Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Ride at Tyrrell Park

Kellie, Susan and I went for a ride at Tyrrell Park.  We went down the side of the golf course to the reservoirs and down to the end of them.  Woo Hoo it was hot!  I was sweating!  It was a nice little ride.  Elan wasn't a happy camper and didn't want to go!  LOL  We were met by Helen and Kelsey.  I'd never met them before but I knew the horse Helen was on.  It belongs to another girl I have rode with once.  Nice horse!

Kellie had to leave early so we went back to the trailers and she loaded up Elan.  We hit the trails.  Since it had rained yesterday it had softened them.  They were way nicer than yesterday!  We rode around the trails twice.

Red was breathing really really hard.  I worry about him.  I don't think he was sweating enough either.  Helen asked if he had heaves.  I looked up heaves when we got home.  I don't think he has that.  I think his anhydrosis is kicking in.  Sigh....I will keep him in light duty but try to keep him fit.

Ride on Sunday Morning

Susan H and I went riding at Tyrrell Park this morning.  It was a blast.  We encountered a little grass snake and those darn dogs.  I hollered at them like Daddy used to do and they shut up.  This time they appeared though - last time we didn't see them...just heard them.  They looked like 3/4 grown lab pups.  Susan and I made another full lap around and the second time I hollered at them and they stood there barking.  I trotted Red towards them yelling at them to shut up.  They decided they wanted no part of the 1200 lb horse and the crazy woman.   We had such a good time.  We rode for around 2 hours.  We are going back tomorrow morning.  woot!!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Riding in the Arena today

Geez Louise but it was HOT today.  Barry left with the Brenderup to go work with Private Sargent San Peppy loading and unloading on the right side of the trailer.  I believe I will be calling him Private Peppy from now on! 

I went down to the pasture and got Red and tacked him up.  Barry was riding in the arena by that time.  I got on Red and hadn't even completed a round when Margaret came out!  She got to watch Red and me work on our exercises.  She thought he was doing great and me too!  Woot!  Ms. Jean came out and said hi and said Esther said my lessons were going well.  I am working hard to do right.  Margaret did work Red off of his haunches and he did most right today.  Woot!!!

It was hot and my face was sweating and running into my eyes and they were stinging like crazy.  We went round and round, turning, side passing both sides, side passed to get my coke!  Woot!  I asked for the stop and once he stopped and slide when I sat back deep.  He is getting it.  My boy is BRILLIANT.

Barry worked with Private Peppy.  Private Peppy and General Talbot went round and round.  End result, Private Peppy decided getting into the trailer on the right hand side was just what he was ordered to do and he decided that he would certainly follow orders.  I think Barry loaded and unloaded him about 8 or 10 times.  Private Peppy may re-earn the rank of Sargent.  I told Barry I can just imagine him as a foal bossing around all the other foals - that is how he got the name Sargent!

I rinsed Red off.  He wasn't really sweaty...damp but he wasn't running sweat.  We didn't work that hard.  I hugged him and he was hot though.  Even after rinsing him in cool water.  Geez.  Poor guy!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Sarge is busted down to a Private - long journey to no where

We rented a travel trailer for our big adventure to Ebenezer.  Rented a space months ago.  Got up, loaded up the RAV4, hooked up the Brenderup, Barry went one way and I went the other.  He was going to get the trailer and go up HWY 62.  I got out to the barn and they were feeding the horses.  I loaded feed and tack.  I hauled down to the pasture and the boys both took off.  Sarge was easier to catch.  I had to get feed to catch Red...he is such a chow hound.  I tied Sarge to the side of the trailer and loaded Red in the left side.

I got Sarge and tried to load him in the right side.  No way Jose.  I ran him in a circle and still he refused.  I was getting hot and needed to get gone.  I thought I would change them around and wrap Red's leg.  So I unloaded Red, loaded Sarge (he was more than happy to go in on the left side) and reloaded Red.  Hauled to the barn..he is bleeding after 200 yards in the trailer.  I get a diaper and duct tape and duck tape the diaper to the wall so it has a thick bumper pad.  Sarge poops....ok that is the other side of the trailer.  There goes Red's tail...I say no Red and press down his tail to no avail.  He splatter cow poops like he does when he gets excited.  OK...woo hooo....working around two piles of poop.

Off we go.  NOT a smooth haul.  Red is banging around, I am nervous as a cat because I am hauling a large load.  I did learn NOT to turn on the cruise control going up an overpass.  There was a nasty wreak by the old Palace and we had to get off the highway and this guy got in front of me and stopped and I was trying to slow down easy.  I wanted to drop kick him for a field goal.

I stopped in Buna and checked them and got a Subway.  Talked to Barry ... he may have to drop off the trailer and then go home.  His mom is not well.

I get up to Jasper and text him that I am in town.  The last 18 miles are the hardest...biggest hills.  It is 100 miles to the park from the house.  18 miles from 190 by Lowe's to the park.  I unload the horses.   Red has two holes in his leg.  UGH.  I got them in corrals and happy.  I unload my Rav into the trailer.  Barry talks to sisters.  We have to leave.  We pack back up.  A PBR guy helps me get Sarge into the trailer on the right side, thank God.

