Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Biscuit is an Angel that has a slight meltdown

I went out to the barn this morning.  I left the RAV4 and Brenderup at the front and took a little bucket of feed and the Gator down to the pasture.  It was about 8:55 and they had already had their breakfast.  I

They were out in their pasture grazing when I drove up.  I shook their feed bucket and jiggled their treat bucket.  Here they came - good as gold.  I dumped a little feed in each bucket for them once they were in the corral and shut the gate.  I haltered Biscuit with no problems.  Good Biscuit.  Whatever was his problem before is gone or seems to be.  I haven't tried to go out and halter him in the pasture but him coming in for a little treat is way easier than walking out in the dang pasture.

I  walked him up to the front and loaded him up.  We hauled out to Tyrrell and unloaded after having to reposition the trailer so the ramp was level.  I tacked Biscuit up before Kellie got there.  He had his little boots on looking so cute.

I gave him treats along with some for Elan.  I gave Kellie her Christmas presents.  She liked the silhouette portrait of a black horse and the picture frame for a pic of her horses.  I got her two Christmas ornaments but I couldn't fine the nurse one.  I think Ava put it on the tree!  I will find it when I take the tree down.  I also got her a 3 pack of Burt's Bee's lip balm with color.

I asked her to hold Biscuit because my legs were so freaking stiff.  I got mounted up and off we went to Cattail Marsh.  Some people were just arriving and held the turnstile open for us.  They were bird watchers with a huge camera.  It was beautiful weather and so nice to be out.  We got down to the bayou and went to the right just a ways - turned and went to the bridge across Willow Bayou.  We crossed and went to the right.  Going down past the bog I saw a good sized fish tail - and then other parts of a fish - the head of a gar with some nasty looking teeth.  A hawk must have snagged it out of the water and made a meal of it.  We continued down to the bayou and across the back.  We got to the little bridge and went right to the water.  Had never rode to that little point.  It is no more than 20 yards - someone had made a fire right there.

We went on down the other side of the bog and I kicked Biscuit into a canter which he didn't hold...he kept dropping it into a long trot which is too jarring at this time for me.  We tried a few times and gave up.  We got to the corner and Elan stopped to pee.  Kellie kicked him into a canter and passed me and I kicked Biscuit into a canter but he hit gallop instead.  He came up to the left flank of Elan and Elan swung to the right with his hip and then kicked/bucked up with his left leg....woo hooo....it missed my knee by about 2 feet I am glad to say.

I was trying to get Biscuit more to the left and slow him down LOL we came to a stop and laughed a bit and told Elan he was a big jerk.  LOL  like he cared!  We went on to the bridge and went down the other side of Willow Bayou because it had been cut.  Such a gorgeous day to ride.  We got up to the gate and we had planned on turning around but we decided to go around the little gate.  It is extremely narrow with a steep drop off but Biscuit made it - the ground wasn't soft like the last time we rode there.  We crossed the bridge and went back into the park.  We stopped at the entrance into the woods but neither horse was interested in the going through the water so we went back to Cattail Marsh and rode down that way.  We went past the gate and looked for a place to cross in the woods.

I took Biscuit up a little rise and into the woods.  Ugh.  I could see a little gully/ditch and then his right foot sunk into a soft spot.  I started backing him up as it was too tight to turn around.  Biscuit had to go down the little rise into a ditch area that was soft.  He turned on his forequarters and crossed the little ditch.  He was a little fritzed out.  Soft smooshy places are not his idea of fun.  We went down to the area behind the canal that runs back through the golf course area looking for a place to cross.  It was very soft and Biscuit was not thinking it was a good idea.  We didn't know how soft it would be and didn't want to risk sinking the horses up to their bellies so we turned around.  Coming back up there was a trio of folks who could hold the turnstile so we kicked into a little canter and yelled for them to hold on!!  They hugged up the Biscuit - he is so funny - he loves the attention now.  They held the gate for us and we went through.

We did try to go into the trails where the new ones have been blazed but it is still freaking muddy as all get out.  We came through the park and were right at the trailers when Biscuit started shying and going sideways, backing up and snorting, turned around and was ready to bolt.  I couldn't see what he was freaking out about - nothing that wasn't there before and that he hadn't see a million times.

