Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Alfalfa Trip

Lee Ann and I took a trip to the Vinton Feed Store in Vinton, Louisiana to get alfalfa for the horses.   We each got 2 bales of hay.  It was somewhat stemmy but nice green color and fresh, alfalfa smell.

I asked Lee Ann how Biscuit's ride with Allison went yesterday.  She said Allison rode him in the arena and then Lee Ann rode him.  She said she had a great ride on The Biscuit - she said he is getting better and better.  That is so exciting!  She said she was turning him with the outside rein...Hope I am saying that right.  He gave her a little trash a few times but she buffed him up and he decided it was better to do what she wanted instead of what he wanted!!!  She is going to show me what she was doing with him.

Biscuit is just turning into an amazing horse and that is so satisfying considering he had been so roughly treated before.

Lee Ann and I talked about our trip to Brazos Bend  We are so excited about it!!!  I can't wait.  It can't get here fast enough.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Didn't ride today

I went out to the barn and got Biscuit with the intention of riding.  OMG my head was hurting and my stomach was unhappy.  I felt less than wonderful today.  I brushed Biscuit and got my circular knife and cut his bars.  I am thrilled with his feet.  They are cupping up!!!  They need to be trimmed but they are going concave which is fabulous.  I asked for his front feet and he easily gave them to me to put on the stand to rasp the little crack.  I think in 2 months it will be GONE.  I trimmed his frogs as needed and rasped the front two hooves slightly. 

I told Allison to ride him with Lee Ann if she wanted to.  I just felt too bad.  I hugged him up though. The Lee Anns and I discussed the rode trip and we are so excited!!!!  I can't wait. 

I got my new girth in and will go out and try it on him tomorrow.  If I need longer I will send this one back for a 30" girth. 

I ordered some Cuddl Duds insulated underwear to keep out the cold.  I ordered plum colored ones from Kolhs.  Can't wait to get them.

Biscuit and Sarge on Sunday  -  getting fuzzy

Fuzzy Biscuit

Hummm...this pink jacket looks tasty.

I saw Biscuit just when he was about to chew on Lee Ann's jacket.  I said "Biscuit - stop that and he stuck out his tongue like "I was just going to lick it!!"  LOL  no...he would have been chewing on it in two seconds.  Lee Ann went and got it before he munched on it!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Kellie and I take a ride

Friday morning I went out to get The Biscuit.  He never tries to run off now.  That is so nice!!!  I took Biscuit up to the trailer and threw the rope over his back and asked him to load up.  He just stood there looking at the trailer.  I tugged on the rope and he just stood there looking at the trailer.  I looked behind me and the butt bar was up.  I am sure Biscuit's though bubble said "how do you expect me to load up when the butt bar is up?  DUH!!!"  I took it down and he loaded up and started digging in the buckets.   I got his tack loaded and some hay for him and took off to Tyrrell.

Kellie was there when I arrived and had just taken Elan out.  I took Biscuit out and groomed him quickly.  A few treats were passed out.  I took the new bucket of treats that I got in Bastrop over to Elan and he watched me with his huge liquid eyes pull the cord and open it up.  He gobbled up a few treats - he is such a beautiful guy.

I got the heart monitor on and in place.  I cinched up and got on and wow - too loose.  I had to get back off and pull that cinch in.  Biscuit was flopping that tail around.  I mounted up and off we went.  We walked around to the bayou and went out to the open area.  We went all the way down to the big bridge.  Elan spooked at something half way down and took off.  Kellie got him in hand immediately.  We kept going and Kellie said she didn't want to take him in the back and have him spook at hogs as he seemed on alert!  She said let's try to take them over the Yellow Brick Road Bridge.

We got them to go - Biscuit waits on Elan to go first...I wonder if I will EVER get him out of the "I have to wait til another horsey goes first" mode.  We went down the little shell road to where he had spooked before.  He was watching closely...he is so funny.  We got to the front of the bridge and Biscuit didn't want to go first and Elan certainly wasn't.  Biscuit was backing up and I kept turning him in circles.  I finally got off of him and he will follow me.  We went over the bridge and Elan followed too.  Good boy!

