Monday, August 31, 2009

Red Moves Around

I took Mom to Houston to the doctor today and on the way home I took her to see Red. When I get there Ms. Jean came out and said Red was in the main barn. He was in a paddock next to Amir and they were just fine. I called him to come to me and Mom and I went into the big paddock so I could pet him. Mom said "he is BIG". LOL yes he is big.

I took Mom home and later went back to the barn. I talked to Edgar and he opened the stall door because I couldn't open it! I told him I was a wienie. I got Red's halter out and opened the door and put it on him. He was sweating some on his neck and shoulders. I brought him out and walked out of the barn and I could see a big cut on his head. Geez Louise - my boy sure can get cut up. I tied him by the tack room and got the Fur-a-zone and put it on his cut.

I walked him out to Sarge's paddock and turned him loose. I walked to where Sarge was and he followed me back to where Red was. They did the ol' sniff and stand there and chew on each other routine.

Red is now a pasture baby. I will be going out to the barn to check on him. I need to pay the barn fees.

I talked to Archie and we discussed going on a ride. I said how about the end of September or the first of October. That would give him time to arrange for a horse. LOL I was watching TV about 8:40 and Archie called and said "how about this weekend? We could ride on Saturday and Sunday and y'all can spend the night here". I said "let me call Margaret and get her and Ronnie on board." I called Magaret - she can go on Saturday but Ronnie declined. I called Archie back...I don't know if we will be able to go both days but we are going riding down some dirt roads. I am going to take chicken and rice and cake! I can't wait. It will be so much fun!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Brenderup is Power Washed

Barry bought a power washer and he cleaned the Brenderup this morning.  It still has some stuff that will need to be scrubbed off but for the most part it looked terrific.  

What a day!!!

I was so tired today.  I wanted to ride and Barry and I went out to the barn.  I dropped him off at Sarge's paddock and went to get Red.  Red had not even been fed.  I got his bucket from Sergio and added his supplements.  I went to his paddock and we walked to his stall.  He was behaving so sweetly.  He is such a good boy.  I put his feed in his trough and it took him 18 minutes to eat it.  I was really tired for some reason.  I walked him over to the wash rack and told Barry I was going to just lunge him.  Barry tacked up Sarge and was in the arena with him.

I groomed Red and did his feet.  He was sweating on his neck some.  Just slightly moist.  He was dusty as all get out.  I got his lunge line and the buggy/lunge whip and we went into the little arena.  Red lunged like he did it everyday.  He is smart as all get out.  He doesn't forget anything.  We went round and round and then I asked him for th whoa.  He stopped and came in to me and I sent him th other way.  Round and round at a jog.  He just did a fabulous job.  He is so much fun to work with.

I took the lunge line off and put his lead rope and and went down the road.  Sadda came running up and I showed him the buggy whip and he turned around and straightened up!  LOL  Red acted like I was going to bop him with it and was moving away.  LOL  

We went down the road a little and I let Red graze.  I called Margaret and we chatted awhile.

I looked up and saw Sarge running in the arena with NO rider.  I almost had a cow.  Thank God I looked up and saw Barry walking.  Sarge came through the little arenas and around the barn and down the road near Sadda.  I was hurrying to catch Sarge up.  Sadda didn't have a big hissy like I thought he would.  Sarge just stood there by Sadda'a paddock and Barry and I reached him almost at the same time.

He had asked Sarge to "stay".  Sarge normally stays...not today.  He took off!!!  

I took Red to his paddock with a big bucket of alfalfa.  He behaved so well today.  I put it in the middle of the paddock for him and he was enjoying it when I left.  
Barry took him back to the arena, rode him, got off and asked him to stay....Sarge said tootaloo!!!  and off he went.  He ran all the way to the gate where I was sitting!!!  He is too funny.  Barry came and got him and got back on.  I called Margaret and we were talking about it and WOW there he went again.  Barry got off and told him to stay and Sarge just took off.  He came to the gate where I was sitting.  Margaret and I were cracking up over it.  Sarge was just not going to stay today.  

