Sunday, April 24, 2011

Riding at Ebenezer in April

I had two wedding cakes to do last weekend.  Barry left early Saturday morning with the horses and I finished my cakes and left The Elegante at 2:30 PM.  Kellie texted me that the ride was at 4:00.  I drove at a pretty fast clip to get there.  I arrived at 3:50.  Barry was taking a nap!

We saddled up and rode out.  We went to the lake.  Biscuit was a handful...he kept charging Bella, Kent's dog.  She was flitting in and out and he was getting more and more charged up.  Finally I had to get off of him and calm him down.  I told everyone to ride out ahead of us and Barry and I would catch up.  I got him settled down and I got back on and away we went.  He was full of beans but I made it.  Down to the water and we walked in the water and he started pawing so I had to kick and pop with the reins to get him out!  LOL  I didn't want him to roll with my new saddle.

Ebenezer April 16th PM Ride

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Barry and I came down the road at a good clip.  I had Biscuit trotting behind Sarge nose to tail.  He is just feeling good and wanting to go.  We rode a little more than  3.9 miles.  We got back to the park and I had brought a crock pot chicken with me.  We had chicken sitting at Kellie's trailer.  We all were laughing and cutting up and having a good time.  I forgot the sleeping bag....Kent loaned us one but I was still cold!!!  The air in the mattress was cold!

The next morning I saddled up, Margaret and Ronnie joined the group to ride on Bones and Easy.  Kellie and Randy saddled up but didn't ride as it turned out that Elan had a sore back.

We started out heading for the Beaver Pond.

Ebenezer April 17 AM Ride

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Barry was leading when we started out.  I kept Biscuit right behind Barry.  We made it to the pond with no problems.  We crossed over some roads and were in the area where the Pitcher Plant flowers are growing wild.  I moved Biscuit to get behind Barry and he backed up all of a sudden and went side ways and kicked Bones.  OMG Biscuit has NEVER kicked at another horse.  He was acting like an ASS so I got off of him til I got him calmed down to my satisfaction.  He was a handful going up and down the hills.  He was wanting to bust out and GO.  Several times he hit a lope going up hills, etc.  I was a little unnerved but I made it!! 

He is not the same horse I got 6 months ago.  He is looking like a million bucks and I think he actually feels like a million bucks!!  I got back to the park and Robin and Jimmy said how gorgeous he looked.  Jimmy said Robin still wanted Biscuit - he was the size, build and color she wanted.  Robin said she would take him off my hands in a minute.  She also loved my saddle - I told her to ride The Biscuit - and she was trying to get him to canter.  He did some in a circle but not much.  I had lost my camera and Barry had gone back down the trail to find it so we were just visiting with Kellie and Randy.  I told Robin if I sold The Biscuit she would be the first to know.  Barry found my camera - the lens protector doesn't want to shut and it was full of sand but it works.

We visited, loaded up stuff, visited, loaded the horses and took off.  I was following Barry and we stopped and ate at Novrotsky's in Jasper.  I was starving.  It was a fun weekend but I need to ride Biscuit more - he is really feeling his oats.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Biscuit comes to me now

After 5 months and 3 weeks, Biscuit will now come to me...probably not all the time but the last three times I have been out at the barn he has come in from the pasture.  He comes right to me to be hugged and petted.  It has taken all of this time to earn his trust and affection. 

He is looking fantastic.  He has gained all of the weight I want him to have on him...his chest is filled out and so is his neck.  He looks like the well bred Quarter Horse that he is. 

I am looking forward to my rides this weekend.  The LeAnne's are going so I will probably ride with them Saturday afternoon.  Small groups are so much nicer than large groups.  LeAnne B. wants to go to the Beaver Dam so I am sure we will make a trip to that and I want to go to The Falls.  Such beautiful rides.