I remounted and so did Kellie and we went back across the bridge with no problems.  We went back down the bayou and were half way down when we saw a kid coming down the levee road on a 4 wheeler.  He went down the levee and across the bayou bride.  Kellie called police dispatch as we were told to do.  We kept going and they came back as we were getting near the woods.  We keep going down the bayou and into the woods near the road.  I heard them in the woods and Biscuit got a little antsy.  Kenny used to chase him around the pasture on a 4 wheeler if he wouldn't let Kenny catch him.  He ran him until Biscuit stopped running so I don't know if Biscuit is anxious or if it is like a game with him.  We dismounted and walked around the road side and could hear they were going away from us.  We mounted up and went the other way closest to Cattail Marsh.  We put the horses in a jog as it kept them "busy".  We could see where they had rode in there and could here the 4 wheeler.  We got up to the park area and could see where they had entered the trails.  We kept going and we could hear them but they weren't really close.  We got to the front and could here them really well and we came out of the woods and I got off and went back into the woods to see if I could see them...didn't.  So we took them over to the trailers and tied them up.

We got our lunches out and then I heard them coming.  I got up from the picnic table and trotted into the woods.  They were coming from the road side and came around the bend and I put my hand up - it was a boy and a girl.  He had a "Jason" hockey mask on.  I said "These are equestrian trails only.  ATV's are not allowed.  There are signs posted."

He apologized and said he didn't know.  I said that is fine but you will get a big fine if the police catch you and you are scaring our horses.  He said he'd leave and I said "Thanks.  Just don't want to see you get a big fine.   The posted warnings are when you come into the woods."  He did leave thank God.

Kellie and I ate our lunch and mounted up again and took off to the left side.  We did a some cantering!  Woot!  How fun is that?  We jogged quiet a bit around and came back to the trail for a 7.3 mile ride.  What a blast.  Ready to go again!

I kept an eye on Biscuit's heart rate and it seems to be getting lower at the jog.  That is great!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Riding in the arena

Riding in the arena is a challenge for me.  When I was thrown 3 years ago it was in an arena and I could see the rails flying by...scary stuff.  Biscuit was ran like crazy in an arena and when I first got him he would be very high strung in an arena and would be moving before I got on.  If I mounted just outside the arena he was fine - in the arena he was a pill.  None of that behavior has helped me in my quest for confidence. 

I got out to the barn this afternoon and Allison had brought Biscuit up but hadn't rode him.  I tacked him up and got on in the arena.  He is always a little jacked up and that makes me nervous.  There.  I said it.  It makes me nervous.  I am not near that nervous or anxious at Tyrrell Park! 

I took him around a few times and we'd get near the gate and he'd stop/slow down/ speed up/ bend/ evade/ act like a jackass.  I got him in his jog and he was fighting me some.  Speeding up and getting strong with his head. 

Lee Ann later got on Legato and was working with me on getting Biscuit to go straight - he is doing excellent but certainly not perfect.  I was jogging him in a circle around 1/2 of the arena.  He was turning his head way toward the fence and cutting the corners.  Lee Ann said to lift the inside rein and put on inside leg.  I did as she said and that brought his head around.  She said if he keeps doing that to turn him in tight circles.  We did quiet a few circles today where he was literally turning around in one spot. 

He did really well some of the time and I did too.  Kellie showed up!!!  She saw Barry out on Sarge in the big arena and me in the little arena.  She was going to the feed store and decided to stop on in.  She watched me riding and said to smile!  LOL  She said she now knew why Mike would tell her to breath and smile when she was taking lessons!

I kept working with Biscuit round and round and round going both ways and changing directions.  He fought a little bit but settled down.  I was using leg aids and even a crop.  He got popped on his shoulder a few times.  He is really a good boy and learns well but he will try to evade me by turning that head so the outside rein is very loose.  Lift the inside slightly and that works like a charm.  We worked on transitions from jog to walk.  Squeeze the chicken wings as Lee Ann said and he really slows down.  Lean back...sit deep....lift up my chin....LOL  it all is good and WORKS. 

Lee Ann talked me through getting the canter.  Biscuit was moving very slow when I asked for it and he slightly spazzed out.  He hit the canter but speeded up and I asked him to slow and he was kinda hard to stop but he did stop.  I asked for it 3 times I think.  He did good once.  He is getting better but he does get a little nervous and upset.  I walked him to calm him down and Lee Ann said to walk him on a really loose rein.  He walked right to her and was turning in circles following her.  He is very fond of Lee Ann.  I used leg aides to press him to the sides.  He did pretty well.

