Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Visiting The Biscuit and Sarge

I didn't get to ride last weekend due to cakes and holiday parties.  I missed my boys.  Barry and I went out to see them today and I took them each 3 carrots.  I haven't been out there since last Thursday.  Biscuit was a little head shy like he gets IF I don't go out there and handle him.  He is still a sweetie and oh did he ever love his carrots.  He was a filthy beast on his right side and just as fuzzy as he can be.  Such a sweet guy.  Sarge is fluffy too and glad to get carrots.

Kellie and I are planning a ride either Saturday or Sunday in Tyrrell Park.  I can't wait to go.  My legs are wobbly and I was really having a hard time walking last Thursday - that is the last time I was out at the barn til today.  I haven't drove since then either.  I am going to Houston tomorrow to have some tests that will hopefully tell me what is wrong and what we need to do to fix it.  I just want to be better.  My horses are so dear to me and I can't imagine not being able to ride any longer.  That is just to scary of a thought.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Walking Tyrrell Park

Barry and I hauled out to the barn to get the horses.  Biscuit turned and walked off - Sarge soon followed.  OMG they started running all over the paddock - Biscuit was flagging his tail and channeling his Arabian side.  Much of the time he was extended trotting and he has a gorgeous extended trot that can really cover some ground.  It was a pleasure watching him and I told Barry to let the run til they were ready to be loaded up....they need the exercise.  I finally caught Biscuit and he quietly walked into the trailer.  Wish I had had my camera on so I could have caught all of that action!!

We had to feed them when we got up to the barn and load up my saddle.  Sarge broke the hanger for the bucket and it must have scared them when his feed bucket hit the floor and the entire trailer jumped back like they were fighting in there.  We had to get a chain to tie it up with.  We took off for the park and unloaded.  I brushed Biscuit and cleaned his hooves.  I tacked him up and was very careful mounting up.  We walked over to where the old round pen was and met two was Tammy that I knew owned one of the Arabs from the ranch and have talked on the Horse Forum with her.  The other lady I introduced myself to and she said she was Mona and I knew her last name was LaBleu.  LOL  I went to school with her and we used to discuss horses as kids.  I told her I was Denise Guntner but that didn't ring a bell.  Hummm....then I said I went by Wilson in elementary and then she remembered who I was!  How funny!!!  Robin, Big Randy, Kenny and a young teacher named KD joined us.  KD did the bomb proof clinic with us.

We went through the woods that were dry as they could be.  Last week it was POURING rain in there.  We went over the mat and Biscuit just very dutifully walked over it.  We went out on Willow Bayou and down past the resident alligator.  We crossed the bridge and went straight to the right side of the bog.  Such a nice day to be out riding.  Somewhat overcast and a little breeze blowing.  We hadn't got too far down just past the big bog area when a pack of pigs came running out about 20' in front of us.  They ran down about 20' and went back in the brush!  I counted 12 - about 3 large sows and the rest were little piglets.  Barry and Kellie were in front and I was directly behind them.  Not one of the horses so much as flinched.  Good Boys!!!  Kenny had to go back so he was missed on the rest of the ride on that darling little Halflinger.  I could just kiss this pony up he is so cute!!!

We got down to the point and stopped and rested a few minutes and then took off again.  We went all down the back of the bayou and came back up.  Sarge was backing up at one point over something and bumped into me and a slightly squished leg ensued but all was good.

We were crossing the bridge and Barry got off and walked Sarge because he picked up a rock in his hoof.  He cleaned out Biscuit and Sarge's hooves at the bridge.  I didn't want to dismount.  We went back up the bayou and Elan was wanting to move out and Kellie kept making him circle to slow him down.  He was not a happy camper.  I had Biscuit collected up and walking and poor guy finally broke into the SLOWEST jog "see sister, I can jog this slow if you will let me".  Poor guy!  Poor me!  Walking was actually HARDER on my legs, feet and pelvis than standing up in the stirrups and posting.  Ugh.....I don't know if my backside with survive the walking!

We took our tack off and I rinsed Biscuit off.  He was a mess - cleaned his hooves and gave him lots of treats.  Gave quiet a few to Elan too.  He was watching me for his treats.

KD took this picture in the front of the woods .  Biscuit's cantle bag is crooked!!!
Kellie, Barry, Robin, KD and I went over to the picnic table to eat our lunch.  Susan was on her way to give Kellie some satsumas.  We waited til she got there and she had Dulci with her.  Dulci looked like a million bucks!!!  It was so nice to see Sue.  Haven't seen her in a coon's age.  Kellie gave me some of the satsumas and OMG they were delicious!  We loaded up and hauled home.  I always enjoy my rides but walking the entire way really made my legs and feet unhappy.  I am certainly no speed queen but standing up in the saddle and jogging really feels better.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Busted down to just walking

I had my meeting with the doctor over my health issues and he went through the MRI with Barry and me.  I have some bulging discs in my neck but not enough to be causing my issues with walking.  He said it was minor and more like just the regular old aging process!  I do have some compression in the T10 and T12 discs and degeneration.  He said it is a 50/50 chance it is MS and I will have to undergo light tests on my eyes to determine that plus have another MRI at the office in the Medical Center not in Pasadena.  He said I was a little past the age most people are diagnosed with MS.  I have never been so glad to be an old chick in my life!  Barry asked him about riding and he said only walking - no fast stuff no jumping - as if!  I said I do not ride like a crazy person - I trot mostly but will just be walking and will be with an ER nurse.  Barry wasn't too happy about it but I did tell Dr. M that I feel better after I ride and can walk better.

So probably for the next 2 months or so I will only be allowed to walk on Biscuit.  I told Mom I didn't want to not ride and let my old fears Biscuit would be a handful if I didn't ride all winter! He also said I am not diabetic - just borderline.  My numb feet have nothing to do with diabetes - it is the constriction of my spinal cord.  That is good news but I will continue with a low sugar diet.  I don't want to develop full blown diabetes either.