McKinney Roughs was a terrific place to ride - but I still like Ebenezer best.  It is closer for one thing, it is not rocky, it has hills and dips and turns, plus stepping over the downed trees is good training for me and for Biscuit.  I also like going through the creeks and slews...that is also good training for my boy.  I like the fact that we can camp there!

I did like that McKinney had such beautiful scenery and was a different place to ride.  A change of scenery is always good.  It is good for Biscuit to have different trails to experience and each time he gets a little braver about going first.  How Esther got him to lead is beyond me...he is not too fond of that!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

McKinney Roughs

McKinney Roughs Ride 1

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McKinney Roughs Ride 2

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McKinney Roughs Ride 3

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My trip has come and gone already.  It was so much fun!!!  I got up at 5:00 AM - ready to meet the day.  I had already packed my clothes and some of the food.  I washed and styled my hair so I wouldn't look like a Cretin.  I left the house around 6:05.  I got to the barn around 6:13.  Biscuit was already in the arena where I had put him late Thursday evening.  I fed him and then brushed him down.

LeAnn P said she was so excited she hadn't been able to sleep.  I could understand that!   I loaded up my saddle, my grooming bags, my luggage, food and drinks and my folding chair.  Kellie finally arrived with Elan.  She loaned me a hay bag as I had bought a hay net and we decided that wasn't in Biscuit's best interest and I had left my hay bags in the Brenderup.  Duh!!!We finally loaded up the horses, first in was Legato, then Rogue, Elan (because Kellie said he likes to turn around to get out and couldn't in the back stall) and then Biscuit.  Elan at first refused - LeAnn P got behind him finally with a buggy whip and he decided it was in his best interest to get in.  Biscuit hesitated for a second and then got in like the good boy he is.

We girls loaded up and off we went!!!!  We left right at 7:32 AM so we were pretty much on schedule.  We waltzed across Texas at a good clip - we missed all of the cranky traffic in Houston!  We stopped over near Sealy or something like that for a restroom break.  I took this picture of the Biscuit peering out of the trailer.  LOL  he had a hay bag full of hay and that is all he cares about.

We continued on til we got to Bastrop at 11:30 or so...we made really good time and good gas mileage too!  We were in a Ford F250 hauling a Featherlight 4 horse Weekender Package LQ trailer and got 13.3 mpg!!  That was just amazing.  I think we were hauling at right at 4,000 lbs of horse.  I think Legato probably weighs around 900 lbs, Rogue probably at least 900 or maybe a little more, Elan probably 1000 and Biscuit I would say weighs around 1100 lbs.

We arrived at the Happy Horse Hotel and unloaded the horses.  Biscuit left a pile that was amazing in its enormity.  How can one horse poop that much?  We were greeted by Hollis and it was such a pleasure to finally meet her - I have talked to her several times on the phone and emailed with her.  How cute the Happy Horse Hotel is!!!  Cute little cottages that were darling on the inside - really appealed to my folk art senses!

I cleaned the trailer of poop and put Biscuit in a round pen.  We rested and ate chicken salad sandwiches that I brought.  We chilled out, put our stuff away and then got ready for a ride!!!  We loaded the horses up and headed for the Pope Bend Trail Head around 2:30 PM or so.  We tacked up and I put the hoof boots on Biscuit.  He gave me a little trash but did as I asked.  I was able to mount up in my Alleghany Trail Saddle like a champ.  It is SO good to be able to mount without assistance.  Well, Lee Anne B. stayed in front of Biscuit just to make sure he didn't move - I didn't want to bust my butt on the rocks!

Denise & Biscuit and Kellie & Elan

LeAnn & Legato in her new Sharon Saare Endurance Saddle

Lee Anne & Rogue
We headed out and got about 25 yards down the Yaopon Trail and turned around and went down a different trail.  The trails were kind of steep in some places - what fun!!  Gorgeous trees and beautiful views.  My saddle was a little loose - ooops....I got of and tightened it...and got back on!  Woot!   I was trotting once and dropped my camera!  LOL  I got off and retrieved it - and got back on!  Woot  Woot  Woot!!!!  That is such a thrill for this trail rider to get on and get off at will.  We visited the big pecan tree that is amazing in size.  It was just incredible.  We went on down the trail and were glad we had Easy Boot Gloves on the was rocky in places.

