Monday, June 29, 2009

Red is not sweating and he is a tee totaler!

I took Jennifer and Jeff out to see Red Wednesday morning. Oddly, he wouldn't come to me like he normally does. He seemed ok though. I got just past IH 10 on 365 and I got a call from LeAnne Brown and she said Red was breathing hard and his sides were heaving. I asked her to take him out and wash him down which she did. Bless her heart...she was so sweet to do that. I called Barry and asked him to go check my boy out on his lunch and called Margaret and asked her about this. She said give him some electrolytes. I called Dr. Sherwood's office and asked that he call me and gave her the information. She called back and said that Dr. S didn't handle that and to call the vet in Buna or Dr. Schneiter. I called Dr. Schneiter and left a message. Bless his heart...he called me back and said to order Red some One AC, keep him out of the sun, in a stall with a fan, etc.

I bought some electrolytes at Tractor Supply to give to him. I bought him new reins and a running Martingale in Liberty. I went out to the barn after work and gave him another cool water bath with alcohol and Absorbine liniment. That cooled him off quickly.

I got on the internet and researched this condition. I kept reading to give him a beer. I tried giving him a tallboy Budweiser and Red doesn't like beer!!!

All this week I have been giving him cool water baths and watching his sweat level. He is sweating next to none. Yesterday it was a little on his shoulders, up around his mane on both sides, under his front legs and between his back legs and a tiny bit behind his ears. He is a little cranky this week so I have had to really check his behavior.

Today I went to the barn to check on him. Lee Ann (barn manger Lee Anne!) was riding in the arena and I said I wanted to talk to her. I called out to Red and he was around the back of the pasture but he started heading for me. God love him. I talked to Lee Anne about Red's issues (we had talked the first day too) and told her about calling Dr. Sherwood and then Dr. Schneiter and following what they said. We decided to put Red in the small covered arena during the day and turn him out with Sarge at night. He will be right next to Sarge so they can still bond. She is going to increase his food back to the amount he was getting with 3 feedings - now split between the 2 meals. He will get bahaia hay during the day. I think he will be happier in the arena than in the stall.

I went toward the Silsbee store and Lee Anne called. She said the called Dr. Sherwood and he said he would have come out and checked on Red and he was upset that his office said he wouldn't. I thought it was bizarre and Lee Anne was concerned. Next time I will insist on speaking to him!

Margaret and I met for lunch. We discussed Red's issue and I think Red will be ok. I just won't be able to ride him in the summer heat. I will ride him in the evenings and use a spray bottle to give him "artificial" sweat like someone on the internet suggested. She did that for her horse. I will work on trail riding in the arena by stepping over posts, walking around stuff, etc. All the information I read said it was essential to keep them in good shape. We will take it easy for the next few months riding in the evening or early morning only.

It rained pretty good this evening so I was glad - Red was very cool this afternoon I am sure!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Riding this weekend

I am swamped under with cakes. I am TIRED. Barry went out to see the horses during the day and later we went out to ride. I had to deliver a cake so he got there earlier than me and he saddled Red for me.

I got there and put my spurs on and Red's bridle. We went out for a ride. Red stumbled several times. That really bothers me. We did lope down the ride away and Red was going pretty fast. He listens though when you say "easy easy" and he responds well with just light pressure on his mouth. We walked over the log again but Red mashes it instead of stepping over it. When we got to the log jump he stepped quiet well over it.

The bugs were bothering him and Sarge. When we got down by the pastures we past Duke and he took off bucking and running. Sarge took off and Barry had to work to get him in hand again. Just up ahead by the broken down pile of stuff was a little armadillo! It went into the pile of stuff and Sarge was giving it a strange look and moving away. Red looked at it and just kept going.

I groomed him and we gave them their alfalfa. Red has a hissy for that and Sarge was having one today too. Barry said he was acting like Red. I think Alfalfa is candy or crack for horses!

