Thursday, September 30, 2010

One last hoooraaaahhh

I rode Red this afternoon in the back of the ranch.  Would have preferred Tyrrell Park though.  We started in the arena and he did a great job...side passed, backed, turned on hauches and forequarters like a pro.

We went down the ranch road.  They had cut hay.  We were trotting behind Sarge and Red stopped himself.  LOL  he is sometimes a lazy boy.  We went right past the windmill and there was tractor ruts going at an angle and all of a sudden Sarge did a major spook and shot to the right.  Red reacted and moved quickly to the right.  LOL  A thought shot through my head that I was going to get dumped but Red quickly moved and just as quickly stopped.  He is such a good boy.  He didn't spook...he just got out of Sargent's way! 

We went into the trees and good gracious - his head went up and he collected himself.  We went trotting through the turns and twists...through trees/branches like the fanoodle thingies - he wasn't in the least concerned - they weren't purple fanoodles.  Charged right through.  Went down one that was full of spiders - we side passed and played spider polo and we won!  Denise and Red 2 - Spider's 0.  We came out of the trees and cut back across the mowed hay....we did a little canter and it was so much fun. 

I hugged him up so much I think he thought I was going to choke him.  I had put Cowboy Magic on his mane and he smelled so good. 

Archie had shoes put on Butterbean.  They only got the left side done and Butterbean was giving them so much trouble they gave up...they are going to go at it again and tranquilize him.  Margaret always said he was a pill to trim/shoe!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Butter is lame and is returned to Woodville

I went to the barn Sunday morning to play with Butterbean and was going to ride.  I left my saddle pads at home like a dummy.  Barry got Sarge out and was lounging him in the little arena.  He was making the Chunky Boy work!  I thought Butter seemed a little stiff but I was working with him, cleaning his tail and brushing him down.

I got him in the arena for Barry to work with him.  He was lame poor guy.  I felt so bad for him.  I took him to Dr. Schneiter today and he said he was very lame on the front feet.  Could possibly be corrected with shoeing but needed to block his feet to test him.  I said no.  I am not pouring money into a horse that may never be sound and that I am paying board on.  No way.  I hauled him back to Archie's, poor guy.  Archie thinks he can be made sound - I am not that optimistic because I am not that lucky.

So it is back to the drawing board to find a horse. 

I went to the pasture and called Red.  He started walking slowly up front.  I called again...still walking slow.  I got out alfalfa and hung it over the fence - sham wow - he was galloping and nickering as he strode up.  OMG he is funny and I am going to miss my boy.

Heather's daughter can't wait to get him and I am glad - he is going to a wonderful home and they are working on his shelter right now!  Woot!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Another Day

I wasn't able to spend but a few minutes at the barn Saturday.  I had to work and then meet a bride.  Bride's support horses.

It was getting dark before I got out there.  I visited Butterbean in the arena.  He was at the back of the arena but he came up to me and followed me to the front.  He seems just fine and is such a happy camper.  I went to the back and called Red and Sarge.  They were in the back of the pasture but they came up to the front for hugs and kisses.  Red was sweaty which is wonderful.  He looks good right now.  What a sweet boy!! 

I will put Butter in the pasture with them for a few hours Sunday and watch them.  I am planning on riding at the barn or Tyrrell Park Sunday and putting Butter in the pasture some Monday too.  

Friday, September 24, 2010

Whipped Butter

Barry and I went to the barn this morning to check on Butterbean.  Sarge immediately started herding him around and ran from Barry - I wish I had had my camera out - it would have been funny.  I took Butter out and walked him to the front.  He was a little jittery - he thought a small round bale that was not much bigger than a regular bale of hay - was an alligator or something.  I got him up in the wash rack and he did have some bites and hair gone.  Nothing bleeding or missing flesh but you could see that Sarge had buffed him up.

Miss Jean came to see him and thinks he is a pretty boy which I think he is cute myself.   He wouldn't let me pick up his feet this morning though.  I brushed him and doctored his scrapes and turned him out into the big arena.

Sarge was in deep doo doo with Barry.  I went out to the barn after work and got Butters out and put my black saddle on him.  I don't think it fits.  I brushed him and he still wouldn't let me pick up his hooves while he was on concrete.  I took him off of the concrete and he let me pick them up then. 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Butters arrives at Plum Nearly

I called Barry and asked him to bring the trailer so I could pick up The Butters today.  I texted Kellie and told her I would be there after work to get The Butters.  I picked up 10+ piles of poop - OMG that horse can poop!

