Monday, June 28, 2010

24 Hour Test on Equiwinner

I went out to the barn around 8:20 PM Sunday night.  Red came into his stall from the paddock.  I put his halter on and led him into the hall so I could see him.  I kissed under his eye and under his mane.  Little or no sweat taste...a little on his face...mostly dusty by his mane.  Ok... that is ok.  This is JUST Day One.  I got a curry comb and brushed him down.  I could see that he was shiny - even on his middle back.  His patch was gone though.  Wonder how long it stayed on?  I felt all over him brushing away.  NO sweat. 

I took him to the wash rack and tied him up.  I dug in the cabinet to see if anyone had duct luck.  I went to the feed/tack barn and got a roll of duct tape, into the big area for a coke out of the fridge and a pad of alfalfa.  I walked into the big barn and handed him a little bit of alfalfa and took the rest down to the stall.  I came back to Red - I was gone a total of maybe 5 minutes.  I touched his neck and chest and it was moist!!!  Whoo Hooooooooo!!!!!!!!  It was HOT in there - not a breeze blowing like in his paddock.  I felt his neck and chest again to make sure I wasn't imagining stuff.  I felt behind his front leg - again, slightly damp...ran my hand up his backside...between his legs were damp.  I was so excited.

I hugged my boy up and put his patch on his butt.  I took him down to his stall and he was looking for his alfalfa.  Bless his little heart.  I can't wait to see him tomorrow and see if he is sweating more. 

I came home and looked up information on Equiwinner and the people who had written testimonials.  I checked though Google to see if they were real people and they were...big time race horse trainers.  I am so hoping this works for my boy.  I will shout if from the highest corner to try  it and hopefully it will work for those in need! 

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Equiwinner Arrives

The Equiwinner arrived Friday while I was making wedding cakes.  I went out to the barn Saturday evening after delivering the wedding cake and there was Red  -  under the porch area standing there chewing on/being chewed by Amir!  Glad to see they get along.  Amir is a pretty nice ol' boy - even for a stallion.  He is an old sweetie. 

I put the patch on Red's right backside.  On Sunday evening I will put a patch on his left back side and go back and forth for the next ten days and see how my boys does.  I hope he is sweating up a storm. 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I just ordered a 10 day patch regimen for Red for his non sweating.  It was $129.  I think that if it will make him sweat normally it will be cheap.  I may still keep him in a stall in the summer but if I forgo the fan at $20, the double day dose of One AC which is then $50 and the beer which I figure cost another $32 I will have spent $102 and still had a non sweating horse.  If I can spend $129 and return Red to a normally sweating horse I could potentially save $150 on the stall and $102 on the other stuff so that is $252.  Hum...$252 and a non sweating horse or $129 and a sweating horse.  It is a no brainer. 

I ordered it just few minutes ago.  It says 2-3 business days so I am not expecting it til Monday.  It would be great if it arrived Friday or Saturday.  Woot!!!!  Anywhoo...I am trying to make my boy better.

Red is not Sweating as good as I would like

I rode Monday evening in the arena.  Red and I worked on his transitions in circles on the corners of the arena.  He did a great job.  It was starting to sprinkle when we got out of the arena and the was POURING buckets while we stood on the wash rack.  I had to move Red to the middle because he didn't really care for the water splashing in his face when he was tied in the corner. 

Tuesday morning I got out to the barn at 6:25 AM.  That is EARLY.  Got Red saddled and was riding at 6:53.  He was sluggish and not interested in working.  Esther arrived and she noted he was breathing heavy - we had just been walking and a little jogging.  We worked on transitions and then worked over poles.  Red is extremely trainable.  He is a good boy.  I got off and there was just a little sweat under his saddle.  Poor guy.  I am doing everything I can to make him comfortable.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


I didn't get out to to the stables as much as I would have liked.  I did go out Wednesday with Barry while Sarge was trimmed by Craig, a little on Thursday and Saturday.  Mary passed away this week so we were busy with family issues.

