Monday, May 30, 2011

Logging 182 Miles

Biscuit and I have logged 182 miles this year on the trails.  I have rode in the arena and at the ranch once but that hasn't been included as it was so little.  It is about 36 miles on average for the month.  If that holds for the rest of the year we will log 436 miles for the year.  I would like to make at least 500 miles so I think I need to log some more miles.  

Now that summer is here perhaps LeAnne and I can haul on Mondays out to Tyrrell and get in a short ride.  That would be nice to ride the woods.  Good exercise for Biscuit to jog behind Rouge while he gaits. 

Kellie and I want to ride at the Jones Park in Conroe next weekend.  That will be fun. 

I ordered a tush cush

Even though I have a super padded seat in my Alleghany Saddle I still can feel my pelvic bones when I ride and they get sore as all get out.  OMG they were killing me riding this past weekend in Kistachie.  Sam was riding ahead of me on Saturday and she has a Tucker.  She said she never gets sore any more riding in a Tucker but Tucker's just weren't for me.  I got home and I actually have bruising on inside of my legs where I am sitting.  Gaaaa.  I am such a fluffy. 

I did some research and found this:
 Western Seat Cushion
I ordered it and Valley Vet is johnny on the spot for getting stuff out.  I will probably have it before Friday.  I didn't want the ones that roll up the is just my pelvic area that needs the cush!!!

Kellie and I are going riding in Conroe next weekend so it will be tested quickly!!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Biscuit and Sarge hear a gaited horse...omg it sounds like an alien

Sarge is all of that and a bag of chips

Part of a Ride in Kisatchie!

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Biscuit and Denise by the little springs on Friday

Brandon, Tony and Mr. Weber at Kisatchie Friday

Sunday Morning Trail that Barry rode Saturday evening

EveryTrail - Find the best Hiking in Louisiana
Tony, Brandon and Mr. Weber Friday's ride in Kisatchie

Mr. Weber and Shine...he didn't want to get his little hooves in the mud!!!

Biscuit's mane looking gorgeous

Bicuit hears the wild horses...he was all excited


Saturday Kisatchie Ride

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Tana and Ranger, Mr. Weber and Shine, Denise and Biscuit on Sunday morning ride

The gorgeous Kisatchie Forest on a beautiful Sunday morning
Denise, Tana and Mr. Weber

Denise and Tana riding in Renegade Alleghany Saddles  one in black one in red!

Denise and Tana

Barry and Sarge and Denise and Biscuit

Yes, there is traffic control in Kisatchie! 


Kisatchie National Park

EveryTrail - Find the best Hiking in LouisianaBarry and I made plans to ride Kisatchie a few months ago.  I took Thursday off to get ready.  I went grocery shopping, picked up dinners at Mazzio's and sandwiches at Sertino's.  Barry got off at 1:30 and we went to get the horses.  We hauled to the Lucky 4B Ranch in Melder, Louisiana.  It took about two hours and 30 minutes to get here so we really made good time. 

We put the boys in a little pen and visited with Sam and Tony, the owners of Lucky 4 B and we met Mr. and Mrs. Weber.  He is the resident expert on Kisatchie.  He said he would be glad to ride with us on Friday morning.  We hauled our stuff up to the Saloon Suite and got settled in.  We later moved the boys to a one acre pasture where they were happier.