We are riding tomorrow God willing and the creek don't rise.  Looking forward to a walk with my Biscuit.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Riding in the Rain

I loaded up and hauled out to get Biscuit.  He walked to the back of the pasture and I cripped my way out there to get him.  Sarge didn't even bother to walk off because Barry wasn't with me!  hahahah  It is so funny how they KNOW.  They do pay attention!  I loaded up The Biscuit and hauled to the park.  I got there before Kellie and started brushing Biscuit.  Kellie arrived.  Randy had sent me a HUGE cabbage and I put it in the trailer.   We tacked up.  We mounted up and thank God I was able to get on with no trouble.  

We went to the right and down to the matt.  There was a man standing on it and we asked about how long it would take once they started putting in the pipe line.  He said about 2 weeks and they would bore under the wetlands and Hildebrandt Bayou.  They may block us from that side of the woods but 2 weeks isn't bad.

We rode around to the little trail and went down that.  Someone was cutting with a chain saw not far from the trails near Cattail Marsh.  We went back to the main trail and went out by the front and went down the grass and around the front of the stables.  Over to the cars and then back into the woods and we went to the left.  We got around the first turn and it started sprinkling a little more.  Kept going....later started just RAINING.  We got to the huge cut ride away and went that way walking down where they had cut everything because it wasn't slippery with mud.  Kellie had put on her poncho but I didn't have mine with me.  I ended up soaking wet but I like riding in the rain.  We went up to the main trail and headed for the barn.  Elan was slipping in the mud because of his shoes.  We got to the trailer and went over to where Kellie's neighbor was having a photo shoot.  We were going to walk the horses under the eaves of the barn but Biscuit wasn't too hip on that!!  We went to the trailers and took their tack off.  I was soaking wet and had to take Barrys saddle off  of the top and move it to the bottom and still hang onto my saddle Ugh.

Kellie's truck was right behind the trailer and Biscuit was reluctant to load up so I had to maneuver him so he'd feel secure and up he went.  I got my RAV soaking wet.  Dang!!!

I took some pics of Biscuit and Kellie's neighbor took a picture of us soaking wet.  hahahahahha  we had fun rain or not rain!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Arena Riding

I went out to the barn and got Biscuit out of the pasture.  I got him up on the washrack and Lee Ann P came out.  Legato is doing way way way better and Dr. Sherwood said she was going to be fine.  Lee Ann tacked up Shalom while I brushed and tacked up Biscuit. I went to get on and my leg didn't push when I asked it to push.  I almost had a cow.  Lee Ann held Biscuit and told me to PUSH.  I was able to get on thank God.  This weak leg, numb feet thing has to go.  It is worrying me.  Morgan and Cody showed up just when I was getting on.

Biscuit and I went around and around the arena - he was being a toot about moving towards the center and not staying by the rail when we were going with his right to the rail.  I can pop him with my right hand holding the reins and the crop but quickly found out I can't with the left!!!  Hahahah  I will have to work on that skill set!  We did some backing up and some side passing.  One turn on the forehand.  He wanted to speed up at times and that head was going up when I wouldn't let him.  I locked my hands at my sides and made him go around twice without moving off the rail before our ride ended.  We didn't ride that long....maybe 30 minutes if that long.  Lee Ann was riding Shalom and she did a fantastic job.  Shalom is a very nice girl!

I enjoyed my ride and then got off.

I cleaned up some of his poop and washed it off and put the hose over his back.  It now dangles from the top and it bumped him and he had a cow thinking it was killing him.  He spooked and it and was moving sideways bumping into me and I was trying to get out of his way without falling.  Thank goodness I was able to and told him to calm down.  He was scared to death of that hose.  I untied him and calmed him down - lol he had a terrified look on his face and kept touching me with his nose.  He does that now when he gets scared or upset...he reaches out and touches me with his nose.  I think that is what he was doing a long time ago when we would go by the little tumbled down building and I thought he was trying to nip me.  Poor baby!

Lee Ann and I were standing there talking about endurance riding and all three horses were on lead ropes.  Shalom got irritated with Legato and pickup her butt and both barrels!  She didn't kick Legato though but she got her butt in a little bit of hot water.  Legato is better - she has a little trouble backing up and turning on her back legs but since it has only been 2 weeks she is doing great.  Dr. Sherwood looked at her and said she was fine and would totally recover.  Thank God.  I took Biscuit back to his paddock and turned him out.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Trimming Biscuit's hooves and Barry Bareback Riding

I only made it out to the barn twice this past week to see the horses just briefly.  I am dealing with some health issues - found out I am diabetic.  Dang.  I am going to turn that one into a positive - I will have to lose weight to control the diabetes.  That is a plus for The Biscuit!  The other is I am not very stable on my feet - can't balance well and my feet and toes are numb.  Had MRI and have seen a neurosurgeon.  Have to go for another MRI and special blood tests.  It could be lots of things but as long as I can ride I will have to adjust.  Thank God I have a light saddle.  Wish it was even lighter as I am just so dang wobbly right now.  It has made mounting up a little difficult because I can't move quickly.  I am so glad my horse is a good boy!

Barry and I went to the barn Saturday.  I would have loved to rode but Biscuit needed his feet trimmed.  Lee Ann B was there and rode Rogue in the ring.  Barry rode Sarge bareback - he was cantering him and his butt wasn't even leaving the little patch he was sitting on!

Biscuit's feet were a little long - but I was able to get some concavity to his front hooves.  I had to nip them and then rasp.  I got out a hay bag with alfalfa in it for Biscuit to get him to stand a little better as I don't have balance.  What a pain in the butt!

