Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What a beautiful day and Sarge has issues.

Today was GORGEOUS - it was nice today - clear skies and it wasn't hot. We decided to go ride. We went and got the horses and I saddled Red. Barry was working with Sarge and he was not happy about having the bit put in his mouth. He was pulling back and stomping around. I told Barry to untie him so he wouldn't get hurt. Barry finally got the bit in his mouth and he was fine. I told Barry I need to take him to Dr. Sherwood and see if he has a bad tooth or something. Charlotte told me he gets upset sometimes taking the bit out and to go slow and be careful. She taught he had been hurt by someone taking the bit out rough. Hummm...

I called Dr. Sherwood's office and he is supposed to call me back. I got ready to get on Red with my Ghetto Step. It was harder in my boots than my shoes. I will still keep stretching and working on it.

I rode Red around in the small 1/2 arena. He did fantastic - I turned him in the large circles and he did exactly what I wanted.

Barry and I rode out to the back of the property. They had burned the fields. I asked Barry to hitch up my stirrups one notch and I think that worked better. We went to the left and Red and I loped down the back stretch. Good grief he has a LONG stride...feels like he is going really fast!!!! We got down to where the big log is in the corner and I asked Red to go over it. LOL he side stepped it!! He is so funny - he is like "why go over when I just side step around?". He is to smart for his own good! He happily stepped over the other fences. We loped again and this time Red was going at a much slower lope. Good Boy!! He was sweating before we started out so his sweat factor is working. Woo Hoo.

We got back to the barn and Sarge was not wanting Barry to take the bit out. He had his head up so high! Barry was trying to be gentle with him. I told him to stop and let me get some alfalfa. He said that wouldn't work. I got a handful of alfalfa and took it to Sarge. I held it under his nose and he dropped the bit into my hand. Bless his heart. There must be a tooth that hurts. I am going to take him to the vet Friday and see if he has a bad tooth or if it is just the memory of a hurt from before. If it is a hurt from before we will work with it. I told Barry we will give him a bite of alfalfa to put the bit in and to take it out to make it pleasureable. Or maybe a sugar cube so that he will associate taking the bit out or putting it on with something pleasant. Maybe it is a bad tooth or they need to be floated. We will find out!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Going Ghetto!!!! was the day! I have been working on stretching and flexing so I can get on Red with my handy dandy Ghetto Step. The counter in the bathroom is probably about where my stirrup level is at. I have been flexing and stretching both legs to see if I could get on with my step stool. My little step stool will fit into my saddle bag so I will be independent!! Wooo HOOOOOO!!

Barry and I went out to the barn and we pulled the boys up. I had to clear out Sarge's tail - it looked like a rat's nest and I didn't want it to get worse. He had been scrubbing on something! I cleared out his tail and then Barry was giving him a bath. I cleaned Red's hooves and put the stuff Dr. Sherwood gave me into the crack in the center sulcus.

I then saddled up my boy and got out my little ghetto step. Melanie was in the little arena so I was just in the open court yard. I had Barry hold Red just in case. I tightened up his girth, stepped on the step, put my foot in the stirrup and hauled my big butt into the saddle!!!! WOOOO HOOOOOO!!! WOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!! WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!! I DID IT!!!!!!!

I got on by myself. I was so excited! Now I need to get me a pretty little cord to tie onto my ghetto step so I can pull it up when I ride. My goal is to get limber and strong enough to pull myself up into the saddle from the ground. I can do it!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Buna, Texas Trail Ride

Barry and I went on a trail ride today in Buna. This morning the mosquitoes nearly toted us away hitching up the trailer. Sarge gave Barry a little static loading and Red loaded right up. Good boy! We hauled up to the site and Ray was on site. We got the horses tacked up.

Red was good for a little while and when the mules and wagon's got there it was on like Donkey Kong. He was so excited he was trotting sideways - his head so high up it was ridiculous. He was hard to control but I made it. We made quiet a few figure 8's and circles. He didn't want to settle down. We went down the road finally and he was very excited and high stepping. I told Barry that when Red sees wagon's and hears the music he just gets all wound up. I think Red thinks he is at the race track. He actually had diarrhea! That is excited.