It took a little feed to convince him to get in the trailer but he is an excellent little fellow.  We got him to Plum Nearly and let him sniff Red and Sarge.  Red quickly lost interest - he has know The Butters all of The Butters life!  Sarge tried to herd him around which is hilarious - Butterbean just turned around and faced Sargent!  LOL  That non plussed Sarge.  They were all good - no one acted like a fool - there was not running bucking or kicking. 

I called Lee Anne P. to let her know that Butterbean was there on the property and I had fed him at Kellie's.  I will go out and check on them in the morning and will try my saddles on Butterbean.  I will ride him tomorrow after work.  Kellie and I are planning a ride for Sunday - maybe at the beach - that sounds way too fun! 

Red looked gorgeous this evening.  I think it rained out there and his coat looked like a dark red jewel.  He was just stunningly beautiful today.  I hugged him up and petted him and sweet talked him. 

I looked out on line and Kellie had added pictures and I grabbed this one...also there is one of Butterbean at Plum Nearly for the first time.

Worming Butterbean

I cooked dinner for Kellie and Randy - I am so grateful that they so generously helped me with Butterbean.  I would not have been able to vet him and watch him like I have done had they not helped me.  Randy had to pick up poop - so I make him Bird of Paradise for picking up poop.  It is a wonderful recipe of chicken and rice so chicken for poop. 

Barry went out there with me and I wormed Butterbean and he was such a sweetie about it.  I picked up all four of his feet.  He was a good boy about it but the back feet were a little more like "huh?  what do you want?"  I will have to get him used to having his feet worked with.  I walked him around and then picked up a bucket load of poop myself.  He is eating and pooping like a champion.  His little battle scars are healing nicely. 

Kellie and I have planned a ride for Sunday.  I have to do taxes at 11:00 Monday but I am going to go get Butters after that and take him riding.  I need to get him in shape - I am going to put him on the walker for 20 minutes a day.

We went to Plum Nearly and I hugged Red up.  It was my second trip there today.  I have visited Red everyday this week.  He is such a sweetie.  I will miss him so much. 

I talked to Lee Anne, Krishna and Miss Jean today.  I will probably be taking Butterbean over to Plum Nearly either today or tomorrow so I can work a little with him and have Red there at the same time.  In fact, I need to get up, get dressed, and get going.  I have to go get Barry's truck to do all of that!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Butterbean goes to the Vet

Kellie and I took Butterbean to Dr. Schneiter's Monday afternoon.  He seemed a little uncertain going into the barn but he did just fine.  Doc checked him out and said his knees had a little fluid and were thick but he was just fine.  He watched him walking up and down.  He gave Butters his shots, pulled a Coggins and said that his feet needed attention.  His two front teeth are toast...they will grow in somewhat but will be jagged.  We decided to float his teeth - He was uncertain about the stock but followed me in.  Doc tranquilized him and I held his head while Doc floated his teeth.  He was drunk as a skunk and Kellie walked him around and then loaded him while I payed.  It was $206 and then $18 for some Silvadene for a saddle gall.

Butter was like a drunken sailor walking around but he will be fine. 

I went out to Kellies on Tuesday and Butter was doing just fine.  He is sweet and loving and he has made good friends with Randy. 

Margaret gave me his pedigree and date he was foaled.  He was foaled on May 17, 2006 so he is 4 years and 4 months old. 

Last year's Butterbean

This is a picture I took of Butterbean last year - I want him back in this shape asap.  He was walking behind Red on the walker when I snapped this picture.

Butterbean is at Kellie & Randy's House

I went late Sunday afternoon to see Butterbean.  He was happy as a clam at Kellie's in the round pen.  They said he loaded after a few little issues but he got in after they got Elan out! 

Randy showed me where Butterbean was galled by the saddle girth...omg I have NEVER galled one of my horses.  I felt so bad!  I sprayed some Furazone type stuff on it and he was good natured about it.  He seems very sweet as always.  I had wanted Barry to buy Butterbean last year and he wasn't interested - he doesn't like Roans and I love Roans. 

