Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trail Riding At Tyrrell Park

Saturday Barry and I went to look at The Tack Rack for saddles for him.  He bought a pretty breast strap for Sarge.  We were going riding with Kellie and Randy so we hauled to the barn and got the horse and wouldn't you know it...a VERY LOW tire on the Brenderup.  Gaaaaaa.  Had a little trouble loading Pac...he came in and went out a few times until we added hay to the bag!  Up he went and stayed. 

We had to air up the tire and off we went.  We saddled up and we couldn't get Pac to side pass up to the table.  He doesn't know how so I need to work on that.  I put him in a dip that is like a little run off area and I was able to get on.  He is just a little too tall for me but not much.  I am getting better!!!  I had his bridle in the snaffle position but omg he doesn't stop in the snaffle!  I leaned forward and got the right side in the shank position but was having trouble with the left.  Randy helped me ... Barry got off to help too blustering that he was always getting off for me!  LOL

We rode into the woods and they were setting it up for Halloween Hay Rides!  How cute is that?  Hanging skeletons, bones on the trail, little graveyards and spider webs with HUGE "SPIDERS" hanging Frankensteins.  Way too cute!  The trail was nice too and we had a wonderful ride through the woods to the halfway mark.  It was banded off on the other side for the hay rides so we went down the middle corridor and then went back into the woods on the far side and rode to the canal.  We went down the canal side all the way to the bridge.  Barry and Kellie cantered ahead and Randy and I followed at a slower pace.  We saw a little alligator in the canal.  It was such a glorious day and so beautiful. 

We rode back the same way and hit the woods again.  We continued around to the front side and when we got to the blocked off path we made our on path.  Kellie kinda got tangled up in a hanging limb but we made it ok!  Around the woods we went and we encountered the tractor hauling the hay ride.  Tried to side pass off the trail but Pac is clueless about side passing.  We went out by the stables and across the road.  Randy cantered after we crossed the street and were near the trailers.  Woot - Go Randy Go!!!

We unsaddled the horses and I brushed Pac to clean him up.  Kellie's horse Elan is having some dry spots under his saddle and so is Regan.  Gaa...bad saddle fits or need of new blankets.  Poor guys!  Elan was pretty pissy because he was tied too close to graze.  LOL  His face is jet black and his muzzle is like an old gorillas!  He looks like a pissy old gorilla when he is cranked up.  LOL  He threw a little buck with Kellie when she was cantering with Barry.  She said he was kicking at Sarge - I said he was throwing a little buck!!

We had such a good time!  We loaded up and hauled home.  It was such a relaxing ride - beautiful weather, lovely horses, great company...what could be better?  That is why I bought a horse!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Going to Margarets and Sarge chasing cows.

Barry and I hauled the horses up to Margaret's.  I haven't been there since July!  "The Horse" loaded just fine.  He is a good boy and very sweet.

Margaret and Ronnie liked him.  Ronnie said his roach back was nothing.  He said he turns out a little on the front.  I saddled him and got on and rode around the arena with Margaret.  Blue Blazes but it was HOT.  I only rode for 10 minutes because my brain started to bake.  Barry got on Sarge and chased LaMoo around.  Sarge had a fine time chasing cows.  Sarge was in his element - he thinks trail riding is for sissies. 

Ronnie said the bit was wrong for this horse and that is why he tosses his head when I pull the reins.  We moved the reins to the snaffle position and then he really wouldn't back up.  He doesn't know poop from Shineola.  Poor guy.  He just doesn't have a clue as too what you want.

Ronnie insisted on looking in his mouth.  Wow wee - he said it was in bad shape-huge hooks, etc.  He said he needs to be floated and that may help the tossing of the head issues.