Barry rode him more and he was in a slow western pleasure lope with his head tucked and so collected!  He looked terrific.  Barry brought him up to the front and worked on the stay.  Sarge was not interested in staying today!!  If he continues to not stay Barry will have to work with lunge line!

Friday, August 28, 2009

I think the anhydrosis is under control!!!!

What a relief!!!

Barry and I went to ride this morning and it was around 81 to 85 degrees. Red had wet patches on his neck and shoulders and I couldn't have been more thrilled. It was overcast when I got there but the sun came out and a nice breeze was blowing. We rode out to the back of the ranch and we were jogging and Red was feeling GOOD. He wanted to bust out and run but I am still not into running yet. He was controllable because he is a good boy. We jogged and trotted all over the place. When we went down the road and came to the end of the paddocks we went down to the left. Red was going at an angle instead of straight and moving all over. He was a little bit of a handful but he still listened. We stepped over the little tree barrier thingy and he did better today than the other day. We got to the log that he kept side stepping the other day and Sarge went over it first like a trooper. Red hesitated and then went. Barry loped off down the fence but I held Red to a good clip of a jog. We got to the center and Barry pointed at the sky to the north east and it was pink under the blue - bad weather coming. We kept going down the fence all the way to the end of the property...still at a job and trot. We went through the tall brush and into the clearing. Red was jogging and trotting. I could tell he wanted to GO.

I told Barry that he needed to get off and ride Red and open him up because he wanted to RUN. He was being a bit of a pill but still controllable. Barry said, you can't get back on. I have got to get where I can get off and on my horse. COW!!!

Barry took off and Red I believe gave a little buck (probably the very first in his ENTIRE life!!!) and was trying to get away from me...tossing his head, etc. I got him under control and pulled him in circles and backed him up. He was going sideways and trying to take off so we would go in circles and back up.

He was still shaking his head and the mosquitoes were horrible He was wanting to run - Barry runs with him and he loves that but hasn't felt good enough to do that. Red has never bucked with anyone a day in his life. I turned him in circles, backed him up and asked for a walk. He was going sideways a bit but he did listen. When we got back to the barn Red's entire forequarters were wet - not dripping but he was wet.

Wet under the saddle and the front end so I was happy. The One AC and electrolytes has worked for Red. I gave a Shiner Bock to Edgar who feeds for Red to have with his evening meal - gave him alfalfa and had to get home to make a wedding cake.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Red is always a stress reliever!!!

I went out to see Red this evening and was sitting on a bucket in his paddock watching him eat alfalfa. He is such a sweetie. Barry called me and I looked up and there he was in the truck by the barn. I got a handful of alfalfa and we went down to see Sarge. Sarge is such a sweetie too. I hugged him up.

I went back to see Red and his front quarters were damp and he had wet spots near his mane. It wasn't even hot! His sweating ability is coming back, thank God. I walked to his stall and he followed me in there to see if there was a treat but it was empty. I hugged his neck which is always a stress reliever. It just flows out of me when I am with him.

I am trading Margaret a bit for a bit. Red's Myler bit for the bit she loaned me for Red with the little curb chain. She is going to start Benjamin with it. We might go riding Sunday - that would be fun.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Out on the trails and the arena

I trimmed Red's bridle path today and his whiskers. Barry brought Sarge up and we decided to give it a whirl with Sarge. I let him hear them and he sniffed them and then I tried to cut his mane and he pulled back and threw his head up. We tried again and let him hear them and moved them near his shoulder and up his neck and then he let me cut his bridle path. He stood there as quiet as could be and let me cut his whiskers. He kept trying to smell the clippers! I brushed his mane out - it was scraggly looking. Red's mane is growing out so nicely and getting thick looking. His tail is growing out at the top where he cut it just before and after I bought him. It is fluffy and curled up looking a the top.

Barry and I rode in the arena for a little while today and then hit the back trails at the ranch. We went straight down to the back and took a right. Red and I jogged down to the fence. The rideaway needs to be mowed - we trotted through the tall brush and half way through it was then mowed. We jogged all the way to the end. Barry was working on keeping Sarge still when asked.