The trip home was much smoother due to Red not kicking and stomping to keep his balance.  Sarge was busted down to a Private and will remain Private Sargent....Red is His Highness.  The chariot was bought for him so he has first pick of where to ride!

Got to the barn, unloaded them, unloaded tack, talked to Lee Anne, went home, backed the trailer up through the gate (hey, I am getting good at this) unloaded the cold stuff Barry brought back.  I was filthy so I took a cool bath and plopped down.  Barry went to his mom's.

I am going to go riding tomorrow at the ranch.  Red and I will work on stuff! 

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

His Highness

I received a text from my instructor stating Red and I were doing a good job!  Woot!!!  Working on it.  I wasn't able to ride today - when I got off of work the weather was threatening - lightening popping etc. and I was keeping Kade.  Hopefully tomorrow before we leave!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Turning on the haunches

I had a lesson today and we worked on turning on the haunches.   I am getting the hang on it but it will take some work.  LOL  Red was not too amused a few times today when I asked for the jog right out of a stop.  We stop..wait..and then he is to take off into the jog and not have to ask a zillion times.  His ears went back flat several times to let me know he was annoyed.  LOL  I was unimpressed.  I tried to get a canter in the arena but it didn't happen.  He keeps wanting to go too much to the center.  I will keep working on my skills.   I rode with the snaffle today.  He is doing a good job and he is such a darling.  One of the screws came out of the throat latch so I am going to get a nylon set for using the snaffle.  I want a headstall and maybe the reins but I really really really love the reins Ronnie gave me. 

I rinsed him off and took him back down to his paddock.  He was yawning to beat the band and I snapped some pictures.

Later, Kade came to visit while Brandi went to visit her grandmother in the hospital.  We took Kade for an icecream and then to the barn.  He sat on Sarge!!  Woot!  Brandi is going to bring him to the barn tomorrow. 

I am playing with my Flip Camera!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Riding in the Arena

I went out to the barn late this afternoon and got Red out to ride.  Saddled him up, put my Flip Video Camera on a post and filmed my ride.  I will know where to put it next time for better coverage of the ride.  Red did a fantastic job today.  I rode him in his snaffle bit - not his medium port.  He still did a great job - side passing like a wonderboy, stopping quickly and efficiently, backing up, responding to leg cues!  Just an all around good boy.  I snagged some pictures of our ride.

I also set my Horse O Meter!!!  Woot!  Red went approximately .7 miles in the arena in 36 minutes.  That is probably not quiet right.  I don't think I have his stride right.  I will get Barry to help me mark his stride.  He had a bath and was returned to his paddock where he then rolled.  LOL  he sat back kinda on his tie rope while getting a bath...he was promptly yelled at and he stopped that nonsense quickly.  I had the water hose pulled across his chest so maybe he thought he should back up!!  Here is my boy - working it in the arena!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A terrific ride at Tyrrell Park

Barry and I met Randy, Kellie, Robin and Pam at Tyrrell Park to ride this morning.  AAACCKKK.  Kellie said 8:00 AM - it had originally been 9:00.  Barry and I got to the barn before 7:00 and I loaded the trailer while Barry got the boys.  I lunged Red and he was full of beans this morning...bucking on the lunge line some...round and round he went.  He was sweating some but standing there getting groomed he popped out with all kinds of sweat. 

Barry tried to load Sarge on the right and Sarge kept refusing.  He ran off from Barry down around the side of the barn, through the wash rack and over by Sadda.  Sadda wants no part of Sarge though...he stays on the other side of his paddock when he sees Sarge.  Barry put Sarge in finally in the left side.  He could see REd and he went in.  I put Red in the right side.  We went back to the house because Kellie sent a message saying Robin wouldn't be there til 8:30.  We went make home made fly spray...I used Listerine and vinegar and a touch of soap.  I was out of fly spray so I made my own.  Seemed to work ok.

We hauled to the park and I got Red out - his hock was bloody and he was bleeding.  UUUGHHHH.  Sarge is going to have to learn to get in the right side.  I can't have Red hurt and then be pissy about trailering.  I tacked him up and got on.  I rode him at a slow trot in circles while Barry rode Sarge around a little to get him ready to go.  We went through the woods!   Woot!  I had never rode through the woods there.  I got Red right after Hurricane Ike and the woods were tore up with trees down.  Then this winter it rained constantly.  I liked the woods!!!  At was fun.  We came out about the middle of the reservoir and we went down the canal.  Red was ready to go when we went into the woods but he calmed down and was a good boy.  We crossed over the bridge and I actually was able to look around.  Randy (God bless him) is like makes him uncomfortable.  He walks over the bridge.  He was riding Regan and he is looking so good now!  We went down the side of the canal and I had not been down there!  It had little hills.  There was a ditch and I got off so Red wouldn't jump it and hurt "Harriet Hemmatoma" and then got back on when Barry held him into a low spot.  I got on ... it wasn't pretty but I made it!  We did a few little lopes during the ride too.  Woot.  I am such a sissy.