He whirled around again after I turned him to face what he was upset at and was a stack of bricks that was covered with a tarp.  He was all bunched up to bolt.  I turned him again and was talking to him.  I called Kellie to come hold him so I could dismount.  I didn't want to fall in case he was trying to take off while I was dismounting.  He was still snorting and blowing  -  Kellie said the whites of his eyes were showing because he was genuinely scared.  I walked him up slowly to it and rattled the tarp and got Kellie to hold his reins while I went and got some treats.  He ate some treats off of the tarp and so did Elan.  He saw that it was nothing - I had tacked him up beside this today and 2 weeks ago.  He walked by it last time we rode and this morning.  Who knows what freaks them out?

I took his tack off and hosed his legs off.  He was a bit muddy.  Kellie and I sat and drank our cokes and I ate a can of pineapples while she had her Lunchable.  When we were through we loaded up our horses and headed home.  I unloaded Biscuit and I left the Brenderup at the ranch.

Kellie took this picture of me and Biscuit and I snapped a picture of the scary stack of bricks....

Monday, December 30, 2013

Back Up Camera is installed

Barry installed my back up camera on Saturday.  He had opened the package and then wanted to kick  himself because my license tag is to the left - not centered over the ball.  He had to do some finagling - he had to go get some heavy duty velcro and he mounted it just below the door.  Woot!  I now have a back up camera.  It is going to take some getting used to.  I tried 3 times to back it up with the camera and came out on the side just a bit.

I had to go deliver my wedding cake (that pays for horses!!!) and when I got home I pulled in front of the Brenderup.  I backed it up with the camera and Barry was watching outside and I had it right over the ball.  I will hook it up tomorrow when I go out to the barn.

I am uptown now!!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

Today is Christmas.  Last night I gave my granddaughters jumping/rocking horses.  OMG Ava had a fabulous time.  Devin and Lesly are now engaged so Mazlyn is officially a granddaughter!  They loved their horses and Kade loved his electronic games.

Is this not hysterical?  The sheer joy on Ava's face is priceless.  Maz was enjoying herself too.  They were laughing and going to town on their ponies.

Ava was on a 2 point stance and screaming GO GO GO!!!  I think she is going to be an endurance rider!

When I opened my presents I had a back up camera!!!  OMG I was thrilled to pieces to get this.  No more getting in and out of the car anymore - it makes my legs so weak.  Ugh.....this should at least make hooking up the trailer easier!

After Christmas dinner I went out to the barn.  I got out of the car and the horses shot out of their shelter and ran about 20 yards away snorting and blowing!  Hahahahahaa - they finally came into the corral and enjoyed their snack of carrots.  I loved them up and then headed home.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Monday, December 23, 2013

My Brenderup is ready!!!

I stopped by Duvall's on Friday to see how the Brenderup was coming along and it was almost ready!  This was on Friday of last week.  It looked fantastic.  It did cost $1,500 which was $200 more than I had anticipated but that is how it goes.

I didn't fuss about it.  It looked wonderful.  Danny said to bring it back next week and  he would wash it for me.  I hauled it home and put it on the driveway.

Kellie and I were going to ride Sunday and I hauled out to the barn.  I loaded my tack in the trailer, got some feed and took carrots with me down to the pasture - I went on the Gator.  Biscuit and Sarge came into the corral immediately - I passed out little bits of grain and haltered The Biscuit.

We went up to the front and I loaded him up.  I heard him drop a load.  It was sprinkling on the way to the barn but when I hauled out it wasn't til I got closer to our house to pick up my jacket.  Kellie texted it was raining - long and short - we didn't go riding and I hauled Biscuit back to the barn.  I dropped him off at the pasture and went up to the front and took out the poop and then washed out my trailer.

Monday I took it back to Duvall's and Danny washed it for me!  OMG it looks freaking brand new.  I was so pleased.  He wouldn't let me pay him.  I will have it washed there every year to keep it looking better than what I can keep it.  I don't have a tall enough ladder!!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Jesus is the Reason for the Season

The Ramp is Off of the Brenderup in for Repair

I stopped at Duvall's to check on the Brenderup today.  I had sent Andy's phone number to Danny and he called him.  He said he didn't really tell him how to get the ramp off but told him 2 different ways to rebuild it!!

I am going to have to get a cover for my Brenderup.  I want it to last a long time and 5 years is NOT a long time in my book.  I should have invested in a cover but Barry wasn't on board with me putting something up.  Well, I will HAVE to have something for my two trailers.  They are important to me and an investment.  I don't ever want to sell the Brenderup.  If Barry and I one day get a larger LQ I would still need a smaller trailer to haul to the vet and to the park every Sunday.  My B'up will always be needed!!!