Later I had to laugh at him.  He had pulled a very compressed piece of alfalfa out and it kept dropping on the ground.  I picked it up twice and put it back in the hay net.  I finally told him he needed to put it back in the bag himself.  Hahahaha....that horse understands English well.  He started rubbing it up and down on the bag trying to tear it open so he could eat it.  It was hilarious with him tossing it around.  I finally shredded it for him.  I only got his front feet done but they looked really nice.  I will finish his back feet Monday.  I will then have to start on Sarge's feet.  I told Barry he needs to go out there with me when I do and hold Sarge as he can be a toot.  Not bad or scary...he just refuses to pick up his feet sometimes.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Alligators and round the left of the big bridge

Around the back left of the Bridge

EveryTrail - Find the best Hiking in Texas Barry rode with Kellie and I today.  We tacked up and went to the right of the woods.  I walked Biscuit over the entire wooden mat.  It is about  20' across.  We went out on the bayou and the same alligator was there...he didn't bother to flip into the water today.  We went across the Yellow Brick Road Bridge and Elan just came right along like he wasn't concerned.  We went to the right and down towards the bayou.  Went around the back and down Willow Bayou towards Hildebrandt.  I have only rode there once.  We got to the point and turned to the left.  When we got to the edge of the woods we had to cross a narrow strip of land that had a huge hole to the left that just went straight down.  Ugh.

We went down beside the bayou where Biscuit had had a hissy when I first got him.  That was the day he clamped his teeth on Kellie's leg!  We saw an alligator up on the bank and he flipped into the water.  We went as far as we could go and then had to go up to the top and then back down on the side.  We went around the corner and stared moving faster.  There was something on the trail and Biscuit shied at it and nearly dumped my backside!  Dang...  we kept going and got around to the front and were trotting fast.  Biscuit can't canter behind Elan and Sarge.  He was getting pushy because he wanted to go.

We got to the entrance of Cattail Marsh and they had a turn stile.  Biscuit pushed up against it but wouldn't go through it.  I was surprised that he even pushed against it.  Barry got Sarge to go through it and he held it open for Biscuit and Elan.  We went out of Cattail and into the trails in the woods.  We trotted til we got to the main trail.  We trotted and then hit a canter.  Biscuit was going pretty dang fast - over 14 mph.  I asked him to slow and he did but dropped the canter after a few strides.  I kicked back into the canter and we went a ways until he realized Elan was way behind him and he stopped!  LOL  Biscuit is such a sweetie.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Piglets and Golf Courses

6 miles and no backtracks!

EveryTrail - Find the best Hiking near Beaumont, Texas Lee Ann B and I loaded up and hauled to Antioch Baptist church to drop off a wedding and groom's cake!  Then we headed to Tyrrell to meet up with Kellie.  We tacked up and rode through the woods. I walked Biscuit across the end of the mat and then walked back and forth over the whole thing.  Woot!  Biscuit is a good boy.

We went down the little trail and over to the ride Lee Ann and I did last week.  We went down behind the golf course and on the way to Hildebrante we saw 2 small hogs with a litter of 11 little piglets about 8" tall!!!  I was yelling SUUUUIIIEEEE  at them hoping they would move off!!

They finally moved off and we went down to the bayou and then turned left going up towards FM 124.  Lee Ann put Rogue in a slow gait and I was right behind her on Biscuit.  We got to where it was overgrown and Kellie took over.  She knew the trail.  LOL  we were laughing like crazy and we were getting whapped with all kinds of vegetation! We ended up on the golf course.  We went down the golf course skirting the edge and then down the bayou.  We came to the gate down there that I had got off to go around a long time ago and Biscuit went around it but was looking at the dirt or pole funny and swung his butt around so his butt wouldn't be anywhere near it.  LOL  he is so funny.

We got on the big area that leads into the entrance of the park and we were jogging/gaiting.  We had a blast.  We came through the middle of the park and I hit a little canter and Biscuit tripped.  Dang....that pulled us up short.

We got to the stables and talked to a young couple that had a double stroller.  Their little girl got to sit on Biscuit.  Kellie cantered Elan in the arena a few times.

We loaded up and hauled home.  What a blast!!!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Birthday Ride with Barry and Kellie

EveryTrail - Find the best Hiking in TexasBarry and I met Kellie at Tyrrell for a ride.  Woo Hooo  we had a blast.  We went down Willow Bayou and we saw a big ol' alligator up on the opposite bank.  Barry thought he was about 6 or 7 feet.  We crossed over the big bridge and then back up Willow Bayou.  We got up towards the front where we turn to go around a deep ditch.  We saw a little hog - looked like a Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pig to me.  He watched us for awhile and then ducked back into the woods.  We went around the ditch and over near where it was.  I could see a black spot in there and it seemed like it was following us.  I could hear it behind me.  I thought it looked different than the other hogs we see out there and if someone dumped off a "pet" that became too big that is so pitiful.  Poor thing!  We got down to where the gate is at the road.  Sarge went right around the hairpin turn with no problem.  Elan said NO.   Hahhaha.  I took Biscuit around it with no problem.  I was a little nervous as the drop off leaves no room for error.

Elan didn't want to go.  He kept looking at the gate with the "what is wrong with this gate" look.  We crossed the bridge hoping he would think he was being left but it was a no go.  Kellie kept trying to get him to go but he wasn't interested.  She finally had to get off and try to lead him around.  He was resistant at first but he finally came with her.  We went down the road and into the park.  We went to the right of the woods and when we got up closer to the stables we hit a canter.  Biscuit cantered and then fast trotted because he can't canter slow!  ahahahahahaah  it was a blast. 

Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

I went out to the stables late in the afternoon of Thanksgiving Day.  I took a watermelon and broke it open for the horses.  They were gobbling some of it up but lost interest.  I think they would have preferred alfalfa!!!

I had a great Thanksgiving Day with my family.  We all went to my mom's for dinner and she had made Turkey and Dressing.  Yum.  Ate way too much.  Now Biscuit has to haul that around!!!