We turned around and went back to the back and then all the way down the fence to the left side of the ranch. I tried to get Red to step of the big log but he wasn't too interested...he side stepped it. We went down to where the little fences are and Red stepped over that...clunking his feet while he went. We jogged down the right side of the ranch, up the middle of the paddocks and back to the barn. Barry worked in the arena a little more.

Red was damp all over his neck and chest!!! Sweat under his saddle and under his breast strap. It was hot but not super hot and there was a breeze blowing. Very nice ride! I rinsed Red off and plenty of sweat was coming out of his hair. I got his alfalfa and took him to his stall. We passed a bucket in the main barn and when we got to his stall he went to his feeder and then looked at me ... no feed. I had to go to the main barn and get his feed. I was DRAGGING hinney. I was TIRED from riding for a hour and a half or so. I also rode an hour plus yesterday and almost 2 hours Sunday.

Riding is so much fun. I won't be able to ride tomorrow - but maybe Thursday!

Monday, August 24, 2009

My little step stool!!!

What a hoot. I bought a little folding step stool yesterday to help me get on Red. It will fold flat and I could pull it up to my saddle. Well...the best laid plans of mice and men...I go out to the arena, standing on the stool, put my foot in and try to push up. Saddle slips down. I push it back in place and Barry is saying, "your going to pull a muscle!" I try again and push hard, a muscle in my left leg screeches like a banchee - I almost go over and think for a minute I am going to bust my fat butt on the other side. LOL I am struggling to straighten myself and finally manage. I told Barry, RUB MY LEG!!!! I am sure Red thought I was an IDIOT.

We rode in the arena, working on our jog. I had the Martingale on him and it is keeping him collected. He did a good job and was sweating just a little on his neck but really sweating under his saddle. I gave him a bath and put him up.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Trail Ride in August

Red and I took a trip today. I went to the back yard and was able to hook up my Brenderup so easily. I have to be very careful as I do not have a metal bumper but it was still easy to line my Rav4 up and hook it up and go. I hooked it up in 5 minutes. Wow Wee. I love my Brenderup.

I got out to the barn and loaded up tack, feed, hay bags, etc. I got Red out and washed him down. He was kinda dirty. I combed his mane.

Barry met me at the barn and I asked Red to load. He refused and tried to come off the side. I had the buggy whip out and I asked him to lunge - tapping his butt with the whip - just a tiny tap tap tap and round and round he went. I asked for the load and up he went!

His feed (I had added a packet of the One AC and electrolytes to it) and hay was there for him to munch on. I drove up to Margaret's doing about 50-55.

I didn't recognize Easy and Cub had faded out too! Benjamin has gotten so BIG. He is going to be a very large boy. Target and Bones got some lovin' up, too. Target is a big Thoroughbred. Bones is going to be a small Quarter Horse. I bet he is barely 14 HH. He is still as pretty as he can be though.

Butterbean is just a little doll. What a sweetie he is. Margaret's grandson was there and he was going to ride The Butterbean.

I walked Red back to the trailer to get his saddle. I didn't tighten it and when I was walking back to the concrete it slipped almost under his belly. Poor baby just acted like that was normal. He is such a laid back guy.

I got Margaret to adjust my Martingale. She liked it and said it was a cute little design which it is. We fiddled with that for awhile to get it adjusted to Red properly. We finally were ready...I squirted Red with some water from my little squirt bottle. He seemed to be just fine. Off we went to the right. Red was rarin' to go. He drags his feet in the arena but when you ride out on the trail he is alert and ears forward. Love that.

We went to the right and kept going. Some was rocks some was sand. We rode in quiet a bit of shade and the weather was perfect. It was in the mid 80's and not humid. I squirted Red a couple of times. He was breathing a little hard but I think some of that was from being out of shape. I have barely rode in the past 2 months. We jogged quiet a bit. Went down a dirt rode towards an old cemetery but we didn't want to trespass - there were no signs saying we were but there was a sign for the cemetery and that under the name was Rough Riders. I am going to see if we can get permission to ride that road if permission is needed!!

