Saturday, August 29, 2015

Not a good week

I took the horses back to see Doc for a check up last Friday.  Biscuit got a good report.  No fluid on his lungs.  I had given him his shots and the pulmonary dialator every day.

I was thrilled that he was better.  The blood report showed an infection.  Doc said that was good news.

I went to the barn Sunday evening and he was coughing again.  I called Doc on Monday and he returned my call and said to put him on some more antibiotics.  I had some already.  I asked him if he had time to spay Sister as the other vet said they couldn't until September 5th.  He said yes and I set it up for Tuesday.

I doled out the meds for Biscuit in baggies and gave to Edgar.  Tuesday I took Sister to the small animal clinic - wow - Doc's new clinic in Hampshire-Fannett is pretty amazing.  Very nice.  She did great and was a little drugged up when we went to pick her up that evening.

Wednesday evening Barry and I went to the barn at sunset.  There were a bunch of cars down at the end of the ranch road and I said I saw Phil's car so it was them not the new boarders.  I gave Biscuit some carrots and he started coughing.  I told Barry maybe he is allergic to carrots or his throat is sore.
A truck came towards us from the back of the ranch and lo and behold, it was Doc.  He stopped and I said "just the man I wanted to see" and told him Biscuit was coughing.  He listened to him and and said he was wheezing and he knew that is not what I wanted to hear.  OMG I know I must have looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

My face started leaking on the way home.  I went on the back porch with Sister.  My heart is just hurting for my horses.

Friday evening I went out there and poor Biscuit choked on his little bit of feed I gave him with his medication of the Benedryl.  Poor baby.  He is such a sweet horse and to have this is doubly cruel.

Kellie and I went to the vet clinic today to talk to Doc.  Vickie Warner happened to be there with her horse that is roaring.  OMG that sounds bad.  Doc said he'd recover.

As for Biscuit and Sarge, Doc said to take them up to Margaret's to check to see if they improve off of the Bahaia.  If they do, I will have to move them from Plum Nearly as there is nothing but Bahaia there.  That makes me sad just thinking about moving my horses.  I love Plum Nearly.

Margaret has agreed to take the boys for a week to see if they improve.  If they do, I will have to find a place to put them at least during the hot summer months.  :-(

Doc didn't offer any good news about COPD - sounds like in 4 or 5 years I will have very sick horses - what could be sadder than that?

Friday, August 21, 2015

A Horses Prayer

I saw this on Justice for Dual Peppy.  Thank God he has sad that someone would starve horses to death.

(Author Unknown) The Horses Prayer

Feed me, water and care for me, and when the days work is done, provide me with shelter, a clean dry bed and a stall wide enough for me to lie down in comfort.

Always be kind to me. Talk to me. Your voice often means as much to me as the reins. Pet me sometimes, that I may serve you the more gladly and learn to love you.

Do not jerk the reins, and do not whip me when going uphill. Never strike, beat or kick me when I do not understand what you want, but give me a chance to understand you.

Watch me; and if I fail to do your bidding, see if something is wrong with my harness or feet.

I cannot tell you when I am thirsty so give me clean, cool water often. I cannot tell you in words when I am sick, so watch me, that by signs you may know my condition.

Give me all possible shelter from the hot sun, and put a blanket on me, not when I am working, but when standing in the cold. Never put a frosty bit in my mouth; first warm it by holding it a moment in your hands.

I try to carry you and your burdens without a murmur, and wait patiently for you long hours of the day or night. Without the power to choose my shoes or path, I sometimes fall on the hard pavements which I have often prayed might be of such a nature as to give me a safe and sure footing.

Remember that I must be ready at any moment to lose my life in your service.

And finally, O Master, when my useful strength is gone, do not turn me out to starve or freeze, or sell me to some cruel owner to be slowly tortured or starved to death; but do thou, my Master, take my life in the kindest way. And your God will reward you here and hereafter. You will not consider me irreverent if I ask this in the name of HIM, who was born in a stable.


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Sarge is better

Sarge is better - wheezing is better.

Biscuit didn't want to walk on the rocks at the front of his pen - so today I was raking them up and I will get Kayden to pick them up tomorrow.

I took Biscuit out this afternoon and walked him and let him eat grass.  I gave him his shot.  I bought them carrots today and they happily munching away on them.

Tuesday washed out the trailer

Tuesday Kayden helped me clean out my Brenderup.  He pulled the mats out for me.

I called the vet and Kassie said she'd get the results for me.  Doc called me back and said Biscuit's white blood cell count was around 1600 so it is an infection.  I am taking him back to the vet Friday for a check up.

Poor guy - he is being pretty  good about eating the feed with the dialator medication in it.

Barry tried to remove the side this evening but wasn't able to.  He said he'd need a bigger maul.

He is going to give it a go Thursday.

Rasping Biscuit's hooves - Monday

I have kept Sarge up in the arena for 2 days and out in his pasture at night.   I discussed his health with Doc and Lee Ann P and we decided to take the sides off one side  of their shelter so he will get more airflow.

