Monday, November 30, 2009

We got the Ryon in!

The Ryon saddle arrived! It is a beautiful, well kept saddle and looks terrific. Ronnie looked at it and thought it was kept in a house and rode in very little. Barry rode Sarge in his new fancy smancy saddle and Barry said it was very comfortable.

Barry and I rode Sunday in the arenas. I rode in Barry's saddle which is different than mine but it is the only choice I have. It fits Red better but I am not convinced it is the right one for Red. I did notice he didn't stumble! We loped in the arena and Barry rode him so I could see the speed Red was going at a lope. His stride is so long it feels like he is going really fast when he isn't!

While Barry was riding Red I was holding Sarge. He is such a love bug. He kept creeping closer to me so he could smell my hair or just touch my shoulder. I turned around and rubbed his forehead and between his ears. He kept leaning into me...he is such a sweetheart. Just a darling boy.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

I am thankful for my horses!! I went out to the barn awhile ago to hug their necks and say I love you to them. They each got their grain from me along with big pads of Tifton and Alfalfa. I am thankful that Barry, Pat, Morgan and Mom are ok....I am thankful that the Lord allowed me to get Red and Sarge. I am thankful for all of my blessings.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Will I get a new saddle?

I didn't hear from Billy Cook today so hopefully I will Monday or Tuesday. I'd like to have my saddle back so I can go riding next Sunday after I do the wedding I have. I will be really busy this week so I doubt I'd have time to ride. I have a wedding this Saturday, Barry's birthday is Monday and we are supposed to have the kids over Sunday to celebrate. I have a small wedding Tuesday and then it is Thanksgiving and I have a huge wedding on Saturday. So I will be ready to ride!

If he calls me Monday and says it is fine I will order me a new saddle. They should be able to get it here by Wednesday or Friday.

Will I get a new saddle?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Boy is a Race Horse!!!!!!!!!!!

I watched Red's racing tapes today - woo hoo...that was fun. My boy was thisclose to being a super race horse.

Barry and I went to the barn and gave the horses alfalfa and Tifton hay. Red loves his alfalfa. He is looking good but I'd like to see 100 + pounds on him. Working on it.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My saddle returned to Billy Cook

I returned my saddle to Billy Cook. It shipped out Monday and I called Billy Cook to let them know that it would arrive today. I asked when I could expect some feedback and he said late this week or first of next week. I thanked him for his time.

Don't know what is going to happen with the saddle but I am making plans to purchase another saddle - it will be an Aussie Saddle. I called Down Under Saddles and discussed what would be best for Red. She made several suggestions and so if they tell me the saddle is just fine and just doesn't fit Red, I am going to purchase the new saddle immmediately so I can go ride!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Red is now a paint horse

Red has some UGLY marks on his back. I feel like a total heel that my boy has marks on him.

We bought a Ryon Saddle on EBay

We bid on a Ryon saddle on ebay and we won. I am looking forward to receiving it. Barry wanted a second saddle to use and this one is a good looking saddle. Pictures to come.

Calling Billy Cook

I called Billy Cook to confirm the serial numbers in my saddles and the trees in them. I spoke to Jody, the manager I believe. I told him about Red's issues and about the marks on his back. He asked me what kind of pad I used and I told him SMX. I said that Red's saddle was much smaller than Sarge's but they are supposed to have the same tree.

He said "send it to me with pictures of your horses marks". He said he is going to tear my saddle down and check it out. I cleaned my saddle today and packed it up and shipped it to Billy Cook. Cost was $39 but I think it is worth the $ and effort. Before I haul and buy another saddle I want to make sure that I get the right thing!

The saddle will arrive in Oklahoma Wednesday...I will call Billy Cook and let them know it is coming.

The Boys go to the Beach

Barry and I took the boys down to the beach Saturday to ride with the Rockin'R Riders. We got out to the pasture and my little 4 legged darlings didn't want to be caught. LOL took awhile to get gone! We finally got loaded up and down the road. We arrived at the beach and tacked up. I put the Skito pad on and then the SMX pad and then the black felt pad.