I gave the horses a good rinsing while Barry and Ronnie oiled his saddle.  Maybe it will stop that loud rascal!  We loaded up and hauled home.  It was 94 degrees but the horses arrived back at the barn cool and calm.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Riding on the beach in Southeast Texas

Barry and I went out to the barn to get the horses to ride on the beach.  I talked to Lee Anne P. and she said the boys were getting along great.  No problems with them being together...they were eating out of the same bucket.  She said Pac stands there and eats the hay all day!!  Bless his heart.

Barry loaded up Sarge and we were near Amir and he was having a little melt down - as much a melt down as an old guy of nearly 30 can have!  I told Barry to pull up the trailer so that he wouldn't crank Pac out of shape getting into the trailer.   I had to hold him back!  LOL he was ready to get into the trailer and he self loaded.  Good boy!!!

We hauled out to High Island and turned to the left.  We went down a little way and Barry put the 4 wheel drive on.  When we turned in the sand it bogged down a little but 4 wheel drive just kept spinning and pulling.  We unloaded the horses and saddled them up.  I stood on a bucket to mount and off we went to the east.  We rode about 2 miles - the old road that was tore up during Hurricane Allen in 1980 was crumbling away and was near the water - I imagine high tide pulls it over the road.  In several places it was a good 2 foot thick! 

Pac walked into the water but the foam and bubbles kinda concerned him but he was just fine.  We trotted some and walked and walked across rocks and shells.  Tons of trash out there unfortunately.  We went though the McFaddin Wildlife Refuge!  LOL  That is Mr. Gus's family's gift to Texas!  Woot!
The wind was blowing so there were plenty of waves.  It was so peaceful.  It totally makes me Mellow Yellow....I think that could be a good name for my horse - Mello Yellow.  (Barry says no)   We walked through the asphalt criss crossing the road to the water and back again several times.  We walked in the water and he would stop and look at it.

On the way back I turned and patted his butt and he scooted up and kinda spooked.  Poor guy I scared him.  We rode for 2 hours.  I insisted on picking up his front feet and he wasn't happy but he allowed it.  I gave Pac a few treats and sneaked one to Sarge.  Barry caught me and said "don't give him treats!"  LOL it was just one.  I was putting stuff up and I thought Barry was loading Pac and I heard him come out of the trailer twice.  I said "wait and I'll come help" and went to the back of the trailer.  It was Sarge!  He came out twice.  LOL  What a silly boy.  Barry got him loaded and locked in and I lead Pac to the back and he walked right on in and stood still while I put the butt bar up.  He is a very good fellow.

We hauled back to the ranch and I took him out and put him up.  I fed him and he was pretty thrilled about that.  I found a picture of him probably in the fall of 2008.   I will try to get him back in good shape.  He needs to fill out his top line and his neck is very thin.

Monday, October 25, 2010

A Tale of a Palomino Horse

Kenny took "Goose" to Dr. Schnieder's for his Coggins and shots.  Barry and I went to his house Tuesday and were unsuccessful in loading the golden boy.  He loaded up and got scared of the butt bar and out he came.  Rope snapped around Barry's fingers and hyper extended them.  LOL  Back "Goose" went to the stall and we visited with Randy and Kellie. 

Friday I went out to play with "Goose" and was going to walk him to Kellie's so they could haul him to Houston for our ride at the airport.  We let him walk up and walk down but we didn't force him.  I was about to walk him to Kellie's when Randy showed up.  He said "get hay" "get Animal Crackers".  We took the center bar out and he walked "Goose" up and down letting him back up if he wanted.  We worked with him for one hour and he decided he liked the Brenderup - there was hay and Animal Crackers in there.  I hauled him to Kellie's and he came out so sweetly.  Randy and I gave him a short bath as he was disgustingly dirty.

On Saturday we all met at Petro's in Beaumont and hauled down 1960 to Houston's international airport.  We unloaded the horses and visited and had lunch while waiting for the Houston Ranger ladies.  We signed papers etc.