Riding on Thursday

Barry and I rode out on Thursday. Good grief it is HOT. We rode around through the sea of grass again and went to the right at the ditch. We rode almost to Hebert Road and Red got all excited. Head came up, ears forward and he wanted to take off! He was trying to call to the other horses but he can't hardly get out a nicker. LOL I think Red is mute. A man came out of a house there and said we were on his property not Plum Nearly. We apologized and said we wouldn't get on his property again. He said he wasn't trying to be rude - we said we certainly understand and we did. So off we went. Back onto Plum Nearly. Red and I loped down the right side of the ranch and it was so fun!!! Red is such a good fellow. He listens to me and I appreciate that!

I didn't get to go to the barn on Friday. I had to go to Houston with Barry and I had so much cake to do. I hate not going to see them.

Riding in the Arena and Side Passing!

I had to work up in Livingston today and had a cake consultation at 8:30 PM. Christy went with me up to Livingston and Woodville so that was nice. Barry and I went out to the barn to ride in the arena. I only got to ride about 30 minutes at the most but it was fun. Barry was working with Sarge on stuff and I worked on getting Red to Side Pass! WOO HOO My baby is brilliant.

We didn't ride Wednesday - we just went out to the pasture and fed them their alfalfa.

Monday, June 15, 2009

I loped today!!!!! Woooo Hoooooo!!!!!

Wow Wee What A Day! I got up and took Morgan to Nicole's so they could leave for the Cayman Islands. Went to the barn and put Furazone on Sarge. Red came running up to me and I had to go out to Sarge. He walked up to the front of the pasture but not letting me catch him. When we got up to the front he allowed me to doctor up his scrape. LOL Red was following me and trotting behind me all the way. He is such a sweetheart!

I had to go to Houston to get some VSL and on the way home I detoured down to the beach and went all the way to Roll Over Pass. Such devestation is unbelieveable. It was sad to see. I did look for places for us to go horseback riding. I would like to take Red and Sarge down there.

I went home and Barry and I decided to go horseback riding. We went out to the barn and down to the pasture but the boys hadn't had dinner. They were circling us like sharks! LOL I put the flymask I bought on Red! His little ears looked so cute! Sarge was really nonplussed by the flymask. He lipped it and Red swung his head towards Sarge and he almost had a cow. He was afraid of it! LOL

I decided to go down to the barn and get their grain. I came back with it and LOL Barry said Sarge though the fly mask was sexy and tried to mount Red. He said he though Red was going to kick the snot out of him. We fed them and sat down and watched them eat. We we were through with that we walked them up to the barn to saddle them up. Good golly Miss Molly was it ever HOT. I had sweat rolling down my face - ugh. I kept splashing water on my face and hair. I know I looked like a fox. I groomed Red and he is shedding like crazy again. That makes his hair dull. I got him tacked up and Barry was already in the arena working Sarge. I was about to get on when Margaret called and said she and Dawson were having a great time. We chit chatted a little bit and then I hung up the phone and got on Red. We rode around the arena a little while and then started out on our ride. Sadda runs at the fence and so does the little gelding in the gautlet. Red lays back his ears but pretty much ignores them. It kinda stresses Sarge out and he wants through as fast as possible.

We walked all the way to the back and then went to the right. We went in the same path as the other day - going through the ditch from the other side and Red did a great job. He was stumbling/fumbling/bobbling some. Poor baby. I don't know if that foot is a little sore or what. We walked back through the sea of golden grass and up on the fairway. Barry took off on Sarge loping slow. I started Red at a trot and bless his heart...he is so careful with me. I urged him on and he hit a LOPE!!!! WOWWWW WEEEEEE I haven't loped (not counting 4 or 5 strides in February) since before Barry and I got married. OMGOSH I was so excited. I told him to ease up...easy....easy...easy....and then applied a little rein pressure. My baby doll stopped pretty as you please. Barry had his back to me the entire time so he missed it! I reached to get my phone out to call Margaret because I was so excited ... no phone! It was gone. Sigh....what an idiot! I lost my phone. We walked back down the fairway to look for it but didn't find it. We walked back the way we came to the center of the ranch and we kept going to the left of the ranch. I got to the log Lee Anne always walks Rogue over. I asked Red to go over it and I think he stepped on it and it was scrunching because it was rotten. I turned him around and went back back again and he stepped around it kinda or stepped on the edge and it crunched. LOL We walked down to the first jump and I went to the right and then the next jump is 3 slim tree trunks stacked on top of each other. They are about knee high. I didn't think Red would do it - I asked and he stepped over it pretty as you please!!!

