Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Red has issues.

Last Sunday we went and rode Red in the arena. He did wonderfully for Barry but I didn't ride. My back was hurting and I was tired from working on my wedding cake and driving up to get Morgan in Jasper after prom. Heck my feet and hands were full of fluid and they felt like sausages.

I went to see Red on Monday and groomed him but it was spitting and sputtering and threatening to rain. I have been searching for a farrier and think I have found one up at Texas A&M. I am going to make an appointment tomorrow.

I had to go to Baton Rouge yesterday and I did a training today for Sherwin Williams. I finished the training and drove home. I met Barry out at the barn and I was going to ride with Krystina.

Red was in the wash shed and he lifted his head over the wall and showed his teeth to me. I wanted to crack up laughing. I hugged him up - I missed him. I had Barry get on him first and ride him around and when I got on him he was acting like an idiot....backing up, pawing, and being a handful. I got off.

Can you say wienie? I am a wiener. Barry got on him again and rode him in the arena. I got on him and he was giving me a fit - as much fit as Red gives...he would have got away from me if I hadn't had a good handle on him. He just broke into a trot and was not happy I stopped him. he was pawing when I stopped and acted like he was pissed off when I asked him to back. I thought he was going to rear up. WOW wee he was a pill for what he normally is. I rode him around several time and got off and we just stood there. When he went to paw I jerked him up and said NO. Barry said it is just because it is feeding time but so what! Barry rode him again and he was being a bit of a pill with Barry too. Barry says no but I think he was. Barry got off of him and I thought Red looked he was leaning over about to fall. I went up to him and told Barry he didn't look good. I looked at his left front leg and it was trembling hard. I told Barry he is hurting. Is it his feet? I took his bell boots off and Barry loosened the saddle. I walked him to the wash rack and rinsed him off. He seemed fine then. I walked him over to eat grass and I was really worried about him. I took him to his stall and he was eating his grain. I went into the hay stall and stuffed a handful of alfalfa through the holes. He ate that up. I left but said I would be back!

I went home and called Margaret on the way. I was worried he was colicking or something. She said to go check on him afterwhile. I went back at 8:30 and turned the lights on and he was fine. He wasn't down in the stall. He had pooped and pee'd again so he was fine.

Barry suggested that he cinched him too tight like when I dropped him to his knees. maybe. I think he was in pain.

I will be out checking on him in the morning. I am going to have them cut back on the protein in his food and hopefully move him out to a pasture instead of stalled. I think he might be happier that way.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Red is Shod AGAIN

Margaret talked Ronnie into putting shoes on Red. Bless Ronnie's heart - I am grateful! My poor boy was all gimpy!

Ronnie explained more about hooves to me. He said Red's walls were way way way too thin and the hooves were way too short. We need to grow those out. I had Red's shoes he had thrown and gave those to Ronnie. Ronnie fitted them to Red's feet and voila! Red is not gimpy anymore.

Barry and I went out and Rode him this afternoon. It was so much fun to ride him again. He behaves so well. Barry is working on making him "stay" like a dog. When I got off of him he wanted to walk away. I said "no! stay Red" and bless his heart - he stayed.

I groomed him and got him several handsful of alfalfa. That really perks that boy up! On the way back to his stall he was almost trotting in place he was so excited! There was FOOD waiting for him. He behaved though because he is such a good boy!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Margaret and Ronnie Visit Red

On Saturday Margaret and Ronnie came out to see Red. His sheath was better thank goodness. Ronnie and Margaret said he looked terrific and Ronnie said he was glad to see Red behaving so well - he said usually people take a well behaved horse and don't make them mind.

LOL we make Red mind but he is easy to control. He is such a darling. I had groomed him really well earlier so he still looked like a million bucks.

I had the DOS on Sunday and some of the girls and Jason came out to see Red. They thought he was a pretty boy which he is. I went out of Monday for just a few minutes and on Tuesday Barry met me out there to give him his alfalfa. Gee...I miss Red. I can't wait for tomorrow to visit with him and groom him and hopefully, go for a ride!