The foliage was so pretty today. Muscadine leaves were turning colors, pretty little flowers and fluffy foliage was everywhere. We rode down a little ravine area and Red just followed Cub through everything. He did stumble a few times but not bad. When had just started off and a fly must have been giving him a fit. He was stomping and kicking in the road...then kept at it when we were going down a sandy patch. I had Margaret look to see if a horse fly or one of those HUGE black flies was on him. Whatever it was it finally took off. He was about to have a fit.

Red was extremely willing but a couple of times - too willing. I had to pull him up short for taking off when he wanted too. LOL he is such a darling. Butterbean was being ponied for the most part but when he was off the lead he was just standing there. Poor ole Dawson was having a hard time making him go.

We saw lots of broken bottles - that is a shame. Trash here and there. People - DON'T LITTER. That is so disgusting. It truly is a pet peeve of mine.

We came back down a few different twists and turns. We were going by JD's uncle's house (he is the young fellow that sometimes helps them break horses) and they had some horses there. Red was having such a good time he tried to whinny to them. It was a little strangled but he was calling to them. He is so funny.

We got back to the barn and Red was hot to the touch but not scary or anything like that. He was sweating under his mane and under his saddle. He had a little bit of lather under his tail - good boy. I hosed him off and Ronny sprayed him with soap and I scrubbed him with his curry comb. More hosing to cool him off.

I showed Ronnie the Martingale and we discussed how long it was originally. I told him it was sliding down to his bit and I was afraid it would get caught. Ronnie said it can and will freak horses out when they move their head and it is caught and horses have flipped over. I told him that I got Barry to take it off and I knew it was too long. It is a simple little thing and Ronnie tied a double knot to keep it from sliding. It is kinda neat.

I had unsaddled at the trailer so all of that was already put up. I gathered up my grooming stuff, took off my boots and put my shoes on.

I asked him to load up and off the side he came. I walked to the side to get my buggy whip. Margaret was going to take him but I said, "no...he needs to learn that I am the boss and load up." I asked for the load again...just holding the whip in my hand...and he went. Good boy. He is my Cary Grant. A little high maintenance but he is worth it to me. He is so sweet.

Down the road we went. I left Margaret's at 5:54 PM. I stopped in Kirbyville to eat at the Sonic. I got out to check on Red and he hadn't touched his alfalfa. Hum...that was the batch of the new bale. I ate on the road and drove slow all the way home. Mostly 55. Got up to 63 and backed off. We weren't in a hurry. Safe is best.

I got to the barn and unloaded Red. I got his haybag - he still hadn't touched it and I thought that was odd. He was a little sweaty from the trailer ride - yay. I got him in his stall and dumped out the hay. I checked and Sergio had not put his food in. I don't thing Sergio understood me earlier! I went and got his grain and added a Shiner Bock to it. Just something to help him along. I took him the grain and he was outside in his paddock. He followed me into the stall and I dumped it for him. I turned around to his hay and smelled it. It is pretty fluffy looking hay. It looks like alfalfa but it doesn't smell like alfalfa. What is up with that? My boy wouldn't touch it.

I got in the car and saw Margaret had called. I called her back and told her about the alfalfa. It smells sweet as all get out in the Rav but it doesn't smell like alfalfa. Hum......We discussed whether it was timothy hay but I looked timothy up on the internet and I don't think that is what I have.

All in all, I had a fun day with my friends and Red. I am ready to go again.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sarge goes on a joy ride and then a trailer ride

Barry went out to the barn today to take Sarge on a trailer ride - we want to keep practicing their loading. Barry called me from Tyrrell Park and told me a funny story.

Evidently, the new wire on his paddock was replaced yesterday after it came down and Sarge went on a joy ride around the ranch!! That is just a scream. He went up to the barns, I believe he got into a little fracas with Sadda and the little two year old stallion across from Sadda and then went into the main barn and that is where they found him. That is hysterical. Sarge is such a funny little guy. Barry brought him over to the house and I took some picture so him that I will upload later.

