Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Red throws and shoe and Barry comes off too!

Barry and I went out to the stables so he could ride. I was cooking soup so dinner was on and ready. We went out and saddled Red up and I walked with Barry down the road. He wanted Red to get into water and at first Red was side stepping and not too interested in getting his tootsie's wet. But...Barry has spurs. In Red went. And again. He still has his shoe on as you can see in the right picture on the bottom. We go down the road almost to the end. Barry is way ahead of me. About one paddock width. I look up and Red is facing me but startling like a deer and going sideways. Barry whipped sideways with him but then was suspended in air and off he came. Down on his feet and he fell sideways. Red kinda looked surprised and then took off towards me. I was saying whoa boy. easy...steady... yeah right he ran past me with reins flapping in the wind and I was hoping he would stop before he stepped on a rein and flipped himself.

I went to Barry and hugged him up. He was fine but I was not too thrilled to see him come off the horse. I called Krystina to tell her not to worry about Red being up there (he was almost back to the barn!) and she came out and snagged him.

That is when we realized he lost a shoe. UGH! LOST A SHOE AGAIN!

We walked back to the back - Barry thought he stumbled in a hole. We did find a hole but I didn't think that was it. He looked like he was shying away from something. We walked further back and found the place where hooves tore up the ground but not much. Barry said he felt like he sank in a hole but I didn't see anything that made me think that. Red's back left hoof has a little turned up lip now and he seemed a little gimpy on the front right but that is probably because he threw the shoe and was walking on the hard parts of the road. Didn't notice gimp in the grass.

Barry got back on him and rode him back up the road. Red was very well behaved. I don't know what he startled at but it was something. I do know know if I come off of him he is going to run like a spotted ape. Woo Hoo

I have to call Reagan tomorrow to come put his shoe back on. Sigh......

Monday, March 30, 2009

Dashing Big Red's pedigree

Just in case you would like to see Red's pedigree:


Red on a trail ride of 4 and wearing a helmet for the first time!!!

Today I asked Krystina to go riding and we made plans to go at 3:00. I got out to the barn and tacked Red up. Jeremy came by in a dump truck right near Red so I did move him but he acted like huge dump trucks always went by him. I took him into the arena and it was kinda hard to get on. He kept wanting to walk away. Uuuugghhhhh NOO..I would lead him back around and make him stand. When I got on I made him stand there. While I was trying to mount there was another horse just standing there (Lee Ann's Rogue), Krystina was cantering the Arabian around and around and in the other half of the arena there was a horse being lunged so I guess considering all of that he was pretty good!

Ms. Jean came and wanted to know where my helmet was...I don't have one but she loaned me one so for the first time in my life I wore a helmet. I will go buy one tomorrow at Tractor Supply. I don't need my brains bashed in. Better safe than sorry!

So, me, Krystina, Lee Anne and I go down the road - an Arabian in an English saddle, a Tennessee Walker with an endurance saddle, and a Quarter Horse in a Western saddle! We met up with another person, (her name escapes me at this moment) and she was riding her little Quarter Horse gelding in an Australian saddle! I wish we could have had a picture of all of us! The little Quarter Horse was spooking and looking like he was going to pop and was startling at everything. Krystina's little Arabian was full of beans and stepping high and spooking too. They all startled once like a chain reaction. I think Red startled to get out of the way....on the way down the road he acted like the water was Satin. LOL was a suck up to Margaret! Anyway, Red was doing pretty darn good but the little Quarter Horse was startling and spooking and she thought it was her windbreaker snapping. I offered my water bottle holder to stuff it in. Arabian started being a pill so they both got off and decided to walk back. Lee Ann and I were still on. Red was rearing to go - it was back to the barn! Lee Ann rode a little and then got off too when Arabian boy started having a hissy....Krystina said she should have rode Fancy!! LOL

Red was pretty good...I could feel he was ready to go though...his head was way up high which is not his usual position, his ears forward, he usually has his ears to me and he was stepping high too! He listened to me though, backing up when I asked. Stopping when I asked but he really wanted to pop off too! I rode him all the way to where the little Quarter Horse went and this was past the horses that were galloping around in the pastures. He was a handful but he did listen. I got off there and walked him back. We worked on good ground manners. Stopping when I said stop, backing up when I said back up, all the way back to the barn which wasn't far. He listened to me no matter what and I was very glad to see how well he behaved. He is a pleasure to be around. I groomed him and gave him a handful of alfalfa for a treat - his feed and alfalfa was waiting in his stall. I took his halter off and he bolted in his stall like his backside was on fire. What a chow hound!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Red likes the water!