My boy is just about perfect. We walked down the side by the canel and it was so nice. It had been mowed. We walked up the rideaway by my car and over to the barn. I groomed Red and did his hooves. I brushed Sarge's mane too.

We took them back to their pasture and gave them their alfalfa. I came home and cooked for me and Barry. I spoke to Margaret and she said be careful about running Red with another horse in front of him! LOL He behaved perfectly though so I was thrilled.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Sunshine Red

Barry took this picture of Red and me this morning. I downloaded a brand new scrapbook file to make this layout and I really liked it. I faded and feathered the edges of the photo and used a cracked paint background and dried branches of foliage. I thought it looked pretty darn cute!

Going for a ride in the Brenderup and Sarge's history

Barry and I went out to the stables today to try to load the boys up. Red was about 1/2 way out in the pasture and Sarge was across the pasture at the water trough. I called to Red and he came trotting up fast! I was taking pictures of him and when I scroll through them on iPhoto I can see him trotting up and it cracks me up. We decided to load him up and work with Sarge later.

We led Red up to the trailer and he went off the side. Barry popped his butt and Red decided getting in the trailer with the center bar in place worked just fine. LOL he is a hoot.

Sarge wasn't so interested in trotting up. Barry had to walk out there and then Sarge started walking up to the front but didn't let Barry catch him until he was already up here at the front. He walked away from Barry but up to me....LOL I guess he likes alfalfa more than he lets on.

Barry led him up to the trailer and I stood beside he so he wouldn't come off the side but he did anyway. I got some alfalfa out and took the lead rope. I gave him a nibble and backed up the ramp pulling his lead rope. Barry was behind him tapping his hinney and he went up the ramp in the center. I had the alfalfa encouraging him to move over and walk in. Finally he did! I backed under the breast bar with the alfalfa and Red's big head was all over me sniffing out the alfalfa! LOL I had two of them wanting a treat. Barry put the butt bar on and we waited a few minutes and gave them more alfalfa. We closed the back ramp and went down the road.

While we were going down the road I called Ray to tell him we would not be able to come today. I asked him about Sarge's chest and it was evidently caused by a kick but was not serious. I asked him about the names on the registration and I did get history on Sarge! He was foaled on large ranch in Louisiana (both of my horses are Louisiana bred horses!) and the godson of the man who manages the ranch got him when he was 2 years old or so. Evidently, the godson got the pick of 2 geldings before the big sale every year. He trains them, returning one to the ranch for the yearly sale and keeps one for himself to sale. So Sarge and another gelding were the cream of the crop. He started to break Sarge and Sarge had an accident of some sort - not really sure about that - but he cut his knee badly. The vet of choice had retired but did come to the clinic because of his relationship with ranch manager and treated Sarge. He said to turn Sarge out for 6 months and he'd be good to go.

So Sarge was turned out. When the guy pulled him up to start the retraining process it was already time to get the next two geldings. The man that trained Sarge, Ray, had wanted a gelding out of the sire of Sarge and so the owner said come get him and if you like him you can purchase him. Ray worked with Sarge for a month and said he wanted him! Young owner said $1500 and Ray said that was too little. Young owner said he hadn't paid for him (well, he really does though - he trains a horse for a horse!!!) and the vet bill hadn't cost him anything either. He said Sarge was a $5000 horse (I guess that is what they generally go for at 2 years old at the auction they have every year on the ranch) but he was more than happy to see Ray get him and train him.

So Sarge stayed with Ray and was trained as a cutting and cow horse!! Ray said he can fox trot which I believe I saw him doing yesterday. Ray kept him for 3 years and since he breeds horses and trains he decided to promote his own lines so Charlotte was the lucky recipient of a terrific little horse and now we are the lucky recipient!! Ray said he'd love to keep up with Sarge so we are hoping to go up there soon to visit with him.