The horses were totally undisturbed by the huge airplanes landing not 150 yards away.  We circled a plane that was the Houston Swat Teams training plane.  The horses acted like it was a barn or something like that.  We rode down a grassy plain parallel to the runway.  "Goose" did a good job for the most part.   He wants to go to fast in a trot SOMETIMES and once didn't want to stop.  I had to insist, but he wasn't cranky about it.  This is a matter of us getting to know each other.    A few times he wanted to take off but wasn't cranky when I said no.  We did trot a long way down 1960 - he doesn't come close to trotting a straight line!  We will work on that. 

He loaded up easily to come home.  I think Barry was surprised.  He hauled quietly.  I put him in the arena and he came trotting quickly when I came with a food bucket.  He is highly motivated by food!  We gave him a pile of hay and Sarge some too.

I went out to the barn Sunday to play with him.  I gave him a good bath.  He wasn't spooky.  I even did his face and trimmed his whiskers with the clippers.  I loaded him...he unloaded himself twice...til food was involved.  Loaded and hauled him to the house and back to the barn.  No problems. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

Riding a Goose

I joined Barry up at Ebenezer this weekend.  I didn't make the morning ride as I had to work.  Barry went up ahead of me.  There was an accident at the lake and a girl was dragged out of the lake when her horse rolled and had a fit and she came off.  Shirt was over the horn and was caught.  She was barefoot skiing across the water trying to unhook herself.  When the horse hit the bank she came off and was knocked unconscious.  Kellie tried to assist and her companion screamed for her to leave her alone.  Wow.....geez, I hope if I am ever knocked unconscious a ER nurse is there to help me. 

I got there and we visited and Kellie and I took a stroll and talked to some folks about their Rockies.  A lady from Houston was there and had a gorgeous Rocky mare.  OMG she was a stunning chocolate silver dilute...she looked like a grown up Sugar Baby.  (our old Shetland Pony) 

The two ladies I met at the Sea Horse Haven over by Huntsville took my advice and came out to Ebenezer and rode with us!  We really liked them.  They also said that Pundt is in the city limits so no hunting EVER!!!  Woot!  I will be riding there during hunting season!  It is no farther than Ebenezer - just no place to spend the night unless we park at Darolyn's and keep the horses there.  

We got ready for our ride and I rode "Goose" that belongs to Kenny.  He didn't want to stand still so I was a little cautious.  We started out with James Miguez leading and he is a good trail boss!   We went down the front trail and it was a fantastic ride.  I rode with Randy a bunch and with Kellie too.  I also spent quiet a bit of the trail with Kent.  He was trying a new horse too!  Goose did a good job.  He will move out and he minds well.  I enjoyed riding him.  We rode for about 2 hours or more.  I rode in my black Aussie but I was concerned it was riding way too low on him and I certainly don't won't to injure someone elses horse.

We all joined in the fun at Kellie's camp - visiting and laughing.  They gave me a hard time about licking Red to see if he was sweating but I didn't care!  LOL They are so funny!!!

It got cold and I didn't bring a top blanket!  We certainly didn't need the AC which was nice.  We had breakfast sitting with Kellie and Randy.  What a nice way to start the day.

Kenny was such a darling and saddled Goose in a western saddle for me.  I traded the stirrups for my Crooked Stirrups as my knees are STILL bothering me from a month ago when I rode Butterbean.  Goose didn't want to stand still when I was changing the stirrups.  I will have to work on his ground manners.  He just isn't fooled with much.  He didn't want me to pick up his feet.  I will have to work on that too.  He is 6 years old, AQHA with Skipper W bloodlines.  Little tiny fox ears that are cute as can skin on a palomino which is good!  Pretty little blaze and a beautiful flaxen mane and tail. 

We went off on another trail ride and he did a good job.  I said if I keep him his name will be Pac.  Pac because he will pack me around and it is really for "piece a cake" as he was a piece a cake to ride.  We went up Eagles Nest Hill from the road.  I zig zagged him up and he did a great job.  Not hurrying or being a pill about it.  Same with coming down.  He did speed up a little but he listened to me and did as I asked.  We went up and down all of the ravines and hills and he did a great job.  I wasn't the least bit nervous on him.  I enjoyed the ride.  We went into the lake and thank God he didn't EVEN think about rolling.  He is the horse that dropped with Esther last May that was so funny!!!