I went out to see Biscuit and Sarge.  I got out of the car and Biscuit started coming in - Sarge a few seconds behind him.  I got in the corral area and Biscuit walked in and gobbled up treats.  He seems so very calm now - like he was before I had surgery and he started running from me.  Maybe my unsteady gait in the pasture bothered him...I am sure horses sense when things are different.  I know that he could tell when I would be thrown off balance because he would stop.  Whatever it is I am glad he is now coming to me with no problems.  I will see if I can get him to come into the corral every time instead of standing out of the fence to give him treats.  We need to bond!

Talked to Lee Ann P.  She was cleaning the clinic room.  We visited awhile and then I had to go shopping - ugh...I am not a fan of shopping.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Brenderup Goes For Repairs

The Brenderup went in for repairs today.  I washed it out Sunday after riding.  I asked Danny to do the yearly service on it while he has it.  Ugh...this is going to cost a fortune.  Between $1,000 and $1,300.  GAAAAAAA.  I paid a note on it today and now only owe a little less than $600 on it.  I have paid with interest about $15,460 for this trailer.  That doesn't include the $$ to go get it!!!  It has been a great little trailer and I am thrilled to death with it except for this dang problem.  They have to take the ramp off and replace the wood part of it on the inside.  I will go take pictures of it after while to see how it is coming along.  I gave them the number of the man in New Hampshire if they needed assistance.  

I went out to the barn to see The Biscuit.  Jamie was at the turn in with a bale of hay for the mares.  I opened the gate for him to set down a round bale.  Sarge and Biscuit came into the corral and I went in and haltered the Biscuit.  He seems really calm these days like he was before I started having all of these health issues.  No problem catching him at all!  I gook him up to the barn and was talking to The Lee Ann's.  We discussed my new little trailer and taking some trips.  Sounds like Kisatchie might be a good trip for us.  I am hoping Honey Darling Precious will let me haul with his truck without him.  One never knows!!!

I tacked Biscuit up and put him in the corner to mount.  Saddle slipped...wasn't tight enough.  It felt like my legs weren't working.  :-(   We rode out straight down the road to the back.  Lee Ann P said it felt like Legato wanted to bolt.  Biscuit was going along slow as can be but when we rounded the back corner he started walking a little bit faster...Lee Ann said it was Legato's attitude!  She got off of Legato for just a little while and walked her.  I think Legato thought she was on an endurance ride!  

We walked back to the barn and I dismounted and hugged up the Biscuit.  Lee Ann P wants to ride a few times a week and maybe over in the hay field.  I haven't rode in the hay field so that will be a new one for me.  We are supposed to go Wednesday around 2.  That will work for me.  Getting in a little more riding will be nice.  

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Slow ride with Kellie - I made it to 200.8 Miles today

It has been a rough week.  We buried my beautiful mother Thursday.  I am heartbroken that she is gone.  I am glad she is no longer suffering but I will miss my Mom.  She was my biggest fan for my cakes and thrilled I had horses because I love them so much.  No one loves you like your mom does...this year has been rife with frustration, sadness, pain and suffering and great loss.  I am so hoping and praying 2014 will be a happy year - one of healing and joy.

Kellie and I decided to go for a ride today.  We were meeting at 11:00 AM  I was afraid I wouldn't be able to catch Biscuit so I went out around 8:15.  Jamie had already fed the horses but I took a little bucket of feed and the boys walked right into the corral and I halfed it with them.  They were more than happy to get another little meal.  I took Biscuit up to the front and put him in the arena.  I went back home and ate breakfast and left for the barn at 9:45 AM.  I got Biscuit up on the wash rack and rasped his front feet.  I didn't take them down radically but I got several "red" places on the white line.  :-(

I only had time to do the front hooves.  I cleaned the wash rack and loaded Biscuit up and hauled to Tyrrell.  Kellie was already there and I unloaded and tacked up The Biscuit.

We rode to the front of the park, across the edge of the golf course and onto the bayou side.  We rode around the golf course and up the side of the canal.  We saw a pretty little bird about the size of a chickadee that was bluish and grey.  Not sure what it was but it sure was pretty.  We rode in some areas we haven't rode before over by Cattail Marsh.  Biscuit startled HARD at a dang log.  Good thing that boy spooks in place.

We went through Cattail Marsh and down the side of the bog.  We turned at Willow Bayou and went towards the woods.  We trotted a little bit back there and went into the woods to the left.  ugh.  mud as far as we could see.  We trotted through a little bit of it because it was an easier go.  Biscuit is not a fan of mud.

He was an excellent boy today.  I hosed off his legs and stomach to get rid of the mud.  Kellie and I visited while the horses shared Biscuit's hay bag.  Elan gave him the evil eye a few times.  hahahahah I fussed at him and he laid his ears back at me.  Ooops!  He was jacked up by Cousin Denise and fussed at.  LOL he left Biscuit alone pretty much then.  The horses are so funny.

