Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tandam Horses

I was up all night working on a cake and just had 3 hours sleep.  I went out to see my horses because I didn't get out there yesterday.  They were soaking wet with sweat - that nasty kind all over their bodies.  I put their halters and and for the first time, led both of them up to the barn using the RAV4.  Sarge gave Biscuit a few nasty faces - and Biscuit had a chunk of hair gone off of his right side.  I fussed at Sarge to leave The Biscuit alone.  Once at the wash rack I put Biscuit in the arena and tied him up.  Sarge was rinsed off - he was so sweaty poor boy.  I rinsed out is sheath - he had some chunks in there that I washed out.  He dropped for a moment and I was able to clean him a little more but not much.  I scraped him off and got out my hoof tools.  His souls were just popping off with just a touch of the circle knife....his feet are terrific.  He did have some thrush and a little bit at the tip of his toe.  I nipped and rasped his front feet.  He would pull his feet from me and he stepped on my rasp and wouldn't get off of it.  Grrrrrrrrrrrr.    I will get his back feet next week. 

Alison wormed Biscuit while we were up there.  He wasn't too happy about it but that is just too dang bad.  I switched horses and rinsed Biscuit off too...sheath was rinsed out.  I brushed both of the horses manes.  Biscuit looked like he had a bruise on the bulb of his hoof.  I will keep an eye on it.  I sprayed both of them with fly spray.  I visited with Lee Ann P and Alison.  Lydia and Lee Ann were braiding Legato's mane in a diamond pattern.  Can't wait to see the finished look!!

I took them back down to their pasture and turned them lose.  I was sweaty but my back wasn't hurting. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sarge is a riot

I took my mom to the doctor on Tuesday and after that I took her out to see my horses.  I set the bucket of treats down outside of the pasture and got into the gate to put the halter on Biscuit.  Sarge stuck his head through the wire, dumped over the bucket and started gobbling up treats.  He is so funny!!!

I went up to the barn to get fly spray.  OMG those nasty little black biting flies were everywhere.  I sprayed both of them really well and killed a big horse fly on Biscuit's leg.  Ugh...I got blood splattered all over my hand. 

I had been out to see them yesterday too and then went back Tuesday evening.  Got to hug them both up!

Here are my beautiful boys....Sarge is shining like a copper penny...his coat is velvety soft and he is the sweetest fellow.  Biscuit's coat is shiny and soft but I am a sucker for a beautiful bay horse!!!

Sarge looks precious - Biscuit looks like he stayed up too late or had too much to drink!!! 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Visiting Biscuit and Sarge

I went out to the barn everyday except Friday and Saturday.  Edgar is now feeding the horses and Biscuit is coming in when I go out there so no problems catching him.  Today I gave them handsful of grass and hugged them up. 

Kellie and I were going to ride today but it was raining this morning.  I am sure the park was soaking wet.  Dang...the woods are a choppy mess.  Barry and I went down to the beach this afternoon and it would have been great to ride out there today.  Nice cool breeze blowing and no mosquitoes.  I had Barry drive down to the end of the highway when we got back on the road.  I wanted to see what the washed out road looked like.  We could get around the barrier easily on horses and ride that stretch.  I would love to do that!  I told Barry it would be a great ride to go from that section of McFaddin Beach all the way down to High Island.  I think it is around 20 miles...In my dreams

The Tevis Cup was this weekend.  It is the Superbowl of Endurance Riding.  There were 3 riders from Texas!  Wow.  In my dreams I could ride in any endurance ride, much less the Tevis!  Unfortunately, there was a horse that had to be put down due to a fall that injured its neck.   The rider was ok but the horse had to be put down.  I felt so bad for both horse and rider.  The winning time was around 17 hours.  Can't even imagine that!!!  That is going a little less than 6 miles per hour but geez - that is pretty dang rough!!  The winning horse cantered in and looked like he was ready for more.  Congratulations to all the rider - to ride is to win.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Saturday evening ride

Kellie and I decided to meet for a ride Saturday evening.  I walked down to get Biscuit and put his halter o with no trouble.  Just wish my pasture wasn't so far down the road!!!  I am still wobbly and walking that far is a little hard.  I get it done and will count it good for exercise but it does wear me out keeping my balance.  I rinsed Biscuit off before loading him and we took off.

