Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Biscuit can trot out

I had asked Allison to work with Biscuit on his "trotting out" skills.  She rode him last Thursday and Friday, working on his cantering and trot out skills. 

On Monday I went out to the barn and talked to the Lee Ann's.  We discussed the trip for this weekend.  Lee-Ann B is going to crew for us - I have to get Biscuit 2 bags of carrots - they are great for electrolytes.   I am worried about my trotting out!!!

I went down to get Biscuit and he came to me from the back of the pasture and I gave him a few treats.  I got in the RAV and clucked to him and he took off at a trot!!!  WOOT!!!  That was terrific. 

I got up to the front of the ranch and got out of my RAV and asked him to trot out and he did!  No hesitation.  We did that several times and then I put him on the washrack and Lee Ann B and I were yakking while we groomed the horses.  I got my circular knife and trimmed Biscuit's bars and a huge flap on his front left frog.  I left the hooves alone though.  He has a tendency to be tender footed. 

I tacked him up and put my heart monitor on and it was working fine.  One lead is a little loose and I think I am going to tape it with some duct tape to keep it in place.  I practiced trotting Biscuit fully tacked and so did Lee Ann in case she has to trot him out!

I took his tack off and marked his saddle girth strap with the number of holes starting at 20 - 29.  I piddled with my pommel bags Kellie gave me.  Hummmm...I think I will be using those Saturday instead of my two separate bags.  I put my new cantle bag on the saddle - the company replaced the one that I received from Christmas who's zipper had busted. 

I put Deep Woods Off on Biscuit - he was covered with mosquitoes.  I put some on Sarge too, when I got down to the paddock. 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Encountering drums on the trails

Kellie, Barry and I went riding Saturday.  I hauled out and picked up the horses and tack.  The boys are so funny.  I was leading them back out of the pasture and I got on the right side of Biscuit and Sarge was left of him.  Sarge moved up and Biscuit dropped back and Sarge stuck his nose on my elbow.  I told him he was so dominant.  that he is just freaking funny.  Not mean...just dominant.  Barry met me at the park.  We unloaded and tacked up. 

It was muddy in the woods.  We heard a drum when we got into the trails and Elan chose to go left.  I thought someone was setting up for a party in the park.  Kellie thought it was on the trails.  We came around a bend and we could see people on the trail.   The horses were on high alert.  Kellie had a tight grip on Elan; I thought he might turn and bolt.  Hahaha...he looked like he wanted to.  Good boy...he didn't. 

Turns out there was a trap set of drums in the middle of the trail near a trail entrance.  A SUV was in the entrance, several people on the trail and a drummer going at it during a photo shoot.  Barry turned Sarge to go out so we didn't have to go around.  Biscuit quietly followed...good boy...you never know how they will act.  Elan wasn't having any of it.  I asked Kellie if she was ok.  Elan was past high alert - DANGER WILL ROBINSON - (ok...that was a nerdy flashback to Lost in Space in the '60's) and he refused to go forward. 

Kellie asked Barry to walk Sarge back there and Elan still wouldn't go forward.  Kellie got off and the people were talking to him and petting him so he knew they were "people".  I walked Biscuit back on the trail.  Barry urged Sarge around the people to go past the drum set.  He spooked backwards - FAST twice.  LOL  Sarge was just looking for something to spook at.  I followed with Biscuit.  Biscuit gave it a wide berth but other than a jaundiced eye at it he went on.

Kellie had to lead Elan around it.  hahaha so much for brave horses!!!  Kellie remounted and we took off.  It was MUDDY on that side.  Biscuit is not a fan of mud but he wasn't spazzing out.  My heart monitor is what was spazzing out.  Showing over 200 beats - and just crazy readings.  Later the main lead had come off and was dangling so I don't think it was getting clear readings. 

J-Lo looks like a old pumpkin now!!
We came upon J-Lo (that is what Kellie named the huge mushroom) and she had bit the dust.  Probably when it stormed Wednesday.  She looked like a deflated pumpkin.

We went out onto the bayou.  We laughed at Elan because he kept rubbing his face on Sarge's rear end to get rid of the mosquitoes.  They were horrible.  We crossed the big bridge and stopped to clean hooves.  Kellie asked Barry to ride Elan up and down the incline to get him to WALK down.  Barry got on Elan and walked him up the hill and down he came at a trot.  He and Barry went back and forth and Barry got him to walk down twice.  Kellie got on him and worked with him on going slow.

Two Hard Headed Guys
Elan Dark Knight on High Alert
He still wants to go fast down hills so Kellie was walking him at an angle and that was helping.     Elan is just so funny.  We went up the other side of Willow Bayou and I was behind Sarge.  He stopped and spooked at something and instead of Biscuit's head going over Sarge's rear end, his nose hit the back of Sarge's rear and ended up on his chest in deep rollkur position.  I had to laugh at him.  Then Elan suddenly decided that the crane behind us on the other side was a DANGER WILL ROBINSON moment.  He was giving it the evil eye!  We rode on with Kellie getting him to walk down some of the hills successfully...sometimes not.  We got to the part where we have to swing to the left to go around a deep gully and I saw a coyote come up out of it and go on the other side and into the woods.  Wow wee... He was pretty scroungy looking.  Kellie said she had heard the coyote's howling the night before. 

We went around the gully and down the bayou again.  Some guys were across the way fishing and he'd caught a big fish right then and we talked to them as we went by.  We crossed the bridge and back into the park.  We were going down the bayou to get to the woods when AGAIN Sarge spooked and all I saw was Sarge's butt coming at me - he did it AGAIN and what he was spooking at was the guy's pulling back their rods and reels to throw out into the water!  LOL  He is a pill.  Kellie and I walked into the woods and went left.  Barry stayed behind to show Sarge it wasn't a horse eating moment. 