He got a little upset over the sound of the nail guns being used on the roof across the street. I thought he was going to crawl up on Barry's lap.

I didn't get to go out to the barn today. I was exhausted and it was Kade's birthday. My back is hurting and that bites. I am going riding tomorrow though with Margaret. I will leave to go to the barn around 11:00 and leave around 12:00. Can't wait!

Visiting my boys

Yesterday Barry and I went out to the barn to see the boys and drop off their alfalfa. I went with Barry down to Sarge's paddock. He is such a little sweetie. He has the cutest little personality. Barry worked with him a little and took him a bucket of alfalfa. Not much - really just a little snack. I noticed the top wire right by the gate was different and new looking. It also had a tee bar stake. Hummm

I spent some time with Red. I brought him up and cleaned his hooves and put the meds in two of his hooves. He got his beer and grain and alfalfa. He has put on weight and is looking pretty darn terrific. He nickered when he saw me. He has done that several times here lately.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

One AC information and a new bale of alfalfa

I had to go to Louisiana today to set up a chip rack in Eunice. On the way back I stopped at the Vinton Feed Store and talked to the cute little guy there that had his expensive roping horse on One AC. He said that he kept the horse stalled with fans but did ride him. He didn't run him hard for long periods but he still competed on him. He said the riding I am doing with Red is just fine and he will be worse off for not exercising. He said he will get fat up in a stall. LOL I asked for good, leafy alfalfa and said the last alfalfa was very stalky and that my boy was not amused. The little cowboy actually knows Red - Ronnie and Margaret buy stuff there when they are racing. He said "you didn't get it here though" and I said "yes, I did and my boy was not a happy. He is VERY picky about his alfafa!"

Red is putting back the weight he lost. He looks almost like he did when he started losing weight. God love him. I took him out a beer, a little grain, and his alfalfa. I am going to finish this bale before opening the next one. If it is stalky I am not going to be happy!

I hugged Red up - he is such a sweetie. I wanted to ride but I had Kayden so I couldn't. I want to ride tomorrow. Hopefully, I am going to haul him up to Margaret's so we can ride Sunday. Woo Hoo....that will be FUN!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Red gives a little nicker to me

The past 24 hours have not been fun. Morgan was in a wreck in Beaumont - thank God she is alright - it was a miracle. She hydroplaned and bounced off the walls of the road and was hit by an 18 wheeler. She walked away with just a bump on her head.

Pat had brain surgery this morning - thank God again...he came through with flying colors and did well.

Mom most likely has uterine cancer - we will beat this. God is good.

I told Barry that this year has not been fun - with illnesses, surgeries, deaths of three family members. I told him the only bright spot was getting Red...that being with him for 5 minutes could suck away a weeks worth of stress.

I went out to the barn for a short time to day and was calling to Red and I heard him actually nicker to me! LOL that was a hoot. Red is generally so quiet - he never makes a sound. I hugged him up and smelled in his sweet smell.

Monday, August 17, 2009

I missed my boy!

I wasn't able to get out to the barn today. UGH. I hate missing my boy. I had to go to Crowley to work today and I wanted to cook a big dinner for Barry so I missed my boy.

Yesterday Barry and I went riding. Red and I jogged around the arena - I was working at keeping him at a jog which is a good speed on trails...not a walk...not a trot. He did pretty good.

Barry had got off of Sarge and told him to stay and walked away. Sarge normally stands right not this time. All of the horses in the pastures started RUNNING, whinnying and snorting. Don't know what set them off but they were flying high. Sarge turned around and trotted to the fence - Mr. Nosy Rosie!!! Red didn't flinch...he just watched and didn't try to take off. He is such a good boy.

Hopefully I can ride this weekend. I love riding my boy.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Red Loads and Red Doesn't Load

Today we hauled the trailer out to load up the boys. Both of them loaded pretty easily. We took them on a ride through Port Acres.

We got back to the barn and Barry took Sarge out and took him to his pasture. I took Red out and walked him in a circle and asked him to load. He refused! Wanted to go wacky up the ramp, come off the ramp. I walked him around and asked again. Again it was no.