Colorado River

LeAnn and Legato by the river

Beautiful view of the river
Through Biscuit's Ears 
Legato tripped and pulled her Easy Boot Glove OFF of her foot...I thought she was going down, LeAnn did a quick dismount, stumbled into some trees and then righted herself.  Bless her heart there was a steep drop off there!  She put Legato's hoof boot back on, mounted up and away we went...trotting and enjoying the Colorado River.  We got to a point where we could actually get in the water.  Biscuit started pawing and I pulled him up...he wasn't dropping in the water with me! 

We went on and down another trail and eventually back to the Pope Bend Trail Head.  We rode for 4.6 miles in 2 hours so it was really a very leisurely ride.   We got back to the Happy Horse Hotel and took our baths in the open air showers (it is terrific as long as it is warm!  Can't say it would be good in the winter though!!) and went to downtown Bastrop and had a great hamburger and listened to a lady with a beautiful voice singing Patsy Cline songs.  I had a blast...great company and wonderful food.  What could be better?

We went back to the HHH and later turned in.  The bed was very comfortable and I slept ok.

Black dirt road

Got up the next morning and fed Biscuit.  We had decided to ride from the Hwy 71 trailhead today and eat lunch out there and ride again.  We got out there first and pulled under where some trees were.  We tacked up and headed out.  We rode all over the place...some where we had rode yesterday...some where we had not been before.  Very pretty trails and you certainly could see the 4 ecosystems they say is in McKinney Roughs.  Some places were very rocky, some were just sandy, some dirt.  Lots of poison ivy though!!!  We trotted in some places and Elan and Biscuit would trot but not canter.  LOL  I think they are unsure with the boots on!  We went down the Bobcat trail and wow...we were up high with a trail that dropped off fairly steeply.

Our second ride was 7.9 miles and we headed back to the trailer for lunch.  We took the horses to the water and let them drink their fill.  I tied Biscuit under the trees that came all the way to the ground so he was totally in the shade.  The wind was really whipping around so while the sun was out it wasn't too hot.  My face was gritty though from blowing sand.  We ate our lunches and drank Diet Cokes!   Lee Anne took Kellie and Elan back to HHH so she didn't make the second ride with us.  I was feeling pretty stiff..arthritis in my hips and my knees are cranky - so are my feet with my plantar fisciitis.  It makes my heels stiff.  LOL  I am a mess!

We talked to some other ladies there about trails and we decided to ride the Yaupon Trail.  We saddled up and I awkwardly mounted up but I still mounted up!  It took some urging to get the horses to go!  Biscuit is not a leader yet.  He will occasionally lead but he is more of a follower!  We took off own the Whitetail Trail to the Bobcat Ridge Trail to the Yaupon Trail.  The Yaupon was full of rocks in some places, lots of twists and turns, ups and downs.   We were trotting up some of those hills and Rogue was cantering some.  His butt is hilarious going up hill!!  Legato was going like a pro...Biscuit was getting tired and she was just gettin' going!!!   We rode all the way to the Pope Bend Trail Head and by then my backside, hips, and knees were semi-crying!!!  LOL  We let the horses drink at PBTH and I rinsed Biscuit off.  He was hot!  We rested there for 15 minutes.  I couldn't mount from the ground by then.  I was too stiff. 

Denise & Biscuit with the Colorado River in the background

LeAnn and Legato at Lookout at Meditation Point

Lee Anne and Rogue with the Colorado River in the back ground
We went down Road Runner and did some trotting and Biscuit actually took the lead.  Wow...he does every now and then.  We went up the Overlook at Meditation Point.  I was in the lead and went around a corner.  Biscuit was trotting and he suddenly (isn't that how it always is?) spooked and scooted up and took off.  I immediately pulled him under control and he was fine.  Still don't know what startled him though.  We got to the top of Meditation Point and it was worth the trip.  It was gorgeous and what a view!!!  I had to use the mounting block - I was stiff as could be.