We took the boys to Pat and Mary's house and they came out to see them along with Pat Hebert and Jonell Bertrand. The horses had both pooped LOL so the ramp was pretty messy.

We went back to the barn and we unloaded Sarge and tried to load him back up. He wasn't too excited about it but after a couple of tries we were successful!!! Woo HOO!!!! It still takes two people but he will get better as we work with him. I pulled Red out and went to reload him and he went off the side. Barry popped him on the hinney and he was more than happy to hop up. LOL Red is such a sissy - and I love it that he is! We gave the boys their alfalfa and hugged them up. They behaved so good today I was thrilled.

Red comes running now for the most part when he sees me. It has really taken about 3 months for him to do that. He knows he is my horse now and he loves me! Sarge will actually come to me first. He is such a sweetie too!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Our first ride out with Sarge

Barry and I went on a ride with Sarge and Red today. I delivered my wedding cake and then went and picked Barry up and we went to the barn. I drove down to the pasture and we called the horses. Red came at a jog...I know he thought alfalfa was involved! Barry put their halters on while I put my boots on.

We walked them up to the washrack and started grooming then tacking them up. Barry finished before I did. Red was shedding like crazy and he was sweating. It was pretty darn hot. Barry took Sarge into the arena and started working with him. I got through tacking up Red and mounted in the small arena.

We headed out - down the "gauntlet" we went. The little gray gelding in the pasture where Red used to be charges the fence and runs down the side. Saada, the resident stallion come flying at the fence, teeth bared, ears flat and acting pretty scary. Thank God he doesn't jump. I felt Red collect himself and turn his butt to kick the young gelding but I checked that behavior. The gauntlet is a little stressful but we got through just fine.

Red moves like a slow boy and I forgot my spurs. Durrrrr......We walked all the way to the back fence and turned right. I have always gone to the left. We went all the way to the fence and then down a ride away where Barry said he has opened Red up!! We walked down to where if we had gone right we would have ended up where the pastures start on the road. Instead we went straight forward, down a little ditch and walked into a wide swath of golden brown grass that cut through a sea of red. It was stirrup high and we walked all the way through that and then cut down by a deep drainage ditch and followed it around to the road. We turned around and Barry showed me the ditch he would take Red through. He went through with Sarge and then again and I followed him on Red.

We went back the way we came - through the sea of golden grass and up onto the cut ride aways. Barry got off of Sarge to tighten his cinch and Sarge didn't want to stand still. Barry popped him on the shoulder with his reins and Sarge pulled away from Barry and was backing up and Barry had ahold of the reins. I hollered for him to turn Sarge loose! Sarge siddled around the back of Red and walked over to the right side of Red and me. He stood there till Barry picked up his reins. Red wanted to go to the left from there. Barry said that was the shortcut he would take back to the barn and I think Red wanted to go that way!!!

Red started slightly bobbling/stumbling just a bit so we rode around the way we came and then back up to the barn instead of going to the left of the ranch. I know his heel is working on uncontracting and they said that would make it sore.

Red and I trotted fast down some of the ride aways and he is such a good boy and he does listen well. We got them back to the barn and Barry worked with Sarge in the arena while I took Red's tack off and began rinsing him off. He was one sweaty boy. I should have tucked my pants up. I jeans were long and they were full of sand and wet too boot. UGH. I used the sweat scraper on him to pull the water out and combed his mane and forlock and cleaned his hooves and put the medication solution in his right hoof. It is getting better and I think his hooves are growning well. Yay!!!

Sarge is a good boy - gentle but much more spit and fire than Red has. Barry had him spinning in the arena and he was tickled about that. He got a little scared in the wash rack and he moves around more than Red will.

When I went to put up the grooming supplies I heard Barry call me. I went out there and Red was grazing near Barry and Sarge!!! He had lifted his head really high looking at me I guess, and the safety break away snap released. LOL He just walked over to eat grass.