Kellie and I walked in the woods.  Lots of spiders - lots of spider polo being played.  Dang near ran face first into a few of the webs.  We went down the little side trail and ran into a web with a huge spider - I said "how disgusting" and heard Kellie agree with me...but she was talking about a page of porn taped to the tree.  OMG who would do such a thing?  Pages were dropped down the side of the trails too.  ugh.  Kellie ripped down the page off of the tree.  We went out of the trails and I followed the road around.  We jogged a little and my balance is getting better.  Still have a long way to go but improving every time that I ride!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sarge's sheath issue

Tuesday evening I fed the horses and checked Sarge's sheath.  Twice he lifted up his right hind leg and stomped when I touched it.  He wasn't trying to kick at me but it seems to be bothering him.  Not really hot feeling but still puffy looking and feeling.

I went there Wednesday evening and he didn't pick up his feet but it still seems not right.  It feels slightly, just SLIGHTLY warm and feels "thick".  My poor baby!  I am going to keep an eye on it. 

Biscuit is being a sweet little fellow these days.  Much more relaxed.  I gave him hugs and kisses.  Kellie and I are going to try to ride Friday and Saturday evenings.  Looking forward to it.  I just pulled cakes out of the oven - getting a jump on it!!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sarge has sheath issues again

Sunday evening Barry and I went to the barn to feed the horses.  Sarge kept kicking up his back leg and Barry said there weren't any flies on him.  I said to check his sheath.  He said "I can't tell anything".  Ok....I go check Sarge and his sheath looks a little funny - not normal.  I reached inside and pulled out a huge chunk of junk.  Sigh...Sarge is a dirty little fellow.

Monday I went down to the pasture and got Sarge.  Biscuit was a little surprised but he got treats anyway.  He was willing and ready to stick his head in the halter!  I took Sarge up to the front and started using a low volume stream of water into his sheath to loosen more junk in his truck so to speak.  The Lee Ann's were riding in the arena while I worked on Sarge.  I hoses and then pulled out junk...hosed and pulled out junk.  I then hosed him off to get all the sweat off of him and used the last of my Show Sheen to comb out his mane.  He is such a sweet horse!

I went back Monday evening to feed both of them.  His sheath still doesn't look quiet right but he doesn't seem to be in pain or discomfort.  Barry refuses to do more than hose it off a little - but Sarge seems to need a little more than occasionally running a little water there!!!  I will have to make a point to clean him once a week or so.  I will post of picture of his junk later.  Geez where does this horse get all of this nastiness?

Monday, July 8, 2013

Girth guards

Rasping hooves and 4 Wheeler encounter

I went out to the barn around noon on Saturday and haltered Biscuit in the shelter with no problems.  Good boy!!!!  I walked him up to the wash rack and got my trimming tools.  I just used the rasp and circular knife.  I did Biscuit's front feet only.  He was pretty dang cooperative with a few treats thrown in.  LaMonie and Azizza were all up in our Kool Aid and one of them came Biscuit a mare scream right in his ear!  hahahahaha  he didn't see to be very impressed though.

After I rasped his feet and used the circular knife just little on the sole area we went over to the bench by the pool and he was gobbling up green grass.  I then took him back down to his pasture and turned him loose.  He came back to the fence for a treat.  :-)

I went to walk in the water at the Wellness Center and then took soup to Momma.  After that I headed out to the barn to get Biscuit.  We headed for Tyrrell Park and tacked up.  We decided to ride in a figure 8 so that we could ride a little longer.  We rode down the right of way twice - fighting a few spiders along the way!!!

Coming back through the woods on the way to the stables we came upon a family walking on the trails.  Mom, Dad and 3 kids.  They were being ate up by insects so I offered them my Deep Woods Off.  They were very sweet people.

