Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kissing up The Biscuit

I pulled this picture out of my video file from my ride yesterday.  I was hugging up Biscuit.  I don't have many pictures of me with Biscuit so I liked this one.  He is such a sweetie.

Biscuit is the Trail Master

I finally dragged out to the barn hauling my Brenderup.  I stopped and talked to The LeeAnns about our trip to Brushy Creek.  We discussed the trails and the cabins.  I'd love to go back there with the ladies.

I went down to get Biscuit and he walked all the way to the back in the corner when he saw the trailer!!  I walked out there and Lisa walked over after giving Kash a treat.  She had a bag in her hand and Sarge was reaching out to her.  He got a sharp pop on the nose for being all up in her kool aide.  He gets pushy where Biscuit doesn't.  I don't think Sarge would ever bite or nip anyone but it is still bad manners.  He is a cutie though!  Lisa and I visited for a few minutes and then had to go.

I walked Biscuit to the trailer and loaded him up.  I hauled to the park and unloaded and tacked up.  We walked around the park at a walk.  We came upon a plastic Tombstone that was all beat up looking and tied to a tree branch.  Biscuit gave it a funny look!

Biscuit tripped/bobbled a few times so I thought maybe he had a rock in his hoof.  We went down the side trail and then back.  We were coming down the trail by the park road and Biscuit wanted to go out the first entry.  I turned him to the trail and kept going.  He passed up the next entry but on the 3rd entry I let him go where he wanted.

He walked out to the road and crossed it.  He headed towards the pavilion, behind the bathroom crossing over towards the other pavilion, down the grass and finally crossed over to the stables, walked down the road that leads into the stable and stopped at my RAV.  He is just a funny boy!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Getting Fuzzy

Barry and I went out to the barn to check on the horses today.  We have had a few cool days and my boys are getting fuzzy.

It isn't a huge amount but they are putting on their winter coats.  Before you know it, Biscuit is going to be a polar bear.

I hugged them both up and we left.  I haven't rode in a week.  I am trying to let my back rest.  I am hoping to go tomorrow morning.

Friday, October 26, 2012

New Page of Pictures

I was excited to get the DVD with pictures of the Bombproof Clinic.  I put them on their own page...check it out.  It is to the right.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Brushy Creek Sunday

We got up Sunday morning and we packed up some of the stuff to go home.  Pretty much everything but the stuff in the refrigerator.  Barry went down and fed the horses early.  We finally went down to tack up for a ride.  I was a little stiff but not too bad.  Better than Saturday morning.  I put Biscuit's hoof boots on him because his feet were tender.

We went into the woods and through the primitive camp.  Crossed the creek and hit the trails.  Lots of ups and downs.  We rode through the creek several times and I took pictures.  Biscuit isn't fond of the sand shifting under his feet but he was a good boy.  He was leading for quiet a bit of the way but moving slow.  I don't think he likes to lead Sarge!  Sarge was being a bit of a toot but mostly he was good.  We rode up and up and up.  All the way to a road and then back down a road.  Did some trotting.  Came to the place where you go around the tree and hanging off the ledge - I didn't want to do that again and thought "go up that hill"  OMG I must have grew a huge cajone.  I went up it and up and up and up.  GOOD GRIEF it was steep and tall.  Biscuit was heaving when we got to the top.  Barry came up behind me.  Then we went down the other side.  I was almost vertical which was kinda scary.  Biscuit did a great job and OMG I had turned off the Contour.  It would have make great footage.  I was so mad!!!

We did do some trotting and Barry was cantering.  Biscuit can't canter behind Sarge - Sarge isn't going fast enough and Biscuit can't go slow enough!!!  We had a fantastic ride and I loved crossing the creeks.  Beautiful scenery, challenging trails.