We went over a little funky bridge with holes in it. Took a while. The mules were having hissy fits and we waited and waited. Sarge refused...Barry walked him across...Red went which was nice. We loped some but not too much.

We crossed rail road tracks and Red did a good job of that. The mules were coming up behind us and Sarge was about to have a cow. He is not so sure about the wagons and mules and we walked down a side road to let the wagon's pass. We stopped for lunch and I tied Red and he broke the reins. The little ties broke. Barry and Ray's brother, Bruce, fixed it with a stick. I stayed with Red and Sarge and ate what I brought instead of the gumbo. I later was able to get on Red with him standing in a ditch!!! Woo Hooo - my stretching is paying off. I have been working on it. I am not flexable as I used to be.

I enjoyed myself today but I think the best ride I have been on was last week when we went to Ebenezer. I am looking forward to going back on the 10th and 11th. A man on the ride today gave me a map of the park! Woo Hooo!!!

Sarge gave static again loading up but Red loaded up like a dream. He is a good boy.

Getting ready for a trail ride

Today I stopped at Sam's Western Store and got a nice back cinch for Red's saddle. It is tooled leather on the side straps and a wide bottom cinch. I liked it. It is by Cactus but it matched my saddle fairly well. I did clean my saddle today. It was dusty. I conditioned it, the breast strap, and the caveson and even the poppers on the reins.

Margaret had moved the bit to his new headstall but the chain was in front of the bit on one side so I had to take it apart and redo it. I conditioned the headstall. Red has never even worn this headstall I don't believe. I put the saddle pads and bridles in the trailer.

I bought a light for the Brenderup today and some little containers for lunches that the top freezes to keep things fresh. I bought us some Texas lawn chairs. Yoo Hoo....trail ride tomorrow.

I spoke to Ray Langley yesterday and he is going. It is a 15 mile circle ride. They are serving gumbo and it is a benefit for a stroke victim. Poor soul.

I got an email from the Rocking R Trail Riders today and they are riding in the Winnie Rice Festival Parade - woo hooo.....I am so riding in the parade. I can't wait. I have NEVER done that before. Red will have to be spiffed up!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Trail Riding in southeast Texas

We are going on a trail ride Saturday. I can't wait. It will either be at Tyrrell Park in Beaumont or a trail ride in Buna. Can't decide which one to go on. I love going on trail rides. They are so much fun!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sarge is an attention addict and has great hooves!

I went out to the barn today to see the boys. They finally came to the fence and I was talking to Red. He was away from the fence though. Sarge came right to the fence and stuck his face out to be petted. I was petting his face and rubbing his nose. Red came close and Sarge gave him the heave-ho 3 times. He would then put his face out to be petted. He is so funny.

Later, Lee Ann called and said she and Craig Williams looked at Sarge's feet and decided they didn't need to be trimmed! WOO HOO! So glad he has great feet!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ebenezer Park at Sam Rayburn Lake

We got up this morning and got ready to go. We went out to get the horses and they were close to the gate. They both RAN off like crazy horses. Back and forth down the pasture, Red slid a little on the wet grass. I have NEVER seen Red run like that. It was hilarious. He also runs beautifully. Red flopped down to scratch his stomach which was a hoot. We got them rounded up and I offered them water but they weren't interested.

We loaded them up, thanked Archie for his hospitality and off we went. (Archie needs to get a horse so he can go with us. He is fun!)

We got up to the park and met the people with the group we were going with...Kelly, Randy, Kent, Denise, Pam, James, Saran, Susan and several others. Krystina, Lee Ann Brown, and Lee Ann from Plum Nearly were coming up after lunch. Everyone was so nice. We got saddled up and finally we were going riding!!!