We took off and were trotting fast down the trail and another group came around the bend at a canter.  LOL  we all stopped!!  We took off at trots again...I urged Biscuit to canter but he never went into a canter - he was going 11 mph though.  My hat flew off!!!  LOL I had to stop and get it.  I had to find a little rise to get back on...I am stiff as could be but I made wasn't pretty - but I made it.

Off we went again and we stopped for water later.  We went off again...trotting and going at a good clip.  We got to a split and they were ahead of me and they went to the left leaning trail....Biscuit went to the right!!!  He was getting tired and I looked and there was the marker for the Whitetail Trail which is where we needed to go...we were going to go up the Bobcat Ridge trail like earlier!  LOL  I yelled at the girls and said "y'all are going the wrong way!!!  Biscuit says the trailer is this way!!!"

Biscuit was tired by then.  I told the girls he was tired and we'd just walk.  Bless their hearts they walked.  Biscuit kept plodding along and we finally made it back!  I took him to rinse him off and let him drink.  While they rinsed their horses off I let him graze there.  He seemed to be hungry!

We made sure everything was picked up - I was stiff by then and moving slow!!!  We loaded the horses up and went back to the HHH.  I fed Biscuit and gave him hay.   LOL later he was laying down with his legs tucked under him and then later laid out flat on the ground!!!   I finally took a shower and we went to eat out at Nancy's Steak House.  The food was good and so was the company.

The next day we cleaned up, packed up, loaded up, paid up and said goodbye to the Happy Horse Hotel.  I really enjoyed meeting Beau and Hollis...they were very nice people and we did learn about the park and the history of it from them.  We all bought a Happy Horse Hotel shirt that was designed by Hollis.  I can't wait to wear mine.

We hauled home and unloaded everything. end up with so much when you are hauling horses.  I shoveled poo out of the trailer and we left the shaving in there.  I told them I'd be back tomorrow to help clean the truck and trailer.  We went to see the new little filly that was foaled on Saturday afternoon.  She is a bright sorrel!!!

I went out to the barn today and helped The LeAnne's clean the truck and trailer.  It was so sweet of Ms. Jean to allow us to use the truck and trailer!!  I took Biscuit and Sarge some alfalfa.

As for the cost:  $53 in gas, $89.50 for the Happy Horse Hotel for me and Biscuit plus the two days at the park, plus a HHH teeshirt, $3.50 ice, meals $32.  (doesn't include food I brought though!) so it was $178.  Time with my peeps trailriding - PRICELESS.

I am looking forward to our next trip....of course, we are all going to Ebenezer this coming weekend!!!

Happy Trails!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sarge is looking better and Hoof Boot Gloves go on!

I went to Sam's to try to get another girth but had no luck on a little dinky girth with a d ring!  Bummer.  I did get a hay bag and fly spray.  I then went out to the barn and brought up Biscuit.   He came to me in the pasture as did Sarge.  Sarge is looking much better.  I could see he is putting weight back on, thank God.  He is shedding out on his chest and front of his neck.  I think in a month he will be back to what he is supposed to look like!  My poor baby.  I hugged him up. 

I took Biscuit up to the front.  He always stops halfway up Syd Abu's pasture and wants to move to the left.  He was very cautious by the torn down shed....looking at it like it was a dragon.  What a silly boy.  I got to the barn and tied him by the tack room as Ms. Jean had Spirit and Elmer up there.  Elmer is a nice looking boy and Spirit is a very nice looking Arabian.  It is a shame their owner doesn't come out and take an interest in them.  Elmer could be a very nice horse if he was trained.  He stood there pawing a little later after Ms. Jean left him there and Spirit was dancing around.  By then I did have Biscuit up there and trying to do his hooves was making ME nervous.  Edgar and Jaimie took them back down to their pasture.  Two older Arabian mares Tootsie and can't remember the other ones name was brought up to be brushed.  OMG they were shedding like crazy.