The next day we got up and Barry went to get the boys and he said they were running around like wild horses in the paddock.  He worked them both in the round pen before we saddle them.  A young fellow named Brandon arrived and saddled up his Tennessee Walker that was a very nice horse.  Mr. Weber saddled up his little mule, Shine and Tony was on Dot.  We started off and it was rocky as all get out on some of those roads.  Biscuit is always tenderfooted and I hadn't put his boots on as I thought these were just sandy roads.  We went down a road and then crossed into a field and we going along and  Tony's horse Dot shot sideways - it was a hog that startled her.  Then she got tangled up in vine and was stumbling and spinning around and she was struggling to stay on her feet.  Tony came off and fell flat on his back.  Saints preserve me; I nearly had a cow.  He didn't pop right up either.  He finally got to his feet and mounted Dot and Mr. Weber took the lead.  Another hog popped out of the brush and scared the snot out of Shine.  Shine was spinning round and round back and forth and Mr. Weber did a great job of keeping Shine under control.  He finally got Shine calmed down and Barry and I took the lead.  I told Barry I was a little unnerved by all of that.  Brandon's horse, Duke, was totally unconcerned about the hogs.  He has been hog hunting and wow...what a well behaved horse.  Anyway, Sarge took off and we went about 15 to 20 feet and a hog ran out from about 10 feet away.  Sarge startled and jumped to the right just a little bit and Biscuit startled even less.  I was so proud of my boy.  Prouder of me...LOL  I didn't wig out. 

We carried on and went to the bluffs.  Gorgeous scenery, deep bluffs, sandy dry creeks, deep shade.  At the bluffs, Barry rode Sarge all the way down and back up.  Sarge loves that kind of stuff.  We went to the springs and let the horses drink.  They were marking trails with green spray paint.  Biscuit cantered twice - very controlled and very nice.  Bless his heart.  It was a wonderful ride.  We rode 9.9 miles in 4 hours and 20 minutes or so.  We were stopping constantly to mark trees so that is what took so long.

We came back to the 4B and unsaddled the horses.  Sam and Tony said we could put Sarge and Biscuit down in a turn out pasture that was about 1 acre.  They really enjoyed that.

Mr. Weber was cooking up fried pork ribs and rice dressing later in the open kitchen - LOL  sweet sounding Cajun voices and the smell of Cajun food cooking - what could be better?  We all sat out there and talked - I met Brandon's wife, Lee Ann and their little boy.  Barry tasted the ribs and rice dressing and pronounced them wonderful.  We ate our dinner from Mazzio's and it was pretty good.  I heated it in the little oven and reheated the garlic toast in the toaster.

The next morning Barry went and got the horses but they didn't give him any problems.  I pulled Biscuit's hoof boots on so his hoof wouldn't get chipped more and he is tender footed.  We saddled them up and I went to get on and my jeans were not very stretchy and I had to get on with a mount.  Bummer.  We went over by Mr. Weber's area and he was saddling him Tennessee Walker Poncho.  The little mule, Shine, was not a happy camper;  he wasn't getting to go and was braying to beat the band.  Barry took Sarge over by him and Sarge was all charged up over it but behaved.  LOL  every molecule in his body was on alert! 

We rode out with a good sized group - some from Morgan City, Lafayette, Iota, Carencrow and a few other places.  We rode a different trail going to the bluffs that was very pretty.  At the bluffs, I noted that one of the ladies saddle had the same hardware as mine - it was a black saddle.  LOL  It was a Renegade Alleghany Trail Saddle!  Hers was nice in the black but I like mine with the little hoofpick pocket with my initials on it!  Several people went up and down the bluff on their horses - woot!  They were having a blast.  We carried on to the springs and Biscuit drank out of the stream.  We stopped and chatted there and then took off again.  The lady with the Alleghany was on a Missouri Fox Trotter that was very nice.  At one point he stumbled and went down on a knee poor fellow but he was ok.  I did notice that we were riding with many gaited horses and they were all so well behaved and none of the rider's were acting crazy people.  I have rode with gaited folks before that made me nervous because it seemed they didn't have really good control of their horses.  Some gaited horse riders are just fine (LeAnne!!!) and others not so much!

We rode around to a different trail and were crossing dry creeks and we came upon the wild horses.  They moved off quickly and did I have my camera out?  No...what a idiot.  I finally got it out and we rounded a ridge and went up a little higher and there they were - a group of about 6 wild horses.  They were all paints except one solid colored horse.  They moved off and we followed quietly and I took some pictures but they were pretty far away and there are tons of trees.  Biscuit got all excited - all of the horses did - they could smell and see them of course so they were definitely interested!