We rode 6.4 miles today under bright blue skies and 43 degrees.  It was ok in the sun shine and a little cool in the shade but it was ok.

I hauled Biscuit home and Barry was riding Sarge.  He said he could ride for 30 minutes or so but not hours like we do.  Too bad.  I hosed out my trailer and put my tack in the tack room.  I am supposed to take the Brenderup to be repaired tomorrow.

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Monday, December 9, 2013

Such a sad day

My beloved Mom passed away this morning around 7:45 AM.  I will miss her so much.  Mom wasn't a horse lover but she loved the fact that I had horses that I loved so much.

She went with me to see Dashing Big Red for the first time with her cousin, Archie.  That is when I met Margaret who has become a good friend.  Mom went out in a pouring rain to go with me.  She has gone out to the barn to see my horses, listened to my tales of trail riding adventures and cheered me on when I bought my trailer.  I told her I bought this new trailer and I think she understood.  She so wanted me to have an LQ so I could go camping.

I had told her I would love to have a nice LQ and take her with me so she could enjoy the woods while I rode!  That never happened but I did take her with me on overnight trips for SW while I worked there.  I loved to drag Mom around with me.

She thought my horses were pretty but I don't think she ever actually touched one of them!  I will miss her so.  I did go out there to see them after I left my sister's house.  Just petting their faces brought me comfort.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

I need these

Could these be any cuter?

They are on sale right now at http://www.campingworld.com/shopping/item/horse-lights/32765

I need these!!!  Perfect colors for my boys - a Palomino and a Bay!!!  I am going to ask Santa to bring this for me...or I am going to buy it myself for the Purple Palace!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Insurance is on the trailer

The insurance is going to run me $42 a month.  That bites.  It isn't near that high on the Brenderup.  Oh well.  That is how it goes.  Insurance lady asked me how long the trailer was.  I called Cherry to ask her.  She said she thought it was 12' on the box and 20 foot total.

I came home from sitting with Mom and took a tape measure out to the trailer.  The box is 12' and the nose is 7' 6".  So it is 19.5 feet long.  It is too cute for words.

I went out to check on Biscuit and Sarge this morning.  Cankles are gone!!!!!  They came to the fence and near the round bale and I hugged them up and petted them...passed out a few treats too.  They walked into their little corral and I stopped there for more hugs and treats.

Here is pictures of his legs.

Don't know what caused this but I want to keep up on it.  He needs his feet rasped and hopefully I can do that this weekend.  I didn't want to do it while his feet were cankles because they obviously were bothering him.

The weather next week isn't great except for one or two days it might sunshine.  I am hoping to get out and take good pictures of the trailer and maybe make some curtains for it.  I will need 3 little curtains for the inside and some for the back of the trailer.  Not sure how I am going to rig that up for when I take a shower.  I could get little curtains on suction cups to stick up there when I am taking a shower.

I want a little table like this....

It is a little 4' table - not big not little.  Just right like Goldilocks.  This would be good for the back of the trailer or under the awning.

I think I may get us one of these for the trailer because I love egg mcmuffins.  We have one of these at home and they are great for making breakfast.

This would allow us to make egg salad, toast, muffins or just heat up sausage.  I love these things and it isn't very big.  Barry loves egg salad so it would come in handy for that.

My Little LQ Arrived Today

Woot!!!  I got up this morning and checked on Biscuit.  His cankles are better - the back are still puffy but they are getting better.  I went to Du Pont to sign the one extra paper and I called and put insurance on it.  I am sure it should be about what I pay on the Brenderup.

Cherry brought the trailer around 11:30 or so.  Here it is at the stop sign.

 Check out how cute the graphics are on the side!!  Look at the bucket latches.

Here is one of the mangers.  Biscuit and Sarge will like those!!!  My boys can eat on the way if need be.  

Cherry showed me how to hook it up and about plugging it in.  There is plenty of storage up in the front - way more than I had anticipated!  She showed me how to use the potty and how to get the hot water heater going.  Don't know when we will go on the first trip in it but I am looking forward to it. 

I will have to get stuff for the trailer that will stay in there.  A little electric skillet and maybe a little toaster.  With those two I can cook dang near anything.  Cherry used a chopping board to cover the sink.  The faucet turns to the side so I will have a nice little space to cook on.  I will get paper plates and Dixie Cups and plastic cutlery and cooking utensils.  A few serving dishes and I have got a weekend party going on.  

