Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Dashing Big Red and Alfalfa

I bought a couple of bales of really nice alfalfa this past week at Vinton Feed Store.  They alway have the best alfalfa.  I got 2 three string bales.

I have just tore off little handfuls for the horses - no one is getting a flake.  Red is pretty dang big right now.  Biscuit looks good - not fat - not thin.

I got Biscuit out of his pasture and took him up to the barn.  It was so windy today.  I had thought about riding but changed my mind.  The tarps were flapping like crazy on the fence but Biscuit is used to those so he ignored them.  I was getting out my rasp, the stool and hoof stand when the little pans on top of the grooming box went flying - right into Biscuit's backside.  He startled a bit but that was it.  He didn't act like a fool.  I used those grooming gloves and cleaned him up after washing his legs off.  He is still shedding but didn't seem to be as much as before.  His legs are pretty hairy!!  Under his jaw had long hair but he looks nice.  I got the rasp out and rasped all 4 of his hooves.  I am going to do Red's Friday.

I got alfalfa for Mikey and Red.  Mikey is Lee-Ann Potter's little Halflinger.  He would come trotting across the pasture nickering to me when he was across from Biscuit.  He was glad to get a bite of alfalfa.  Poor old baby just gums it.  He doesn't have many teeth.  He is in his late 20's.  Beautiful little guy.  I am pretty fond of him.

I took Biscuit down to his pasture and cut of the remaining apple for him.  I checked his hay level.  I then went down to Red's pasture.

I have to walk down the row that is muddy as all get out to get to him.  All around his gate is fetlock deep in mud.  He was by his shelter and when I got near the gate he started out at a walk..then a trot for a few steps and then a canter all the way to the gate...mud be damned!  He always loved his alfalfa and I am glad that he will bond with me again.  Friday will be the day I will groom him if I it is not raining.  He is good about his feet so I am going to rasp his feet.  I can't afford to have them done so I will have to stick to a schedule of rasping every week or so.  It is hard for me to keep up with two horses but I will have to give it my all as I don't have the $$ to pay for that every 6 weeks when I have the tools and know-how to do it myself.

Biscuit was really good today with his feet thank God because he sometimes is a toot about it.  Hoping I can ride Friday...that would be a bonus!!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Hard Winter

We have had a hard winter in southeast Texas.  Cold freezing rain and some snow!  Woot!!!

Red is doing great.  I have left him where he is as he has access to a full round bale.  Biscuit can't have round bales - it is bad for his COPD and I don't want to aggravate that!!!  He does fine until the really hot time of the year but COPD is COPD.

On January 31, 7 weeks and 2 days after my surgery I went out and got on my horse!!!  Wooooooot!!!!  I groomed him and put his saddle on.  I took his halter off like always and off he went - saddle and all.  Thank God The LeeAnn's and Chelsie helped contain him and I was able to get my reins around his neck and walk him into the arena.  I got the 3 step mounting block and LeAnn Brown held him,  Chelsie video'd and took pictures and Lee-Ann Potter was the cheerleader.

I put that foot in the stirrup (not very high off of a 3 step mounting block!) and swung my leg up and over that cantle!!!  YAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYYAYYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYAAAAAAAA!  I was on.  We just walked around the arena about 5 times or so.  Not long.  I was able to dismount and that leg went right over that cantle.  Yay!!


Red looks better than ever thank God.  No longer thin and the Equiderma Lotion was a miracle worker.  He has spent this winter in a pasture by himself with just a wire fence separating him from Sydabo and Torique.  He has feasted on his own round bale (just Bahaia - not Tifton!  No more colic-ing for my boy!) and had extra feed.

Last week I pulled Red up to have his feet done.  OMG he was full of piss and vinegar.  He double barrel kicked at Sister and got corrected big time.  I tied him in the arena and went and got Biscuit.  Tied them near each other and Red was acting like a jackass.  I put him on the walker and he was semi acting like a goober. Miss Jean thought he was trying to lay down so I took him off the walker.  He was pawing and in general acting like a turd.  I separated him and Biscuit and brushed both of them and cleaned their hooves.  Craig did their feet and I called Barry to help take Red back down to his pasture.  I put him in one side of the arena and I took Biscuit down to his pasture.  I came back with my lunge whip and had Red going round and round in the small arena.  He did ok.  Could have done better.  Just full of piss and vinegar.  I paid their board and told Linda no more supplement for them.  Red needs to be handled more so as soon as this leg is better I will work with him more.