Through the forest which was stunning. It was overcast and a wonderful temperature. A little humid - like dripping wet humid but it was nice. We stepped over tons of logs, through little slews & streams, we went up a high beaver dam thingy, Ugh...I had to turn Red around carefully. Red and Sarge behaved beautifully. Red went unhesitating into the water. We went around tight curves, deep cut trails. Red was trotting quiet a bit and we loped coming back from the beaver thingy. Woo Hooo it was FUN. Red went over logs that were good sized but one I chose to go around. Most of the way was sandy which was nice. Lots of tree roots for the horse to step on or over. Red rarely stumbled - actually, he didn't really stumble at all. Sometime a little over some tree roots but ALL of the horses were doing that. He did fantastic so that tells me with certainty, his stumbling is SHEER laziness and not picking up his feet.

The forest was so pretty and we went up hills and down some hills but nothing huge. Just sheer fun. We loped on the home stretch and that was so much fun. Red was sweating to beat the band which I was thrilled with. We finally got back to the camp site and unsaddled the horses. I gave Red and Sarge a bath. They were soaking wet with sweat so they were rinsed off and tied to the trailer. We ate lunch - sandwiches and cold water.

The Lee Anns and Krystina arrived around lunch time. We were talking to Kent by our truck and all of a sudden I heard Rrrrrrriiiiiiiiip!!!!!!!!! Sarge had got the gusset of the Brenderup Trailer tier cover and pulled! He tore it to pieces! I yelled "SARGENT!!!" He looked at me with the most innocent face. I told Barry he'd better do something with his horse!!! LOL I couldn't believe that little pottae did that!!! What a pill. Later he was putting his teeth on the tire and I told him to STOP. We took a long rest - too long for Red. He was ready to go.

We finally saddled up again and off we went. I went down a deep little hill that early we had went around on the flatter side...woo wasn't too deep or steep - probably 16 feet or so. It was fun. Working those butt muscles. Susan's Arabian mare was being a pill and she was making her go in circles. We went along around bends, turns, stepping over logs, going in deep little trails. We got to a TALL, pretty darn steep hill and up we went. Red was wanting to literally run up it. I had to keep him pulled back just a little. was tall, and our horses did great. It was FUN. We went a little way and then had to go down a VERY DEEP and VERY STEEP hill. Red wanted to go too fast and I was having to pull him up some. He was crowding Sarge. It was so steep, and Red is EXTREMELY high in the back end it felt like I was vertical. I was leaning back and actually was holding on to my cantle to keep from going forward. Saint's perserve me, I NEVER thought I would do something like that. It was a blast...a little scary but fun. We kept going.

There finally was a tree Red refused at. Sarge, with a little urging, jumped over! I asked Red and encouraged with the spurs but he still wouldn't go. I had to go around up a hill and down a steep gully wash. Down and around we went to the sand beach and to the water. Red and Sarge went in! Red was pawing at it. We went down the water and around a fallen tree and the horses were all sinking knee deep in the sand that was soft right there. Red never panicked. He did great. We went back around the tree and Red continued to splash in the water. He thought that was great.

We went back the way we came, Red still refused the big log, so we went the other way again. Lee Ann - Barn Manager - Lee Ann's mare, Lagato, plowed up the steep hill, got to the top, jump straight up in the air and kicked. LOL she was being a pill and Lee Ann is the bomb dot com to have stayed on!! We went around to the left eventually, not going back up the way we came. It was deep hills but not super steep like the other ones. Lots of trees to go over and one deep funky little stream that the horses were refusing. They all went eventually but they were having a time. Pam's gelding, Rocky was circling and she was insisting he go....he finally did with a huge jet engine propulsion of gas. It was hilarious. When he got on the other side, another hug propulsion of gas...I think they heard it on the East Coast!!

We went down to the beach in another area and Red got into the water again. We were walking in it and he sunk down to his chest! He didn't panick and neither did I. We loped on the sandy beach and in general, had a great time. We loped down the side of road. Nooks and crannies and my sissy boy did a great job. He was sweating but not breathing hard. I loved it. So did Barry.