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Little Living Quarters Horse Trail

I have been wanting a little living quarters horse trailer since we started horse camping.  I have poured over LQ's and drooled over them.  A few weeks ago I saw a cute little trailer on Southeasttexas.com.   I showed it to Barry and he said it was too little.  I kept looking at it because it was just precious!!!

Last Sunday I sent an email asking for more pictures.  A nice lady called me back - the trailer was her sisters.  She said it was also on Horsetrailerworld.com  and I went out there and looked and yep...better pictures and it was so cute!

I said I would like to go see it so Monday I drove up there to see it.  Kellie was supposed to go with me but at the last minute business issues got in the way so I went up there myself.  OMG it was precious!  Seemed to be in really good condition.  The lady's sister owned the trailer and her husband had built it in.  She is a purple lover like me!  The trailer has a port a pottie, a cowboy shower, a little sink and a nice refrigerator.

I really liked Linda - and come to find out - her sister Cherry did the Bombproof Clinic with me and Kellie!  Linda showed me the trailer and told me as much as she could about it.  We visited for quiet a while.   She wanted 13k and I offered 9k.  We settled on 10k.   I looked it up on the internet and I couldn't find anything bad about the trailers. Only really positive stuff.

I called the credit union and asked about financing the trailer.  I got that ball rolling.  Credit union wanted it evaluated as it wasn't new and was a built in lq.  I asked Kent if he would go look at it with me because he was close.

Tuesday I went up there and hauled the trailer in Cherry's truck to Kirbyville to be evaluted.  Kent met me there and he liked the trailer.  Woot!  the awning is PURPLE!

I told Barry about it Monday and he wasn't happy at all but I am getting it anyway.  I am tired of waiting.  I didn't ask him to buy it - just to haul it once a month.

Today Cherry came and signed papers for a title transfer.  I will have to call and get insurance on it tomorrow morning.  My note is going to be $201 and a few cents.  I can handle that as my Brenderup will be paid for in March.

Cherry is going to deliver it to me tomorrow.  I can't wait!  So very excited to have my own LQ.  Going to work on the interior and decorate it to please me.  I told Kellie she and I need to go on a road trip as soon as we are able.

Cankles on a Biscuit

I went out to the barn early - about 7:30 so I could catch Biscuit.  I didn't have a problem catching him.  I loaded him up and thought his back legs looked a little chunky.  I hauled out and stopped at Cracker Barrel for breakfast because we weren't supposed to ride until 10:30.  I went in and had grits, egg and turkey bacon with a biscuit...what could be better than that?  That was a Grandma Hinds breakfast.

Biscuit and I stopped to get gasoline and then went to the park.  OMG he had a huge pile of poo to walk over.  I looked at his back legs and yep...they were starting to cankle up.  Kellie arrived and we discussed his legs and she said Doc would say "ride him".  So off we went.  We flagged down a parks guy to hold open the turnstile so we could get into Cattail Marsh.  There were so many ducks in the ponds!

By the time we got to the bridge over Willow Bayou his cankles were gone.  It was warm and he has a longish coat now. We saw pigs down the ride away to the right by the little land bridge.  We also ran into about 7 on the right side of the bog.  We continued to the back and went down the little trail to the main trail and down the back of the bayou.  Very nice ride.

We saw more pigs at the little cement bridge - we saw 3!  We trotted up some of the way back to the front and then crossed the bridge again.  Coming back up Willow Bayou we trotted and then Biscuit went into a canter.  He had a very nice smooth canter but I must admit I am still hanging on to my pommel.  My balance was ok....getting better each day.

We came up the side of Cattail Marsh and Kellie dismounted to hold the turnstile open.  LOL she says she slips in her new saddle and that her arms are getting weaker.  I held on to her back cinch ring to keep the saddle from sliding and WOOT!!! she was in the saddle.  I told her I had weak legs and she holds Biscuit for me to get on and I will hold her saddle so she can get on!  hahahaha takes both of us to make a ride!!

Biscuit's cankles were gone.  We sat and ate satsumas and Biscuit loved satsumas.  I fed him and Elan treats and we visited.  I noticed his cankles were coming back.  Hummmmm......I hosed his legs off and asked him to load up.  Biscuit was very quiet today on the trail and very loving and sweet.  Normally if I put my face next to his he pulls back...today he leaned into me.  He stopped several times on the trail and dropped his equipment but he didn't pee until just before we came back through Cattail Marsh.  He dropped and pee'd again when I turned him out in his pasture.

