Friday, February 14, 2014

So excited!

We are going to Ebenezer tomorrow to ride for the weekend.  Thank God it is finally sun shining and nice weather.  So sick of the rain!

I went out to the barn today to give my boys a treat.  They are so sweet.  Hugs and kisses to both of them.  Biscuit looks like a pig.  His jaw was matted and filthy looking.  I will have to brush him so he looks decent to ride!  I do not like riding a dirty horse.

I went to Wal-Mart to get stuff for the trailer and groceries.  I bought 5 purple bath towels.  Duh...I have been thinking of ways to cover the windows when we shower.  I thought about little suction cups to hold up placemats.  Poor thing.  I am a little dense.  My windows have bars on them.  I was going to get hand towels and hang over the bars.  The hand towels were just too small and cost just a little less than full sized towels.  I opted for the full size towels!  They can be used to dry off and then hang them on the windows to dry - it is a win/win situation.  Because they are purple - they will not be confused with the house towels when I bring them in to wash them.  I bought a purple net puff thingy to wash with so that I didn't have to have washcloths.  That would just be more stuff to keep up with.  I forgot to get a little suction cup soap holder thingy though.  Oh well.  I will get that another time.  I did buy a extra long shower curtain that I will lay down in the back so that the shower water doesn't go under the mats.

I bought a little folding rack to set on the counter so that things could be a little handier.  A good sized cutting board to cover the sink with so I can use it to cook or whatever I need.  A little bitty drainboard, a thingy to stand up plates/pot lids, etc.  A few food containers and a bread holder went in the basket too.

Stacie G is frying fish for our dinner Saturday.  We are all pitching in - I am taking potato salad and coleslaw.  I made all of it awhile ago and it is in the fridge chillin'.

I stopped at Duvall's to see if Danny had a ladder for RV's but they didn't.  Dang.  I went home and took the groceries in.  By then I was whipped.  Grocery shopping KILLS my legs and wears me out.  When Barry came home he said to run to Setzer's to get a converter for the electrical cord so we could turn the fridge on and get it cold.  I said Duvall's should have that and is closer!  I took the clip off of the awning to see if they had one of those.  It is broken on one side.  So, off I go with the cord and clip.  Danny had the converter and was out of the clips but they did have some velcro thingies that do the same thing.  I got those and will use them til the clip comes in.  If these work though I may skip the clip.

Barry got all of our camping stuff out of the barn.  I went through it and took out stuff I wanted and some we won't need anymore because we have the trailer.  I put the wheel chucks in the trailer behind the saddle stand, I have buckets, rope lights.  We are going to keep all of the stuff we need now in the white tote in the trailer!  No more dragging crap back into the workshop.  Take out the stuff to clean, remove food and that is it.  Electric skillet will stay in the trailer.  I will need to get a new toaster/muffin thing though.  They didn't have one at Wal-Mart unfortunately or I would have bought it. When I get a new one I will just leave the one we use now in the trailer.

I pulled the port-a-potty out and sat down on it to make sure I would be able to get up off of it!  LOL  I can!  Woot!!!  Barry said "I am NOT emptying that thing!"  Whatever.

He did bring home two new chairs - one in orange and one in purple!  Yay!!!  Those will stay in the trailer too.  

He plugged in the trailer and fired up the fridge.  It came right on and the light was working inside.  :-)  I put the bath mat under the fridge where the potty lives.  I think we are almost ready.

We will have to load up feed for the horses and tack in the morning.  I did call this morning and got a refund on the sites because I bought a pass.  Woot!  They refunded $160 today.  The $80 pass was well worth it.  We will also probably camp there a few more times this year so well worth the money.

Barry went and washed his white truck.  OMG he is probably going to have nervous breakdown having a white truck.  This may not work out for him.   :-)

Coggins are in the file so we are good to go.  Sarge will need his Coggins pulled in early March so I will have to go do that after I come back from Austin.