We finally got back to the camp site and unsaddled the horses. I washed Red and Barry did Sarge. We put stuff up, cleaned the site, and thanked Kelly and Randy, Kent, Denise, Pam and James. They were all so very nice.

We went over and chatted with the Lee Anns and Krystina. I was getting a head ache and we made sandwiches and off we went home.

The next ride is October 31-November 1. I made a reservation for Friday, Saturday and Sunday for that weekend. I also made a reservation for October 10th for Saturday - Sunday. I hope Margaret can go with me. Woo Hoo, that will be fun. I love riding in the woods. It was a blast and is why I bought my horses.

Chasing hoof boots and chasing farriers and going to Archie's

I got up Friday morning & went to 5 Star Feed to see if they had Easy Boot Gloves. They didn't - but had an Easy Boot Size OO. I bought it and went to the barn to try it on Red. It was too small. He will wear an Size O.

I had called Craig several times to shoe Red but I didn't hear back from him. I called Archie and bless his soul, he gave me the name of a farrier and he agreed to shoe Red at 3:00 in Kountze. He said we were welcome to spend the night with him....woo hooo.....much shorter drive tomorrow morning!

I went and hooked up the trailer - that was a trial. Barry had it on the little hill and I didn't think it was on the ball. I went and got pavers to run the car on after asking Margaret. That chick knows EVERYTHING. I went to pull forward and the hitch caught the ball and pulled the trailer forward. I got to the front of the gate and got it put on correctly and attached the chains, brake and lights. I go out to get Red and notice Sarge has a big old scratch running down his side and hip. Not gaping but a blood scratch. Poor baby. I called Barry and told him to come take care of it as soon as he got off. I asked Red to load up and up he went. Good boy.

I drive him to Kountze next to the Crazy Horse Saloon so it was easy to get to. Nice young man shod my horse. They were so sweet. He only wanted $50 but I gave him $60. It was nice for him to shoe Red so I could go on my trail ride. They thought Red was beautiful. He loaded there excellently too.

I hauled back to the barn and put Red in his pasture. I called Barry and told him to meet me there (he had already been there and doctored Sarge) and we could switch the trailer. I loaded the trailer with everything we would need. Extra bridle, reins, girth. I need more saddle pads. We need to each have 2.

We loaded the horses with their feed for the next day. Red loaded up without a fuss...good boy. I don't think I will have any more fuss with him over more alfalfa BS.

We went to the house and I took a quick bath and got my stuff together. We headed out and stopped Subway for dinner to go and then to HEB to get food/water for tomorrow.

I talked to Archie and said we would be there shortly. We got to Archie's and unloaded the God...I could see the Milky Way!!! It was stunning. You can't see the Milky Way at home. Bugs were everywhere. Archie had his little run around Gater/truck thingy and we took the horses to the front pasture and turned them loose. We stayed up til about 10:30 yakking with Archie about all kinds of stuff. He is such a doll.

We went to sleep - Archie has great mattresses!! Very comfortable.

Today is our 27 Wedding Anniversary and I am going on a trail ride. What could be more perfect?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Red throws a shoe...who would have thunk it?

I went out to the barn to see the horses. Red was waiting at the gate for his alfalfa. When he turned to walk I noticed he moved his front right foot different - I picked up his foot - gee...he threw a shoe. OMG that horse can throw shoes like nobodies business. I looked it up and he had the shoes put on August 13 so he has had them on approximately 35 days - don't know exactly when in came off.

Piddling with pictures

I am in the hospital with Mom and piddling with pictures. I changed some things - mostly the background and am posting the picture again.

Barry and Sargent San Peppy

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Miss my boys

I went to see the horses before I left Tuesday to bring mom to the hospital in Houston for surgery. They were all the way across the pasture and only Red came across. I just wanted to kiss him before I left! I had made more supplement packets for him and I left those in the barn for Edgar to put in his feed.