I called the vet Monday morning because he had cankles still.  I went out and got prednizone and Benedryl pills and capsules to give to him.  They said several horses had presented with this problem and could be the round bale or just about anything.  They said 3 or 4 days and he should be better.

I ground up his first dose and fed him myself.  Poor Biscuit.  Tuesday morning all four of his legs were cankles.  Tuesday evening the front were a little better.  Wednesday around noon his front was improving but the back is still cankles.  :-(   Hoping it is better soon.

Cold little Biscuit

Last Monday a week I went out to the barn and it was rainy.  Biscuit was standing at his gate and started pawing when he saw me.  I had my hood on and pulled over my face.  He wouldn't let me catch him so I had to get a bucket of feed.  He was very leary of my Star Wars Sand People look.  Poor fellow was shaking like a leaf.  I took him out and into the big barn and toweled him off and put him in a stall with a bunch of hay.  Lee Ann said I could leave him in there.  I felt so bad.  Poor fellow caught a chill.  He was fine when I left.  I came back a few hours later and he was still damp but he was ok.

The next day he was still slightly wet on his back but he was very glad to be able to trot down to his pasture.  Sarge was squealing at him and letting him know he was boss.  He wouldn't let Biscuit under the shed - Biscuit had to stand outside of the shed and eat at the round bale.

I left and then came back later to check on my boys.  Biscuit was just fine then.  I felt so bad that he was cold and shivering.  I am a bad horse momma.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sunday Ride in the Park

I bundled up in Cuddl Duds to take a ride with Kellie and K.d  Biscuit didn't give me any trouble catching him.  I put him on the wash rack and got the trailer.  Loaded him up and off we went.  I stopped and got lunch at Subway and picked up cookies for everyone.

I got there first and started tacking up Biscuit.  He was a very good boy.  It was cold but not as cold as it was supposed to be.  My legs were stiff though from the cooler weather.  Kellie and K.d arrived after I did.  Elan made a b-line for me and was rewarded with some treats.  He is so cute!  Aladin got a few treats too.  Such a pretty boy he is.

K.d held Biscuit for me because my legs were so stiff it was hard to go up the mounting block steps.  Ugh...hate that.  We tried to go into the woods as they didn't look as wet.  It was hard to get the horses to go...we got to the left/right of the trail and decided it was way too wet.  We went out of the woods and around the park road to the trail to go behind the golf course.  The horses were moving slow but they went.  We went all the way to the gate which is now impassable.  :-(    The horses passed the huge crane this time with barely a look.  We did see a pretty good sized hog on the other side of the bayou.

We turned back from the gate and went down by the side of the golf course and to the front of the park.  We stopped and had a cookie break.

We rode down in front of the community room and decided to cross the road into the wooded area.  We found a small new trail!  We then rode down the side of a green and back to the road.  We rode 5.4 miles.  It was a great ride but my legs were stiff getting off.  

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Solo Ride

I went on my first solo ride in more than a year.  I went and got the Brenderup this morning, stopping to give Sarge some carrots and kiss him up.  It was overcast and had a good breeze blowing.  I hauled the trailer up to the front and parked it by Brutis' pen.  Biscuit was behind the kennel and when he saw me coming he turned and walked off.  He kept walking to get away from me and I kept following him.  He finally stopped after going around me 2 times in a circle.  I reached out to pet his face and talked soft to him.  He let me put his halter on and I loaded him up and  hauled to the park.

I tacked him up and mounted up.  He stepped off before I sat my butt down but I didn't lose my balance.  I walked him over to the trailhead and the little patootie wouldn't walk though the mud.  He didn't want to go and I kept urging him to go and finally after about 5 minutes he did.  He wasn't too thrilled about the mud but he went.  We went to the left after a pissy moment .  We kept going and passed up the new trail entry.  Just passed there was a downed tree.  Dang.  I couldn't go further then.  It wasn't on the ground like it looks in the pictures.
I turned him around and we went down the new trails and back the trail entry by Cattail Marsh.  Biscuit did pretty good considering he doesn't like mud at all.

We walked by the road all the way around to the stable.  I did wash him off because he was sweaty from struggling through the mud.

Friday, November 15, 2013

My Brenderup Ramp Problem

Today I called the ASAP Trailer in Tomball about repairing my Brenderup.  They said they no longer repair them as they can't get the parts.  Used to get them from El Paso but it is now in New Hampshire.  I told them my problem and asked it they could fix it because I didn't need parts.  They said no.  Ugh.

So I called the place in New Hampshire Mountaintop Trailers and spoke to Andy.  They do have parts and can get me new graphics.  He said it would cost approximately $2000 to order a new ramp.  OMG.  He did say that repairing them is not difficult.