We picked up Red this morning and trotted up to Ronnie and Margaret's. Archie was already there and Margaret's grandson, Dawson was there too. We got Red out of the trailer and Margaret and Ronnie both thought he looked terrific and had put on weight. I tied him up and gave him his to-go bucket of grain Sergio had prepared for him. That was so sweet of Sergio! Red scarfed up his dinner, dropping grain like he always does.

We all sat around and shot the breeze while the crawfish were cooking. We all had a piece of chocolate cake that I made - I made a Triple Chocolate Cake with fudge filling and cherry pie filling and then iced in chocolate. It was really good and I don't even like chocolate that much.

The corn, potatoes and sausage was so good and Barry and everyone else really enjoyed the crawfish.

Margaret saddled Easy and Barry and I saddled up Red. Barry rode him to show Margaret what he had been learning and Margaret rode him a little. She said he was doing great - we adjusted his bits a little looser...they have been tighter and looser...still working on the best placement. Margaret and I went off on a ride. Easy was, at first, acting like a spastic - he was startling and backing up and side stepping into Red. LOL Red was stepping quick to get out of his way. LOL We got a little way down and Margaret wanted him to go through the water on the side of the road. He was not to sure and was just looking at it. Red was side stepping but when Easy went so did he. LOL I guess Margaret told him to get with the program when she rode him. He walked in the water which was a hoot. He usually acts like water is going to eat him. We went down the road and up another. We went through water several times and once it was fairly deep - up over his ankles...he wanted to paw it! LOL I was amazed because Red generally has hissies over water!!! We walked through several mini streams and standing water. I was so proud of him!! He stepped once in what looked like solid ground and he sunk down deep - but he was ok and did just fine.

He trotted when I asked for trots, backed up when I asked for a back up, turned and did just wonderful!

When we got back it was time to go. We had a blast. Cleaned the horse poo out of the trailer at PNR. Some was growing oats - LOL I don't know if Bruce cleans that rascal but I gave it a cleaning. Gave Red his suppliment and his alfalfa. That makes him a happy camper.

We were talking to Bruce and he said he got his first horse from my BIL John...a brown mare - lol it was GAL!!!! That was the last horse I owned before Red. I wondered what happened to her and Bruce said he sold her for 3K to someone for their kids. She would have been terrific for that - she was so gentle and sweet. Barry always said she was a glue pot and I told him I didn't want to hear that anymore!

We might go next weekend and watch Bruce rope in LaPort. Heck...that will be fun! I can't wait to get a trailer so I can go where I want - when I want. Margaret and I talked about going to the beach to ride. That would be so much fun!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Getting ready for the trail

We went out to Bruce Jr's today to get the trailer. He is such a sweetie and so is Tina. He rides in Crooked Stirrups too. He had several saddles in the garage and they all had Crooked Stirrups! I couldn't ride without them. We are going to the barn around 9:00 or so in the morning to get Red ready. There is always the chance that he is filthy - he is such a pig.

Barry said his backside was full of mud today when he went out there. I had a cake to do and then went with Barry to Bruce's so I didn't get to see my boy today...and he didn't get his alfalfa. I am sure he missed that treat but poop happens!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Grooming Red

I went out to the barn to day while Sherry was cleaning the house. Red was sweating under his mane and he was shedding. I got him out and brought him to the wash rack and brushed and groomed him. He is really shaping up and looking terrific. Krystina and I were setting him up square. It has been ages since I taught a horse to set up. I would like to show him in showmanship or something next year. That would be a blast. It was so HOT out there and humid as can be. I was sweating like crazy.