Kade walked them both up to the front for me one at a time. I gave them both a bath to get the sweat off of them.  I brushed out manes and tails.  Kade brushed Sarge ;-)

I then got out my rasp and did all of Biscuit's hooves.  I almost have those carena's gone!

I gave them their meds and Kayden walked Biscuit down to his paddock.

Biscuit and Sarge to the Vet

I called Doc Friday while driving to Houma to pick up Devin.  I told him about Biscuit's coughing and the line up his side.  He said bring them in Saturday at noon.

I drove 500 miles Friday to get Devin - poor guy got sick while out of town working.  I then made an accordian cake for Saturday.  Went to the barn to see the horses.

I got up Saturday and left for the barn about 10:45.  Barry walked the horses up to the front and hosed them off and I hooked up the trailer and washed it out.   We loaded them up and hauled them to Doc's.

We had to wait an hour for Doc.  My horses were very patient and well  behaved  Doc blood from Biscuit and listened to his lungs.  He put the big glove over his nose to make him br beath deep.   Biscuit tolerated it but I could see he was a little scared, poor baby.

Doc prescribed a huge antibiotic once a day for 6 days - plus an airway dialator to help him cough it up.  No riding for a few weeks.

Sarge is wheezing so Dex 3cc every other day to get it under control.  I left the vet $453 poorer but my horses are taken care of.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Doing Sarge's feet

I went out to the barn every afternoon except for Friday.  Barry went with me a few times and I took the horses carrots and Sister went with us.

Sunday I asked him to go with me to cool the horses off.  He walked the horses up and we hoses them off.  Sarge and Biscuit  were full of sweat.  They both got scrubbed with Orvis shampoo and brushed.

I then got out my trimming tools and started on Sarge's back right where the crack is.  I used my nippers because it had been about 4 weeks since I had done his feet.  The broken area is almost gone.
He gave me trash like he did last time and yep, I ended up dumped off my chair again.  Barry helped me up and I was soaking wet.  Sarge kept giving me trash and I really got onto him.  I yanked on his halter and talked loud and cranky after popping him on the chest.  He was much better after that.  Barry was making all kinds of excuses for him.  I did manage to get all 4 feet done - top and bottom.  Woot.  He has really nice feet.

I made more bedadine cotton and stuffed in the holes in Biscuit's hooves.  OMG they are almost totally healed.  I will do his feet Wednesdays or Thursday.

I went out there today with Sister and Biscuit was the one coughing up a storm.  I am going to call the vet and haul him there tomorrow or Wednesday.  I am a little concerned.  I did give him some Benedryl.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Working on Biscuit's hooves

Went out to the barn yesterday with Sister and Barry.  :-)  she is a mess.  Barry walked her out to the water trough and made her sit and stay.  She did a great job.

I gave my boys carrots.  They are so sweet.

Today I got up and went out and got Biscuit and brought him up.  I saddled him up and rode a little bit in the arena but he started coughing.  I don't know if he got the alfalfa cross ways I gave him this morning.  I had worked on side passing and turning on the haunches.  I can't remember how to turn on the forehand.  I will have to work on that.  Anyway, he kept coughing so I got off of him.  Poor  guy!  I got out my rasp and went to work on his feet.

We stopped and I went to lunch with the Lee Ann's for Lee Ann P's birthday.

We got back and I started on his feet again.  They are looking fantastic!!  Working  on pulling those toes back!!  The stuffing of the cotton in the holes has worked like a charm.  Goodness, a few months ago three of these hooves were cut way up.  Now they are growing out and looking fantastic.  The back hooves are getting a little concavity and I was thrilled to see that!!

Riding in the woods FINALLY

Kellie and I made plans to ride out in Tyrrell Park.  I went Saturday night and put Biscuit up in the arena so I wouldn't have a problem catching him.  I got to the barn and fed him and brought the trailer around.  I then put on his hoof boots and brushed him off.  He was a toot about putting on the boots;

Jamie screwed the bar that pulled loose back.  The wires that light the license tag are pulled off so that will need to be repaired.  I notice a crack in the new backing by the tornado episode.  Going to check that out with Danny and make sure it won't cause a problem.

Loaded Biscuit with no problems and headed for the park.  I got there just a little before Kellie and started tacking him up and he was a little nervous as he generally is tacking up. Got him tacked up and mounted up and off we went into the woods!  Yes we were able to go into the woods.

Some places are dry  but still lots of mud holes and soft places.  Lots of spiders.  I was whacking spiders left and right.  Got 2 on me that Kellie said I should be glad I couldn't see them.  My crop is a tangled mass of golden orb webs.

Sometimes we had to go on the sides right ont the edges of the to the outlet the bayou and cut through the brush.  We went around to the right of ways and come up the side of those in the shade.

Lots of spiders - but we made it...down the new trails too.  Woot.