Kellie and I made plans to ride Friday morning and Sunday morning.  Hopefully we can work on my canters a little bit.

I took Biscuit's tack off and rinsed him off.  I gave him treats and took him back down to his paddock.  He is a good boy!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Endurance Training in Tyrrell Park

Lee Ann P and I went to Tyrrell Park on Monday to get in a little ride.  Biscuit dropped weight so I changed girths...don't ever take girth end woolie covers both off at the same time as I am not smart enough to get them back on quickly!!  DUH.  I am sure Biscuit was thinking "and you are the brains of this outfit?"  I told Lee Ann I was going to order a 28" girth - the dropped rigging on this saddle makes it a little different.  I just ordered a Jeremiah Watts cinch from Valley Vet - the hardware matches my saddle and it is a mohair one. 

Jeremiah Watt's Cinch

We were getting lots of help from Legato - she was all up in the Kool Aide with her opinions and looking for a treat at that.  I turned my back and she bit off the top of my heart monitor gel and was chewing it.  I almost had a stroke.  Lee Ann stuck her hand in her mouth and grabbed her tongue and she could hear her chewing it with her back teeth.  Thank God she spit it out!  It was just too funny.  She is a mess.

We FINALLY got mounted up and off we went.  We walked about .8 miles to leg them up and then we started jogging at about 4.1- 5.5 mph.  Just a nice little jog and Biscuit's heart rate was around 72 or so.  We went around to about the 3/4 mile mark from the stables when we kicked up the trot to 7.5 to 8.5 mph and got Biscuit's heart rate up to 119 to 125 staying mostly at 120 and 121.  We were moving out. 

We decided to try the canter and Biscuit was trotting and I kicked him into a canter and went a little ways and Legato started bucking so we slowed and started again.  Biscuit was going a little fast and I asked him to slow down which he did.  Woot!!!!!!  Wow wee that was fun.  We went past the stables and asked for the canter again and he did a great job again.  Lee Ann said that I need to relax the thighs so I will work on that Wednesday when we go riding.

We rinsed the horses off and loaded them up.  We got back to the barn and I took Biscuit down to his pasture with the RAV...he was trotting beside the car and moving out!  We shoveled up the poop and swept out the trailer.  We decided to just leave the tack in the trailer so Wednesday we just have to get the horses in the trailer and GO.  Looking forward to it.  The Biscuit just keeps getting better and better!!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

McKinney Roughs and The Happy Horse Hotel

McKinney Rough Saturday Ride

EveryTrail - Find the best Hiking near Round Rock, Texas

McKinney Rough Friday Ride

EveryTrail - Find the best Hiking near Austin, Texas Barry and I hauled to McKinney Roughs Thursday.  We met Kellie, Randy and Kent in Winnie and hauled out.  We made it to the Happy Horse Hotel in 4 hours.  We unloaded the horses and unpacked.   We then went into Bastrop to eat at that same cafe we ate at this spring.  I had a hamburger and it was pretty good.  

We did ride around the back of the HHH on the little trails.  Biscuit was being a pill...shook his head like he used to do and came up off the ground about 6".  I was not in any danger of coming off but it is really bad manners.  I rode for about 20 to 25 minutes and it was about 3/4 of a mile.   I did discover that I brought 2 different boots - one my new Ariats and one old hiking shoe.  Gaa!!!  what an idiot.  We all packed into Kent's truck and went to Tractor Supply for me to buy new Justin Gypsy boots.  I didn't care about the mix matched boots but the reason the "old" hiking boots look brand new is they HURT my instep!!  So I bought the same boots I had had before.

That evening we all got together in our cottage and ate dessert for dinner.  What could be better than that?  It was very cool that night and the outdoor shower was a bit of a cold rush but at least I was clean and the water was warm!!!

Friday morning we got up and had a leisurely breakfast and then loaded up to go to McKinney Roughs.  We parked at the Pope Bend Road Trailhead.  Biscuit was a little fresh and came off the ground about 6" again.  What a pill.  He was a "Russian" horse on Friday - my old band teacher used to yell at us that we were rushin' more Russian than if we lived in Moscow.  That was Biscuit on Saturday - a Russian horse!!!  We went to the left so we could go down to the huge old Pecan tree.  We were going down a trail and some people were coming up it with a horse they said was "extremely dominant" so we had to turn around and go back to the main trail as there was no where to get off the trail.