We got to the end of the little trail and there was a family reunion going on in the pavilion area.  We cut through the middle to go around so we could avoid the 4 wheelers.  Kellie went away from me to canter a little bit then came back and said Elan didn't like leaving Biscuit but he had left Regan the week before!  Hahahah  Biscuit and Elan are buddies til the end!

A four wheeler was coming right at us and Biscuit's turned into a giraffe.  The young fellow driving it was going slow and he finally stopped and told him Biscuit was a little afraid.  He cut the engine and I walked Biscuit up to it and asked the little girl on the back to accept a treat for Biscuit.  I had another one and the young man gave Biscuit the other.  Hopefully Biscuit saw that 4 wheelers are treat machines not eat Biscuit machines!

4 Wheeler Treat Video

EveryTrail - Find the best Hiking in Texas

Getting on and getting off

Friday Kellie and I went out to Tyrrell Park again.  So nice to be riding!  My legs feel SO much better.  I can feel improvement!!

We decided to go into the woods.  We walked around the side of the road to the entry over by Cattail Marsh.  We walked down the little trail to the main trail and went to the left.  Spiders were spinning their webs and I was knocking them down.  Ugh.  We got over towards the back not to far from the entry onto Willow Bayou and I dropped my dang crop!!!  Ugh.  I decided to dismount and see if I could remount.  :-)  I couldn' legs are too stiff.  I took Biscuit to a place that was a little higher near a tree and lower where he was at but I still couldn't get on.  We walked looking for a log and came on that little round step looking thing but one of the "legs" is gone on that and I didn't think it was stable enough to stand on.  We walked past the exit to bayou and kept going.  I finally found a log on the left hand side.  I tried to get Biscuit to straddle it but he completely walked over it.  I turned him around and got him to straddle it.  He was such a good boy!!!  I was able to mount up!!!  I was so glad the tree didn't rock up and hit him in the gut or didn't break with my big butt on it!!!  LOL that would have been a mess!!!

Video of Mounting from the Tree

I was later able to dismount with no problems.  Getting better each day!!!  So nice to be adding to my miles but it is slow.  I am hoping that by this fall I will be able to ride by myself again so I can go during the week days. 

EveryTrail - Find the best Hiking near Beaumont, Texas

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Independence Day Ride

Barry and I rode down to McFaddin Beach around noon just to see the water.  I love to hear the ocean!!  Pelicans flying around - fish jumping out of the water.  Saw a lady with her back to the water in a lawn chair - waves came in - she slowly thumped over backwards flat on her back - in slow motion.  It was freaking hilarious!

We had the kids over for grilled hotdogs and chicken.  We all had a good time.

I had no trouble catching Biscuit - a few treats is all that it takes.  Lisa and Helen gave me a ride down to the pasture so I didn't have to walk.  Woot!!!  We got to the park and OMG there were parties going on!!  Because of 4 wheelers running around - possibly in the woods - we elected to go across to the back of the golf course.  The grass was pretty dang high back there.  Up to our stirrups.  Elan grabbed a big mouthful of huge leafy things and was chewing on it.  Biscuit helped himself to some of what Elan was eating...literally pulling it out of his mouth!  Kellie said Elan would have never allowed his stable mates to do that...only Biscuit.  Thank God the boys get along so well! 
We rode for a little more than 2 miles.

On the way back we skirted around the old community building to get further from the noise of the bouncing ball and 4 wheelers.  We were crossing the lawn near the parking lot when the 4 wheelers were going all over and Biscuit turned into a giraffe.  I stayed on and tried to calm him but he was a little antsy.  Not bad but this old chick got off - easily I might add and walked him back to the trailer.  I don't ever want to come off of my horse again.  Especially now.  I did notice that I was walking BETTER than I have since all of my problems started.  My hippotherapy is working wonders on my legs. 