I worked on Biscuit's feet rasping them with my little rasp.  A few times he pulled his foot from me and I popped his shoulder.  He the stood quietly but I did set him up a hay bag.  Whatever it takes to make him comfy while I learn myself is a good thing.  I think I got his feet in a decent shape. 

I loaded my saddle in the trailer with my saddle pad, saddle bags and bridle. I am ready to go!!!  I went back to Biscuit and pulled his hoof boots on.  LOL  He was so funny walking around in them.  I tied him by the tack room while I cleaned off the washrack and he was pawing in the dirt. 

It looked like the right boot is a little loose in the v split.  I will need to get that little gromlet but in the mean time, if I have to use them I will use duct tape!  We went down the ranch road on the gravel and he seemed to do just fine.

I told Barry that Sarge was looking better and we went back out to the barn later.  Barry bundled up 2 flakes of Alfalfa for him and they were both on the other side of the pasture but Biscuit came right away and Sarge a little later.  I was thrilled to see the Biscuit Man coming on his own.  They both got some alfalfa - Sarge getting the lion's share which is fine.  Barry agreed that he was looking better.  I think in 5-6 weeks he is going to look like his old self. 

I got my saddle and brought it home.  I got the swivel attachments in!  Yay!!!  Only thing is they didn't fit my stirrups.  I think the leather covers on both sides made it too small to attach.  I am going to put the stirrups back on and get my Crooked Stirrups and put those on with these when we get to Happy Horse Hotel.  That is if I get them from Margaret before I leave.  Possibly, swivel with Crooked Stirrups will be a winning combo. 

Barry and I went to Academy.  I got some heavy duty clips for buckets, lithium batteries, 2 shirts and a pair of jeans to go on my trip.  I am ready!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Biscuit is golden

I went out to the barn and paid the stable fees for my boys.  It is always nice to see Linda!  I went out to the back and brought Biscuit up.  It was a gorgeous day!!  Biscuit was gleaming in the sun which is so thrilling to see.  In five months he went from a dull, lack luster coat, underweight and lacking muscle tone and too short on the hooves to a coat that is slick and gleaming with gold high lights, he has filled out, gained weight, muscle tone and his hooves are growing like weeds. 

Biscuit N' Honey is a Golden Boy
I brought him up to the barn and I used the clippers to trim his whiskers and his hairy jaw!!  My goodness, he had a full beard under his jaw.  I made a few gouge marks but over all, it looked pretty darn good.  I trimmed his fetlocks just a little on his front legs and with a little coaxing, I was able to trim his bridle path.  I cut a chunk of the mane that made up his forlock but it straightened it up.

I took him on the washrack after LeAnn P got through with Lagato and Amir's Song.  Amir's Song's hooves are looking so much better and she can move easier than before.  That is such a pleasure to see.  Lagato was in the arena standing by Shalom and I snapped this picture...I thought she was so cute!

Legato, Shalome and Julia
I started working on Biscuit's feet.  I was nipping them...I wish they made nippers for women and I think I could do it better.  Biscuit does better with picking up his feet but not all the time.  I got them nipped and tried to rasp.  His back right hoof looked like the pits.  In the end, LeAnn P had to help me and Lee Anne B was holding Biscuit.  LeAnn P said he is now used to holding up his feet and it is time to get firmer when he pulls them away.

She is right - I need to be firmer with him so that I can get this done!  I will have to finish two feet tomorrow - it was kicking my butt!!  I am going to order a rasp and handle tonight from Alvin Farrier Supply.  The Bellota rasp is better than the one that I have...the one that I have is probably ok for light rasping but for serious-get-after-it rasping it doesn't work!