I got him out and walked him around - I see no evidence at this time of lameness and I think it would have shown up if that kind of riding was going to be a problem.  I will be calling the vet tomorrow to have him checked, shots and Coggins Report done.  Woot!

Taking Butterbean for a spin

My cousin Archie told me the other day to come get Butterbean.  Barry said for me to ride him this past weekend at Ebenezer so that is what we did. 

Red was more than happy to stay home - he didn't even come up to the gate.  Sarge would have had a cow if we would have left him!  He hopped right in the trailer and off we went.  We stopped at Archie's and Butterbean was super easy to catch.  We had a little trouble getting him up the ramp but he came for food!  The ramp is a little off putting to horses at first but he will learn.  When we got up to Ebenezer and backed him out he was hilarious.  His hinney was all tucked under, he was up on his toes looking for the step down and he was super cautious.  LOL he made it though.

We cleaned the trailer out while they settled in to the pens.  We visited with Kellie and Randy and laughed and cut up with them.  Mr. and Mrs. Miguez came up and we got to talk to them about Rocky Mountain Horses.  If Butterbean doesn't work out - it will be a Rocky Mountain Horse for me.  I'd love to own Dan!

I gave poor ole Butterbean a bath.  He about came uncorked over the green hose - don't know if it was the water or the coils of the hose moving or both.  Anyway, I gave him a bath - he didn't look real dirty - that is the advantage of a roan! but he had witches knots in his long mane that needed to be cleared out.  I soaped it, conditioned it and then used Cowboy Magic on it.  Pulled out a lot of mane but it was now clear.  Didn't do his tail though.  Barry saddled him up and got on him and Butterbean acted like he had been rode yesterday.  I checked with Archie - he rode him about 30 minutes not to long after he got him and I think Butterbean went to Archie's in May.  I know that he came up lame on November 1st last year when we were riding up at Ebenezer.  Not a bad limp but Margaret and Ronnie said he was lame and that is why they gave him to Archie.  So he hadn't been rode in nearly 11 months to amount to anything.

I got on him and we went for a very short ride...down the trails to the middle - across that wide trail we went down 2 weeks ago that contects back into the road through the fence area.  He stumbled several times - kept wanting to walk off the trail and go hither and yonder.  He did go down the deep little hill that Red loves to run up and down.  Butter did a good job on it - slow and methodical.  His canter is not near as smooth as Sarge's - Sarge feels like he is floating - but not near as rough as Red's either.  His trot is ok, his jog is very smooth.

I told Barry the stumbling was an issue for me.  We will see tomorrow how it goes.  We went to Archie's with Kellie and Randy for dinner and we had a blast.

Next day - got Butterbean up and saddled using Barry's Billy Cook saddle.  I like my Aussies!!  Anywhoo.....I put Butterbean beside the asphalt and I was able to mount by myself!  Wow Wee!  Randy and Kellie cheered for me!!!  Butterbean moved around a little wanting to go but he minded very well.  We finally took off and omg is he tender over the rocks....super duper tender.  We followed behind Ann Miguez riding Dan and Butterbean surprised me because he was extremely forward in motion - he was keeping up with RMH and doing a great job.  He stayed on the trail this time!  We rode all over - we made our on trail for awhile - going over trees, brambles, downed trees next to more downed trees and Butter just kept calmly going through EVERYTHING.  He was sweating like a Trojan.  We went up and down hills, crossed creeks and he couldn't have been more fantastic.  It is hard to believe this horse hasn't been rode in nearly a year and is a BABY at that.  Butterbean is just 4 years old and a young 4 at that. We went down to the lake and he went to the water and backed quick and skittered to the side when little waves were rolling in.  He soon discovered that other horses were in so it must be ok.  In he went up to his knees in no time, pawing in the water and having a ball.  We came up from the water and headed up the hill. 