We gave them baths and loaded up and headed home.

Pulling the Brenderup out of the ditch

I took all three grandkids to McDonalds and then  home.  After we ate we loaded up with the dog to Davis's Doughnuts and got chocolate doughnuts for Jamie and Edgar.   We went out to the barn and I talked to Jamie about pulling the Brenderup out of the ditch when he had time.

We went down to the pasture and here comes Jamie.  He started working on pulling it out - he hooked on to a bar in the back but that didn't work - it pulled the bar off on one side.   Edgar showed up and they finally pulled it onto the road and then hooked onto the front and turned it around so that I could pull around in front of it and they hooked it onto my RAV and I hauled it to the front.

Sister was having hissy fits in the car - she wanted out!! She wanted to be where the action was!

Friday, July 31, 2015

Tornados at Plum Nearly

Yesterday Barry and I were heading for the hospital to see Devin and Lesly as she had been hospitalized.  We could see a line of rain out towards the barn but it looked farther away than the barn.  We got to 25th Street in PA and Lee Ann P called.

Gaaaaaa....there was a tornado at the barn.  She was caught on the wash rack with Legato and she said stuff was flying all over the place.  She said may horses were ok - thank God - but that my trailer had been pushed across the road to the other side and she wasn't sure if it had sustained damage.  She said Rogue's shelter was flattened and thrown over the road and that fences were down.

We went to visit Lesly and Devin and then headed out to the barn.  We got to West Port Arthur Road by the prisons and there was a police directing us away from Plum Nearly.  We told him we needed to go check on our horses and he let us through.  We could see a pole hanging into the road just beyond PNR so that is why they weren't letting people down there.  The Entergy trucks were there repairing it.

Rogue's pen had one side standing, one flat on the ground and the roof across the road!!  Rogue was in the mare's paddock.  I went down to my horses pasture and a tree across from them was twisted and bent over and my trailer was up against the fence.  I couldn't see any damage thank God.  We got my tack out of it.  It was all just fine.  The windows were partially blown open so Barry closed them.

My horses were just fine.  They were thrilled to get some carrots so I was glad to see they didn't seem upset in the least considering this tree is about 100' from them.  It is directly across the ranch road from their pasture.  

The last picture is the grasses in the back flattened down!!!

I went out to the barn with chocolate doughnuts today for Jamie and Edgar.  Bless their hearts - they are so sweet.  I had all three grandkids and the dog.  Lesly had to stay overnight at the hospital so I had Mazlyn.  

Jamie came down with the tractor and tried to pull the trailer out....then Edgar joined him and together they pulled the trailer out onto the road from the back of the trailer.  Then they put the rope on the front of the trailer and turned it around.  I pulled the RAV around to the front and they hitched it to my car and I pulled it up to the front.  One panel thingy was pulled off and will have to be riveted back on but it isnt that big of a deal.  

I took the kids back down to see the horses and Biscuit came galloping up from the back.  They gave them carrots and I made sure they kept their little hands flat!!  They loved it.

Barry and I went back this evening and I showed him what needs to be repaired and I am sure he can do it.  The horses were out in the back and Biscuit came running again  -  Sarge kicked up at him and they came running for carrots.  Such sweet boys!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Riding up at Ebenezer

Sara M.  had said she wanted to trail ride with me up at Ebenezer so we planned to go Saturday.  She offered to pick us up at PNR so I got everything ready and Biscuit in the Stallion Pen Friday evening.
I got up early, ran to Starbucks, got us a latte and me a bagel.  Got out to the barn and fed Biscuit and hosed him off.  Sara arrived and we put my stuff in the trailer and loaded Biscuit.  He refused until I got the lunge whip and up he went.  We shut up the trailer and off we went to Ebenezer.

Biscuit on the left, Lena on the right.

We got there and decided to stay in a campsite so I had to order/pay on line so that took a little bit while the horses chilled and had a drink in the pens.

We got it done and said hi to Stephanie and Aaron Scott that I had met previously up there.  Good to see them again!!!

We saddled up and off we went.  I decided to go down to the 3rd trail and down to the 4 Way.  I was walking Biscuit and he was going slower than molasses in January.  I kicked him with both heels and he kinda spooked up.  I think he was half asleep because he kept stumbling along.  LOL after that he was awake and moving at a nice pace.

We got to the 4 way and I made a way point.  I turned left and we went down the double wide path.  Sara was doing great with Lena.  She said it was more her than Lena and she had been a little apprehensive at Tyrrell.  Lena had been a little nervous there - high headed at times and whinnying.  She wasn't unmanageable at any time though.  But on this day, Lena was just darling.

She followed Biscuit like a champ.