The boys were pretty excited. Red was dancing sideways and that always makes me a little anxious. It was one year ago Saturday that I got hurt so bad on a horse. I am grateful to be alive, literally, and grateful that I have a wonderful horse but I never forget that Red was a race horse! We circled quiet a few times! I told Barry I was a little anxious so I followed behind Sarge and Red finally settled down. He just gets a little excited. Kelly, Denise, Kent, Kenny, Pam, Susan and others were on the ride and we had a good time. The beach is just a blank now which is almost surreal.

I think every shell and rock between Cuba and Texas was on that many shells it looks like a driveway instead of the beach. I thought Red would be a little ouchie but he was ok. I tried to get him in the water and he was looking at it funny. Later he walked in it behind Sarge.

We did get to gallop down the beach - I was riding with Pam. Red did very well when I told him "Easy - Easy - Easy" and he slowed down. Red and Sarge seemed to have a great time. Sarge was so excited he was dancing to beat the band and he was the only horse really sweating....he is so funny.

We ate lunch on the beach and visited with some of the riders. I told Kelly and Susan I wanted to ride in Tennessee next year and they said they'd like to go. I am going to get information and show it to them and perhaps next year we can go on a horse vacation...a dream come true for me.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Red thinks he's a Grand National Contestant and Killer Geese

I went riding with Kelly and Susan. I hauled Red out to Kelly's following Susan as I didn't know where I was going! We rode down the canal and Red was behaving like a doll. We trotted some but mostly walked along.

We got to the end of the canal and doubled back. We crossed down by a deep ditch and crossed a ditch and crossed the road. We went on down and then to a dirt road that went behind a bunch of houses.

We came upon a house with a huge backyard that was fenced. A big ole pond had some geese next to some cattails and a grey plastic storage unit by the corner of the fence. Red stopped in his tracks at the sound of the geese. I really had to urge him on and he was almost side stepping and keeping his eyes open for KILLER GEESE. We went down further and then had to turn around. Red had his eyes on those geese and was almost side passing. He is so funny.

We went though an area that was wet and the giant mosquitoes nearly toted us away. We were trotting through there fast and nearly took flight! We came to the ditch that he'd walked through earlier and he was trying to decide which way to go when Kelly's horse jumped it and I knew that Red would jump it too. Woo HOOOO he bunched up that hinney and LEAPED across the ditch. It was probably about 5 feet or so and when he landed he kinda stumbled and caught himself up and hit a gallop. I nearly was unseated but was held my seat. I slowed him down...woo hooo it was fun.

We stopped and visited with Kenny and his wife. Red stood there so quietly that Kenny said "he is so quiet!" I said he generally is unless you take him to a race!

I couldn't get the trailer backed up so Kenny came and backed it out for me.

When I first took Red out of the trailer he cripped up on his back right foot - holding it up and shaking it. He is such a cary grant boy. I got my hoof pick out and checked was fine. He was fine on grass. He is just a little tender after his trimming.

He is such a sweetheart.

I need a flat space for my trailer - seeing RED and I don't mean my horse

Ok...good thing my husband was at work...I think I could have drop kicked him for a field goal this morning. I go out to hook up my Brenderup. It is in a place that is high and my car is low. I can't get it on the ball so I did like I have done before and pulled forward and it grabbed the ball. I slowly inched forward and it pulled but never fell and locked onto the ball. Tried to inch it out of the fell off the ball on the concrete pad going to the street. I saw it moving backwards and almost had a COW. I almost busted a gut. I had already called Barry to tell him my difficulty because of the uneven yard. He said we'd figure out something but he was NOT putting in a pad or anything like that. Ok....I am now seeing everything in a glowing RED haze.

If it was difficult for him to hook up his truck he'd pour a slab, level the ground, whatever it he did when he built a patio and ramp for his Harley House. I had begged for and been promised a patio for years...but he couldn't get his Harley into his shop without the patio/ramp. I am seeing RED.

My darling Tater was home and is very strong as he lifts weights. The tongue weight of a Brenderup is not like an American trailer and he was able to lift it so I could put the wheel up. It was going in the wrong direction though, Dev shifted it to the wrong side bless his heart. We managed to get it right though.