Our cute little cottage at The Happy Horse Hotel

Barry, Randy and Kent under the huge Pecan tree

Barry and Denise under the huge 200 year old tree

Barry and Kent coming down beside the river

Looking out on the park

Barry and Sarge at McKinney Roughs

Barry and Sarge on the Colorado River

Barry, Randy, Kellie and Denise on the trails

Biscuit and Denise on the Colorado River

We continued on and Biscuit was wanting to go but settled down quiet a bit.  It is hard going at McKinney Roughs.  Lots of ups and downs and rocks everywhere.  The river was way down low from where it had been in April.  We walked way out to the middle of what was water!!!

We rode almost 7 miles and got back to the trailers and headed back to the Happy Horse Hotel.  I heated up the gumbo I had brought and made a pot of rice.  Everyone came over to our little cottage and we listened to Christmas music and Barry said he expected to step outside and see a Christmas wonderland going on - the cottage evokes that which is a hoot. 

The weather was still a little cool but the outdoor shower was not as cold as the night before!!  Next time I go I will get one of those big toweling robes and just wrap up in that instead of trying to dry off and get dressed outside!!

Saturday morning was leisurely which was nice.  We tacked the horses up at The Happy Horse Hotel and hauled to the Hwy 71 trail head and started from there.  We did the Yaupon Trail which has some pretty steep trails.

Biscuit's heart rate did great.  Most of the time walking up and down steep hills his heart rate was staying in the 70's.  If we did a little jogging up the hills it would hit 125 or so and then immediately pulse down.  Once when we went by a water bucket he stopped...looked at it and walked over and drank from it.  None of the other horses were interested.  Good Biscuit - he knows how to take care of himself.

I did notice he was huffing/puffing quiet a bit - even Kent commented on it but that is more the noise Biscuit makes when he is annoyed or stressed.  I think he really wanted to go faster.  He is in wonderful shape - Randy even commented on Friday that Biscuit's butt looked wonderful.  I know that when I first rode Biscuit he did that and more of the time I ride him he doesn't...just when he is annoyed!!

We stopped at the Pope Road Trail Head and let the horses drink.  Sarge never wants to drink but Barry put the hose in his mouth because he didn't want to drink from the bucket.  Biscuit drank but not a huge amount but he'd already had a good drink earlier.  I told Barry I want Sarge to drink so he didn't tie up.  He was sweating like a trooper.   The horses seemed slightly tired but the short rest and drink really perked them up and they were rearing to go!  Biscuit kept wanting to bite Reagan's butt - he pastured with Reagan for a long time and he feels quiet comfy biting at Sarge, Reagan and Cutter.  He wanted to go and was hurrying Reagan along.  I had to get onto him several times.

We went down a steep incline and Reagan got about 30 feet ahead and I let Biscuit "go" and did he ever go on the going down/coming up.  My Garmin registered 24 mph in about 4 to 5 strides.  He nearly ran up Reagan's butt and I hollered at him "are you crazy?  what is the matter with you!!" and on top of that his boot came off of his foot - can't remember now if it was left or right!!!  I stopped and put it back on and mounted up.  I wasn't scared though - not at all.  Biscuit just wanted to go!!  He is mostly just terrific!!

We went up the Observation Point and looked out all around.  That is so pretty!  We went back down and to the river.  We kept seeing cow patties and Randy, Barry and Kent said they saw a couple of cows from the Observation Point.  When we got almost to the river where you can go out onto the rocks we saw the little bull.  He was white and looked like a very young bull...probably born early this year or maybe a yearling.

The horses kind of startled a tiny bit when they saw him but he was uninterested in them and they just walked on by.  We went down to the river again and Barry had Sarge in the river up to his boots.  Sarge seemed to have enjoyed it but it had to have been cold!!!

We continued on with our ride and it was gorgeous.  The horses hooves seemed to be doing just fine.  I could see where a piece of Biscuit's frog was tattered and had a chunk that was kinda holey but I left it alone.  It is cushion and I didn't want to mess with it.  The rocks and sand were doing a great job of rolling their hooves!!!

