Friday, January 9, 2015 is cold in southeast Texas

Wednesday night through Thursday morning was COLD.  The windchill in Nederland was 14° .and it was 23° .  When I went out to the barn it was 29° with a real feel of 23°.  My horses were fluffy and warm to the touch!  The barn had put out a round bale for my boys for they were happy campers.  They love to get their carrots and I have no problem catching the Biscuit now.  Woo Hoo!!!  He thought he was coming outside the other day and was trying to get out of the gate!  LOL that is a change from running from me.

I went to the doctor Wednesday and the wound is now 50% smaller than it was originally.  Hopefully, when I go back in 2 weeks it will be close and I can ride.  Mr. Braur said  I would need to pad that area so that it was protected when I can start to ride again.

I so miss my riding!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Alfalfa is on its way

I went to Lake Charles, LA with Barry today to buy wood for his shop.   On the way back we stopped at The Vinton Feed Store to buy alfalfa for my boys.  They are going to love it.  They just adore alfalfa and Vinton Feed Store always has the best alfalfa.  I have been buying it there for 6 years.  I also picked up a bale for Legato - Lee Ann P had asked me to get some next time I went and it has been awhile since I went.

It was very foggy going over there and coming  back.  Gaaaaa...couldn't see the tops of the
 bridges or the river!  We got back just fine though.

I went out to see my horses - just had little nubs of carrots...only about 2" pieces for each one.  LOL  not a good thing for my boys.  Barry will have to bring the alfalfa tomorrow.  I couldn't see the heave line on Sarge today.  Hoping his allergies is a thing of the past.

I hope to spend more time with them Saturday.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!!!

It is now 2015.  I bought Red almost 6 years ago so I have been on this journey of horse ownership for 6 years.  I truly love and treasure my horses.  They bring peace and joy to me - even if I am not riding!!

I didn't get to ride for the past 9 weeks due to the open sore my falling off of Biscuit in late October caused.  I go back to the doctor on January 7th and I hope that it will be healed - I am not counting on it but hoping!!

I added up my miles for 2014 - I know it is not accurate to the mile - I was without a Garmin for quiet a while and was going on known distances of each ride.  I had to go on to our How Far Did You Go thread to pull up my miles or the description of the ride so I could estimate it.  It was 365.5 miles.  More than I thought it would be but I did smake a number of day rides up at Ebenezer with my Hag on Nags friends, plus we rode 30 miles in Mississippi and then the week we spent at Ebenezer I rode 52 miles.

In the 4 years I have owned Biscuit, I have rode him 1,477 miles.  That gives me approximately 369 miles per year.  Biscuit has been a treasure to me...sometimes he had made me want to pull hair out but most of the time he is pretty dang adorable.

I am hoping that I get to ride on a regular basis this year.  We are going to Ebenezer in March  with our posse and then we are going back to Brushy Creek in Mississippi in May.  Cherie and I are planning days to ride as soon as I can.

Hoping this year if not the years of the past 2 that have been filled with sorrow, illness, loss and grief.  It is a new year - Jesus will be my co-pilot as always and I am praying for peace and joy.

Happy New Year and Happy Trails!!!