Friday, April 17, 2009

For Ann to see

The picture without the saddle was taken about 2 weeks ago. The one with the saddle was about 2 months ago or so. There are a number of pictures of him on the blog!

Short Visit and look at his nameplate!!

I went out to the barn yesterday and the sky was black and rumbling. I walked right up to Red - he is SO good now about standing while I put his halter on. When he shared a paddock with Duke he would walk away and was a pill. Now, he is back to his darling self. Barry said to just put the Pine Tar on and he wanted to leave. He said it was lightening. Krystina said she spoke to someone who said that horses sometimes get struck by lightening through their shoes.

Red doesn't have shoes anymore but Barry didn't want to be standing in a metal roofed barn. I cleaned Red's feet and put Pine Tar on them. While I was doing that Barry put his supplement and alfalfa in his stall. I barely got to spend any time with him yesterday.

I finally loaded a picture of his name plate that Edgar put on his door. Margaret made it for me for my birthday and here is a picture of Red's stall with his name plate...Dashing Big Red!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Groomin' my gimpy boy

I went out to the barn and actually fed Red. I don't normally get to feed him but today I did. After he ate I took him out to the wash rack. I tended to his cut - it was crusted over with dirt, etc. I didn't want to peel it off and cause it to bleed so I put the salve on after dabbing it with a wet, clean Sham Wow. I started brushing him and he is still shedding. I got down to his legs and both his back legs have that fungusy yuk. I rubbed them gently with the rubber curry comb and the little hairs were coming out with the skin crud attached. I brushed him with the bristle brush and did the backs of his hocks really well because some of the fungus looking stuff was up there.

He dropped and he was somewhat dirty so I took baby oil to his sheath and it still had some crud in it so I tried to be gentle and get it out. He didn't have a bean though but since Krystina just cleaned it I wasn't surprised. He didn't seem to mind, bless his heart. I did his hooves with Pine Tar and then scrubbed his legs with the iodine and Baby Magic. I think I was making his legs a little sore because when I hit them with water he picked the back right one up to let me know it was too much - too many.

One of the boarders came from the pastures down the road and she was leading her saddled horse. He was cutting up and Red perked up his ears looking at him. That horse was full of beans - glad I have my mostly sweet calm Red.

I took him back and he is a little gimpy on the gravel and when I ask him to step off the concrete into his paddock. He will toughen up though. I went and put his grooming supplies away - I need more fly/mosquito spray - and got his alfalfa. I put his joint suppliment in the hay and took it to his stall. OMGosh he is crazy for alfalfa.

When he perked up to looked at that horse cutting up he almost took my breath away. He is such a beautiful horse...maybe I am prejudice but I don't think so...he is just a looker!

Red has a Bo Bo

Barry and I went out to the barn this afternoon and we walked out to the paddock. Barry gave red some hay - he took it and walked away! I walked right up to him and put his halter on. I was talking to him and noticed he had a cut below his eye.

I took him over to the washrack and cleaned it and put salve on it. Barry rode him just walking, trotting a little, working on "stay". Afterwards I noticed he had hair knocked off of his back. Don't know what he did to himself...if he was sparring with his paddock buddies or if he hurt himself on something. Red was a little ouchie after riding but he will get better.

I put his alfalfa in for him in his stall and he turned back around to the other feed bucket. I know he was looking for his grain! LOL Edgar showed up with his grain and I gave it to him. He is always glad to see his grain.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Shoeless Joe Jackson

Red is now Shoeless Joe Jackson. I got him out of his paddock for Reagan to pull his shoe off. I told him I was going to start calling him Shoeless Joe Jackson. We had to wait our turn at the farrier. LeeAnn One's little Arabian mare had a hissy fit and stepped on Reagan's rasp - he now has 3 sections of that rasp.