We continued on around the trails and Biscuit once hit a canter coming up from a little dip - wow wee - hoof boot gloves and all!!  Later I had Biscuit on Sarge's tail jogging - but he can't jog that slow for long!  Later when we were near the Ranch Sarge was loping and I was urging Biscuit to canter but he never would.  He did take the lead from Sarge (the other horses had gaited out of site!) and he was trotting really fast but would never canter. 

We got back and we had gone 10.7 miles so we rode 20.6 miles all together.  I rinsed Biscuit off - he was a sweaty boy.  When we got to the trailer there was a donkey in their pen.  OMG Sarge was having a nervous breakdown over that.  Barry tied him to the trailer (Donkey is gone by this time ) and he was still all charged up, pawing at the trailer and then he started rearing up.  I fussed and him and told him in a loud cranky voice to knock it off.  Barry came and got him and put him in the pen.  LOL  Sarge is a hoot. 

Later, Barry, Mr. Weber and two of the ladies from Lafayette went on a 5.5 mile ride where they cantered and Sarge liked that!!!  They went on a totally different trail to the west of the ranch so I sent the Garmin to catch all of that!!! 

We visited with the Weber's, the policeman from Carencrow (he was on a HUGE palomino) and looked at the trails.  I had uploaded them and Mr. Weber had me mark them with waypoint names.   That was pretty cool. 

Barry and I ate another Mazzio dinner - he didn't want me to cook the pasta dish I had planned so Mazzio it was.  We ate dinner, watched some TV and went to bed.  My knee doesn't bother me when riding but going up and down the stairs to the Saloon Suite hasn't made my knee a happy camper!!
We rode Sunday morning with Mr. Weber and Tana, the lady with the Allehany saddle.  We rode a different trail that was gorgeous!  Biscuit behaved so well today.  We jogged behind Shine - it was good for Biscuit to be in a position to HAVE to jog.  He can't do that very well.  We also cantered a few times before the jog and I was able to kick him into a canter easily.  He is getting better.  Later we cantered behind Barry and I had to tell Barry to speed up!!!  We cantered 2 or 3 times and it was so much fun!!!  Biscuit was the bomb dot com today.

We got back and washed the horses and Sarge was being a pill again - rearing up against the hitching post.  We talked to Sam and Tony and the Webers.  They are all such sweet people and I'd love to go back.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Biscuit is looking terrific

Biscuit's coat is feeling silkier since I had him tube wormed last week.  The hair on his chest is still a little rough but he is getting there.  Worming certainly makes a huge difference in the way he looks.  Barry and I went out to the barn awhile ago to load up to go to Kisatchie.  I am so excited about it!!!

I made a post to the blog and tried to upload pictures but it wouldn't allow it.  I will try later to add pictures from last weekend.

I didn't ride this past weekend

Barry hauled the boys up to Ebenezer early Friday morning.  LOL  he had a time catching Biscuit...Biscuit pulled a Legato and was running around the pasture.  He was finally loaded and off they went.  Barry and Sarge rode Friday for a long ride.

I was texting with Kellie and she asked if Robin could ride Biscuit so she didn't have to rent a horse as Eli and Jimmy were riding their horses George and Sunny.  I said sure.  I know that Robin would take good care of The Biscuit.

I got up to Ebenezer around 5:00 PM Saturday.  There had been a huge storm up there starting at 1:30 AM to 5:30 AM with tons of rain and lightening so they didn't go riding til 11:30 AM for the morning ride.  They left for the afternoon ride after I got there.  Robin rode The Biscuit again.  I took pictures as they left.  I wasn't riding due to my knee hurting.  I had hoped to ride on Sunday but I stepped in a hole delivering the cake Saturday morning and my knee really was hurting.   They returned later and wow wee,  James was carrying a huge 3' or more coral snake he had killed OMG it was a big one!