I want a level place on some flat pavers so I DON'T have this problem again. This is the second time this has happened to me and it is so frustrating and it shouldn't be.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I ride Sarge and he gets a hair cut!

I want to learn to ride Sarge so we went out to the stables and saddled him up. I got on him but was apprehensive. We went around the arena and then Sadda and Charlie started hauling hinny and he got a little excited. I told Barry to grab him.

I got off. Barry rode Sarge in the big arena and the small arena. I was surprised that he felt smaller than Red! Red has a much bigger girth than Sarge yet Sarge looks like a little fat sausage. I am not apprehensive anymore about riding Red. I can control him the majority of the time and make him listen to me. He is not perfect but pretty close to it. I bought the right horse for me.

I want to work on his lope in the arena. I wish it wasn't by the highway! I will work in the smaller arena with him. I want him to go into a lope without going into a gallop. I know that is just work.

I got back on Sarge from the ground!! Woo Hoo I can get on him!!! Can't get on Red and don't know if I will ever be able to get on Red but I will work on it!! We rode round and round and I will ride him again til I feel comfortable riding him.

The Boy's get a manicure!!!

David came out and shod Red and trimmed Sarge. He is the only one (other than Jason) that has been able to keep shoes on Red. He is a very nice young fellow. We set an appointment for December 16 to have Red's shoes done again. I'd like to take Red barefoot but will wait til February to pull his shoes - after the endurance ride I want to try on January 2.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Map of Ebenezer Park

Raymond gave me a map of Ebenezer when we went on the Buna trail ride. I washed it in my pants! He gave me another yesterday, bless his heart. I made several copies and scanned it so I would always have it!!!

The Waterfall at Ebenezer Park

Ray took us to the waterfall at Ebenezer. It was serene. We came down a hill and then the waterfall was right there...falling about 4 or 5 feet. Barry took these pictures for me....

Horse Racing, Camping, Saddles are a pain, found a cousin!

Barry and I left for our camping trip Friday afternoon. I received the Skito pad and off we went. We decided to stay at Archie's since it was so wet - that way when we set up the tent it would be dry.

We stopped at Archie's and turned the boys out into knee deep Tifton - I didn't see it but Barry said they started running down the fence with the other two horses in the next pasture.

We got up early and loaded up the boys - they were not too thrilled with leaving such a lush pasture! The day dawned gorgeous after all of that rain. We got up to Ebenezer and pulled into our spot. We unloaded the boys and talked to Randy and Kelly and a few others from the last ride. We finally saddled up and my saddle looked like it was setting down even further now that I had Red's back leveled with the Skito. A young lady there that knew about saddle fitting said it didn't fit right. Red was already switching that tail and shaking his head.

I got off and resaddled with a different pad...still no good. I told Barry to go on and go riding and I was going to haul to Margaret's and get another saddle...Red was not to happy to miss out on a trail ride. I called Margaret but she was going shopping for a costume for Dawson but said Ronnie would help me. Bless his heart...he got a pad he thought would fit better - he didn't like my pads. He put a wool fleece pad and a heavy layered pad on Red and a 40 year old Ryon saddle! He checked my saddle to make sure that the tree wasn't broke and he said it wasn't and was in good shape. He put my cinch on, he liked my cinch he said and the back cinch too. We put on my stirrups and off I went. Thank God for Margaret and Ronnie!

I got Red back and tied him up and about 10 minutes later in came the trail ride. Sarge was calling to Red and Red was about to pop a cork he was so excited.

Barry had a good time. I made us some sandwiches and later we put up the tent. We finally saddled up and off the Rockin' R Riders went. We went through the left side of the trails as they had been to the lake that morning. We went through a deep gully almost up to Red's stomach. He and Sarge just plowed through with no problems. We rode over down and around and later heard a gun shot so we turn around and went back!!

I was talking to a lady Terri and she said she lived in Winnie. I said my cousin Bruce H. lives in Winnie. Kelly turned around and said "Bruce H? He is my cousin - we must be related!" I said "You must be related to Aunt JoBeth?" She said his father! I nearly fell off of Red. I said "What is your maiden name" and she said T!bbits! I said "OMG you are Ansley's daughter!" What a hoot. Kelly is my second cousin. I don't know who was more surprised - me or Kelly. I told her Archie was the one who helped me find Red. We jabbered about family and were shaking our heads of that!

