Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Visiting my boys at the barn

Went to the barn and got to see Alison's baby for the first time.  OMG he is precious!  Such a sweet happy little fellow.  Lee Ann B was there she told me about their ride at Big Sandy.  They rode 18 miles.  I was so jealous!!!  Lee Ann P was working Legato in the arena.  She said she started off bad and she thought she had ruined her on the ride - that is until a whip was brought out and Legato miraculously recovered!  I almost didn't recognize Legato - it was her mane that threw me off.  It looked like it had grown 6 inches!  She had the part nearest her shoulders braided.  Lee Ann B said Rogue was a little overweight and a little cresty and Lee P thought the same of Legato. 

I went down to see Biscuit and Sarge.  I was checking their necks for crestiness!  (is that a word?)  Sarge didn't seem to be have a thick crest but Biscuit seemed to have just a little bit.  Our little Shetland pony was so cresty it is a wonder that poor little darling didn't founder!  

I was hugging up my boys and petting them.  Pulled clover for them.  Scratched Biscuit's head for him near his bobo and hair was flying out.  Must have been a little itchy; he seemed to really like it!  They both have gorgeous coats right now.  Biscuit is so shiny and has a really golden sheen - Sarge's coat has slicked off and his copper highlights are shiny as can be.  That has got to be the sweetest horse in the world. 

Got a treat sister?  I am looking very thin ya know!

Yes, his butt is shiny!!!

Shoulder has loads of sheen

Teeth could use a tad bit of toothpaste!!  

He couldn't stop yawning!!!  LOL  He is so funny

Biscuit in deep thought

The feed wagon should be along any moment now!!

Sarge waiting at the gate...feed time is just around the corner

Sarge wanting some clover

my shiny copper penny

Sarge looks wonderful...such a pretty boy

They both look healthy!

Monday, May 27, 2013

I miss riding!

For some reason I couldn't add pictures for the past couple of weeks.  Here are some pictures I had wanted to share...

This is Biscuit's bobo.  OMG he knocked the snot out of himself and then didn't want anything near his head.  It seemed to have just knocked the hair off.  My poor Biscuit man. 

 Shanna riding Biscuit.  He was a good boy.  The arena was pretty dang wet though.  I got to brush him and hug him up.

Maz came out and wanted to ride on the horses.  She wasn't the least bit afraid.  She will be my riding buddy one day.  Biscuit and Sarge both were as sweet as they could be.

I have been out to the barn to see the horses regularly.  Biscuit had a bunch of flies eating on his back and it was grainy feeling so I put SWAT on it.  I am going out to the barn tomorrow and give him a bath after we come home from Lori's or I may go in the morning.

I miss riding on Sundays with Kellie.  She went up to Ebenezer last weekend and was there for 5 days.  She said Elan has lost weight and her saddle was slipping.  Dang.  That bites.   She loves her Steele saddle.  I am hoping to get one when I start back riding.  

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Biscuit busts his butt and slides

Shanna wanted to ride Biscuit so we met her and Archie at the barn after delivering my wedding cake.  Biscuit let us pet him and get close but when Barry brought up the halter he slowly backed up and walked off.  Barry followed him and Biscuit started trotting....then he was running in circles. is wet as it can be out there and he is galloping around and wooops!!!  His back end slides and down he goes on his butt then his side and he slides almost to the fence.   He pops up and keeps galloping around a few times.  He stops and finally lets Barry catch him.  He was an angel then.  Shanna was playing with him and then we walked him up front.

We saddled him up and Shanna rode him in the arena.  Devin, Lesly and Mazlynn came out too.  Maz rode Sarge and Biscuit and wasn't the least bit afraid.  I think she is going to be my riding buddy one day!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Biscuit has a giant bo-bo

Lee Ann said Craig was coming out to trim horses and I said I needed the boys trimmed.  I was going to meet him out there so I could pay him direct.  I got there Tuesday just as he and Lee Ann got to the pasture. 

Craig haltered Sarge and I walked over and called Biscuit.  He started towards me and WHOA!!!  Biscuit had a huge bobo on his head.  About the size of 2/3 of my palm and all of the hair was gone.  He let me pet his nose but when I reached up to brush his forelock away he jerked his head up in the air and backed off and walked away.  He wouldn't let me catch him.  Lee Ann tried, Craig tried and he was having none of it.  I tried after they left and he was not letting me get close. 

I went back to the barn later with Barry and he would let Barry catch him either.  Lisa came by and I told her what was going on and later Biscuit let her catch him and doctor it. 

I went out Wednesday and he still wouldn't let me catch him.  I tried Thursday and no go.  Friday evening Barry and I went out there and he allowed me to pet him and get close but we still couldn't catch him.  Toni, John, Alex and Hannah met us out there and brought back my Aussie Saddle.  They got to meet the boys and they fed them grass. 

Hoping to catch him later!


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Paying Board and Kissing up my horses

I went Monday to pay my board and see the horses.  Ms. Jean and Lee Ann P. were leading horses to the big barn and so I talked to them.  It was so good to see them and they thought my walking was improved which it has.  I paid Ms. Jean and she said I could use the swimming pool when I got better.  I might take her up on that!!!

I went down to see my horses and was pulling up clover for them to eat.  They are such sweeties.  I took these pictures of my boys.

My boys are the bomb!

Saturday evening my riding buddy and cousin, Kellie, came and took me out to see my horses!  OMG what a wonderful present.  She and Randy came and picked me up!  I sat up front with Randy because it was easier to get into the front seat of the truck. 

We got out to the pasture and the horses were on the other side trying to convince Lisa to give them treats.  I hollered at them and omg they came RUNNING to me.  Well, Biscuit veered over to Barry because he had been there twice recently with carrots!  LOL  I had to laugh at my boys.  They looked gorgeous!  Fat and Sassy!!  Biscuit has gained weight and totally shed out.  He is slick and GOLDEN as he can be.  Never saw my boy so gold!!!!!  Sarge has shed out for the most part and has the fabulous metallic look he always gets.

It had been three weeks since I had seen my boys!!

Friday, May 3, 2013

I miss my horses

I miss my horses more than I can say.  I haven't seen them in nearly 3 weeks.  I miss their horsey smell, I miss Biscuit's silky mane.  I miss Sarge nuzzling my cheek with a kiss.  I miss their sweet expressions. 

They make me feel better when I am down.  Just being around them lifts my spirits.  I want to brush their coats to make them shine and see the loose hair flying in the breeze.  It will be a long time before I can ride again which is not fun for me....I miss my weekends riding with my cousin, Kellie, and her horse Elan.  I miss his little Gorilla Face.  I miss that he always comes to my trailer for a treat.  Sigh.....this can't end quick enough but I am getting better and I hope to be riding in 2 months and one week which would be 3 months from my surgery.  I promise not to OVER DO IT so that I can get better quicker and get back to my trail riding!!!  Miss my Biscuit ....Miss my Sarge.  Miss all my stable buddies. 

I think would love to plan a week long trail ride in Mississippi at the Brushy Creek Guest Ranch in the fall.  How wonderful that would be and not be constrained by electrical shocks running all over my body!