I groomed and rode Biscuit yesterday for just a few rounds around the arena.  I was able to dismount like a normal person.  Leg over cantle and all the way to the ground and then the left leg out of the stirrup.  Yay for me.  Hoping I can ride again this week for just a bit.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

I think he is as good as he is going to get!

I went out to see the horses today.  I drove myself - it is easier to drive than to ride in the car - go figure that one.  I took Sister with me.

Had to go to the bank and Sister got a treat.  She loved that.  Then out to the barn. I stopped to see Biscuit and gave him a little handful of alfalfa.  His hair is standing on end and looks great.  I walked over and checked his level of hay in his shed.  He has enough right now.  I walked all around him to make sure there was no problems.  He needs to grow hair over where he hurt his foot but it looks ok.

I then went down to see Red.  He was munching on hay and came to the fence.  I took these pictures. As soon as Lee Ann gets back to the ranch I will discuss with her moving Red back with Biscuit.  I am going to start teaching Kayden to ride Red.    He is such a sweet gentle boy I don't think it will be hard to teach Kayden so he can be my riding buddy when Barry can't or won't go.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

He looks wonderful

I have been out several times to see Biscuit and Red. A few times I couldn't get down to Red as it was drizzling rain.

Biscuit looks good and I gave him a little flake of alfalfa.  I only have one full flake left.  As soon as I can I will drive to Vinton to buy them alfalfa.

I actually drove myself to the barn yesterday to pay their board.  I drove down to see Red after visiting with Biscuit.  Jamie and Edgar were breaking up the ice from the water troughs.  Goodness - it was 2" thick.  Red came up to the gate to see me.  His back is almost flat!!!  Wow.  He looks amazing.  As soon as LeeAnn is back off of vacation I will discuss with her putting him back with Biscuit.  Biscuit looks like he dropped a few pounds but he certainly needed to!!!

I forgot my phone yesterday or I would have taken pictures.  I will take a picture of them tomorrow if I can.  I got busted when I got home for driving!!  Brandi and Jarrod were at the house when I arrived back and I got the evil eye from my DIL for driving!!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Saturday Evening

I went out to see Biscuit Thursday but not Friday.  I was too tired yesterday.  He was fine Thursday and from what I could see of Red he was fine also.  I gave Biscuit some treats.  His wound on his leg is tough skinned but it is red flesh looking.  Not ragged but I guess it will take awhile to grow strong hide and hair over it.  He whacked it pretty dang hard.

Last evening Debi posted that she would pull Red up for me so I could see him.

Barry and I went out there this afternoon and she and Bob were right ahead of us.  I got out of the car pretty wobbly.  My right leg feels very weak and is giving me fits.  I have taken 3 hot baths today to massage it which is helping.  Anyway, she walked from Biscuit's pasture down to Red to bring him back up.

I gave Biscuit cookies while Barry and Bob were talking.  I opened Biscuit's corral and got my curry comb and brushed all of the mud off of my boy.  He was a little bit on the dirty side.  I brushed all over him and his face.  His shoe boil is almost absorbed.  Thank Goodness!!

Debi finally made it back with Red and OMG he is looking absolutely fantastic.  Butt is filling in, top line is pulling up.  He needs to be groomed and I brushed him a bit.  He wanted to be friends with Val but she let him know with a squeal that that was not happening.

I showed Debi his racing Tatoo - it is still pretty clear.  I told Barry I think by the first day of summer his mane  and tail will look much better.  When he sheds out in Spring he will look like polished copper!!!

Debi walked him back down and she said she could come get me next week and we could bring Red over to where Biscuit is.

I will talk to Lee-Ann about how much he is getting per feeding.  I want him to get to the right weight and then back off of the feed.  I don't want him to colic or founder.  I will need to go over to Vinton and get him and Biscuit some alfalfa.  Alfalfa keeps those bowels moving.

With some work, he is going to look like a million bucks!!!  Way to go Dashing Big Red!!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Wednesday - doing ok.