Kellie and I walked down the trail and it wasn't as muddy on that side as the other.  No drums on that side either.  We were about 2/3 back when Barry came up behind us - he'd gave Sarge a little work out.  We got to the trail head and I made Biscuit go back and forth.  Kellie did the same and we were passing each other making the horses go away from each other.  Biscuit gave me a little fuss and I quickly let him know it wasn't an option.  He decided to go my way.   Barry was in the grass behind the water district office and Biscuit's ears were up, his neck was up and he was listening for Sarge.  I finally walked him to the center of the trail and put his head in the brush.  Then the lesson was over. 

I took his tack off and gave him treats - Elan got treats too.  They'd had alfalfa in the trail on the way over so Sarge got his treat.  We washed their feet off and let them eat the very green clover that was growing there.  Kenny and Traci came over and talked to us - hadn't seen them in a while.  Good to see them! 

Sweat marks
I checked the sweat marks on Biscuit for this short ride - I don't think this little ride or the 14 mile ride was a good indicator for this blanket.  Hummmmm...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Contour Camera Video

I have taken some good natured ribbing about my little Contour Roam Helmet Cam but I really like to see the videos!  I am still learning to use it - the camera itself is easy - but I did have a bit of a problem editing it for uploading.  This is what I got today: click here to view video

Monday, January 23, 2012

Sarge's Eye

Crusty Eye on Sarge
Got back to the barn and went down to check on Sarge as Kellie said his eye was full of sand.  Poor baby.  His eye was running and somewhat swollen.  I walked him up to the barn.  He was not his generally peppy self.  I started out with a wet rag soaking his eye.  It was full of snot.  I called Barry and he came out.  He had washed his eye Saturday but it was nasty on Sunday afternoon.  I went over to the main barn and got a bottle full of warm water and cupped my hand under his eye and poured water over and over it to flush the sand out.  I then put the eye drops I got from Dr. Schneiter in his eye.  I also put the meds for his summer sore that Lee Ann ordered me from Dr. Sherwood.  We took him down to his paddock with hugs and kisses.

Barry and I went back at 5:45 PM with a bottle of warm water and reflushed the eye again and added more drops. 

I went to the barn Monday around noon and his eye was almost 100% better.  A little snot but not running or weak looking.  Thank God!!!

Navigating to the Waterfall

I got up Friday morning to get ready to go to Ebenezer.  I got my stuff out - it takes a bunch to go horse camping!  Got out to the barn and pulled Biscuit up.  I loaded my stuff in the trailer.  I forgot a hat so ran home and got that.  Lee Ann P arrived around 10:00 or so and we loaded up the horses and off we went.  Had to stop to get a new plug for the lights - had a bad connector and the truck kept saying we didn't have lights!

We got up to Ebenezer and started setting up camp.  I put Rogue in the pen and Legato went in the other.  I tied Biscuit to a high tie pole and Lee Ann and I took the panels off of the trailer and put 4 together into a little pen for Biscuit.  He at least had a little grass - not much but some.  Lee-Ann B arrived an hour or so after we did.  The wind was blowing so hard we decided not to ride.  The park was FULL of gaited horses.  We ended up going to see the lady who used to ride competitive trail (she has 5,000 accredited competitive miles) and she had the maps this time!  Yay!!!  We really enjoyed our visit and she told me exactly how to ride a trot...turns out I am doing it RIGHT!!!  Yay!!

Saturday we got up and were waiting on Robin to join us and Margaret arrived!  I was thrilled to see her.  She had Cub.  Then Ray showed up and he came over and talked to us.  He had to put Knothead down in October - how sad.  He now has Snippy at his barn and Lee Ann P was asking how he was doing - Ray is training him now and he is doing just fine.  He just needed to be handled.

Legato was in heat and a little undone by Ray's little stud colt even though he was extremely well behaved.  So we didn't go with Ray and Robin went with him.

Took awhile for Legato to slow her motor down...she was right behind The Biscuit and he finally picked up his butt at her.  Lee Ann told me she was misbehaving and actually pushing Biscuit.  She calmed down just fine before we got to the Beaver Pond.  I stopped and put Biscuit's hoof boots on.  He seemed a little tender footed but I did trim him this week.  We got to the Beaver Pond and went behind it and The Lee Ann's were in front of me and Margaret.  Their horses went through just fine and Biscuit and Cub sunk some and Biscuit handled it fine.  Once I let him go pretty fast through it and gave him his head.  He did clonk my knee on a tree by the Beaver Pond so he didn't have to step in a puddle.  OMG he goes through water without hesitation on a stream yet wants to side step puddles.  We went over the trams and stopped at the big creek for water.  Biscuit stood in the water quiet and calm as could be.  We started trotting and trotted quiet a way going around 5 to 7 mph.  Heart rate was good.  We got to where we had been the last time Lee Ann and I were there and then set a waypoint for the waterfall.