We got back to the campgrounds and I got off on the truck tail gate.  I had a hard time getting my foot  over Biscuit's back.  OMG  I need to get rid of this pinched nerve.  I took Biscuit and hosed him off.  He and Sarge stood on the wash rack while we put all of the tack, buckets and haybags back in the truck or trailer.  Barry cleaned out the stalls. We ate lunch and packed the cold stuff up and were heading out at exactly 1:00 PM.  It took us 5 hours to get home - we stopped 3 times.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Brushy Creek Saturday

We rode out around 10:00 this morning.  When I was saddling Biscuit up he started kicking - he was standing in ants.  I moved him over and he moved too fast and his saddle slipped under his stomach.  Thank Goodness Barry was right there to shove it back in place.  My back was kinda stiff but worst of all my legs felt weak.  We started out and I realized I left BOTH cameras…duh.

We went down the trails and I had a few zingers in the back but was ok.  We got up to the first place where you go down to the creek.  There were two riders coming towards us and the lady was going down to the creek.  The man was on a perlino horse that was having a melt down.  We stopped so not to get in his way.  He kept urging the horse to go down and whipping him  with his reins.  The horse was going sideways and stumbled over hedge or stump or something and down he went.  OMG I thought that guy was TOAST.  I did call out and asked him if he was ok.  He said he was and got up.  We went around him  and kept going.  He commented to Barry that the horse was young.   What a fricktard.  I later saw that the horse was a stallion and I think he was just afraid and whipping him obviously didn't help.  Poor thing. 

We went on down the trail and crossed the creek.  The creek is gorgeous.  Biscuit gets a little anxious when he sinks into the sand.    Once when we were standing in the water so Barry could take a picture of us poor Biscuit was shaking.  God love him.  He gets a little scared but doesn't freak out.

Barry stopped to check Sarge's feet and I asked him to check Biscuit's.  He was checking Biscuit's feet and Sarge took off!!!  LOL  He was ready to trail ride.  Barry was able to catch him THANK GOD.  Sarge was ready to go today and was so excited to be leading.

We kept going down the trails and they were going up.  Once we had to go around a downed to tree to the left and step over the smaller part and the trail DROPPED down so steep from there.  LOL  I shocked myself that I went as I am the biggest sissy in the world.    We came to a downed tree and it wasn't that big and Biscuit stepped over it with his front feet and JUMPED with his back feet.  My right hand was near the pommel and when he jumped the tree I went forward and smacked my pelvic bone into my thumb.  OMG I saw stars.  I think my pelvic bone was broke!!!  Gaaaaa!!!!

We crossed the creek several times in different places.  We met a few people on the trail and talked to them.  We stopped to eat out Lunchable and Biscuit was hoping Barry would share a cracker with him but Barry told him to shove off.  I reached in my pouch and brought out my treats and Biscuit was more than happy to bend around and get a treat.  He just couldn't believe Barry was eating in front of him and not offering a bite!!   We kept riding and crossed the creek not far from the camp.  We went up an high entry that had Biscuit hopping up it but the trail just petered out so we went back to the creek and walked through the creek and entered at another place.  We went up and to the left and were going down a road where trees had been cut.  We decided it wasn't a road we wanted to follow.  We went back and where we turned left we kept going so it was to the right of the trail.  We went up a trail and came to a wide muddy spot and Barry went to the right of it and it had grass up it was soft and I think it caught both of the boys off guard when they sunk in it.  They were ok though.  We kept going and circled around and headed back.  We crossed the creek two more times.  Biscuit kept tripping and I think his feet were getting sore. 

He was excellent today.  We only rode 7.5 miles but those were some pretty dang tough miles.  Not like riding in Tyrrell Park.  We crossed several bridges today and Biscuit was so good about going over all of them…even the one that was a huge mud hole in front of the bridge.  When I went to dismount I couldn't make my left foot work and couldn't get it out of the stirrup.  When I finally got it out and dismounted I had a shock run up my back.  Dang!  I took Biscuit over to give him a bath and get the mud and grit off of him.  He had a little cut on his back where his saddle was.  I first thought it was a rub mark but I think when his saddle slid down one of the cinch buckles cut his back.  I checked his feet and his front right looks a little red on the white line so I imagine that is why he was tripping.  I doctored his back for him and put him up after letting him eat some grass.  Tomorrow I will put his boots on.  There were quiet a bit of rocks on the trails in places. 