I went out to the barn yesterday to check on Biscuit...I can't get to Red as there has been too much rain to take my car down the row to his pasture :-(

Biscuit came up slowly from the back of the pasture. It looks like the little flap from his cut on his foot fell off so I won't need to have it cut off.  I gave him carrots and could see that he didn't eat all of his food.  It had salt in it!!  He was glad for the carrots and I petted and kissed him up.

I went into the office and Miss Jean and Linda were very impressed with my progress and that I was getting around well.

I did physical therapy Monday and the nurse came out and took the bandage off of my leg.  Todd thought it looked really good.  It looks like a bruised banana to me.  Lots of staples and blood blisters.  Ugh.  He redid the bandage and talked to Brandi on the phone about changing it for me.  So glad Brandi is trained in this!!!

Danielle, the PT, said I was doing well and was at a normal place in progression.  I did tell her the white stockings were driving me insane.    Miss Jean said she wore her's during the day and not at night.  I went home and liberally dosed my legs with Monkey Butt Powder, dumped MBP in the stockings and slid them on.  They weren't as bad.

I was so tired Monday and Tuesday.  I got back in bed Tuesday after going to the barn and slept finally.  I haven't been able to sleep because of these hose.  Ugh.  They are the Devil's Spawn.

During PT today I was able to get to a little more than 110°!  That is really good Danielle said.  I went through the paces with her and she was able to see my balance issue.  I think she was surprised even though I have told her...people have to see it to believe it.  I told her today because of that I had worked hard for the past 5 years to compensate at all kinds of things.  I was able to get on the recumbent bike in the middle of the night and peddle it!  We will work on that tomorrow she said.

It is still swollen and was hotter than dammit last night.  So today I have iced and iced that rascal with broccoli.  I took the stocking off before Danielle got here and left them off till this evening - the bandage had also came off.

Ava was just fascinated this evening and was so concerned that her Gimmie was hurting.  She wants to go hold my hand when they take them off so I may get Brandi to take me and let Ava go.  Sweet girl!!

I have the stockings on right now on Wednesday night but am going to take them off to go to sleep after while.  Hoping to be able to sleep without these torture devices on!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Out to see the horses - first trip out of the house

Today was the first day I left the house since my total knee replacement this past Monday.  I was able to get in the car much easier than I did Wednesday - the leg is bending better.  I took so carrots for the horses.  Biscuit was standing in his little corral.  I was surprised he didn't walk off when we drove up.  His internal calendar and time piece works very well.  His face was a little dirty but I kissed him up anyway.  He was more than happy to have some carrots while I hugged him and kissed his face.  We just stayed for a few minutes and then drove down to where Red was.  I couldn't go down there and it was too wet to drive so Barry walked down there as I hollered Dashing Big Red.  Red made his way to the fence like he always did before.  He wouldn't eat the carrots but Barry petted him and took a few pictures for me.  He is looking great.  I am very pleased at how he looks.    We drove back to where Biscuit was and gave him the other carrot.  I asked Jamie to give Biscuit some hay...he didn't have any.  

It did me good to see my horses.  They are always a great panacea for whatever troubles you!  

My knee is coming along nicely.  The stockings drive me insane.  The soreness is a PITA.  The knee is hot and that is just to be expected.  I have rubbed and massaged the lower leg constantly and it is helping relieve some of the tightness and pain.  I took a hot bath at the end of the day with my leg up out of the water but massaged the back of the knee with the hot water which felt nice.

My daughter in law, Brandi, came today and fixed us hotdogs for lunch - went shopping for me - cleaned up - put some of my decorations out and then fixed us a killer dinner like she did last night.  She is a blessing to Barry and me.  She thinks the leg looks good and that I am moving good.  As she used to be a PT tech and a wound care tech she knows what she is talking about.  

I am able to get in and out of my deep tub quite easily so I am hoping to translate that into getting on Biscuit in 4 weeks.  I am thinking if I can get on and take a little ride around the arena with The Lee-Ann's watching over me that will be a good thing.  Maybe do that several times a week until I am able to actually ride for a while.  We shall is good to have goals!!!  My goal is to be riding in February with ease.  :-)

Friday, December 15, 2017

Semi-rough night

Last night was a little rough.  I started out trying to sleep in my bed that lowers/raises feet and Head.  I raised both the feet and the head.  It took a long time to go to sleep.  I finally fell asleep and woke up around 2:30.  Meds is at 3:00.