Barry got the hay bag and stuffed it full of alfalfa and we walked the horses back down to their pasture. Red is always excited about getting his alfafla and we left with both of the horses with their noses in their feed buckets munching their favorite treats.

I had a blast. This is why I have spent 9 million dollars - or it seems like 9 million dollars - and that was to be able to ride my own horses with Barry. It is a dream come true for me.

Barry said he had golf, his Harley and his Quarter Horse. He could retire and just have a good time!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Loading in the Brenderup

Barry hauled the Brenderup out to the stable today and down to the pasture Red and Sarge are in. I got there and drove down to the back. We put the halters on the horses and lead them out. Barry said to load Red up first.

I tried to lead Red up the ramp but he kept going off to the side. I didn't want to beat his butt in front of Sarge and scare him but Red is going to have to learn to load not matter what. I went and got some alfalfa and showed it to Red and that big hunk of doodie couldn't get in the Brenderup fast enough. He is so funny. I tied him and gave him some alfalfa.

We tried to load up Sarge but he wasn't interested in getting in. Finally we took Red out and I put him back in his pasture. I dropped the butt bar and put the divider to the side. We both tried to entice Sarge with alfalfa. He walked up the ramp and stood there after awhile but he stepped back out. We both worked at coaxing him and he would start to come up and then go back down.

I went up to the barn and got his feed for the evening. I worked hard at coaxing him with alfalfa and the grain. He finally came in and Barry pulled the rope up and he stood for awhile and then he backed out quick and kind of threw his head up. He didn't try to run off though. We worked back and forth walking him in and him backing out. He is not as motivated by food as Red is! Red is a chow hound.

We kept working at it - Barry told him he was demoting him from a Sargent to a Private! I called Kay at Brenderup and she said keep working with him with feed! I guess that is a good motivator. I thought about having him put in a stall and seeing if food would get him there tomorrow!!

Barry got him back into the trailer and I walked up behind him and put my hand on his butt. He wanted to move back and I pressed him forward. I knew he was too well trained to step on me. When he would try to move back I pressed him forward again. Barry was feeding him his grain and talking to him. I said toss out my lead rope and I quietly got off the ramp and go the rope. I latched it to the gromlet thingy and pulled it behind Sarge's butt like a butt bar would be. He seemed fine with that. I used my hand to try and move him over to the side. Then I held on to the rope and slowly moved the center bar. Sarge siddled over slowly and I held the rope close over his hinney.

I had that sides butt bar on the ground so I slowly took the butt bar off the other side and slowly put it into position and Sarge was fine with that. We kept talking to him and petting his rump and he finally finished his grain and alfalfa. We kept him in there for just a little while and then I told Barry to tell him to "stay". I removed the butt barr and Barry gave him the command to back up and he slowly walked him half out and stopped him. Sarge stopped and waited for the command to move. Barry told him to back up and he slowly backed down and out.

We praised him and let him eat grass and his alfalfa. We finally put him back in the pasture with Red. What a good boy!

We are going to give it a whirl again tomorrow and see about loading them both up. Don't know if we are going to drive with them or not. Maybe Saturday. We are going up to the trainer on Sunday so I want him comfortable with the Brenderup.

I let Kay know we got him in there and how good he was. She said she was selling plenty of Brenderups and that is great. I told her if anyone wanted to see my trailer they were welcome to come look at it and I would be glad to show it to anyone. She is such a nice lady!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sarge is in charge!!!

We went out to the pasture today and took alfalfa to the boys. Sarge is definitely the alpha horse. He isn't hateful - but Red walks off from him...He did kick at Sarge today but Sarge just kept on doing what he was doing - eating his alfalfa. Red had two or three scrape marks on him so I guess they were either playing or not!!! They seem basically pretty calm with each other and I told Barry to feed them the alfalfa together tomorrow. I want them to get along and share with each other.

We are going to take the Brenderup out there tomorrow and try to load Sarge and Red together - I am sure some alfalfa will help!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Red and Sarge are Buddies

Red and Sarge went out to the pasture today. They are in a pasture that is about 3 or so acres with a shelter and automatic water. Barry and I went out there today and took them their alfalfa. They both came walking up to us to get their treat. We put them in separate sides to eat and they seemed to be getting along just fine.