Coming back up the hill leaving the lake is a hollow and I asked for a canter and got a flat out gallop.  Woot.  I asked him easy easy easy and pulled him up.  He tossed his head up high and I saw his rein flop over his nose but he slowed down when I asked.  I guess he was wanting to catch up to the other horses but I will also have to work on "go into a canter not a gallop".  Other than than he was a good boy.

Kenny is going to get his shots hopefully Monday afternoon.  I will go pay up at the barn to keep him there until I decide to buy him or not.  He is looking like a very good prospect.  We got back to the park and we were going to try to get him into the Brenderup.  He wouldn't load for Barry but Kenny walked him right up the ramp and into the trailer.  Wow wee - it is a sign from God.  Kenny unloaded and reloaded him 3 or 4 times and he just trotted up there and stood there.  He is a workable horse for me.  I did hug him and he was a little flustered by that.  He does love Animal Crackers which is hilarious.  I fed him 3 or 4 cookies and he gobbled them up.  Kenny had a huge Sam's type tub of Animal Crackers.

We cleaned up the camp site and I had a tuna fish sandwich with Kellie, Randy, Barry and Esther.   Kellie makes killer tuna fish.  Yum! 

We are going to go riding at Pundt Park Saturday or Sunday.  I am looking forward to that.  We loaded Sarge up and said goodbye to everyone.  We had a great time but I was tired!!!!  It was a good tired though. 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Looking for another horse

Kellie said Kenny is willing to sell Goose.  I am going to ride Goose this weekend at Ebenezer.  Kellie was saying we had to go and since I have a sight paid for I want to go.  I love camping with the horses.

I called about a big paint mare that is up in McKinney tonight.  She is a medicine hat black and white mare.  1200 lbs 15.1 hh so she is a stout girl.  Gaited too.  I am going to see her next week.  I will take either Kellie, Margaret or Barry. 

Picking up Miss Shilow

Barry and I left for Lafayette Tuesday evening.  We had a wonderful dinner at Prejean's!  OMG the gumbo was delicious.  The little Cajun band was entertaining and we had a good time.  We stayed at an older LaQuinta and on Wednesday morning there was a huge tour bus there.  The dining room was full of French speaking people - they were from France and were touring the US.  We visited with one nice lady who spoke some English - she had a Quarter Horse at home...can't remember what the French call them but I showed her my Brenderup.  Very nice lady!

Off we went to Cathy's.  Miss Shilow was cantering in the little pasture and seemed to be moving well.  We signed papers and tried to load her in the Brenderup.  It wasn't working.  We tried for an hour.  Up she would go, turn quick and off the ramp.  She was dancing on that asphalt.  Finally we opted to bring home Cathy's trailer.  By then she was quiet excited and we had a time loading her in that one.  She was calm though - not crazy.

We got her in there and she was stomping and kicking to beat the band as we left but she had to stop to balance herself!  We got her to the barn and Craig Williams was there.  She was gimpy when she got out from the asphalt and kicking.

Lee Anne Potter asked about the ridges in her feet - Craig said it looked like she had had a bad fever at one time.  He checked for possible foundering and said he didn't see any evidence of that.  He checked her feet with hoof testers and her feet were very tender.  He said that her soles were very thin and that I would have to keep shoes on her and put hoof hardeners etc. 

Kellie and Randy came out to see her and by that time she was very gimpy.  I decided that she has to go back to Cathy.  I hate that because she is such a sweet horse and so beautiful too. 

I had a huge headache by the time I went home.  I have been sick since Thursday and now feel like the pressure in my head is way too much.  I miss my boy Red and want to hug his neck.  I am glad that Heather is giving him such a wonderful home but he was always such a sweetie to me and never minded how much I hugged him.  I miss seeing his face over the side of the wash rack when he thought alfalfa was on its way.  Sigh...I miss him. 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Miss Shilow is coming on a lease - Going Gaited!!!