I am very thankful that I can once again be a horse owner...or I think I am owed by them.  They have been a blessing to me and I am so grateful to have them.  They are my exercise, my mental therapy, my recreation and entertainment all rolled into one.  What could be better than that?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Barry and I went out to the barn to give the boys a carrot and Lee Ann was standing by old Amir's pen.  Legato was the resident.  She said that Legato was running in her paddock, slipped and fell and literally did a split with her back legs.  Poor girl.  She wasn't able to get up.  Lee Ann P was at home when it happened.  Lee Ann B was there and she said Edgar and Jamie tried to get her up.  She finally got up right before Lee Ann P arrived which was around 45 minutes.  She is moving around but is stiff as all get out.  Lee Ann P had called Dr. Sherwood and he said there didn't seem to be anything broken but she may not be riding her for about 90 days.  Poor thing.  She was walking stiffly but eating her alfalfa so that is a good sign.

Lee Ann P and B were telling Barry how much fun the endurance ride was.  He has always said he didn't want to wear a helmet.  Lee Ann P said you will want one so you don't get hit in the head with branches!!  I think Barry would love it if he actually rode in one.  I don't think Sarge is in great shape to do one but Biscuit is.  I told him to ride in the 7IL High Roller ride at the end of December.

We went down to the paddock and I kissed up my horses.  I broke up a carrot for Biscuit.  Barry gave Sarge some and made him lounge some...must have annoyed Sarge - he bucked and kicked up once.  they are looking great.  Full of dapples.  Sarge had junk in his junk - a huge hunk was hanging out so I pulled it out.  I have got to get those sheaths cleaned - it is time.  I rinse Biscuit out all the time but Barry doesn't do that often like I do.  I don't want Sarge to get another inflamed sheath!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Riding around Tyrrell Park

On Sunday I went riding with Lee Ann Br.  Kellie wasn't able to make it at the last minute and she was missed!!!  Lee Ann and I loaded up her tack and Rogue and went down to get Biscuit.  Biscuit was running around bucking and acting like a goober.  I walked up to him and put his halter on.  He is always a good boy and lets me catch him with not too much fan fare!!  He was a little hesitant loading because Rogue was already in there but he went on in and we headed out.  

Lee Ann and I went to the right and down to the right of way.  Wow...Look how HUGE it is now.  You can see where that Pine Tree is on the left side of the picture - that is where the right of way's right side was!

Right of Way is now as big as a Speedway
 I walked Biscuit up to the mat that he had walked over last week.  He was backing up some, raised his shoulders up like he does when he wants to come off the ground.  GRRRERRERERERERE  Last week there were trees right beside it...nothing this week and Biscuit didn't see then need to go over when he could have gone AROUND!  I just kept at it.  He finally decided the new girl isn't the old girl that would let him go around.  He quietly walked over it like a good boy.
Huge mat - Biscut walked over the piece that is sticking out on the right hand side.
 We started down Willow Bayou and look who we saw....a rather large alligator.  He flipped into the water with quiet a splash.  Further down I could see one on the side we were on and he slid into the water too.  I was surprised to see alligators; I figured they had already holed up for the winter.
Mr. Alligator

We crossed the bridge and went down Willow Bayou on the other side.  We haven't been able to go down there in a long time because it hadn't been mowed.  It was a fun ride - the weather was PERFECT.  We got up to the road and it was a TIGHT squeeze around a fence and there was a drop off there.  Lee Ann got off and led Rogue around and it was a hairpin turn around the fence.  I decided to get off too so that Biscuit and I were safe. 

Other side of Willow Bayou
 Once we got around I needed to remount which is hard as my legs are so weak from this dang pinched nerve I am fighting.  I couldn't get on the cement railing post and got my foot tangled in a fishing line!  I finally decided to go across the street and the run off ditch was perfect for remounting. I walked Biscuit into the ditch, stood on the side of it and hopped on!!!  Woot!!!  I crossed the road to Lee Ann and we crossed the bridge and went into the woods.  We went to the right so we could circle the woods.  We went down the little trail and came out over by Cattail Marsh.  We crossed the road and headed towards the Marsh gate.  We went to the left of the gate and down a little and into the wooded area, around a ditch and back to the road by the rest rooms.  We did a hairpin turn and headed down behind the golf course.  We went all the way to Hildebrandt Bayou.  We took a left and kept going til we came to where it was not longer mowed.  Dang...we were hoping to circle it like Kellie and I did one day.  It was lovely and we did see an alligator in the water over there.

Behind the golf course on Hildebrandt Bayou

Hildebrandt Bayou
 It was so much fun!  We turned around and headed back.  We crossed the center of the park over by the old community building and went over to the stables.  Helen and Tina B.  were there and had just returned from their ride so we talked with them.  We rode 9.85 miles.

We rinsed the boys off and loaded them up and hauled them back to the ranch.  What a lovely ride and can't wait to go Friday!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Messing up my forest

Kellie and I met at Tyrrell Park this morning to ride.  I didn't have to go out to the back of the pasture this morning thank God.

I got Biscuit tacked up and mounted up.  We went to the right as Kellie said they had started working on a pipeline project - She saw it coming in that morning.   We went to the right and got down to the right of way and OMG the 2nd ride away had a huge MAT in the middle and tons of trees knocked down.  We had to go around to the left as a huge tree was down in the trail.  We got up to the mat and there was a big section sticking out.  Elan didn't want to cross it - it was about a foot or more off the ground and about 3 foot wide.  I tried Biscuit and at first he just stood there.  Then he put up a hoof to test it.   He put that hoof down.  He tried it again - tapping his left hoof on it.  Then he just hopped up and hopped down.  LOL  GOOD BOY!!!  Such a sweet heart.

