Friday, July 18, 2014

Alfalfa for my boys

I went out to the barn earlier today.  It was rainig so I crossed the fence near their shed.  They looked at me a little funny.  I took my salve out and put a little on Biscuit and then he moved away and around the other side of Sarge.  I went around Sarge and Biscuit backed out and took off and so did Sarge.

They then followed me into the corral but stood there a minute and then took off.  I was persona non grata today :-)

I got a prescription medication for Biscuit to try to clear up this fungus for good.  I went back out to the barn.  I took out some alfalfa for them and went down to the pasture.  Barry was with me.  They slow poked across the pasture and Barry got a handful of alfalfa and went out into the middle of the pasture and fed it to them.  They followed him back and I was in the corral petting them.

Then I broke out the alfalfa.  I tore it in half for them and put it on the ground.  I put the ointment on Biscuit's back.  Hope it works for him.

I cancelled out trip to Ebenezer.  I didn't want my boys standing in muddy water and us just sitting in the trailer.  I so had wanted to go somewhere this weekend.  Oh well.

We are planning on riding Sunday at Tyrrell Park.  Hoping it doesn't rain!

I am going to help one of Kellie's nurses move her horse from Winnie to Kountz on Monday.  Going to be a busy day.

Dashing Big Red and Alex make bronze

Red and his owner, Alex, were awarded the Bronze medal with ACTHA!  So very proud of them.  She has worked very hard with Red.  Red is an amazing horse...winner on the racetrack, great trail horse, won ribbons in dressage and jumping, now super ACTHA horse.  So thrilled for them.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Biscuit is coming along nicely

Biscuit is coming along nicely.  He is doing what I ask when I ask.  I haven't been out there other than to pet him this week.  That I go for every day pretty much.

I have had to keep my grandkids quit a bit due to my Daughter-in-Law having surgery.  I go out there and the horses come in except for one day.  I had already been there once and this time they were near the other gate.  I walked out there and petted Biscuit with no problem.  That is a huge improvement.

Yesterday I went to see them just around 4:30 or so.  They were in the corral area and I checked them over.  Biscuit's fungus area is having scabby skin turn loose under his hair around the hairless area.  I put meds on them again.  I think the fungus is under control and this is just now turning loose but making sure by adding more just in case.  I went up to the barn and got their food from Jamie and went back to feed them.  So nice to reach out and pet their faces.

I had a consulation with a bride and headed home to cook dinner for Barry.  Got that done and around 5:45 PM my back started hurting.  HURTING.  H.U.R.T.I.N.G.   H---U---R---T---I---N---G.

Ugh.  I had to cancel my consulation.  Started feeling nauseated.  Throwing up.  Oh joy.  I talked back and forth with Kellie and then went to the ER.  OMG I had a nasty kidney stone.  I haven't hurt that bad since surgery.  They gave me morphine, stuff to keep me from being sick.  Threw up more.  I was released shortly after 1:00 AM.  Threw up on the driveway in the bucket they sent home with me.

I slept until 12:50 PM.  I had to call and cancel my doctor's appointment in Houston with Dr. Murphy.  I called Dr. Henderson's office and will go see him Monday.

Due to weather I am not sure we are going to Ebenezer.  I would love to go camping but not drag the horses to stand in mud.  We will make that decision tomorrow.

I am feeling better = just tired and dragged out.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

'94 Soft Touch 2 horse slant trailer for sale

Because we bought the new travel trailer I need to sell the 2 horse slant.  I don't have anything to haul it with now.

If you are interested in this trailer, please refer to this ad for more information:

Here it is:

Hoof Trimming Day

Mike texted me yesterday about trimming the horses today at 5:00 PM.  I went out to the barn this afternoon around 4:45 PM.  Woo hooo!  I had no problem putting the halter on Biscuit.  I drove/they walked up to the barn.  I tied them on the washrack and got out the lounge whip and took Biscuit in the arena.

He mostly did a great job today...I had to get after him a few times but he is doing well.  He comes to me when I go to the pasture.  He does what is asked in the arena.  We worked on "stay" and he does that quiet well.  Biscuit is very smart!

We only worked about 12 minutes or so.  Short lesson today.

Mike arrived a little after 5:00 and he did Biscuit first.  I am not tipping his foot up enough to get a good angle so he showed me how to do that.  Biscuit's feet are improving a little at a time.  Still got a ways to go.

It is costly to have Mike do their feet but I feel it is worth the money.  I want Biscuit's feet to improve.

