Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Finally got my saddle

I got a call from saddle was never actually on the truck. The box was damaged and didn't make it to the truck. The note on the website is "standard". I can't imagine why they would put a message out there that is sure to upset their customers. I went to pick it up and the two of the management type folks came out and talked to me and they are refunding my money for shipping. I did notify Staci and John and they will refund my shipping money!

Thank God the saddle itself was not damaged. It is gorgeous and I was thrilled with it. I took pictures of the box and the saddle. I am pleased with the little hoof is cute!

Ms. Jean comes and looks at it and she likes it and says I can borrow a girth from their supplies. I put it on Biscuit and scrounged up a girth. Hum...seems to large!!! I finally get it on and Barry arrives. I get on Biscuit in the courtyard and he spooks at some pigeons. What a pill. I like the saddle. It is very pretty and it does sit me up straight. Really straight.

I take the saddle and leave it in the tack room....I will deal with the girth tomorrow.

This is LeAnn P.'s saddle...they are similar!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Really disappointed in United Parcel Service

I have waited all week for my saddle to arrive. It shipped one week ago from New York. A WEEK AGO. I tracked it as it came down and was in Beaumont last night.

I asked Morgan to be on the look out for it this morning, ran home at lunch to check, no notes from UPS saying it had been here. I had Mog checking after that - nothing. I got home and Morgan was here...not package - no note.

I waited all afternoon. Barry wanted me to go pick up some dinner - I said I was waiting on my saddle and made a dinky little dinner. I checked on line at 8:00 PM and OMG it said that I had requested hold for a future delivery date! What a crock of lies.

I called and was told they could deliver it in the morning. I told her I would be at work and had arranged for someone to be here today as it was supposed to be delivered. I even spoke to a supervisor but they have no power to do squat. I did tell her that I wasn't upset with them, of course, but it was not something I wanted left on the porch when it was possibly going to rain and I wouldn't be there to catch it. I did say that that is why I used FedX that UPS always seemed to have a problem.

Someone is going to call me about it by 10:00 AM. I am going to tell them to keep it at the UPS store and I will go get it. I am going to request my shipping money back. Probably won't get it but I was pretty darn displeased with the flat out lie on the tracking page. I sent an email to John at Alleghany. My luck they will send it back to Alleghany. Gaaaa....UPS is the absolute PITS

On top of all of that...I didn't get to go see my horses today because I was waiting on UPS. Now that really bites. I don't ever ship UPS. Fed-X is my shipper of choice. They are pretty terrific at the Beaumont office. The one time I did ship UPS (shipping Billy Cook saddle back as that is how it came) was not fun. Long lines, is any wonder my saddle didn't show up and BS was posted on the shipping log?

I am getting brave!

Yesterday I went out to the barn and brought Biscuit up. LeAnne P was giving a riding lesson on Amariah and Lee Anne B was soaking Rogue's feet. I brushed Biscuit and soaked his feet in a mild solution of Lysol to help get rid of his remaining thrush. He was pretty good about it - letting me pick up his feet and placing them in the pan of water.

After LeAnne's lesson was over we all tacked up our horses and I mounted in the courtyard area in front of the arena. Biscuit was very good about it and stood still. He won't stand still in the arena though. I told my peeps that I was nervous about going out past Snippy. I am such a sissy. I rode him down the road to Sarge's pasture and I dismounted. I walked him behind the others down the road. He got a little interested and head high around Spirit, Elmer and Snippy. Geez...that makes me nervous. They started running but not acting crazy which was good.

I walked him past the last pasture and let him graze just a little to calm my own self. I put him in a shallow ditch and LeAnne P, bless her heart, got off of Legato to hold him because of my sissy issues. He stood still while I got on kind of awkwardly but hey, I got on! Two inches is all I need no matter what Randy D says.