My leg felt swollen and stiff as all get out.  I lowered the bed and tottled to the bathroom.  I decided to go sleep in the living room but forgot my glasses in the bedroom.  I decided to stay up till Barry got up.  I watched a Hallmark Movie.  When Barry woke up at 4:15 he got my glasses for me.

I stayed up till 5 watching a movie and then slept till 9:00.  Jarrod came over and then left.  He came back and helped me move stuff in the house and make my bed.

He made me lunch of eggs, tuna and avocado.  PT Danielle came over and messaged my leg which really helped.  We did all kinds of flexes and walked.  It was hurting but nothing I couldn't stand.  I want to get better.    The drain will come out Monday along with the bandage.  I have another bandage to go on it.  If all is good she can message it better.  It really did help.

Jarrod washed the leggings and my lounging outfit.

So, I am now tired!  Going to take a nap.  Planning on going out to see my horses tomorrow.  Hoping to be riding them soon.  As soon as this knee flexes in a good way that I could get it over the saddle I will give it a go.  I think my riding had definitely helped!!!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Knee Replacement Surgery

Barry and I were in a roll over accident on August 11.  I fractured my L5 with tiny little fractures all around.  Ugh...the pain was horrible when it would catch.  I couldn't put the foot down or move when it happened.  I didn't ride for 3 months - I started back with slow rides on November 5.  Biscuit cut his foot in the trailer so I had to haul him to the vet and he had stitches and stayed 3 days at the vet.

I had to have bone scans and bone density tests - which showed the fracture was due to trauma not bone weakness.  I scheduled surgery for Monday December 11 at Baptist.

I made a solo ride all around the back bog at Tyrrell Park Sunday.  It was a fun ride with Biscuit and Sister.

The surgery went well and I came home on Wednesday December 13th.  I had to walk and to some therapy at the hospital which went well.

Home health came to my home today and we did a little therapy and will continue.  I am able to walk and cooked my own lunch today.

I will blog about the journey to get back on my horse!!!  Hoping to be back on by mid-February.  Going out to see Biscuit either tomorrow or Saturday!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Catching up on a year of not posting!!!

I am going to just hit the highlights of what went on the in the past year.  It was so much!

I did go to North Carolina for a month in late July - August to be there when Aurora Fae Smith was born.  I painted an old Hoosier Cabinet for her.  Christie, Kelsie and I found it at a shop in Groves.  Kelsie was pregnant with Daisy and said she'd LOVE it.  It was cute.  I painted it with a little purple Biscuit Unicorn on the side. :-)  I missed my dog and my horses like crazy.  Barry was making sure that Sarge got his DEX while I was gone and that he had his purple lick bucket.

I rode September 15, 2016 at Sam Houston State Forest with Tammy Simon and Cheri Reddick.  It is about as far as Ebenezer.  I did like the forest but I think I like Ebenezer better as they have a bathroom and shower house and water for the horses that is available.  But, I so understand why they ride there - it is only 20 miles from Cherie!  I'd ride there every week too!!  I did have severe back pain on the way there - my back started hurting in NC.  I went to the doctor to make sure I didn't have kidney stones again right after this.  Ugh.  My back hurt during the ride there and back but didn't hurt while I was riding.  Sister made that trip with me.  I went and had a massage and OMG that made it worse.  I got a pinched nerve that nearly dropped me to my knees.

I did ride with Kellie at Cattail Marsh on September.  It was super foggy when we got there but the fog finally lifted.  It was hot and humid as all get out!  We had a good time but we always do.  I had started on a diet in August and I could see I had already lost some weight!

At the end of September, Kellie, Randy, Beverly, James, Barry and I all drove to Yellowstone.  The pinched nerve had just started and was pretty severe when it hit.  When we got to Pueblo, Kellie called Dr. Osman and he said to take pain pills and a muscle relaxer.  I did that for several days and with all the walking, it finally let up.  We had a great time in Yellowstone.  Very very very long drive. 2 days of hard driving to get there.  The east side of Wyoming is a waste land of the same - mile after mile after mile.  Yellowstone itself is pure magic.  I want to go back.  I can't seem to get enough of Yellowstone.  We didn't ride this time though.  I did walk about 10 miles.  Got down and up to places I didn't last year.  It wasn't easy but I made it.  SLOW as Christmas but I made it.