Biscuit was pretty sweaty looking today.  I know it must be hot as a ll get out in their pasture.  I took them back down to the pasture with their feed and fed them myself.

I got a call on my trailer for sale.  Hoping it sells soon.  I wish I had a truck - I would never sell it!

Monday, July 7, 2014

New Tires on the Brenderup

I had some medical tests today - ugh.  No fun.  After I got home I hauled my Brenderup to Discount Tires.  I had called about the cost and then hauled.  The young fellow there said I still had tread but I said they are 5 years old and I haul my babies around on these tires.

So I now have Carlisle 205/75/15 tires on the Brenderup.  Barry went and picked it up for me because I had Ava and Kayden.

So, now I am $550 poorer but my trailer is ready to haul for another 5 years.  I may try to keep a log of miles on these tires just to see how they hold up.

I went out to the barn around 8:00 PM.  Biscuit came in to me and stood there sweet as pie when I haltered him.  I took him up to the arena and when I got out of the RAV I noticed he had a cut on his back right leg in the stifle area.  It was bad but dang...I put Neosporin on it and later added some SWAT to keep the flies off of it.  I did spray him down with fly spray.  I had left the vinegar spray in the trailer but I had spray in the RAV.  

I took him in the arena and worked with him on transistions.  He does a pretty good job at going into a trot from a walk and then slowing down to a walk.  Could use some work on going from a trot to a walk.  Worked on the whoa.  For the most part he did a great job.  Wanted to stop once or twice and I immediately got after him.  We did a little bit of the desensitizing with the whip.  That doesn't bother him in the least.  

We went back down to the pasture and I let him stand there and eat the long grass near the ditch.  I took him back into the pasture near Sarge so I could fly spray Sarge.  I tried to walk up to him and he let me pet him but walked off from me twice.  I think he had done his job and good enough.  

I decided not to push the point - that will come - and walked up to the corral....and look who is coming in...both of them followed me into the corral.  I petted him and could have haltered him but I didn't.  He is doing just great and I am so proud of him and of me, too!!

I ordered the book "How to Think Like a Horse" and am going to read it this week.  Knowledge is a powerful thing and I need all the power I can get!

I also ordered this for Ebenezer to help with the fly/mosquito problems.  I will get some Yard Gard and spray the pens down before putting the horses in and let this take over after that.  I don't ever want to see those sores on my horses fetlock area again.  

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Biscuit is 100%

Kellie and I planned on a ride for Sunday morning.  We planned on 8:00 AM because it is getting pretty dang hot now.  I got to the barn at 7:10 AM.  I got their feed and headed down to the pasture.

Biscuit and Sarge were 1/2 way out in the pasture.  Biscuit started coming in.  Woo HOOOOO!!!  My hard work and his hard work is paying off!  Once they got into the corral I petted them and then I went and got their feed.  I dumped their feed and then got Biscuit's halter.  No problem putting his halter on.  Good Biscuit!!!

I tied him to the trailer while I hooked up the trailer then loaded up The Biscuit and off we went.  We pulled in under the trees and I brushed Biscuit off and tacked him up.  I didn't tighten the girth tight at all.  I think the combo of too tight of a girth, his mane getting stuck under the pad and his fungus have created the bald spot.  It is growning hair back and the fungus seems to be arrested.

Kellie held Biscuit while I got on just in case the saddle slipped.  It did not so off we went towards the road.  Kellie commented that it was getting hot and she didn't want to ride out we ducked into the woods to see if they were impossibly wet.

We were shocked that the woods were not wet.  It poured bucked Thursday evening all over the place but must not have in Tyrrell Park.  The only problem were the spiders.  OMG all over the place.  Biscuit and I were in the front and he was sidepassing ok...not great...and I was swatting spiders.   I ended up with spiders on me several times and a few times I was scraping them off of Biscuit.  He was a good boy about it.

We made two trips around - the first one was pretty S-L-O-W going with the spiders and the second time was much faster.  All in all - we ended up with a 4 mile ride.  Half of what we ride when we go out the back but it was just fine.

I gave biscuit a bath and used the medicated shampoo on his shoulders.  Kellie brought me an English saddle pad she had and had never used.  We tried it on Biscuit and it didn't fit with my saddle.  We put my saddle on without pads to check the fit.  It seems to still fit him just fine.  I am going to make sure I do not tighten my girth more than necessary.

We let the horses graze and I spred some sunflower seeds for the little chickens.  They are so cute.