Later that evening we were all chatting and carrying on and we heard sounds like the Jurassic Park dinosaurs screaming.  James' palomino mare kicked the stuffings out of Beverly's bay mare.  OMG she was squalling like a crazy horse.  James said the bay mare has always been the dominate mare but the dynamics had been shifting and Hollywood decided she wasn't going to take anymore from the bay mare.  She was cut up some and had a puffy spot on her leg.

The next morning Barry and the others left for a ride - Robin didn't ride and she and I chatted.   Ray Langley, Jacque and Andy and their daughter and another man came up to ride and I talked to them and chatted awhile.  Barry  rode for 3 hours and when we left we went to Novrotski's and ate lunch.  It was nice being up in the country with the horses whether I rode or not!

The I didn't ride trip
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Picked up the boy's health certificates

I went out to Doc's after work and Cassie had their paperwork ready.  Biscuit' was under Pac which is
what I called him when I first got him.  She made copies of their Coggin's and Doc signed the copies.  I went and looked at the little miniature filly.  OMG is she TINY.

Poor little tyke, she has diarrhea really bad and they are working to get it regulated.  Her little neck is shaved and she has had IV's.

Doc had several babies so I had to look at them up close!   I love foals - they are just too cute for words!

  There were two more that I didn't take pictures of.  One was a Thoroughbred mare's little stud colt in the round pen.  He was a pistol.  I was petting him and he seemed to love the attention!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Biscuit and Sarge go to the Vet

I hauled Biscuit and Sarge to the vet to have Biscuit tube wormed and both of them to get health certificates.  I told Jaime today not to feed them because I would feed them in the trailer.  I left Biscuit in the arena earlier today.  When I went back to the barn he started trotting around the arena when he saw me...I am sure his thought bubble said "where the heck is my feed sister?"

I put their feed in the buckets and Biscuit was more than happy to haul his backside into the trailer.  I went down to the pasture and got Sarge and loaded him up.  We hauled down 365 to Doc's.  I went in to the hallway and there was a week old white mini foal getting IV fluids.  It was SO tiny!!!

I unloaded Biscuit and Sarge got all wired up - LOL  I think he knew he was at Doc's and he wanted no part of that!  I led Biscuit into the hallway and he was so nervous that I led him onto the porch overhang and he calmed down.  I kept talking to him softly and he finally totally relaxed and dropped his head.  He stood quietly until a man unloaded his little mare - I think Biscuit liked her!  I had to pull him back.  The man said that Biscuit was beautiful.  Bisckie is pretty darn cute. 

Doc finally was ready and got his pail and his tube and his twitch.  Ok...Bisckie wasn't so crazy about the twitch.  He was backing up and trying to evade Doc.  Poor guy.  I told Doc he was the bravest guy I knew (LOL  this old chick would not have the cajones to twitch a horse) and Doc said there was another name for it and it was stupid!  LOL  He is so funny.  Poor guy got knocked out when a horse head butted him last week.   The older I get the bigger sissy I become.   I did hold the twitch while Doc but the tube in and dumped in the wormer.

Before Biscuit knew it - he was tube wormed.  Doc pulled the tube out and petted Biscuit up.  I asked him what he thought Biscuit weighed and he said around 1100 or so lbs.  He said 1200 was a whole lotta horse and didn't think Biscuit was near that!  I loaded Biscuit up and I asked if he needed me to pull Sarge out but he said no but came over to look at Sarge.  He said that Sarge was looking good - almost too fat - I don't think so but that is my opinion!!!  LOL  He said Sarge was fine - and that he was slick and soft.  He said he thought Biscuit may still have parasites - and that is why his hair is still a little rough.  Geez...maybe he got more from Sarge or they never totally went away.  Doesn't matter - I am sure I will get them under control.  Any horse can get worms especially those that you haul around.  Heck, Legato had worms not too long ago and that horse is vetted out the wazootie. 