I got out on line and checked out Sarge's sire Right This Minnick. He is from a ranch just over the state line in Vinton. Sarge is very well bred and it shows. We are planning on taking the Brenderup out there tomorrow to try to get Sarge to load. Hopefully, he will load right up with some encouragement from alfalfa!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Red Letter Day - the first time we ride together on our own horses!!!

Today was a Red Letter Day!!! Barry and I went to Houston to see his doctor and then we went to Charlotte's Saddlery to look at saddles. We checked out a bunch of saddles - Barry sat on quiet a few of them and finally decided on a Billy Cook in a dark cherry finish. It was the most comfortable saddle he tried. He bought a headstall and a breast strap and I got a purple brush and purple sweat scraper!

We ate at Pappacito's which was delicious and then we drove home and rested. We finally went to the stable and I paid Miss Jean and visited with her for a few minutes and then got Red out and saddled him up. Barry had already put his saddle on Sarge and it fit and looked terrific. He was riding when I got Red out and I took Red into the arena. He stood still while I got on - he is a good boy.

I rode him round and round and I actually was able to get him to side pass! I was thrilled. My boy is brilliant. Barry worked with Sarge and he is still learning his buttons. The man who trained him had called me this morning but the connection was bad. I called him when I got home from the stable. He said that Sarge was a wonderful little horse and had been his on personal horse. I discussed him training Red and he said that Sarge had had several years of training! I asked if he would show Barry all of his buttons and he said sure that we could come this weekend. I said "if I can get him into the trailer!"

He said "what do you mean? That horse will get in any trailer - I just put the reins on his neck and he jumped in!" I said that Charlotte didn't haul him that much so he was a little hesitant to get into my trailer because it was different! I told him that I had a Brenderup and he said "A Brenderup? Did you go on a trail ride with the Cowboy Church a few weeks ago on a big good looking gelding?" I said "yes sir". LOL He was on that trail ride and remembered the trailer and Red!! He said is that the gelding you want training on? I said yes and he said "he just needs miles!" I know Red is pretty darn good - it is probably me that needs training!

We are going up to see him Sunday in the late afternoon. I am taking Red too!

I spoke to Margaret and I am going to start riding Red with the Martingale. I am looking forward to riding him tomorrow.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sarge is a good boy!

Barry left to go check on the boys this morning while I worked on my cake. He came back later and he had rode had said he was going to wait until much for that!!! He said he was off of leg pressure, side steps like an angel and responds so wonderfully. Barry seemed very pleased with his hee haw which pleased me.

We delivered the cake at noon and went to Sam's to look at saddles. We chit chatted with David and took one to try...a Billy Cook Roping Saddle. We went to the barn and Barry saddled him up and we went into the arena. Sarge was not responding as well as this morning - it may be the big giant flank strap on the roping saddle giving him a mixed signal!! I can't wait to ride him! Barry decided he didn't like that saddle and I did tell him that my saddle would match Sarge better than Red. My saddle is redder and the seat is black! We are going to try the roper saddle on Red tomorrow and see how that does on him.

I got Red out and walked him down the aisle of the big barn and picked up my sweat scraper. LOL we got just outside the barn and he pulled that crap of stopping. I turned around and popped him twice hard on the shoulder and backed him up. Bless his heart, his eyes were huge but he didn't freak out and he was so happy to follow me then. Good...I don't want to have to clean his clock but clean I will. I don't like a horse with bad manners!

I brushed him and curried his coat. He was shedding and I brushed that out and put fly spray on him. Barry took him to the paddock while I got their alfalfa. I told Barry to keep Red on the lead until I set the alfalfa down and then he walked him up and took the halter off and he behaved quiet well. He acts like an alfalfa addict around alfalfa!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

We Picked Up Sarge Today!!!

Barry and I got up early and left to go get Sarge. I was so excited!! We got over to the pasture north of Vidor and visited with Charlotte and Mac - they are such wonderful people. Barry gave Mac a tour of the Brenderup.