Barry went out to ride this afternoon and I went out there after going to Zeno's to get a container of fondant. I went to the barn and Barry was trotting Red up the back road. I tried getting on and was able to get my foot in the stirrup but should have tightened the saddle. I might have been able to get on! I will keep working on it. We took Red over to groom him. He is shedding left and right and I used a curry comb on him and scrubbed and rubbed. It is a good massage for him and helps get the hair off. I brushed his mane, tail and forelock and he looks terrific. Such a pretty boy. I used water to wash out his hooves and I did pick them up and check them. They look pretty good but he needs to wear those bell boots!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Red acts like an idiot

We went out to the stable today and it was raining. I got a flake of alfalfa and we went to his stall. Barry made him back up and then we let him get a bite of the alfalfa. I put it in his trough and he jerk his head back and spun around back toward the door like someone had whopped him. He did that twice. I don't understand why he is acting that way - he never did that before. It was raining and loud on the tin roof and had been lightening and thundering so maybe he was all jumped up but it is so out of character for him.

Tomorrow I will go in his stall first without the alfalfa and love him up and make sure he is calm before bringing the alfalfa. I will cut the alfalfa in half if needed. Barry says he acts like an idiot for alfalfa - must be the treat of all treats for a horse!

I am going to call Bruce tomorrow to see about borrowing his trailer Sunday. We are invited to Margaret and Ronnie's for a crawfish boil. I am bringing the potatoes, onions, lemons, and sausage - plus cake! We will get there around 11:30 or so and Margaret and I at least, will get in a ride. I am looking forward to it. I so need my own trailer. I don't like having to borrow one!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Red is in Love

Red is always very interested in Fancy - Krystina's little palomino mare. She is a darling little girl - she is just so pretty. Gorgeous golden color with a few dapples, pretty blaze and beautiful mane and tail.

Krystina and I were going to ride today after her lessons so I got Red out to groom him and he just to reach out to sniff Fancy - even craning his neck over the half wall to give her a sugar. He never gets nippy or snippy and I snapped a few pictures of them. Here is Red with Fancy - isn't that the cutest thing?

Video of Red in an Epicurean Delight

I took this video of Red chowing down on his alfalfa. That boy loves that stuff like I love latte

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Seeing Red

I felt good enough to go out to see Red for a few minutes. I wanted to go to work but soon realized I was not too well! I got exhausted in just a few minutes. I kept getting overheated and breaking out in a cold sweat. UGH. I went back home and rested. I made a simple dinner of roast chicken and macaroni and cheese.

Barry put a ring of granite chunks around Betsy's grave and made her a headstone that had her name on it. It is behind the yellow flower bush thingy that Betsy loved to walk under - especially when the insects are bad. She used it as her own fly swatter! Barry covered the top of her grave with clean sand and we are going to plant some pretty flowers like periwinkles there. She is missed so much. Driving up to the house is not the same...she is not on the porch or sitting at the gate watching guard. She is missed.

After dinner I went out to the barn for a few minutes to see Red and take him his alfalfa. He dug into it like he always does. He sometimes throws it around and tosses it up, down and around. I was standing about a foot away from the feed trough and he picked some up and literally threw it on me! LOL I had alfalfa sticking out of my hair, all over my shirt and down my shirt. If it had been filmed people would have that it was trick photography or a gag. He kept right on munching but I think he was laughing his hinney off all the same. He is really slicking out and looking terrific. He still has plenty of fuzz from right behind his front legs back but his chest and neck are slicking out nicely. He will look terrific in a month or so.

I just stayed a few minutes and left. I was tired. I have rested this afternoon and will work tomorrow. Hope I feel better!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

No Beach Ride for Red or me

Sigh....if I plan something it will go awry. I was so excited about going to the beach with Cindy on the horses. I was planning on taking water buckets and water for my boy, alfalfa for a treat, brushes, camera, etc., etc.

I woke up at 4:00 AM feeling kinda funny. By 4:30 had had Montezuma's Revenge in a really nasty way....then fever. I felt like poop on a shingle. I ran fever all day - just a low grade - and Barry went golfing and then horseback riding. He said Red did a great job on his turns and he galloped at a speed that Red thinks is a race. He had better be careful!!

I took a nap from 6 to 7:30 or so and then went back to bed at 10:15. I think I woke up every 45 minutes for a sip of raspberry tea and to turn over.

I got up this morning with fever and chills so bad I couldn't stop shaking. I did have to call some WalMarts about some paint that had been deleted by accident and talked to Jeff. This is too ugly to go out and give to someone else!

I am running fever, vomiting (so sorry for the graphic language) still friends with Mr. Toilet. I am shaking right now. UGH.