We did go camping in October for a week.  We had a great time.  It started out with Biscuit giving me a fit over catching him.  Lee Ann Potter and I chased him with the Gater until he decided to join up with me and walk into the corral.  What a pill!!!  Geno was our horn...barking like crazy at Biscuit.  :-) Whatever it takes.

We headed up for Ebenezer to camp from Monday to Saturday.  I posted this on Face Book:

We spent 6 days at Ebenezer riding about 36 miles all together on 4 rides. Sarge did fantastic. Absolutely no wheezing or rasping. He was a little fireball wanting to GO GO GO. Ears forward if he was in front. Ears down and back if Biscuit got ahead of him. Lol he is so funny. Rode a trail I had never been on and went down one it had been a long time since we had been there. Sister was complimented several times on her good behavior. She had a blast. 

Sarge was a pleasure on this trip.  We did canter once and Sarge coughed a little (about 3 times) so we stopped.  He wasn't happy about that but listened to us all the same.  I did a whole bunch of tracking on my Garmin.  I totally enjoy that!  There are no good maps of Ebenezer side so I am making them.  

On October 25, I started a page on Face Book called Ebenezer Trail Maps.  I put maps I had made of the Ebenezer and Double Heart side on it.  It immediately had so many likes/shares!  It has 231 likes and has been shared so many times!  The last time I went to Ebenezer in late June, I made individual maps of individual trails.  I have shared the maps to the Waterfall and to the Beaver Pond.  Shared GPS coordinates.  I enjoy sharing my Garmin is so much fun for me.  It is at on Face Book.  Check it out.

Kellie and I rode on Oct 30 out at Cattail Marsh.  It was really foggy and we could hear the water dripping off of the trees.  Sister chased a hog.  I gave a little girl a pony ride when we got back to the parking lot.

On October 31, Sarge got into Halloween Mode and gave himself a WHOPPER of a black eye.  Scared the snot out of me.  I hauled him to the small animal clinic for Doc to look at.  Two medications later and about $140 later, I took him home.

This is what I posted on Face Book :

This is Sarge's Halloween mask. Wish it was just a mask! Doc Said he gave himself a black eye. Shot in the jugular, one under the eye plus meds put in the lid. Yep Sarge had a scary Halloween and my bill scared me.

Yeah...that was ugly.  Sarge wasn't too thrilled with the shots in the eye area but it helped so much!
Not to be outdone in the costume division was this

Biscuit the Camel...Looking for a treat with HorseLic all over his pretty little face!

In early November I went to NC to see Rori, Morgan and Stuart.  The election was on like Donkey Kong.  Morgan and I went to a Trump rally the night before the election.  Wow!  It was amazing.  I stayed up all night and watched the election.  What fun!!! Enjoyed my time getting to know my little granddaughter.

On November 13, I rode out in the back of Tyrrell Park with Kellie, and Lee Ann Brown.  After that I rode 1/2 through the woods with Jimmy Zinn and Melissa.  We encountered a dead hog up near the stables.  Jimmy said someone had shot it.  Sister investigated!

On November 18, 2016, Barry brought Sarge home to the house to visit.  He had the backyard to move around in.  :-). Rhys and Mazlynn went for rides.

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving out on our porch!  Beautiful decorations, gorgeous table setting and good food.  Beautiful memories.  Happy Thanksgiving!

On November 25, 2016, Kellie and I went riding in Tyrrell Park.  We went down the other side of Willow Bayou and came upon what Kellie initially thought was a yearling horse.  I said that is no horse that is a dang deer.  And it was a big deer!  Big wide antler spread.  We watched him for a quit a few minutes until he took off.  Wow!!!  Just WOW!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Been Blocked out!

I have been blocked out and couldn't access this for ages.  I have sent emails etc.  Anywhoo....I was FINALLY able to access it again.!!

Much has happened since I last blogged.  Last year on a ride in Ebenezer in June of 2016, we were riding with Len and Barbara.  We rode over to the "other side" and came back to the back side of the Beaver Pond.  Barry went through the little creek with Sarge kind of popping up out of it.  Biscuit did the same.  I turned to watch Barbara come through with her little 5 year old mare, Weeks.  She popped up, too.  All of a sudden, Weeks was going all over the place.  I thought she was trying to bolt and was telling Barbara, "Grab your reins".  Anyway, she came off - she had broken her pelvis when Weeks popped up.  Just a freak accident.  Barry came off of Sarge in a flash and so did I off of Biscuit.  Len got off of his mare, Charm.