We got Sarge out and tried to load him but he was not too excited about getting in the Brenderup. He would get half way up the ramp and off he would go. We tried all kinds of stuff but he wasn't having any of it and we didn't want to scare him because he will have to trailer in the Brenderup! Mac and Charlotte offered to pull him in their stock trailer - he had loaded up the day before for his Coggens. He was not too excited about getting in that one either! I think he was highly excited - Beau (their other horse) was running around calling to him. I think horses know what is going on too. Poor darling! I know it was hard for Charlotte to let him go too. She loves him and I told her she can come see him any time and ride him too! I hope she does. That would be so much fun!We finally got him in the trailer and we headed for Dr. Sherwood's office. While we were waiting on Dr. Sherwood Sarge was calling to the horses in the paddocks - LOL Red could never call out that loud - his sounds like a little strangled whinny - but Sarge has a great voice!!

Dr. Sherwood did a very thorough exam of Sarge. He put calliper thingies on his hoof and frog to make sure he didn't have any hoof issues - he has great hooves!! He took him inside the clinic and checked his eyes and ears. We went outside and he did a flex test on him and watched him trot out and walk. He checked to make sure he hadn't been given excessive amounts of pain killers....Charlotte and I both learned something press their jugular vein and if it doesn't puff up about the size of your thumb they have collapsed and it is indicative of excessive pain meds. Fascinating. He passed his vet check with flying colors and we were off again to the stables.

Charlotte and Mac liked the barn and I know she was pleased that he would be in a good facility. I know I would fee that way if I had to sell Red - I would want him to have a good home. I showed her around and we introduced the horses to each other!! They got along wonderfully. Red dashed off, Charlie and Sargent chased with him. They ran around but never kicked or got ugly. Red was sniffing and smelling him and once Sarge looked like he might give him a kick but he didn't and Red behaved wonderfully. I was so relieved.

Barry and I left to give them time to settle down and we went to 5 Star Feed to get the boys some alfalfa and Barry tried saddles. We went home for lunch and dropped off the trailer and then went to Sam's to look at saddles. We went back to the barn and we checked on the boys again! We went back later and took them out to groom them. Sarge was a little unsure of walking through openings. We got him into the washrack and a little later he backed up until the elastic bands broke and he walked over to the arena and just stood there. We took them back to their barn and we tried to entice him into the stall and it took quiet awhile but he finally came in . It as hot and humid as all get out. He seemed to really like alfalfa!!! I am going to try to get him into the trailer next week with alfalfa.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I bought him today!!!!!

I talked to Charlotte and Mac and then Mom and I drove over to the pasture to give them the $$ for Sarge. I picked up his feet and he has GREAT feet!!! Yay!!!

I got his papers - He is a grandson of Colonel Freckles! WOW WEEE. Here is a link

I called Dr. Sherwood's office and he has an appointment at 9:30 AM for a well check then we are taking him to Plum Nearly. Barry will be able to ride but I need to work on my wedding cake!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Introducing Sargent San Peppy!!!!

I called yesterday about a gelding in Mauriceville. A 7 year old bay gelding that was gentle, etc. I called and the lady said he had been owned by a trainer before her and that he reined and spun on a dime and was an easy going fellow. I told her we would come see him at 4:00 the next day.

I spoke to her around noon and said we would leave mid-county around 3:30. She gave me directions and Barry met me at Mom's and off we went. We got up to their property and we talked to the owners and then she went at got the gelding. He was gorgeous! Big Quarter Horse butt!!! He was very easy going too! I petted him and he rolled his lip around my fingers. He was very relaxed.

She tacked him up and rode him in the round pen and he is trained out the wazootie. Barry got on him and he will have to learn not to keep his hands in his mouth!!! Sarge can side pass like a pro and backs up and collects himself so well. We want him!!!

I am going to pay for him in the morning and they are going to pull a coggins and give him his shots. We will pick him up Friday morning - Barry is off. I will have him vet checked Friday morning. I will tell Miss Jean that we are bringing him Friday and pay for his board.