Shoeless Joe just stood by and watched. When it was his turn, Reagan pulled it off and we discussed Red's confirmation - he is built to run - his back legs are longer than his front legs and he is slap dab over reaching. He said next trim is on him - no fault - but he is no charging. What a sweetheart. I groomed Shoeless Joe Red and put Pine Tar on his hooves. I gave him 3 hands full of alfalfa and walked him back to his paddock down the shale road, the asphalt driveway, down the cement barn breezeway and outside to his paddock. He was a little ouchie by then but he will have to toughen up.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

We went to mom's today for Easter dinner. Barry and I got Kayden some toys for Easter that he could enjoy - little men, a kite and different string and a package of 8 different water guns! Bless his little heart!

We came home and I took a nap - Barry went to his parents to visit with Morgan. The weather had been ugly earlier but I woke up from my nap and it was blue skies. We went out to the stables to see Red. He was in his stall and we took him to the washrack. He was pretty dirty but it was easy to clean him off. A simple brushing cleaned him up. I put pine tar on his hooves. We got his alfalfa and took him back to his stall. Torique was in Red's stall and he is sweet but hard headed! I couldn't get him out of Red's stall - had to entice him with alfalfa. Red went into his stall and was happily munching his alfalfa when we left.

I made this layout of me with the Brenderup - I almost can't believe I really bought it!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Loading the Brenderup

I got up this morning and drove the Brenderup to the barn. Easy to pull - so far so good. I let the ramp down and go get Red. He is so easy to catch now. I can walk right up to him so that is wonderful. I put his halter and leadrope on him and off we go.

I show him the ramp and he puts a hoof up and then down. LOL Krystina was trying to entice him and he was unsure of that ramp. I went and got a handful of alfalfa - he walked right up into the trailer. He is an alfalfa nut. He promptly christened the trailer with a load of poop.

I backed him down the ramp and that is what he is majorly unsure of. He was on his tip toes looking for his "step down". He was trying to come off crooked and I was working with him to make sure he unloaded safely. He finally backed off and we loaded again and put the butt bar up. Lee Ann and Krystina liked it and I think I do too.

I groomed Red and Morgan came out to eat lunch with me. I fed Red his lunch that Krystina made for him so that he was fed and ready to go. I had called Cindy and I planned on going riding with her out at Tyrrell Park. Krystina helped me put his boot on, I loaded the trailer with his stuff...saddle, bridle, hoof pick, hay bag (who's tag sliced my finger) and water for me.

I loaded Red and he went right in and Krystina helped me back it up and I did pretty good. I took Lee Ann for a tiny spin and she liked the trailer. I go down the road to Tyrrell. I get there and there is a HUGE motorcycle rally thing going on right across the street from the barn and it is loud. Probably about 40 bikes. Cindy, Fern and another lady are all saddled and ready to go. I take Red out and Kelsie held him while I tacked him up. He didn't want to stand still while I mounted though and Kelsie held him. I stepped in stirrup and down I went. Put stirrup back on and got on. Wow...he was all hopped up. I was surprised. He is normally so good. We go back behind the house and he is being a handful and I am thinking...this isn't going to be good. The trail is sloppy full of mud and he has that funny boot on. The horses are all spooky and Red is full of beans. I get off and say it is not a good day for me to end up on the ground. He was not listening to me. I did walk with them around to the front of the park (they were going to hand walk into the marsh instead of the trails...too muddy) and he was head up, stepping way on out and I thought uuugghhh no. I loaded him up and went back to PNR.

Once he was there he was as calm as a cucumber. I guess the bikes and the other horses spooking, wearing that boot, loading in an unfamiliar trailer and ramp was too much, too many for him. Barry rode him and so did I but we took the boot off and he is a little ouchie. I tried to give him a peppermint but he refused it...he is not a sweet freak. He just wants alfalfa. I gave him a bath and scrubbed him up and put pine tar on his hooves. Krystina said that Reagan is coming out Tuesday. I am going to take the other shoe off and work at making Red a barefoot horse! It will take some time but I think we can do it.

Barry took him to his paddock still wet and he dropped and rolled. I came with the alfalfa but he was not allowed in the wasn't feeding tim and so he will have to wait.