Biscuit and me by the Waterfall

Lee-Ann and Rogue by the Waterfall

Lee Ann and Legato at the Waterfall

Denise & Biscuit at the Waterfall

Margaret and Cub at the Waterfall

Biscuit and Legato in their Taylored Tack at the Waterfall

The Waterfall

Biscuit at the Waterfall in his Taylored Tack and Allegany Mountain Trail Saddle

The Waterfall
Denise, Lee Ann P and Lee-Ann B with Rogue stopping for lunch

Biscuit, Cub and Margaret at Lunch in the Woods

Biscuit, Cub, Margaret, Lee Ann P, Rogue, Lee-Ann B and Legato's hinny

Legato in her functional Taylored Tack tied to a tree at lunch

Margaret, Lee Ann P and Lee-Ann B

Biscuit tied to a tree with his Taylored Tack

Chicken Pot Pie in the Dutch Oven

Are they ready yet?

Not quiet ready...a little longer

Brownies in the Dutch Oven for dessert

Are they done yet?

The right amount of coals gets the job done!
We went bushwhacking them through the forest.  Some trails petered out and we were just going by the headings the Garmins were giving.  We went in some sweeping arcs that are obviously to get around boggy creeks.  We went down a ravine and found a place to cross a little creek - had a incline the horses had to go up and a low tree.  I now have tree burn on the right side of my neck along with 5 scratches from thorns on my left elbow area.  I told Lee Ann I was attacked by a cougar, bit on the neck, clawed on the arm and Biscuit then stomped it to death.  LOL  felt like that anyway.

Biscuit was calm and collected on the ride no matter what.  Forward when asked.  We stopped to eat our Lunchables and Biscuit ate some of the crackers.  I took his reins off and clipped them to his halter ring and tied him to a tree.  The Taylored Tack is amazing.  We kept going sometime opposite of the direction we needed but always moving towards the waterfall.  Some on trails some on no trail.  We crossed a little slough and into trees - the helmet helps but we crossed another little one that Biscuit drank out of and I was standing up in the saddle leaning far back to keep upright and I guess my knee opened the clip of my pink water holder that held my Garmin, camera, compass, toilet paper and stuff.  It came off when Biscuit crossed the water and fell.  Lee Ann saw it fall and I got off and got it.  I would have had a fit if I had lost my Garmin!

We took off again going across a road and zig zagging around...getting closer and closer to the waterfall waypoint.  We were standing on the side of a hill with lots of downed trees and we could see the water of the lake.  I looked to my left and saw a sand bar and I said "there it is - there is the waterfall!!!"  Lee Ann P and Margaret could hear it - we had to zig and zag across trees and up a little way then down a steep hill, around a very tight corner around a tree that bordered a little water crossing and then up the hill and look back on the waterfall!!!  Wow!!!  We found it with our Garmins and marked the waypoint.

The GPS coordinates for the waterfall is N 31 degrees 05.097 W094 degrees 09.096

We took pictures and just marveled that we found it using the Garmins - woot!  We are pumped!!! We took off again and passed the Pet Cemetery and up onto the road.  Down the road and then into the woods.  We went down and then got off the trail to bushwhack.  It was boggy and Margaret made it across and we were looking for a place to cross and found one and got to go a little further but had to stop.  We found another place to return back to but not the one we had come over on.  It was too mushy after 3 horses went over.  I got off and led Biscuit across in case he bogged down.  We walked up to a trail and I straddled Biscuit over a log and mounted.  He backed up over the log and turned around to go like a good boy.  Margaret was still on the other side and we went down the trail until we crossed a creek and there she was.  We continued on the trail crossing little sloughs and puddles.  We got back to Ebenezer after riding 14 miles.  Woot!!!  What a ride.  The horses were doing terrific.  Biscuit was sweaty and dirty but he was relaxed.  I took his tack off and gave him alfalfa which he was thrilled to get.  We gave Cub alfalfa for being our lead horse for quit a bit of the ride and he was a happy camper.

I rubbed Biscuit down with my little purple towel - his hair was standing on end!!!  I cleaned out his pen and gave him regular hay after he ate.   Lee Ann P made chicken and dumplin's in the Dutch Oven and they were terrific.  We had mango daiquiris in the little foil pouch that I bought from HEB.  We sat around the camp fire and visited.  It was a so relaxing.

I spoke to Barry and found out he had fallen on Sarge.  I am glad I wasn't there to see it - I would have had a cow.

Sunday we decided not to ride as it was threatening rain.  We tore down our camp and packed up.  It takes a little while but is so worth it.  We ate at The Stump and headed home. 

I rinsed Biscuit off when I got him home...he was filthy and OMG he had a HUGE tick on his neck under his mane.  It wasn't there Tuesday when I did his feet - I groomed him all over.  I pulled it off and stepped on it.  Gag.  I hate ticks.

My purple cantle bag Dev and Kristen gave me busted the zipper again and I couldn't get it back together.  I called the company on Monday and they are replacing it!  Woot!!! 

Sarge and Barry

Barry and Sarge went to Pundt Park with The Rockin' R Riders while I went to Ebenezer with The Lee-Ann's.  I get this information Saturday night around a campfire.  Barry and Sarge fell at Pundt when he was helping Kellie get Elan across a little slough that had a red firehose in the bottom.  Barry had already crossed and gone up an incline.  He came back to encourage Elan.  Sarge headed for the steep slope and Barry reined him to the easier slope.  Sarge lost his footing and scrabbled to catch purchase there and he went up and almost over on Barry but then fell on his side in the water.  Barry said he knew he was going over and took his feet out of the stirrups.  Sarge landed on Barry's leg.  Kellie said Sarge just laid there not moving and she thought he was really hurt or broke his leg.  She scrabbled off of Elan and fell herself.  Randy jumped off of Reagan to help Barry.  Barry couldn't get his leg out from under Sarge and then he told Sarge to get up.  Sarge was rocking to get up and his legs were up against the embankment.  It was enough movement Barry was able to get his leg out and then Sarge got up. 