I would like to go out to see Red this afternoon but that is just not going to happen. I am too sick to get in the truck.

I do have a wedding cake this weekend that I need to start on. It is a cowboy hat. I need to make the brim. Betty said she would come over and help me if needed. Bless her heart.....I couldn't ask for better friends than Betty and Christy.

Barry went out to the stables to give Red his alfalfa. Red acts like a semi-goober sometimes in the stall but it is just since he has been at PNR. If you reach out to him near his head he jerks it back...hum....don't know what is up with that but he then calms down. Barry stayed there for a little while. I am going to go see him in the morning. I do feel better. I got worse between 12:00 and 3:00 PM. Thought I was going to burn up and die. Ran a really high fever for awhile. I am feeling better though and have ate some jello but that is it.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Picnic at the stables and in the Paddock

I went with Betty to deliver her wedding cake and we got food at Sonic and took it out to the stables and had a picnic with Barry. We visited with Miss Jean and Mr. Gus. After I delivered my wedding cake yesterday Barry and I went out to the stables to see Red. He was already in his stall and had ate all of his grain. I got him a flake of alfalfa and let him out of his stall and he had a picnic on the ground. He steadily munched away until it was pretty much gone. I had been loving on him, scratching the backside of his leg and generally kissing him up.

Once he got through with his alfalfa he turned around and went and got in his stall!! He is such a funny boy. He is always a pleasure to be around.

I talked to Cindy and we made plans to go to the beach today to ride. She was going to come get me and then pick up Lady at Tyrrell Park. So much for well laid plans. I woke up with a raging Montezuma's Revenge and don't know why. Stomach wasn't cramping but it was UGLY. I couldn't go! I was so upset but now I am running a low grade fever so I don't know what is wrong with me but it doesn't feel good.

Barry went out to ride Red and I am stuck at home sick. That is just wrong.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's a sad day

Rest in Peace to our sweet Betsy. Betsy has been going down for quiet awhile but was still in good spirits and she could get up and move easily and would eat her food. This past week it was not good. She was bleeding from her abscess more and more and her eyes were dull and tired. Yesterday she did not want me to look at it or move her leg. She twice snagged my arm with her mouth to let me know it hurt. That breaks my heart.

We made the decision to put her down Friday, March 20, 2009. I spent the day off and on checking on her and loving her up and choking up. Barry and the boys took her and Morgan met them up there at the vet. Betty was here with me working on cakes. The boys dug her grave and Barry said she went easy and quiet. The vet said she obviously had been well taken care of to have lived 13.5 years. We all were in tears. Barry gently picked her up and placed her softly in her resting place. I had tucked her legs up and patted her one last time. We remembered the good times with her and some of the funny things she did like dragging home a 10 lb turkey, jerking Devin down and ripping the butt out of his pants on a regular basis. She always had a sweet look and a wag of her tail for my brides - even those who called from the car to say "there's a big dog on the porch!!! Will she bite?" No... Betsy didn't bite but I am sure there are those who decided not to test that theory. The house doesn't seem as safe without her. She is gone but not forgotten.

Barry's Birthday Betsy
November 23, 1996 - March 20, 2009

We will always love and cherish your memory

The Farrier Arrives

Reagan the Farrier came out this morning. I discussed Red's hooves with him. He said on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being rock hard hooves on horses in New Mexico Red's were a 7. He said he'd like to see a little more frog and hoof and we are gong to work on that. He trimmed Red's hooves shorter than the other farrier and backed the shoe from the front just little. I learned a little bit more about hooves!!!! Reagan's son walked Red out after the shoes were on so his dad could see him move. He instructed him to jump up on Red and Red acted like he rode bareback all the time! LOL He is such a good baby! Reagan said he was a nice horse - and that he is. What a sweetie.

Barry and I rode that afternoon. I couldn't get on this time by myself. Heck I couldn't even get my foot in the stirrup much less haul my butt on!! Christina and I went on a short trail ride around the back pastures. Red must have stepped in ants - he kicked his back feet several times. He did really good though. He was slow on the way out - and quiet the stepper on the way back!!

Red is Clipped!

