Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bluing to whiten the Biscuit's Tail and a trip to the ER

I went out to trim Biscuit's hooves today.  Realized when I got there that all of my grooming/farrier tools were in the Brenderup.  I decided to just give Biscuit a bath and whiten his mane and tail. 

I put him on the washrack and got my Mrs. Stewart's Blueing, purple shampoo and OxyClean spot remover.  I filled up the green bucket with water and added blueing.  I soaked Biscuit down and scrubbed him and then stuck his tail in a bucket of blueing.

I got a water bottle and poured the blueing on his mane and scrubbed it in.  After that, I sprayed OxyClean into his man and tail and rubbed that in as well.  I finally rinsed him off and sprayed Show Sheen on the mane and tail and combed it out.  I curried and brushed him and checked his hooves. 

He was such a good boy the entire time.  I led him into the center and let him graze a little and took some pictures.

His under jaw was full of long hair so I wanted to trim him up with the electric trimmers.  I led him over to the tack area and turned on the clippers.  At first he was a little reluctant, just like last year, but when he saw they weren't going to hurt him he was fine with it.  I was carefully shaving the long hairs on his left side and he was standing there like a total sweetheart. 

Suddenly I heard tires crunch on the rocks and Biscuit startled and jumped on my right foot - GAAAAAAA - I shoved him off of my foot and Lisa's white truck crunched on by.  OMG  I looked down and my foot was puffing up like a marshmallow and turning blue.  I managed to hang up the clippers.  I took a picture and texted it to Kellie and tried to call her.  I thought my foot was broke!  I called Barry and he was taking Morgan's car to have a battery put in it as it had died at Don's house. 

He said he couldn't come right then as Mog's car had to have a battery and he wasn't in his truck.  I said ok...I was going to the ER.  I got Biscuit and managed to get into the RAV and took him down the road and turned him out.   I had my camera and snapped some pics of them.

I went back up the road, picked up my stuff off of the washrack and dumped out the blueing to clean off the wash rack.  I can't remember where I put the green bucket at this moment.  I guess somewhere in the tack room.  I talked to Kellie and she said to have it xrayed so I headed to Baptist.  I parked and got inside and Randy was there.  LOL  I got a blessing out for not wearing boots. 

Kellie thought it was ugly too!!!  They took me back to a room and then answered questions for a nice young man and then I had some x-rays.  My blood pressure was high - LOL  I guess it was the trauma!  Another young man came to tell me that I was a real cowgirl as I had huge spurs on my heels.  Kellie later showed me the x-rays and yeah...the huge spur on the right foot is still there.  Seems to me the one of the left was the huge one so they don't hurt as bad as they used to but they are still there.  Randy continued to give me the razz and Tracy came in and visited. 

They are very nice there and very professional.  X-Ray man said there was a possible crack in one of the top bones but not a sure thing...saying it is a sprain...I like that better than a break.  They wrapped it in a wrap thingy and I hobbled out with Kellie.

I got home and Barry went and got us dinner and I took a hot bath.  It is still swollen and will probably be bright colors tomorrow.  Lesson learned DUH.....WEAR YOUR BOOTS!!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Big Alligator Spotted and Trick Dismount

Kellie and I hauled out to Tyrrell to ride.  We met up with Kurt and James.  Kurt was on a new horse that is only 4 years old and on her first trail ride.  We went out Cattail Marsh and Jennie, the new horse, was leading.  She seems to be a brave little girl!

There was a turtle up on the bridge and Kurt picked it up and set it on the other side.  He walked Jennie over for the first time which is wise.  We got on the other side and were just past the water shoot and she spooked hard to the right.  Something slid in the water!

James and Kurt saving the turtle!
Huge alligator swimming across the bayou
Pink Spoonbills

We crossed the land bridge and went around to the back. We saw a huge alligator crossing Hildebrandt Bayou.  We kept going and had a terrific ride.  We crossed the bridge and I dismounted to clean Biscuit's hooves.  I went to remount and put my foot in and grabbed mane and pulled up and over right when he stepped to the left towards me and then forward.  I pitched over his shoulder, foot still hung in left stirrup and hanging on to his mane looking extremely uncoordinated I am sure.  I managed to kick the stirrup off and I knew I was coming off of him!  I landed on my fee looking backwards at his butt.  Yoooo HAAAAAA!!  Thank God I didn't bust my butt!!!  James said "Good Save!!!"  LOL

I led him over to a slight incline and remounted and pulled him up short when he kept trying to walk off.    We walked up the gravel road and Biscuit suddenly was on high alert.  There was someone in the woods and 3 people on horses popped out - omg it is so muddy in there!  James knew the man and one of the women was the lady that went "water skiing" on her horse at Ebenezer and got knocked out on the beach.  I didn't know that til we moved off.  She was riding a nice paint and I said "your horse is gorgeous" and she said in a tight voice "it's a stud".  LOL  I said well, this is a gelding - he won't be interested.  Geez...some people are just not friendly or even cordial!

