Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lesson today

Red and I had a lesson today. It went well. I did have to pop him on the shoulder once with the crop and I think he was surprised. We worked on turning on the forehand and a canter. I look like an idiot but I am working on that, too! Esther's godchild, Laura, videoed it for me.

Sweating from being outside

I went to the barn Monday evening to check on Red and I had Kayden with me. I called Red and he came up and his chest was damp with sweat. Woot!!! That was just from being outside and no exercise so he is sweating some. That is thrilling!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Trip to Ebenezer and a Sweet Sweat Weekend

I got home from Dallas at 11:15 PM Friday night. Tossed and turned til 3:45 AM & Barry said "wanna go to the park now?" Up and out of bed, getting stuff ready. Loaded up the boys and left at 5:20 AM and made it to Ebenezer at 7:25 AM and that included a stop at Wal Mart in Jasper.

I wet Red down and we saddled up and hit the trail with a ton of people...well, Esther counted 39 but that is quiet a bit of folks. Red led the way for a little but he moves slow in the front. He was forward at the beginning but slowed down. We went up Eagle's Nest and then down the steep hill. The worst he was all weekend was going down that hill. He wanted to run/trot/etc. and gave me a fit going down. I won. Love my new saddle! I poured water on him once. He crossed the log that he has hesitated or refused before with ease. Woot. Down to the water and he stood in knee deep water enjoying himself. Up and out we came and we jogged, loped a little. Around and down some and Red literally powers up things. OMG is he strong. We went down to the water on the other side and I got Red in up to the point of his shoulder and water spilling in my boots. That was ok because I was afraid of him over heating. He was in deep enough that I could easily splash water on him and I got him soaking wet. We stood in the water for 20 minutes so I know his core was cooled down which was good.

I had to use my crop to get him out of the water. I was nearing the trail up off the beach and looked down and lo and behold was my Canon lens cap that I lost a few months ago! Who would have thunk it? Wow Wee!!!

Red was a little tired I could tell and we went the last part mostly walking, some jogging but when I got back to the trailer there was some sweat under his bridle and his neck, chest and under his saddle. Woot! I hosed him down and put him in a shaded corral and we went to lunch at The Stump. I took a nap afterward

We didn't ride the evening ride as it was supposed to rain. It did rain some on them but the lightening popping around was enough to keep me, Barry, Randy and Kellie in the camp. Esther, Denise, Kent and a few others went and Kent's little filly had a fit when they left. She was trying to jump out and caught her hoof in the gate between the rails. Ugh. We ran over to help her and she finally got her foot out without damage. I could see she had a HUGE tick in her ear. Kent came back later and removed the tick and worked her line driving. We had a wonderful time Saturday night visiting at our campsite. Woot!

Sunday morning we got up for our ride. We were going to the "Beaver Pond". Red's feet are tender after being shod Friday and he was cripping over the roads. He moved at a good pace for about 20 minutes and in spurts but he was moving slower and slower. I dumped water on him. At one point, he pulled himself off of the trail and I took my last water bottle and cooled him down with water on his shoulders and neck. He was moving like he was a 100. I was worried about him. I got after him to get going. He was wet and so off we went. We finally got up to the "Beaver Pond". Barry had lead the way. Sarge loves to be in the lead and is a total piss pot in the back! We took pictures and talked awhile there and then took off again. Red was way way way more forward then. The rest of the ride he was moving out. I was walking with James H. and we were behind and he said "can you move faster and lope to catch up" and I said yes and off we went. Red and I had two good gallops. Red feels so powerful when he is going faster than a lope. Wow wee. He did terrific the rest of the ride. At one point I know he was hurrying to catch up to Esther. He is totally in love with Esther.

