Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I like this picture of Biscuit!

Popped in on the Boys

I popped over to the barn this afternoon to check on the boys.  I passed out treats and hugged them up.  Biscuit is getting to know me and know his name Biscuit.  I call him Biscuit constantly ...  well, I call him Punkin' too but mostly Biscuit.  Took this picture and scrapped it....two versions of it.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Garmin Trip Information

I am so excited.  This is what I recorded today.  It was at 4 minute intervals.  It ran 34 minutes.  Next time I will set it at 2 minute intervals.  Woot!  I am so excited that I figured it out and was able to run a breadcrumb thingy!  Next week I hope to map it better!  It is 2.2 miles from the middle of the park, through the right side of the woods near the road to the canal and down to the bridge.  It takes about 30 minutes so that is about 1 mile in 15 minutes of walking.  It takes 1.5 hours to get to the back so it is about 6 miles.  We rode 3 hours today so we rode about 6 miles out and 6 miles back so approximately 12 miles.  I will map it next week!!!

Tyrrell Park Ride 12 26 10 at EveryTrail
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Biscuit is on the rise!!

I went out to the barn today to load up the boys.  I put them some pellets in their feed buckets in the trailer and hung up their hay bags filled with hay.  I hauled to the back and got Biscuit first.  He was kinda dirty!  He loaded up easily.  Sarge couldn't wait to get his fuzzy brown butt up there! 

I hauled them out to Tyrrell Park and unloaded them.  Sarge was a little excitable.  I took Biscuit out and started grooming him.  He was pretty dirty.  I got out treats and cleaned his hooves.  He did a good job - on the front left he tried pulling it away but he minded me when I refused to give it back! 

He seems to have gained a lot of weight even since just last Sunday  His back has really filled up and out and his neck has really filled in.  I brushed him and comb his mane.  He is looking so much better.  He will look so much better in the spring when his new coat comes in.  Some of his hair has a very nice shine and glitter to it.

Barry arrived and so did Kellie and Randy and LeeAnne B.  We all tacked up and saddled up.  I set my GPS and put it in my pocket.  We went through the trees and Sarge was really snorty and spooking at birds and the nasty little bed that is out there.  LOL  we were ready to kick him to the curb for awhile.  We went out to the canal and down to the bridge.  We crossed the bridge and we all got off to pick hooves.  Mud and rocks are not a good combination.  Biscuit was very good about giving his feet.  I took him over to the hill by the road and mounted.  We went across the land bridge and all the way down to the bayou.  We went across the little bridge and down the side of the bayou.  We got to the downed tree and Sarge had a hard time crossing it but he did.  I asked Biscuit and he refused.  I got off and tried to lead him...he refused.  Randy tried to get Regan to cross and he refused.  Randy walked him across.  Elan gave Kellie a bunch of flack but he finally went and Rogue went the easiest.  Barry tried to ride Biscuit across and he refused again even with spurs.  Randy said he'd never seen Biscuit refuse anything but the last time we crossed that was hard for him.  Barry walked him over and he jumped crooked and so awkwardly.  Poor guy.  I got back on and we rode up and down the little hills - the vegetation was dry and crumbly.  We turned and went back.  I was in the lead.  Biscuit refused the tree and I walked him over - him jumping crookedly again.  I tried to mount and had some trouble = Barry was trying to move him over and Biscuit's hoof hit the back of my foot so hard I saw stars.  I was finally able to mount and off we went.  Biscuit was all excited then and ready to go.  We trotted a long way to catch up with Kellie and Randy.  Lee Anne B had some trouble with Rogue.  He was being a pill she told me later.  We crossed over the bridge and away we went.  We had a wonderful ride today - it was beautiful.  The weather was gorgeous, the company was great and my horse is adorable.  

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Visiting the Biscuit Man & Sarge

Where is my treat Sister?
Barry and I went out to the barn to see the boys.  Biscuit is a poop machine.  OMG there is poo EVERYWHERE.  I think I need to get the cart and scoop it up.

I took loads of pictures of them while I was out there and Biscuit was yawning away and the pictures are so funny.  I picked up three of his feet and he was so sweet about it.

I hugged Sarge up...he is so special to me.
No treat?  What is up with that?

LOL  you want to do what?  I don't think so Sister...you didn't even bring a treat!!!

OMG I am so tired!!!