Spider Ride

I hauled Biscuit back to the stables and took his halter off but held on to him.  No problem.  I turned him loose and off he went.  I shoveled out the poop and hauled the trailer up to the front.  I hosed it out and hauled it home.

I will be putting new tires on it this week.  The tires are a little more than 5 years old so it is time.  I hope to take it tomorrow afternoon.  I also want to put some brackets on the windows to make them stay open to funnel air to the horses.  I am going to talk to Danny at Duvall's tomorrow about the bracket.

I went back to check on Biscuit this afternoon.  He came in from out in the pasture which is fantastic!!!  I will be working with him in the arena tomorrow - he had a free day today and yesterday.  I think if I work with him 2 to 3 times a week in the arena we shouldn't have a problem.  I like this Biscuit that comes to me and I am not worrying about if I cam going to be able to catch him or not!!!

Saturday Visit with my horses

Barry and I went up to Ebenezer yesterday to check on places to leave the trailer.  We rode down to Letney Park (well, where it used to be!) and through Ebenezer and the little neighborhood behind Ebenezer.  We ate at The Stump.  Generally the food is terrific.  It wasn't yesterday.

We headed home and stopped at the barn.  Biscuit and Sarge both came in to me.  Barry's friend, Terry, came out to the barn and then home with us to visit.  Biscuit walked out of the corral when Terry walked up.  I walked out in the pasture with him and he was fine with me walking up to him.  Edgar came by with feed and I took the buckets and fed them.  Biscuit came back in to eat.

Good boy!!!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Birthday America!!!

Today is the Forth of July - Independence Day.  God bless America!!!  So glad that I am an American - the granddaughter of 3 immigrants.  Two from the Cayman Islands British West Indies and one from Slovonia.  Glad they wanted to come here - glad that I am an American and a Texan!

I went to the barn at 10:30 this morning.  It had quit raining and was sunshining.  When I got down to their pasture they were in the back left corner.  Sarge started up and Biscuit followed.  I was petting Sarge when he came in the corral and Biscuit followed.  I got the halter and put on Biscuit WITH NO PROBLEMS.

I took him up to the washrack = had to go back down to the trailer to get the fungus shampoo and my rasp.  I wet Biscuit's back and scrubbed in the fungal shampoo.  It says to leave on there for awhile so I did.

LeAnn B had sharpened my circle knife with a Dremil tool so I sat down to do his back hooves.  He was pretty good with his back feet.  The sharpened knife did help.  I decided to rasp his front ones again.  Got those done and took him into the arena to work on our lounging.

He mostly did a great job.  I had to get after him about stopping INSTANTLY.  By the end of the lesson he was doing a great job.  We only worked at it for 20 minutes.  He is stopping when I ask, turning, trotting and slowing down to a walk when asked.  He did have a huge black fly on his butt when we started out and I wanted to get it off with the whip but he was a little scared of that.  I sent him walking and took the whip to the center.  I then stopped him and I brushed it off.  I stopped him various times and put the halter on and walked him by hand...then made him stand there several times til I told him he could move.

I then had him join up with me and follow me around the arena.  I got the whip and did some desensitizing.  He wasn't on his lead rope...and I was popping it around him - back and forth - snaking around his feet, running it over his back.  Good Biscuit.

When we were through I washed the shampoo off and put the fungus ointment on him and took him to graze over by the bench beside the arena.  We stayed there for about 15 minutes and then I took him down to his pen and took his halter off but held him by the ends of the halter for a moment.  I then turned him loose.

He was a good boy today.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Stormy weather

I had my hair done this morning.  Lee Ann B does a great job!  She did tell me that poor Suka was put down Monday afternoon.  I knew she was not doing well Monday morning but didn't know they had had to put her down.  So sad.  Such a sweet mare.  She was way up in her 20's and had contracted EPM 2 years ago.  She had been on the meds but had trouble getting up Monday.  She also had Cushings according to what Lee Ann B told me.  That is the 3rd old Arabian that has passed over the Rainbow Bridge since I started boarding there 5 years ago.  Skar, Amir and Suka.  Ms. Jean has always taken such good care of her horses - they have led good lives but it is so sad to see them go.

I had errands to run today and was going to go out in the late afternoon to work with Biscuit.  Well, the best laid plans of Mice and Men!  It started storming like nobodies business.  Blowing gusts up to 60 mph I heard.  Kellie had hail at her house.  I went at 6:30 to check on my horses and wow...tree limbs ripped down, water everywhere.