We went on around and enjoyed the beautiful fall day - it was overcast but lovely all the same with leaves occasionally floating down.  The mosquitoes were out like crazy and were all over poor Biscuit's face.  I turned his head to me and brushed them off.  We went back the trailer and I dismounted and got out the OFF and wiped it on his and Elan's face.  I squished a ton of mosquitoes on Biscuit and he had blood on his face, poor baby.  I mounted back up and we hit the trail to the left til we got to the right of way.  We went down the right of way til we came to where they were cutting trees.  We were going to cross there at the edge of the cutting - Biscuit got tangled in vines but he doesn't get upset.  We changed our mind and went down to the trail and then crossed over the matt again with no problem.  Workers had arrived and were using a huge machine to push the trees into a pile.  Good bomb proofing today!  We went down the trail and around the back side.  We trotted some on the way back and at one point I was trying to urge Biscuit to canter but he just trotted!!!  My Garmin listed 11.1 mph that he was moving at.  I had to balance myself by holding on some as my balance is not good right now.  It was good exercise though - my legs need it.

We discussed going down to the beach and staying for a few days and boarding the horses at the new Crystal Beach Corral.  How fun that would be.  Hopefully we can make that happen.  We could ride both ways down Crystal and go down to Gilcrest and maybe even San Luis Pass.   That looked like a fun place to ride!

EveryTrail - Find the best Hiking in Texas

Riding Down at the Beach

Went to get The Biscuit - he was running all over his pasture looking like a million bucks.  He finally tired of running and I put his halter on him and put him in the trailer to eat his breakfast.  Hauled to Kellie's house and put my tack and horse in her trailer.

Off we went to Crystal Beach.  We tacked up and talked to Bryan.  He is such a sweet young man.  Kenny and Russel, Pam and her daughter, Casy Ling and a friend of hers joined us plus 4 other people I didn't know.  We got to the beach and the photographer for the Crystal Beach newspaper wanted to take pictures of us so we lined up for a picture.  It is going to come out in the Tuesday edition of the paper.

Kellie and I headed down the beach - we saw some dead tunas - uck - some dead birds - uck and some Portuguese Man O War's - we wanted to stay clear of those!!  We jogged, walked down the beach and got the horses in the water.  Took a little doing to get Elan in but we did it.

On the way back we cantered several times.  What fun!!!!  When we got back I realized I had lost my phone.  That SUCKS.

But we still had a great time and rode 7.5 miles.  Biscuit was a terrific partner for riding on the beach.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

So excited for Lee Ann and Alissa

Lee Ann P and Alissa will be going to Athens to run in a 25 mile Endurance Ride on Saturday. I am so jealous!!!! Wish I could go but I have a wedding cake to do. I went to the barn today and Legato and Jabarre were on the wash rack. Lee Ann was doing Legato's hooves and I gave her a carrot. She is such a sweetie. I loaded my map holder pack to Alissa so she can put her map in it and other little things she may need. I told her I was excited because at least my saddle was going to cross the finish line even if I am not. If I can get my camera mount off of my helmet I will send my ROAM camera with Alissa so I can see the action. They are leaving Friday morning around 10:00 AM. Jabarre is in good shape but has never been ridden anywhere near 25 miles at a time. Darolyn told Lee Ann there is lots of deep sand there and she will now what to do when she encounters it. Deep sand is hard on horses and they can pull muscles there. Hoping and praying Lee Ann, Legato, Alissa and Jabarre finish sound and in great condition.

I went down to see my boys and they are looking pretty darn good. Biscuit and Sarge are putting on their winter coats and they both are shiny as all get out. I gave them a carrot and they are always glad to get one of those!

Super Sarge looking Large and in Charge
Biscuit Man
Biscuit Man


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Riding with Ray and Raymond

Last night Ray sent me a message on Face Book about riding in Tyrrell Park Sunday and I said Barry and I were going riding.  He said he and Raymond wanted to join us.  I gave him directions to the park and said we'd ride at 2:00 PM.  Barry and I left the house at 1:15 PM.  We got to the stables and I was taking the pitchfork, broom and feed bucket in the RAV.  Barry went to get Sarge.  Next thing I knew, the horses were hauling ass all over the pasture.  Barry kept walking back and forth - Sarge and Biscuit were running, flagging their tails and snorting.  What a sight.  Biscuit and Sarge both looked gorgeous.  They are both very good looking horses.  Hahahahahahaha  I may be just a TINY bit partial.

I told Barry to give me Sarge's halter because they generally don't run from me.  I think they are just playing with Barry.  I walked right up to Sarge and put his halter on.  Biscuit came towards me...walked off a little bit...then just stood there while I put his halter on.  I walked them to the center of the paddock and Barry took Sarge. boys love me.

We loaded them up and took off.  When we unloaded them, they were both soaking wet with sweat.  They really heated up running all over the place.  I hugged both Ray and Raymond.  I hadn't seen Raymond in a long time and he is such a sweetheart!!!!

I tacked up and led Biscuit to the mounting block.  He moved...dang it.  I asked Barry to hold him as I can't feel my legs...they are numb and so are my feet.  I got mounted up and we took off.  We went to the right and through the woods.  We then went out on the bayou.  We saw two small alligators in Willow Bayou and then a dead hog.  OMG that was too gross for words.

We got to the bridge and Ray's little stud colt was a little flummoxed by it but he got over it really quick.  Biscuit hobbled across because he had rocks in his hooves.  We got to the other side and I got off and when I hit the ground I had a zinger run down my back.  Ugh.  I cleaned his hooves - tons of rocks in the mud!  I went to get back on using the side of the embankment and my legs were too weak from the zinger.  Dang.  I had to get Barry to push my butt up.  That is the pits.  I can't feel my legs or my feet.  They are asleep.  We passed up the water shooting pipe and Raymond's little sorrel mare skittered a little bit over that.  She sure is a pretty little thing.

We went across the land bridge and around to the back.  Kitty did a 360 into Biscuit at the little cement bridge in the back and Biscuit just got out of her way without freaking out.  She got over it and we went down the side of the bayou.  What a beautiful ride.

We stopped at the back for a short while and headed down the other side.  Barry and Ray hit a canter and so did me and Raymond for a short while.  Biscuit did nicely on his canter.  