Kellie says I can do it...I believe her but I can't do it right now!!! Anywhoo....we rode down the back to the fence and Biscuit was being such a good boy. Walking easily and smoothly but he did stumble once or twice. We came up the left side of the ranch and past the log that Red used to refuse. I told Lee Ann B he was like "Sister, why do over it when I can easily step around it?" He was so funny. We went down the side and past the trees and it turned sloppy muddy out there. We crossed at a diagonal towards the road by the paddocks and when we got there Lee Ann B got in front of Biscuit and LeAnn P was on my right. LOL I had such a tight grip on my horn and very short reins with fingers through his mane. LeAnn P said "Relax your seat and sit back" so I did but it was hard!! They did come running up, did a little bit of snorting - LeAnn P got off of Lagato and I was in front then. I slowed him and The LeeAnn's passed me and I had to laugh at Biscuit when he turned into his pasture road. I am sure he thought I could get my rump off there and leave him be.

I walked him up to the courtyard and asked Lee Ann B to hold him so that I could try to mount from the flat. LOL I tried twice - saddle slipped both times...what a water buffalo!!! Biscuit was very good natured about it bless his heart. LeAnn P showed me some exercises on the arena fence to strengthen my legs. LOL she stuck her right foot on there and said for me to do the same. I said "uhhh...LeAnn, shouldn't we be putting up our left foot?" We had a big laugh over that!

I brushed Biscuit and put fly spray on him. Flies have just about ate a hole in his spine - poor guy! I walked him down to his pasture and turned him out.

The LeeAnn's and I discussed our trip that is a week and a half away - we are all so excited about going to McKinney Roughs next Friday.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Circuit Tyrrell Park Ride

EveryTrail - Find the best Hiking in Texas

Went out to the barn hauling the Brenderup and ran into LeeAnne B and she said, "go with us!" so I hauled down to the pasture.  I went out and got Biscuit and he was in the back of the paddock but he was easy to catch.  He loaded right up.  LeAnne P arrived and we threw our tack in, loaded up the horses and took off to Tyrrell Park.

The acrylic slats were on the 3 horse slant & when I unloaded Biscuit he was sweating all over!  I tacked him up after brushing him a little, cleaned his hooves which looked good.  I mounted up and he stood quietly.  We started out and went around the park to the left and he refused to go through the ditch to get into Cattail.  My knee was hurting too bad to kick....lateral movements aren't easy right now!!  I went around by the sign and he did that and had to bend around but he did it.  The rocks made him tender footed but he wasn't limping.  We walked down the overgrown caliche road with just a few tenderfoot limping at all.  Poor guy was just too sore last week.

We got down to Willow Bayou and saw several alligators in the water.  The City of Beaumont workers were using the drag line and Elan was on alert!  We crossed over the bridge and I got off and cleaned Biscuit's hooves.  They had some rocks but not bad.  We went straight down to the back of the park to Hildebrandt Bayou.  We did some trotting but not much.  Biscuit was stumbling and tripping some but nothing horrible.

We stopped down at the end and a boat appeared and startled some of the horses.  I think boats really flummox some of the horses.  They can't figure out what is on the water and why a human is attached to it.  We went down the new trail and it was really a fun ride back there.  Some little hills, went past a cypress swamp area, through a really woodsy area and of course, down the back of the bayou.  We ran into the same boat man...he was fishing.   We crossed over the little concrete bridge and stopped and had lunch.  The horses enjoyed munching on the green grass while we talked about riding in endurance runs.

We started off again and all of our brave horses STOPPED...and none wanted to go.  I think hogs had been there recently and they get all in a twitter over the hogs.  We went up the road and it is green and the grass is growing tall.  I think it is going to be hotter than a firecracker when July gets here!

We rounded the canal area and several times the horses STOPPED.  Where was Barry and Sarge when we needed a brave hearted horse?  LOL  we had a bunch of sissy horses today.  We went down the side of Willow Bayou again and I made Biscuit WALK up and down which didn't thrill him but he listened.  Wow - lots of alligators - we saw a pretty good sized one in the water - his head was pretty wide.  There was one curled up on the other bank that looked large - I am thinking 7-8 feet.  We continued on all the way around and up to the road where the big giant clay blob was.  It had been leveled down to about saddle high.