Barry was soaking wet, full of mud and sand and so was Sarge.  But they were ok.  Sarge did have sand in his eye.  Kellie looked at him in the trailer and wiped more off of his face.  Barry took a shower in Jim's trailer - clothes and all.  He was dry before they left the park as it was a very warm January day...thank God! 

I am glad I didn't see it.  I would have had a stroke.  Barry had brain surgery 3 years ago to the day this happened.  More in the next post.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Trimming Sarge

Today was Sarge's turn.  I went out in the pasture and he was laying down.  I put his halter on and he got up and I took him up to the wash rack.   He had a nasty little red spot on his neck.  Lee Ann thinks it is a summer sore so she called Dr. Sherwood to make me a compound for it.  I forgot my money at home so will get it tomorrow. 

I started by cleaning his hooves.  He was better than last time but not as good as Biscuit.  I had to pop him once.  He doesn't like that too much!  I got all of his feet done and then groomed him.  He was dirty and his hair was swirly.  After much brushing he looked pretty good!

What is up with my Saddle FIt?

I have noticed a few weeks ago that the hair on Biscuit's withers was ruffled after taking the saddle off.  Hummmmm...what is up with that?

Then I noticed that when I took the saddle off on subsequent rides that there were dry spots.  Last Sunday the entire bar area was dry.

I talked to Stacy today at Allegany and told her what was going on.  Biscuit has changed shape as he has been getting in shape.  She suggested a thinner pad and take pictures of the sweat pattern. 

I was telling Lee Ann P about it and she suggested I try her extra oval shaped pad that is cut in at the withers.  I think that might be the ticket.  I am going to take that one, my SMX Air Ride and my black wool pad with the purple blanket.  I am going to take pics of the sweat marks and sdee what will work better for the Biscuit. 

Trimming The Biscuit

I paid the board for February today.  That is one thing I don't have to worry about now!  Lee Ann printed the forms for me to fill out for the ride and I called and paid for the ride in advance.  That is done.

I pulled up Biscuit and he was a PIG.  He had rolled in the wet muddy water out there and his coat was filthy.  We got up to the barn and I got my farrier tools out and my bucket of treats.  I cleaned his hooves out.  They were filthy.  I got the circular knife and started cleaning up the frogs, just trimming flaps and making the notches.  I cleaned the upper part to see how much heel could come off.  I did each foot in turn.  Then I moved to the nippers and took off the long parts.  I think I am pretty close to getting rid of all the yukky parts that are left overs from old abscesses he had before I got him.  He was a very very good boy today.  A treat for each hoof, for each process added up to loads of treats for The Biscuit.  I rasped him feet from the bottom and then pulled them forward.  He did just terrific.  Not perfect - but terrific.  I was so proud of him.

His feet are getting more concavity but still has a way to go.   He is still a little tender footed over rocks.  After I finished with his feet I got out the curry combs and curried his coat.  It was caked in mud.  Then I used a body brush on him and then the vent brushes to do his mane and tail.  I cleaned his face where the Furazone and Triple Ointment ran down his nose - I used a wipee.  A few more treats and a handful of alfalfa completed our spa day. 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Getting ready for our trip

I went out to the barn in the afternoon and took the boys some alfalfa.  They were more than happy to get a flake of their favorite food!  They both looked good.  Biscuit's nose is healing but isn't closed yet. 

I talked to Kellie and Nugget is better.  She is going to try and get him to get him minerals down!  He will be taking some shots for a few weeks to build him back up.  Hopefully, he will gain strength and get healthy!

The Lee Ann's and I discussed our trip this weekend to Ebenezer.  We are going to load the trailer Thursday with tack/bedding.  Lee Ann P and I are going to haul the horses up and Lee Ann B is going to meet us up there by 3:00 PM.  We are going to set up panels for one of the horses as we will have two pens.  That will work out just fine.  We are planning on Dutch Oven cooking chicken and dumplin's and chicken pot pie.  Woot!!!!  And brownies.  We will not starve!

We are planning an all day ride Saturday.  Hopefully will get in around 25 miles or more for the weekend.  We will see.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tyrrell Park Ride

Barry and I hauled out to the barn to get the horses.  I walked out to the pasture and put the halters on the boys and walked them up.  Sarge was kinda crusty looking - Biscuit was almost clean.  We loaded up the boys and hauled to the park.  I pulled into the right side of the parking lot and we unloaded the horses.  I brushed Biscuit and cleaned his hooves. 

Kellie, Randy and Chase arrived and I walked over and took a chocolate fudge round I had made.  We finished tacking up and mounted up.  Barry and Randy were just howling at my helmet and camera - hahaha  I don't care.  We went through the woods to the big giant mushroom.  Good grief...it has grown since yesterday!  I took pictures but left my darn camera at the barn this afternoon. 

We went out on the bayou and went across the bridge.  We dismounted and cleaned hooves.  When I mounted back up Biscuit started walking before I threw my leg over...OMG he never does that and it was hard putting my butt in the saddle.  Gaaaaa!  We went over the little land bridge and towards the back.  We went all around and to the other side and stopped by the bayou.  We took pictures.

Then Nugget looked a little funny in the back end like his leg was hurting.  Chase got off and walked him and we thought he looked like he was in pain.  Then he started trying to lay down.  Chase got on the back of Elan and Kellie was holding his reins.  We went a little way like that and then I took Nugget's reins.  He kept putting his head down and trying to lay down.  Poor guy.

