Monday, June 25, 2012

New Saddle

I got this picture today from Staci about the saddle I had ordered. It is beautiful. Can't wait to get it.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Another Solo Ride

It was hot as all get out today.  I got in my car and it was 105 degrees sitting on the driveway.  I hitched up the trailer and by the time I got to the barn it was 98 degrees. 

Biscuit didn't run or move off when he saw me coming down the road with the trailer.  I didn't turn in though.  I hopped out of the Rav and Biscuit just stood there while I put his halter on and he loaded right up.  I stopped at the barn and got his Aussie saddle and off we went.

I got to the stables and unloaded him.  I tied him to the side of the trailer, pulled out the saddle with the pad tied to it, flopped it on him and girthed him 1/2 way.  OMG so much easier than the Billy Cook. 

Some kids were over on the basketball pavilion and were making all kinds of racket and Biscuit seemed a little nervous.  I talked softly to him and he seemed to calm down.  I mounted up with no problem and hit the trail.  He seemed a little reluctant at first and for awhile walked S-L-O-W.  We got to the back and I asked for a jog and he hit a jog and away we went.  I had to make him collect up a few times and when I asked him to walk he still wanted to go. 

It was hot even with my cool vest on but not unbearable.  We got up to near the trail head and he was wanting to GO.  There were 2 trailers in the parking lot - the same people we saw last week.  I got off of Biscuit on the trail and walked him out and he was a little snotty over the other horses.  The young man I spoke to last week asked me about the Aussie saddle and said a lady with them would love to see it.  He said Biscuit was a nice big boy...Biscuit looked like a million bucks today! 

She came out and looked at it and said she loved it!  She liked the poleys.  I offered to let her sit in it and she said she needed a step to get on....hahahahaa  I said "as it turns out so do I."  We walked over to the stool and she mounted up and walked Biscuit in a circle.  She loved it and asked where to get it and how much it was.  I gave her a card and said she could call me and I would give her the info as we didn't have anything to write it down with. 

This is Angela on Biscuit
I unbuckled the girth and Angela took the saddle with the pad off of him and loved how light it is.  I cleaned Biscuit's hooves - they were caked with mud and pebbles and then hosed him off so he wasn't nasty.  I loaded him up and dumped his feed in the bucket.  I figured by the time I got back the Jamie would have already fed the horses.

I loaded him up right when the city workers started to cut grass and OMG I had just closed the ramp with the city worked ran the huge lawnmower right up behind the trailer.  Biscuit was so nervous and upset in the trailer.  I got in the Rav and pulled into the park and turned left and then left to go down the exit road near the barn.  I was on the phone with Kellie and got half way down and realized the gate was closed.  I wasn't able to turn the trailer around even though I tried so I straightened it up and backed it all the way to the road!!!  Woot!!!!  I backed it up about 100 yard or more without a problem.  Woot!!!  That is fabulous!! 

I hauled Biscuit back to the barn and the PP riders still hadn't returned from Brushy Creek.  Can't wait to hear about their ride!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Allegany Saddle in the Making

Staci sent me pictures of my Allegany Mountain Trail Saddle being made.  You can see the endurance pommel and the color is stunning!  Can't wait to see it!!

I can't wait to get it.  Love the color, love the hardware.  This saddle is an Allegany Renagade Endurance Saddle - and will have the bob wire stamping on it.  I liked the bobwire stamping on a saddle Kellie bought recently.  Very TEXAS looking!  This saddle should weigh around 22 to 24 lbs I believe.  

This Gives New Meaning to Wood Stove

I saw this on Face Book!!!  How absolutely COOL is this?  Hahahahahaha  the PP Riders need to do this the next time we go for a trip!!!  This will make dutch oven cooking a little different.

The Lee Ann's and Allison are going to Brushy Creek this weekend and the RR Riders are going over to Liberty, TX to ride - I will be at home delivering a wedding cake.  Bummer!!!  I am glad for those who get to go but this is the month of "make hay while the sun is shining" so I will be working!!!