LeAnne P got off of Legato (who by the way, was riding in her new Sharon Saare sadde and behaving like an ANGEL.  LeAnne said she usually throws in a buck but not today - she was moving freely and was a happy camper!) and led her around the tree to the left.  Last time we went to the right of the tree, down the narrow path by the fence and hit the road.  LeAnne P led her to the left of the tree which meant she had to cross some of the clay dirt area so she climbed over that and around the fenced area, catching a stirrup on it and banging the saddle against a sign.

LeeAnne B decided to go UP the clay blob and Rogue just plowed up like it was easy..sinking a little but he went.  I asked Kellie which she was going to do...go up the blob or around the tree.  She thought a minute and up the blob she went.  I pointed Biscuit and said go and up he went, with me hitting a tree branch and scraping off my brand new hat!  A very nice man was fishing off the bridge and came and got it for me.  Bless him!!  He complimented the horses and we walked over the bridge and GAAAAAA!!!  the gate back into the park was locked.  The path to the right of the gate was steep and full of trash.

I told them there was a trail just past the gate that I had rode Red on 2 years ago on my first trail ride out there.  We went down and found it...or kinda.  It was severely overgrown.  Down the ditch, up onto the hump LeAnne P led Legato.  The rest of us followed and blazed a trail as the other one may have been there or maybe a little over but anywhooooo....we got back to where we wanted to be.

We rode around to the entrance to the woods and Kellie said we'd take a peek and see if it was too wet to ride.  We discovered it was high and dry for the most part...some mud in some places and some standing water in ruts but mostly it was a go!  That was great - we had a fantastic ride, going down new trails, jumping up on a clay blob, blazing new trails even if it was just a little thing and riding in the woods for the first time in a long time!

Helen C. was in the arena at the stables with her Fox Trotter mare Ruby so we stopped and talked to them.  We moseyed on back to our trailers finally and all in all, it was a terrific ride.

Kellie said she is considering going to the Happy Horse with us!  Woot!  I hope she does.

I cleaned Biscuit's hooves and brushed him.  He was beyond filthy.  We loaded up and hauled back to the barn.  Something was up with the water pressure - we barely had any so cleaning the horses was slow going and cleaning the trailer too was slow!  The LeAnne's were attacking it with water and brooms but jeez...what happened to the pressure?  I scrubbed Biscuit's mane and tail and walked him back down to his paddock and then hauled home.

My knee is KILLING me.  I rode for just a few feet in LeAnne's saddle and that is all it took to aggravate my knee.  Gaaa....I hope my new saddle doesn't torque my knee.  That is what I love about my Aussie - I can ride with no pain.

The LeAnne's and I are supposed to ride tomorrow in the back.  Looking forward to it!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Barry and Sarge go for a ride

Barry took Sarge out for a ride at Tyrrell Park today by himself.   I was making a cake for Raquel's little boy Jackson so I couldn't go.  He took Sarge around the back of the park and over the new trails.  Barry wasn't gone very long!  LOL  He must have been going at a good clip!  I tried to get him to take the Garmin but he said no. 

I think Barry would love endurance riding and I have been encouraging him to get into that.  We may go to an Endurance Clinic with Darolyn Butler in May.  I would LOVE to go.  LeAnne P is interested in doing Endurance.  I would like to do the 25 mile rides and have for a long time.  Maybe this year or next year will be the time I can really give it a try.  I know they used to run endurance up at Ebenezer.  I would love to get my confidence up, get Biscuit in the mode of cantering, not galloping, and give it a go.  Those are my goals for next year.

Biscuit's Feet & going riding at Kisactchie

Biscuit still seemed tender going over rocks.  I picked up his feet and they are looking really good.  They need a little trimming but the soles look good and the frogs are getting better...I put the Thrush Buster on his frogs and just the back of the bulbs of his heels.  I will be putting more on today when I go out to the barn.  I did got to Five Star yesterday to see if his boots came in but they hadn't when I went at noon.  I left my phone number with Tina but I didn't hear from her.  I will drop over there after while and see if they came in.  If not, I will have to get off of him and walk him over the rocks or get up on the caliche road tomorrow when we ride. 