I am out of One AC and joint supplement. I will puchase One AC and the the joint supplement when I get home. I plan on giving Red the One AC through the next canister and I think I am going to cut the joint supplement in half. Red was never injured and I do want to keep his joints healthy but I think 1/2 of what I was giving him will work well for him. I am going to cut the Vitamin E and Selenium in half too. It says that too much Selenium can give them liver problems. I will still give it to him while he is taking One AC so that he will not get a build up of it. I think the elecrolytes will stay. I will keep an eye on the sweating once One AC is done with.

Barry said he went to the barn Monday and he let Red get out. Red walked away from Barry 3 times (think that is what he said) when he tried to get him to put his halter on. LOL sounds to me like Barry failed the IQ test. He worked with Sarge he said in the little arena til he was white. He is coming around to the little arena. He worked him in the side where Mike was working with Sadda the other day. He said that it kept Sarge's attention more focused. That is how it felt working with Red the other day when Morgan and I rode him. I guess with winter coming along we will be working some in the little arena's.

I will be here in Houston til Thursday. I have to go put a chiprack in Friday in Jasper and then Saturday we are going on a trail ride. Woo Hooooo!!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Riding Red in the Arena

Today Barry, Morgan and I went out to the barn. We brought the boys up...Lee Ann Brown was there and I met her on the ranch road. She told me that Duke had been put down. How sad is that? I am always sad to here about a young horse being put down.

Mike was at the barn and was working with Sadda! Sadda really behaves well under saddle. He lunged him first and long lined him too. Quiet interesting to see long lining from someone who really knows what they are doing. Sadda was amazing, Mike would make him repeat steps if he messed up. Wow Wee it was amazing.

Lee Ann and I were watching and yakking about trail riding. Barry tacked up Red for Morgan to ride. Red is so sweet. He walks like he is 101 years old when someone gets on that is not experienced. Morgan finally got him to trot and he did what she asked...he is such a Cary Grant...I just love him. Mog rode him around and around. Lee Ann had to scadoo home and I put my boots on and got on Red. We had a GREAT ride in the little arena. He stayed with his trot as asked. Quiet a bit of spur action to keep him on target - gently of course - but Red did a great job - HE NEVER STUMBLED ONE TIME!!!!!! He was sweating on his entire front end. I asked him to turn and he nearly dumped my butt on the ground. I think Red could really cut well if he was taught. We trotted round and round...keeping his trot pretty even...not slowing down and attempting to stop.

One of my brides came to bring back the stress free and we chatted - I was still on Red. I had a blast with him today. I think I am going to try to ride this winter as often as possible even if it is just in the arena. Red needs to get in really good shape so that next summer the anhydrosis doesn't get so bad. I would like to ride several times a week - it is hard during the winter that is coming but I will work on it. If I can ride 3 times a week will be great. I can see my boy looking buff for next year.

I got off of him and hugged his face and gave him big hugs and kisses. He is just such a sweetheart. I picked his hooves. He is good about picking them up. I washed him off - he was really sweaty (oh joy for a sweaty horse!!!) and we took off down the road. A breeze was blowing and he was practically dry by the time we got to the pasture. Barry went in to pick up the feed bucket and he dropped the feed for the horses and then we had to leave.

I just had a blast!!!

RIP Duke

Red's old stable mate, Duke, has had to be put down. Lee Ann Brown told me that he got cut at the place he was at in Sour Lake. One of his pasterns. Two days later they took him to the vet and later had to put him down. What a shame. He was only 5 years old.

They bought him in February and moved him to Tyrrell Park and he was across the aisle from Red. They cross tied him one and and he started pulling back like crazy and his halter busted and off he went. He did that at least twice. We later moved to PNR and I hauled him there in Rita's trailer. He and Red shared a paddock for about a month and he nearly drove Red insane. I think he just needed attention. He later when out into the pastures. He just moved a few weeks ago.

It is really very sad. I am so sorry that this horse was put down. In many ways, he looked like Red. From a distance,they were hard to tell apart. They both had white socks, were sorrel and had a big blaze down their faces. In the pictures in this post, Red is on the right sniffing Duke on the first day they were at Plum Nearly. The other picture is of him in his stall. I had another picture but his face was obscured by a Starbucks cookie paper. RIP Duke.