The farrier didn't come Tuesday. I went out to the barn but he wasn't there. I took Red out of the paddock and groomed him. OMG he is shedding to beat the band. Ms. Jean and I talked about horses and we walked down the road to look at a darling little gelding. We went back to the yard and Christina and she started grooming two of the horses. Christina was clipping and I asked the price of clipping Red's whiskers, under his jaw, bridle path and fetlocks. Ms. Jean and I settled on a chocolate cake! Christina showed me how to clip and the clippers are there to be used so Red will always have a smooth clipped looked from now on! He stood nicely for the most part and he looks so nice.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Red's shoe comes 1/2 off What is up with that?

Barry told me he was going out to ride Red - I had been up in Jasper at a WM store and wasn't even to Buna yet. I told Barry I had to go to one more WM and then bake a cake for a consultation and then I would be out at the barn.

When I got out there Barry said that Red's left shoe was coming off! OMG what is up with that? I had him shod on February 12, he threw both shoes on the 24th, I had them put back on the 25th and now 19 days later the left shoe is coming off.

The shoe was still flat but twisted to the left and the hoof looked like it was wanting to break up about an 1" or so up the left side on the back part of the hoof....that is not a good thing. I picked up his hoof and looked at the shoe. One of the nails was half out and twisted. UGH.....

I called Margaret and she felt like I did - shoe needed to come off right then. I trotted off to find Edgar - hoping he could help me. I knew it was really to late to call Dan the Farrier. I found Edgar and asked if he could pull a shoe and bless his heart he said he would try. He followed us back to the wash rack where Red was and reached on top of the locker and took down a farrier hoof stand! I never noticed it there. He put Red's hoof on it and used a tool to try to pop off the nails. H worked on the other side trying to pull it off. He managed to get the long crooked nail out and then he was able to get the shoe off with the help of another man...don't know his name but it wasn't Sergio. I thanked him profusely.

The farrier that regularly comes out should be there tomorrow morning and I will be there. I hope that Red's hoof is OK and the side doesn't pop off. Margaret said to put the shoes back on him ... I am open to whatever the farrier suggests. I just want his hoofs to be strong and resilient.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to Red

Today was Red's birthday!! His is 8 years old today. I went to Starbucks and bought him two oatmeal raisin cookies and went out to the stables. Red was in his paddock and it was sprinkling. I called him a few times but he was "busy" nibbling his grass. Finally, he looked up and walked over...and sniffed my coffee! I took out the cookie and broke off a piece of it and offered it to him in my palm. He took it in his mouth and rolled it around...and SPIT it out!!! LOL Oatmeal cookies didn't interest Red at all! I ate part of his cookie and tried again...no...he is not a fan of cookies. His eyes tell me it is alfalfa that he wants!

He walked off and around the back of the stalls. I went and got him and we went over to the grooming shed. He was shedding like crazy. I went and got him alfalfa and let him eat alfalfa out of my palm which is a treat. I don't let him do that...but hey, it's his birthday! I used the Furinator to remove as much fuzz as possible. Curried him and used the stiff brush too. Hair was coming out by the hands full. I think in a few weeks he will be slick as a whistle. I got out the Hoof Flex and cleaned his hooves and painted them with Hoof Flex. His hooves looked a little better today but his frogs are peeling or something. The farrier is supposed to be at the stables in the morning. He didn't come last week so hopefully he will be there in the morning. I have to go to Jasper so I am going to stop there first.

Red looked like a million bucks after grooming today. I brushed his mane and forelock and he just looks terrific. I put him back in his stall and gave him a flake of alfalfa. I had said I didn't want compressed but this was VERY compressed. Red was having a to really "dig" in. Sergio brought me his bucket of grain with the corn oil and I put it on top of Red's alfalfa. To him, that was better than a birthday cake.

I gave him big sugar's and left. Barry and Devin both visited out there today and Christina and LeeAnn2 all gave him Happy Birthday wishes. LOL I know he couldn't care less but I sure am glad he was born and I am so glad he is mine now.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Do Over

I redid the picture of Morgan and Red and added a border behind the picture. I like this version better!

Is is a cold and rainy day!

It is a nasty cold day out today. Raining and cold. UGH. Not a good weekend for riding.

I talked to Margaret today. She was truck hunting. I brought her up to date on Red's progress and told her I wanted her to ride him. I told her about his neck reining progress and his fussiness when he is hungry. She said he always knew it was race day when his food was 2 minutes late! LOL he is a funny boy. We are going to have to get together so she can give him a spin!