I got to the first branch off and went left and made a mark of Left Turn.  Followed till the next split and went right.  Woot  Marked as Turn Right.  Got to the two little water crossing and Biscuit refused and backed up.  A few swats with my crop and off he went.  The other side had dried up so no water there.  We came out right where I wanted to come out by that log - I made a mark and called it Culvert Road.  Went across and came to Letney Road and marked that.  We kept going and marked the turn to go to Beaver Pond.  Got to the intersection and we went down to the Black Hole instead of going straight to the Beaver Pond.  It wasn't as high as last time and was pretty dang low.  About mid way up Biscuit's leg between his knee and the stirrups.  Lena followed right behind him quiet nicely!

We went down the road and stopped at the turn for me to mark.  We headed for the big tree and #10 and I marked that too.  We went down the track blessedly in the SHADE.  The first two creeks were freaking dry!!!  OMG I have never seen them dry.  When we got to the big sandy creek, thank Goodness it had water but a huge pine tree from the other side had fallen across the creek to where we used to go down to the creek.  Had to go to the left of it and there was a slight boggy place but not bad.  I got covered in pine needles but got across to the other side.  We stopped and rested.
Sara dismounted and tried to get Lena to drink.  I ate my yogurt and put it back in the neoprene bags Kellie had given me.  I had stuffed one of my frozen gel packs in each side! 

We headed back and stopped by the big tree.  Lena actually was good with Biscuit but did tell him with some mean mugging that he was in her space.  Not ugly - just you're in my space dude, kinda way.  Lena did finally drink at the Black Hole.  Biscuit got some of the good vitamin B foliage at the edge!  He drank and off we went through the hole with no problem.  Lena just kept going and was doing such a great job.  Sara was thrilled with her.  Lena led for quit a bit of the way, crossed creeks first and was just a doll.

I told Sara I was so impressed with how they both are calm, gentle, non-spooky.  I highly recommend Skipper D as a sire - he sure threw great genes on these two horses!

It was getting a little hot by then...Biscuit didn't start sweating until we had been riding for 30 minutes or so.  It was warm but not crazy hot at first.  We got back to the park after a terrific 3 hour ride.  Stephanie came over and held Biscuit while we took their tack off.  I hosed Biscuit off and was rubbing his face.  He loves his face to be rubbed.  He was licking my jeans for some reason - what a funny boy he is.

I put him in the pen and we rested for awhile and visited with Stephanie for a few minutes.  We rested for almost 2 hours and then picked up our stuff and loaded up the horses.  Biscuit loaded nicely when I got the whip.  Don't know what this loading issue suddenly is but it has got to go.

I love Sara's truck and trailer!!!  I so would by a Dodge Ram.  The back seat folds up and a flat area folds out...perfect for my cakes or even sleeping!!!

We stopped at the little store by The Stump and we each got a hamburger to eat and I also got a Starbucks Frappachino that was cold!!!

At the barn I unloaded Biscuit and my stuff and put it in my car to take down to the trailer.  We are going to have to do this again!  So I hugged Sara and off they went.  We just had a fabulous time...can't wait to go again.

I fed Biscuit and put him in the Stallion Pen again.  I took the stuff down to put in the trailer and woot!  My trailer and Sargent were gone!!! I called Barry and he said he was hauling down West Port Arthur Road.  He had been to Tyrrell.  He had Sister with him.  I could see Biscuit when he pulled past the stallion pen.  He went bananas running all over the place.

Sarge and Barry rode across the big bridge but not down the bog.  Barry was worried about hogs with Sister.  Sarge stepped on her again - Sister is going to have to learn to get out of their way.  She hopped out of the truck and came running to me.  Such a sweetheart!!!   I got the stuff put back in the trailer for my ride the next morning.

Kellie and I were supposed to ride Sunday morning.  I got up Sunday at 6:15 and got dressed and ready to go when Kellie texted she didn't feel well.  So no riding.  I am sure Biscuit wasn't hurt!!!  Later we went to put him back in his pasture and he was trotting beside the truck and ready to get back with Sarge.  Such a pretty boy he is. 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Rasping Biscuit's hooves

I took Sister out to the barn with me  on Thursday and introduced her to Ilean.  They were friendly - Ilean wasn't agressive and Sister was very submissive.  She peed on the floor so I had to clean that up but I was glad I took her.

I went down and got Biscuit and brought him up to the washrack and worked on his front hooves.  Sister was very good - I told her to sit and stay.  She did for the most part but would get up when I was talking to Biscuit.  I think she thought I was talking to her as I use the same tone of voice.

I think I did a good job on Biscuit's hooves!  I worked on pulling those toes back.  I will have to do his back feet next week.  I was sweating so hard my face was dripping wet!

That evening I took her to Starbucks and she got a cup of cream - she loved it!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Riding with Biscuit's sister, Lena

I am Face Book friends with a lady that owns Biscuit's half sister, Lena.  I have rode with Lena before when she was being trained by DeAnn.  We rode out at Tyrrell Park about a year and a half ago.

Her owner, Sara, told me she would love to ride at Tyrrell with me so we arranged to ride today at 5:00 PM.  I got out to the barn at 4:00 and I fed Biscuit and Sarge myself.  I loaded Biscuit with no problem but I took the lounge whip anyway!

