Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Red will go to finishing school!

Red will go to finishing school in Jasper in April and probably in May too.  I want Red to be a "finished" horse - I want him to side pass (I will need to go to finishing school myself) both ways, both while at a stand still and while moving.  I want changing leads.  I want him to collect himself and move off the leg.  I want him to go into a slow lope when cued to do so. 

I want a finished horse and I want to improve my own riding skills.  I want to learn to ride Sargent confidently while I am at it! 

If Red is ok, he will go next week but most likely I will take him the Sunday before I go to New Orleans - that gives him another week and a half to improve his hoof.  If he isn't ready, he will stay home.  No since in taking him from the pasture to just hang around making poop at Margaret's. 

I will be worming the horses tomorrow. 

Red gets extra alfalfa for his birthday

Sarge gets some too!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Zoe had her foal early Sunday Morning!!!!

Margaret sent me pics of the new baby!  She checked Zoe around 1:30 AM and no foal.   She came out in the morning and there he was!!!  And what a darling boy he is.  Margaret called while I was out at the pasture and said she had put a halter on him and he was so sweet about it.  I can't wait to see Rocko!!!

It is Red's Birthday!!!!!

It is just after midnight and it is now officially Red's birthday - he is 9 years old!  I am going out to see him tomorrow/today and hug him up.  I went out to the barn Sunday afternoon with Barry.  We took Tifton and Alfalfa for their treats.  They were eating their dinner.  I took the Freeze out and put it on Red's front hooves.  His feet feel harder on the soles. 

I got his lead rope and put it around his neck so I could check his limping!  Woot!!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Sweet Darling Boy Whinnies to me

I went up to Jasper today to get my boy.  He was tied in the little soft covered shed area and I was walking toward him and he nickered to me.  God love him....LOL  Margaret and Barry said he was calling to Sarge but he wasn't - he was calling to ME.  I hugged him up and he is shedding to beat the ban and I brushed him and I was covered in hair.

Margaret showed me his foot and it is looking just fine.  She said to keep putting the freeze on twice a day on the slit area, in the nail holes and on the sole.
We looked at Zoe - poor darling still hasn't foaled.  She looks like she is going to explode.  Rocket as sassing around  - she is precious.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Zoe should foal tonight!!!

Margaret's little brown mare, Zoe, is in foal to Bones and she was dripping today.  Tonight's probably the night.  There should be a little tiny foal when I get up to Jasper to get Red tomorrow. 

Margaret said Red is doing better - to turn him always to the left til he is better.  I am going to put Red's rubber bell boots on him and turn him out with them.  If I am not mistaken, he hurt himself while turned out - not while I was riding him. 

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Red's progress

Red is better today according to Margaret.  I know that this will pass but it is no fun while it is working itself out.  I will be going up to Jasper to get him Saturday.  Hopefully we can ride.  I will be taking his boots.

I called about renting a travel trailer to go camping on Memorial Day.  I am looking forward to it.  I hope all of the kids will come up.  I asked Kellie if she and Randy wanted to go, so hopefully they will.  It would be a blast for Margaret and Ronnie to come ride with us too!

Horse anatomy: The coronet or coronary ban

The coronet or coronary band is a very important part of the horses hoof. It is where the hoof wall grows from. With regards to identifying the coronary band, it is a thin band around the top of the hoof. It is soft to the touch in contrast to the hard surface of the hoof and is hairless.
The old saying `no foot no horse` highilights the importance of caring for the horses hooves. The coronary band, a relatively small area in relation to the hoof, needs care also. It can easily be forgotten when treating the hooves with oils and potions. The coronary band is responsible for hoof growth, so don`t forget about it.