We rode with Kellie and Esther and we trotted quiet a bit. We did walk quiet awhile on the way back but I was having to hold him back. I wanted to make sure he was ok. When I got back to the camp and got off I was THRILLED to see SWEAT on my boy. Under his bridle, on his neck, face, chest, under his mane and at the roots of his mane on the left side, under his front legs (really wet) under his back legs in his cookie area was WET and lifted up that tail to see two little rivulets running down his butt cheeks!!! OMG I was thrilled. No wonder he was moving much more forward. He started to sweat! I hosed him off for about 10 minutes or so until he was cooler. He was no hotter than Sarge really and his breathing returned to normal at a good rate. I tied him up to dry off while we packed up.

We ate lunch with Kellie and Randy and visited with Esther, her niece and Kent. We loaded up the horses and some people pulled in and we stopped to talk to them and ooopps forgot to open the windows on the trailer. We had them in there about 7 minutes. I popped open the door and Red was sweating on his face, neck and chest! Woot. We hauled to Lumberton and got gasoline there and he was sweating some like you would expect in a trailer. I angled the windows and when we got to PMR he was sweating but not as much as the wind was more directed into the trailer.

I put him in the wrong stall! LOL I was trying to walk him out of the stall into the paddock and he stopped dead in the middle of the stall. I looked back and he was stretched out to relieve himself. He walked into the paddock and into another stall where his fan is. LOL The fan wasn't even going so I turned it on. They play musical stall so it is hard to know where he is staying on any given day!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Red goes to the Doc's

Yesterday I asked the doc to shoe Red but he gracefully declined which I understood. Later he called and said his boy Casey would if I hauled Red over there so at 9:20 at night I hauled out to get Red. He loaded up so easily and I hauled him with a breakfast and lunch to Doc's. Barry is going to pick him up tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Last Sunday on July 13, I made up the formula that was given to me. I stirred to make sure it was mixed properly and sectioned it out for three days: 1 cup, 1 and 1/2 cups and 3 cups.

I trotted to the barn and gave a cup to Red. The next morning I had to leave for Alexandria, LA and stopped to see him. I returned the next night for just a little while and he had ate all that he was supposed to. I think it was hard for him, he curled up his lips and was drinking like mad.

I left for Michigan on Thursday morning and returned on Tuesday afternoon. I went to the barn this evening with Barry. I got Red out - his left foot is raggedy!!!! I lunged him just a little and then we lunged Sarge. He is so cute! We lunged Red again - well Barry did...round and round with no rope. He stared sweating. How thrilling!!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

History and Time Line with a Non Sweater

Last year I noticed probably in May that Red's nostrils always seemed to be flaring when I would walk him through the barn to saddle him up. I thought that was a little strange.

I looked back in the archive and I stated on June 13:

Red was shedding like crazy and he was sweating.

We got them back to the barn and Barry worked with Sarge in the arena while I took Red's tack off and began rinsing him off. He was one sweaty boy.

I looked back at pictures and he was sweating through most of June but he literally stopped on June 24 on the day Jennifer & Jeff were here from Michigan.

I started the ONE AC, put him up in a stall, he got Guinness beer, etc. He started a little sweating in July. I have a picture of him on July 19 where his neck is sweaty after hauling him in the trailer.

I rode him for the first time in a month on July 29 and he had sweat under his saddle. I rode at dusk. It was nearly dark when I took the pictures.

I took him up to Margaret's and rode him for about an hour and half on August 23. He sweated a little.

I have pictures on August 28 and he is sweating under the saddle.

We went to Millard's on September 5 and he was sweating pretty good on his head and neck. September 18th we rode up at Ebenezer and he was sweating really good and the following week on September 26 in Buna on a trail ride with Ray he was sweating fabulously and continued to sweat normally until the middle of June of this year.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Red is very hot

I went to the barn around 1:15 PM and Red seemed ok. He was inside in the cool of his stall. Spoke to Lee Ann B. - so glad she is back home! We talked about her trip to Cananda.

COTH member sent me a recipe for anhydrodic horses and I am going to reduce it because it makes a poop load:

15lbs sugar
2 lbs salt
3 1/2 lbs of KCL (potassium chloride).

She said: "You can cut this in half, that's what I do, it's huge because they have so many non-sweaters on the track. You feed 1 cup the first night, 1 1/2 cup the second night and 2 cups the third night.