I had wanted to ride this week but it has rained or threatened rain everyday this week.  We had some heavy duty down pours several times.  It is sun shining this morning on Thursday.  I have been out to see Biscuit and Sarge but just stayed a short while to hug them up. 

I will go riding Saturday and Sunday if possible.   I maybe riding by myself by that is ok.  Looking forward to getting out there with my boy.

Last week I realized the saddle pad I had ordered from Down Under hadn't come in.  I called and the man thought it had been shipped with the girth!!!  He sent it out immediately and I got it this week so I maybe riding in that this weekend.  I like Aussie Saddles. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Where is the saddle?

Kellie and I met at Tyrrell Park at 4:00 PM on Sunday to ride.  I'd asked Barry before I left if my tack was still in the trailer as he had rode Sarge at the beach yesterday.  He said it was.

Ok...I open the tack door and NO SADDLE.  OMG Kellie called Randy and he brought one.  I OWE him big time now.  We tacked up and were only able to make one ride around.  OMG just before we made the last turn Biscuit kind of stopped and moved over looking at something in the trail.  OMG it was human poop with toilet paper!  OMG what is wrong with people?  There are two public bathrooms in the about 75 yards from where we were.  Gag.

The rooster Henry is growing out his tail...two weeks ago it was pretty ratty.  It is looking better.  We enjoyed our ride even though it was short.  Looking forward to riding again!

Hogs and Alligators - Roaring Boats - It's a jungle out there

Julia snapped this with her phone...
Julia and I met at the barn at 8:00 AM for a ride Wednesday morning.  We hauled out to Tyrrell Park and I talked to Wayne when we got there.  He is a fellow that works out for the city out there.  He said Ricky Venable had to have heart surgery.  OMG  I am praying he is better and back soon.  I asked about him possibly tilling up the trails and he said Ricky would be the one doing that.  We  tacked up and Biscuit was nervous as a cat til we hit the trail.  He is always nervous when I park under the trees for some reason.  We rode to the left of the park and out onto the canal.  We wanted to get out there before it go too hot!  We were going down Willow Bayou and a bass boat came roaring down the waterway.  OMG we were motioning them to slow down but they just gunned the motor and kept going.  Shalom did a 360 degree turn but Julia kept her seat.  Biscuit was a little unsettled but not bad.  Off we went and we were halfway down the bayou when Julia said they were coming back.  I said turn her around and face them.  We turned the horse around and motioned for them to slow down but they waved and kept going.  Biscuit was ok until the waves started hitting the shore.  He started backing up until I popped him with a crop and then he went forward!! 

Julia and Shalom

Clouds are gathering
Julia and I hit a trot all the way to the bridge.  We started across the bridge and Biscuit was limping on all feet it seemed.  I got off and he had rocks in all his hooves so I cleaned them and walked him across.  I remounted and we went straight down and to the right of the bog.  We picked up a trot after a little ways and trotted all the way to Hildebrandt.  We let the horses eat some grass and rehydrate!

We went through the back trail to the main trail and a huge ass bug flew right into my eye....ok....that sucked.  We went down the bayou and saw an alligator but it wasn't as big as the one we saw last Sunday. 

We crossed over the little cement bridge and around the corner.  We went a ways and started jogging.  We jogged all the way to the land bridge and over that and to the gravel road.  We walked over the big bridge and I had to stop again and clean Biscuit's hooves.  We got to the other side and the big crane there running.  I asked the young fellow to hold off moving until I mounted and he said he would.  What a sweetie.  We hit a jog again and went down the bayou.  The temperature had dropped and a nice breeze was blowing.  We turned right at the woods and kept jogging all the way to the trail head.  Biscuit did a fantastic job of keeping his speed and keeping on rein.