My knees were starting to hurt because I didn't have the crooked stirrups or my Aussie so knees were letting me know they were very unhappy.  We got to the road (we left to come home to go to the Dwight Yoakum concert) and I walked some but mostly trotted the almost 2 miles back to the park.  When I got to the park after riding for 4 and 1/2 hours Butterbean wasn't breathing hard, he was soaking wet with sweat, his saddle pad was soaking wet with sweat, and best of all, Butterbean wasn't hot.  He was getting a little tired before we stopped at the water but he recovered that quickly.  I hosed him off and OMG he was as cool as a cucumber right then!  Wow....that is amazing.  No stumbling that day - that little fellow didn't put a wrong step all day.  He finally figured out to pick up back feet going over trees when the front feet were picked up!  LOL 

Everyone knew I was riding Butterbean on a trial and that he had come up lame before.  Mr. Miguez said if all that riding didn't make him lame - he wasn't lame and he'd buy him from me!  LOL  He is a mess...I said Butter isn't even mine quiet yet!

Kellie generously offered to bring him home with her and let him stay there so I could vet him and if I decided to keep him he could stay at her house until I could bring him to the ranch.  So I left him there with Kellie and she said he was a perfect little doll. 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Heather and her family are excited!

Heather texted me and said they were so excited about getting Red.  I am so happy for them and for Red.  Sad for me.  I went to the barn today to give him some alfalfa and he so loves his alfalfa!  I called Billy to replace his shoe but that is a no go for the time frame which bites.  He has only had them on two weeks.

A Sad Decision has been made

I have made the sad decision to let Red go to another owner.  He is not able to ride trails for hours on end in the heat.  He is fine from September though May but he must have special care from June - August and I have found the perfect person to give him that cake buddy, Heather. 

If this were not for Red's health he would never leave my care.  This has been so hard - I couldn't sell him....I would have nightmares worrying that someone would not be taking care of him like I do - or love him like I do.  I called Heather and said I was letting Red go and would she be interested...she said she would love to but couldn't afford a horse like Red.  I said "he is not for sale - it is more important that someone give him a good home".  She can give my boy a good home thank God.

Heather is a former vet tech and she and her daughter are working on dressage.  Her daughter was in a show a few weeks ago and did a good job!  Red is more than capable of that in the summer and he can also hit the trails in the fall and winter.  I think they will be a perfect match.

Still, it is hard for me to say goodbye or actually happy trails til we meet again.  I plan on going to see him in shows if I am able to.  That would be so wonderful to see my Dashing Big Red in a show with a ribbon on his bridle. 

Red will be going back to Louisiana where he was born and bred.  I will be taking him on October 1st.  I will be a mess I know when I leave him there.  Just thinking about it makes a lump in my throat.  Heather blogs too, so I will be able to keep up with my boy and we can talk on the phone so I can hear all that he is doing so he is not gone - just living somewhere else - making someone else a wonderful boy.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Red is so Funny!

 Click on this to see Red running for his alfalfa - that is about the only thing he will run for!!!

Red Runs For Alfalfa

Fungus Among Us

Went out to give Red and Sarge some alfalfa.  Red had a scaly patchy looking place on this back.  I went up to the barn and got my soft scrubby thingy and Furazone.  I scrubbed and scrubbed his back and his hips - he had a spot on his butt near his tail too.  He seemed to enjoy the scrub and quit eating to enjoy his "massage".  Here is the yukky spot - I slathered it in Furazone and will give him a scrubby hot bath tomorrow when I get off of work.  Archie said to put capazan on it - it is for fungus.  Poor Red!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Kellie and I got site shopping

Kellie and I went over to the Houston, Spring, Conroe and Huntsville areas today looking for sites to ride and stay at.

We went to Cypress Trails Woot!  Can't wait to stay there, drove around Pundt Park and Sam Houston State Park.  We have many options and hope to check them out soon!


We went to the playday at Tyrrell Park this afternoon.  It was blazing hot when we got out to the barn.  We hauled down to the paddock and Red felt damp...they were under the shelter so he is smart enough to stay out of the blazing heat.  We hauled them up to the barn and unloaded them to clean them up.  Red was soaking wet WOWWWOWOWOWOOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOOWOWOWOWO when we got to the barn which is just a 2 minute ride in the trailer!   I rinsed him off, brushed his mane and picked his hooves.

I tacked him up and put 1/2 rations in the buckets in the trailer.  We loaded the boys up and hauled to the park.  It was UBER hot.  I got on by the bleachers and headed for the arena.   We had such a good time.  Rode around with Kellie and Allison.  Randy is always funny and Kenny is a doll.  Traci was at home sick...poor girl!  Esther and her hubby visited and it was good to see him again.