The Biscuit and The Sargent's Magic Carpet

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Group of Ladies Trail Ride

Today Kellie, Lee Anne P, Lee Anne B, Krystina, a little friend of hers (can't remember the little girl's name), Susan, Julia and I all went riding at Tyrrell Park. 

I started my day off by hauling my Brenderup to the carwash and I scrubbed it the best I could.  My arms get tired holding them up that high.  I had the step stool and that helped.  I couldn't get the very top - it is too high.  I sprayed out the poop in the back of the trailer but didn't clean the inside as Kellie's saddle was in the tack closet and some water leaks a little when I spray the inside.  I washed the Rav, too, while I was at it!   So I looked pretty darn nice hauling down the road. 

I hauled out to the barn and the Lee Anns and Julia were getting their horses ready.   Lee Anne P lunged Legatto and man can she haul hinney round and round snorting like a freight train.  Sue showed up and I had to back her trailer up for her.  If I do say so myself, I can move trailers pretty good now!

I had hauled to the back and loaded up Biscuit.  He gave me a little flack and I had to walk up in the trailer with him.  What a toot.  I got him some hay and he was happy to munch while I waited for the others.  Sue and I finally left and the others followed.  I was riding in Kellie's Circle Y.  I saddled Biscuit up and got on, stirrups do turn in the Softee Leather but not enough for my knees.  I got off and put the Crooked Stirrups on and that felt 100% better.  Saddle was comfy but it didn't really fit Biscuit.  It is too tight at the conchos like my Billy Cook was on Red.  Krystina is riding in my replacement Billy Cook and she LOVES it.  It is a pretty saddle.

I gave my friend Elan several treats.  He just loves a good treat and was standing so patiently waiting for one.  I was moving Kellie's stirrup for her and he was bending around looking for a treat!  What a pill he is!!!

We finally took off and did an S shaped ride through the woods to let Legatto settle in and settle down.  The out on the levee.  Woot!  What a beautiful day.  We rode over the bridge and straight down past the land bridge and all the way to Hildabrandt Bayou.  I rode first with Kellie and then in the middle with Lee Ann P.  We had such a good time! 

On the ride back, we weren't too far from the Bayou when I noticed Biscuit moving over closer and closer to Elan and then I heard a hog snort and we could see them rustling around on the other side of the little creek thingy.  Both Elan and Biscuit stopped and were super alert and all the horses were then on alert.  LOL Off we went...no wonder he was up in Elan's KoolAid!  We got all the way to where you either go to the shell road or straight down the canal and all of the horses refused to go!  Kellie had seen hog droppings up there so we think there was a hog up ahead or had recently been there and they are not hog hunting horses!  We went down the shell road til we could turn into the woods.  Biscuit was leading and Elan was up his tail which is unusual for him.  He and Biscuit are buddies.  Biscuit kinda startled and ears were up - to our right up ahead was a opossum climbing up a tree!  We saw so many kinds of birds today - pretty green finches, cardinals, a blue crane type bird, a huge hawk.  Such a pretty ride!

We got back to the trailer and my blue jean shirt was tied around my waist and had came off and I dropped the reins to grab in and was trying to grab the sleeves and all of a sudden Biscuit startled and took off!  I grabbed the reins and stopped him.   I realized I had spooked him with the shirt.  He gets upset if something "gets" him from behind.  Bless his heart. 

I took his tack off, put the regular stirrups back on Kellie's saddle and put her saddle in her trailer.  I then picked up Biscuit's feet.  He did a good job.  His back left one he wanted to take back but I wouldn't allow that.  He did a great job and got his treats.  He loaded up easily.  We stood around and chatted and then I hauled to Kellie's to pick up his poop from his trip over there last week.  He is a pooping machine.  OMG how can one horse poop that many times in a 14 hour time frame?

I hauled back to the barn and unloaded him and put him up.  Sarge looked like he'd been rode hard and put up wet!  I hugged him up before I left. 

Lee Ann B and I may ride tomorrow.  I am on vacation still!  I have to Christmas shop some and then I can go ride out at the ranch.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Short ride at Tyrrell

Kellie and I rode a short 2 hour ride at Tyrrell today.  It was fun as always.  Biscuit did a good job and didn't even move away from the step stool that I used to mount!  When we came back he was so good about giving me his feet. 