My horses were out in the field eating.  Biscuit did come over to the fence to me but Sarge couldn't be bothered.  I petted Biscuit and looked them both over to make sure they were ok.

There was a transformer down at Triumph Church and Starbucks had just opened back up.  They had been without lights.  Oh well.

I will try to work with Biscuit tomorrow.

Working with Biscuit Wednesday

I went out to the barn at 10:30 AM.  I talked to Lee Ann P and Alison about working with Biscuit.  They gave me some great pointers on working with him and Lee Ann told me about a book to order.  I ordered it and it is now on its way.  I got their feed and headed down to the pasture.  I left the feed in the car.  I wanted to see if Biscuit would come to me - not for feed but because I am ME.  Woot!  He came in by his own accord and Sarge followed.  I petted him and then got their feed.  I got out the halter and haltered him with no problem.  He spooked twice while eating.  Sigh...

I took him up to the washrack and brushed him a little bit and then got out the lunge whip.  I took him into the arena and closed the gates to make it a half arena/roundpen.  I took his halter off and let him walk around.  I then got him walking in the direction I wanted.  Round and round and then trotting.  A few times he didn't do as asked immediately I and got after him.  I walked up to him after stopping him several times and worked with putting the halter up to him and then on him.  Walked him around...over and over for about 15 to 20 minutes.  Not a long time but long enough.  He was sweating when I pulled him out of the pasture because he was hot and now he was pretty sweaty.  I hosed him off and took him over near the pool and let him graze til he was almost dry.

I led him into his pen and took the halter off but kept it around his neck and walked him around for a few minutes.  He did great.

I went back to the barn at 4:00 with their feed.  Left it in the car.  Biscuit wasn't too far from the corral and he immediately came in.  Woot!!!  I took his halter and haltered him with NO problem.  WOOT!!!  I then fed them.

Barry and I went back at 7:30 PM and Biscuit again came in and I was able to halter him with no problem.  So proud of my boy!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Biscuit is progressing!!!

(This actually took place on Tuesday.  I posted this on Wednesday at 12:21 AM) I had quiet a few errands to run today. I had to go to Beaumont to drop off a harddrive box - ugh...I still don't have my computer back. Went shopping for some groceries and then stopped at the barn to see if maybe Biscuit would let me approach him in the pasture. They were over at the water barrel. I walked across the pasture - not making eye contact with them and walking more towards Sarge and calling Sarge's name. I walked right up to them which is not a problem for Sarge but Biscuit it has been a problem. Biscuit was standing right there and I was able to reach out and pet him. Woo hooo....I walked all around him petting him. Picked up his front hoof. Stayed with them about 5 minutes or so and Biscuit never so much as tried to move a hoof! Woo Hoooooooo!!!

I went back at about 8:50 PM.  It was almost dark.  Just a little bit of light left.  Biscuit came from the middle of the pasture, into the little corral, on his own accord.  Sarge came galloping up behind him.  OMG that was fabulous!!

You can still see a little bit in this picture.  I was so proud of Biscuit!!!  I will keep working with him and hopefully this BS of not coming to me in the pasture or not letting me walk up to him will be a think of the past!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Rasping hooves and my purple bag has arrived.

Jamie caged the Biscuit for me. I got out to the barn and pulled him up to the wash rack. I put meds on his booboo's on his legs. Sarge has them on his feet too. I put Summer Sore meds on them. I talked to Lee Ann P about it. I believe they are from the biting midges at Ebenezer. I am going to take Yard Gard next time we go. I worked Biscuit in the arena and he did a fantastic job. Hope to transfer that out to the pasture. We did walk, trot, transitions from walk to trot, changed directions. Stopped him and walked up to him and put halter on and took it of. The first time he was blowing and pulled his nose back like he was going to move away. I stopped and spoke softly and stroked his shoulder. I was then able to put the halter on. We did this several times and then he joined up with me and followed me around. I hope that one day he will stop this foolishness in the pasture of not coming to me. Who knows? I am going to keep working on it. I then rasped his front hooves. Lee Ann Brown is going to sharpen my circle knife! Woot!! He was pretty good today. I had to go home and meet some people about a cake and then head to Beaumont to take my computer to Best Buy. All of that took about 3 hours. I came back to the see if Biscuit would let me approach him in the pasture. He and Sarge were standing in the little corral. It was 3:30 PM so not quiet dinner time but Sarge isn't one to miss that! I walked into the corral and Biscuit just stood there. He never once tried to walk off. I put meds on their little boo boos. Sarge walked off from that. The Summer Sore meds stings but it very effective. I petted Biscuit and walked all around him. Picked up feet. He was good as gold. I pulled the mats back into the trailer and then walked back to the gate and Biscuit came up to be petted. I put a handful of black sunflower seeds in their buckets. Nothing from the hand. I stood outside the fence petting him. Baby steps is what I keep telling myself. When I got home my purple "carrot bag" from Snugpax had arrived. It is darling!! Love the purple color.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Saw a Pink Bird in Tyrrell Park