I got there a little early and got Biscuit's hoof boot's on.  Sara arrived and I really liked her trailer.  She pulled Lena out of the trailer and she is every bit as large as Biscuit - I think her bum may actually be bigger than his!

We got tacked up and took off.  We went around the park and out Cattail Marsh.  Sara got off and opened the gate.  We went down the side of the marsh and she said Lena doesn't like to be close to other horses.  We went down Willow Bayou - we saw a huge gar floating near the top of the water.  Lots of little rust faced birds flying all over the place.

We went around to the right after crossing the big bridge to look at the big bog.  Lena was a little snorty coming around the corner but she calmed down.  Sara got off of her to walk her near the water shooting out of the big pipe.

We got back to the stables and Lena stood right next to Biscuit and was munching some alfalfa.  Sara said that was so unlike her to be that close to other horses.  I took pictures of them but they didn't come out BOOOOOOOO......I washed him off so he would be clean and cool on the way home.

Biscuit didn't load up first time so I got out the lounge whip...didn't even have to tap tap tap - he went in immediately.   :-)  Good Biscuit!!!  We rode 5.3 miles.

Sunday Ride

I made plans to ride with Jazzy and Barry for Sunday afternoon. We took Sister!  She ran under Biscuit in the small corral and he stepped on her.  Poor girl but she will learn.   We got out to the park at 5:00 PM.  Jazzy was held up so Barry and I saddled up and headed for the woods hoping they would be somewhat dried such luck.  OMG they are still full of water and mud.

So, we just waited for her to get there and Sister got to explore.  Jazzy finally arrived and since her horse was saddled we were on our way.  We rode around the road with Barry in the lead with Sister.  He had to herd her off of the street once but other than that she followed closely with Sarge.  She came back to me a few times then hurried to catch up with Barry.

We crossed into Cattail Marsh and started down the side of the woods.  Sister dropped back to me a few times and then ran to catch up with Sarge.  We went all the way down to the bridge but didn't cross it as Barry said the hogs could come out in the evening and we didn't want to chance Sister going after them. 

We went back up the bayou and Barry headed back down to the gate while Jazzy and I headed up the bayou to the entrance to the woods.  We turned around and came back and we entered the woods at the first trail entrance and went a little ways til it turned muddy.  We went back and rode towards the pavilions.  I made Biscuit pass between the trash can and the pavilion which was only wide enough for him.  He did it after a little urging.  Jazzy rode her mare onto the pavilion for training.

We got back and I washed Biscuit off.  It was getting late but Jazzy was trying to get her mare to load in the Brenderup with no luck.  I told her I would go over to her house and we could work on that.  I went to load up Biscuit and he refused to load.  I tried and tried with no luck.

Barry loaded Sarge thinking he would load up but he still refused.  I tried again - no luck.  I told Barry to move the trailer to where there was more light.  He still refused.  I popped him with the lead rope...nope.  Tried alfalfa.  Nope.  Tried to load him in Jazzy's step up - NOPE.

I was going to have to leave him I called Kenny to ask which place would be safest.  I was so upset at the thought of something happening to my boy.  Kenny offered to come help and I said "bring a buggy whip".  Kenny got there and shined his lights into the trailer.  I took the buggy whip and tap tap tapped his butt until he went into the trailer like he normally does. 

Ugh..what goes through a horses mind?  Was it because Jazzy's horse wouldn't load?  Was it because it was dark?

We didn't get to the barn until just before 10:00 PM!  OMG it took an hour and half to load him.

Who know?  He has never given me that kind of trouble before.  I went to the barn Monday evening and he came up to me for his carrots and for me to put the benadine cotton in his hooves like nothing had happened.  :-)

Louisiana Trip to Lotus HIll

On Friday July 11 I went back to Lotus Hill with LeeAnn P and LeeAnn B.  We left around 11:30 AM.  I had put Biscuit in the stallion pen so I wouldn't have problems catching him.  We loaded up the trailer with tack, supplies for us and the horses.  Biscuit went into the trailer first and then Rogue and then Legato.  We were off and gone.

LeeAnn B had brought fried chicken for lunch!  Woot!  I rarely eat fried chicken and I love that stuff!!  We got to Lotus Hill and unloaded the horses and greeted Billie.  It was so good to see her!  We got everything set up and rested a little and later saddled up and made about a 6 mile ride that I had made before with Barry.  Biscuit was a little fresh - I hadn't rode him in 3 weeks but as always pretty easy to handle!

We ate with Billie and Lloyd later.  Lee Ann P had made roast and we really enjoyed it.  We visited and then turned in.  I was pretty tired from making cakes!

Saturday started off with a bang.  One of Billie's horses kicked at Rogue and got hung up in the pipe fence.  Both legs off the ground.  He started leaning over but was calm.   He started urinating on himself and I was scared he was a gonner.  He was finally freed and just a little bit skinned up. Billie rode him and he seemed fine.