Lots of hog wallows everywhere.  We crossed the bridge and the hog had floated to the bank...I am surprised that an alligator hadn't munched on it.  Gag...its intestines were out. Ugh.  We came down the bayou and into the woods and went to the right.  We trotted/jogged quiet a bit.  We ended up riding 8.4 miles and it was a blast.  I was very careful when I dismounted and didn't zing myself.

Ray and Raymond said they really enjoyed it and I hope they come back and ride with us.  I did ask Ray if Sarge always had that soft slow lope and he said that was many many hours of training as he is who trained Sarge.  He talked about Sarge's little funny "foxtrot" gait that Barry has been able to get him into a few times.  Sarge is such a sweetie.

Barry and I hosed the horses off and I had enough feed in the bucket to give them their dinner.  I scraped Biscuit, gave him some treats and loaded him up.   We hauled back and turned them out.  Biscuit dropped and rolled when we were leaving.  ahahahah  he is so funny!!!  

Dead Pig in the Middle of the Bayou

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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Riding with my favorite side kick

Kellie and I met at the park today to ride at 8:30 AM.  I had a little trouble with my bridle - it had been turned inside out, twisted and back around and I had a time getting the bit set right.  Finally got it right and finished tacking up.  My legs are still weak and Biscuit kept moving when I was trying to get on.  Kellie said Elan had picked up Biscuit's little huffing and puffing noises and was doing it when they were at Ebenezer.  Hahahaha  I said he missed his riding buddy.

We went to the left and come around the trail that runs by the road.  Ugh...someone left a nasty bit of evidence of nefarious behavior hanging on a branch.  How disgusting is that.  We went down a little more and Kellie ran into a spider and had a hissy.  If I would have had my Roam camera on I think I would have had a Youtube sensation video.  Hahahaha...we finally were on our way and went down the little trail and back.  We got to the main trail and Biscuit wanted to go right - I said I don't think so dude...we are going to the left.  We went down til we came to the first ride away and crossed and instead of taking the main trail Biscuit wanted to go up the right away.  He normally doesn't like the right of ways.  Got up to the other side main trail and he wanted to go right - Right was back to the trailer.  Hahahaha no you don't I said and we turned to the left and then went up the other right of way.  We came to the pig wallow area and OMG a gas line was exposed.  We took pictures and then called the number to report the pipe exposed.  I had Biscuit stopped and Kellie was behind me.  Biscuit turned around and walked past Kellie and was headed back to the trailer -- LOL  I stopped him and  said "dude...we aren't through!"  He had mosquitoes all over his face so I stopped and sprayed his face and swooshed the mosquitoes away.  I gave Elan a few treats - he was not happy about waiting either.

We kept going and turned right on the trail and headed around.  We went around and almost up to the front and turned around and were going to ride to the first right of way.  Elan encountered the RIP tombstone and was looking at it funny...he took a chunk out of the foliage and it fell down.

We got to the right away and turned left and we had only gone a little way when we heard people.  About 10 or more riders passed and we greeted them.  They were from Houston.  We kept going and hit a trot for a little bit and turned left on the trail.  Biscuit wanted to go out into the main park and crossed the road.  We saw the trailers the Houston folks had arrived in....6 trailers and one had Louisiana tags.  Some were on gaited horses.  We crossed back into the woods and ended our ride with 4.4 miles.  We had a good time.

exposed pipe in the hog wallow

Friday, November 2, 2012

Biscuit is mine for 2 years

Yesterday, on November 1, was the day that I have owned Biscuit for 2 years.  I paid Kenny $$ for him and he has been such a blessing to me.

When I bought him it was to have a horse to trail ride with and it was with a caveat that I didn't want to bond with him until I decided whether I would keep him or not.  I gave myself 8 month to a year to decide whether we would be a team.

When I first got Biscuit, he was a pretty scared little pony.  Very uncertain as to whether someone was going to hurt him or abuse him.  Kenny had never hurt the horse but a trainer had.  I remember the first time I handled Biscuit - I thought he had atrocious ground manners.  He walked all over me, wouldn't stand still when I mounted up...he was ok to get on but then he was moving all over the place.  He wasn't being mean though.  Just needed consistent handling.  He was a good boy and tried to please.

I liked him just fine but I really bonded with Biscuit when we went to Kisatchie in May of 2011.  When he didn't dump me when little pigs ran out from under his feet he became MY horse.  When I first got Biscuit he would stiffen up if I tried to hug him and stand there like a statue.  Now, he leans into me for a hug.  He didn't like hands up around his face or head - now, I can rub his ears and his face.  I couldn't clean his face or head with water - now, I can spray his face and clean him without too much fuss.

Recently, on two occasions, he spooked up and my butt came out of the saddle.  As soon as my butt left that saddle he stopped in his tracks.  Good boy.  He has a funny little personality.  Loves treats...and can really turn on the charm to get them without being pushy.

Lee Ann P told me I would fall madly in love with this horse and she was right.  I am completely bananas for my little yellow pony.

I was going to ride him yesterday and thought I hooked up the trailer correctly.  I pulled out of the driveway and my trailer came loose from the ball.  It banged into my RAV twice, hit the ground and was scraping the road.  OMG there it was in the middle of the road ON THE GROUND.  Thank God, the men with Mr. Garbage stopped and picked it up!!!  There was nothing wrong with the ball - I just hadn't pulled the lever correctly.  I WILL NEVER MAKE THAT MISTAKE AGAIN.  Thank God my Biscuit or Sarge weren't in the trailer.

Sweet Little Biscuit

Hoping for another treat...Barry wasn't there to say no!!!

Got a treat sister?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kissing up The Biscuit

I pulled this picture out of my video file from my ride yesterday.  I was hugging up Biscuit.  I don't have many pictures of me with Biscuit so I liked this one.  He is such a sweetie.

Biscuit is the Trail Master

I finally dragged out to the barn hauling my Brenderup.  I stopped and talked to The LeeAnns about our trip to Brushy Creek.  We discussed the trails and the cabins.  I'd love to go back there with the ladies.