All of us girls, Barry and Mr. Miguez ran the barrels and poles for fun.   Kellie was blazing on in after running the pattern and Elan did a little buck and it hurt Kellie's back.  GAAAAAAAAA  She got off of him and later took his saddle off because he was hot. 

I trotted the pattern with Red and he did a great job and didn't try to go way out or over shoot the barrels.  He would make a fantastic Barrel Racer but I am too chicken to run barrels.  I trotted the pattern for the poles too.  Red did ok but he did better on barrels. 

Barry and Sarge were a hoot on the Barrels.  Sarge is such a show off that he is funny to watch!  We had a good time and are looking forward to more riding.

Red was sweating nicely!  That was such a thrill - Esther said there is someone local that does acupuncture!  Krystina had this doc out for a rescue she has now... and the horse was sweating buckets after the treatment.  Wow wee....I am calling Krystina tomorrow to ask about it

Friday, September 10, 2010

Now Sarge is Cranky

Barry and I went out to see the horses this afternoon.  We were hugging them up...Red was busy grazing and I was checking his sweat levels - powdery salt all on his neck, shoulders, chest and face.  He was very salty!!!  His face was sprinkled with salt crystals and his hair felt sticky with sweat.  Barry and I were just looking at him and I thought he'd lost quiet a bit of weight this week. 

Sarge comes along side of Red standing shoulder to shoulder with him and all of a sudden reaches up with his left hind leg and kicks at Red.  Red moved quickly to the left, nearly knocking down Barry and then moves quickly forward the corner by the gate and I was stepping quick to get out of their way. 

Alrighty then...Sarge is a big giant asinine and he is always such a sweet boy.   Barry ran him off with a pop on his butt and followed him out to the pasture Back BACK BACK he made him go.

I assume he was jealous because he is an attention whore.  Sarge loves his attention but we were hugging him up and petting him.  Geeze...what a pill.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Red is sweating and not as cranky

Every day this week when I have gone to the stable to see Red he has been sweating...not massively like Sarge - but he is damp and moist feeling.  He has also been kinda cranky...poor guy.  I was thrilled to feel the sweat on him and see crystals by his mane.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Red being shod

Inspection at the Park

The first time I went to Ebenezer last year I took the boy's Coggin's Papers.  Never took them again but something told me to take them this weekend as it was a holiday.  Good thing!  The Animal Heath Inspector, Charles Woods, had been there the day before and asked someone to leave as they didn't have a current Coggin's.  The person was cranked up about it and was told they could be issued a $300 fine if they would like!  Gaaa!!!  The park attendant didn't realize what a big deal it is to have a current Coggins until I told her that horses will DIE from the infection - that they have the test for a reason and that is to keep horses safe. 

Sure enough, Friday afternoon here comes the Health Inspector.  He was a total doll....of course, I had papers so that was a good thing!!!  We liked Charles and he has a fascinating job - we want HIS job!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Cranky Boy

I went to the barn to check on my boys - and wow wee was Red one cranky boy.  He felt damp on his neck and shoulders.  He acted like he was going to nip me and I pushed him away.  He had a deer fly on his jowl.  He moved his face toward me and his mouth was open and he really acted like he was going to nip - he got his ears boxed for that.    I don't know why he was so cranky but he was!

Labor Day Rides at Ebenezer

Barry & Sarge cantering on the beach

We had such a good time this weekend at Ebenezer!!!  I got the trailer packed Friday and loaded the horses.  They both self loaded - they were ready to go.   I met Barry at the house and off we went.  We got up to Ebenezer around 2:30 or so.  We unloaded the horses and cleaned the trailer.  We saddled the horses and took off on a ride.  We rode down the trails to the Eagles Nest hill.   Red seemed to be having a hard time...he was breathing pretty heavy going up the hill.  I made him go first so he wasn't rushing Sarge.  Going down the hill I made him go first again.  He did WAY WAY WAY better going first than following someone!  I told Barry we would not go to the lake at that site but go to the right to the other beach so that we would have the time because we were going to Archie's for dinner.  We went up and down hills and Red did well going first.  He doesn't particularly like going first but I made him anyway.  We got to where we go down for the water and he LEAPED off a ledge and was trying to rush to get down.  I know he could smell the water and he was HOT poor guy.  His skin was very hot and he wasn't sweating.  I got him into the water and soaked him with my Sham Wow rag.   We finally left the lake and he was moving fast up the hill.  It is not a steep hill at all but he was wanting to canter and it felt like two little tiny bucks were thrown in.  Maybe not bucks...he is so high on the back end.  He also feels like he is going lunge forward so fast but he did calm down when asked.  He sometimes makes me a little nervous when he does that...yes I am a sissy...I can't help it.