Woo hoo!!!  Ebenezer - here we come!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Calling Dr. Biscuit

I went to my first physical therapy today.  It was really an evaluation.  I told the very nice young PT Chris my entire tale of woe from beginning to end.  He had me push, pull his hands with my legs and feet.  He said my muscles were pretty good in my legs.  He thumped my knees with the mallet and said the left one's reaction was a little much - indicative of nerve damage.  I told him of my accident on trying that first horse and getting my butt busted.  I walked back and forth for him, did the closed eye thing - I will still pitch over when closing my eyes.

He said walking in the water was great and to keep that up.   He looked at my scar and pressed all around it.  ohhhhhhh that was a little bit sore.  He said I had some atrophy of the muscle.  He said it was a pretty traumatic surgery - dang sure was.

Told him all about riding and how it makes me feel physically better.  He agreed and said riding is actually the very best thing for me!  Yay!  He said some people do not realize what a full body workout riding is.  Couldn't agree more!

He is going to do work with me mostly on getting my balance back.  Looks like dancing steps to me and then another thing we are going  to do sounds like playing Twister.

He said to ride as much as possible - being careful of course.  I told him about mounting out on the bayou this weekend and how hard it was to pull myself up.  I told him my goal was to ride at a trot for as long as I wanted and not have my back get sore.  I told him I trot until my back hurts.  Biscuit generally is pretty smooth but occasionally he trots like a freaking MAC truck.  I told him as soon as I feel twinges I stop immediately.

Hoping to get better - so I think riding is on my agenda!!!  It needs to stop freaking raining.  It was raining like crazy last nigh.  So sick of it raining.

I stopped at the barn going to PT today and kissed up my boys.  2 treats for each of them and lots of kisses for me.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Washing out the trailer

Today was colder than a well diggers behind.  So sick of it raining.  So ready for non rainy weather!

I tried to get the mats out of the trailer.  Could only get the first one out.  I will have to get Barry to help me move those mats.  I washed out the back of the trailer as good as I could with 2 mats still in it.  Washed out the brush holder.  Left the doors open so it could started raining later.  I can't win for losing.

Oh well, it is washed and clean.  I think the doors or maybe the top vent leaks as it had water standing in the back by the doors.  I will have to check that out at a car wash or something when I am able to.

Weather is supposed to be nice this weekend while we are at Ebenezer.  We are having a fish fry.  Stacie will be cooking for us and I am taking potato salad and coleslaw plus a dessert.  Can't decide what to take for that - it is Valentine's weekend so I guess something with chocolate for all of the chocolate lovers up there.

My friend "Maggie Sophie" on Face Book (she is really named Heather) told me the other day she got a great deal on 4 purple hay bags and did I want two?  I said yes!  She got them in yesterday and we were talking on Face Book about Birthdays and I said mine was in two weeks and she said  Happy Birthday and not to send her a dime.  God bless her!!  My new trailer will have two new purple bags!!!  Can't wait to get them.  Hope they arrive by Thursday.  We are leaving on Friday morning.

Geez...I actually have quiet a bit to do.  I have to go grocery shopping and get beach towels while I am at it for the trailer.  Got to make sure I have what we need.  I need to plug in the fridge tomorrow.

I need a shower curtain.  I need to put foodstuffs in the trailer.  I need window coverings.  I want oversized placemats so tomorrow I am going to go to Anna's Linens and see what they have.  Got to remake the bed.  I washed the linens.  I have two sets of linens here in the house that we used for camping.  I need to make sure I have plenty of blankets in case it is really cold and the heater doesn't work.  LOL got to try all of this stuff out this first time so I want to be prepared no matter what!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sunday Ride

Barry wanted to go to the barn to check out if the wiring in the truck or the trailer was wrong.  I told him to lock Biscuit in the corral because he would take off when he started working with the trailer.  I got there a little after Barry did and Biscuit was outside of the corral.  Barry said he wouldn't come in with Sarge.  I got my treat bucket and got into the corral area and handed him a treat.  I then went on the other side and he let me come to him and pet him.  He didn't try to walk off.  I shook the treat bucket and he followed me into the corral!!!