An injury to the coronet band could interfere with new hoof growth. A complete new hoof takes approximately 6 months to grow. There are variations and weather conditions affect growth, but it takes at least this long. Hooves grow more quickly in summer than in winter. You can imagine though, the coronary band is working all of the time to produce new hoof growth. If the coronary band were to sustain an injury, it would be working to heal itself. Could it also work at providing new hoof?
Defects and imperfections can result from coronary band damage. My horse had a crack in her hoof. The vets kept telling me that it would grow out. The farrier kept telling me that it would not grow out as it had originated in the coronary band. Guess who was right. My mare is now 18 and the crack is still there. It is not a problem as it is a hairline crack. It has knitted together really well. It has been a problem in the past though and I need to keep an eye on it. The crack became wider a few years ago, allowing mud to enter the hoof causing infection. The horse was hopping lame and I needed to poultice until the infection had been removed. The farrier then had to nail the crack together by putting a nail accros the hoof to close the crack. This worked but the nail needed to stay in for at least 6 months (a new one at each shoeing) until the crack had grown right down. As I explained, the crack is still visible but no longer `open`. Getting back to the coronary band, this rather permanent crack was caused by a cut to the coronet band.

I have seen other `imperfect` hooves due to a coronary band injury. If the band is badly injured, the growth will be affected. If the hoof is damaged following a coronary band injury, it will eventually grow down. The damaged hoof may not be a problem for 5 and a half months. When the damaged hoof reaches the bottom, it may present the farrier with a problem when shoeing the horse. It could mean that there is nowhere to nail the shoe to. It will eventually grow out but could cause problems in the mean time. This of course is assuming that the damage is not permanent which it could be with a nasty injury.

The coronary band may be a small area on a horse, but don`t underestimate its importance. When checking and picking out the hooves, also get into the habit of checking the coronary band. Keep any injuries to a minimum. Use overreach boots on a horse who regularly over reaches. It is possible to injure the coronary band due to over reaching. If an injury should occur, seek veterinary attention if required to prevent further injury and damage to hoof growth.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Red is still limping

Red is limping on his front right foot.   Sigh...poor guy.   I remember him kicking a chunk out of the back of his front right hoof months ago.  Now it is moving down and almost ready to chunk off.  Sigh Sigh Sigh. 

I can't do anything right now - I am in Houston but Margaret is taking good care of him.  She loves him like I love him - probably more.  She has bathed him and played with him.  I will be going up to get him Saturday morning.  She has been freezing his hoof so hopefully he will be better.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Red at Margaret's

I talked to Margaret today.  Red had a few unpleasant lessons but mostly did ok.  She said he was certainly not a finished horse but will be closer to finished by Saturday!  She worked on his sidepassing, lead changes and doing what she said when she said it.  She worked on his stops.  I said he was better with a verbal than with his mouth. 

I told her I want him to go barefooted.  I know it will take a year but I have gave him wearing shoes for a year and I can't say I am thrilled with the results.  Ronnie is going to take his shoe off and take a gander as to why he is gimping on that right foot.  She is using the hoof freeze to help toughen his feet up.  She walked him on the walker today which is good for him. 

I will talk to her tomorrow about his progress.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ebenezer Park and Red is Gimpy

Barry and I went out to the barn to load up the horses.  I groomed Red and walked him through the feed barn.  He seemed tender footed on the concrete but not limping.  We put them in the trailer and hauled up to Ebenezer.  We stopped at the Jasper WalMart and I got food at McDonald's for us.

We went on to Ebenezer and yeah...Red seemed really tender footed so I put hoof freeze on his left hoof.   The trails are soft and sandy so off we go.  He is gimpy but ok.  He wants to trot some but I held him back.  He was reluctant to cross water and we got to the part that is over their knees and I told Barry I didn't want to go across it so we turned back.  We got to the place where he hadn't wanted to cross and he stood in the middle of the water and wouldn't cross the little tree that was on the ground.  I kept urging him and I looked down and his left shoulder was twitching like it did last summer.  I backed him and got off and he followed me through and I stood on a stump and got on!  Woo Hoo  my first time to get off and get back on while on a ride.  We rode for about an hour or more and it was fun except he was gimpy.  Sigh...I am snake bit.  