We are going to ride tomorrow!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I came OFF of my horse!

I went out to the barn today and brought The Biscuit up.  I groomed him and he cocks up his back feet for me to pick up and is getting really good about picking up his front feet.  Treats for him.  I brushed his hair and put the snaffle headstall and lunge line on him and we went into the area.  I worked him going both ways and he did an amazing job!  He is getting so much better each and every time.

I saddled him and put my bridle on him.  I mounted in the arena and went out of the arena and down the road.  He was doing the wind up number until I turned him in a circle.  He settled down and we went down the road and I chose to go in the grass just in case there was a problem...grass is softer than road.

We got down to the last two pastures and I could see Snippy looking over the top of his shelter wall.  Elmer and Spirit were facing the way we were going.  I had a good hold and was alert because Snippy is an idiot.

All of a sudden that fool exploded out of his shelter towards us, Elmer and Spirit turned and ran and so did Biscuit.  OMG he did such a quick roll back and I came off and plopped on the ground.  He ran a little ways to the end of that pasture and crossed to road to Sarge.  I got up, amazed that I wasn't scared and freaking out.  I walked over to him, he wasn't freaking out, eyes weren't rolling, nostrils weren't flaired, he wasn't scooting backwards.  I lead him to the ditch, pulled him into it a few inches and mounted easily.  We walked back to the barn.

I wasn't scared.  That was amazing to me.  I have always said if I came off a horse I was afraid I wouldn't get back on.  I did.  I am riding Saturday and Sunday.  Woot!

I don't think this would have happened at Tyrrell.  I think he thought the horses were fleeing from something and he wasn't going to get caught by whatever it was!  He looked at me like "couldn't you hang with me sister?"  He can turn on a dime. 

I took his tack off and he more than happily picked up his feet for me.  Good boy. 

So it was a Red Letter Day for me.  I came off, I got back on and am not scared!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Beach Picture!!!

Kellie's friend took this picture of us from a high platform...what a cool picture!

Left to right - Mule guy I think his name is Gary or Randy, Rina, Randy and his lady friend to his left, Holly and her daughter to her left, Denise, Esther, Kelly, Jamie in the back of Susan and Pam.  We had such a great time!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I rasped feet today!

This is his front feet the day after I brought him to Plum Nearly Ranch.  The front had been "nipped" off fairly bluntly in the front and short too!

His back feet had also been "nipped" off bluntly and short.  The back left foot is pretty jagged.

Barry and I went out to the barn and he brought the horses up.  I brushed Biscuit and cleaned his feet - he picks up those back feet so easily now - hands them to me just about!  Treats were given.  I cleaned the front feet with just a few AAACCCKKKKK noises thrown in when he tried to pull his feet.

Lee Anne and I decided to rasp his feet!  She said she would show me how.  She got gloves on and a rasp.  We started with the front feet.  We got the hoof stand and stretched his foot out.  He pulled it away once but I insisted he give it to me and up on the stand it went to be rasped.  Woot!  I am going to work on the horses feet myself....unless they crack or something like that!  I did 3 feet!!!  He doesn't like the back right leg pulled up - that is the one he kicked out with yesterday so it must be like in a slight bind but I insisted that he leave it on the stand and we got it done and he was given plenty of treats for standing there.

This is his back feet rasped by me.  The back left is still jagged but looking better.

Front is still short but some of the nipped off bluntness is gone and not as noticeable.   I will post pictures in 3 weeks to see how much change there is.
Here are pictures of his feet - the back left is pretty chewed up but now looks a little better.  I will continue to rasp a little here and a little there to keep their feet looking in ship shape.  I think this boy is going to have good feet when I get them in the right shape!

I saddled him up and we rode around in the arena.  He was wanting to GO.  Tossing that head up when I asked him to slow down.  Tomorrow I will try a martingale on him to see if I can correct some of that.  We practiced me getting on and off the mounting block.  He moved away from it once - but stood 3 times so he is getting better.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Tyrrell Park ride with Lee Ann B and Rogue

Lee Ann and I loaded up and went to Tyrrell Park today.  We started riding around 11:45 AM and rode til 2:45.  We rode through the woods, down the canal, over the bridge and all the way to the back on the right side. 

