Friday, January 30, 2009

A Trip to Teskey's

Barry and I drove up to Weatherford yesterday.  It took us 6 and a half hours to get there.  There was ice in the parking lot of the hotel!  We got up this morning and met Jacque B for coffee at Starbucks and visited with her for awhile.  

After that, we went to Teskeys!!!!!  WOW WEEE did I have fun!!!  I bought a new saddle after trying several.  I also bought a breast strap, new reins, a new headstall, a water bottle for me, spurs for Barry and for me and spur straps.  Barry also got a new belt.  I traded my other Billy Cook saddle for this one - and I got what I paid for it so that was pretty darn terrific!!!  I was happy.  I hope someone buys that saddle and it makes them happy.  

We got home late - we stopped at the stable to get the saddle stand and the Neetsfoot Oil.   I gave him a flake of alfalfa.   I oiled the reins and the spur straps.  The reins will be nice when I get them soft and supple.  

Can't wait to try all of this on Red!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Little Red Riding

Yesterday I went to Louisiana to work for SW.  While I was there I stopped at the Vinton Feed Store for alfalfa hay for Red.  They had the coolest stuff!  I had to make myself put down a purple racing bridle!!

I got a bale of hay for Red and off I went.  I got a call from Barry when I was in Bridge City.  I told him where I was and that I would swing by the house to get him along with my boots and we'd go out to the barn.  LOL he was at the barn!  I said to take Red out and lunge him and I'd be there as soon as I could.

When I got there Red had worked up a sweat lunging.  We saddled him up (I had the bridle in the car!  That is why he called originally!) and we rode!  Red performed like a champ.  He is coming along so good!!!

Rita was feeding and had been very sick. She just gave Red a tiny bit of hay so I made sure he had plenty and gave him some of his new alfalfa.  Boy did he like that!

Courtney asked about going up to Ronnie and Margaret's house and I said I had to go to WalMarts for SW and she didn't care she said!  OK...we will go tomorrow.  I talked to Margaret on the phone and made sure it was ok and that they were going to be home.  She said that was fine to come on.

Forcast said rain.  I got up this morning and very overcast and cold.  I called Courtney and she was up so I said I'd be there soon.  She had a good amount of hay for Red!  Yay!  I gave him one slab of alfalfa and left him in his stall as it looked like it was going to rain pretty darn soon.

Off we went to Margaret's.  It cleared up by the time we got there but that is 75 miles away!  Courtney rode Butterbean who is just darling and I love his color!!  Margaret let her ride Cub and she was totally in love with Cub!  Cub is a BIG boy and so well trained.  It was fun visiting with Ronnie and Margaret as always.  

We ate at Elijah's and went to the WM in Woodville.  No manager at that time.  We stopped at Courtney's mother's barn in Lumberton...can you say pea green with envy?  

We got to Tyrrell Park and Barry was saddled up and riding in the arena.   He had lunged Red without the lunge line in the round pen and he said he did terrific.  I can't wait to see that.  Barry rode and then I let Courtney ride Red.  She thought he was better than sliced bread.  I told her to lope him but not to fall out of that huge saddle.  She got him loping and he looks like a million bucks.  She was making him sidepass too!!!  Wow Wee my boy is gorgeous.  Courtney said "don't ever sell him".  I told her she could ride him tomorrow as I will not be able to and that she could ride him all she wanted Friday as I wouldn't be home then either.  He needs riding time but by people who know what they are doing to keep it reinforced.  He did everything I asked and did it well.  I can't wait to get my new saddle and RIDE!!  

I am planning on trail riding Sunday for the first time.  I can't wait.  

We brushed him and I laughed at him when I put the fly spray on this face.  He wrinkled up his nose and wrung his lip around.  What a hoot.  He wasn't too excited about standing still while I groomed him but too bad.  Stand you will.  

Bridgett called and asked me if Courtney was riding for pleasure on Red or if she was training him.  I said she was riding for pleasure only.  She said if she was training, that as an employee, all training needed to go through her as the BO.  I told her that any actual training of Red that I paid for would be by Margaret only.  I said that Courtney did have my permission to ride Red on Thursday and Friday as I would be gone.  


Monday, January 26, 2009

Big Red goes blue

I worked on a picture today of Red that I liked.  I used some blue colors and faded some parts.  This was a picture I took yesterday.