We rode for 11 miles and was joined by a guy from the Shreveport area.  We had a wonderful time.   Legato has been a little reluctant to cross steep boggy places and we came to one and it took a bit for her to cross but she finally did.  Horses can be so persnickety at times!   After our ride we went to a river to get in the whirlpool and rapids.  OMG we were laughing like crazy and we went down the rapids and got beat up on the rocks.  So much fun! 

I made chicken jambalaya and we ate up at Billie and Lloyd's again.  We didn't make a second ride that day which was ok.  I was pretty tired after getting beat up on the rocks!

Sunday we all took off on a ride including Lloyd.  We rode on the Sandstone trail which is so nice.  Crossing creeks and bridges.  Biscuit was a sweetie.  We got to the last bridge and there was a huge puddle on the other side.  Lloyd crossed with no problems but Billie's mare slipped on the slanted board and her horse went down.  OMG it was scary.  Legato went and she slipped too; her butt going down in a deep hole but she managed to get out with no problems.  She had mud half way up her backside but she was ok.  Billie and her mare were ok, too, thank God!

Biscuit was pretty hot that day - poor guy!  We were just walking but it was hot.  We took pictures up on the rocky ledge and they came out pretty nice. 

We loaded up and hauled home Sunday afternoon.  I had a fantastic time and hope to go back soon.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Sister is 4 months old today

Sister is 4 months old today.  I had to take her to the vet at 2:00 PM so at 1:15 I gave her a bath with lavender body wash!  She was pretty good about getting a bath.  Kayden went to the vet with me.  I put her harness on and it is getting tight.  I will have to get a larger one.

We got to the vet early and waited.  A bulldog came in and Sister  was pretty friendly.  When it was time to go in she was super friendly with the staff.  The vet scraped her head for the mites and went to check it out.  The intern vet weighed her for me.  She weighed 22 and 2/3 lbs!  She gained nearly 7 lbs this month.  They gave her shots - rabies and puppy ended up on the table so he had to administer it again.

No more mites!!!!!  Good report - she will take the liquid meds Ivermec for another month.  I will take her back in a month and put her on heart worm meds and she will be spayed next month.

After we left we took her to Petco to get a new harness and a squeak chicken!  She was squeakng it like crazy!!

Can't wait to take her riding with me.

Working on Biscuit's hooves

I have had some unexpected expenses so I am going to have to start doing the horses hooves myself.  I went out and got Biscuit today - ugh - raining at the barn.  I brought him up and put Cowboy Magic in his mane - he had witch's knot's in his mane.  I let it sit while I was talking to Lee Ann.

I soaked his front left hoof in Lysol.  He has mud scratches from all of the wet conditions.  I cleaned his feet andthen started rasping his front hooves.  They have grown like crazy.  Mike did them 4 weeks ago and then I did them 3 weeks ago.  He gave me a little flack but not too bad.

I was able to get the witch's knot's out with just a little bit of trouble.  I then washed his mane and tail with Orvis, then soaked them on blueing and rewashed it.

His tail is stained on the ends.  I need to soak it more and hope to get it whiter.  He has a white mane and tail for the most part but poop and dirt take their toll.

I will do his back hooves tomorrow.

Sister goes to the barn

Barry and I took Sister out to the barn.  She went to the water trough with him and he made her sit while he walked away.  She did a good job.

She was in and out around the horses..jumping up and down.  She finally annoyed Biscuit enough that he went after her mouth open.   Sister moved too quickly for him and he got fussed at.

Sarge snorted at her.  LOL  She did listen to us - she would come to us and sit.  Considering she isn't even 4 months old I am impressed with Sister!

Flipping off the stool

Last week I was soaking Sarge's hooves in Lysol.  He had a little knot of sole on the back left where he has the split.  I used my circular knife to pop it off.  There was a slight red spot underneith.  Didn't seem to be an abscess - just a bruise.  I started rasping his hooves in the front and he kept pulling his feet from me.  UGH  Sarge can be such a toot at times.  He kept pulling them and I kept hanging on to them.  He got a few smacks for being a jerk about it.  Then he pulled them again and pulled me right off of the stool and I fell back on the concrete.


I finally got his front feet done.  I was wet and dirty.  Yay...NOT.

The next day I went out and did his back feet.  I also gave him a bath and brushed out his mane and tail.

Ebenezer Trip

Barry hauled the travel trailer up on Friday - I had a Quincenera cake to make and deliver.  After I got the cake delivered I headed to the barn and picked up Biscuit.  It was 2:30 PM  I didn't get to the park until 4:30.  Got to see Kent before he left.

I didn't haul Sarge due to his hoof issue.   When I went to clean his hooves the week before when the farrier was coming I noticed his hoove was cracked horizontally and across his  frog.  UGH.  Mike  said new soul was already growning under it.  I started treating it by soaking his hooves and putting betadine soaked cotton in the crack.  It is doing better.