I posted about Shilow on a gaited site and Brenda I. said she thought she was nice and that she was doing a natural fox trot!  Woot!  I wish I knew more about gaited horses but I am going to make it my business to know more.

I called about her and went and rode her last Wednesday.  She is a cutie patootie - pretty grulla color, long mane, forelock and in her head.  Cute as can be.  She is calm and easy going but with get up and go.  I know she is calm because we ran over the little deaf mini Dachshund and she nor I freaked out.  Woot.  She got a little unsettled when I asked for a side pass but the horse hasn't been rode in a long time.

I called her owner today and asked to lease her for 1 month to make my decision.  I need a Coggins pulled - she had shots in June.  I am going to try to go get her Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning.  I am off Wednesday and that will give me all day to play with her.  I think she will look cute in purple.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Looking for another horse

I went looking for another trail horse.  I looked at 7 horses.  The first one was pretty but seemed to have a serious stifle issue poor thing.  What a shame.  She was pretty and well behaved.  I liked a little mare so much but it paces...not a good thing for a gaited horse.  One's back feet turned out slightly and was a little more than I wanted to pay for a horse that I didn't think was perfect.  Another was well trained, quiet and very nice but covered with a scaly scabby skin...they said it was the nats and it probably was but I don't need that and he was too tall for me to get on.    I then tried another little mare and she was nice, sweet, cute, well behaved and well trained but I didn't think she was smooth.  She didn't say "take me home".  She was a gaited Morgan and very nice but just not for me.  Next two were very nice TW mares.  Pretty, well made, sweet but just way too much piss and vinegar for me.  She was also shod on all four feet. I got on the older mare and she was too much for me.  She wasn't bad...just too much for me.

So, what did I learn?

Take videos to see how they gait.  Pacing is bad.  I want a gelding primarily.  I want hooves as strong as steel without shoes!  I want one probably no taller than 15.1 so that I can mount them unassisted.  I want one that is very calm and laid back.  It may take a while to find my perfect horse but I am willing to wait.  I will miss riding with the group but I want a good horse and will wait til the right one comes along.

I went out and hugged Sarge up.  I want a horse as nice as smooth as Sarge...loving like Sarge and Red...and calm like Red. 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Saying goodbye to my boy Red

Saturday was a sad day for me.  I went out to the pasture and got my boy and walked him up to the barn.  LOL he decided to walk down in the ditches which is always funny when he does that.  I brushed him and loved on him for a while and then loaded him up in the trailer.  He self loads now bless his heart. 

We hauled to Folsem, LA through LSU game traffic which meant we came to a dead stop before the bride in Baton Rouge and was slow going on the bridge.  Red as always, hauls nicely but he was dropping huge piles so I know it was stressful for him, poor baby.

We got to Heather's and he was curious and friendly with them as he always is.  I was proud of the way my boy behaved.  Heather tacked him up in her Stubben saddle and snaffle and I got on him to show them his skills.  We trotted around, backed, side passed on both sides, turned on haunches and forequarters.  He was a little confused for a minute but he did everything just right.  Heather and Sara both rode him and he was such a good boy. 

It came time to leave and Barry took picture of me with him.  I hugged him up and kissed him a zillion times.  My face was leaked off and on to Lafayette.  I leaked more when I got home.  I wanted to run back and get my boy but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Heather will love him like I do and take very good care of him.  My heart weighed a ton dragging it home. 

Heather has called and I have called her.  She posted pictures so I could see him.  Sara is going to show him and if I can I am going to go watch my boy in a show.  Heather said he and Flicka Foo were getting along famously - Red always liked the ladies. 

He will always hold a special place in my heart.  I don't know if I will ever love another horse like I love Dashing Big Red.  Don't know if my heart could take it.