We talked about our trip to McKinney Roughs and we are all so excited.  I can't wait!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Rasping, shots, worming and hoof boots

I went out to the barn and brought Biscuit up.  It started to rain and the wind was blowing.  He was acting a little silly walking up the road.  I tied him in the wash rack but by then it was raining and blowing water in his face.  He was a little nervous so I untied him and Lee Anne B. held him for me while I looked at his feet.  I trimmed some of the bars and rasped them just a little.  He was pretty good about it.  I didn't think it was a good time to really get after it because he did seem nervous.  I talked softly to him, petting his shoulder and reassuring him.  He has a crack in the front from the old abscess and one in the back too.  I rasped them to smooth them out.  I need to nip his hooves...hopefully I can do that tomorrow. 

I tried to put the wormer in his mouth and he cranked up that head and was pulling back and I didn't want him to crack his head on the ceiling.  Lee Anne B got his face held steady (she is amazing with horses!!) and shot it in his mouth before he knew it.  Red and Sarge are used to being wormed and it is no big deal really to them...Sarge is a little fussier but he doesn't freak out.  Red was a good boy about it.  Biscuit will be too, in time and with experience with it. 

I had ran to Doc's today on my lunch and picked up Biscuit's shots.  It was $50.  I gave him a shot in each side of his neck.  Done!!  Rasped, wormed and shots...what a day. 

It was still sprinkling and the wind was blowing when I took him back down to his paddock.  He got out there rearing up to Sarge and Sarge tolerated him for the most part.  I left and headed home. 

I got home and wow wee!!!  Hoof boots were on the front porch!  Kellie and I are set for next weekend.  I did call Edgar and asked him to give Sarge some alfalfa everyday this week.  He needs it.  I still don't like the way he looks.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I ordered Swivel Stirrups

I ordered Swivel Stirrups today.  I am hedging all bets to ride this weekend.  I loaned my Crooked Stirrups to Margaret so Ronnie could try them.  She will return them this week so I can take all three styles down to McKinney Roughs this weekend.  I had a cortisone shot in my knee so I am not real sure whether it did or did not torque my knee when I rode.  I do know that the hardware of what I currently have is pushing against my legs and making a sore spot.  It currently has this:

stirrup straightener

I will find something that works.  I ordered the Swivel for a 2.5" wide leather part and that is what is on my new saddle.  I went out to the barn to check.

I took alfalfa to the horses.  They were way out in the back of the pasture and I walked out there with some alfalfa.  They finally followed me up to the front so they could eat the 2 flakes I brought them.  I gave a little more to Sarge...he needs alfalfa to help return his coat to its former glory.

Tomorrow I have to get shots for Biscuit, trim his hooves and worm him.  He has a big day planned!  Sarge's feet need to be tended to this week, too.  Then, Friday, is off to McKinney Roughs!!  I can't wait!

3 Point Rigging

This is not how I rigged my saddle, but I like this link and I might give this a whirl!

Click on this link for information

3 Point Rigging on a Trail Saddle

Saturday, April 2, 2011

I mounted Biscuit from the flat today!!!

Riding in my new Alleghany Saddle!!

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Biscuit just before tacking up looking like a million bucks
I went riding today with Barry, Kellie and Randy at Tyrrell Park. Barry and I went out to the barn around 9:30 and loaded up the horses and tack. I had to get a cake to a bride at 10:00 at the park but we weren't riding til 11:00. I knew I would need a little extra time to tack Biscuit up because of his new girth.

We got out to the park and I brushed Biscuit and he looked terrific. His coat is looking fantastic, his mane has a gorgeous color and he is picking up those hooves like a a well trained boy. The bride came and picked up the cake.
Biscuit in his new Alleghany Renegade Trail Saddle
Barry and I saw three trucks come into the park hauling 4 wheelers. Gaaa...there isn't supposed to be 4 wheelers in the park.