Second Trail Ride

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Saturday, July 6, 2013

My first Post OP Trail Ride

Kellie and I met at Tyrrell Park at 6:30 Wednesday to ride.  I walked down to Biscuit's pasture and brought him up - no problems at all!!!  I didn't have any trouble tacking Biscuit up.  Kellie held him while I mounted - I was right - the stirrups were a little long and I didn't really have trouble getting my leg over.  We walked into the woods and we were able to go all the way around!  The trails are tore up in places where hogs have wallowed or just stomped around.  Some spots are really a tough go as the ground has dried up in the shape it was stomped into!  I should have put Biscuit's hoof boots on.  Towards the end of the ride he was bobbling on his front end.  He is such a little sissy!!!  We only rode 1 hour - didn't want to over do it.  We went over the mats where they are putting down the pipeline.  Lots of spiders!!!  I was able to dismount easily so I am getting better.

On the way home on Cardinal Drive a man flagged me down that was having truck trouble while hauling his horse.  I had to go back around the highway and we loaded his little QH mare into my trailer.  She went in pretty easily...nice little dun mare.  I dropped him off just around the corner from my barn.  Glad to help someone in need - like those nice kids helped Lee Ann B and I last year.  :-)

It was wonderful to be back in the saddle again!!   I rode in Barry's Billy Cook saddle.  OMG so much heavier than my Allegany.  Kellie and I planned to ride again Thursday on the 4th of July.

Spider Polo   check out this video of SPIDERS!!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Biscuit and I take a little ride

I went to the barn around 11:30 AM or so.  I went down to the pasture and got Biscuit.  Treats for coming to me.  Walked him up to the barn and put him on the wash rack.  I got out his saddle, bridle, grooming stuff.  I groomed him first - he is slicked off but shedding like crazy.  More treats. 

I saddled him up - no problem saddling him.  I asked Lee Ann P and Alison if they would help me on and off to make sure he didn't move for my first attempt. 

Lee Ann held him and I put my foot in and up I went.  A little problem getting my leg over the cantle but not near as much problems as I had before.  I walked him around for 30 minutes.  Stopping, backing up, turning in circles, sidepassed like a doll, leg yielded, etc.  Alison came and held him while I got off.  Can't tell if my foot is out of the stirrups or not.  Same problem getting leg over cantle - not as bad as before but not as good as I would like.  Can't tell if my feet are still in the stirrups or not.  Oh well...that is how it goes.  More treats for the Biscuit. 

Kellie and I are riding Wednesday afternoon at Tyrrell Park.  I can't wait.

Check this picture out...between Biscuit's roached back and my sway back - it is not a good fit for us - so I will be getting a new saddle as soon as I can.

Put your left foot in and swing aboard get my foot in this dang stirrup

I am on!!

Away I go - woot - Biscuit and I are a team again!

Sway back + roach back is not a good combo

Is there a treat somewhere for The Biscuit?

Wet under the saddle

wet under the saddle

What a pretty Biscuit Man

not a good position to be in

Woot!!!! I can ride again!

I went to the doctor Monday afternoon in Pasadena.   I was THRILLED when Dr. Murphy told me I could ride my horse!  I was so excited.  It has been 12 weeks since surgery and my last ride.  I stopped at the barn on the way home to feed the horses and hug them up.  Biscuit comes in for treats but hey, that is better than not coming up!  Planning on riding Tuesday.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Biscuit and Denise Bonding

Working on bonding with my horse.  I think "Invasions of the Horse Snatchers" got Biscuit and returned him as Goose.  I want Biscuit back. He comes in and lets me halter him every time (except for last Wednesday) so he is doing a good job.  Little jumpy but better.  Here are two pics Barry took of me and Biscuit  -  bonding over treats.

I go to Dr. Murphy tomorrow.  I am so hoping he tells me I can ride my horse.  I miss going on my trail rides with Kellie and The Lee Ann's.  Alison too.  Hoping that we can make a ride this weekend. 

I called Steele saddles about fitting Biscuit with a Steele saddle and they said since they MAKE each tree to fit each horse individually that they should be able to fit The Biscuit.  If so, I want a new saddle so I don't pitchi forward.  My walking is still unstable!

If you are reading this, please say a prayer for me that I will be released to ride and that Biscuit and I have many more safe miles together!