Sunday was Father's Day and we did some family stuff and Barry went to play pool with the boys and I called Susan to ride.  I hauled out to the barn and got Red out of his stall.  He was breathing heavy to keep cool.  I hosed him off and put him in the trailer and off we went. 

We got to Tyrrell and Susan wasn't feeling well but, bless her little heart, she agreed to stay at the barn til I rode one circuit around on Red by myself!  Woot.  I was excited.  I saddled Red up and got on from the ramp.  He stood like a good boy...he is so sweet.

I started off and he moved kinda slow for a while and then he picked up the pace.  The deer flies were out and I forgot to put spray on him...poor baby.  Red started moving very forward which was great.  I got him into a trot using the kiss my hinney method.  Woot - off he went.  I had to hold him back into a trot - the ground is pretty uneven out there but he was moving forward at a good pace.  He would have gone into a canter in a heart beat had I let him.  We rode the trail in about 35 minutes or so!  Wow - it usually takes an hour.  I used my crop to keep flies off and once he turned his face so I could get the flies off!

I was so excited that I made a solo ride.  How exciting for me to be able to go by myself.  I hosed Red off and loaded him up and returned him to the barn. 

My lesson is at 7:00 AM Tuesday-wow that is early.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cantering in the little arena

I had a lesson very early this morning!  I got out there before the staff did!  LOL  I fed Red 3 cups with his beer and he was happy to scarf it up.  I tacked him up and I couldn't tighten it as much as I would have liked to and it slipped a little and I got on so ungracefully but that is ok.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new saddle - no horn is nice and it is a little roomier.  Woot!!!

We started off with walking and jogging and I showed Esther how I got Red to take off with kissing hips!!!  LOL  She had me ride at a jog and circle with leg cues only on the corners.  We did transitions, turning on hind quarters and stops.  She asked if I felt like giving the canter a go so I was game.  It took a little bit to get Red to go into the canter but Esther was urging him on the ground and I was on his back and I DID IT!  LOL  I have cantered Red before lots of times but not in the little arena.  I leaned back like she asked and we went around about 3 times I think.  Wow wee it was good!!!  Esther has helped me so much and I appreciate it.  She said I was doing well and had good hand placement. 

I used to have really good hands and seat and am working really hard to get that back.  I gave Red a shower, put him back in his stall with the remainder of his breakfast and asked Edgar to give him another beer with his snack at lunch.  He didn't sweat today but didn't seem to be in distress at all.  I am going to go check on him this evening and give him alfalfa.

Red is a big ol' stress reliever - I love my boy

Yesterday was a rough day.  I called Susan at 5:00 PM and asked her if she wanted to ride.  She said she would love to, so I hitched up the trailer which was already loaded with tack, drove out to the barn, loaded Red up and took off!!!  His neck was sweating when we got there which was good.  I tacked him up and we went for a ride.  We took off around 6:15.  We rode around the "forest" with Red moving slower than Christmas.  LOL  he doesn't like to lead out.  He is learning.  Dulce was very good...she is such a sassy girl!

After completing one round we kept going.  It was much too nice to stop!!!  We rode around to the "love nest" that is still there and turned around.  Got back to the barn cut off and kept going in the other direction.  All in all we rode 90 minutes.  It was just fabulous.  I had such a good time.  I needed it after all the stresses that I was hit with.

Red was sweating some - and I poured a gallon of water over him.  When I got back to the barn, I hosed him off and gave him his alfalfa.  He was a happy boy and I felt better.  The issues are still there but Red earned his keep yesterday - Mr. Stress Reliever is a big comfort!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Snakes alive!!

Randy, Kellie, Susan, Barry and I rode in Tyrrell Park today.  We loaded up and hauled to the park arriving around 7:50 AM.  Red was sweating on his neck when we got there and under his legs.  I tacked him up in my new black saddle which I absolutely LOVE.  Fits so much better - I need to lose my hinney to fit in my other Aussie.  I took a gallon of water and dumped on Red's neck, his shoulders, his sides and his rump before we started out.  We went around the park and saw snakes, snakes and more snakes.  Came across a little bed roll with pillows.   Don't know if it were a transient person or a love nest as Kellie said.  LOL It was a fun ride - it was hot, humid and there was a small breeze.