I didn't ride that evening but I did the next day with the ladies next to us - Lee Ann that I had met up at Ebenezer 3 years ago and her friend Barbara.  We had to adjust her mare's halter bridle before mounting up.  Barry hauled out before I left to ride!

We went down to the 3rd trail in, down to the 4 way and took a left.  Got to the split, took a left.  Got to another split, took the left.  Ended up on the POTTIE trail and we rode to where the culvert is washed out.  DANG.  I should have went left then right.  :-)

Rode about 6 miles.  Gave Biscuit a good bath and loaded up and hauled home.  Short weekend for me.

Short ride with Kellie

2 weeks ago we went on a short ride.  Biscuit didn't give me any issues catching him.  We met at 7:30 AM.  We rode out at 8:10 - I had to wash my Ariat's off before getting on - they were caked with mud!  We rode out Cattail and down to Willow Bayou and to the right up to the woods.  Ugh...right when we turned to go down Willow Bayou we were beset my gnats.  NASTY.

It was a short but pleasant was getting hot!!!  Washed Biscuit off and headed home.  I was at the barn by a little after 10!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Riding with Friends

On June 7th I went riding with Jimmy, Christie, Jazzy and Rita.  Jimmy was a sweetie and put Biscuit's saddle on his back.  Kellie's saddle is heavier than my Allengany and I had it in the RAV. far for me and my balance issues!

I took my Kool Vest in the saddle bags - it was hot as blazes.  We rode out in the back - I put it on once we were out by the bayou.  Christie's horse Rooster is a doll!!!  Biscuit was so well behaved so I was very pleased with him.

It was a fun ride - I enjoyed it so much - about 8.3 miles.  Can't wait for the woods to  dry up but that doesn't seem like it is going to happen any time soon!

Repairing the Brenderup

I took my trailer to Duvall's and Danny looked at it.  We discussed best way to repair it.  In the end, he cut out the front across the trailer, added in a piece of marine plywood that was wrapped in the stuff under slide outs on travel trailers, then added an additional piece of plywood on top of that with flashing and silicone.  Cost - $400 cash.  Ugh....not a happy camper...but I feel this was my fault.  I left the windows open most of the time thinking that because it was sealed it was ok.  I am not batting a .1000!

Anyway - trailer is now repaired and I closed those windows TIGHT.

Kellie and I ride Tyrrell and my Brenderup has a rotten spot.

 Kellie and I rode Tyrrell Park a month ago.  It was a bit of a trial.  I got out to the barn and Biscuit can tell time and has a calendar.  He refused to come to me.  Ugh.  I took Sarge out and took him to the front hoping Biscuit would come in.  I finally got him to come into the corral but out he went when I went to close the gate.  So, I just sat there and waited.  He slowly moved closer and the mean time, I found a dang mushroom growing in my trailer.  I nearly had a stroke.  The floor at the front of my Brenderup was rotten - like mushy rotten.  UGHGHGHGHGHHGGGHGHHGHG.

Biscuit finally came in and I closed the gate.  What a pill.  I loaded him up and off we went to Tyrrell - an hour or so late.

We had such a good time!  It was nice to ride in Tyrrell - it had been awhile.  We saw quiet a few hogs that day.  But, because we got a later start it was freaking HOT.  We both kinda had a little melt down when we got back...she felt bad and I was seeing spots.  LOL we are old bats now.

We hosed the horses off and after I quit seeing spots we left!!!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Sarge's Sheath Injury and going to Ebenezer

On Wednesday after we came back from Lotus Hill, Sarge's sheath swelled up the size of a softball and had opened up on the left side and was draining.  I called the vet and went and got a steroid shot and 4 antibiotic shots to the tune of $136.  Gave the steroid and 1st antibiotic shot.

By Friday when we left for Ebenezer it was improving.  We took Sarge along so I could give him his shot in the evening.

We went and had lunch with Kellie and Randy at the Stump, checked out the KOA camp on Friday.  It poured down raining so we didn't ride Friday.   Saturday Sarge's sheath was normal sized and we went on a ride to the waterfall - an easy ride more on flat land.  A man from Kountze and his granddaughter joined us.  Very nice people.  Sarge was raring to go on the ride - that fellow is tough as a boot.

We rode 8.4 miles to the waterfall with Randy leading - we went the long way!  Biscuit powered through some mud catching up with everyone - he cantered through the mud - he was a very good boy.

The gnats were pretty bad up there like at Kisatchie. sick of the rain and bugs.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sunday leaving Lotus HIll

We got up early - Sarge had gotten out.  What a sneaky little fellow.  We had lots to do to get ready to leave.  Fed the horses, packed stuff up - batten down the hatches kind of stuff.

I told Billie I would come back as soon as I could - I can't wait to ride there again!

I pulled out at exactly 9:00 AM.  Slow drive back to Texas - around 3 hours - but I drive slow!!!

I had such a good time...I think I rode a total of 33 miles and had a blast.  I highly recommend Lotus Hill! 