We went along a little ways and Biscuit spooked HARD to the right - thank God I kept my seat.  James said I had improved!!!  LOL 

Some birds few up from the bog and they were PINK!!!  James said Flamingos and I said he was pulling my leg - I could see they weren't flamingo's - they were spoonbills.  So pretty!!!!

Kellie and I had a coke and visited and talked about her new trailer she is getting.  Had a great time.  Biscuit and I rode 36.9 miles in one week.  He was a good boy this week. 

Riding up at Ebenezer

I hauled up to Ebenezer Saturday morning to ride with Margaret.  I got up there and my spot was gone!  Someone was in it!  I talked to Loretta and she put me in another spot with no charge!  Yay Loretta.  I called Sunday and got the refund FINALLY on the days I didn't use it - what annoyed me is they re rented it!!

Anyway, I tacked Biscuit up and we decided to find the waterfall from that side of the park which is not far.  We took off down the road and came on some riders that took up the entire road but we passed with no problems.  Biscuit was really tenderfooted today.  We kept going around the road, crossed roads, down trails we recognized and I was stopping to make way points.  I named the way points so that took a little time to do that.

We went down a trail and hit a wonderful canter!  Biscuit was doing great and then my hat flew off and I also saw where my water bottle came off.  Darn!!!!

We were getting close and went down a trail that would have let us make a loop.  We got aways down and Cub bogged down bad and Biscuit said no...Denise said no.  We went back to the road and down to the trail that comes up from the Water Fall.  We went down a little ways and it was too wet.  We decided to not go the other .10 mile but it is marked and we will be going back next time with Kellie and Randy.

We shared chicken fried deer meat and a peanut butter sandwich.  We got off the horses to check hooves and then started back.  Most of the trails were dry as a bone - we crossed some water but not much.  That is amazing considering how much rain they got.

We got back to the trailer and had a coke.  It was a terrific ride and can't wait to go back.

Riding Friday with Kellie and Julia

Julia and I hauled to Tyrrell Park last Friday to ride with Kellie.  We rode out to the back and saw a HUGE alligator and hogs!!!  Biscuit and Elan had to consult with each other on whether to proceed toward the hogs!  Shalom was a terrific gal that day. 

It was not a long ride but it was a nice ride.   Lots of wild life everywhere - we saw a raccoon near the bog on the left side. 
Huge Alligator to the right side of the park across the little canal

Suuuu Weeeeeeee  here piggy piggy piggy!!!
We came around the corner and there were the hogs.  Two large ones: one black and one reddish colors.  Then there were 4 smaller ones.  This is near where Julia and I saw them last time.    We watched them for a bit and then moved towards them.  They moved into the woods to the left.

 Biscuit and Elen had to confer with each other on whether it was safe to proceed further.  They kept stopping and looking around.  Shalom would have moved out - she wasn't afraid!

 Biscuit back at the trailer - they were all glad they weren't a French Delicacy for an Alligator!!  Biscuit is shedding out and looking like a cutie patootie.

Elan and Shalom standing by the trailer.  They were all very good today.  Terrific ride and I am ready to go again.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mudding with The Biscuit and Sarge

Barry and I went up to Ebenezer on Sunday.  He got there before me because I had to go load up at the barn.  Devin helped me load up hay and feed.  I got the horses in the trailer and took off.  I drove at 50-55 mph - got pretty good gas mileage going up there.  It is easier to haul both horses as the load is balanced.

I was pretty darn tired from doing wedding cakes when I got there.  We visited with Kent, Melody, Kellie and Randy.  We did go look at the Double Heart Ranch - I want to go ride from there.  The trails are pretty nice from that area.

We cooked out Sunday night and shared a meal together which was nice.  I brought chicken wings and seasoned rice, Randy made jerk chicken and grilled pineapples.  It was just good!!!!

We all got together in the travel trailer and visited.   Lol we had a blast.

Sunday morning we ate breakfast and visited and then saddled up.  I could tell when I first started out that I was tired.  We headed for the beaver pond and got about a mile and a half and Kellie and Randy turned back.  They had been riding all weekend and Elan's back had been a little sore.

We kept going.  We went around the beaver pond and Biscuit wouldn't walk in the water the same as in January.  Barry had gone around into the trees and it was mushy.  Biscuit was spazzing out and I had to get after him and pull him to a stop and turn him to keep him from knocking my knees off on the trees.  Gaaa!  We got behind the beaver pond and it was mush in places.  When Sarge sunk down to his fetlocks in one place Biscuit quickly moved to the other side.  He is a smart cookie.  He didn't spazz too bad over the mushy places.

He powered through the mud in a few places....he walks through streams like a pro and acts like a little water puddle is an ocean and mud is quick sand.

We went down the little road and crossed onto the other side and away we went.  Gorgeous dogwoods were in bloom and we saw a huge turkey running across the trail - he was fat as could be and colorful as all get out.

We went through water and Biscuit was a pro - he did a great job.  We came upon some kind of weird looking trap that we still haven't figured out what they were going after!!!