Kellie and Randy arrived! I didn't know Randy was riding with us so that was terrific! They liked the new saddle and Kellie helped me check the girth. I had to retighten it. It is so much easier to tighten than my Aussie. It is set up in a 3 point rigging and I like it.

We started off and went across the park and tried to go into the woods on some trails that turned out to be hiking trails. We crossed back over and towards the equestrian trails. When we got to the equestrian trail it looked like slurry had been dumped there. OMG the 4 wheelers had tore up the trails and made them a muddy mess...not just muddy...soupy. We turned around and went back. The trucks were parked near Cattail Marsh entrance and Kellie snapped pics of their tags.
Kellie and Randy going through buttercups (evening primrose)
We entered the Marsh and went down the calichee road. Tons of ducks and birds in the marsh holding ponds. Buttercups and purple and lavender flowers everywhere. So pretty! Down by Willow Bayou and over the bridge. We stopped and cleaned hooves. I used my new little folding hoof pick for the first time. It works ok...but it is not the best for southeast Texas gumbo mud that is like clay and glue combined. I took him over to the embankment and mounted and off we went. We crossed over the land bridge and saw quiet a bit of droppings with white/yellow specks in it. Randy thought it might be either hog or coyote droppings. Kind of hard to say. We went along the trail and it was exploding with plants of every shade and tint, birds of all kinds, turtles, alligators (just saw mostly little ones today) and flowers blooming. The grass was deep and lush. The trees haven't leafed out yet but there are so many deciduous trees that is it still very green.
Calichee Road with buttercups galore

We got to the back and stopped by the bayou. It was, alive, and teeming with life.
Hildebrandt Bayou in the background.  We are about 3.5 miles out

We went down the back of the bayou and came to the tree that Biscuit used to have trouble with. Kenny had cut it so it was no problem. We went down and Randy was going to take the lead so that Elan wouldn't want to run up and down the hills. He and Reagan started out and then Reagan stopped and started backing up and pushing back into us...and the bayou was right there with a 4 foot drop off. GAAAAA!!!! Barry took the lead with Sarge and we went up and down the hills and through the wooded area that smelled like heaven...honeysuckle, pine scent and other flowers. Gorgeous trails that were so much fun to ride. We went past the cypress swamp and Randy said he doesn't remember cypress trees from years ago. I think they must have skirted up around them to the west so didn't see them.

We came out on the other side and went down to the end of the land mass to Hildebrandt Bayou. We started riding again down the trail and we worked on the jog. Reagan has a beautiful jog but can't keep it up. I worked on keeping Biscuit off of the other horses tails. He is doing better and better. He was pretty darn sweaty and the color of gold. We crossed the bridge and we stopped to clean hooves. I took him over to the embankment to mount. We took off and rode back towards the woods. We went down the calichee road and again there were tons of birds in the holding ponds. We crossed through Cattail Marsh entrance. We crossed the entrance which was muddy and wet as all get out.

We crossed the street and went under a tree to clean hooves again. Barry said that Sarge was pretty wore out. Poor guy...those parasites have kicked his butt. I got off and Biscuit picked up his feet and stood quietly. He was soaking wet. I said "it is flat here...I need a low spot to get on". Randy said "No you don't. Just try it."

So, I said, " Ok. I will...Barry, hold The Biscuit Man". I stuck my foot in, stood close to his flank, reached up and grabbed his mane and pushed. Wow WEEEE!!! I was sitting in my saddle!!! Randy said "you didn't even make funny noises!!" Kellie had been watching all of the inflated jumping thingies at a party across the way and she turned around and said , "Did you get up there by yourself?" Barry and Randy said yes she did with no help and no grunting! LOL Kellie said, "Do it again, let me see!!"

I dismounted and did it again!!! OMG I was thrilled!!!! We took off across the park again and headed for the trailers. When we got there, Barry and Kellie were cantering and I walked Biscuit up to the trailer and dismounted. I remounted! Woot!!! 3 times. I was thrilled!!!