We load up and I got a hold of Margaret and she was home so I told her Red was kinda gimpy and she said bring him anyway.  We get to Margaret's and she and Ronnie think he has me buffalo'ed and Ronnie said he was limping on his right not his left.  I think I am too stupid to own a horse.  What an idiot.  I put hoof freeze on the left - not the right.  Margaret said from now on but it on both.  LOL  I am considering that I am too stupid to have Red.  Margaret and Ronnie were putting up the walker and Barry and Margaret talked about electrical stuff.  We looked at Rocket - she is getting so feisty.  I talked to the heifers - they are precious.  I hugged up Butterbean and he seemed ok today.  He hasn't gone to Archie's yet.  
I got out Red's feed and Margaret said to ignore and text messages of 911 that Red might send to me to come get him quick.  LOL  He is there for a week of training or really just a refresher course.  She said he won't refuse water or anything else when I pick him up next week.

Barry and I will go up and get him Saturday and maybe ride at Ebenezer.  I love it up there.  We hauled home and stopped and ate in Silsbee.  It was a nice day - so beautiful outside - I got to spend the day with my darling husband, my two beautiful horses and visit with friends.  Now, I am at home with my grandson - so what day could be more perfect than that?

Friday, March 5, 2010

Red is going to visit at Maw Maw Margaret's

After we ride at Ebenezer's I will be dropping Red off at Margaret's for the week.  She is going to ride my boy for me for my birthday present.  Red is still her boy and she is excited about him visiting.  LOL he is going to walk on the walker, wear a 50 lb saddle and get tuned up.  Margaret said he will be glad to see me next week!  Bless his heart. 

Packing up the Steele Saddle and delivering Alfalfa

I went to the barn this morning - we didn't trim horses today though.  I took the hay out of the car and put it up and went out into the pasture to check on my boys.  Sarge was laying down in the back of the pasture and Red was on the far side grazing.  I went out and hugged both of them up and then loaded up the Steele Saddle.

I went to Fed X and talked to Billy about shipping the saddle and it will be around $39 with insurance.  I went to Sam's and got wormer for my boys.  I will worm them next week at the same time. 

I came home and cleaned the Steele and conditioned it and boxed it up.  I was packing it when Barry came home.  He didn't feel like leaving for Ebenezer so he said for me to go out and pack up the trailer so that tomorrow we can just leave.  I got the feed barrel and filled it up at the barn so that Red will have feed next week at Margaret's.  I loaded up the tack - I didn't put in my saddle bags though so I will have to remember to get them in the morning.  I hauled some alfalfa out to the horses.

I was standing next to Sarge and we caught the opossum out of the corner of our eyes about the same time.  LOL  Sarge is so funny - he kept his eye on that opossum across the road like it was a bear.  LOL  he is just funny.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Butterbean is moving to Archie's

Margaret and Ronnie are giving Butterbean to Archie!  Butterbean should be pretty darn happy at Archie's.  His fields of hay are pretty darn nice!

I sold the Steele Saddle today

I had a nibble on the Steele saddle about 2 months ago.  We couldn't come to a meeting of the minds on price and I really wanted to trade it for another Steele that would fit me.  He contacted me today and we agreed on a price so I have to find out what it will cost to ship.  I will take the saddle to Fed X tomorrow and ask Billy for the best rate to Ohio.  The Steele will live in Ohio now. 

I didn't go to the barn today - I have had a headache all day long.  Ugh.  I did some research on boots for Red today.  I will leave his shoes on for 6 weeks and in the middle of April I will take them off - order the fit kit and then order Easy Boot Gloves for my boy.  He is going barefoot.  In the mean time, he will get turpentine on his feet everyday.  I am going to get a can of it and go out to the pasture and clean those hooves and add in the turpentine to harden up those hooves.  My boy is going to get tough feet.