We got back to the trail head and took off their tack.  They were pretty darn sweaty - it was humid there like at home, oddly enough!  We took them over to the wash rack and gave them water and hosed them off.  Biscuit was a muddy mess from sweat and dirt.  I tied him to the trailer with his hay bag and we ate lunch under the trees.  What a great day - wonderful trails, good companionship, beautiful views.  What could be better?

We got back to the Happy Horse around 3 PM and I took a bath and washed the dirt out of my hair!  UGH.  It was stiff!  Later we had spaghetti that Kellie made that was delicious and Kent is the official beans and rice guy from now on.  OMG they were delicious.

Sunday morning we got up and visited and then packed up.  Hollis and Beau came by and we settled up with them and loaded the horses and hauled home.  It was a terrific little vacation that I needed. Barry enjoyed his stay and liked the little cottages and especially the out door shower!  We are hoping to go again soon.  Maybe in March or April.  Can't wait!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Biscuit has a fantastic lesson

I went out to the stables with Barry to load up for our trip.  Allison, Lee Ann P and Judy were in the arena with Lokey.  Judy was taking a lesson in riding and doing great. 

After her lesson she went and got Biscuit.  He gave her a little trash putting on his bridle...he acts like he is afraid of her.  Poor guy...he is always afraid when people other than me handles him.  Well, he isn't nervous really with Kenny either.

Annyyyywhoooo.....she took him into the big arena to work with him.    She walked him around warming him up and then trotted him in circles.  I got a phone call and had my back to her when she started cantering him.  I turned around just before he stopped.  She later cantered him again and he did a really good job.  Still a little unbalanced but he is trying so hard!  She did some leg yields with him and he responds well. 

My boy is doing a good job.  I think in a few months he is going to be simply fantastic!!!  I am so pleased with the way he has improved.  I am looking forward to our ride at McKinney Roughs this week.  I think he is going to really shine while we are there.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Biscuit thinks he is The Pie

Lee Ann B and I went for a Tyrrell Park ride today. Kellie's mare, Lady Dollar, had to go to the vet today so she couldn't join us. I had a hard time getting the trailer hooked up this morning for some reason and it was WINDY as all get out. I got out to the barn and when I opened the groom's door on the driver's side OMG the wind was whipping through the open back of the trailer almost gale force! I went out to the pasture and got The Biscuit. He loaded right up and I hauled to the front and put my tack in while Biscuit munched his hay. We loaded up Rogue and took off for the park.

I went into the park and forgot the Kenny wouldn't have the gate open as church has been moved to the new location. We parked by the rest rooms and tacked up there. I have GOT to get faster at tacking up. I am SO slow. I try to take my time so I don't upset Biscuit...he still gets a little nervous being tacked up but I will start timing myself and see if I can do this faster and better! I got the heart monitor on and it was working. I made sure that I set it low down on the girth so it would work and not flicker on and off.

We mounted up and went into the woods. We walked for quiet a while and then started jogging. We jogged and walked. All nervousness of the previous rides for the horses was gone. Some of the ride Lee Ann led and some I did. We hit a small canter and Biscuit did well. We got to the first of the downed trees and Lee Ann slowed. Then she sped Rogue up to leap the tree. Biscuit got there and moved to the "sweet" place to cross and OMG he LEAPED it like a Grand National horse! I felt the back of my right thigh it the pommel and felt like I was coming out of the saddle. Biscuit was almost vertical. I grabbed his main and held on. Lee Ann said she looked back and I had gone National Velvet! I did just fine.

The horses were super sweaty because of the humidity. I later saw on TV the humidity was 100%. Biscuit's heart rate was terrific...in the 90-95 range most of the time when we were jogging. I checked my Garmin and we were going about 4.1 mph most of the time when we were jogging - some 3.5 if the jog was really slow so I think 90-95 is pretty darn good. When he hit the canter it ran up to 133 but it was a short canter so as soon as we stopped the HR dropped like a rock. For a short while Biscuit started walking really slow and Lee Ann got ahead of us a little. He did this for about a 1/2 a mile and all of a sudden, it was like he woke up from a nap, and looked around and saw Rogue way ahead of us. He put himself in a trot and caught up! He is such a funny little fellow.