Sunday morning I called Jamie and asked him to lock up The Biscuit!  I got there and hooked up the trailer first.  Biscuit was pacing back and forth and trying to get out of the corral.  LOL  tough are in the pen!!!

He gave me a little flack catching him but soon I had the halter on him and going down the ranch road.  I stopped and wet my cool vest and yalmulke.  I got to the part before Kellie and tacked up Biscuit.  I didn't pull the girth near as tight as I usually do.  He has that fungus on his shoulder and there is a bare spot.  Not open but no hair all the same.  I put Desitin on it to make sure it didn't rub.

Kellie got there and tacked up.  She stood in front of Biscuit while I mounted up just in case my much looser saddle didn't slip.  We headed into the woods but it was pretty dang soft.  Not standing water but sink down to the fetlocks mud.

We went out Cattail Marsh.  A man was going in as we were going out and Biscuit wanted to follow him.  LOL  I think he was hoping to snag a treat.  We rode down the bayou and the grass was high.  We crossed the bridge and DANG a huge PINK bird with a 4 to 5 foot wingspan flew overhead.  I thought is was a flamingo.  Did I have my camera out?  NO.  Ugh.

We had a great ride around the bog.  It was warm but not unbearable.  We rode up close to the retention ponds hoping to see the pink bird again or maybe his flock...didn't happen but we saw plenty of red winged blackbirds.

I gave Biscuit a good bath with the fungus shampoo at the park.  Kellie and I visited and she gave Biscuit a banana peel which he did eat.

When I got back to the barn, I took Biscuit into the arena and worked with him.  He did a great job.  I cleaned out the trailer too.  Pulled out the mats and washed it out.  Hauled Biscuit back to his pasture and pulled the mats out there and left them out.

We had a great time Sunday

Pink Bird Ride at EveryTrail
EveryTrail - Find the best Hiking near Beaumont, Texas

Tuesday works with Biscuit

Tuesday morning I went to the barn and worked with Biscuit.  He does a great job in the arena.  I did something that Kellie said Mike Holtham taught her.  Stop Biscuit and make him stand still and me walk up to him.

We did that several times and then he did join up with me and walk around.  He is terrific in the arena.  I went out there Thursday during the day and he refused to come to me.  Thursday evening he came in by his own accord.  Saturday he did too.  Sometimes he will but not if he thinks I am going to "get him".

I will keep working with him and hopefully it will eventually stick!

Our first trip with the new camper

I worked with Biscuit before going to Ebenezer. He was doing ok. Listens well in the arena - not so good in the field. We went to the barn Wednesday and packed up feed, hay and tack. I spent hours packing the trailer - shopping at the big HEB dang near done me in. Thursday morning Barry was pulling out at 7:30 AM. I was right behind him to go to the barn. I took feed down to the horses and Biscuit would have non of it. Dang. I took Sarge up to the front and waited til Jamie got there. Biscuit came in for Jamie. I was late leaving by one hour because of Biscuit's issues and concerns. I haltered him and he loaded easily and I picked up Sarge and off we went. I left around 9:00 AM. I stopped once in Buna and kept going. I got there at 11:20 AM and unloaded the horses. Barry already had the trailer set up and ready to go. We rested a little and went to town to look for a part for the trailer we thought we needed. Then took a ride to the place where you turn left to go to the Beaver Pond. We turned right and back to the park. Probably a 3 mile ride - my Garmin wasn't working...dead batteries. The ride was very nice. Horses were behaving nicely. Peaceful ride. There was a downed tree Biscuit didn't want to cross so I got off and Barry led him over it. I was able to climb up on the tree and balance and remount!! Woot!!! We met some people in the park that wanted to ride with us on Friday so we agreed on a time. The hot water wasn't working so I had a cold shower and we watched TV. So nice to have a trailer!!! The bed was comfortable too! Friday morning I tacked Biscuit up and he was being a bit of a pill to saddle wihich is unusual. Cherie and her friend Tammy arrived a little late but that was ok. We rode out with 10 people heading for Double Heart. it was a wonderful ride. My cool vest kept it nice and cool. We crossed creeks and walked over logs. We stopped and rested at the Beaver Pond. When we got to the #8 we went straight. Gorgeous trails!!