Biscuit drank well on the trail which is always a good thing.  He was alert and forward moving.  We got to the 4 way trail and went to the right because Barry wanted to circle back and not go on the same trail...ugh... We went along the top line with no problem...Biscuit hit a 2 stride canter and I pulled him up...no cantering in a place I am not familiar with.

We stayed up fairly high but came to a part where Biscuit and Sarge bogged down.  Kent did some but he was lower than us and didn't hit the bog - go figure!!  Good gracious - Biscuit was galloping in place but he didn't freak out.  Neither did I - I just grabbed hold of his mane and tried to stay centered in the saddle.   We hit some smaller soft spots but nothing to horrible.  It did give them a work out though.  We crossed some streams and had to turn back several times.  We were using the compass to get back to the trail.    We went back down the trail and got back to the road and went another way and then decided that didn't work.  Went back to the high line and followed it literally to a lake and I know we were just south of the beaver pond according to the Garmin.  That is the place that Ray had said to be careful of that you would be swimming in a flash.  We tried a trail to the right but it got boggy and we turned back.  Down the road to find the original trail but Kent turned on one before that.  I thought it looked different but it is the different looking at this time of the year.  It wasn't the right one.  Biscuit had just followed Scout.  We got back to the road and kept going and I was behind Kent.  I should have been leading.  I looked at the Garmin and Barry wanted to go further and I said no...it is south of here.  I turned Biscuit around and he found the trail and willingly went down it and he wouldn't have had it not been the right trail home.  LOL  and my Garmin beeped as it found a waypoint.  Biscuit and I went a ways and Barry and Kent were still on the road.  I hollered for them to follow me.

Biscuit and I waited for them to follow.  They caught up with us and we led for a while and then Biscuit pulled himself off the trail so Sarge could pass!!!  He is so funny.  Sarge is his "leader".  We hit some soft ankle deep places but that was it.

We got on the other side of the beaver pond and there was the spot across the "lake" that we had been standing at!!!  Will try to go that way in the summer if it is dry.  We saw deer on the way back.

We got to the curve of the road where we can see the little road coming in from Hwy 225.  Kent and Barry decided to go by the road...I was staying on the trail.  Biscuit fussed a little but he kept going.  Later I heard Barry behind me.  He said he knew I was tired and my horse was tired.  LOL  I said "News for you...neither I nor my horse are tired."  I put Biscuit in a jog and jogged all the way back to the camp.

Kellie and Randy had packed up and left.  Kent got in and said he'd talked to them and bad weather was coming.  I washed Biscuit off - he was a mudpie.   I tied him to the trailer and gave him his hay bag.  Sarge was washed and given his hay while they both dried.

I started dinner.  It was nice to look out the window and see the horses.  Barry had to run to WalMart.  I fed the horses but Sarge only ate half of his dinner.  He was so tired...poor guy!!  I got dinner cooked but not tender when Margaret called and said high winds for the next day.

Long and short of it...we packed up and left.  I was worried about Sarge but he was fine when we got home.

Every time I try to get a weeks riding in something comes up!  Bummer.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Riding with Julia and Shalome

After the Stirlingshire Saddle Fitter's left the barn, Julia and I headed out for a ride at Tyrrell Park.  It was wet out in the back.  We saw big turtles and wow!  Hogs! in the back.  We rode a little more than 6 miles and Biscuit was a total doll.  I really enjoyed my ride. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Stirlingshire Saddle Fitters are back!

Alene and Louise returned to Plum Nearly Ranch on Tuesday to adjust Julia's saddle.  They had Julia call me to let me know when they would be there and Face Booked me to say they needed cake.  I had made a bunch of vanilla/strawberry cake balls so I took those out to the barn.  They got lost and called and I talked them in to getting to the barn.

Louise took apart the saddle so fast it was amazing!  It is the same one I helped sew last year.  She readjusted the stuffing and sewed it back up.  Makes me want an English Saddle.

Look how pretty it is!!!  Love the SSF

The Dressage is on the left - I love that one!  Love the color!!!

Two SSF and the one Louise just sewed up!!! 

Could be my future saddle!!

Alene and Lee Ann P discussing leather
Then Alene gets out their new saddles - WOW!!  It had a SSF logo on the side.  She showed us two - one dressage and I am not sure what the other was as I am not an English rider.   We were talking about Alene's training classes and she agreed to give us a class in English riding in October - then we are going to go on a trail ride at Tyrrell Park.  Hahahaha...Alene is afraid of Spiders and we discussed Spider Polo - I will lead if there are any spiders but in October we should be safe.

We are going to each have a 30 minutes lesson, break for lunch and then head for the trails for a fun ride to put in to use the lesson we just had.  I am going to give English riding a go.  I loved my Aussie non horn saddle so I am kinda there now.  Lee Ann said I will love it.

Julia got on her newly adjust saddle and they discussed leg angles.  Alene said you shouldn't be able to see your toe when riding.  That feet out in the front doesn't give you proper balance and why it doesn't.  Heck - I learned a ton just listening to her. 

Alene and Louise in "a really nice truck!!!"

It was great seeing them and I am looking forward to them coming back.  I gave them the cake balls so I hope they enjoy them.