Barry hauled the trailer home and he worked with me to get it into the back yard. I finally gave up but did make some headway. I backed it up at the stables so he could pull it home so every little experience helps. I don't think it will take long before I can work with it easily.

Buying a Brenderup

Yesterday Margaret got here just a little after 7:00 and we got on the road. We started with a trip to Starbucks which is always terrific! We headed out and stopped at Starbucks in Pasadena and in Katy! We got to Austin around 11:30 and we found Kay's shop. We looked at the Brenderup and then worked at hooking it up. My receiver hitch was not "tall" enough. Kay said she would go to WalMart and get a different hitch thingy. Margaret and I trotted to a little restaurant to have lunch. We got a bowl of gaucamole that was amazing....yummmmmm.....and enchiladas.

Back to Kay's and she had the new hitch thing. We had to get the bolts off and a engineer guy from the Jaguar place came and helped. Kay and the office lady shared a piece of the cake I brought with him! We hooked the trailer up and we all got in the car and were going to go down the road and kick a beer can and pick a buttercup. I got right up to the edge of the road and said, "Did the lights actually come on?" Margaret and Kay get out and look....uuuhhhhhh nooooo we don't have lights. Margaret backed it up right back to the right spot like a pro. She kills me. So we get out and we are trying to find out why the lights aren't on. I was unhooking the chains and the right side was sparking like a sparkler. I told Margaret and she said "ohhhhh....we need to ground it" or something like that. It wasn't make the circuit. She took the hitch and scratched the sides of it on the sidewalk so it would make better contact. We put it all back together and we were in business. I got in and we went down the road and turned around at a McCoys.

We signed papers and I filled out forms. I also bought 2 tie straps with Brenderup on it and a wheel cover with Brenderup. Kay gave Margaret and I both Brenderup caps and I got a red hay bale bag for Red's alfalfa and a purple hay bag. It isn't a mesh one though; it is solid with a hole in it so he can get the hay out. I also bought a tote for Margaret. She was so sweet to go with me and help me.

We finally were on our way and we came back through IH 35 and down Hwy 290. The bluebonnets were so pretty near Brenham. I stopped and took some pictures. We got a latte and a cookie in Breham. I got home at 10:00 and Margaret tried to teach me to back the trailer. I did ok but she put it in the driveway! She was so helpful on the way home. She gave me a zillion trailering tips and how to manuver in traffic.

My RAV4 went through some gasoline but that is just the price of tea in China.

My new Brenderup - Red's Chariot

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I am getting my Brenderup and my first lesson is tomorrow!!!

I called Kay Monday - I chased her down at home! I asked what she had in stock at the moment. I am going to get the Brenderup Royal TC on Friday. I asked Christy to go but she has a shower so I took a long shot and ask Margaret to go with me. Hopefully she will be able to go. I want to go and come back in one day. this is the trailer I am getting

I called and arranged insurance. It will cost $396 per year. I will call on DuPont about the financing tomorrow. I had to get the taxes done and thank God they are now done!

I went to the barn yesterday and got Red out and groomed him. He walked away from me for just a second and then stood for me to catch him. Goodness - he is so dusty I couldn't get him clean. I brushed, curried and used the Furinator - he is still dusty as he can be. I looked at his hooves and they look so much better since it is not wet all of the time. We took him down the road to eat some grass. Barry had worked with him on "stay" yesterday with pretty good success. I asked Edgar to hang up his "Dashing Big Red" sign and he did.

I went to look at a little cutting horse for Barry today - compared to Red he is pretty darn little. Very nice boy though. I later went out to the barn and tomorrow is my first lesson with dressage! OMGosh I am excited!!! I can't wait!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Riding for hours

Yesterday I just had time to go out to the barn for just a little while after delivering my wedding cake. I gave Red his alfalfa and that was about it. I took a bunch of pictures of him in his new stall and here is one.

Today I had planned on going riding with Krystina. I went out to the barn around 2:00 PM. I went out into the pasture and Duke, Red and the Arabian gelding Torique were on the left hand side of the paddock. When Red saw me approaching with the halter and lead rope he went around Torique and then circled back and walked right up to me and stuck his nose in the halter and ate the hay I brough him.