Finally Chase walked him and Barry took off to the trailer.  He and Sarge trotted, cantered and galloped the 4 miles back.  We walked poor old Nugget and kept having to get after him because he wanted to lay down.  We got over the big bridge and halfway down the bayou and Randy was leading him then.  He did lay down.  OMG...Kellie was way behind us walking Reagan and Chase was on Elan.  Randy was tugging at the saddle hollering for him to get up and I got off of Biscuit and put his reins on the horn.  He just stood there thank God.  I got Nuggets reins and was pulling and yelling for him to get up, Randy was pushing his saddle and finally the poor boy got up.  We continued on with me and Chase driving behind him to keep him from laying down.  Kellie was calling the vet, Barry hauled the Brenderup to Cattail Marsh and Kenny finally gave him a code to open the cantilever gate.  Kellie called me and said send Chase back to her with her water before she colicked. 

He came down the bog road and when he got close poor old Nugget was nickering like - "stop and let me on!!"  We had to turn around and go back to an intersection where Barry turned around the trailer.  Randy was pulling off Nugget's saddle and I hopped off of Biscuit.  Barry lowered the ramp and took Biscuit and Nugget couldn't get up there fast enough.  We put his saddle in the back of my car, Kellie and Chase came with me and Barry mounted up on Biscuit.  Randy was on Reagan and ponied Elan.  Barry said later Elan pulled away from Randy or something to that effect.  He didn't go anywhere though.  He is a good boy. 

We hauled Nugget to the vet and I was praying he didn't go down in the trailer.  We got him there and he was still standing and actually looked somewhat better.  Kellie got him in the stocks and Dr. Pope was listening to his gut, taking his heart rate.  He gave him a tranquilizer to relax him as he was trying to go down in the stocks and kicking some.  Poor guy.  Kellie lifted up his upper lip and his gums were yellowy pale looking - not a good healthy pink color.  Dr. Pope did a rectal on him and said he was somewhat impacted but didn't think he was really colicking. 

I had to leave to go get my horses because they had 4 horses there with just a three horse trailer.  I hauled back to the park and Barry had the boys in the round pen.  They were as happy as clams eating clover.  Randy helped me get my tack in the trailer and we loaded the boys up. 

Kellie said later that he was somewhat impacted and was anemic but doing much better.  He is staying overnight at Doc's. 

I guess 8 miles is too much for the old boy.  He used to run endurance but his health too a slide with his former owner.  Kellie has done so much to return him to health but I think at this time short rides around the woods will be all he can do for now. 

What a day...Biscuit went 8 miles today.  He was a good boy as always.  Sarge has rode over 16 miles this weekend...Go Sarge!!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Riding 7 Miles SOLO!!!

EveryTrail - Find the best Hiking near Beaumont, Texas Barry and I went for a ride today - today marks the 3rd year I have owned horses.  I have come a long way in three years.  We went out to the barn and loaded up the boys.  I took both bridles in case Biscuit's nose cut interfered with his halter/bridle.

I told Barry I wanted to ride by myself so I can work on my "ride by myself" skills.  He tacked up Sarge and left about 5 minutes before me.  I tacked Biscuit up and gave him a few treats.  I put his Taylored Tack on and it didn't interfere with his nose.  I mounted up and Biscuit went into the woods with no trouble.  Of course he was aware that Sarge had left but he didn't see to be nervous or looking for Sarge.

We walked to start out with - he gave a big stink eye to logs which was kinda funny.  We got around to the other side of the woods to the first log crossing and he refused!  Started backing up.  Oh but NO.  I kept urging him forward and popped him with the popper!  He went then but he did that 3 times and wanted to turn around.  I don't know if he doesn't have confidence in me or himself but we worked through it.  We started trotting on the right side of the woods and trotted for 5 miles.  His heart rate stayed around 104.  Good Boy!!

He did a great job today and went past the trail head willingly.  I was thrilled with his forwardness even by himself.  He just kept going.  I did go down the ride away and then he slowed down to a walk.  He even wanted to turn around and go back.  I insisted he go forward.  He did as he was asked.  We are both getting better!  He was sweating but cool to the touch.

My last go around I could see Barry ahead of me so I yelled at him and we caught up.  I told him I saw people in the parking lot and they came around the corner right then.  It was James, Beverly and Kurt.  It was so nice to see them!  James said he had thought about stealing my steps...hahahahahaha he is so funny.  We chatted with them and then took off for the trailer at a pretty fast trot - Garmin said 11.5 mph and when I uploaded it it says 9 mph.  That makes me crazy. When we got to the trail head I wouldn't let Biscuit go out and he fussed but got over it QUICKLY.  He has discovered it is quicker to do what I want when I want than to wait. 

I was thrilled with the ride today.  It gives me 29.8 miles for the year.  We hauled back to the barn and the boys were fed and put in their pasture.  Barry swapped out saddles for our ride tomorrow.  We are ready to go.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Biscuit's Cut

This was taken Tuesday. 
I went out to the barn today to check on Biscuit.  His cut looks a little better, not as swollen.  It is still full of Neosporin so I didn't have to add more.  

This was taken Wednesday
Here is a picture of his cut today.  Poor baby!!!  He came up for hugs.  It looks like a puncture in the cut but it doesn't look like it is infected.  I will be watching it closely.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Poor Biscuit cut his face

I wasn't able to go out to the barn yesterday due to it raining cats and dogs and me feeling like the BOTTOM of my shoes.  I have misplaced my keys to my RAV and my trailer is attached to it.  Woo Hoo....I can't get it off without the keys so I had to wait til Barry came home.  We went to the store and then out to see my boys.  I like to see them just to make sure they are ok.  Everytime I think they aren't...well, they aren't! 