I got the buggy whip and popped him lightly. He had his lead rope thrown over his shoulder and he pulled away from me and backed up, turned around and trotted in between the paddocks down to his. I walked down there and caught him and walked him back and asked again. I tried like Ray did with the end of the buggy whip just tapping him. No.

I popped him with the buggy whip on the shoulder and after a few rough tries, he loaded up. I unloaded him and asked for the load again. Same crap. I popped him with the lead rope, not hard (that would be hard to do with his lead rope!) and walked him in a circle, asked for the load using the end to urge him up. After a bunch of flack, he loaded. Tried again and again flack. I popped him going in a circle with the end of the buggy whip, not even hard, lol he was too close and we went into a circle with him trying to pull away. I said "NO!"

I asked for the load again and he went. Again and he went. I guess he doesn't mind loading with Sarge but decided he would decide when. I decided that wasn't going to work...I will decide when Red loads.

After I unloaded him I patted him on the face and talked softly to him. Barry took him to his paddock and I got his hay. He came right to me in the paddock and we walked to his stall. I hugged him up before I left.

I told Barry I need to work with him alone on both sides of the trailer. I want him to load up, no questions asked. It is really a serious matter that a horse load when asked.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Late Evening Ride

Barry and I went out to ride late this evening. It was about 7:20 or so by the time we actually swung up into the saddles.

I led Red out and saddled him after grooming him some. He is getting all beat up some how. I don't know if he is horsing around with Torique or not. His ear had a deep scratch on it and he wasn't too happy to have it messed with.

I led him into the small arena and the pigeon's were slamming around in the top making all kinds of racket. I was surprised when he skittered around me and his eyes were wide and showing white. Silly boy, I said, the pigeons won't hurt you. I hugged and patted him and walked him into the big arena. I didn't need him freaking out over pigeons. I mounted up and we walked around the arena and then trotted. Worked on side passes, going over the poles. He did stumble REALLY bad going around the back end of the arena. Geez, I thought he was going to face plant it. Good grief that would be bad. He caught himself though and did ok. Once when we were trotting it felt like his back end was doing something totally different than his front end. LOL I think Red was a pretty good race horse but he doesn't know what to do with those legs sometimes.

We worked on backing up...I asked for the backing, and once he started backing I applied light spurs. He really tucked and backed up then. Wow. He was a little confused but did really well.

I finally got off of him and told him to stay. I walked away from him. He kept his eyes on me. I walked in a circle and he watched me the best he could until I was out of sight. He kept standing there without moving. He is such a good boy. He was sweating a little under his saddle but it was basically a slow ride.

I put hoof stuff in his central sulcus and put his tack up. I went and got him a little grain and poured a Guinness Beer over it. I put his alfalfa in the bucket and went and got him. I led him to his stall and put his alfalfa in the black bucket near the door. I put his lead rope over his shoulder and he started eating his alfalfa. I took his pink bucket and scraped the grain into his big feeder. I called him and said "come here Red" and bless his little heart, he turned around and came to me. I reached for his halter and he was reaching for the grain. I said, "no, stand still til I get you halter off". Bless his little heart, he stood still while I took his halter off. He started into his grain and it was kinda moist and clumpy. He seemed to really like his grain with beer.

He is out of One AC at the barn so I need to make him some packets so the guys can give it to him.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Trailer Rides and Sweating

Barry and I hooked up the Brenderup and hauled it out to the barn. Down the ranch road to Sarge's paddock. Barry turned the truck/trailer around and we stopped before the inlet to Sarge's paddock so the back of the trailer was as far away from Duke as possible. Barry went into the paddock and put Sarge's halter on. He lunged him for a few minutes and backed him up. I was petting poor old Duke. Duke took off bucking and snorting after a few minutes. He moves so beautifully but he needs tender loving care.

We brought Sarge around to the back of the trailer and Barry threw the lead rope over his back and said "Load Up" and up he went into the trailer - GOOD BOY!!!!!