She said they usually start sweating right away but if not, wait 3 days and repeat. I tried to get the KCL today with no avail so I will try tomorrow. Instead, I bought two 6 packs of Guinness for my boy. I stopped at the barn at 8:30 PM and Red was breathing pretty darn hard. I pulled him out of his stall and took him into the wash rack. His neck seemed moist. Not wet, not damp but moist all the same. Under his front legs the same, but he was breathing hard. I rinsed him off and scraped him down. Poor guy. I took him back to his stall and noticed his front right shoe is slightly loose. I put him in his stall and went to the other barn and got a medium scoop of feed, tried to twist off the cap of a Guinness and found it really doesn't twist off! LOL I used wire cutters to pry it off and then dumped it into his little bucket of feed. I went back to the big barn and he was standing outside catching a cool breeze on his wet hinney. I called him and he came in immediately nickering, I know he thought I had alfalfa - but it was Guinness beer porridge and he was thrilled to get it. Poor guy - he is hot. I told him to stand right there in front of the fan.

Maybe that One AC at least keeps him from over heating. I don't know what to think or what to do. I want him comfortable and happy. Barry said I should sell him to someone up north. I would be scared to death to do that. Someone might not love him like I do or treat him like I do. I hugged his neck so hard awhile ago I am sure his little though bubble said "hey sister, watch that windpipe!"

Friday, July 9, 2010

Riding Red my non sweating boy

I went out to the barn to check on Red today and he was dipping his muzzle in the water bowl - not drinking - just dunking his muzzle in to cool off I guess or because he likes to. He is funny - he can't resist an automatic water unit! I checked him all over for sweat and there wasn't any. I placed a call to Equiwinner and left a message. Sigh...I so wanted it to work.

Later in the evening Barry and I went out to the barn to ride. Red was very reluctant to leave the big barn - lol what a lazy boy! I soaked him down and the lady from Equiwinner called me. She would gladly refund my money or I could try again due to Red pulling them off. She said if it doesn't work it is usually sugar issues but Red is not overweight. She offered another round and if he doesn't sweat - $50 back. I can't ask for more. I told her that I was so hopeful that it would work and I was hoping that since he pulled them off several times (and who knows when he pulled them off and how long they were off)that maybe it didn't have the proper time to work. Can you tell I am hopeful? I want my boy to be ok. She is sending another packet out and we will see what happens.

I tacked him up and I led him over to the bench by Sadda's paddock and got on. Barry and I started out towards the back. Red was moving slow as Christmas. Margaret called when I was 1/2 way down the ranch road. I told her about the Equiwinner and I was going to restart it when I got back from my trip. She said "Bring him to me and I will take care of him while you are gone". She said she wanted to get her hands on him and ride! LOL It is good to have such a wonderful horsey sitter when you need one! I said "I'll bring his Les Vogt bit" and she said "Don't bring him without it!". I am going to load him up Wednesday and haul him to Jasper with his tack, food, alfalfa and some beer.

We got out to the open field and Red was moving slow - I cut across the left field to the trees Barry has been riding in. There are little trails in there! Way too many flies and mosquitoes for someone who had NOT sprayed citronella! Red was all excited and ready to go. I have found that there is something about trees that just thrills Red. He is very forward when he is around trees. I was having to hold him back and I just had his snaffle bit on him, not the Les Vogt. I told Barry we were going to work in the arena as the mesquitos were eating Red and me. We jogged almost all the way back...he stumbled a few times but was doing fine. We got into the arena and he side passed for we to open and shut both gates! I tried to get him to canter clockwise. We were trotting fast but he would never go into a canter going clockwise. We turned and went counter clockwise and he picks up the right lead and goes right into a canter. He did a good job and we went several rounds and he slowed and stopped. I kicked him into another canter and he again went round and round. We side passed, turned on the haunches, backed straight and did halts and Red did a great job.