Doc couldn't find Biscuit's Coggin's.  I am sure it was there - LOL  I forgot to tell Doc it could have been under Pac or Nick.  I will take my copy tomorrow and get Cassie to make out the Health Certificate. 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Out at the barn with The Boys

Barry and I headed over to the barn to take the tack we had remaining back.  He went down to the pasture and brought up the boys.  Sarge is looking fantastic!!!  OMG it is so good to see that boy slicking off, his hair shining like polished copper and putting weight back on.  I put Biscuit up on the wash rack so I could watch Barry work with Sarge in the round pen.

Lee Ann and I were talking about Rogue - I gave him a tiny treat - and I gave Biscuit one, too.  Barry then worked Biscuit free lunging him in the small arena.  He doesn't collect up like Sarge and you can see a big difference in the way they move.  Sarge is smooth and effortless - Biscuit is stiff and unbending but that is what we will start working on tomorrow.  He is willing and very smart and that is what counts!

Barry played barber shop with Sarge and trimmed his whiskers and bridle path and Sarge stood there like a good boy.

LeAnn P and Doug came through and we chatted a few minutes - they were going to a rodeo something or another tonight so were leaving the barn.

Later Barry and I joined Kellie, Randy and Justin at JuJu's for crawfish - well, I had potatoes and corn and Diet Coke - Barry ate crawfish!

Rockin' R Rider's Tack Sale/Swap was a huge success!!!

Today was our Tack Sale/Swap at Tyrrell Park.  We brought our unwanted/unneeded tack out to the stables to sale.  We invited anyone and everyone to join in and bring what they had to sale or bring it to swap if they could.

I brought my 2 Aussie Saddles, Barry's two saddles, bridles, halters, saddle pads, hoof boots, cinches, bits, etc.

I had several people look at the Aussie's which kinda surprised me as this is not Aussie territory!  Kenny looked at them but we couldn't come together on a price.  I dropped it to $600 but $500 for Kenny - with both saddles.  That was my 18" Aussie with breast strap, leg woolies, suede stirrup pads and saddle pad and the 19" saddle.  An older gentleman was interested and he got on them both several times.  He had Paso Fino's so those saddles will be perfect for him.  He paid me the $600 and I was thrilled.  I sold the big gel saddle pad along with the Skito pad to Spirit Stables and I threw in the flat neoprene non skid pad.

I sold reins and a few girths and traded reins to Meg for a fat snaffle like LeAnn said I should use for the arena training with Biscuit!  Margaret wants the back cinch thingies for $40 and Esther is going to try out the martingale for someone and they will pay $20.  So I did pretty good.

We all had a great time - LeAnn's hubby Doug was there and the other Lee Anne's hubby Spud was too.  Esther's husband Michael came out with his super cool new BMW motorcycle that was KILLER. 

Meg's truck sprang a fuel line pump thingy leak and Barry and Randy helped her with it.  Her truck was POURING out diesel.   LOL it is always an adventure.

We all had a very good time and Kellie gave me a Justin and a Professional Choice pommel bag that is waterproof.  Woot!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Biscuit and Sarge are trimmed by Reagan

After I got off of work I had to go to the Doctor's office for my results.  Dr. May's thinks my knee is just aggravated and not so much as ate up with arthritis.  Last year when I rode Butterbean in Barry's Billy Cook saddle with the first time, my knee was cranky for 2 months.  I think I aggravated it when I got on Legato to try out the Sharon Saare saddle and since I stand on my feet for 6 hours lugging paint it hasn't calmed down.   I just checked back in my blog and that was on March 23.  So it hasn't been two month yet!  I think it will just take longer; I will wear the knee brace, I will take Modec as prescribed and Kelllie said to ice it.  So last night I iced it.  I want to make it better so I can ride when I want and not have to sit on the side lines!

I went out to the barn and checked on my boy's hooves.  They looked pretty darn good.  Reagan did a mustang roll on both of them.  Biscuit let me pick up all four feet like a good boy.  I called LeAnn to see how it went with The Biscuit's first farrier experience.  She said that he pulled his foot back from Reagan a few times and she took him and backed him up and fussed at him and that was all it took.  She explained that he had not been trained to have a farrier do his feet.  Reagan slaps his chaps with his rasp and she said poor old Biscuit looked terrified when he would do that.  Reagan even felt sorry for him so he stopped doing it around The Biscuit.  I was glad that Biscuit was pretty calm about the whole thing.

