Sunday, September 14, 2014

Saturday afternoon ride

Kellie and I met up for a Saturday afternoon ride at Tyrrell park yesterday.  I saddled Biscuit and he was trying to evade the saddle and dang near ran me over.  Poor fellow.  I put Desitin on his fetlocks down to his coronary bands before putting on his hoof boots.
and headed back
Kellie and started into the woods and went back for my crop.  Gaaaaaaa...I swatted a spider and it flew forward and whapped me in the eye...thank God it bounced off and onto the ground.  It took us quiet a while to get through the woods because of the spiders.

We went out on the bayou and it had really grown up since Labor Day.  We walked almost to the bridge and turned around and went back down Cattail Marsh road. 

Had a great time...can't wait to go to Mississippi next week.

Labor Day Ride

Kellie and I rode on Labor Day.  We met out at Tyrrell Park and went in at Cattail Marsh.  We rode down to Willow Bayou and went to the right.  WE went down to the the woods entry and turned around and went back.  It was only about 1 4 mile ride but we sure enjoyed ourselves.  We haven't rode enough this month. 

I rode in Kellie's Flex Tree Circle Y saddle.  It is comfortable.  I need to lift up the stirrups some.

Busy Week

On Monday I went to the barn and brought Biscuit up to rasp his feet.  I had planned to go riding with Cherie but after working with Biscuit's hooves and sweating a ton I changed my mind.  I did work with Biscuit in the arena and he did a great job.

Tuesday Mike came to the barn to do the horses hooves.   Biscuit and Sarge both have a little bit of thrush going on.  Got to put Lysol in water and soak their hooves. 

Wednesday I hauled the horses to the vet for their regular shots, rabies and Biscuit's Coggins.  Cassie said she heard gurgling when I was taking Sarge out of the trailer.  Long and short...he has a slight upper respiratory infection.  They put a bag over his nose to make him breath deeply.  Doc said could be related to allergies.  Sarge got medications and a shot in the bum. 

Biscuit's no see 'em's around his hooves turned out to be  a fungus.  He got his feet shaved from his fetlocks down.  Spray medication and the pink salve that I already had. 

Left the vet $381 poorer.