Barry and I went out to the barn around 3:00 PM. Barry didn't feel so great but I needed help taking the bale of hay out of my Rav. Red was out in the paddock and we were standing there talking to him. I went and got the bag of alfalfa and brought it out. He perked up for alfalfa. I opened his stall and let him in and started dishing out the alfalfa. It is the last in the bag so it was in pieces. I put almost all of it in his feeder. I gave the last little bit to Duke in the hay feeder and he was scarfing it up. Poor darling - he is a big, huge, boy and he looks a little sad. I think he is kinda scared of everything.

We stayed in Red's stall while he gobbled up his hay. I did tell Margaret today that he didn't seem too interested in the regular hay - she said that is because he is full and satisfied. That is terrific; he is gaining weight and looking filled out. I asked Earnest to give him the corn oil three times a day. I said a couple of tablespoons per feeding should be fine. I don't want to give him more than about 1/3 a cup or so.

Tomorrow is his 8th birthday and I tried to get him an oatmeal cookie at Starbucks when we went after leaving the stables. They didn't have any so now I have to make oatmeal cookies tonight for him. I think I have everything I need to make him some treats.

Morgan & Red in the pink

Morgan and Red are in the pink.

Morgan got brave and came out to ride Red one day. She actually trotted him! I took this picture and Photoshopped it as girly as I could get it for Morgan. Even changed Red into a purple color! Changed that back - he was a horse of a different color!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Hoof Flex

I trotted out to the stables today around 11:30 or so. Red and Duke were both out and it was NASTY weather. I haltered Red and took him to the wash rack. I brushed and brushed him and he is shedding like an old teddy bear. He is still fuzzy so it will take a while to slick him out.

I got out the Hoof Flex I just bought and a scrub brush. I will need to get one of those! I cleaned his hooves with the scrub brush to remove mud on the top of hoof. I picked the frogs and used the brush to clean them off as best as possible and then used the brush to "paint" on the Hoof Flex which is an oil almost like corn oil. I don't like the looks of his hooves/frogs so I am on a mission to make his hooves/frogs better.

They switched to feeding 3 times a day so he was more than happy to go to his stall for a snack at lunch time.

I went to Starbucks for a latte and was just about to call Kay about the Brenderup when she called. Talk about mental telepathy. The weather is so nasty and Honey Darling Precious did not feel well so we didn't go try the trailer. That bites. I NEED a trailer. It will be a month before I can go down there now....the really bites...but I have to work for SW and I have 3 weddings back to back so time to do this is short.

The only way is after a wedding leaving for Austin and having Kay open up on a Sunday. That may happen. I really want to get a trailer and make some of the trail rides that are coming up.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Red loves his alfalfa

Today I purchased Hoof Flex for Red along with a bail of alfalfa at the Vinton Feed Store. They are so nice there. I went out to the barn at 5:35 or so and the gates were already shut. Everyone was gone. It was wet and nasty out there. I went into his stall and he was looking for a treat. I went and got his alfalfa and he couldn't wait to eat that. He was eating right off the flake like there was no tomorrow. He is so funny. I put it in his feeder and he stuffed his nose in and away he went. He had to blow his nose when alfalfa went up his nostrils. He doesn't notice anything when alafalfa is involved. Well, he is really worried that Duke may get a bite but other than that he is munching quiet happily.

I snapped this picture with my cell phone. It was actually pretty dark in his stall so it didn't come out too good. It was cold in there too! I didn't stay long but will go out tomorrow to check on my boy and dress his hooves with Hoof Flex.

I mount without the mounting block!!!!!

Wooo Hoooo It was a Red Letter Day for me. I got home from work and no one was here. Barry called me and said he was riding in the back pasture!

"On my horse?" I asked.

"Yeah!" he answered.

I said I was coming out and he said I should be able to drive down to the back pasture. I drove out to PNR and to the back pasture bumping slowly down the farm road. There was Barry and Red standing at the start of the open pastures. Red was sweating and Barry worked him in reining right there so I could watch him. I said I wanted to ride and Barry said he would walk Red into the slight ditch so it might be easier to get on.