So I called Duvall's.  I spoke to Danny and told him my problem.  He said to bring it by and he would look at it.  I took Barry with me out to the barn to pick it up.  Hauled it over to Duvall's and Danny took a look at it.  He said yes he could repair it.  He will have to take the door apart he said.  We looked at the soft spot and dang...it is blistering all across the bottom.  He said he would have to take it totally apart, get marine plywood and some sort of coating that is what they use on RV's.  It will run between $1,000 and $1,300.  Ugh.  He is kind of busy but I will take it the Monday after Thanksgiving and it should be ready Friday, December 6th.

I can haul Biscuit because he is on the left side not the right side.  If I have to haul the weekend of December 6th and it isn't ready, I will have to get someone else to haul me.

I will take pictures of it once they get it all apart.  Not a happy camper about this.  It is only 4 years and 7 months old.

Retraining a Biscuit

I went down Monday to see the horses.  I was actually going to ride Biscuit but he seemed to "know" and refused to come in.  I sat out there for an hour hoping he would come in.  No such luck.  Lee Ann and Miss Jean came on the Gator - they were worming horses and they wormed Sarge but of course, couldn't catch Biscuit.  Dang.

Lee Ann B. came down a little later riding Rogue in a snaffle!!!  Woot!!!!  We visited a while and then she rode him back to the barn.  I tried "walking Biscuit down" in the pasture but I could see after a while that wasn't going to happen.  Ugh.  I headed for the barn to talk to Lee Ann about moving him to a different pasture.

I spoke to Lee Ann P and B all about the 50 miler Lee Ann P and Legato did on Saturday!  It was so exciting to hear about it.  I so want to go!!!  Aziza ran in the 25 miler and did great.  I always knew Aziza would be the bomb one day.  She was such a little cutie when she was foaled right after we got to Plum Nearly 4.5 years ago.  I spoke to Lee Ann about moving Biscuit to a smaller paddock so I wouldn't have such a problem catching him.  She said to ask Miss Jean.  I went into the office and discussed it with Miss Jean.  I told her all the issues I was having and that this just started 3 weeks before my surgery.

She suggested putting him in the kennel area where we used to soak the horses feet.  I got the Gator and went down there with food and he finally came into the corral, I shut the gate and he happily let me put his halter on.

I took him up to the front and Lee Ann P wormed him.  He wasn't real happy about it but he got over it.  Someone having his nose in a pinch had a little to do with it.  Lee Ann told him he could do it the easy way or the hard way :-)

I put him in the kennel and he walked around and I caught him several times with no problem.  This will be something I have to work on.

Wednesday I took them to the vet for their rabies shots.  It was the first cool/cold day of the season and it was freaking 38 degrees.  I had to be at the vet at 9:00 so I was at the barn before 8:00 AM.  Biscuit was standing at his gate, he'd already been fed but he just stood there while I haltered him.  I put him on the wash rack and went down to get Sarge.  Jamie was coming with feed so he helped me hook up the trailer.  He is such a doll!  I loaded Sarge and put his feed in and went up to the front and loaded Biscuit.  Biscuit wanted some of Sarge's feed so I used the trailer tie to keep him out of Sarge's feed or to keep Sarge from busting a gut all over Biscuit.  Hauled out to the vet and Doc gave them their shots in the trailer...didn't even have to unload them.  Got a copy of Sarge's Coggins.  I have lost his somehow.  I thought maybe it was in the truck but Barry said no.

Kellie was at home so I stopped and visited with her for about 30 minutes.  It was cold so the boys were just fine in the trailer.  I stopped at the new doughnut place on Hwy 124 and OMG their bear claws were amazing.  I took some doughnuts to Jamie and Edgar for being such sweeties to me all the time.  Biscuit went back into his kennel and Sarge down the road.  Poor Sarge!!  He is always getting fricked over by sick or misbehaving pasture mates!

My plan for Biscuit is to bounce him between both pastures.  I will get him at feeding time on Friday and put him in the kennel.  I will turn him back out to the big pasture on Monday evening.  I am hoping that a few months of this will get him back in a routine of me catching him in the pasture.  It is worth a shot.

Here is Biscuit in his new digs...including one of his new roommates.

My Brenderup ramp has a rotten spot

I was putting up my Brenderup after my ride and looked up and saw the bottom right of the ramp was buckled.  I thought someone had backed into it and damaged it.  Ummmm.... NO.  A big negative there.  It was peeling.  It is rotted there!