Biscuit was hesitating about going sometimes ... he just stops.  I finally popped his neck with the reins and he went.  We did some jogging, trotting, etc and it was so much fun.  It was cold but we were comfortable.

We hauled back to the barn and I was able to pick up his back right - he gives it to me now.  Picked up the left and he kicked out.  He got a sharp pop on his arse and he was sure surprised.  After that he was more than happy to give me his feet.  I don't think he was trying to kick me but I want to make sure he NEVER does either. 

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Biscuit goes to Kellies and to the beach

I hauled Biscuit to Kellie's last night so she could haul him to the beach for me.  I got up Saturday morning and drove to Galveston to deliver a wedding cake and then over to Boliver Peninsula to ride.  When I got there Kellie had Biscuit saddled up...what a gal!!!  We rode for an hour and a half - quite a bit of it at a trot.  I think we did about 6 miles or so.  Loads of Portuguese Man O'War's on the beach...they were so pretty - but they sure can sting.  We trotted and he did a jog some of the time.  H wasn't afraid of the water.

He did a great job.  We came through a little slew that ran from up in the housing area down to the water.  It cut a little eddy out.  We crossed two of them.  A guy on a mule and ponying a mule was stopped at the last one coming back and mules didn't want to cross.  We crossed thinking he'd follow - mule he was riding did - ponied mule didn't.  He started braying and it was pretty funny.  Esther's gelding, Hershey kept looking at those mules like "what is it and what is it's problem?!!!".

Right after the mule crossed, Biscuit shook from head to tail.  My Flip camera was flung off so I got off to get it.  I took him to the little eddy area and it was about 3" deep there so I was able to easily get on.  Woot!!!

We got back to the trailer and I had used Kellie's stool to mount.  Sababba got up to it spun around and kicked.  Wow...she is being a little pill.  Sue needs to toughen up on her or she is going to be a hand full.

Kenny said I was making a sissy out of Biscuit making him wear purple!  LOL  I told him The Biscuit was tough enough to wear purple!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Biscuit Man is fluffing up

I went to the barn yesterday and brought up Biscuit.  I brushed him, gave him treats and started with the back right hoof.  He GAVE it to me yesterday!  Woot!!!  Treat was popped in as soon as foot was down.  Over to the other side.  Didn't give it to me but he did ok after me leaning on him to shift his weight.  He tried taking it back a few times but I said AAAAAGGGGGHHHHTTTTTT....and he let me pick it out.  Treat was popped into his mouth.  Front feet was the same.  He did good..tried to take it back and I aaaagggghhhhtttt at him and he let me pick the feet and gently set them down.  He is getting so much better.  What a little sweetheart.

I put Lee Anne's snaffle bridle on him and lunge tape line and into the area we went.  He walked, trotted, stopped and somewhat cantered to the left.  I can't run long enough to keep him going.  I will be sucking eggs in just a few minutes.  We stopped and I walk up to him and the whip bobbled and he flinched so hard poor guy.  I talked softly to him and rubbed his face and gave him a treat so he knew he wasn't in trouble.  I just feel bad for him when he does that.  We went the other way with walk trot canter stop.  I didn't get him sweaty like the other two days but I can't run like that either!!!!

I took him back down to the pasture and we stopped on the way to work on WHOA's .  He is doing really well.  I snapped a picture of him on my phone when we first got into the arena and compared it to one taken the day after I brought him to Plum Nearly.  Such an improvement!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Work It Biscuit!!!

Biscuit had a big work out today too.  I went down to the pasture and brought up both the boys.  I talked to Lee Anne (I made her a big old batch of Biscotti!!!!) and she said she spoke to the people at Village Creek about us riding there.  That would be great!

I tacked him up and put the lunge line on and we started to "Walk On" and then trot.  He wanted to trot at first but I slowed him down.  He is learning "whoa" and stops better now.  It was hard keeping him into a canter...I about ran my ownself to pieces.  Barry showed up and helped me and so did Lee Anne.  We tag teamed him again.  He was sweating to beat the bank.  I got on him to walk him and cool him out while Barry worked with Sarge in the arena. 

Biscuit let me pick up all of his feet to clean them.  He is getting better!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Biscuit gets a serious workout

I got out to the barn around 2:00.  The Lee Ann's were riding in the back and I brought Biscuit up to the front.  He let me pick up his feet fairly easily and clean then.  He is getting to be such a good boy.  Of course, he gets an apple/oat treat EVERY time I pick up a hoof. 