Barry & I just rode around once.  I didn't want to over do.  I wet Red down again and he was pissy about loading up.  Sarge had had a fit loading at the barn.  Wow...they need to stop that baloney.  I popped Red and made him back up quick.  He loaded.  Sarge loaded and off we went.  Got to Hwy 124 and Barry got a call to go to hospice.  We went to the hospice and I dropped him off and hauled the horses back.  What a day.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Love my new Saddle

I got home from Louisiana this evening and went out to ride Red.  Heck, I couldn't find him.  They moved him to the main barn.  I took him over to the wash rack and saddled him up.  I like the new saddle!

I got on and the stirrups were at the right length.  Red and I rode for 30 minutes.  He did a great job.  He does want to walk off after the halt though since I am riding in the snaffle.  He won't try that in his curb!

My new saddle arrived! Woot!

I called Down Under today while in Louisiana getting a drink.  Ricki checked it out for the and said it was being delivered today!!!  Woot!!!  I called Barry and he said it wasn't there.

He later texted me with a picture of my saddle - woot!!  Woot!!!!  WOOT!!!!

Red gets Shiner Bock Porridge

Saturday & Sunday Red had a porridge of Shiner Bock and Safe Choice feed.  LOL  Saturday he kept looking in the bucket for food - I hadn't put in enough Safe Choice and it was too wet. 

Sunday he was sweating some and I took 2 cups of his Safe Choice and poured the beer over it and let it set.  I took my sweat scraper into his stall to make sure I got out all of the porridge.  He scarfed it up.  Good boy!!!

I went to the barn Monday morning before leaving to go to Louisiana for work.  He was sweating on his neck, chest, head and under his legs.  Not a lot but an appropriate amount.  I talked to Lee Anne about giving a portion of morning and evening feed at lunch with his beer but she said she was going to give him an additional 3 cups at lunch - we will add his beer to that.  I told Edgar and Jamie to give him the beers I set out and they said 2 for Edgar and 2 for Jamie!  They are so sweet.  Red seemed to be doing ok. 

Love my boy.  Hugs to him and had to go.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Working in the arena

I rode Red today in the arena.  He did a great job.  He was sweating just a little but we were just walking/trotting.  I rode with a crop today and just a tap got him to extend his walk.  Good boy!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Red is in a Stall & I got a new Saddle

Red was put in Sadda's stall today.  I went out to check on him this afternoon and he was just fine.  Two fans pointing into the middle of the stall.

I bought a new saddle today too.  It is basically a cheapy that if it gets wet I won't care.  It is an Aussie Stock Saddle that is synthetic.  It is a 19" black with no horn and a monkey grip.  Woot!!!  Can't wait to get it.  I will ride Red right into the lake and if it gets wet I won't care.  Just want him comfortable.

I will try to ride him in the mornings/late evenings.  I am going to try to make a cool sheet for his butt and shoulders when we ride.  LOL  I may be making a sensation!

Red will have to go into a stall

Barry and I went out to the barn this afternoon after 6:00 PM.  Poor guy's nostrils were flairing - not bad but he was just standing there. 

I put my hand up under his back leg between his leg and his sheath and he was pretty darn warm.  I went over to Sarge and did the same...LOL  he was a little offended that I got so personal with him!  Red is used to me putting my hands all over him but Sarge not so much.  Sarge had a huge sweat pattern on his back - Red didn't.  Red's shoulder area was much warmer than Sarge's.   In all - he is not handling the heat well. 

I will have to put him in a stall for the summer.  I just can't see in way around it.  If they had electricity out there I could just put a fan up but there isn't.  I am going to the barn first thing in the morning to pay for their board and to discuss options with Lee Anne.  Sigh...poor boy.