We later went back and fed them and I gave Biscuit some alfalfa and we talked with some of the other campers.  All nice folks!

Brushy Creek Friday Day 2

Barry and I got up at 7:30 AM.  We went out on the front porch and were greeted by the little green head duck.  Barry went and fed the horses and I made breakfast - Egg Muffin Sandwiches and grapes.  Mist was rising off of the water and it was so pretty.  We heard a number of gun shots going off…someone hunting squirrels or hogs. 

Barry caught several fish so we planned on having those for dinner!  Beverly came by to see how we were doing and I said the cabin was way too warm.  She had just turned the AC on when I called about 20 minutes before we arrived.  She said she would bring us another AC for the downstairs.  Woot!!!

Barry and I just enjoyed the morning…beautiful quiet scenery as we were the only ones in the park!  We rode up to little store and picked up Crisco Oil to fry the fish in and some worms for Barry to fish with as he was using the chicken we bought last night. 

I made us sandwiches for lunch and we ate outside on the in front of the porch right on the water.  The cabin is absolutely precious - I think I could live there!!! 

We went up and got the horses out and I said I would do Sarge's hooves if Barry held them for me.  Sarge was a bit of a toot but he will listen to Barry.  I need to bring his back toes in more.  I think they are a little too long.  Barry tacked him up and I was tacking up Biscuit.  Barry said he was going to run back to the cabin to get something and I said to bring my GPS.  Barry took off in the truck and OMG Sarge was bobbing that head up and down, swung his butt around to the front of the trailer and hung his big teeth on the front window of the B'up.  I told him to get his big teeth off of it and to calm down.  He was going back and forth, banging into the trailer.   Several times I stopped and went over and talked to him and told him to calm it on down.  OMG I told Barry when he got back to never tack Sarge up and ride off in the truck.  He wasn't a happy camper.  I think Sarge has OCD.  LOL  : )

I got Biscuit tacked up and didn't realize I was standing on his purple reins.  Barry got his bridle out of the tack closet for some reason it spooked Biscuit and he jerked his head up and back and Good God it lit me up.  I felt like I had a major electrical shock run all through my body.  I had to go over to the bumper and sit down.  It made me so weak.  I finally mounted up (no GARMIN dang it) and we headed off down a trail.  The wind was blowing pretty hard.  We crossed a little bridge and went down the trail and down to the creek.  It is so pretty.  I was stiff and my legs felt funny.  I think I am going to have to go to a chiropractor even if I am scared stiff of them.  Last night I had so many zingers run through my back and legs that it is making my trip not fun. 

We went back up to the trail, around a little stretch of rocky road and around another section that had drop offs and a really steep trail.  We didn't do down that trail.  We went another route and Biscuit knocked my right foot into a tree.  We went down to another section of creek.  Barry thought it was 4:00 PM so we headed back.  Biscuit didn't want to go through the deep cut section we had just went through and went to the side of it then had to jump into it anyway.  Gaa…not good on the old back.  Trotting didn't seem to bother me…it is the unexpected jarring to either side that made me get zinger electric shock feelings.  We went back to the ranch and worked the horses in the arena.  I made Biscuit jog round and round.  I then took his tack off and let him eat grass.  Barry kept working Sarge and then later rinsed him off.  I scraped him off while Barry cleaned the stalls.  I got hay for Biscuit and brought him back to his stall and fed him.  Dang…It was JUST then 4:00.  I don't know why Barry thought it was 4:00 -  we didn't want to go further and get caught out there late!  Hahahahah  oh well, there is always tomorrow and maybe it is best with my back all jacked up. 