I asked Lee Anne for help with lunging him.  We put her snaffle bridle on him, the lunge tape, surcingle was put on (he flinched big time because I was at his head and I don't think he knew what happened!) and into the ring she went.  She asked him to move out slowly in a small circle and increased it.  Then to the trot.  She tried and tried to get the canter and ask me to get my buggy whip.  We were both popping the whips at him and into the canter/gallop he went.  He trots HUGE and finally goes into a canter/gallop but doesn't hold it steady.  We worked with him.  I got on the back on the ring and was keeping him going...Lee Anne B. was twirling the lead rope in one corner...poor guy was being ran by three very determined ladies. 

She had him going both ways with voice commands so he could learn them.  He learns quickly.  I finally got in the ring under her direction and was walking/trotting him.  He was soaking wet from head to tail. 

His front left hoof looks like an abscess may have blown out there.  It seems a little tender.  He is such a good boy but like Lee Ann said he has been treated roughly.  She stopped him and went towards him and he was standing there trembling.  She hugged him up.  She is firm but fair with them.  I told her why would anyone have mistreated/roughly treated that horse.  He has such a sweet nature.

I brushed him a little and walked him down to his paddock....training as we went.  Whoa....back up... walk....whoa...back up....walk all the way to the paddock.  A few treats on the way to sweeten the walk.

I talked to Kellie about him.  She said that she had trail rode with this horse in the group for 3 years and she never saw him misbehave.  She said that after Kenny gotten him back from Mr. Joseph that Randy rode him and Randy said it was sad that he had had all the personality squished out of him and he was like "dead".  Poor guy....I think he is learning that I am not there to hurt him but to train him and give him treats.  That makes me sad to hear that.  I am going to hug him up tomorrow before we start the lunging.  I am going to try to lunge him every day or ride him every day so that he gets his balance and builds his muscles up. 

LOL Lee Ann P said to call him Limp Bizkit after the band...I told her maybe Sea Biscuit but that limp anything wasn't good!!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Trail riding with The Lee Ann's

Barry and I loaded up and headed out.  We side tripped to help Allison get her horse Bobby in the trailer.  That didn't work....he will need practice.  She later got him in and made a short trip.  He loaded 5 times later that day.

Barry and I got out to Tyrrell and I had forgot his bridle.  GAG.  That bites.  He left and I rode with the Lee Ann's.  I am going to get extra bridles for BOTH of us and leave them in the trailer.

We tacked up and I crammed in a sandwich - I shared my crusts with Biscuit.  He likes the crust.  Off we went and he had serious diarrhea...splat splat.  I think it was the alfalfa he had yesterday.  We rode into the woods - he refused to go first.  LOL  he got more forward as the day went on.  We rode through the woods until the first ride away and we went left and down to pick up the trail from there.  We rode that trail because it is my favorite.  I love the twists and turns on that ride.  We came upon the track that Kelly had called the city about - they had at least rolled it up so it is very visible and not a threat.  We rode all the way around and back to the front.  We rode that trail and Lee Ann P was brave enough to try the trails out so we went through the woods to the canal and all the way down to the bridge.  Lee Anne P decided to walk across with Legato and they both did just fine.  We crossed the land bridge and went all the way back to the bayou.  It was such a beautiful fun ride.  So peaceful.  We rode all the way back and they walked across the bridge but I rode across.  I am getting brave.

We rode down the canal and back into the woods.  We trotted all the way back to the barn.  Rogue was leading the way and Biscuit was a little put out that he couldn't just GO liked he wanted.  I worked on that trot/jog.  He is getting so much better.  He used to go like a wind up toy when I would first get on...he doesn't do that anymore.  He is a very good boy. 

We truly had a great time...can't wait to go again.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Biscuit and Sarge

Barry and I went to the barn to check on the boys after delivering the wedding cake.  We took some alfalfa down to the pasture for Sarge's snack.  Barry said NOT TO GIVE SARGE SNACKS!  He said that Sarge put his teeth on his hand yesterday....hummmm...he does LOOK for snacks so no more snacks for Sarge.