Dashing Big Red Races

These are pictures of Red when he raced.  He has a 98 Speed Index and was awarded a ROM (Register of Merit) and the AAA on his papers.  He looks like a million bucks!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Photoshopping Big Red

I am always trying to learn to do new things with Photoshop so I was working on a picture of me and Big Red.  It was beautiful....the program had an issue and shut down and I lost my picture.  What a bummer.  

I started over and here is Big Red with me.  I used several scrapbooking elements to make this page.  I liked feathering the edges!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Working in Photoshop

Just working with some pictures!!

Checking out saddles

Barry and I are going to go to Weatherford to Teskey's Saddle Shop to purchase a saddle next week.  We are going to drive up and spend the night, have breakfast with Jacque B, and then find a saddle that I like.  I want a breast strap and a bridle to match so my boy is stylin'.  
I have looked on line at their saddles and Margaret sent me these pictures of the saddles she uses.  One is on Red!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Big Red in the Country

I spoke to Margaret yesterday and today.  Big Red is enjoying the countryside and riding everyday.  

We discussed how much hay he needs to eat everyday and we think he is not getting enough hay!  I will get a hay thingy and put hay in it and put it in his stall so he can eat all he wants.  

We are going to go riding Sunday down the roads by Margarets house.  I can't wait to see Red.  She is working on his neck reining, stopping and backing up.  

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Red has a big day!

Here is Red loaded up and ready to go
I got out to the stables to see Red and he was in his stall.  His blanket was off but his bucket was bone dry.  I thought perhaps he had not been fed yet.  Courtney came out of her apt. and said he had been fed.  I asked why he hadn't been watered - he was having a fit to get to the water and sucked up about a half a bucket, poor guy.  I guess his bucket got over looked.  He had ate and I guess scarfed up his hay and he was seriously thirsty.

I took him outside and put him in the wash rack.  The vet arrived and I got an education in horse maintenance.  Dr. Schnieder had this big ole contraption to hold his mouth in place while he floated his teeth, a bucket, and some seriously long files.

First he gave Red a sedative that really knocked him for a loop.  He just stood there with his head down.  Dr. Schnieder put the speculum (I think that is what it is called!!) in Red's mouth and set it to open his mouth.  He let me feel how pointed some of his little burrs were - ouch!  I can see where those could cause a problem.  He then started filing away at his teeth - wow - that looks like it could cause him to be sore as all get out but the vet said not really.   I held Red's head on my shoulder with my hand over his face to keep his head in the correct position.  I could see pieces of ground up teeth coming out.  Red leaned back against the metal of the washrack to brace himself.  When the vet was through I paid him and he and I talked about Barry's operation.  He said his sister had this surgery and came through with flying colors and was fine. 

He said to leave Red in his stall because he was unable to defend himself and give him hay.

After he left I slowly backed Red out - and I mean slowly.  He was pretty sedated.  He was barely moving his feet and was pretty unstable on them.  I put him back in his stall and gave him hay.

I left the barn and called Margaret about picking him up.  I mentioned the hay and she said he shouldn't have it because he could choke.  I turned my RAV around and went back and took the hay from Red.  Poor guy!

I went to Plum Nearly Ranch and introduced myself to Mrs. McFaddin and she has room at the Ranch for Red.  She knows Ronnie really well (as does ANYONE who has horses in SE Texas it seems) which is a good thing!  They do not advertise but do take in boarders that they feel will make a good fit.  I told her about Red and that I would like to bring him to PNR.  She introduced me to her barn manager, Lee Ann and asked her to show me around.  The barns are fabulous, there is a covered, lighted arena, wash racks, paddocks and pastures.  WOW WEE - Red would be in hog heaven.  

I will be moving him to PNR in the near future.  I want to take dressage lessons and learn to ride English!  

I went back to Tyrrell Park and Margaret was already there and had Red out!  LOL  I had to laugh at her.  She is taking his bridle to try out his new bit while she works with him.  I hugged him up a bunch and he didn't mind.  He was still a little rumdum from the sedative but he loaded right up.  He is such a good boy. 

I will call Margaret in the morning about him.  

I am now in Houston about to go to bed.  Barry's surgery is in 8 hours and 20 minutes.