I checked him for sweat - just the barest amount under his saddle and two drops of sweat around his rectum and that is it. AAAAUUUCCHCHCHCHCHCH I want him to sweat!

I rinsed and scraped, rinsed and scraped, rinsed and scraped. He was still hot. More rinsing and scraping. I noticed all of his veins in his neck bulging - that might be a good thing - blow them out and get him to sweat. It could happen. I rinsed him several times trying to get him cool. I scraped him and walked him to the big barn and tied him under the fans while I trotted off to get my boy some alfalfa. He was glad to see that! He was almost dry and I took him to his stall and the alfalfa was in front of his fan so he would finish drying fast. I hugged up my boy and left. Barry had blood on his jeans and we went out to make sure Sarge wasn't bleeding. I told Barry it was his blood but I had to show him it wasn't Sarge. Sarge is way too fat in my opinion. I think they need to cut back his feed or Barry needs to ride him more. He is a honcho!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Today is the end of the test

I went out out to the barn before I went to work. Red's patch was off so I took the tape off of it, put more tape on it and slapped it back on his butt.

I went out to the barn again around 6:30 or 6:45 PM and the patch was on. I took it off. Red is not sweating. Anywhere. Sigh.

I went down to see Sarge. He was a big sweat ball. I am going to call Equiwinner tomorrow and request refund. I so wish this had worked.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Still No Sweat

It rained off and on today. Really pouring this morning and several times today. I had washed off the two WeatherBeeta horse blankets and hung them on the fence. They were rinsed several times in rain water so that is a good thing. I am going to turn them over inside out and let the rain wash the insides. Nothing is too good for my boys.

I went at lunchtime to check on Red's patch. It was still secure on his backside so I hugged him up and left. Later this evening about 6:30 or so I went back to the ranch and Red was in his paddock. I had dress sandals on so I called to him from his stall door and he came right away. LOL He immediately went to his food buckets looking for food! He is so funny. I put his halter on and took him to the wash rack. I hugged his neck - I had had a hard day and OMG was it nice to throw my arms around his neck and hug him. Bless his heart - he doesn't mind.

I got out the LAST patch and put it on his butt just a little down from where the other one had been. I ran my hands all over and under Red - no sweat anywhere. He is still shiny so I am going to get him more beer - I will get him Guinness tomorrow and Esther is going to speak to her vet about it. I am hoping that something kicks in for my Red.

My next step if this doesn't work is acupuncture. There is one in Fredericksberg. I would love to go there so I may have to haul my boy over there.

Esther on Hershey at Plum Nearly Ranch

Chocolate Cake with the Peeps

I made chocolate cake to take to the barn for my lesson. It was chocolate fudge with chocolate ganache icing. I already had the ganache made and it was in a baggie! I pulled the contour cake out of the oven, plated it and set the baggie on top. Voila, warmed icing to dump on my cake.

Off to the barn. Red was eating and his patch had been SCRUBBED off. The duct tape was raggedy as all get out. I had to wait for him to finish eating and by then Esther arrived with Sakara and Hershey. Oh my is Sakara full of beans!!! What a pretty boy though and so is Hershey.

She saddled Hershey and I tacked up Red. Regan was there trimming horses and I saw that he is training his boy. Lee Ann had the yearly out there and they were working on her.

Esther rode Hershey in the big arena and I sat on Red in the little arena then went into the big arena in the shade to video Esther. Wow Hershey is a gorgeous mover.
It was a pleasure to watch her ride him.

We started my lesson and we worked hard on me NOT moving my upper body at all to start Red into a jog. He was being VERY lazy and I was having a hard time NOT moving my body. It is something to work on. We worked on cantering clockwise. Wow, that didn't go so well, he went right to the center! Several times I was having to rein him back to the wall but we finally got a canter but it was counter clockwise. We still have tons to do and I will keep working on my riding and Red's reactions. He is getting better.

Still, no sweat. Just the tiniest of dampness under his saddle - like the size of a skinny egg on both sides where my lower thighs would be. Sigh. I so want this Equiwinner to work for him. I hosed him off after his ride and put him up.