Beverly had ran out of gas on her little golf cart and I drove her up to the main house to get some gas.  She is a super nice lady and works like a Trojan.  She came and put in the little AC in the living room and it made a huge difference.   This cabin is in direct sun light almost all day where the other two cabins are totally in the shade all day.  This cabin has the best view of the pond but the others are backed by the creek. 

Barry and I came back to the cabin and he was piddling with fishing and I  took a nap on the couch.  After I woke up I made us dinner, nice salads, home made crutons, fried fish, rice a roni and baked chicken.  I didn't like the chicken but the fish was pretty good.  

Brushy Creek Guest Ranch Thursday Day 1

I made reservations at Brushy Creek Guest Ranch in Gloster, Mississippi in the Homochitto National Forest months ago and our trip day has arrived.  On Wednesday I went grocery shopping to get the food we would need as it is in the boonies. 

We left the house a little after 9:00 to fill up the truck and get ice.  When we got to the barn we loaded up Barry's tack, the orange vests I borrowed from Lee Ann B, hay and feed.  We went down to pick up the horses and we saw them running, bucking and playing. 

I set out to get Biscuit and he let me catch him with no problem.  I thought he'd run but  he didn't.  I was walking him towards the shelter and all of a sudden his butt came around and he was in front of me and I heard running hoofbeats.  Sarge had ran from Barry like a hotdog.  Blowing past me and cranking up the Biscuit.  But….good news…Biscuit listened to me and didn't run off and yank the lead rope out of my hands.  Sarge blew by right behind us and over to the other side and I started walking Biscuit to the trailer and Sarge finally let Barry catch him. 

We loaded them up and Biscuit smelled to high heaven of nasty mud!  We then took off.  Had a few idiots pull out in front of us….dang…what is wrong with people?  At the foot of the Mississippi Bridge in Baton Rouge we went north and crossed the Mississippi on the old Huey P. Long Bridge.  It is 3 days older than dirt.

We got to Brushy Creek and headed up the 1 mile gravel road.  OMG deep deep DEEP drop offs on the north side and deep drop offs on the south side.  Lumpity bumpity to the Brushy Creek Property line and OH MY how pretty it was!!!  We drove in and winded our way past the big arena to the covered stalls.  We got out and I unsnapped Biscuit and let down the butt bar.  He finally started backing out and poor fellow, he was shaking like a leaf and looked scared to death.  What a sissy boy!  I patted his shoulder and spoke to him and led him over to eat grass and he stopped shaking but he had white stuff running out of his nose and he snorted and got snot all over me and  he was nearly walking on top of me.  LOL he was fine when I told him to chill.  He had poop all over his butt and I was covered in horse snot.  Oh Yay!

Sarge was fine.  Or he looked fine.  We put them in stalls then changed to the other side and got their water and hay.  I sprayed Biscuit with fly spray and Barry sprayed Sarge.  There seemed to be lots of flies even though the place was immaculate.  I took Biscuit out and washed his backside.  We went and unloaded the stuff out of the truck, realized I forgot the dang chicken strips.  Morgan used some last night and they were put back in the house freezer instead of the cake kitchen.  Duhhhh…we headed for town and found a little store that had chicken and we ate at a little restaurant.  It was just ok. 

We came back and got the horses out.  I took Biscuit into the arena and had him walking around me on his lead line in circles and he went to the right with literally no fuss.  Good boy.  Stopped and did left, then right, then left, then right without being a butt.   Barry tacked up and was working Sarge in the arena.  I took Biscuit out and let him graze.  I took him down to brush him as he was pretty dirty looking.  Barry finished up with Sarge and had him tied to the other side of the trailer.  I was going to trim/rasp his feet.  He was at attention in giraffe mode and wouldn't pick up his hoof.  OMG he was looking at a crane by the little lake like it was an alien.  SNORTING like a bull.  Wouldn't listen to me and acting like grizzly bears had appeared.  Barry took him across the road into grass and was trying to lunge him but Sarge was snorting and blowing and practically walking on Barry.  I think if he could have he would have jumped in Barry's arms.  Barry walked him towards the crane and Sarge was BLOWING BLOWING SNORTING did I say he was S-N-O-R-T-I-N-G?