I want his feet toughened up for our ride in two weeks in Austin.  I can't wait!  I made reservations Thursday for Barry and to go to Kisatchie in Louisiana for Memorial Day.  We are going to stay at the 4-B Ranch in Melder.  I get off at 1:30 PM on Thursday May 26 and I will have the trailer packed and ready to go when Barry gets off work.  We are going to hopefully be on the road by 3:30.  We will be staying in a travel trailer (that is all they had available : (  but that is ok)  The horses will be in a "stud pen" right behind us that is partially covered with will be good. 

We are going to ride Friday and Saturday and come home Sunday.  I will probably have to work on Memorial Day.   Kisatchie   is gorgeous and I can't wait to ride there!!

Biscuit and Sarge meet Jackson

Raquel and her little boy came out to visit at the barn today.  I was thrilled to finally meet Jackson Roy Chishom.  I got to meet Willie, too,  who is Jackson's daddy.  What a day.  The horses behaved very well.

I brought Biscuit up before they got there and brushed him and put the Thrush Buster on his feet.  His feet actually look great!  Well, by Monday they are going to need a trim. 

Friday, March 25, 2011

I am learning more about blogging!!!

I spoke with my friend, Jacque B today and learned all about site feed, publishing, adding chicklets...LOL it was fun!  I am a total computer geek so I love learning new things to look at and add to!!  Jacque has a really nice blog for sugar artists that has followers from all over the world.  I have contributed work to it I am proud to say.  Cakes support my horses!!!  Thanks Jacque are an absolute doll.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

We welcomed a new member of our family today

Today was a red letter day!  March 24, 2011 Ms. Ava D'Laine made her entrance into the world this afternoon!  I am hoping she will love horses like I do and hope she wants to trail ride with her Gimmie!

I didn't get to see the boys today but am off tomorrow and will be going out to the barn in the morning to check on them.    I did check on the saddle and here is the updated Slow Boat to China shipment:

Tuesday, 03/29/2011, By End of Day
Departed - Hodgkins, IL, United States, Thursday, 03/24/2011

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thrush Meds and I rode an Arabian

Doc called and left me a message that Sarge's blood and organs all checked out ok.  I called and talked to Cathy and said I would come pick up the Thrush Buster.  I went there after work and picked it up. 

I went out to the barn and got Biscuit and brought him up to the wash rack.  Lee Anne P and Lee Anne B were there and Lee Anne P was tacking up Legato with her new saddle.   She said Mr. Gus told her she looked really balanced in the saddle!  Woot! 

I looked at Biscuit's hooves and they are growing like weeds.  I brushed him and we yakked.  Lee Anne P got on Legato and was trotting around.  She said that Legato really is moving freely in the saddle.  That is wonderful.  She let me try out the saddle and I actually rode Legato 1/4 of the way around the little arena.  LOL  I am such a sissy.  She was being really good too.  One of these days I am going to be brave enough to REALLY ride an Arabian!  Lee Anne B sat in the saddle.  It is very nice and very comfortable.

I was telling them about the lady who asked me if Biscuit was for sale.  That was kinda neat - he is a pretty boy - but like Lee Anne said - Biscuit is really helping me get my confidence back and he is not for sale.  I have worked hard to get him to canter not gallop.  He still wants to gallop but he is getting better!

I checked on my saddle today and it is in Buffalo, NY and it says it will be delivered in 4 business days.  I wish it was going to be here Friday - I wanted to ride in it Sunday.  The web site says:

Tuesday, 03/29/2011, By End of Day

Taking Blood, Abscesses and saddles

Barry and I went out to the barn and pulled up the horses so that Doc could pull blood from Sarge.  We were talking to Lee Anne P and lo and behold...I looked down and Sarge had blown out an abscess on his back left hoof.  Poor guy!!!