Barbara fell around high noon - in the direct sun.  OMG.  I called Kellie - she said call 911.  We called 911 and I gave them GPS coordinates.  Barry rode on Sarge to Letney Road to meet an EMS.  I gave coordinates about 4 times to different EMS members.

Barbara was in a lot of pain.  I took my fuzzy wool saddle cover off and rolled it up and tucked it between her legs.  I took my cool vest off, dipped it in water and wrung it out along with my "chilly pads". I put the vest over her arm so she wouldn't burn and put the chilly pads strung on the little plant over her face to shield her the best we could.  Barry came back about an hour and 45 minutes later doubling an EMT on Sarge.  Sarge was the hero of the day.  Poor baby!!

Shortly after that a bunch of EMT's arrived and got Barbara stabilized and on a stretcher.  It took them 45 minutes to get her to the shell road down the little tiny horse trail that had vegetation grown up saddle high.

Len ponied Weeks behind Charm and we made it back to the park.  They airlifted Barbara to Beaumont.  Len tried to load the horses and Weeks refused.  She knew something was wrong.  She wouldn't load even though her dam, Charm, did.  We told him to just go and we would look after the horses.

He came back later and the next day too.  The trainer came and Weeks loaded up nicely then.  We went home and I visited Barbara in the hospital.  She was operated on the next Tuesday.  Pelvis broke in the front and the back.  Barry and I visited her and Len in the hospital after surgery.  She recovered nicely - coming to Beaumont for doctor visits.  I would meet them for breakfast and lunch when they came.  They are now my good friends and we are looking forward to riding with them again.


The bottom pictures was just a few hours before the accident.  The top one is when the EMT's had finally arrived.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

January 10th

Kellie and I rode on January 10 out at Tyrrell Park.  We rode 7.5 miles - going around the bog.  Sister went with us and so did Barry.  We went counter clockwise around the bog.  We were on the right side and I spotted a hoof boot.  Barry got down and got it for me.  It was a Renegade.  I knew that Jimmy had Renegades and had rode there the previous weekend.  I called Jimmy and yep - it was  his hoof boot.  I tied it to my saddle and told Jimmy I would bring it to our ride at Rustic Sky in 2 weeks.

It was a fun ride - so good to get out on my horse!

Rustic Sky Trip

The Lee-Ann's and I decided on a trip to McKinney Roughs and I made reservations back in October.  Unfortunatedly, the park was closed when it was time to go - and not going to be open for a few months so we chose to go to the new Rustic Sky (the former Lucky 4B).  Kellie decided to go with us.

We left on Thursday December 10.  Kellie and I went in her rig and rented a cabin.  The drive was much easier than last time we went.  Better road!

New owners have made many changes so it was much nicer.  We made a short trip down the high lines the first day riding about 5 miles.  I didn't have my Garmin with me on that ride.  It was overcast so we made sure to stay on the highline so we could get back before it got dark.  Elan and Biscuit were in the "fancy" stalls.  Kellie checked on him and he was soaking wet with sweat.  We think he was pacing and not happy with the mats on the stall.  Lee Ann salted him with the applesauce mix she uses and we moved them over to where Rogue and Legato were.  He seemed to be a little happier then.  They were further away from us but that was ok.

On Friday we rode with Lee Weatherford and Jim - such nice gentlemen!!!  We rode down the Dead Horse Trail and to the Bluffs.  We rode past the Tree of Souls and saw the former owner of the Lucky  4B's boots that they nailed to the tree.  Sam passed away about 5 months ago, bless her heart...she was only 45 years old.

The weather was a little warm during the day and Biscuit was sweating.  We went do go down a little ravine and all of a sudden, Biscuit jumped straight in the air like someone popped him out of a jack in the box.  OMG I slammed back down into my saddle but never felt like I was coming out of it.  Jim later said Biscuit jumped about waist high....I couldn't see anything that he spooked at and neither did Jim.  Jim's horse Tonto is really nice!!!!