Low man on totem pole

Red is the "low man on the totem pole" at the barn.  Poor guy...he is so easy going he is getting the snot kicked out of him.  He was in the paddock behind the barn with the 5 month old mare mule and the TB mare.  The little mule kept running at him from far off (LOL  he wasn't anywhere near her!) with teeth bared and feet flashing.  He was jumpy as all get out when I finally got him out of the paddock.  

I had visited with Margaret and Ronnie today and she said if Red didn't get his bath daily he would be calling his lawyer and his union rep!  LOL  so a bath it was - well, really just rinsed him off.  It was cool and breezy so I scraped him off (he is a fur ball) and let him eat grass which he liked because there was none in the paddock.  

Margaret is going to come get him tomorrow and keep him til Sunday or so.  She is going to put some training on him and since I will be in Houston with Barry's surgery it is a good thing.  

I called Dr. Schnieter this morning to see if he could come out sometime today to float his teeth before he left.  He was supposed to do it this week but because Red is leaving I want that done before he goes and he said he would meet me out at the barn at 10:00 so I will be leaving for the barn as soon as my jeans are dry!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

What a beautiful day!!!!

When I got home yesterday my body was HURTING.  I was tired and my knees were killing me.  I took some ibuprofen before I went to bed and I was some kind of tired!  That is a good thing.  
Today Barry and I went out to the stable to ride.  Red was still in his stall which I thought was a little odd!

It was a gorgeous the 60's and clear as a bell.  I brushed him and groomed him some.  Picked up his hoofs and cleaned them out. His back hoof had a rock in it but it didn't seem to be annoying him in any way.  His ground manners are just wonderful.  He will stand as long as you need him to.  

We got him in the arena and Barry wanted him to lunge and Red just looked at him at first until Barry twirled the end of the rope and Red got the message.  I talked to Margaret and she said he was used to lunging in a round pen not the arena but he got the message!!  He lunged him for a little while and then we saddled him up.

I adjusted the stirrups for Barry.  He fits 2 holes below mine.   I got the stirrups set up for him and off he went.  He trotted round and round - he is still bouncing and he looked like he was coming off at one point.  I nearly had a fit.  Last thing I need is Barry to get hurt more.  Anyway, he was able to get Red into a slow lope...and he lopes pretty.  I got on him and went around twice and the wind was blowing a little and my throat dried out.  I will have to ride with a water bottle.  Yesterday I had a coke on the post of the fence - I would grab a sip as I went by.  I got off to get some water and Kelsie ahd arrived and she got on Red and rode round and round.  I got some water out of the fridge in the office.  I will keep water out there so that I can have water when I ride.  

Bridgett came out to ride Image - she has a pretty little canter and holds that head so pretty.  Red's head is held way too low I think.   I got on him and rode round and round at a trot.  LOL  It is so much fun but my body does get tired.  I am not used to it yet but will keep at it til I am.  Red is working hard to do what I want.  I wish I was a better rider - and I do need a saddle that fits.  I flop too much to be comfortable.  

We brushed Red off and let him have a snack of grass.  We were out there for 4 hours and Barry really enjoyed himself.  I think he enjoys Red as much or more than me.  We got a coke and french fries at McDonalds for a snack!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

On Wednesday I bought him a weather proof blanket because it is colder than a well diggers hinney.  Bridget and I measured him at 80" from the middle of his chest to the middle of his tail.  He is a big boy!

On Thursday Dr. Schneider came out to check Red and give him his shots.  He had me trot Red up and down and he said he was in great shape and said that he didn't seem to have any issues from racing.  He got a shot on each side of his neck and he will have his teeth floated next week. It was $60.

The next day Red was visited by Morgan!  She got on him and Barry led her around!!!  He was in the pasture with Image and Image kicked his hinney - he was a little nerved up but quickly calmed down as soon as I moved him out of the pasture.  Barry rode him and I lengthed the stirrups and he was able to ride better.  I rode him for a few minutes but it was getting late.  We went out to eat at Novrotsky's with Morgan and Ryan.  