He is tough though and didn't flinch when I examined it.  Barry said he was too tough to flinch.  Oh Please! 

Lee Ann P had received her new Sharon Sare saddle and Barry and I were admiring it.  It is really nice.  My saddle is similar so I can't wait to get it.  Sharon Saare is a famous endurance rider.  The saddle was custom made for Lee Anne.  She had to give all kinds of weights and measurements to have the saddle made.  It has beautiful tooling around the pommel and the back of the cantle.  It only weighs 14 lbs!!

Sharon Saare   Lee Anne had rode in it and said it was wonderful.  I can't wait to get my saddle!

Doc arrived and he said Sarge's blood was "cooked in the truck".  He had sent it with the new vet to the other clinic and she left it in the truck.  She was pretty upset about it Monday morning but Sarge didn't mind giving another tube of blood.  I showed him the abscess and he pushed on it and Sarge lifted up his foot.  LOL  I guess Doc has that special touch!  He said to put ickthamol on it and I have some of that so that won't be a problem.  I got it out and put it on him.

I asked Doc about thrush in Biscuit's feet.  I told him about him limping Saturday and he first said his heels were too hard then changed that and said they were too soft and to put pine tar on them.  I asked him if he had any iodine I could purchase so I could make sugardine for the thrush.  He gave me some which was so sweet.  He also said he had some "Thrush Buster" stuff that I could go pick up at the clinic that he said works real well.  I told him I got hoof boots for him.  I am going to get rid of the thrush!!

We walked them back down to their pasture and went home.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Easy Boot Gloves

Dr. Schneiter's office called.  Something happened with Sarge's blood and he will have to come draw out some more.  He will come Tuesday. 

I went out to the barn and got Biscuit up to the front.  The LeeAnne's were there.  I put meds in Biscuit's feet and I feel he has tender heels from the thrush.  His thrush isn't near as bad as it used to be but it is still there. 

Lee Anne P called 5 Star and they sent out a fit kit from Easy Boot Gloves.   We tried them on the horses.  I tried on 2, 1.5. and attempted a 1.  They just wouldn't fit!  I ordered the 1.5 and they should be in Friday.  No more getting off because of sore feet!!  Easy Boot Gloves are great for sore horses, helping horses transition, etc.  They will be here Friday.  They fold down to nearly nothing which will be great on the trail.  I put meds in Biscuit's feet and later put him up.

Congratulations to Dashing Big Red

Red and his new owner, Sarah were in a show this past weekend and he did a great job...they made scores of 63 on both A & B patterns of dressage.


Here is a link to Heather's blog about Red's show.  Red's Big Show

I was so proud of him.  The  judge told her as she exited the arena that Red was such a sweet horse and that he is.  I am so thrilled that they love him and are taking such good care of him.  I miss him...and all of the silly things he used to do...overflowing automatic waterer's (even though I know Lee Anne, Edgar and Jaime don't miss that!!!) running across the pasture if he thought alfalfa was involved, running circles around me when alfalfa was at hopping up in the Brenderup for the first time just because I offered him alfalfa.  What a sweetheart.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Biscuit Comparison

I have had Biscuit in my possession for right at 5 months.  Five months have made a big difference in him.  He was under weight when I got him.  Not horrible but thin.  His coat was dull but his mane and tail were nice.  He was sweet but his ground manners seriously needed work.  I had him tube wormed and his teeth floated.  I worked with him with LeeAnne P's help on lifting up those feet.  He would paw and try to pull them away from me with pretty good success rate!  Slowly over time and a bucket full of treats, he will now pick his feet up even in the pasture with no problems and no treats either for that matter!  He lets me rasp his feet.  His ground manners are better, he is not as head shy, he still has trust issues but doesn't flinch hard when I touch him.  He has found out that I am not going to hurt him but I am not going to put up with any baloney from him either.  He has steadily put on weight and muscle mass.  He is learning to go slow and not bust out into a gallop and throw up his head.  Good boy!  We still have a ways to go but we are working on it.  He has been given top notch food, Safe Choice by Nutriena, free choice hay, which most of the time this winter, he spent knee deep in hay chomping away.  He has exercise, good food, gentle care and a companion in Sarge.  He will let me catch him in the pasture without too much fuss.  
Here is pictures showing his improvement especially in his back, neck and shoulders.  His coat is now shiny and slick except for right around his belly but we are getting there.  His feet are now the proper shape and not lopped off!  Biscuit is on his way to being a top notch trail horse.