I did ask her about the nippers she told me about.  I am going to run over to Vinton and get so next week.  I also asked her about the sharpness of the knives and she said Reagan stated that the knives don't come with a real edge on them - so I am going to take mine to Schmidt Saw and Knife and have the blade sharpened so I can cut their frogs and bars, etc.  It is just too hard with dull equipment! 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Rogue colicked

Poor old Rogue colicked after The LeAnn's came home Saturday.  LeAnn P said she heard him kicking in the trailer when they turned on Hwy 90 in Liberty.  He kept kicking so they stopped to check on him.  He seemed fine, poop and all.  They got back to the barn around 5:30 PM and he dropped to the ground by the stallion pen and rolled.  They had a situation going.  They gave him banamine and ace and walked him.  He seemed better later, walking, gut sounds and some poop.  Lee Ann B went home for awhile.  Ms. Jean checked on him at 8:30 and he was fine but at 10:00 or so he was down and rolling.  She called LeAnn P and they got ahold of Lee Ann B and she returned to the barn, walking etc. until 1:00 AM when he seemed to improve.  She slept in her car by the arena.  He was better at 5:00 AM and seemed just fine today when I went out to the barn.  Poor guy.  When he gets sick - he gets SICK.  LeAnn P noted that he and Biscuit have diarrhea when we haul them and she said Rogue had a firm poop. She just thought he was a happy camper.  I said that I thought Red colicked because he hadn't had any alfalfa.  Maybe Lee Ann needs to give him small amounts of alfalfa on a daily or every other day basis just to keep that gut moving.  Poor Rogue - he is such a gumpy looking fellow but he really is sweet and LeAnn P said he is the best patient in the world - sweet as pie when he is feeling bad.  I am just so glad that he is ok. 

I brought Biscuit up to the wash rack.  I sharpened my knife and trimmed some of his frog but his feet are SO hard it is impossible for me to trim them.  My hands are killing me with arthritis right now so I asked LeAnn to get Reagan to trim both the boys so I can get them shaped up and in the right direction til I get on my arthritis meds.  I had an MRI Friday and the results were:  small tear in the meniscus and loads of arthritis.  Ugh....I woke up and my hands and wrists were killing me.   With the knee brace it doesn't hurt to ride, thank God!!!

LeAnn P is going to give me lessons so I can become a more confident rider.  We are going to start Monday and I am looking forward to it.  Lee Anne B is going to lend me a big fat snaffle and her easy access bridle.  Biscuit is going to school.  I am going to try to ride 3 days a week.  If I can ride Sunday, Monday and Wednesday that will be good.  More often if I don't have cakes. 

LeAnn P said some man that is building partition fences in the paddocks asked if "the big Palomino horse was for sale".  LOL that is a riot.  She told him that he belonged to a boarder and he asked if Biscuit was a high dollar horse.  She said that depended on what one considered a high dollar horse.  She said he asked what I did with him and she said I rode him every weekend.  LOL  LeAnn answered him without really telling him squat which I thought was hilarious.  I like The Biscuit.  He is not for sale at this time. 

I gave him a few little treats and put a stud chain on his halter.  He is a little pushy walking back to his paddock and he needs to learn to go at my pace - especially with my knee hurting like it does right now. 

I got stuff out for our tack sale that is Saturday.  We are going to have a blast.  Kellie and I are planning on riding Sunday morning out at Tyrrell...looking forward to it.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pundt Park with my peeps

Pundt Park

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Barry and I packed up the trailer Friday evening to go riding at Pundt Park Saturday.  We got to the barn just before 6:00 AM and loaded up the boys.  LOL  Barry turned Sarge loose to walk up the ramp and Sarge turned around and walked off towards the corner of the barn right as I rounded the barn.  LOL  I snagged him up and up he loaded.  Biscuit was more than ready...his food was in there!