Biscuit was concerned when he couldn't see Sarge…I thing he bought into the idea that a Grizzly ate Sarge.  Barry brought him back from around the other side of the stalls and Sarge was calmer.  Barry said the crane flew off and I guess Sarge thought he made him go away so he was ok then.  Hhahahahahahaaha he is such a funny little horse.  We put them in their stalls and I gave Biscuit more hay as his was all gone.  Sarge had plenty.

Barry and I sat outside and watched the stars.  We could see the Milky Way and the little sliver of the moon sure put out a bunch of light.  Had it been a full moon you could have taken a late night ride. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rasping Biscuit's Hooves

I went to Gander Mountain today while my computer was being examined at Best Buy.  They had some big hog traps...dang....Tyrrell Park needs some of those!!

I went to the barn today and sat and chatted with Lee Ann P and Elise about their upcoming endurance ride.  I am so excited for them.  I offered my Aussie saddle to Elise and she tacked Jabare up in it.  It seemed to fit him well and Elise liked the saddle.

I started on Biscuit's hooves and was pleased to see some cupping in his front hooves.  He was a bit of a pill today doing his hooves but I did get it done.  He had a huge bite mark on his side....I think he must have been aggravating Sarge.  I will be doing Sarge's hooves tomorrow.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Flora and Fauna

I hauled out to the park and tacked Biscuit up.  I got there a little earlier than Kellie as a client was picking up a cake out there.  I grew up with Karen so I have know here since childhood.  Biscuit looked so nice in his tack and the little girl Allison wanted to pet him.  She loved her cake by the way.  

Kellie and I headed out at a walk.  We went to the left and went down the little trail to Cattail.  We got to the sign that says "Trails" and Elan startled at it and didn't want to go near it.  It had been freshly painted.  Kellie and I laughed about it and I took my treats out of my little pouch, let him smell it and placed it on the post.  OMG I had an electrical shock run through my back.  I must have pinched a nerve!!  Anyway, it took Kellie a little bit to get Elan to go up to it and get the treat but he finally did.

We went back to the main trail and I saw these little mushrooms growing.  How cute is that?  LOL  I spent some time taking pictures of "spores, molds and fungus" like Egan in Ghost Busters.  Kellie and I were remembering how our boys loved Ghost Busters as little kids and how funny that show was.

We only went around once and we did go down the little path to the picnic tables.  We haven't been there in a long time.   On the last 1/2 mile of the ride Biscuit tripped a number of times on his front left hoof.  When I got back to the barn and got off, I got another little shock nerve jolt.  Gaaaa...that needs to go away.  Anyway, this was stuck in the little cleft of his left front hoof.  It was a little sliver of a wood chip.  Poor guy, it was totally wedged into his hoof.

It was a nice relaxing ride.  Oddly, the Garmin Track really doesn't show the picnic trail part of the ride.   Kellie and I sat and let the horses eat hay - Kellie shared some Jiggs with Biscuit.  Elan dropped quiet a bit on the ground but didn't want to eat that....Kellie finally put the bag on her lap and he was eating out of the bag!  He is such a funny little horse!!!

EveryTrail - Find the best Hiking near Beaumont, Texas

Cantering with Kellie and Barry

EveryTrail - Find the best Hiking near Beaumont, Texas

Barry went riding with Kellie and me Saturday morning.  There were quiet a few people there - James had a little group but we rode out ahead of them.  Through the woods and out onto the bayou.

We cantered down the bayou some.  Biscuit did a good job - not great but ok.  We got to the bridge and went left to take Elan over the Yellow Brick Road Bridge.  He balked, Biscuit backed up.  I used my crop to pop pop pop him a little on the butt and Biscuit did as I asked and went across the bridge.  Kellie was finally able to get Elan to go.  Barry crossed after Elan.  Kellie then wanted Elan to go back first.  He kept backing up when she'd get him up there and I finally gave her my crop and she bopped him a few times and kept urging him and YAY....Elan went across the bridge.  We went across the big bridge and went straight.