Today I had a headache and it was awhile before I went out to the barn.  Devin went with me and I groomed Red and then tacked him up.   Devin rode him around the arena and then had to go.  I adjusted the stirrups for me and they were not level.  UGHH.  I took the saddle off of Red, put him in the arena, and put the saddle in the car.  I dragged it up to Sams and ask David to punch more holes in it.  He said someone had cut it up above (which I knew because Ronny told me so) but he was able to match up and put the right holes in it.  He suggested the funny looking stirrups that won't hurt my knees which I need.  My knee was hurting this morning.  I don't need that!  So they put the new stirrups on and he and Charles watered the leather and twisted the snot out of it and put little straps to hold it in place.  David said someone had came in looking for an 18" saddle so I gave him my card and said I wanted $650 for it.  Hopefully I will sell it soon and get something else.  

I went back out to the barn and Kelsie was out there.  I let her ride Red and she was thrilled.  Then I got on Red and rode for 45 minutes.  The trot was so much easier in the saddle with the right highth!!  

I let Red eat grass after I took his tack off.  I talked to Cindy about riding with them tomorrow when she came in from the trails.  I don't know if my leg will let me though!

I met Courtney, the young lady who is going to live in the barn.  She said "Oh!  Your Red's Momma!"  LOL  yeah...I am Red's Momma.  She said he is NICE and asked if she could exercise him.  I said yes but not to hop him up because I was getting used to riding after a long LONG absence.  She is a barrel racer and thought Red looked pretty darn nice.  And that he does.

My knee is hurting somewhat so hopefully the new stirrups will help!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Dashing Big Red Arrives

Red arrived around 11:00 AM on January 13th!  He came in a huge horse trailer and I was so excited to have him!!!  Margaret and Ronnie pulled in to the stables and I paid her in cash and we signed over horse papers.  Now I need to send them in!

She pulled him out of the trailer and he had checks on his butt that she combed in!  She had worked with him and I could tell!!!  He is handling so much better now.  

Here are some pictures of when he arrived.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Tomorrow is the DAY!!!!

Tomorrow is January 13, 2009 - Tomorrow is  a dream come true for me.  Tomorrow I, once again, become a horse owner.  Dashing Big Red will become my very own horse.  I am so excited and can't wait to have him where I can see him on a daily basis.  I am looking forward to riding him, brushing him and taking care of him.  

Margaret said that she had worked with him this week and that he is doing great.  She is going to bring him to me Tuesday at 11:00 AM.  We are going to ride him and she is going to show me what she has been working on this week.  

She said that his ROM was sent to the co-owner instead of her and she is going to see about getting a copy for me from AQHA.  I also want copies of his pictures as he crossed the finish line in the two races he won.  

I am so excited that I don't know if I will be able to sleep tonight!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Red on the Go

I talked to Margaret today.  She has been riding Red every day and some of the other horses, too.  She said she put spurs on with Red to get him up to trots - she is working on him trotting on voice command - works for me.  She said he is doing terrific.  

She is going to bring him down Tuesday - I may or may not go up there and follow her down.  I will get her to show me what she has taught him and pay for him and sign papers.  Wooo Hooo!  After all these years, I am finally getting a horse again!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Red's Pedigree

Red is out of Dashing Val out of Dash For Cash.  He has a solid pedigree with lots of speed and performance.  He, his sire and grandsire have a similar blaze down their faces.  


I have bought a Billy Cook Roping Saddle!!  It is literally brand new - the stirrups aren't even turned!  I took it up to try on Red and it fit!  Yay!  We have a saddle!!!!!!

I polished the conchos and rubbed saddle soap into it and have it on a saw horse with a big dowel rod through the stirrups to turn them.

I had Kade the other day and he was "riding" on the saddle and I am trying to foster a love of horses in him.   Here are some pictures of Kade "riding" in the living room.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I Filled Out The Barn Contract!

Today I visited a saddle shop in Liberty, Texas.  It was a small shop but packed with horse gear and a very nice shop owner.  It was a fun visit and I will be back!  

Later I visited Tyrrell Park and filled out the barn agreement.  I will be paying for January and February upfront.  The vet will be out next week to give Red his shots and he will be wormed.  I checked out his stall - it will be on the left hand side of the barn until the first of February and then I will move him to the other side so he will have a door looking out front, too.  I need to get him a corner feed trough with a hay rack.  I don't want him eating out of a bucket and his hay on the ground.  I also have to get him a salt block.  

I told Bridgett I should have him there around 1:00 or so...I am just guessing on that!!!