I went down to get Biscuit and he walked all the way to the back in the corner when he saw the trailer!!  I walked out there and Lisa walked over after giving Kash a treat.  She had a bag in her hand and Sarge was reaching out to her.  He got a sharp pop on the nose for being all up in her kool aide.  He gets pushy where Biscuit doesn't.  I don't think Sarge would ever bite or nip anyone but it is still bad manners.  He is a cutie though!  Lisa and I visited for a few minutes and then had to go.

I walked Biscuit to the trailer and loaded him up.  I hauled to the park and unloaded and tacked up.  We walked around the park at a walk.  We came upon a plastic Tombstone that was all beat up looking and tied to a tree branch.  Biscuit gave it a funny look!

Biscuit tripped/bobbled a few times so I thought maybe he had a rock in his hoof.  We went down the side trail and then back.  We were coming down the trail by the park road and Biscuit wanted to go out the first entry.  I turned him to the trail and kept going.  He passed up the next entry but on the 3rd entry I let him go where he wanted.

He walked out to the road and crossed it.  He headed towards the pavilion, behind the bathroom crossing over towards the other pavilion, down the grass and finally crossed over to the stables, walked down the road that leads into the stable and stopped at my RAV.  He is just a funny boy!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Getting Fuzzy

Barry and I went out to the barn to check on the horses today.  We have had a few cool days and my boys are getting fuzzy.

It isn't a huge amount but they are putting on their winter coats.  Before you know it, Biscuit is going to be a polar bear.

I hugged them both up and we left.  I haven't rode in a week.  I am trying to let my back rest.  I am hoping to go tomorrow morning.

Friday, October 26, 2012

New Page of Pictures

I was excited to get the DVD with pictures of the Bombproof Clinic.  I put them on their own page...check it out.  It is to the right.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Brushy Creek Sunday

We got up Sunday morning and we packed up some of the stuff to go home.  Pretty much everything but the stuff in the refrigerator.  Barry went down and fed the horses early.  We finally went down to tack up for a ride.  I was a little stiff but not too bad.  Better than Saturday morning.  I put Biscuit's hoof boots on him because his feet were tender.

We went into the woods and through the primitive camp.  Crossed the creek and hit the trails.  Lots of ups and downs.  We rode through the creek several times and I took pictures.  Biscuit isn't fond of the sand shifting under his feet but he was a good boy.  He was leading for quiet a bit of the way but moving slow.  I don't think he likes to lead Sarge!  Sarge was being a bit of a toot but mostly he was good.  We rode up and up and up.  All the way to a road and then back down a road.  Did some trotting.  Came to the place where you go around the tree and hanging off the ledge - I didn't want to do that again and thought "go up that hill"  OMG I must have grew a huge cajone.  I went up it and up and up and up.  GOOD GRIEF it was steep and tall.  Biscuit was heaving when we got to the top.  Barry came up behind me.  Then we went down the other side.  I was almost vertical which was kinda scary.  Biscuit did a great job and OMG I had turned off the Contour.  It would have make great footage.  I was so mad!!!

We did do some trotting and Barry was cantering.  Biscuit can't canter behind Sarge - Sarge isn't going fast enough and Biscuit can't go slow enough!!!  We had a fantastic ride and I loved crossing the creeks.  Beautiful scenery, challenging trails.

We got back to the campgrounds and I got off on the truck tail gate.  I had a hard time getting my foot  over Biscuit's back.  OMG  I need to get rid of this pinched nerve.  I took Biscuit and hosed him off.  He and Sarge stood on the wash rack while we put all of the tack, buckets and haybags back in the truck or trailer.  Barry cleaned out the stalls. We ate lunch and packed the cold stuff up and were heading out at exactly 1:00 PM.  It took us 5 hours to get home - we stopped 3 times.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Brushy Creek Saturday

We rode out around 10:00 this morning.  When I was saddling Biscuit up he started kicking - he was standing in ants.  I moved him over and he moved too fast and his saddle slipped under his stomach.  Thank Goodness Barry was right there to shove it back in place.  My back was kinda stiff but worst of all my legs felt weak.  We started out and I realized I left BOTH cameras…duh.

We went down the trails and I had a few zingers in the back but was ok.  We got up to the first place where you go down to the creek.  There were two riders coming towards us and the lady was going down to the creek.  The man was on a perlino horse that was having a melt down.  We stopped so not to get in his way.  He kept urging the horse to go down and whipping him  with his reins.  The horse was going sideways and stumbled over hedge or stump or something and down he went.  OMG I thought that guy was TOAST.  I did call out and asked him if he was ok.  He said he was and got up.  We went around him  and kept going.  He commented to Barry that the horse was young.   What a fricktard.  I later saw that the horse was a stallion and I think he was just afraid and whipping him obviously didn't help.  Poor thing. 

We went on down the trail and crossed the creek.  The creek is gorgeous.  Biscuit gets a little anxious when he sinks into the sand.    Once when we were standing in the water so Barry could take a picture of us poor Biscuit was shaking.  God love him.  He gets a little scared but doesn't freak out.

Barry stopped to check Sarge's feet and I asked him to check Biscuit's.  He was checking Biscuit's feet and Sarge took off!!!  LOL  He was ready to trail ride.  Barry was able to catch him THANK GOD.  Sarge was ready to go today and was so excited to be leading.

We kept going down the trails and they were going up.  Once we had to go around a downed to tree to the left and step over the smaller part and the trail DROPPED down so steep from there.  LOL  I shocked myself that I went as I am the biggest sissy in the world.    We came to a downed tree and it wasn't that big and Biscuit stepped over it with his front feet and JUMPED with his back feet.  My right hand was near the pommel and when he jumped the tree I went forward and smacked my pelvic bone into my thumb.  OMG I saw stars.  I think my pelvic bone was broke!!!  Gaaaaa!!!!