Good Biscuit!!!

I was so proud of him.  Lots of hugs and kisses.  He was dirty as all get out but I loaded him up and hauled to Tyrrell.  I was brushing him and he was shedding out like crazy.  Got most of the mud off of him.  

Had to put my girth back on.  I had taken it off the last time I rode and washed it.  Took me a minute to remember how I had it attached with a 3 point rigging kind of tie.  Hahahahaha....I had to go around and look at the other side!!!  

I took my red windbreaker and tied it to the saddle.  I tied Kellie's on for her, too.  Just in case we needed them.  I need a new windbreaker.  Mine doesn't have a hood.  I forgot to wear my dang helmet. That is a rarity.  Kellie told me that Randy was going over to our house to help Barry with the trailer.  How sweet of him.

We went through Cattail Marsh.  There were some people with a dog near the road into Cattail and I heard hear say say something - Kellie said she told the dog "Sic Sic".  What a jackass.  Kellie told her that wasn't a very safe thing to do and the lady said she said she told the dog to Sit.  

Kellie got the code from some City Guy.  We went down the bayou and over the bridge with horses that were moving slower than molasses.  It was misting just a little.  We went over the little land bridge and rode to the left.  Nice ride!

Did some jogging coming up Willow but not a lot.  A nice lady opened the turnstile for us.  We rode back the stable - 7.7 miles today.

I went to sit on the step stool and freaking fell off of it like a clod!!!  I hauled Biscuit back to Plum Nearly and took him out by the barn so I could sweep out the trailer.  I took him back to his pasture and turned him loose.

Barry said the trailer wiring was not right but it is now.  He said it will need a brake job this summer.  I will have to save up for that.  

Monday, February 10, 2014

New Truck

Barry bought a new Tundra.  We were discussing putting the hitch in for the gooseneck and he said he wanted to get a new truck.

He picked it up Friday, January 31st.  I took it to Trailer Hitch Depot Thursday to have the hitch put in it.  Lee Wilson was so kind as to pick me up because Morgan was sick.  Bless him!!!  They didn't have the converter for the electrical part so that went in on Saturday.  OMG Barry discovered Saturday that they dented his tailgate.  OMG he was not a happy camper.

When he brought the truck home Friday he hooked it up to the little trailer.  Last Saturday Kellie had brought her truck over and we moved the trailer to the driveway.  I did clean it out Friday.  Anywhoo, we hauled it to the barn....Biscuit walked off when he saw it was us...same people, different truck, different trailer - not good for the Biscuit.

LOL we put Sarge in the trailer and he hopped right in and promptly broke it in with a big poop.  Way to go Sargent San Peppy!!!  We hauled it down the road just a little bit - it needs to be broke in and right now it doesn't haul that well.  We checked and we need 500 miles before doing a haul so we decided to go to Galveston for dinner - that would give us 170 miles or so.  It only had 190 miles on it.
We got back to the barn and Biscuit was standing in the little corral.  I got out of the truck and climbed through the fence and closed the gate.  I haltered him and took him to the trailer.  He hopped up but his back left hoof slipped off the back.  He didn't panic - just picked his butt up into the trailer.  I shut the door and went around to the window.  LOL He is so cute.  We unloaded them.  I can't get up in there with him to unload - not enough room so I told him "back up".  Bless him - he just backed up and stepped down.  Sarge came out a little fast but he always does.

Good boys!!!

Barry says he thinks the wiring is not right in the trailer.  He said we would take it to the Depot to be checked out.  That bites.

Trimming Hooves

Last week I trimmed Biscuit's hooves - just his front.  I need to do his back feet but doing all 4 at once is a little much for my back.

He can be a bit of a toot doing his hooves but we got the front ones done fairly quickly.  He was sniffing my hair.  Bless his heart...he is such a sweet fellow.

He was pretty dirty when I pulled him out of the pasture.  I brushed his mane, tail and body.  Got most of the mud off of him but his mane and tail need to be whitened.