I came back to the barn later and put a fresh patch on him - high up on his butt - really his back to keep him from rubbing it off. Maybe just maybe this week will be the time he will start sweating.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Riding Sarge and Red!!!!

I rode Red and Sarge today. Barry and I went out to the barn to ride. I saddled up Red and rode in the arena. Barry saddle up Sarge and rode out in the tree trails he enjoys so much. Barry came back and I switched horses!

I set up my camera to film Red. He is still not sweating - but he was a little moist between his legs. Sigh...I am still hopeful about Equiwinner working on my boy. Red and I started off and he was going pretty slow and I popped him on the shoulder with the crop and I guess he could see it coming and he scootched up his hinney and jumped forward kinda funny! LOL Good thing I have an Aussie Saddle. We worked on circles, halts, going over the poles. He is doing better but still needs work over the poles. I tried to get him to canter and he was going at a HARD trot that was hard on the stomach! I then kicked him into a canter and I think we went around three times and he did a good job. He is still rough in the canter but not too bad.

I got on Sarge and we walked, trotted, pranced, he throws up his head...he is a pistol and then we cantered a slow lope. OMG is he ever smooth. I think I am going to steal him from Barry!

My face was blazing hot and I splashed water on myself. I washed Red and put his patch on his hinney. I put him up to eat his lunch.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

I went out to the barn to see Red.  Sticker was gone off of his sweating.  Sigh....I was so hoping to find sweat on my boy.

I saddled him up and I was sweating!  Red was pretty lazy today and I had to keep after him.  He did well though in what I asked him to do.  Barry came just when I was getting through.  I was getting my Flip off of a pole and a pigeon pooped on me.  Gag! 

Red has a new patch on his butt.  Today is day 9 and I do have a total of 12 patches.  I am still hopeful.

Circle Sissy canters the circle

I told Esther I was a sissy about cantering in a circle and I have worked on it.  We were going to go riding today with Kelly and Susan and I got out to the barn and was going to lounge Red as he has been locked in his stall for 3 days.  Wow wee was he full of beans.  Bucking galloping, running and sliding all over the place.  I decided I wasn't riding that rocket.  I rode in the arena and we did ok.  I cantered!  Woot Woot Woot!!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Patch in place

Red's patch was in place with sweat under it.  I put it down lower closer to his tail this time.  Hopefully it will stay on.  It was raining cats and dogs today. much for going riding this weekend up at Ebenezer.  Oh well, that is just the way it goes.  Red was excited to get his alfalfa.  He needs to gain weight.  He is looking bad.

Equiwinner Day 5

Red is sweating UNDER the duct tape but no where else at this moment.  It wasn't hot today though - lots of rain and wind from Hurricane Alex that is hitting down in Mexico.

I did talk to Equiwinner today and she was such a nice lady.  She said that when they marketed this to racing people only 1% asked for their money back.  They moved to barrel racers and it was 5%.  She said that she asked what type of body they had and to cut back on starch if they were over weight and she said the percentage dropped down to 1% when they dropped the weight of the horse!

Red is a trim looking horse so that shouldn't be a problem.  He is pulling the patches off so he was left in his stall today - oh well...keep that patch on!!  He is sweating under the tape but no where else right now.  I am so optimistic and hopeful.  He is such a sweet boy.

This first photo with the patch on the left hip is from the 4th day.

This photos is from the 5th day and the sweat is under the patch only.

This is moisture on the back of the pad after pulling it off on the 5th day. 

He has pulled the patches except when left in his stall.  He may have to spend quiet a bit of time in his stall this week while we are working on his problem.

Red has been a little pill in the stalls...he loves to mess with automatic water fountains.  Here is some damage he has done...both to equipment and himself!!!

The first picture is Red's scrape on his head from messing with the water fountain.  The last picture is the damage to the water fountain.  The other pictures are of another stall he was in while the first one was being limed and dried due to his playing with water works.  He flooded the stall and the breezeway.
What a pill!