Saturday at Lotus Hill


We saddled up this morning - LOL - they were teasing me about making Biscuit a pack horse with all the stuff on him.  :-)  They had offered Barry to ride Lynn's light palomino Sonny.  We all took off and the ladies split off and went on a different ride.  I had the little envelope to pay to ride on the Sandy Trail.  We stopped at the Cane camp and spoke to some very nice folks and the hubby Paul tightened my saddle.  We went througha burned out area which actually was neat looking.  We crossed over into green area - we had to pull over to the side to let 2 four wheelers pass.  I put Biscuit out front for a while and put him at a job...he did a great job.  We crossed over a beautiful creek with a bridge with no sides.  Lots of jogging which was so nice!!  Biscuit was a trooper - he really was a good boy!!

We got out 3.5 miles and Billie got a phone call that a  little red horse was out on the road.  OMG  we turned around and headed back - it could have been my horse or Kelly's little bay mare.  I couldn't believe that Sarge could have jumped the panels with his heart foot.  We were hurrying and Billie decided to canter back - I can't canter that long (not hardly) because I will lose my balance.  So she took off and Kelly and I were jogging back.  Some fast walking and a little long trotting til my legs gave out. 

We went down a little trail paralleling the road almost to Lotus Hill.  There was Sarge in the pen by the was my horse that was out.  Thank God it turned out he was up at the front of her property - not on the road.  I rode down to where the pens were and his was flat on the ground.  Some hair was on the second from the top bar.  I don't know if he pushed it down or what...I don't think he jumped it because it was laid out flat...I think he pushed it down.

I got Biscuit untacked and washed off - he was having a fit because Sarge was up at the front.  Too bad.  I got him hay and left him to check Sarge out.  He was just fine.  No marks really but I think the hair was off of his legs.  No skinned up marks though.  Sigh...Sarge is a pill that is for sure. 

Kelly, Billie and I visited while waiting on the guy's to come back.  I shared a root beer with Billie - omg it was good.  I love root beers!!

Friday at Lotus Hill

Thursday - we rode seperate today - I went with Billie and Barry went with Lloyd. 

Billie and I back tracked and found my saddle pad not too far from the driveway where we ended our ride yesterday.  She put it close up to the woods so no one would stop and get it. 

We had a lovely ride through the woods - crossing a few creeks - one with some big logs in it that you had to navigate around.    Biscuit was very well behaved for the most part - once her dog came running out of side trail when we were out in the open on the ride away and my horse bolted for about  4 strides and then I got him under control.  Oh thank God!!!

The forest service was going to do a control burn and we could hear the helicopers over head.

Not sure how far we ride - but it was probably about 8 miles.  My Garmin was adding every mile I have rode so until I get home and look at it on the computer I wont know how long each ride was. 

Barry arrived back about an hour after I did.  He had a good time he said.  They got to see the "bombs" drop that start the fires.

We rested and Billie and Lloyd took us to the store and on the way  a little tour - OMG the burn happened so fast!!!  It was already over...smoudering in places though.

I came back and I had noticed Sarge not putting weight on his back right foot.  I got in his pen and felt his foot which he let me know was sore.  I took him out to walk him to check for lameness and OMG he is lame as he can be.  That foot is swollen.  I hydro'd it and Barry soaked it in a little icy water with Absorbine Linament.  Barry said he wasn't going to ride him again.  Hoping my poor baby is ok.

We watched the fire flies that night.  So very beautiful and peaceful!

Thurday at Lotus Hill

Thursday - we rode seperate today - I went with Billie and Barry went with Lloyd. 

Billie and I back tracked and found my saddle pad not too far from the driveway where we ended our ride yesterday.  She put it close up to the woods so no one would stop and get it. 

We had a lovely ride through the woods - crossing a few creeks - one with some big logs in it that you had to navigate around.    Biscuit was very well behaved for the most part - once her dog came running out of side trail when we were out in the open on the ride away and my horse bolted for about  4 strides and then I got him under control.  Oh thank God!!!

The forest service was going to do a control burn and we could hear the helicopers over head.

Not sure how far we ride - but it was probably about 8 miles.  My Garmin was adding every mile I have rode so until I get home and look at it on the computer I wont know how long each ride was. 

Barry arrived back about an hour after I did.  He had a good time he said.  They got to see the "bombs" drop that start the fires.

We rested and Billie and Lloyd took us to the store and on the way  a little tour - OMG the burn happened so fast!!!  It was already over...smoudering in places though.

I came back and I had noticed Sarge not putting weight on his back right foot.  I got in his pen and felt his foot which he let me know was sore.  I took him out to walk him to check for lameness and OMG he is lame as he can be.  That foot is swollen.  I hydro'd it and Barry soaked it in a little icy water with Absorbine Linament.  Barry said he wasn't going to ride him again.  Hoping my poor baby is ok.

We watched the fire flies that night.  So very beautiful and peaceful!