Biscuit saw us coming up the ranch road and he was in the middle of the pasture.  He started towards the fence and Sarge was at the water barrel.  When Biscuit got up close I could see he had cut his face almost halfway up on the right side.  Most likely yesterday or Sunday evening as I could see it was healing but looked a little swollen and like it was kinda deep.  Not stitches deep but deeper than a little scratch.  My poor baby.

Sarge was walked towards us and then trotting then cantering.  He is so funny.  He got up there and I hugged them both up and checked out Biscuit's face.  I put his halter on him and I could see he was anxious about the halter touching his bobo.  I told Barry I would go up and get the Triple Ointment out of my cantle bag and he said he would go. OMG he was gone forever and I was FREEZING.  Sarge was all up in my Kool-Aid wanting to be loved on and giving Biscuit pissy looks.  I made him back up while still rubbing his face and then rubbing Biscuit's face.  Biscuit was leaning into me when I was at his shoulder.  He has changed so much - he is such a sweet fellow and wants his hugs and kisses now where when I got him it frightened him. 

Barry FINALLY came back and said he couldn't find my bag - LOL - it was on my saddle!  He said he'd go back and I said no...you have on a better coat and I am freezing and I know EXACTLY where it is!  He brought Sarge some alfalfa and Biscuit was going to have to wait.  Barry took a picture of his bobo on his phone but I failed to take it off so I could post it.  I went up and got the Triple Ointment and some more alfalfa for Biscuit.  I put the ointment on his face and gave him his alfalfa.  Poor baby - it looks like he cut it on wire.  I will go out to the barn and put more ointment on him in the morning. 

I am going to have to ride him in his leather bridle because his biothane one will put the halter part right over his cut.  I need to get another bit so I don't have to change from one bridle to the other!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Biscuit is coming along in his training

Kellie took this picture!  I am taking a picture of the mushroom.  That is Heath with me.
Cheeky Mushroom

In the back of the park

Back by Hildebrandt Bayou

Can you see Hildebrandt Bayou?

Kellie and Elan

Lee Ann B met me at the barn to go riding with Kellie and her neighbor, Heath.  Lisa was out at the barn loading up Cash Kitty - she was going riding at the park with Helen.  Biscuit and Sarge ran off when I opened the ramp - I had to go out in the field to get him but he walked up towards me.  He is such a good boy.

Lee Ann and I loaded the trailer and took off.  We got to the park and tacked up.  Kellie suggested we ride in a different place as Elan seemed a little bored with it.  I told Elan he needed to suck up - we all have to work at jobs we'd rather not...I still have to wash clothes, grocery shop, cook dinner, etc.  His job was to haul Kellie where ever she wanted to go.  He is such a funny fellow.  He was hoping I had a treat but I am fresh out of treats.

We went into the woods and around to the bayou.  Elan took my talk to heart and was moving out.  We went down and across the bayou bridge and rode to the back.  We saw a turtle that was moving fast.  Who would have thought a turtle could go that fast?  Biscuit was pretty darn sweaty.  Poor guy...it was hot today.  Like 79 degrees.  There was a breeze blowing thank God.  It seemed like spring time today.  Lots of green out...didn't seem like the dead of winter!

We came around to the bayou bridge again and stayed on the south side and went up the bayou there.  Just a different ride than the other side.  Lots of ups and downs.  We saw a little armadillo piddling along.  We came out on the road and walked across the bridge and Elan spooked at something but it was a little spook...more like a startle.  We went down the ditch and back into the park...Biscuit was lower than some branches but I wasn't!  Back into the woods and to the right.   We rode around and through one of the entry places we could see Lisa, Helen and Laureen.  We stopped to look at the funniest mushroom.  It looked like someone's backside!  We walked over to the center of the park where we used to park.   Biscuit and I trotted over to them at a fast pace.  We visited with them and then headed back to the stable.  Biscuit and Elan were cantering beside each other - Biscuit was going a little faster than I want him to go but he was doing a great job.

We slowed and stepped on the road and my horse was LAME.  OMG  a few more steps LAME as he could be.  I got off in the road and picked up his front left hoof.  OMG huge rocks in the frog area and in the right hoof too.  I tried to mount there but he was wanting to walk off after Elan.  I walked him over to the stable road and then mounted.  I don't want him to ever walk off and think that is ok.  I had 8.9 miles on the Garmin when I got there.

I wanted to work on the "walk off from other horses" skills and ask him to walk towards the woods.  He started out ok and stopped at the water dept driveway.  We did some backing up and he went forward.  Got to the edge of the house and he turned out and was backing up.  We backed up quiet a bit and turned around and a little forward...backing up and going forward.  We got into the trails and he stopped again and it was circles and backing.  He finally went and we did the back and forth thing.  He did well and finally walked over to the brush area where I have made him go at the end of the training session!!  LOL  He was telling me "I did my job - can we go now?"  hahahah  He is so funny.

I took his tack off and rinsed him.  He was filthy.  I didn't have a scraper with me - darn!  At the barn he dropped and rolled - he was again - FILTHY.  

Friday, January 6, 2012

Riding with my Barn Peeps

Wednesday I went out to the barn with my new helmet.  Lee Ann B helped me adjust it with the little pads on the inside so it fit snugly like it should.  Lee Ann P and I were going riding and convinced Lee Ann B she needed to go with us.  We pulled up the horses and loaded the 3 horse slant and took off to Tyrrell Park.