We got back to the trailer and I asked Biscuit to side pass down the side of the trail about where the Groom's door is and down the Rav and past that about 4'. He did a fantastic job. I was THRILLED. We took their tack off and they were some kind of sweaty. We loaded them up and hauled back to PNR. I put Biscuit on the wash rack - Barry was tacking Sarge up when we got there. Lee Ann and I cleaned out the trailer. I even pulled the mat out of the tack closet, vacuumed the closet and washed the mat. It had "treats" in the little grooves, bits of hay, dirt, etc. It is clean now. I hosed Biscuit's legs and right on his hip where a huge mud mark was and then used a wet towel to scrub him down. I scrubbed his face and he seemed to like that. He used to be so head shy and he still can be but he is getting better. He even let me spray his face with fly spray today. What an improvement. After that I let him graze in the center of the yard while Barry rode Sarge. I scrubbed Sarge down, too.

They are putting on their winter coats and will be fuzz balls before you know it.

Jingle of Spurs

Barry went with Kellie, Randy and Chase to Houston to get their Airport Ranger badges. I was working on cakes. I was up all night and then had a rough morning. Cakes were gorgeous and customers were happy with them so that is always good. I went to the barn and Barry had just drove up. When I am upset, there is almost nothing like hugging a big soft, silky neck of my Quarter Horses. They always make me feel better. I was standing at the gate with Biscuit at my elbow (he was hoping for a treat) and Sarge beside him but up further. Barry handed me his new spurs and Biscuit seems curious and I showed them to him and they jingled. He nearly had a cow. In a flash he was on the other side of Sarge. Poor guy. I went over and hugged him up. Yesterday Allison rode him in the paddock by the barn. OMG his legs were gleaming in the sun. His coat was gleaming. Finally he has a coat to be really proud of. It is silky soft to the touch without a bit of harshness. I enjoyed watching the sun shining on his coat. Allison cantered him and he did a reasonably good job. She rode him today and we discussed it tonight. She said he was pretty frisky today and she cantered him quiet a bit. She thinks he is doing well.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Spookin' on a ride

Lee Ann P and I hauled to Tyrrell Park to ride. Our horses were a little spooky today from the get go. I couldn't find my heart monitor - I'd left it at home so I didn't get to track his heart patterns. We did ride 3.8 miles at a walk today which is still good training...for us and the horses.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Planning a Semi Primitive Camping Trip

Lee Ann P, Lee Ann B, Esther and I are planning a semi-primitive camping trip to Brazos Bend State Park for December 16-18. We are so excited about it. There is no electricity but there is water. We are planning on doing some Dutch Oven cooking! How fun is that? Right now Chili and my Italian Chicken Soup, Johnny Cakes, and Baked Potatoes are on the menu. I went out to the barn and Lee Ann and I discussed Endurance strategies and handling our own fears and anxieties. LOL I still have some that will have to be worked through. I am not worried about Biscuit - I am worried about me! We are going to train at Brazos and then at Ebenezer two weeks before the ride and then give the horses time off. We think it is a good training ground for the horses. The rolling hills and sand are great training areas. I am very excited about going riding in these parks. The Brazos Bend is on my "want to ride" list for this year.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Trimming Biscuit's hooves

I went out to the barn today - Allison, Lee Ann P, and Lee-Ann B were there. I brought up Biscuit and worked on his feet. His back heels were a little high so I rasped them and used my circular knife just a little to define how much I could rasp down. Biscuit was good but not perfect. He did pull his feet from me a few times. He looks terrific and his coat is slick and shiny. I believe that in 6 months I will have his hooves like I want them...right now each hoof has a little flaw that I am working on growing out. Rasp, rasp, rasp....barefoot trimming is helping and they are going concave again. I need to soak his feet this week if I can. I plan on bringing Sarge up tomorrow and soaking his feet and then rasping them. We are going to McKinney Roughs next week so I need to make sure their hooves are freshly rasped and they fit in their hoof boots.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Riding a little spooky Biscuit