We could see clouds were gathering up.  I washed Biscuit off and we loaded up and hauled back to the barn.  We could see ugly coming up West Port Arthur Road.  I took Biscuit down to his paddock as quick as possible.  We went back up to the barn and unloaded Shalom and the skies opened and poured down rain like crazy and it was blowing sideways.  We were on the washrack with Lee Ann P.  It rained hard for about 20 minutes and then started sun shining.  Hahahahaha only in Texas!

Julia and I cleaned the trailer out.  We had such a good time!!!  She will be back one day towards the end of the month.  Hoping to ride again with Julia and Shalom soon!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Riding on Tuesday with Julia

Julia came in town and we loaded up Tuesday for a ride.  OMG we rode 1/2 mile and the weather got ugly so we turned around and loaded up and went home.  I don't think it rained except for a tiny bit but it was a case of Something Wicked This Way Comes and we opted for safe!

Lee Ann gets an LQ!!!

Lee Ann P bought a Featherlite LQ!!!!  Wow wee!!!  It is a 8' wide with I think a 14' shortwall.  It has a dinette seat, good sized fridge, microwave, sink, 2 burner stove and a closet in the front part, NICE sized bathroom with a closet, shower, super duper toilet and sink. 

Monday we all got together to SCRUB it.  Hahahahahahhaha  The Lee Ann's and I were scrubbing all surfaces - Allison and Julia joined in.  I took the bathroom and cleaned away.  I scrubbed some rust off the top of the burner cover too.  That cleaner was amazing - the rust came right off.

The trailer has been well maintained and well kept.  Lee Ann is taking it Wednesday to P and P Trailers to have it acid washed and have an electric jack installed.  It has a factory installed Onan generator and just about anything someone could want.

Hopefully we will be camping/riding in style soon.  Lee Ann B and I gave her a card that had three little girls with tutu's and cowboy boots on with some $$ inside so she could stock it with whatever she wanted. 

I will have to get pictures soon and post them.  I am pea green with envy but SOOOOO glad she got one!!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Biscuit isn't a fan of Fans!

Lee Ann B and I made plans to ride Sunday morning.  We met out at the barn at 8:00 AM.  I went down to get Biscuit and he was finishing his feed and he walked away about 50 yards.  I walked right up to get him though without a problem.  I unloaded him at the barn and tied him on the wash rack.

Wow Wee  -  fans have been installed on the washrack!!!!!  One on each end.  I wanted to turn them on as Biscuit was sweating.  Lee Ann said Rogue had really seemed to like them.  She turned them on and Biscuit had a COW - he was pulling back and very upset.  We turned them off and I took him off the wash rack and calmed him down.  She turned them back on and I led him to the washrack and let him get used to it.  He was giving it the evil eye and kept touching me with his nose to make sure he was ok...LOL  he is funny.

We loaded up and hauled to the park.  Biscuit stood still to be saddled without me fussing at him.  Thank God...I got sick to death of him dodging the saddle.  We took off and made three rounds and much of that was at a jog.  Biscuit gave me a little tiny bit of guff about keeping on the rein, going straight and keeping collected and the correct speed but not much.  He did a terrific job today.  When we passed the trail head he wanted to go out, then got to his "spot" and when none of those was acceptable he had a tiny snit but again, just a tiny bit.  Same with the next go around but we kept going.  We saw loads of rabbits and a baby turtle swimming in a pot hole!! 

On the last round Biscuit went to his "spot" stopped and then quietly walked out.  He is such a good boy.  I hosed him off and he actually drank out of the hose and let me spray his face.  OMG he rolled his pink eyelid thing over part of his eye - I nearly had a cow.  I'd never seen him do that before.  He got plenty of treats today.  He and Rogue were trying to eat leaves off of a branch near the trailer and Rogue would give him the evil eye...LOL they are funny.

We headed back to the barn and when we unloaded Rogue he nailed Biscuit on the way out.  I had to laugh at him...he is a Rogue!!!  He is aptly named.  Poor guy...he stepped on himself backing out of the trailer at the park. 