Red's other names

Just a few of Red's other names...Sissy Boy, Punkin', Cary Grant. He gets called Red or Punkin' the most and Sissy Boy and Cary Grant are names that I use to describe him. Sissy Boy is something Barry calls my little darling. I call him Cary Grant...he is gorgeous, well bred, and well mannered and has a magnatism that just draws people to him.

No matter what I call him he is my boy.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Where's my alfalfa

Red came running when we went to the barn yesterday. He knows I am coming with alfalfa.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


must be one out at the barn. Day before yesterday when Barry and I went out to the stables I discovered that Red had two holes behind his middle shoulder blade. I went back to the barn and got Furazone. He had two down to the meat, cut through the hide holes. A small hole scrape on his back left hoof at the top in the middle. I doctored them for him. Flies were all over the holes..those little tiny flying things. UGH. Barry put it on him yesterday - I just visited before going to my cake consultation.

Today I took the Furazone with me and he had two nasty holes in his left middle neck area. VAMPIRES are chewing on my baby. I believe the vampire is a 15 hh high little quarter horse named Sarge. I never see them fight but they are nasty looking little holes just the same. Poor baby. I doctored them up and some on Sarge too. Just scrapes. Sigh...horses will be horses!

My cousin Archie on Mikey

I was thrilled to be able to go on a trail ride with my cousin, Archie. Archie found my horse, Red, for me and I am a happy chick with my boy. Thanks, Archie!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Scrapbooking of Red

I scrapped these three photo's of Red. I thought he looked terrific. I also did it in red and removed the bows except one, and layed down shadows. I love scrapping!

Home on the Range!

Snapshot of Barry and Sarge riding the range at Millard's ranch.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Friends are the key to happiness

Having a good friend is the key to happiness! I am so glad that I have found a wonderful friend in Margaret. She is so much fun to be around. I made this layout of a picture that Barry took of us. I wish he had got all of the horses in the shot but maybe next time! I changed the photo to sepia and used elements to match that color theme.

Taking Alfalfa to the boys

Barry and I went out to the barn this evening to give the horses some alfalfa. Red had salt on the left side of his mane. He is looking pretty darn good. He was munching away on his hay. Sarge finished before Red and wanted Red's but Barry backed him up. Later, when we were ready to leave they were eating the rest of Red's alfalfa peacefully.

I am hoping to go trail riding Sunday up in Spurger. The week after that is at Ebeneezer. Can't wait.


This is Margaret riding Cub on our trail ride!!

Barry and Sarge

Red is Cary Grant

I often call Red my Cary Grant because he is such a sissy! Here is my very own Cary Grant

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Pictures from the trail ride

Sarge by the Brenderup just before we loaded up and went home!

Red between rides. He was sweating well.

Millard's herd of Paint Horses

Barry on Sarge with Archie on Mikey and Margaret on Cub

Barry and Archie

Margaret and Archie

Barry on Sarge

Me on Red and Margaret on Cub

Archie on Mikey

Margaret having a great time


Barry on Sarge with the Ranch spread out behind us

Trail Ride up at Millard's Ranch

Archie, Margaret, Barry and I went on a trail ride Saturday up at Millard's ranch. Archie arranged it and they were having a fish fry so I brought potato salad, veggie squares, a sugar free chocolate cake and a regular chocolate cake. We froze about 12 bottles of water to take.

Barry and I loaded the trailer Friday evening with the saddles and stuff. We got up Saturday morning and headed for the barn. Red and Sarge were eating when we got there so we had to wait a few minutes for them to get through. Barry walked Sarge out and left the gate open. I was standing on Red's right - he turned to the left and walked out the gate! I didn't know it was open. He didn't got far. I rinsed him off - he was coated with dust - I could also see quiet a bit of salt washing off. I took a rag and washed his face - it was full of sticky sap stuff. I did the same for Sarge. His face was dirty, too. Red loaded up pretty as you please. Good boy.