Red's Loot

I was so excited!  I went to Sam's and bought a beautiful saddle pad that is black with purple, pink and turqoise stripes.  I also bought a headstall, bit, reins, cinch, grooming tools and saddle soap and conditioner, too!!!  WOW.  I spent nearly $300 and left smiling!  I was so excited to get horse stuff.  I do have a tote for it.  Now I need to make sure they have a saddle stand or buy one.  Maybe I could talk Barry into making one.  That would be nice!

Red is going to look so pretty in his saddle pad.  Barry put the bridle together for me and Kade rode the saddle like he was going somewhere!!  

I talked to Margaret today.  She rode Red for about 1.5 hours today working on reining and backing up I believe she said.  She also said she had Ronnie put new shoes on his front hooves.  Woo Hoo.  I can't wait!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dashing Big Red

Dashing Big Red has become a special bright spot in my life. I was on the look out for a horse and went to visit my cousins one day. I used to ride my mother's cousin's horses. Archie had gorgeous horses that I envied. I wanted to one day own a horse as wonderful as his Jitter Joe or Sweet Patty. I actually got to ride Sweet Patty and I remember she was something really special. A beautiful strawberry roan mare. Annyyyhooooo......I was telling Archie I would like a 15.2+ gelding AQHA that could rein or do rollbacks because that was FUN.

Just after that, I got hurt trying out a gelding that I thought would work for me. I slowly recovered and still wanted a horse as surely as before. Archie's brother called Mom with the news that their cousin's husband had passed away. Mom told my cousins I had been hurt on the horse! When we got to the funeral home my cousin asked if I was trying to get a job busting bronc's!

Archie said he had a horse for me to look at that he had rode a bunch of times. A Palomino. So I told Archie I would come up and look on Saturday. He said "Bring your Mom!" So on Saturday after Christmas Barry, Mom and I trotted up the country to Archie's house. We visited with Arch and he said the people that owned the Palomino backed out but he had another horse for me to see. Off we go - over the river and through the woods - Archie said they were so far up the country they had to pipe in daylight.

We got to the people's house and had been raining for hours. They had an open air tin barn and the raining was making quiet a bit of racket. There stood a patiently waiting gelding - red as he could be. Saddle all neatly in place - him calmly watching me.

His owners are the nicest people and had owned him since he was a yearling. Because it was raining Barry and I neither one rode him but Margaret did. The gelding is Dashing Big Red and is a retired race horse with a AAA racing index and has won 2 races. He smelled so good. She gave me a price that I could afford and I liked how calm he was. They showed me pictures of him winning - what a thrill that must have been.

I said we would come back and ride him next Saturday and hoped the weather was nice!

On Monday Bridget and I went up to see him but I first got on her little mare at Tyrrell Park. First time I had got on since being thrown. We went up to the country to see Big Red after that. Bridget thought he was terrific. He is slow as Christmas unless you really get after him...but that suits me fine. I need to go slow now! I am going to buy this boy!

The following Saturday Barry and I went up to see Red. We picked up Archie and away we went. Barry rode him and so did I. He is such a sweetie. I got to groom him and he amazes me how calm he is. We looked at Archie's horses and came back towards home. We ate at the Catfish something or another and we had a good time.

On Sunday I went to check out a Billy Cook saddle in Sulphur, La. The saddle is 18" so it is big but so is my backside. I bought it contingent upon it fitting Red. I told him I would take it up to try it on him tomorrow and I would let him know. It was raining and yukky.

Monday it was raining and yukky. I called Margaret to make sure she would be home. I went to the Orange WM, to the cake meeting that I was the only one who was there, to the Horseman store in Orange (clothes, etc but no tack) and then headed up to Kirbyville through Mauriceville. I remembered how to get to their house with no problem and they live "where they have to pipe in daylight". It is a fun trip in my RAV. Ronnie and Margaret liked the saddle and said it wasn't broke and was barely used. It fit Red just fine. He was going to follow me when Ronnie was saddling him. I turned to go get my camera and he took steps after me. Bless his heart. Margaret rode him in the saddle and was fine. Yay. I talked to her about putting a handle on Red so she is going to ride him everyday and put a handle on him. It is $18 per day so that is good for me. I want him to neck rein. I left and went to the Jasper store and then home.