We hauled up to the front and I stopped and got out and went to get Red. I whistled for him and called out to him and he started trotting up to the front. I hugged him up and put his halter on and led him out.

I walked him to the back of the trailer. Sarge was on the left hand side. I tossed the lead rope over his back and walked up the ramp and said "Load Up" and he walked right up the ramp. He stopped 2/3 of the way in to sniff Sarge and I was popping his butt to make him step forward. Barry popped him to and up he went and butt bar was put in place. That was SOOOO much easier that fighting with horses to get in the trailer!!

We drove down West Port Arthur Road to Hwy 365. We went up Hwy 365 to Hwy 69. Down Hwy 69 to the cut off by the prisons and back over to West Port Arthur Road and back to the barn. I opened the front door to Red's side and pulled up his rope and onto his shoulder. He was SWEATING!!! I told him to "back up" and he backed out of the trailer pretty as you please. He was SWEATING to a lather on his chest and his neck and shoulders were wet with sweat. His ears and poll were wet. God Bless My Boy!!!!!

I took him to the paddock and he dropped and rolled. I took him his alfalfa and he was such a happy boy.

My boys are the bomb dot com.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sarge Comes Home

Barry and I went up to Buna to get Red today. Ray came bringing him out saddles up and ready to show us what he had worked on. He rode Sarge in the round pen giving us some pointers and tips. I think Sarge looked like he had lost some weight.

Barry is going to work on his spin, circles for corrections, backing up and checking his speed. Sarge was sweating to beat the band...I wish Red would. Barry rode Sarge and Ray gave him pointers on his seat and stopping Sarge and using his feet to back Sarge up.

Finally came time to try the trailer! Ray to Barry to lead him to the trailer that I had hooked up by that time, and told Barry to throw the rope over his withers and said, "Load up". Sarge went up the ramp, into the trailer and stood there! They set the butt bar and that was it. He backed him out on command and loaded him several times. That was a pleasure to watch and experience. Sarge has been such a patootie over that. Ray said that IF he gave me trouble about loading to pop him on the front legs with the buggy whip, put the whip up or down on the ground and ask him to load again. Ok...can do!

We hauled him home and unloaded him. Barry walked him around and asked for the load. Ugghhh....NO. He tried to come off the side of the ramp. Barry tried 3 times and still....uggghhh no. LOL Barry led him off and I got the buggy whip and stood there with him. Sarge got in the trailer immediately. Good BOY. Barry took him and lounged him and asked again and he was getting in the trailer pretty good. The last time I told Barry I wanted to load him. I walked him to the trailer and was pulling him to a stop and he tried to walk over me to get in. I said "Whoa! Back up back up back up." I told him wait for the command Sarge! I walked him back to the trailer, said "Whoa". We stood there a moment while I put the lead rope over his withers and then said, "Load up" and up he went. Good boy.

Barry took him to wash him off and I cleaned the nasty poop out of the trailer. He urinated in the trailer...ughhhhh....I will have to wash the trailer out this week. I got most of the poop out and then walked out to the wash rack. I had got really hot. I guess because I didn't have a hat on.

I got some alfalfa for my boy and went to Red's stall. He was standing in the stall (smart boy...he knows where to go when it is hot) and gave him his alfalfa.

When I went out there yesterday I discovered he had thrown his right front shoe. What a pill!

He threw all of his alfalfa out of his feed trough. One push sent half of it out and another push finished it off. Don't know what that was all about. I hugged him up - he smelled so horsey and just good!!!

We came home and I didn't feel so good. I got way too hot. I took a cool bath and put my PJ's on.

We are going to take the trailer out to the barn several times this week and practice getting in the trailer with both of the boys.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Where is my Alfalfa Girl

I went out to the barn today to see Red. I took a big jug of corn oil and a 6 pack of Guinness Beer. I got a little bit of grain for him and his alfalfa.

Barry opened his Guinness and I poured it over his little bit of grain. He loves his grain and beer!! LOL He ate his alflafa for a while and then would go back to his bucket of grain. I started sitting on his bucket while he ate and he lifted up his head and took a step toward me and then looked as his bucket like "hey, you're on my bucket chick". I got off of it and he moves it with his nose to flip it over. He is so funny.