I took Biscuit out of the trailer and stood him at the end of the bed of the truck.  The trailer only has 2 ties on the right side and Biscuit, bless his heart, will just stand there.  I put his lead rope in the back of the truck at the corner and he just stayed right there.  Good boy!  I got him tacked up and mounted up first which is a miracle in itself.

Ricky_Venable was there at the Water Department and I talked to him.  I grew up with Ricky - he lived in our neighborhood on Earle Street.  I told him he was laying down on the job because of the downed trees.  He said he'd get on it and I told him we actually liked the trees because we had to step over them and it was good training but I did ask him to move the Bobcat Metal Track off the trail as it is dangerous for man or beast.  He said he would do that.  I hope so.

We took off and Biscuit led the way - we went to the left because Biscuit anticipates we are going right.  He was being a good boy.  Lee Ann P had tacked Legato up in her new Taylored Tack and she was a little unsettled by the breast collar as she had never worn one.

We tried a little jog for a short while but Legato was not wanting to settle down so we slowed.  We walked out onto the bayou and all the way down Willow Bayou to the bridge.  We crossed the bridge and walked straight and down the south side of the park.  We went about 1/2 way to Hildebrandt and turned around.  On the way up Willow Bayou near the trees we hit a jog and kept at it for a while.  Biscuit did a great job.  He was wanting to go faster but was able to get him finally in a collected jog.  We went into the woods and went to the left as we had already been down the other way.  When we got to the trail head I let the Lee Ann's go out and Biscuit and I worked on our "we go where Denise says go, not where the other horses or Biscuit wants to go" maneuvers.  He was resistant and going sideways then backing up.  He back up while I was urging him forward.  I turned him in circles but that only lasted 15 seconds and the went forward.  We walked about 10 yards and turned around and did the same at the trail head again.  Back and forth.  Once he gave me a little flack to the left of the trail head of not wanting to go forward but I pushed him through it and he did just fine.  I ended it by getting him to stand still with his nose in the bush and his butt pointed to the trail head.  When he finally stood still the lesson was over.  That took a minute or two with him wanting to turn his head or step to the side.    Once he stood still that was it.

I rode 7 miles Wednesday so I have a total of 13.8 miles for 2011.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Tipperary Helmet Arrived

I was so excited that it came in and it FITS!!!  I also got the curb strap in.  I put the camera mount on the helmet as it has to "cure" for 24 hours. 

I went to the barn today and pulled Biscuit up and looked at his hooves.  I cut some of the frog off that was flapping.  Tomorrow I will do his hooves.  They have really grown which was surprising - it is winter time! 

Lee Ann and I discussed our upcoming trip and the Airport Express ride.  I can't wait!

Monday, January 2, 2012

1st Ride of the Year and a Solo Ride - A Red Letter Day!!

Kellie and I went on our first ride of the year today.  It was a red letter day for Biscuit and for me.  I went out to the pasture and put his biothane halter on and loaded him up - had to get the whip out but didn't have to use it.  The trailer bumping really bothered him - I have sprayed it with WD40 3 times now.

I hauled out to Tyrrell Park arriving exactly at the same time as Kellie - she turned in and opened the gate and I pulled in and closed the gate.  Perfect timing!  The wind was blowing hard but it was a beautiful clear blue sky and it was about 55 degrees and the wind was blowing about 19 mph and gusting to 24 mph.  Thank God it settled down just before we walked into the woods.  We tacked up and were on our way.  We walked down to past the second ride away and there was a huge tree down laying in the road like a middle barrier.  We trotted some and I filmed a little with my Roam Camera I bought.  I love it!  Such clear pictures!  We came all the way around and kept going.  Biscuit wanted to go out to the trailer and we had a little skirmish but nothing big.  We went down and turned left at a ride away.  Elan stopped about 30 yards in to look around and I was able to keep Biscuit moving.  That is a good thing.  He always wants to stop and turn and he and I worked on that Saturday and today.  We turned right on the trail and kept going.  Elan stopped to checked things out and again, I was able to keep Biscuit moving for the most part.  I was thrilled with him.  Such a good boy!

Biscuit trotting in Tyrrell Park  
Check out this video of us trotting in the park on my Contour Roam Video Camera!

We went out on the bayou and Biscuit still hasn't forgotten the day that he tangled his left hoof in branches.  He is always suspicious of that area - moving carefully and very alert.  Kellie and I laughed about it because he simply hasn't gotten over it!

We went down a little ways and Elan stopped and Biscuit wanted to stop and I kept after him to keep moving forward and he did...going s-l-o-w-l-y and skewing to the left but he was moving forward.  I was so proud of him. I was singing to him and Kellie come trotting up behind me saying Elan was a little startled by the singing.....that was funny and I don't blame him.  I can't carry a tune in a bucket!!

We went down a ride away and back up the overgrown on.  We headed back for the woods and my Garmin died about .5 miles from the trailer.  Ugh....I left it on accidentally this weekend so I ran down the batteries.  I may look at getting rechargeable batteries.  I am sick of buying batteries for it.

Kellie had stuff to do so I told her I was going to ride a round solo.  We got to the trail head and Kellie went out and Biscuit wanted to follow.  He and I had a test of wills...backing up...circling, urging forward...refusing to go forward, more backing up until he decided the old girl wasn't giving up and he moved forward to the right side of the park.  He settled down and walked on.  I got around the first corner and then urged him into a trot.  It took a bit to convince him but once he started he was rearing to go.  Good boy!!!   We kept up the trot around the woods which is 1.8 miles.  He was trotting at about 7.5 mph and heart rate topped at 118.  We got up to the trail head and he wanted to go out.  Kellie was still there so I wasn't going to go around again.  Biscuit and I had another skirmish...backing up, circling, urging forward while he was going backwards but I won.  Forward he went for about 20 yards and turned him around to go past trail head again.  Another skirmish that I eventually won.  We went back and forth about 5 times and ended with his butt pointing to the trail head and his nose in the rough.  I want him to totally disregard the trail head unless I ask him to find it.  He did a fantastic job today.  I was so proud of him!