We were going down the bog and got to where more solid area is to the left and I heard something in the woods, sounded like hogs to me, and Barry said Sarge was a little tense.  The wind was blowing and Barry said it was that kind of weather that made the horses cranked up.  There was the hog walking sound again and Sarge BOLTED.  OMG not spooked up...Bolted about 30 to 40 feet hauling hinny.  Elan and Biscuit looked at him like he had lost a few marbles.  We kept going and got to the point overlooking the Bayou and it was blowing!  I looked behind me and James' group was not that far off so we went down the wooded little trail to the main trail.  We did some trotting.  Got down to the bayou area where the little hills are and we were moving a little faster.  Did a little canter up hill.  We got to the little drainage bridge and stopped so Kellie could put on her Kewl Vest.  Off we went.  We were cantering and Biscuit can't canter slow yet and Barry stopped quickly and dang...we almost ran up Sarge's butt.  Barry got behind me and we picked up the canter. Slowed when he went around a dip and spooked at something.  Tried to canter again but he was just trotting FAST.  Kellie was cantering.  Stopped and asked for the canter and got it.  Cantered all the way to the end of the bog and around the first part of the hairpin turn.

Kellie said Biscuit was "side tracking" which I could tell he was.  He doesn't go straight yet.  We will work on it.  He did a pretty good job.  We crossed the big bridge and started cantering again.  OMG he was all over the place.  Then Sarge come spooking across our path, he was closest to the bayou, then Elan and then me.  He was spooking at a boat in the bayou.  It was pretty funny.  He looked at it like it was a fire breathing dragon.  We spoke to the man in the boat and his two kids.  They caught a bass that they showed to us.  How cute is that?

We took off again at a canter,  Barry and Kellie ahead of me and Biscuit going a little faster to catch up...but he was all over the place...fast then slow, the area is uneven and his going from side to side, slow/fast kept throwing me off balance.  I finally called a halt to it and walked back!  When we got into the woods Kellie and I hit a fast 6.5 mph trot almost all the way back to the stables.  Woo Hoo almost took a huge spider in the face but managed to get my crop up there and woosh it away.

We rode 8.8 miles and had a freaking blast.  We did see a good sized alligator sunning in the water on the way back.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pushin' the Biscuit down the trail

I hauled to the Barn and Lee Ann P and I talked about Kisatchie and endurance riding.  Biscuit and Sarge were up in the arena as they were baling his pasture.  He was out in the big arena and came to me when I called him .  Good Boy!!!  He and I went to the park for a ride.  Margaret visited with me out there before I tacked up.  I put my heart monitor on and mounted up.  We walked slowing til I go to the half mile mark and I stopped and made a way point.  I picked up a way point from before when I marked a mile. 

EveryTrail - Find the best Hiking near Beaumont, Texas

We did some trotting and jogging and went down the side trail.  He didn't like passing up the trail head and I was PUSHING him down the trail.  We went down the side trail again.  It was hot today and humid.  I did an in and out on the little trail.  His heart rate was wonderful when he was jogging.

I gave him a bath and hauled back to the barn.  I talked to Lee Ann B while she rode Rogue in the arena. 

I have a little saddle sore which is the pits.  I put neosporine on it and hope it heals quickly.  It made riding a little unfun today!