Biscuit arrives October 24 at PNR

October 24, 2010 after a bath
October 24

Getting to know Sarge October 24

November 27, 2010 in the pasture

December 9, 2010
December 27, 2010 Pasture

January 21, 2011 Tyrrell Park
PNR February 20, 2011

PNR after a bath March 18, 2011
PNR After he dried on March 18, 2011

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Stone Bruise on The Biscuit

Today I went out to the barn, got Biscuit, loaded him up, fed him in the trailer and headed for Tyrrell Park.  He was being such a good boy.  I brushed him and he looked like a million bucks.  I tacked him up and James Haggard helped me tighten the girth to the 3rd notch.

Kent was riding in the arena and he horses reared up and he came off...gaggagagagagag that scared me...but he was ok.  Kent tightened the girth to notch 2 and I mounted and Biscuit stood quietly while we waited to get on the way.  We finally pulled out and walked around the road.  Biscuit was moving quietly and efficiently.  We went through the mud to get into Cattail Marsh.  He walked across the rocks and was cripping up.  We went across the parking lot and out on to the overgrown gravel road.  He cripped up and tripped so many times I finally go off of him to check to see if there were rocks in his feet.  There were not rocks and I remounted with Kent holding Biscuit. I went a little further and he was flat out limping.  I think he did get a stone bruise last weekend.  Bummer.  I dismounted and told everyone to go on that I was taking Biscuit back.

I didn't want to go over almost a mile of rocky road, then the bridge is all rocky, possible stobby stuff in the back and repeat.  I didn't want a little problem to become a big problem.  He was cripping up and limping even without me on him.

I was stopped by some people in the park wanting to take a picture on a horse for a young ladies graduation so I let her get on The Biscuit.  He was a very good boy about it.

I hauled him back to the barn and gave him a bath and soaked his foot.  He looked gorgeous.  I picked Barry up and we went back to the park and had our pot luck lunch with our riding buddies.  It was a good time.

I think Biscuit has a slight stone bruise.  Kellie offered her boots and Lee Anne P offered her boots.  I am going to see if some of them fit Biscuit.  It will help until he gets over the stone bruise.

I sent my Garmin with Kenny so the trail was mapped and they made a circle around the back.  Wow.  I can't wait to ride it myself.

Tyrrell Park Circle Ride

EveryTrail - Find the best Hiking near Beaumont, Texas

Friday, March 18, 2011

Sarge has parasites's lesson was in parasites and they are disgusting.  Sarge has been looking rough.  I had him tube wormed on January 15 so that was 2 months ago.  He did gain some weight back and looked somewhat better.  I have been keeping an eye on him and I thought his hair looked rough and coarse.  It is going in all kinds of directions and sticking straight up.  It did have more shine to it but this horse generally looks gorgeous and he looks like a scruffy Teddy Bear some kid left out in the rain.

Scruffy Sargent San Peppy
I called the Doc's office yesterday and they said to bring in a fecal sample.  I hooked up the trailer this morning and hauled out to the barn and down the ranch road.  My two little darlings were in the middle of the pasture.  Biscuit and Sarge took off for the front far right of the pasture away from me.  LOL  I walked over there and caught Sarge.  He is always such a sweetie.  I walked him to the trailer and he loaded up quickly and easily.  We hauled to the vet's office and lo and behold....he passed a fecal specimen like a good boy.