I got half way down the road and realized my Sham Wow was gone.  That BITES.  We went to Archie's for dinner and had a good time.  Margaret, Millard and Barbara where there too.

I didn't sleep worth a darn on the new cots I bought...they were torture chambers.  I was up almost ALL night.  Gaaaa!  We saddled up and took off.  We went down the road to the where I lost my Sham Wow.  Found it!  Red was leading and doing a piss poor job.  He walks so tentatively when he is with Sarge and leading.  We got back on the road and went all the way down to where you would turn to the right to go on the trail to Eagle's Nest.  Kept going.  I was tired from not sleeping.  We went to the left back into the other side of the park.  Down to the center and I told Barry I would go back to the park by myself so he could ride a faster/harder ride.  I went down the trail towards the Park.  Three times I heard Sarge calling for Red!  I stopped and talked to some ladies on the trail.  Got all the way to the trail head and took the front trail all the way down to the creek.  It was a long solo ride and I was so proud of myself.  I made my way back to camp because I was tired, hungry and thought Barry might be back and cranked up because he wouldn't know where I was at!

Barry & I drove to Letney Park Road and looked around and then around the road that goes around Ebenezer. comes out on Letney Park Road.

Barry & Sarge on the beach
We went for another ride later Saturday afternoon.  We went down to the lake and there were a bazillion boats.  We went to the far left side and I got in with Red.  A dog came charging up to us and Barry got in between us.  LOL  The guy annoyed Barry because he didn't say anything to us or really try to stop the dog that was baring its teeth.  Red is not fond on dogs - glad there were no issues.  We got to the top of the hill and went left.  Nice trail until it ended!  We went back to the road and down towards the park.  We went right at a gate area.  We went down a wide road that was going towards the center of the park.  LOL When we go to the middle where the trails meet Red hung a hard left!  LOL  he knows his directions and that was the way BACK to camp.  We went back to the camp and got cleaned up and went to The Stump and met Ronnie and Margaret for dinner.  We had a good time.

Barry & Sarge - gorgeous scenery
I slept better and woke up around up at 6:00 and watched the sun come up.  Margaret came and we rode to the lake and all around the park.  We rode some trails I hadn't been on.  I cantered a few times and Red did terrific.

Margaret was going to lead Red through the fanoodles.  She hooked onto his halter and went through - omg he sat back and I was screaming for her to turn him loose.  It was scary.  She dragged him through a second time and it wasn't fun.  She jerked him up and he bopped her in the mouth with his bit....we were our own rodeo.

Barry & Sarge on the beach - isn't the cliff beautiful
Margaret had called her little friend Billy Morian to shoe Red.  He was a darling young man.  He did a good job on Red.  We packe dup after lunch and hauled home.  Red was a little tender getting out of the trailer - he always is tender on those toes!

Barry cantering down the beach

Boats at Ebenezer Beach

Horse that was actually hurt - he was throwing a major fuss

Denise riding the trails

Red and Denise in the lake - Red plowing in because he was hot
Denise coming up the trail

Denise & Red enjoying the cool water

Denise & Red in the woods

Spiders abound

Enjoying the scenery

Denise & Red

Denise & Red

Coming up the trail Denise & Red

Coming up the trail Denise & Red

Margaret turning Cub

Margaret, Cub, Denise & Red

There are no purple funnoodles in the forest Sister so why should I go through here?  It ain't happenin'!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Red goes back to the pasture!

Red went down to the pasture this afternoon.  I walked him down the road to his pasture with Sarge.  They stood there nibbling on each other with their teeth clacking!   Later Red took off, bucked so high sending mud from his hooves sky high, thundered across the pasture (Sarge started out with him and decided he couldn't keep up and stopped) with his tail flagging.  I am hoping he does well this month.  He was sweating ok.