I said no that I would try from right there and for him to help me if necessary but not to help me so much he pushed my big hinney over!! I hitched up my new jeans and was able to get my foot firmly in the stirrup. I stood there for a second and got a good grip on the cantle and pommel and pushed up with my left foot and sprung up on the right and pulled with both arms. Voila! I did it. Barry helped very little. Really just to spot me to make sure I didn't bust my backside!

Woo hooooooooooo I made it!!! I was shocked! LOL Red is right at 16 hh! He is not a tiny horse by any means. I rode him and he was swerving all over - tossing his head and shaking his head and being a semi-pill - well, a pill for him anyway. We trotted a little and stopped, backed up which he tried to turn around! No...I said back up. We turned around and he suddenly was READY TO GO. No...we will walk and stop when commanded. We walked out in the pasture away from the road and he was good but he was a little racheted up.

I told Barry he might be running him too much. Barry said no that it was dinner time and he was ready to eat! LOL could be. I walked him all the way back to the barn and he was good.

We rinsed him off and about the time I got through rinsing him off someone opened the icebox door! Good grief...a cool spell rolled in FAST. Barry put him on the walker and he cut up some but started walking. I put his suppliment and alfalfa in his stall. Barry was staying until he was dry and I left to go start dinner.

I am going to try to mount every time without a mounting block until I can mount everytime by myself. Then I will be really ready for trail riding.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Tough Chicken and Riding Red

LOL  I put 1/2 frozen chicken thighs on to bake at 300 degrees and went to the stables with Barry.  We got Red out and I was grooming him and  Barry decided to ride.  I had to brush Red first - he had a big bite mark on his neck with two blood spots that were fresh so I guess Duke bit him.  Barry saddled Red up and we went in the arena.  He rode Red and worked on his reining.  He is doing a great job on reining now.  He is so smart.   I asked Christina when the farrier was coming out and he should be there tomorrow.  I will stop on my way to work and ask about Red's feet.  They don't need to be trimmed yet but I just a have a few questions.  I will also pick him up some hoof flex tomorrow.  

We met Christina's husband this evening and enjoyed talking with them.  They are a sweet young couple.  I brushed Red and we took him to eat grass.  I had already put his suppliment in his feed and put the alfalfa in there.  I wanted him to totally cool down before putting him back in the stall.  He enjoyed munching the tall grass out there while he dried off.  I enjoy that time with him.

LOL  I didn't have socks on and had a heck of a time getting the pink boots off!  I had to have Barry help me and we ended up laughing like crazy because I though he was going to upend me...that would have bit!

We went home and the chicken was dried up like jerky!  We had a very chewy dinner and Betsy got most of it!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I ride at Plum Nearly for the first time

I rode out at PNR for the first time today. I didn't want to ride Thursday and Friday. If I get hurt, who would make my cake? I owe it to my brides to NOT get hurt. So today I went to the stables and got Red out. I groomed him first and poor darling, he stands pretty good while I brush, brush, brush! Miss Jean came out and talked with me - what a charming woman she is!

I saddled Red up and I was standing in the courtyard talking with Christina as she waited for a lesson student to arrive. Morgan and Tessa arrived, too.

Red and I went into the area and I mounted with the mounting steps. We worked in the arena for quiet awhile. He is reining so well! He amazes me. He did stumble once and I thought he was going to fall flat on his face. I don't think there is anything wrong except he doesn't pick up his feet in the arena! We worked on stopping by voice command, backing up, reining, trotting til I say stop, turning and side stepping to the fence - wow wee, we worked quit a bit.

Barry arrive and he worked Red, too. Miss Jean came out to meet Barry and we chatted some more.

Barry left and Christina and LeAnne #2 were going out in the pasture and I wanted to go but I needed to get home for the taxes. UGH. I washed Red off (no soap) and led him down the shell road to stand knee deep in hay and eat! He dried while munching. I took some pictures of him that were so cute! I groomed him and put him up. He is so pretty!!

Visiting Red

I went to the stables yesterday after delivering my wedding cake. Barry had rode Red this morning and they had a good time. He brushed Red but the wash racks were being used so he didn't rinse him off. Red had stiff hair!! LOL he was a grubby mess! I visited him for just awhile and then we left. I was so tired!