Vet tech lady came out and got a handful and took it to examine it.  I took Sarge out of the trailer and walked him over to a grassy area and let him graze just a little bit.   I talked to a lady that was bringing her barrel horse in and a gentleman that had a "wild" paint in a trailer.  The paint needed to be tube wormed and the man warned Doc he was a little wild.  Doc said to leave him in the trailer and he'd tube him from the door!  Sarge nearly had a cow when the silver pail came out...I know his little though bubble said "AAACCCKKK!!!  I remember that and I don't won't any part of it!"  He was flexing his neck up and down, up and down and then he reached out with his front right leg to paw the air.  He reminds me of that little lizard that fluffs up its neck ruffle to scare his enemies.  I told him to settle down.  He got a ton of hugs and kisses this morning which he loves.

Doc walked up to that trailer and the paint was pulling way way way back but Doc was unconcerned.  Horse was twitched in two inserted and wormed before he knew what happened.  Mission for the paint accomplished.

Doc got the results of the fecal and said Sarge did have Strongyles and Coccidia parasites.  He also did a CBC and a complete General Health Profile on him.  He drew blood out of the left side of his neck.  He twitched Sarge which did not thrill him at all....

GAAAA....I look like a Camel...what is up with that?

Take it easy with my lip is attached!!
OK...who invented the tube up the nose?

When Doc pulled out the tube he was snorting to beat the band poor guy.  I walked him to the trailer and first he refused to load and I told him "Load Up!" and he went right in.

Sarge in the Brenderup

Biscuit was whinneying for us

Biscuit is waiting for us!!!
Biscuit was running up and down I am!!! 

Looking up and down

See you later Sister...come back and visit
And there she goes

 They gave me a powder to give him twice a day til gone.  I will get the results of the blood work after while.  I was $188 poorer when I left but my horse will now return to his gorgeous self.  I got out to the barn and hauled down the road.  I could see Biscuit running up and down the fence line neighing for us.  LOL  I don't know if he was calling for Sarge or telling Sarge he had ran off with his girl!  LOL  They were side by side when I left. 

I went back and looked at pictures of Sarge last year.  I want him looking like that again....He is such a handsome boy and such a sweetheart!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Learning more about feet!!!

I went out to the barn after getting off work and ask LeeAnne P if she felt like supervising a foot job.  LOL  I went down to the pasture and went out to get Sarge.  Biscuit was laying down...soaking up sunshine and enjoying the spring day.  Sarge was standing guard and the new horse was hoovering in the other pasture.

Biscuit, Sarge, and the new horse

Biscuit enjoying the sunshine

I took Sarge up to the barn and soaked his feet for a little while.  He was curious about the vinegar bottle.  He is so cute!

Is this good to drink?

Azizza thinks Sarge is a hottie

Working with hooves

I can use a knife fairly well
I worked on Sarge's hooves today.  HIs bars on two hooves are slightly smooshed but look better than they did before.  We nipped and rasped his hooves.  Sarge has a good white line and so does Biscuit.  
Using a rasp - woot!!!  Lee Anne's works better than our little ones.
I rasped and made a mustang roll.  I was using my rasp at first but Lee Anne P's is way way way better.  I will have to order that kind.  Sarge was a little pill about his feet today but I got it done.  It is a fascinating process and I can't wait to learn more.  Thank God Biscuit and Sarge actually both have great feet.  They both have hard feet and good white lines.  Frogs still need some work.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Woot!!!! Kenny is a HERO!!!!

Wow wee!!!  I got a texted picture from Kenny awhile ago...he was clearing the trails at Tyrrell Park!!  I talked to him later and volunteered to do whatever needs to be done Friday before the trail ride.  He said there was nothing really to be done but I am going to buy paper plates - I am making chicken and rice and a cake of some sort.

He cleared the trail coming from the left side today!  OMG that is fabulous!  I can't wait for the Saturday ride - we will be riding the new trail.  I think it is going to be a blast!  Can't wait to see the new trail.  I went out to google and mapped out the trail for Saturday and it is a little over 8 miles.  