We got back to the trail head and some of us decided to go down the road. While some were using the rest rooms I trotted Red up and down as he really was ready to go. We went down the road leading into the park and we trotted quiet a ways. We turned down by the Spillway and started down and it is a straight, mowed area and they all decided to gallop. I was NOT in my own saddle and this one had less pommel than mine and the cantle was pitched back...not a race day for me.

Red was not a happy camper. He was going side ways and NOT listening to me. He lunged forward with his big giant back end and huge motor running high RPM's. Uuuuggghhh no... He reared up and I was making him go in circles and he was just impossible to control. I yelled at Barry and he came back and I got OFF. I am a sissy. I know. I am a sissy. But I say if you can't control...get off and get the situation under control. I guess it is alot to ask of a race horse to take him to a race and say "no...just walk". If I had been in my saddle I could have loped him but not in a saddle I was pitching around in. Barry got on him but the stirrups were too short. He offered to let me ride Sarge but I am not used to riding Sarge but that is on our agenda.

Red calmed down quickly. I was not to happy with him. He should listen NO MATTER WHAT. But, he is still a horse!

I talked to Margaret is hard to get a signal up there. Sigh...anywhoo, she is coming up in the morning. I talked to Ray and he and Bruce and Raymond are coming tomorrow to ride too.

Barry and I ate our gumbo and it was ok. We visited with the trail riders at Kelly and Randy's camp fire and later ambled off to get showered. I slipped in the shower and banged my wrist. duuuhhhhh.

We were more than warm in our sleeping bag and my flannel pj's. Too warm sometimes. The horses across the way kept making racket all night - fighting, screaming, kicking the pens. Once I thought it was ours and I nearly killed myself and Barry scrambling over him. I told him to put the tent the other way so I could see the horses out one of the screen windows...he didn't.

Next morning we got up and ate breakfast. I made Barry tea and he had his Famous Amos cookies. Ugh...not a good breakfast. I had my General Foods International coffee and made a cheese sandwich out of my Thins sandwich bread that is so good and two kinds of cheeses (Weight Watcher Pepper Jack) and toasted it on my electric skillet.

Margaret and then Ray, Raymond and Bruce arrived. Margaret and I tacked up Red in my saddle but her pads. She thought it fit just fine - just need different pads. Ok....going to give that a roll instead of buying a new saddle.

Off we went - we went on different trails than I had with Ray before. We did go to the pond - the Rockin' R had called it the Beaver Dam...Ray said "it's the pond". We sent to the right of there over down and around....crossed roads, etc. We went down some steep stuff and up again to see the water fall. How cool is that. Kept going down gorgeous paths and up hills, past a little old cemetery...think it was for pets too. Up tall hills.

Butterbean stepped on a stob or something and was going lame so we had to walk slower...I still trotted and loped Red some but would circle back and walk with Butterbean and Margaret. We went through some water several times that had to have felt good to Butterbean. We rode for about 3 1/2 was fabulous. Red was rearing to go but I kept circling him to make him slow down.

I have to remind myself that Red has really only trail rode since May and he is a former race horse...not a western pleasure horse. He does well...just don't take him to the races and expect him not to want to race!

Ray, Bruce and Raymond pulled out. Raymond gave me another map to Ebenezer...bless his heart...I try not to wash this one!

We made sandwiches and bees were EVERYWHERE. Margaret and I killed a bunch of bees and I was stung in the back of my arm. GAAAAA. Margaret pulled out and Barry and I started breaking down the tent. Kelly and Randy pulled out and she should "bye cousin!" and I yelled "bye cousin"!

We hauled home and were unloading and Barry popped the snot out of Red. He said Red nipped him. I got Red in the paddock and was pouring his feed and he was about to pop a cork to get to it. I stopped him and made him back up fast and far and did that again. He sometimes is a little pushy about food. Can't have is bad manners.

I got out on line and looked for the pads Margaret show on the name. Found some that I think might work...forwarded them to Margaret to get their opinion.