Tomorrow we are meeting to apply elbow grease to Lee Ann P's new trailer!!  She got a gently used Featherlight 8' wide LQ - I think it has about a 14' short wall!  It has a dinette table, nice bed area, nice kitchen and bath area!  3 horse slant.  Wow!!!!  It is nice. 

Sarge and Barry

Nebby and Sakara in the pasture

Got a treat for The Biscuit?
I spoke with Julia and we are going to ride at some point tomorrow.  Barry and I went out to the barn this afternoon and she was out there.  I took some pictures of Biscuit and Sarge while I was out there.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wildlife on the move in Tyrrell Park

I met Lee Ann at the barn at 8:00 AM and pulled up The Biscuit.  I fed him on the wash rack and we loaded up and took off.  Our Monday morning rides are on again!!!!  We got to the park and Biscuit stood to have his saddle put on.  He did spook up over God knows what and had that scared to death look on his face.  Bless his heart.  I rubbed his face and he got over it.  I gave him several treats and we mounted up and took off.  We went to the left of the woods.  We came upon a turtle laying eggs in the middle of the trail!  Poor chick...I don't think that was the right place to put them!!

We went out on the bayou and we started trotting.  A truck was out there spraying around the utility poles and we moved up closer to the road to go around them.  We trotted to the bridge and crossed over - Biscuit was tender footed as always.  We went straight to the right of the bog, stopped here and there to see if Rogue would drop and pee!!!  We started trotting and kept going all the way to the back.  It was wonderful to be trotting with my Biscuit Man.  Had a few little snits over not keeping on rein and speeding up but he did as he was instructed!  We went down the back and the gator nursery is full of water but we didn't see any gators. 

We hit the back of the bayou and good Lord - there was a Loc Ness Monster in the moat!!!  Lee Ann said when they are in that position of tail up they are breeding...good grief, we were looking out for a female on the land but didn't see one and we were up high at that point.  The gator turned in the water watching us...gaaaaaaa....we moved away quickly!!

We crossed the little cement bridge and went around the curve and headed back to the front.  Biscuit flinched at a noise in the brush to the right and then again when little pigs scattered.  I had a good grip on him and could see the sow's snout looking out from the brush.  The pigs ran parallel to us for a ways and I put Biscuit in a brisk trot all the way to the front of the bog.  We rounded the hairpin turn and up on the little land bridge was a big black hog!!!  Biscuit stopped in his tracks and the pig ran into the woods to our right.  Biscuit was not amused.  He doesn't mind when they are beside him but obviously in front of him is not his idea of a good time.  Rogue went around us and we were on the look out for more that maybe we couldn't see due to the brush!!  We crossed the bridge and hit a trot all the way back to the woods.  We walked from the woods to the trailer. 

Wow!!!  What a fun ride!!!  It was a blast.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Sunday Ride

Lee Ann B and I made plans to ride in Tyrrell with Kellie and Randy Sunday morning.  I brought Biscuit up to the barn and fed him up there.  We got out to the park around 8:15 AM.  I told Biscuit in a stern voice to HOLD STILL when I went to saddle him and thank God he did.  I tacked him up and he stood like a good boy. 

Kellie brought the Steele saddle tree with leathers on it to try.  She tacked up Elan with it.  We took off to the left of the woods.  A tree was down so we back tracked and went out of the woods and around to another entry.  I took some pictures of Kel in the saddle to send to Steele.  We went around the woods and turned around and went back!  We cut across the ride away and got to the tree that was down.  We actually plowed through the side of it with some help from Lee Ann cutting some branches.  We went out of the woods again so Kellie could canter Elan to see if she liked the saddle.  We stayed on one side of the street and she went on the other.  Elan wouldn't canter but Biscuit wasn't too happy his buddy went on the other side!!!

We went back into the woods and around to the stables.  We stopped at the trail head and Lee Ann and I discussed going around again on just riding tomorrow.  Biscuit had a little snitfit because Reagan was moving off.  We went over to the trailers and I took his tack off.  I took pictures of Elan and Kellie with the Steele on.  We had a great time and rode 3.3 miles.