OMG it is not even 5 years old.  What the heck is up with that?  I will have to have it repaired.  I spoke to a guy that has information on redoing rotted areas.  He said it is generally the floor not the ramp!  I will have to have that area excised and replaced.  I hate that my B-up will have a gouge in it.

Here are two pictures of the problem.

Here is a link to the Brenderup Help Blog  http://brenderhelp.blogspot.com/
The new parts distributor for the US Brenderup Parts from Mountaintoptrailer.com

2% Biscuit on Sunday

Kellie and I were able to go riding Sunday.  I made us lunch for a picnic.  I went to get Biscuit and he wouldn't come into the corral.  Thank goodness I got there early.  I had to go get the Gator and then he came into the corral and I was able to halter him with no problem.  I am sure it is a game to him.

He made me a smidgen late but that is ok.  Kellie was already there so I tacked up.  We went out through Cattail Marsh.  Some nice biker ladies held the turnstile open for me.

We got out on Willow Bayou and we saw an alligator.  Not a huge on but good sized all the same.

As we went along we were looking for my lost phone but didn't see it.  We crossed the Willow Bayou Bridge and kept going.  Here are some pictures of the bird box houses we saw last week.  Lee Ann P said they were probably to attract wood ducks.

The grass was kind of high but we kept going.  Went down the side of the bog and up ahead we saw a pig....then another one with its back hair raised, ran across, zigzagged back and into the brush to the right.  The horses stopped and watched.  One pig went across the water but the other one didn't that we could see.  We were careful going by there but the little pig was not seen again.  We did see another hog on the left side just a little ways from there.  I got a little happy with Photoshop Elements.

We got to the back to the bayou and saw water ripples where a boat had gone by...actually the guy was right at the bottom of the lookout in a boat fishing.

Last time we rode back there Barry said the little trail had branches down so we backed out of it.  This time Biscuit and I led the way through all kinds of brush over our heads and stepped over some things but nothing we couldn't go through!  Way to go Biscuit Man!  He did give the evil eye to a little log on the ground.  He always thinks it is going to eat him.  We made it though but it was pushing through heavy brush.  It is a very narrow trail and we haven't been down it in ages so hopefully with winter coming on and riding it frequently it will be back to normal.

We went all down the bayou and up the bog.  We did some trotting and my balance was pretty dang good.  We crossed the big bridge and we could see Lisa and Helen coming towards us.  Helen's little mare Ruby is a cutie patootie.  Evidently she doesn't like light colored horses or horses with light colored legs!  She let Elan sniff her nose with no problem.   A little later Biscuit wanted to get a little closer and she bellowed at him.  LOL  I used a little leg pressure to side pass him to the right and I didn't need to ask him twice.  He quickly side passed closer to Elan.  We visited with Helen and Lisa for a while and then headed out.  We came up to the Cattail road and decided to go down to where the woods were.  We did some jogging trotting and I am glad to say I didn't lose my balance.  We went through some stuff that was taller than our heads and was grabbing at our feet it was so thick.  We got up to where the woods entry would be and I was letting Biscuit have his head to see if he would know where the entry was - and he certainly did!  He turned in and it was full of water.  We went through it, got snagged by blackberry vines and went to the left.  Standing water but we went.  Using leg cues I asked Biscuit to go through the middle of the water and he did.  OMG that is a BIG PICKLE as Biscuit is not a fan of mud!  Some areas were dry and some wet.  It was wettest up in front of the trail.  Biscuit was glad to get out of the mud and water but he was very well behaved during this part of the ride.  He doesn't like real spongy areas but this was just muddy not spongy.

We rode 7.7 miles with the top speed at 8.4 mph.  I took his tack off and hosed him off.  He had dirty water marks on his legs and under his saddle was sweaty.  He was hosed off and scraped off and given treats.  I put his long rope on his halter so he could graze and got our picnic ready.  We each had a 1/2 Pimento and Cheese sandwich and a 1/2 a homemade chicken salad sandwich, pita chips, satsuma's and biscotti and Diet Coke.  Biscuit was all up in my KoolAid.  He wanted to join the party.

He ate some biscotti and a crust of bread.  He wanted more so I gave him a bigger crust of bread with Pimento Cheese and after pulling a Tom Hanks in "Big" eating caviar scene I finally got him to just graze.

We had a wonderful ride.   I told Kellie that Biscuit is 98% of the time just a doll and 2% of the time he is a pill.  But, since he doesn't bite, kick, rear, buck, spook, bolt or in otherways act like a fool I will just have to work around the 2% of the time he is a jerk.