I wormed Sarge as soon as we got there.  I put the stick in his mouth and squeezed the tube and voila - wormed horse!  Sarge wasn't too thrilled...it must leave a bad taste in his mouth because he stood there with a sour look on his face and I think it was on his tongue.  Barry made him swallow it.  He didn't even want to eat his alfalfa.  Biscuit was more than happy to eat the alfalfa.

I walked over to look at their round bale and stepped in ants - omg I was covered in ants.  I brushed them off kinda!!  Edgar came out and fed the boys and Biscuit is always glad to see Edgar coming.  He was reluctant to leave the alfalfa though.  Bless his heart...he has never had such luxuries.

Lee Anne and I are going riding tomorrow at Tyrrell Park...can't wait.

Friday, December 3, 2010

What an improvement - Rolling Biscuit!!!!

I went to the barn this morning to ride the Biscuit Man.  Barry was already out there on Sarge.  I got Biscuit out of the pasture and walked him to the barn.  Again, I noted how much his ground manners have improved.

I brushed him and then gave him a treat.  I started with his back hooves and picked both of them with absolutely NO problems.  I think his feet are looking good.  I gave him a treat after each foot.  Then onto the front.  He tried to pull it away after a few seconds but I held on and he let me clean it then he was starting to pull it again so I was through and set it down.  Another treat was giving and lots of Good Boy!!  pats were given out.  I picked up the last foot and he wanted to pull it away but he settled down and let me clean his hoof.  Wow.  What an improvement.

I tacked him up and took him into the arena.  He moves away from the mounting block...I think it is he is just not used to a mounting block because he will stand still for me to mount out in the fields with no problem.  I just have to get him used to a mounting block.  Working on it.  My bride from last week showed up bringing me the stress free.  We talked for awhile and Forest came too and said hi.

I rode him round and round and he is getting better.  I got off and on several times on the mounting block.  I will just have to work at it with him until it is ok for him.  Barry rode him a little and he did a ok job.  Poor guy has just had too many people on him, too many signals, not enough firm discipline for the right things.

I untacked him and Barry held him while I trimmed his whiskers and cut a 1" bridle path.  He wasn't too excited about that but finally realized I wasn't going to hurt him.  I just cut a little tiny path for the bridle - I don't like his hair going everywhere when I tack him up.  It looks funky.

I took him down the road and noticed he didn't crip up once.  I think his tender feet were due to a blunting clip of his feet on the weekend Kenny took him up to Ebenezer the first time I rode him.  Poor baby.   I turned him loose in his pasture and he walked over and layed down to roll and I snapped a video of it.  LOL  it was Rolling Biscuits!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Snaffle for the Biscuit Man

I went out to the barn this afternoon and got Biscuit.  He is such a sweetie.  His ground manners have improved 1000% since I got him.  I was looking at the snaffles in Lee Anne's cabinet and called her to ask which one to use!  I thought she had already left the barn but she was coming into the tack room!  LOL  She showed me one that she liked and she got Lagatto and we both tacked up. 

I tried to clean his hooves....we did the "hold on to the hoof...he pulls forward and hops on three feet" dance but he did eventually let me clean his hooves.  The back ones are no problem.  It is the front ones but I cleaned them after riding too.  He pulled the hooves then, hopping around, plopping into the wall and we bounced around but I got it done and he was nice about it.  It will just take time.

I put the bridle on and it was too tight so we adjusted it.  We will see how it goes.  I played the dance around the mounting block with him.  Sigh...he can be such a pill.  I got on  and we walked and jogged around the arena for about 45 minutes or so.  He doesn't stop too well with a snaffle.  That is an understatement!!!  He did side pass decently though.  He is trying.  He did toss that head a few times and shakes it like a snake but I got him to settle that down!!!  He just needs work and work is what he is going to get this month.

I am planning on riding Saturday and Sunday.  Since I get off at 1:00 PM now I plan on lunging/riding him every afternoon weather permitting.  I am not overly fond of really cold weather!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Pretty Pony

I have officially owned Biscuit for 1 month today...I have had him in my possession for 51/2 weeks.  I went out to the barn to pay my boarding fee and he and Sarge were laying down enjoying the sun.  They had had a round bale put in their paddock and I wanted to make sure no one was colicking!!!

He looked so sweet.  He finally got up and I returned to the car to get him some treats.  I have owned him exactly one month today - that is something to celebrate. 

Sarge was laying down too...they have really fuzzed up!  They are so soft feeling...like velvet!