We crossed the creek several times in different places.  We met a few people on the trail and talked to them.  We stopped to eat out Lunchable and Biscuit was hoping Barry would share a cracker with him but Barry told him to shove off.  I reached in my pouch and brought out my treats and Biscuit was more than happy to bend around and get a treat.  He just couldn't believe Barry was eating in front of him and not offering a bite!!   We kept riding and crossed the creek not far from the camp.  We went up an high entry that had Biscuit hopping up it but the trail just petered out so we went back to the creek and walked through the creek and entered at another place.  We went up and to the left and were going down a road where trees had been cut.  We decided it wasn't a road we wanted to follow.  We went back and where we turned left we kept going so it was to the right of the trail.  We went up a trail and came to a wide muddy spot and Barry went to the right of it and it had grass up it was soft and I think it caught both of the boys off guard when they sunk in it.  They were ok though.  We kept going and circled around and headed back.  We crossed the creek two more times.  Biscuit kept tripping and I think his feet were getting sore. 

He was excellent today.  We only rode 7.5 miles but those were some pretty dang tough miles.  Not like riding in Tyrrell Park.  We crossed several bridges today and Biscuit was so good about going over all of them…even the one that was a huge mud hole in front of the bridge.  When I went to dismount I couldn't make my left foot work and couldn't get it out of the stirrup.  When I finally got it out and dismounted I had a shock run up my back.  Dang!  I took Biscuit over to give him a bath and get the mud and grit off of him.  He had a little cut on his back where his saddle was.  I first thought it was a rub mark but I think when his saddle slid down one of the cinch buckles cut his back.  I checked his feet and his front right looks a little red on the white line so I imagine that is why he was tripping.  I doctored his back for him and put him up after letting him eat some grass.  Tomorrow I will put his boots on.  There were quiet a bit of rocks on the trails in places. 

We later went back and fed them and I gave Biscuit some alfalfa and we talked with some of the other campers.  All nice folks!

Brushy Creek Friday Day 2

Barry and I got up at 7:30 AM.  We went out on the front porch and were greeted by the little green head duck.  Barry went and fed the horses and I made breakfast - Egg Muffin Sandwiches and grapes.  Mist was rising off of the water and it was so pretty.  We heard a number of gun shots going off…someone hunting squirrels or hogs. 

Barry caught several fish so we planned on having those for dinner!  Beverly came by to see how we were doing and I said the cabin was way too warm.  She had just turned the AC on when I called about 20 minutes before we arrived.  She said she would bring us another AC for the downstairs.  Woot!!!

Barry and I just enjoyed the morning…beautiful quiet scenery as we were the only ones in the park!  We rode up to little store and picked up Crisco Oil to fry the fish in and some worms for Barry to fish with as he was using the chicken we bought last night. 

I made us sandwiches for lunch and we ate outside on the in front of the porch right on the water.  The cabin is absolutely precious - I think I could live there!!! 

We went up and got the horses out and I said I would do Sarge's hooves if Barry held them for me.  Sarge was a bit of a toot but he will listen to Barry.  I need to bring his back toes in more.  I think they are a little too long.  Barry tacked him up and I was tacking up Biscuit.  Barry said he was going to run back to the cabin to get something and I said to bring my GPS.  Barry took off in the truck and OMG Sarge was bobbing that head up and down, swung his butt around to the front of the trailer and hung his big teeth on the front window of the B'up.  I told him to get his big teeth off of it and to calm down.  He was going back and forth, banging into the trailer.   Several times I stopped and went over and talked to him and told him to calm it on down.  OMG I told Barry when he got back to never tack Sarge up and ride off in the truck.  He wasn't a happy camper.  I think Sarge has OCD.  LOL  : )

I got Biscuit tacked up and didn't realize I was standing on his purple reins.  Barry got his bridle out of the tack closet for some reason it spooked Biscuit and he jerked his head up and back and Good God it lit me up.  I felt like I had a major electrical shock run all through my body.  I had to go over to the bumper and sit down.  It made me so weak.  I finally mounted up (no GARMIN dang it) and we headed off down a trail.  The wind was blowing pretty hard.  We crossed a little bridge and went down the trail and down to the creek.  It is so pretty.  I was stiff and my legs felt funny.  I think I am going to have to go to a chiropractor even if I am scared stiff of them.  Last night I had so many zingers run through my back and legs that it is making my trip not fun. 

We went back up to the trail, around a little stretch of rocky road and around another section that had drop offs and a really steep trail.  We didn't do down that trail.  We went another route and Biscuit knocked my right foot into a tree.  We went down to another section of creek.  Barry thought it was 4:00 PM so we headed back.  Biscuit didn't want to go through the deep cut section we had just went through and went to the side of it then had to jump into it anyway.  Gaa…not good on the old back.  Trotting didn't seem to bother me…it is the unexpected jarring to either side that made me get zinger electric shock feelings.  We went back to the ranch and worked the horses in the arena.  I made Biscuit jog round and round.  I then took his tack off and let him eat grass.  Barry kept working Sarge and then later rinsed him off.  I scraped him off while Barry cleaned the stalls.  I got hay for Biscuit and brought him back to his stall and fed him.  Dang…It was JUST then 4:00.  I don't know why Barry thought it was 4:00 -  we didn't want to go further and get caught out there late!  Hahahahah  oh well, there is always tomorrow and maybe it is best with my back all jacked up. 

Beverly had ran out of gas on her little golf cart and I drove her up to the main house to get some gas.  She is a super nice lady and works like a Trojan.  She came and put in the little AC in the living room and it made a huge difference.   This cabin is in direct sun light almost all day where the other two cabins are totally in the shade all day.  This cabin has the best view of the pond but the others are backed by the creek. 

Barry and I came back to the cabin and he was piddling with fishing and I  took a nap on the couch.  After I woke up I made us dinner, nice salads, home made crutons, fried fish, rice a roni and baked chicken.  I didn't like the chicken but the fish was pretty good.