Dead Batteries and Heart Monitors

I hauled out to get Biscuit this morning.  I loaded up and got the stuff to make fly spray as my bottle was empty.  I stopped at the store by Tyrrell Park and got cokes, water and scrambled eggs for breakfast.  I unloaded Biscuit, gave him a hay bag and sat on my stool and ate scrambled eggs in the park.  How nice is that?
I tacked Biscuit up and put my heart monitor on him for the first time in a long time.  It sync'd easily and read 31 bpm.  I mounted up and took off to the right.  Biscuit's heart rate was around 60 or so.  I walked til we rounded the back and went a little further and then hit a jog.  Heart rate went to 98-100 and then dropped to 87-91 while we jogged.  We varied speed from around 4 mph to 7.5 mph and his heart rate varied between 87 and 100.  I jogged/trotted all the way around and down the little trail to Cattail Marsh.  He did trip bad once.  We kept going and I passed the trail head with no problem and kept the jog/trot going.  We completed another round and down the little trail.  My Garmin quit at the head of the entrance on the other side near Cattail Marsh.  Too bad but I got alot of use out of those batteries!!! 
We passed the trail head and he was good about it but I turned him around and hit a walk.  HR dropped to 70 immediately and within 3 minutes or so was down to 49 or less.  He did a great job.
I took his tack off, gave him a handful of treats and then washed him off.  He drank from the bucket and I washed off his tack.  He got his faces sprayed and he was good about it.  I scraped him and let him graze while I waited for a client to bring cash for her cake. 
I loaded him up and hauled him home.  He dropped and rolled!!!  Had a great ride with my boy!  I rode 4.6 miles today. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

My Little Yellow Horse is the Bomb

I went out to the barn and talked to Lee Ann B while she was riding in the arena. She said they had a great time at Kisatchie. I want to go back there and ride again! I told her about our bomb proof clinic. We want to do some of it in the arena. I think we can get some of the stuff like cushions, black "holes", feed bags, the crunchy bottles and I think we can maybe get some "boxes" made. Lee Ann B has a big ball and so we may do a little bit of bomb proofing at the ranch. I went down to the pasture. Biscuit and Sarge were under the shelter.

I got Biscuit and loaded him up and hauled to Tyrrell Park. I tacked up, mounted up and walked to the end of the house and had to return for my helmet! We went to the right and walked all the way to the little trail and went down that. The old gentleman I ran into last week had cut those branches that nearly knock you off the horse - Thanks!!!

I got to the trail head and heard someone talking and all of a sudden there was Lisa and Kash Kitty from the barn! Kash and Biscuit both startled HARD. LOL it was funny. Lisa and Kash Kitty joined me on the ride. We went to the right and I told her about the clinic. We came to the ride aways and there was a plastic bag so I made Biscuit walk over it and she got Kash Kitty to go over it. He was a little flummoxed but he did it.

We went around the woods, down the little trail and down both ride aways.  We went out on the bayou and down to the bridge.  We went to the right and across the Yellow Brick Road Bridge.  Biscuit gave me a little flack but he finally went.  We crossed and went to the right down the side of the drainage ditch to the water pump.  Had a little issue going past that but they did it.  We went to Willow Bayou but the back going down to Hildebrandt was not cut so we went back and Lisa wanted to cross the big bridge.  LOL  Kash Kitty backed up right into my leg and Biscuit's butt but it was ok.  He got half way across and started backing up.  He finally went and Lisa crossed over.  I said I would need to be returning as it was 4:48 or so!!!  It would have been too late to have gone all the way around the bog.  We will have to save that for another day.

We started back up Willow Bayou and when we got to the road that goes down Cattail Marsh we could see 2 horseback riders.  We kept going straight and Lisa wanted to do a little cantering so I kicked Biscuit into a canter - it was a little fast to start out - I told myself to relax and asked Biscuit to slow down and lo and behold...he did and hit a very nice slow controlled canter.  I kept the canter until Lisa slowed Kash Kitty.  Woo Hooo  My little yellow horse is the bomb.  We went into the woods and went left.  We got to the area where the bag was and Biscuit spooked a black bag on the ground.  I stopped and made him go over it.  It rattled around his foot and he jumped up like it was a snake but he was good about it.

It was a fun ride and Lisa was fun to ride with.  She told me all about getting Kash ready to shoot off of.  He is a super laid back horse - what a sweetheart!  I rode 10.3 miles and Lisa rode 8 miles.  We had a blast.  This is the track we rode.

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