I took his saddle off and I was thrilled to see that he didn't have dry spots on his back...full contact with the saddle - no bridging!
Biscuit after his saddle was removed

Biscuit after his saddle was removed
Thank God I had a cold Diet Coke - it was extremely humid today and hot. It was overcast for some of the ride and sun shining for some of the day. It was such a wonderful ride today and I enjoyed Kellie and Randy's company. Barry's too! He said he is through getting stuff for me when I drop it, I will have to tighten my own girth too! I am thrilled to be able to do that. I don't know if I will be able to mount when I first start out...I am not that flexible and it seems I "loosen" up as I ride. We shall see and I shall work on it! I can't wait for next weekend and riding with my peeps!

I am still smiling and it is hours later!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Count Down to McKinney Roughs

In exactly one week we will be going to McKinney Roughs to ride...LeAnn P, Lee Anne B, Kellie D, and yours truly, Denise T.

After a little shifting around of former plans, here is the plan.

On Thursday afternoon, we will load PNR's 4 horse trailer with our tack, feed and hay. I have the horse's feed container that is perfect. We will take 3 or 4 bales of hay. I have a hay bag so that works. I am planning on taking both saddles, just in case I need too!!! I will leave Biscuit in the little arena for the night. I will arrive and feed him.

Kellie will arrive at PNR around 6:15 AM Friday with Elan in the 3 horse slant. It will be put under the trailer shed. Kellie will attach PNR's 4 horse trailer to her truck, we will load up the horses and be gone by 7:30. LeAnn P will be driving.

We should arrive around 12:30 or 1:00 PM at Happy Horse Hotel. We plan on unloading and resting the horses for an hour or so and then hitting the trails.

We are all so excited! We have planned food, gasoline, time, etc. I am so looking forward to riding there with my friends. I have to make sure I have plenty of batteries for my camera and my Garmin!! I can't wait to map the trail and post it here. I am ticking off the places where I want to ride and hope to get to all of them this year.

Got a new girth and girth ring guards

I bought a new girth yesterday that is literally pony sized. I also bought leather/wool guards for the rings of the girth so they don't dig into Biscuit.

I picked up the Hoof Boot Kit from 5 Star when I bought the girth so we can try them on Elan. I took Kade to school this morning and headed out to Kellie's house. Casey Schneiter was trimming her horses and wow wee...he is FAST. It was a pleasure to watch him trim the horses.

We tried the hoof boots on Elan and he will take size 1.5 just like Biscuit. Kellie and I looked them up in Valley Vet and I called and ordered us each a set. They ship today and should arrive Wednesday. We are set!!

Margaret came and visited and I took her to see The Biscuit and Sarge. Biscuit looks better and better each day. His coat is shiny and gold - Margaret thinks he would be very dark gold if he was kept inside. I like him outside though. He let me pick up his feet - he is doing so well and I am so proud of him.

I showed her my saddle and Julia was there and they both liked it. Margaret helped me put the cinch guards on and I am ready to go tomorrow. I think I need a new saddle pad though - a round one. I will look for one that will work with my saddle.

Rode in the Saddle In the Arena

Yesterday I went to the barn after I got back from Houston. I brought Biscuit up and long suffering LeAnn helped me with a girth and the 3 point rigging. We got it all situated with a little girth (it was still too big) and I got on in the arena. I like the saddle!!!

It does sit me up very straight but it feels very good to my bones. I walked him around the arena and trotted him around (he was being very high headed - he gets a little itchie in the arena - that is so funny!).

LeAnn reset the stirrups for me...LOL about 3 times! She got on Biscuit and rode him around and then I got on and around we went. LOL I still can't get on but since LeAnn has short legs like mine it is ON LIKE DONKEY KONG. I HAVE to learn to get on Biscuit with my dachshund legs!!! She was able to mount him from the ground. LOL I need to strengthen my legs and quit being a sissy.

It is great to have such wonderful friends...they make riding so much fun!!!