I hauled out to Tyrrell Park today and met Kellie and Susan. Kellie and I arrived at almost the exact same time. I pulled in behind her and unloaded The Biscuit. I brushed him off and saddled him up. We rode around the right side of the woods under overcast skies with a little breeze blowing. Sue was riding Dulce and she was squirting and winking at Elan like crazy. She is madly in love with him. The ground where the tractor and trailer ran for the Haunted Forest is very hard now and cracking. It is like walking on pavement. We turned to go out on the bayou and there were some branches and little logs at the opening of the trail on the bayou. Biscuit stepped on it and started pulling back - and then he did a 180. Thank God I held my seat. Elan and Dulce went and Biscuit was still spooked on going over it. How strange. We went down the bayou with some trotting and a short canter (about 4 strides) and he spooked at a log on the ground and stuff in the woods. We turned at the coliche road and went up to the big wide ride away and then turned left there and went back the bayou and then back into the woods where Biscuit spooked at the logs again. How odd. I had checked to make sure there wasn't bob wire in it. We went through the woods and back to the stable. Dulce can only ride 4 miles. Kellie and I sat down and had lunch while the horses munched on their hay. Biscuit had two bags of hay. One he literally plowed through on the 14 minute ride to the park and the other he was plowing through at lunch. After we visited over our sandwich/Lunchable and drank our favorite Diet Cokes, we put their bridles back on and mounted up. We went to the left and did quiet a bit of trotting. We got over to the back side and all of a sudden Biscuit turned to the right, got off the trail and turned to face Kellie as she came up behind us. He is absolutely hilarious. I like to see WHAT he is going to do. He stopped, lifted his tail, pooped, looked around, then stepped back on the trail, turned in the direction we were going and took off again. Kellie and I just cracked up laughing at him. He is just so funny. We went around and then crossed back to the other side down the ride away so we didn't have to go over the really hard packed area up front. We trotted down the little side trail going at a pretty good clip and then on the way back to the stables we were trotting and I kicked him into a canter and woot!! he did a great job. He was not TOO fast but he did slow down some so I could relax in the canter. He cantered quiet a ways and then where a trail came in from the road, he dropped the canter and started trotting again. I was pleased with his canter - he is trying. He is learning and remembering what he is taught. His heart rate at the fasted when I looked was around 125 -135 at the highest and most of the time was around 100 to 110. He pulsed down literally immediately. I washed him off and passed out treats to him and Elan. Kenny and Traci came by and visited with us which was nice. I asked Kenny if Biscuit had the scar on his leg when he got him and he said yes it was there prior to him getting Biscuit. I told him how Biscuit took himself off the trail today and that he was so funny.

Circles in Tyrrell on Sunday

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Jogging The Biscuit

Biscuit had a lesson with Allison today.  She rode him in Red's old paddock - Julia calls it the "geriatric" barn - and she said that Biscuit did a great job today.  I came in when the lesson was almost over.  She said that Biscuit cantered 3 or 4 times around the paddock without dropping the canter.  She said he is scared/nervous in the arena - the same thing I have always said about Biscuit.  She seems to understand him well.

We loaded Shalom in the Brenderup!  First we had Biscuit in it and she started up the ramp and then balked and kind of reared up.  I told Julia that I would take Biscuit out and we got feed to lure her in.  I went to tie Biscuit in the washrack and Julia opened the center divider and woot!!!  Shalom loaded up!  I gently moved over the center divider and tucked in the butt bar and woot!  She was in.  Loaded The Biscuit and off we went.  They had full hay bags to munch on so they were happy.

We hauled to Tyrrell Park and tacked up.  Shalom rode there with her saddle on.  I didn't adjust Biscuit's monitor right so it only walked intermittently.  We walked to the bayou and then started jogging.  We got around to the middle and a big tree that has been dead as a door nail was down across the trail - the one that I said last week that I didn't want to be near when it came down!!!

I got off of Biscuit and cleared some of it out - I didn't want him stepping on it as it was rotten as could be.  When I moved some of the tree I found what I think is heart pine knot thingies that Randy told me you would find in this kind of tree.  He said they will burn like crazy and is terrific for starting a fire.  I brought it home just in case that is what it is.  I got back on Biscuit and we started jogging again.  We went around 4 times at pretty much a steady jog of 4.5 mph.  When the monitor did work it was showing 103 heart rate that stayed pretty steady when it was on.  I am impressed with my boy and his fitness level.

Shalom kept right on his tail and was biting his butt a few times Julia said.  LOL  last time we rode with Shalom she wanted to kick up at The Biscuit.  Julia said it was terrific following behind Biscuit because he kept a steady pace and she enjoyed the ride.

