Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Walking with the Biscuit

Biscuit and I have gone for a number  of walks down the ranch road this month.  He is just being a doll.  Lee Ann said we had to give him a reset on being caught.  LOL  Kenny used to chase him with a 4 wheeler and he would run circles around me like it was a game.

I had taken him out to eat grass before but now we go for walks.  He let me halter him again in the pasture but I can't get out of the car and into the pasture fast enough now...he makes a bee line for me and can't wait to get his halter on.

The Wednesday before Christmas I had doctors appointments in the morning and got to the barn around 11:30 am.  Windy weather but I took him out.  We only got halfway down and he turned into a giraffe and was spooking all over the place - there was something in the air that was  bothering him.  He spooked around the front of me like something was going to eat him.  I put him up!!!

We left that day for Fredericksburg and stayed there til Friday night.  I bought these from an artisan while we were there and got one for Kellie too!!!

We had a good time.  I came back and walked Biscuit on Saturday - he is doing just fabulous.

I got a new Contour Roam camera for Christmas.  My old Roam bit the dust and no longer worked.  I have missed some great pictures from rides because he no longer worked so thanks Honey Darling Precious!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Monday was a Red Letter Day

Monday was a red letter day!!!  I went out to the barn and Biscuit was on the backside of his pasture.  I got carrots and opened the gate - I took his halter and leadrope and headed out into the pasture.  He was coming to me. 

When he saw the lead rope/halter I could see he sucked back a little but took the carrot.  He drew in his nose a little but let me halter him with no fuss!!!  Woo Hoo.  It has been about 20 months since he let me halter him in the pasture.

Good Biscuit!!!  We walked down the road with him munching on grasses and all kinds of green stuff.  So very proud of him.

Eric called from Steele this morning.  Saddle will be shipping out tomorrrow or so.  Can't wait.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Allegany Saddle for Sale

Allegany Mountain Trail Saddle Renegade Endurance purchased July 2012. It doesn't fit my horse so it is sadly for sale. It fits me wonderfully and the seat and stirrups are very comfortable. It is their D Bar tree with a 7" spread in the gullet. In the 28 months I have owned it I have rode in it about 18 months due to surgery and then no longer fitting my horse. It has pretty much every option offered.
17" Supracor Ultra Padded Seat
Curvy Slim Fenders
Drop Ring Rigging
Horse Shoe Stainless Hardware
Two sets of stirrups - the endurance ones have only been used for one
hour - they are brand spankin' new
Barb Wire Stamp
Two sets of ties on each corner, rings and brackets on the pommel and cantle for extra things to tote along.

Always kept inside - non smoking area. Brand new it would be a around $1600 without the extra stirrups. Asking $1000.00 My horse has a roach back and is causing the saddle to slide forward and pinch him. I hate selling it but it is just decorating my living room at this moment.
Call or Text me at 409-454-1931

Working on Biscuit coming to me

When I got the injection in my leg I was able to walk and needed to retrain myself to walk without limping.   So, I went out to the barn and Biscuit and Sarge came in and I shut the corral.  I gave them carrots and haltered Biscuit without a problem. 

I took him for a 45 minute smorgasbord walk down the ranch road.  It was exactly 1/2 mile.  He grazed and stuffed himself with fresh green grass.   It is getting thinner in the pasture but still nice outside by the road. 

I was going almost everyday and Biscuit would come to me as soon as I drove up.  No problems haltering - no shutting the corral either.  We walk down the road while he grazes - it is working.

He still is a little leery of me coming to him in the pasture.  He was sucking back and a little cautious but I would give him a carrot and pet him and he'd follow me to the corral.

He is getting a little more relaxed about me meeting him in the pasture.  He has been so difficult to catch but this is working.  We have been at it for 5 and a half weeks and he comes to me EVERY time - no matter what time I go out there.  We have made rides to so it isn't like we are just walking

He has been getting a little pushy on when he wants to stop to graze - since that has been the exercise.  Today we worked on walking til I stopped - patted his face and gave him the command to graze.  He pulled at the halter a little bit that is why I started that today.  By the end of the walk he was getting that he needed to walk without pulling, turn his face to me for a forehead rub and a command to graze.  He is so freaking smart. 

I hadn't been out there in two days due to cakes and having to go to Archie's visitation.  My darling cousin passed away.  He is who helped me buy Dashing Big Red.  It was up in Woodville so I couldn't go Thursday and then Friday I had cakes to make so I missed two days of seeing him.

Biscuit is being 100% Biscuit!!

catch up post

I haven't posted in a while.  I was trying to catch up but just haven't.

Cherie came to ride with me 5 weeks ago Tuesday.  I was having trouble with m y blood pressure meds.  We met at Abbie's and had lunch and then went to Tyrrell Park.  When we got there I started feeling bad.  I was seeing spots.  Upset stomach.  I sat for more than an hour til I felt better. 

Cherie saddled Biscuit and held him while I mounted.  I felt better.  She was lunging BG and Biscuit startled and flinched hard.  Next thing I new I was fall over backwards and hit the ground.  Ugh.  I had a huge hematoma on my right calf.  I know I didn't pass out because I can remember thinking "I hope my feet come out of my stirrups". 
Scrapped my left elbow and hit on my back left ribs.  My head fell back after I hit the ground and bonked on the ground.  I had my helmet on. I had Barry come take me home and then he dropped Biscuit off. 

I went to the doctor the next day over the blood pressure.  I had a tetanus shot and asked about getting injections in my knee.  I went for an exray.  I  saw Dr. Hays the next day and started the first of 3 injections that WORKED.  

I did ride with Cherie the next week for 11 miles.  Kellie and I have rode twice - once behind the golf course and once all around the back.  So much fun but my leg was sore. 

I only had a tiny scrap on my leg that got cellutis - Dr. Hays gave me antibiotics.  Had to go to a wound care specialist.   He said no riding.  Gaaaa.  Hoping it gets better soon.