His bites are healing but still look painful, poor baby. I did take quiet a few picture sof my boy today. Barry said he was a sissy - my boy is not a sissy...he is my sweetheart!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sarge is at boot camp!!!

I called Ray to check on Sarge this evening. He said Sarge was doing great and loading up. Sarge refused once and he was popped on the foreleg and then he decided the trailer was where he needed to be. Good boy!

Ray hauled him to town in the Brenderup - my sissy Brenderup. Ray said he was surprised at how well the Brenderup followed!! LOL he ran into someone in town that asked him where in the heck he got that trailer from and Ray said that it was a hot trailer and he could get one too!!! LOL his friend told him no thanks...he wasn't going to drag a sissy trailer!

He said that Sarge is out of shape and needs conditioning and that he is pretty darn rusty in his skills. To us, he is pretty darn spiffy! I told him Sarge needs a WHOA that works better. Ray said he used to have a good whoa!!! I said that Red's whoa was verbal or hands on and we want Sarge's to be the same.

He rode Sarge out in the woods, down the road, etc. I can't wait to see him Sunday!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Grooming Red

Barry and I went out to the barn late this afternoon to see Red. I took him over to the wash rack and groomed him. He seemed to enjoy it. I curried him a bunch and brushed and brushed him. Seemed like tons of dust and dirt were coming out. I brushed his mane, forelock and his tail. Cleaned his hooves. He was so patient about it. He had a lump under his left front leg in the folds in the back side. I don't know if that is from when he was bit or not. Poor baby...he was all beat up.

I kept hugging his neck....he is such a sweet boy. We took him back to his paddock and gave him his alfalfa and put Fur-a-zone on his bites. They look better but the ones on his left at the top of his leg must be very tender. He would shake his skin when I would touch it. Poor baby. He is so adorable.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sarge and trailer training

Today was take Sarge to the trainer day if we could get him in the trailer. We go out to the barn around 9:00 AM and groom Sarge and load up the trailer. We asked him to get can do. We are pouring sweat and it is HOT. We are trying to entice with go. I later get the long lunge line and attach to the gromlet on the side of the Brenderup. He kept trying to go off the side but we get him up on the ramp with the rope behind him and I am gently applying pressure.

We work with this for over an hour. Edgar, (works at the barn, he feeds, cleans stalls, handyman, hay baler, etc so the horses know him!) says he will help. He worked gently with Sarge, too. Barry showed Sarge the buggy whip and he decided to get in the trailer on his own really. Sarge is like my husband...he has a mind of his own! He is calm as a cucumber once he was in the trailer. Up we go to Ray's who lives 50 miles away.

Sarge comes out of the trailer happy as can be. Ray is very glad to see him and hugs him up and then takes him to his slant trailer and first Sarge refuses 2 times and then hops in the trailer like it was yesterday.

Brings him over to the Brenderup, sets the center divider in place with the butt bar on one side so it is solid and asks him to get up there. Sarge refuses so Ray takes his buggy whip and lunges him on in circles right there. He walks him to the ramp and has the whip under his left arm and Sarge to the right. He uses his left arm to tap Sarge on the butt while keeping looking forward. After a few moments he lunges more and asked him to get up in the trailer. Up Sarge went like it was all fine and good. Backs him out and asks him to go again. Sarge went in circles a few times and when asked he got in the trailer.

My husband and I were doing it WRONG. LOL It was almost funny. I left the Brenderup there with Ray and will go back next Sunday to pick him up. Ray is going to tune him up and show hubby where all his buttons are. Sarge is a darling boy but this was really a deal breaker if we couldn't get him in the trailer! It took us 1.5 hours this morning because we are too stupid to live on training horses to get in a trailer. I know now how it is done so if I ever have to train a horse to get in a trailer I will know how.

Ray has taken Sarge across a suspended bridge! My goodness if he will cross over on that he should walk on anything!