the barn to check on the horses. They were just about to feed and we took the horses feed down. Sarge was doing much better. He was eager to eat and ate his grain just fine. He trotted over to Red's alfalfa pile and shoved Red off. We had to redirect him to his own pile. He is still having a little trouble swallowing the hay. Most of it he was able to get down but not all of it. He kept pawing at it! Barry walked across the pasture and got him a bucket of water. Sarge knocked it over playing with it.

We were relieved that he felt better. Poor baby - he has had a rough week.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sarge is still hurting

Barry went out to the stables with me this morning before I went to work. Sarge was still not feeling real well. Guess he is hurting. Barry got him a handful of grass and he took it and just held it in his mouth.

Poor thing.

I went out there after work and Sarge is better. He ran Red from his food and I had to switch their buckets. Sarge ate his food but was dropping some and slinging some out. He ate most of it and turned to his alfalfa. He chewed some and then dropped it and got more. He continued doing that. Poor little guy. He does seem better but I hate seeing him like that.

I will be going out to the barn first thing in the morning to make sure my boy is ok.


Monday, October 5, 2009

Sarge's Teeth are Floated

Sarge's getting his teeth floated.
Rotary disk on the little motor to file their teeth

Can you see the hooks on his back teeth?

What big teeth you have Sarge!

Sarge is in la la land

I hooked up the trailer and went to get Sarge early this morning. I had my pink galoshes on that Betty gave me for my birthday! Good thing, too. There was standing water in the front of the gate to the pasture. I had to trot to the back of the pasture to get Sarge. He walked away from me then let me catch him. I walked him to the trailer and asked him to load and he side stepped. I got the buggy whip and made him go in two circles and he loaded right up. Off we went to Dr. Sherwood's.

Dr. Sherwood said he needed his teeth floated so after a bit they tranquilized him and started floating. Wow wee, he ground the canines all the way to the gum line. He had lots of sharp points on his teeth and the back right ones were LONG and sharp looking. He had to re-tranquilize him when Sarge started acting up. He let me take pictures and feel Sarge's teeth. I got quiet an education.

It was finally over and I went to pay. Nearly had a was $213.90. Red's was $108 but he didn't file the canine's all the way down. He also did a bit seat. Not sure of exactly what that was! Something about keeping the bit in.

The tech had Sarge by the trailer and I asked him to load but he moved close to me. I walked him in a slow circle and asked for the load and he loaded up...kinda slow poor baby.

Dr. Sherwood said to keep him out of the sun so I said I would put him in the arena.

I hauled him back slowly to the at 25 mph! I didn't want him to stumble and fall in the trailer. I got to the Barn and Lee Ann said "yeah, teeth floating is EXPENSIVE".

I put Sarge in the arena and will go back and put him up late this evening. Bless his little heart!

Barry and I went out to take Sarge back to his paddock. He was still woozy and hadn't ate all of his grain. Poor baby he was out to lunch. When we got him in the pasture he took a bite of the alfalfa and started flexing his mouth open and closed. He started drooling and didn't want anything else to eat. Poor guy. Barry called him to follow him and Sarge followed Barry to the other side of the paddock to drink.

Poor baby...I will check on him tomorrow morning before I go to work.

Friday, October 2, 2009

New Reins for Red

I bought new reins today for my boy. I love the look of rawhide on reins, headstalls and cavesons. I wanted to ride in the Winnie Parade tomorrow (changed my mind about it though later) and I wanted some "fancy" reins. I found these at the Liberty tack shop - she had moved into her larger new facility and I had a blast in there today.

The reins were a little lighter than the headstall but darkened some when I conditioned them. I might put the little snaps on the ends so I can remove them easily so I can use my soft rope reins or my colorful black reins.

I really like these!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Tent has arrived

Devin helping me put the tent up!!!

My new "house on the run"!!!!

Inside my new house

I ordered a tent from Wal Mart and it came in yesterday. I dragged the box into the backyard and took it out and layed it on the ground. I looked at the "bystructions" (Brandon used to pronounce instructions "bystructions") to see how to put it together. It is a pretty good sized tent! It can be open to the stars at night or closed. It has an electrical cord opening to bring in fans, lights, etc. Woo Hoo I am going camping!

Barry and I took it down and got it back into the bag - what a feat! I am making plans for our trip. I bought a set of sheets for the air mattress and a table cloth and clips to hold it to the table. I have chairs and utensils for cooking.

I am planning meals for the trip:

Saturday -
Breakfast at home
Lunch - I will pack sandwiches, chips and cold water. I think cokes would fizz!!!
Supper - Chicken, potatoes, mushrooms, corn and French Bread

Sunday -
Breakfast - Breakfast Burrito (make them in advance!)
Lunch - Sandwiches, Chips and drinks

We are leaving in the mid afternoon so we will eat dinner at home.