There is a big difference since Torique came into the picture. Duke has the horses in the next paddocks to be friendly with and Torique, too! Red doesn't seem so annoyed! Miss Jean said Red was getting a break from Duke being stuck to him. Red seems much calmer too. That is wonderful...he is a good boy for the most part and I'd like to keep him that way.

I took him over to the outside washrack and groomed him and tacked him up. I took the new reins and put them on his bridle. I took him into the indoor arena and we stood talking to Krystina and Fancy. Fancy is such a pretty girl. I brought Red to the mounting block and got on and he "stayed" like I told him to. He didn't move a hoof. Good boy. We stayed there for a minute or two until we moved off. I worked with him for one hour in the arena while Krystina had a lesson. We worked on stopping and "staying". Backing up and doing it all again. We trotted around the arena twice without stopping and he kept the right pace. At one point when we were going around at a walk he made a move to the water fountain and got himself a drink. Lee Ann came in the arena with Rogue and was working on ground work with him. He knows how to bow!!!

After Krystina's lesson we went out for a ride. Of course, Red moves kinda slow going out. We went to the back of the pasture and the cows were near the fence. Krystina got off to walk Fancy up to them so she would not be afraid. We walked around the back of the pasture and come up the other side. Red went through water like a trooper Woo Hoooo and then Maxwell came running up splashing and both horses startled and moved quickly to get out of his way. I told Max if I ended up on my fat backside I was going to kick his. Krystina said he must like either me or Red because he never follows her on rides. LOL he is really a darling and cute as a button. We came up the side of the horse pastures and crossed through one of the pathways. Red was stepping a little quicker than going out but not in an obnoxious way. He was such a good boy today. I rode for two hours and I think my backside was broke!!

I groomed Red again and put Hoof Flex on his hooves and iodine wash on his legs and sprayed off the mud. Mud is not good for his legs.

I talked to Margaret - she had a fit when I said Barry came off of Red til I assured her he was fine. I was telling her about cleaning Red's sheath and his leg issue. She thinks he may have eczema but I haven't seen any hints of that. I will keep an eye out for it though. She told me some shampoo to get and put some iodine in it. It will keep any fungus amoungus at bay. I will get that shampoo this week!

I enjoyed my ride was such a pleasure...and just what I bought my horse for! Thanks Red!!

Sheath Cleaning Song

LOL this is posted on a board I am on and it is hysterical.....

Author Unknown

(Sing it to the tune of "Hello Mother, Hello Father" from camp song)

How's it hangin'?
So much cleaner.
Aren't you glad I
washed your wiener?
I'll admit it's
kinda creepy
that I had to stick my arm up in your pee-pee.

It was sticky.
It was gunky.
It felt icky.
It smelled funky.
It was cruddy,
it was crusty--
when you stuck it out,
it creaked like it was rusty.

After half an
hour of toilin'
and of squirtin'
baby oil in,
you're as fresh there
as a daisy.
Either this means I love you or else I'm crazy!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Messing around with Photoshop

I downloaded some new scrapbook files and they are darling. I was fiddling with some and came up with this. LOL a fantasy picture of Barry and Red. They are the end of the rainbow for me. Enjoy!

Red gets a new stall and paddock

When I moved Red to PNR I was told he might later be moved to the back barn and today was the day. They moved the broodmares over to the barn Red was in. He and Duke shared a stall with a metal divider that can be removed to make it a double stall for broodmares and one of the mares is in foal and due next month.

Red is now behind the main barn with a paddock twice the size as before. Edgar put his blue feeder in his new stall and he has a corner feeder too, and an automatic water dispenser. The stalls are not real big - quiet big enough for the smaller Arabians but Red is a pretty big boy but it is enough room for him.