I talked to Margaret on the way over there. She was taking Archie to pick up the horse he was going to ride and they weren't back when Barry and I got there. They arrived and Archie saddled "Mikey" - he was the Palomino he had wanted me to buy originally. Very nice horse.

I rode with Margaret to Millard's house and Archie went with Barry. We unloaded the horses and tacked them up after putting the food up! Shawn (cousin Jim's son) came out and he was the one who was cooking - he had gone down to the Panama Canal Zone on his late father's yacht and caught the mahi mahi. He was also frying up a ton of shrimp.

We took off down the road to the left. I don't like riding on busy roads. Red and Sarge were VERY good but when cars are going 70 mph I don't like that. We turned to the left down a country road. Mikey seemed to be having trouble on the rocks, poor thing. Sarge's feet are as hard as rocks and he didn't seem to mind the rocks at all. Wow Wee I wish Red's feet were that good!

We rode quiet a ways and then turned back onto Millard's property. We had to cross a little bridge that had open little slots on the middle and solid places where the tires go - not sides dropping to a deep gully ditch. Ugh. Not my favorite thing. Cub refused a few times - then he went. Mikey followed. Sarge refused. Red said NO. I tried several times and still no. Margaret got off of Cub and walked him across. Sarge followed. Sarge probably would have went after a few tries but I am a sissy and glad Margaret walked him across. I don't like places where I could fall off!!! Maybe next time we will cross that bridge and I will be ok with it.

We rode across the pastures and it was a blast. Millard owns around 400 acres at this site. There are "roads" where he drives the trucks and tractors so it was a terrific place to ride. I took a bazillion pictures. Barry took a picture of Margaret and me. We came up the pastures to where the herd of paints are. They came running across towards us and they were so pretty!! I took a bunch of pictures of that too! Red and I trotted all over the place - he was having a ball. We rode up to the house and had lunch. Just before we got to the house there is a water trough and Red drank gallons I am sure! Cub is hilarious! He plunges his entire face into the water! Half way up to his eyes!!

I tied Red in the shade. He did terrific. He was sweating really good. He had rivers running out of this mane. Later - found out a stallion was in that area - he and Red were just about to get ugly with each other. Barry and Margaret moved him! We had a fantastic lunch and Maxine was there, too. It was good to see her.

After lunch we mounted up again. This time Archie put Shawn's kids on Mikey and Margaret ponied them. We rode down past where the horses are to the back of the pasture to where the Black Angus cows are. All of the horses had ears forward looking at the cows - even Cary Grant Red was watching them intently. Sarge was so excited when he saw them...Cub too. I think they wanted to cut cows!! We came back up the pasture and rode the tree line in the shade. Back to the house - more drinking and sloshing of water. We dropped off the girls and Mikey. Archie said he was going to sit this one out.

We went back out again and rode to the left of the ranch. We saw a coyote!!! It was in the trees going away from us - Margaret saw it and pointed it out. We also saw a pretty little looked like it was just days or maybe a week old. It was on the wrong side of the fence from its momma. Another cow and calf went to the left away from the rest of the herd. The calf looked like it was a month old or so. We rode that pasture and come through the gate. Barry and Margaret were going straight and I let Red have his head and he turned right! LOL that was back to the house...he is no dummy. He is smart as a whip. I said "no - we are going with them". We went to the far right pasture and it was pretty darn neat. Different little cow paths to take, little ditches, etc. Bending under trees. We went up the pasture that was going uphill and Margaret had said to take up the reins tighter to collect Red and squeeze with the knees. We loped up the hill - woo hoo that is fun! We rode to the little pond that is at the head of that pasture. It is a good size pond too. Back down we went through the pasture. We were going through the little cow path and Margaret saw a snake. Cub was ready to get out of its way! Red did a great job today but he stumbles constantly. Nothing in his feet - he just won't pick them up. At a lope he never stumbles. We had a blast today. It was hot but it was fun!