I took his tack off and gave him two treats and took two to Elan.  He was in the trailer so I asked Kellie to give them to him and he dropped his head below the divider to let me know he could still have treats.  He is such a funny guy!!!  Such a funny personality!

Kellie headed out and I was pulling up to the gate when Kenny drove up.  I got out to speak to him and give him a New Years hug.  I told him about Biscuit laying down on the trail and he said he had never known him to do that.  We talked about when he laid in the water but this was different.  Kenny was as surprised as I was.  I hauled Biscuit back to the ranch and he rolled in the dirt and took off for a drink.

Today was a red letter day.  I was able to get Biscuit to keep going even when other horses stop.  I was able to make him go even when the other horse was going towards the trailers.  And best of all, I rode the trail by myself.  I did once with Red but the last time I tried with Biscuit I had to walk him out as he flat our refused to go.  Woo Hoo...I may turn into Annie Oakley!

Barry rode Sarge Thursday for several hours.  He went all over Tyrrell Park and seemed to have had a great time.  I know Sarge likes to GO!!

Biscuit Lays Down on a Ride and final miles of 530.4

I actually made more miles than I thought I had and made a last ride of the year on New Year's Eve.  So I actually got 530.4 miles for the year.  Wow wee...I had originally hoped to get 400 miles.  I have set a new goal of 600 miles for 2012.  God willing and the creek don't rise, I will make that goal.

Kellie and I went riding on New Year's Eve.  I went to the barn to get Biscuit and he didn't want to load up.  I had to get the buggy whip and I backed him up snapping it on the ground.  He decided that yes...by golly...he would GET in that trailer.  

I got him tacked up and realized I didn't have his bridle.   I had taken it out to wrap it up for Christmas.  I tried Sarge's on him and it fit and the bit is literally the same.  Sue had joined us and off we went.  My saddle was a little loose but ok.  We went down Willow Bayou and Sue stopped at the gravel road and Kellie and I kept going.  Elan would stop and Biscuit was wanting to stop and do his back up baloney.  I flopped the reins around his shoulders, put my heels into him, used the rein to keep him from turning and growled at him.  He moved forward.  We did this about 3 times and he finally just kept going in spite of Elan stopping.  Good boy!!! I heaped praises on him.  We went over the Willow Bayou Bridge and stopped to clean hooves.  I tightened Biscuit's girth a bunch.  I couldn't believe it was so loose.  We mounted back up and Sue headed back because she can only ride Dulce so far.  Kellie and I went straight to go the right side of the trails.  Biscuit was walking slow and steady.  I told Kellie he'd be alot more forward when he perceived we were on the way back.  He trotted a little but not much...slow and steady and he was wet when we got back to Hildebrandt Bayou.  His hair is long and it was wet...not dripping wet but wet all the same.  We came up the other side and the hog's damage was so apparent.  We got to the front part and turned left where the canal picks up.

Biscuit started "peanut rolling" which was kind of strange for him.  When we got into the hairpin turn he shook from head to tail - I told Kellie he was so sweaty I was sure he was itchy.  We went over the land bridge and he started rolling the peanut and then stopped and laid down.  OMG that was so odd.  I felt him going down and I stepped off of him pretty as you please.  He was calm and I told him not to roll in his saddle but that didn't to seem to be his intention.  He laid there for a while and then stood up and shook his head.  His bridle came off his head and I put it back on.  He shook his head again and off it came again.  Kellie and I were surprised and confused at why he would lay down.  His heart rate was perfect, I put my ear to his sweaty coat and he had gut sounds.  I called Lee Ann P to ask her opinion.  I reported everything - good gut sounds, calm, clear eye, good heart rate.  She thought perhaps his girth had been a little tight.  I walked him to the bridge and over and then girthed him up loosely and mounted up.

We mounted up and passed up some people riding which was strange to see people we didn't know out there.  That is a rarity!  We got down by the woods and Sue was out on the canal.  Biscuit really perked up when he saw her and was moving very forward.  I asked for a small trot and immediately got it and he slowed when I asked him to.  We walked into the woods and to the right.  I walked Biscuit all the way back to the trailer.  I had tried to call Barry and he called me back when we were in the woods.  I told him about Biscuit.  When we came out of the woods I saw Barry driving down the road - he stopped, backed up and joined us.  He petted Biscuit and asked me and Kellie what happened.

I loaded Biscuit up and headed back to the barn.  I unloaded him and watched him closely.  He rolled around a little and his back right leg looked a little stiff.  I hung around and watched him for a while and then had to go deliver a wedding cake.  We delivered the cake and then went out to eat with Kellie and Randy.  I was concerned about Biscuit and Barry and I drove out to the ranch so I could check up on him.  He and Sarge were in the middle of the pasture but they came over.  Biscuit looked a little nervous - I would imagine the lights and us appearing in the dark was a little disconcerting to them. 

I got up New Year's Day and went out around 10:00 AM and checked on him.  He was just fine.  I really think the girth was a little snug and making him uncomfortable.  He didn't buck or act like an idiot...he just let me know the only way he knew how - he laid down!!!  What a sweetie.