We got back to the trailer and I washed Biscuit off and gave him water.  We got their haybags out and Biscuit was tossing his in the air because he had ate all of the hay.  He looked over at Shalom's bag and laid back his ears and went towards her and then turned his butt to her.  I thought he was going to kick at her - lol what a pig!  I hollered at him to straighten up and he did.  He never lays back his ears at horses so it was kind of surprising.   We ate our lunch and then loaded them up and hauled back.

Barry was at the barn when I got there and he had just rode Sarge.  He said they had a great ride.  I took Biscuit down and turned him out and Julia and I swept out the trailer.

We had a great time and hopefully will be able to ride again soon. 

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Around the Woods 4 Times

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Allison rides Biscuit

We were going to ride today but Lee Ann P wasn't feeling her best so we didn't.  It was also majorly windy and riding in windy weather is sometimes not the best ride.   I went out there and pulled up The Biscuit.  Allison was going to give him a lesson today.  She started on Jabarree.  OMG he was being a little toot today.  They longed him in side reins and he had been on the walker earlier today.  He behaved longing but when Allison mounted up he started being a pill...he was bucking, wanted to lay down a few times (LOL that is always a hoot!) and even kicked out at her so it was giving her a fit.  She was a little upset because she normally rides through all of that.  We could see that Jabarree was mad...he wasn't scared, hurt, or confused.  He was just being a nasty pill today. 

Lee Ann talked to Mike who has trained out there before, and he is coming to have a come to Jesus meeting with Jabarree tomorrow.  Jabarree knows better than to do what he is doing.  Lee Ann said his mom Lateffe had a nasty attitude when she was young and of course, Sadda is his sire.  LOL  He will have to get over all of this pissy stuff!

Allison saddled up The Biscuit and rode him in the arena.  He is doing better on going straight.  She did lots of going straight, turning in circles and cantered him too.  He drops the canter coming around the end of the arena but she is working on it.  He is faster than a lope and she is getting that under control too.  She showed me how to flex him slowly.  She also worked on getting him to yield off of leg pressure - he will always go to the right but not the left...well, he did today and did it well.  He is progressing and he is willing.  He does tried to evade her sometimes but she can handle him just fine. 

I told Allison if she wants to ride him on the trails on the days I can't because of wedding cakes that she is welcome to.  Avery, Allison's Thoroughbred, is learning to trail ride but Biscuit is pretty steady on the trails and sometimes a girl just wants to have a relaxing ride!!!

Lyne Raff Photography Arrived!!!

Lyne Raff's pictures arrived today!!!  I think I got more than I ordered and I was very pleased with it.  I am thrilled with them.  The horses both look great. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I have owned Biscuit for one year and trimming feet

Yesterday I did Biscuit's feet.  I soaked his hooves because they were pretty darn hard!  Shilome was flirting with him while he stood there and he was such a good boy.  Lee Ann P helped me with his feet and they are FINALLY going concave...his soul finally was sloughing off!  His old abscess breaks are almost grown out.  They used to be near his frog and now almost gone.  I think in a few months it will be gone!!!  He has great hoof walls and that is important!  I think his heels are still a little contracted and I think that will start improving more too!

I watched Allison ride Jabarree and he was being a little snotty and bucking with her.  She handled it well as always.  She did fill me in on Biscuit's training ride Friday and said he did well.  Se had to remind him of things but he is catching on.  She will be riding him this week also.  I am thrilled that she is helping me with Biscuit.  He is worth it!

Today I went out to the barn and watched Lee Ann P do Legato's feet.  We discussed strategies about the endurance riding and we are both so excited!!!  She went to bale hay and I did Sarge's feet.  I did them last 6 weeks ago...that is too long.  I will start doing them every 2 weeks.  He is hard to do.  He can be bossy about it and I had to just boss him right back.  I told him he was a male chauvinist pig in a horse costume.  LOL  I got it done though.  He grows huge bars and I had to cut those down and he was sloughing soul too.  I nipped his hooves around and did a mustang roll.  His hooves were a little frayed on the edges like plywood gets with little cracks.  I smoothed them and he does have some thrush in one frog.  I cut most of that out and will put some meds on that.  I treated his cut which is way better and put fly spray on him.

I have owned Biscuit for one year officially today.  I really like The Biscuit and think he is going to be a terrific horse for me for a long time.  Hugs to The Biscuit!!