We are very excited about him!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

We are not getting the other horse

I talked to the owner of the horse this morning and he changed his mind about selling the gelding. I was disappointed but there is nothing I could do about it. I did tell him that I prayed about it and left it up to Jesus. Obviously, Jesus thinks the horse is better off there and I am ok with it.

I wish though that Barry had just paid for the horse then. This week he seemed a little ambivalent. I thought, "why am I trying so hard to get him a horse?" I put my money back in the bank. I had lunch with Margaret and Dawson. She wasn't surprised the man changed his mind. I thought the horse was too good to let go myself! I told Barry while we were eating that we weren't getting the horse and he surprised me by being annoyed.

I trained people at Wal-Mart in Silsbee - 3 people from other departments so that is a good thing.

Went home and looked for horses and found one that Barry liked. It is a bay gelding that is 7 years old and in Mauriceville. I called about the horse and we are going to see it tomorrow. Later went to the barn. Gave Red his alfalfa. He is such a sweetie. I hate for him to go out to the pasture!

Went to Starbucks to meet with one of my brides for next week. Got details down - was paid. Met with a girl I was going to do her wedding 2 years ago - she has a new dude and rebooked another wedding!

Christy and Lee met me there and so did Barry. We visited and Wayne and Marie showed up so we all had a good visit.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Riding in the sunshine & calling about the new boy!

I went to the vet's to pick up the potion for Red's hoof and then went out to the barn. I paid for Red's boarding out in the pasture but he is going to stay in his current paddock at least tonight and then he will move out tomorrow.

LeeAnne showed me Rogue's circus trick!!! He is so cute!!!!!!

Both of the Lee Ann's and I went riding. Red didn't want to go into the arena. He is being a butt and I am going to get my sweat scraper and pop him next time he pulls that baloney. I put my spurs on and we saddled up and went down the road. Lee Ann was on Lagatto and LeeAnne Brown was on Rogue. So we had an Arabian in an English Saddle, a Tennessee Walker in an endurance/Australian saddle and a Quarter Horse in a Western Saddle. How fun is that?

Red was a little ouchie on the road but he did just fine. He walked quietly behind Lagatto and Rogue. Lagatto was a nervous wreak according to Lee Anne and she did spook and ran/scattered for about 2 leaps. Goodness...I am glad Red is not spooky and doesn't run off. I would be flat on my big butt!!!

It was a fun little ride and I hosed Red off and scraped him off. When I was fooling with his right hoof he was lipping at the flap of the pocket on my jeans. I told him NOT to bite my backside!! I took him out to his paddock - wet - and he dropped and rolled! It was hilarious! He flipped and flopped rolling around, scrubbing himself dry. I didn't give him any alfalfa as I am almost out and I want to make sure I have some to give the new guy. He went to his stall and looked in (door was shut) and he come trotting up as fast as can be to the back of the main barn. If he could he would have been yelling "sister, where is my alfalfa? I don't see it, I don't smell it!!!" LOL He won't die without it.

My hair looked like excelsior from wearing a helmet and I smelled like a horse! I had to go to Starbucks later to meet brides so I cleaned up! After meeting with the bride and a bride mom brought me stress frees I left and went to the Sonic. On the way I called Cevin's wife, Terri, to ask if I could pick up the new boy tomorrow. She said Cevin was still gone and to call his cell phone. I called him and he said he'd know in the morning about 8:00. I said that is fine. I said I just need to know how to plan my day. I asked him a few questions on RJ Eddie Leo (we need to pick a new name for our boy) and he was vetting in January with shots, etc. I believe his teeth were floated in October. He told me what he wormed with (worming every 6 weeks) and he feeds alfalfa in the morning and 2 scoops in the evening. He currently feeds 16% feed. Wow Wee - that is high but I guess good for a working horse! I am looking forward to getting my boy either tomorrow or Wednesday.

Margaret called...we might do lunch tomorrow. I am going to call on the Vidor, Lumberton, and Woodville stores so I will be able to see Margaret and get the horse!