Riding Biscuit and Shalome cuts her head

I had good news this morning and this evening about Lady Dollar.  Lady Dollar was walking better!!  Kelly told me this evening that Dr. Schneiter was just amazing and the smartest man - Lady Dollar has greatly improved and she is thrilled.  It is wonderful to know that such a caring and smart man is the vet for our beloved horses.    I have always found Doc to be compassionate both with the horses and with their upset owners!  That is a great combination!

I went out to the barn after work and poor Shalome had cut her head pretty seriously just a little before I got there.  Big crescent shaped gash just below her ear and she had a huge knot on it.  I don't know what she conked her head on but it must not have felt good.  Poor thing...she must have had a huge headache. 

I went down and got Biscuit.  He was out in the pasture and I walked up to him and put the halter on.  He never tries to evade me like he did at first.  We went up to the wash rack and I groomed him.  His feet are looking wonderful.  I tacked him up and joined The LeeAnne's in the arena.  I just stood in the middle and watched LeeAnne B. going round and round with Rogue trying to get him to canter.  Biscuit was being calm which was nice.  LeeAnne B.  held him later so I could mount and he stood still.  Last time he took off before I even mounted.  We walked around and around the arena.  I tried to trot him but he wants to do what he wants and I am trying to slow him down. 

I took his tack off and took him back down to the paddock.  We talked about having a tack swap and I may ask Kenny if the Rockin' R Riders could sponsor something like that.  The more people participate the bigger crowd it will attract.  I have quiet a bit of tack I would like to sell...two Aussie Saddles, a Skito Pad, a gel saddle pad, two or three horse blankets, bridles, martingales, girths, headstalls, reins.  Stuff...and loads of it. 

Alleghany Saddle is ready

I got a call from John at Alleghany and and email.  The saddle didn't come arrive to them in the color that I had ordered.  It is a lighter color.  John is taking $100 off and throwing in a saddle pad.  That works for me.  It is the color of my Billy Cook which may work just fine as I do have a breast strap that matched my Billy Cook!!

My concern was the stirrups.  I wanted them like the picture.  John said that is something a customer modified and sent in a picture.  I told him that I told Stacy that my knee can not take any type of torque at all.  He said that I could turn the stirrups over a few days.  I then said what I had told Stacy...I rode in an Aussie for that reason - can't take ANY torque.  I asked for picture of the saddle without the bubble wrap on the stirrups and they looked like a saddle I would have trouble riding in.  John is going to drop ship hardware that makes the stirrups fully turned.  We shall see.    Here are pictures of the saddle.  I do like the color just fine.  I am not that bothered by color as to me, almost any leather color is pretty! 

Here are the stirrup turner he is ordering for me:

I do like that the little hoof pick pocket has my initials on it!!!  Woot!!!  It says "D. T."  If I had known they were doing that I would have asked for the "G" to make it DGT!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Saddle Fitting and Trimming Biscuit

Alene and Louise
Louise trying saddle on Legato
Broken Saddle Tree
Broken Tree
Repairing a saddle
Louise moving stuffing around.
Went out to the barn and Lee Anne P has Scottish saddle fitters there!!  Wow wee...they had tons of English saddles and took a saddle of Julia's apart and I got to sew on part of it.  I learned so much!  They were super nice ladies and Lee Anne and I got a big kick out of them.  They come to Texas once a year.  They are Alene Telfer and Louise Smith-Kibaris.  Their company is Stirlingshire Saddle Fitters.

I took Biscuit to the spa and he pulled back and so did I.   I won.  He got in the pool.  We worked on one of Biscuit's feet...the back left. He actually kind of kicked at me...he got a rasp across the butt for that.  I won...he didn't.

I know that he has come a long way in 4 months but I am concerned about the kicking.  Now, granted he didn't haul back and kick out like a crazy horse but he did kick out.  Hum...I will always pay attention when working with his feet.