When we got to Double Heart Ranch we all got off and rested.  We ate our lunches and visited.  Such a pleasant ride!!!  We went back down the trail going in a big loop.  We arrived back at the #8 coming from the left side.  We rested at the creek crossing and OMG Biscuit humped up some of the inclines like he was a steeple chaser.  We went back the same trail Barry and I rode the day before so they went back on a different ride.

Leading a ride to Double Heart Ranch at EveryTrail

We had rode 13.99 miles when we arrived back at Ebenezer.  I hosed Biscuit off and we visited with Kellie and Randy.  Got to show off the new trailer.  Randy said the lines needed to be "bled" and then we had heat for the shower and gas for the stove.  LOL  Barry and I are learning about RV-ing.  We all went and ate at The Stump.  James and Bev arrived and they toured the camper too.  We are riding back to Double Heart with them on Saturday. Kellie and Randy came over and watched the movie "Heat" with us.  LOL  I thought Randy was going to wet his pants laughing so hard.

The bed was pretty comfy so we had no trouble sleeping.  Aaaaaahhhhh...a veritable Taj Mahal!!!

The next morning just when we were going to tack up Sarge started splotching up some.   I gave him the "epi-pen" in the jugular vein and Barry and Kellie crushed up Benedryl and gave it to him like wormer in yogurt.  He liked that.  We called the vet and Doc said ride him.

Barry saddled him and rode about 1/4 mile and decided to turn around as Sarge was pretty zonked from the Benedryl.  Randy and Kellie rode to the 4 way and went right.  Bev, James and I went left and rode to the Beaver Pond.  Stopped to rest...then headed to Double Heart.  We stopped at the little sandy creek crossing and ate lunch.  So beautiful.  I resoaked my cool vest and yamulke.   I was cool as could be.

We started of again and went straight up the trail from #8.  Gorgeous ride - Beverly thought it was so pretty and it really is.  Lots more shade on that side.

We got to Double Heart and ran into Cherry - the lady I bought my little RoadRunner Trailer from!!!  Who would have thunk it?

We rested under the pavilion and we both said we'd like to camp there.  The bathroom and Shower room were so cute!!!

We headed back and crossed all the creeks.  Biscuit was listening to "no running up inclines".  LOL  I think the 31 miles we rode that weekend took the edge off.  :-)

When we got back Bev's son's were there setting up her birthday party.  Biscuit spooked at the balloons right by their covered patio table.  Gaaaa...that was head height!  I hosed Biscuit off and put meds on his fungus.

We ate with Bev, James, their sons Scott ad Kurt, Kellie and Randy.  We had a good time.  It was hot by their trailer so we headed for ours and brought out the little tower fan which kept us cool.  Barry, Randy and James worked on the TV/Radio/DVD player in the trailer and got the radio working and for it to all come on.  It was a blown fuse after all!!

We decided not to ride Sunday morning for various reasons.  We ate a nice breakfast and then started packing up.  I stripped the bed and put all of the dirty clothes in the basket by the back door so all we had to do was open the back door and take it out.  I cleaned the horse pens using my new poop cart! So glad to have my own.  I dumped the water out, picked up haybags and feed bins.  

We loaded the horses and pulled out.  I stopped with Barry while he dumped the grey/black water and we headed to Jasper.  We pulled over there to gas up and air up my tires.  Barry pulled a little faster than me but I am a careful hauler with my horses!  It poured down rain going through Evadale and dropped 15 degrees in minutes.  Got to the barn and unloaded the horses.  Ugh.  Biscuit had pooped which is normal but dang...for only the 3rd time in the time I have owned the Brenderup was it pee'd in.  Sarge peed in the trailer.  I turned them out and headed home.

We had to take the food out and I put that away and started laundry.

What we did discover is the queen sized bed had double bed sheets.  Barry said I was taking all of the sheet.  LOL  I am going to buy a queen sized fitted and a king sized top sheet for the trailer.  I want to finish one of my quilts to put on the bed.  I was sneezing and my voice went hoarse....I am pretty sure it is the carpet in the trailer.   Ugh.  I don't like carpet.

I have more pictures but my computer is in the shop.  Will have to wait to upload those!