Broken Girth Strap

Last Monday while I was in Dallas Barry was out riding Red. They had been galloping in the back pasture. He stopped to tighten the girth and ended up with it in his hands. Huh???? What is up with that? The saddle is BRAND NEW. Thank God it didn't break while Barry was in a gallop. Good grief, he could have been killed.

I went and bought a nylon one at Sam's. David helped me - I asked him about the manufacturer of the blanket I bought Red because it shrunk. He insisted on giving me a black tote with Wrangler on it in gold! I told him that wasn't necessary - that I wanted to contact the manufacturer! LOL He is always so nice to me.

Here is a picture of the broken strap....how scary is this?

Friday, March 6, 2009

Groomin' Red -

I went to the stable twice today. Red and Duke seem to get along ok but Duke is all up in his kool aide and Red is not too thrilled with that.

I went back this afternoon and took Red out of his stall. He had already ate his grain and I took him out to the grooming shed. I started grooming him and a young girl and her parents were there for lessons with Christina. It turned out to the the HR person with Barry's job. Barry had told her about PNR. She though Red was so pretty and he is!

I combed him with PNR's comb rake thingy and his hair is coming out left and right. I brushed and brushed him and he is really getting shiny.

I show him the hoof pick and tell him "we are going to do your hooves" and he will pick up those hooves like a dream. He speaks good English! When I get to the back hooves he cocks them up so he knows what he is supposed to do.

I spoke to Margaret today and told her about the dog! LOL she said "oh, yeah, I forgot to tell you, Red doesn't like dogs!" She said that Mr. Fontenot (Red's original owner and breeder) said when she bought him that the only thing he didn't like was dogs. They don't seem to bother him unless they get up in his Kool Aide and then he lets them know!

I spoke to Kay about the Brenderup trailer. Barry and I are going to Austin Thursday and look at the trailers on Friday and I will make my decision then. I can't wait to get a trailer and be able to haul Red to Tyrrell park. I went to Tyrrell today and spoke with Bridgett and said that as soon as I get the trailer I will be hauling him there to ride!!!

Here is a new picture I made of Red and me.

Red is trippin'

Barry and I went out to the stable and lunged Red in the arena. He kept tripping over one of his toes and he didn't want to to go the right. He was running/trotting a tight circle to the right and going better to the left.

He looked like his fetlock had a bump on it - I am guessing from sparring with Duke. He also had a raised patch on his side that felt warm and seemed to be tender to the touch. I groomed him good with the rake comb thingy and ran cold water on his legs.

I think that Red needs to see a chiropractor for that tripping thing. I am going to check it out.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pink Boots and what is up with the dog?

Wednesday I went out to the stable and gave Red a bath. He was filthy as always - what a little pig-moe. I scrubbed him up with shampoo and used the barn's comb that really helps shed them out. I put him on the hot walker and he was pawing the dirt. He wanted to roll. I had to turn it down slower because he walks so slow! LOL the little black dog came running through when he was walking and he turned around and bucked and kicked! He did this twice - the dog made it through without a scratch. I cleaned Red's hoofs really good too. He is such a good boy.

Betty gave me a gift certificate to Tractor Supply and I bought the CUTEST little pink boots to wear to the barn!

I go out of town

I went out of town Sunday. I got back late Tuesday. I missed my boy! I did go see him Sunday morning and it was FREEZING cold.

I went to see Red on Wednesday when I got back. He and Duke were sparring and I am not to thrilled with that. I don't want him hurt - and horses can seriously get hurt!

I gave him a bath yesterday and put him on the walker. The little black dog ran into his path and I had to laugh at Red. He jumped, did a little buck and a kick. Dog did it again adn he did the same thing. I used their comb rake thingy that really helps pull out the hair!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

What trailer to get.....

Barry and I talked about getting a Prestige or a Royal Brenderup. The Royal is bigger and has more storage. Hummm....we are going to go look at one and haul with my Rav4 and then decide which one to get.

Christy will go with me to pick it up and that will be our girl trip! Woo Hoooooo

I need to decide which options I want on it, too. I also want a graphic put on it of a dashing horse..just the stream line edges with it trailing off after the writing Dashing Big Red.....

I could get it in a color but suppose I get another car and it isn't red? LOL I guess I had better settle for white. I would love for it to be electric green !!! LOL I love electric green!