Back up to the house - more deep drinking - I was so glad that trough was there for the horses!! Sarge wouldn't drink the first times Barry took him to the water but he did later! The horses were wet with sweat and Red was breathing kinda heavy but nothing bad. He is out of shape and we are working on getting in shape. We took their tack off and we went and thanked Barbara and Millard for having us. They said anytime!! They are so sweet. I loved riding at the ranch today. That is the kind of riding I want to do. It is over the river and through the woods kind of stuff. Little ditches, hills, valleys, trails, bridges, etc. to go through. We had a ball.

Red loaded up with no problems and we took off. We got to Woodville and Margaret was turning left and took up our lane too. I called her and said "you're taking up two lanes". She said she learned from the Ronnie Ferguson school of trailering - take up her lane and half of yours! LOL that was funny.

We got back to the barn and unloaded and fed the boys. We pulled up to the barn and shoveled out the poo - loads of that. Barry put up the tack. I had a headache again. I had one last night. We got home and Morgan went and got dinner for us at Novrosky's. Yum. I discovered I left my camara a Millards. I called him and I will go get it tomorrow. DUH. I went to bed after 9:oo. I was tired but I woke up at 2:00 am and have been up every since. I am ready to go back to bed now.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Devin and Kelsie Ride Red

I went to the barn first thing this morning to feed the horses. As I thought, Sarge tried to eat Red's food. I want Red to eat his food and I don't want Sarge to get too fat by eating too much food. I watched the boys eat and took Red's crumbs with me. I didn't want Sarge to eat them...I am sure they wouldn't hurt him but he doesn't need One AC!!!

I went to work and did stop at a tack shop in Liberty and bought a insulated saddle bag, a brush hoof pick and two snaps for the trailer.

Barry and I went to ride this evening. When I was walking Red up the rode I stopped and talked to LeeAnn. She was feeding the horses. I asked her to give Sarge an extra cup or cup and a half so he and Red would finish eating about the same time!! I said he is pretty darn solid but I want Red to stay fit too!

We rode out in the back pasture. Morgan and Devin came out there and Morg took pictures of Devin in the fields. We went back to the arena and Devin and Kelsie rode Red. Red was sweating pretty good which was terrific. We got them alfalfa and went to the paddock. We gave Sarge alfalfa with his grain in hopes that he will finish when Red does.

Red was through and eating his alfalfa when we left. Sarge was still eating his.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I went out to the barn today with Christy and Kelsie. I paid for the board for the month for Red and Sarge. Christy and I watched Kelsie riding Ellen. Ellen has a tough mouth and needs some ground work but I think she will make a nice little horse some day. She has a pretty little face.

I went to the doctor today. My acid reflux is killing me and she thought that it was the new blood pressure medication interferring with the Nexium. I will drop that I rode out to the barn and saw Barry in the arena on the horse. I rode down to the pasture to get Red and was suprised to see Sarge in the pasture. Barry was on Red in the arena.

I went back to the arena and Barry was loping Red around. He and Red had had a good ride. He said he was giving Sarge the day off because they wormed him at noon. He had loped round and round and said the speed a little faster than a lope was smooth but Red's trot is rough!!

I put my boots on and we put my Crooked Stirrups on my saddle and I got on my boy. We rode round and round at a jog. I noticed I am tensing up my shoulders...that is not good. I have to work on relaxing my shoulders when I am riding. Red did a good job today and he was sweating. I got off in the arena near the road and told Red to stay. He obeys so well and just stood there. I took his tack off and led him down to the pasture. We gave him his grain and Sarge wanted to move in on him and moved Red off of his grain. Barry backed him up and he would have liked to have mowed over Barry but he listens. But he wanted to creep over so Barry took his halter and lead rope and lunged him.

Barry left and I backed Sarge up and kept him from eating Red's grain. He is a pill! Red finally ate all of his grain and I let. I am going out there in the morning before I go to work and see how long it takes Red and Sarge to eat.