On Saturday  Biscuit was tripping constantly and I thought he was going to face plant if he tripped again.  I got off on the Clock Trail and removed his hoof boots.  He seemed to go along much better after that.  He was catching his boots on things and then tripping.  Ugh.    Mr  Weber led us to the cemetery he had told Lee Ann Potter about the last time they had rode there.  OMG how cool was that?  I got off and looked at the graves and then later did genealogy on the Smiley family that I shared with everyone at the pot luck on Saturday night.  We had rode 11.2 miles that day.  I had to find a log to get back on.  Had a little problem as when I got off the trail it was full of holes.  Ugh.  Got just past the vest nailed to a tree and dropped my Garmin.  I had to get off and get that!!  It poured down raining on Saturday night and was cold.

Really like the new owners.  Super nice people.  We heard all about improvements they had planned and issues with getting insurances/licenses, etc.  Some rules are just crazy.  Mr. Weber made ribs and fried chicken that was simply amazing on Sunday night.

On Sunday we rode 8 miles.  It was a little sloppy in places.   Biscuit was tripping constantly and I thought he was going to face plant if he tripped again.  I got off on the Clock Trail and removed his hoof boots.   Biscuit hit a canter once that was so smooth - so wish I could get that boy to canter nicely!!

We drove home Monday morning.  We had a great time.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Biscuit had a sore foot

About a month ago, Kellie and I hauled out to Tyrrell Park.  I thought Biscuit looked a little tender when I put him in the trailer.

I got him out to park and tacked him up...I thought he'd be ok but nope!  He was LAME  - I told Kellie I couldn't ride him like that - that would be mean!

I took him back and to the barn and soaked his hoof.  I couldn't see an abscess.  A few days later Craig Williams was at the barn and used the hoof testers on him.  It took a bit of pressure before Biscuit really reacted so not sure if it is an abscess or a stone bruise.  I was soaking his hoof everyday and putting Epson Salt Poutice LeeAnn P had.  I ordered some of my own.

In the mean time, I rode Lady Dollar for 2 weekends in a row.  OMG - she was a handful but sweet as she can be.  She was afraid of the water in the ditches - poor girl.  She hasn't been out to ride in 4 years and was pretty upset that first ride when we got to the bayou.  She kept trying to turn around and turning her head so she couldn't see the water.  I finally got off of her and led her thinking that would calm her down.  I remounted up by the road and we took her back.  No sense and upsetting her.

The following week I was so proud of her - still not liking water on the ground, spooked a few times but went down the bayou like a good girl.  Got a little nervous out in the back so I brought her back.  I would love to learn to ride her faster gaits!  What a good girl she is!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Sarge is swollen again

Went to the barn with doughnuts for my favorite barn guys.  .  Biscuit came in with Sarge but stood at the entrance to the small corral.  He turned and hauled his big butt out at a gallop - who knows what goes through  a horses mind?

I was taking Sarge up front when I noticed his sheath was swollen.  He was full of piss and vinegar!!!  He was cantering beside the Rav!

Got him on the wash rack and pulled out a big ol' chunk of gunk out of his sheath - the size of a prune and two smaller pieces.  I stopped to asked Lee Ann some questions and we yakked and then I went back to clean out Sarge.  I hosed him off - trimmed the dead ends on his mane and cleaned out his sheath the best I could.

They are going to be moved to a different pasture while they hot wire their pasture.  Lee Ann let me choose which one.  I took Sarge back and he was blowing and going.  He has started to cough again so I upped his Dex to 3cc.  Biscuit came to me with no problem...running into the little corral whinnying for Sarge.

Barry and I went back this afternoon and they were in their new pasture with their little corral moved. My ranch hand buddies did that!!!  Woot!!!

Seemed like Sarge's sheath wasn't so swollen so I will check it out each day.  Biscuit had no problem coming to me then.  What a toot!

Riding in Tyrrell Park with new friends

Tuesday after I came back from Ebenezer I rode at Tyrrell Park with Carla, Rhonda and Crystal.  We met at 10:00 AM and rode out  through the woods and all the way around  the back.  It was a great ride - I had a wonderful time and Biscuit was a total sweetheart!!!  Rode 8.5 miles.

Haven't rode since then outside of the arena due to bad weather.  So sick of the rain.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015