Legato had to do the Indy 500 around her paddock before she'd let LeAnn catch her.  LOL  She gets so excited and she is gorgeous as she is galloping around tail flagging, mane whipping in the wind and snorting away.  It is good to get all of that fire out before the ride or at least release some of that energy.

Off we go and meet up with Kellie and Randy.  We had to stop in Liberty for a potty break and then we were on our way again.  We got to the park and I realized I didn't have my Coggins papers.  Gaaaa!  I am going to copy them and put them in the truck, car, and trailer.

Barry saddled up Sarge and said that he seemed sore.  I told him to take off the saddle and we tested him and he seemed a little sore.  LeAnn told Barry to lunge him and she thought he was off on the right leg...seems his bulb is a little tender - thrush no less.  Gaaaa.  We put Biscuit's Easy Boot Gloves on him and he was high stepping for a moment and then he was fine with it.  I will be ordering Sarge some Easy Boot Gloves of his own just in case.  I will need them when we go back to McKinney Roughs anyway.

Biscuit was a little wound up and when I got on he was like a toy that was twisted up.  I got a little uneasy but Kellie said "just ride it".  LOL  so I circled Biscuit and he did calm down.  I thought he was going to be like Ebenezer when he felt like he was going to explode.  Off we went - we rode all around, up and down, crossed the little stream and then crossed the creek.  We went all the way down that trail that goes north of the creek and to the high line.  We went back and when we came down the little hump to get to the beach Biscuit hit a canter and I lost my hat.  Had to get off and then he wouldn't stand still so I could get on.  Barry got in front of him so he would stand still.  My knee is in a knee brace.  I didn't need to twist that rascal.  We started off with a big trot, he hit a canter and we cantered down the sandy beach and into the water.  Woot!  I was holding the reins in one hand and clamping my hat on my head with the other.  We came across the water and up the sandy beach.  Barry got off to check the back of Sarge's hooves to make sure they weren't being rubbed by the Gloves.  Kellie went to the left into some trees, I went to the right, we converged and Elan kicked Biscuit in the chest with both barrels when Biscuit came up behind him!

Elan must have thought Biscuit was a bear...that horse NEVER kicks.  I have been trying to teach Biscuit NOT to tail gate but I think he was expected to when Kenny let friends/anyone ride him.  Nose to tail for non riders and Biscuit is just trying to keep that going!

We went across the cement bridge and down those trails.  On the way back Biscuit hit a little gallop - faster than a lope but not full out gallop.  He stopped quietly and easily.  Legato needed lots of space and she let him know to back off.  We were 2 horse lengths but that was too close for her.  I stopped him and waited for Barry so LeAnn could enjoy her ride without Biscuit being a nosey rosey.

The ride was fantastic.  We stopped for lunch and we all laughed and talked and cut up.  The LeAnn's rode another ride and Barry, Randy, Kellie and I called it a day.  We didn't want to over do Sarge and my knee!

We rode 7.3 miles and it was 90 degrees when we left.  It was hot and getting hotter.  My camera wasn't working - well I took two pictures but it won't let me down load them.  I took these with my phone.
Biscuit doing what he does best - eating!

Sarge in his little Easy Boot Gloves!!!

Randy, Lee Ann, LeAnn and Kellie's legs!

Haven't been able to ride

For two weeks I haven't been able to ride.  One weekend I was overwhelmed by cakes and it was Easter.  I did 6 cakes that weekend and Sunday was spent with the family.  I did go out to the barn and took pictures of the boys.  Biscuit is really blooming.  He is LARGE!  I trimmed his feet and worked on those one day.  Sarge is gaining weight and looking better.

Barry rode him with Kent up in Call, Texas on Good Friday.  Sarge got to chase around cows and he had a blast.  Barry had a blast too!  He said Sarge did a great job and they also went on a trail ride of 5 and a half miles.  Sarge did get a little tired he said but the poor fellow has not been well.

Here is their trip that Kent recorded:


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