Barry went out and rode him today. I met them in the back pasture and Barry was working on Red not wanting to haul hinney back to the barn! He also worked on getting on and off and Red standing still to do so. I am trying to teaching him "stay" just like a dog. We brought him back to the barn and I groomed him. He wasn't hot except under his saddle blanket. He was shedding pretty good though. Curry and brush is getting the job done. Barry cleaned his hooves out so he was pretty clean. I had him in the court yard working on "stay". I stood him straight and walked to the end of the lead rope. He kept wanting to follow me and I would back him up and say "stay". We are going to work on that everyday til he stays like a dog. Barry said he had to chase him for 20 minutes. That bites. We are going to have to work on that too. He is a pretty good boy but certainly not perfect.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Shoes and Idodine Wash and a chase around the paddock

I called Reagan at 8:00 AM this morning and we agreed on 11:00 AM to let the rain pass.  OMGosh is was POURING at 9:00 AM.  I left for the barn at 10:45 and Krystina called at 10:50 to say that Reagan had just pulled in.  I said I am on Spurlock and will be there soon.  I got there and I didn't see Red in his paddock!  LOL  Krystina said she already had him.  He was peering at me over the washrack wall - innocence all over his face.  Krystina said she and LeeAnn had to chase him all over the pasture.  LOL that is almost too funny.  I had told LeeAnn yesterday that I never had a problem catching him at Tyrrell Park - he was all too eager to get out of the pasture/dry lot there!  They had to put Duke up and corner Red.  He had a look of pure innocence on that sweet face.  

Reagan put his shoe back on - he flinched a little but hopefully these shoes will STAY on.  Another $25.  He is a money pit.  I put him in his paddock and he went into his stall - looking for his food!  I then left for Zeno's and Sam's Western Store.  I bought that Kopper whatever it is for thrush in his hooves.  If they smell thrushy - I will hit them with this stuff.  Expensive!  I also got some iodine wash for that fungus on his leg and new reins made of leather.  

I went back to the alfalfa and walked in front of him.  Offered the alfalfa and put the halter on.  No big deal...of course, Duke was in his stall.  I took him to the wash rack and put the iodine wash on his leg.  I will repeat this evening.  I curried and brushed my boy.  Hair was going EVERYWHERE.  We walked out to the stable yard and I worked on him coming to me.  Of course, he is on a lead rope but every bit helps.  I put him in his paddock and then came back and he let me walk up to him.  I will have to work on getting him to come to me in the pasture.  He really is a pita with Duke in there.  

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cleaning the Sheath and Calling the Farrier

I called the farrier today and left a message. He called me back and said he would come tomorrow to put Red's shoe back on. Christy went to the barn with me and then we went to Liberty for me to call on WalMart. We had a nice lunch and then back to work.

Jacque called me and asked that I be the Alternate for Area 4 and I agreed as long as she was Alternate for Area 2! So we are going to see if that works out.

I went back to the barn later this afternoon - I had purchased baby oil and Mennon's Baby Magic Wash. Red's sheath is pretty darn nasty and needs to be cleaned. He drops it when I am grooming him sometimes so I wanted to hit it with some baby oil! I told Krystina what I wanted to do and she said she would show me how. Ok....I groomed Red within an inch of his life. He has like a fungus on his white leg in the front. I need to get some Betadine Wash for it. I scrubbed it with my soft rubber curry which he thought got old really quick. I scrubbed/rubbed/brushed off as much of it as I could. He dropped his package and Krystina grabbed it and oiled it up!! LOL I poured the oil in her hands and she rubbed it on and checked for a bean...Red had a pretty good sized bean. She went up inside and was pulling out black gunk that looked like strips of dried up black fondant. LOL Bless his little heart - he was SO good. He never even flinched or moved around or offered to kick. Krystina said he was such a good boy. We stopped when the little girl came up for her lesson. Thank goodness she didn't see Krystina with her hands up in his business!

I cleaned his hooves and put the hoof oil on them. Ugh...Maxwell came up and was eating the yuk out of Red's sheath...gag!

I put Red's alfalfa and joint suppliment in his stall. I gave him a couple of handfuls of alfalfa to munch on and I could tell he was full....he had already ate his grain when I got there. He ate it but he wasn't having fits like he usually does! I put him in his stall and went home. What a busy day he had!