We went down a rideaway and then turned down a pipe line.  Red started stumbling and I actually thought he threw a shoe.  Barry checked it and his shoes were on. He didn't want to go down a little ditch  which is odd...he loves to go down and up hills.  He stumbled quiet a bit but we were riding under trees going down the rideaway.  We got to the actual pipe and went back over the bridge.  I was proud of myself...I did more than look at Red's poll!

We walked along the canal and then down the road.  We went through the woods and back out to the park.  Red was stumbling some and he was huffing and puffing.  Red is a lazy boy for the most part!   I checked his feet as soon as we got back and I couldn't see anything.  We took their saddles off and loaded up.  It was about 11:15 when we were ready to go.  We said goodbye to everyone ... we had such a good time.  Kellie and Randy, Pam and Robin are so much fun to be with!

We got back to the barn and I was rinsing Red off and found a cut on his neck under his mane.  Ugh..It looked like it had a small puncture in it.  I put Fur-a-zone on his hock and neck.  Bless his heart.  He is such a sweetie.  I pulled the trailer down to the back and cleaned it out by fertilizing the ditch.  I swept out the trailer - it will make it so much easier to clean! 

I need to take it to the car wash and wax the top.  I need to bring a ladder to clean the top!!!  I went back this afternoon to put Fur-a-Zone on Red's boo boos and give them hay.  Lots of hugs too for both my boys. 

My lesson is Tuesday and I can't wait.  I am going to ride in the arena tomorrow. 

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pictures from our trip to Ebenezer May 15th, 2010

Pictures from a ride in April

Esther took this picture April 6.   Barry and me by the Beaver Dam.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Redneck Camping at Ebenezer

I finished my cakes and took a long nap Saturday when the lights were out.  We couldn't check the weather in Jasper til the electricity came on.  I had already packed the trailer the day before so it was ready to go.  We went to the barn around 4:20 PM and loaded up the boys.  Red was pulling his head to Sarge's bucket and bashed my left thumb on a break away snap.  It was bleeding and I didn't even know it.  It didn't really hurt at the time but geez Louise...that night it was throbbing for goodness sakes.  It had a little bit of "flesh" hanging out and that rascal has hurt since then like nobodies business.  UGH.

We got up to the park (I "bought" Lee Ann B's spot!) about 6:50 PM or so.  We took the horses out, put them in the corrals and I started cleaning the trailer.  I had scrubbed it at the car wash a few weeks ago so it was very clean.  I just had two little piles to clean.  We took the mats and center divider out and I scrubbed it with soap, laid down a plastic drop cloth and blew up the air mattress.  Barry put in the little A/C and we were in business.  We visited with Esther, Kenny, Robin and her mom, Sharon, around the camp fire.  It was so nice.

The next morning I got up and got dressed and lunged Red.  We rode out and had a great time.  I got a little scared when Red was wanting to gallop up a hill...he just flies.  We got down to the water, Esther was riding Kenny's gelding and he just dropped into the water!  LOL  he was splashing his head back and forth.   He did that twice!!  Esther's boots were filled with water - it was a hoot!   I enjoyed my ride - Red is a good boy - he just has an idiot for an owner!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Red and Sarge are looking terrific!!!

I went out ot give Red and Sarge some alfalfa.  The boys are really slicking out and they both look fabulous.  Sarge looks like he has lost a little weight - he is such a chubby bubby!!!  Their color is shiny and bright.  Coats are slicking out.  They look terrific.  I can't wait to ride Saturday and Sunday. 

Going to take it easy though.  I need to build up to going here there to and from. 

Visited with Kellie and saw her horses.  Aladin is a fat little rolly polly.  He is looking better and I hope he continues to improve.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Screaming like a girl

I got out to the barn at 1:25 or so for my lesson.  I had been to Silsbee and Lumberton and was going like a wild woman to get back to the barn.  I didn't have time to warm Red up good.  He was a bit of a pill today.  Part of it was using both sides of the arena.  He wanted to turn when he wanted to turn instead of when I wanted to turn. 

I worked on stopping correctly. Sitting back on my butt and dropping the reins immediately when he stops so that he will square up.  Red was giving me a little bit of guff on turns so I would use the outside rein to bring him to the right spot.  I was going to give the canter awhile in the little arena.  I got him into a canter on the right side of the arena and he started going towards the center and I screamed "I am scared" like a girl and halted him!!  I am laughing at myself now, but I felt like I was bouncing around too much and I felt like he was going to turn at the edge of the arena too sharp and that I would come off. 

Esther rode Red for me and he was giving her some guff too on how he was turning.  He was just being a pill today.  She got him into a canter and she said he was rough and that she could understand my fears.  He doesn't keep pace and when he drops the pace and goes into a trot/canter/messed up thingy it makes me lose my balance.  She went round and round the arena at a canter with Red and I will be working on it this week.

After the lesson we were in the corner of the arena talking to LeeAnn B in the washrack and Red was all up in Esther's koolaide!  He likes her or he wouldn't be doing that.  She kicked his butt and made him mind but he likes her anyway.  I had to make him stand off aways and be still.  He wasn't too happy with having to stand but too bad.  When we were through yakking, I went up and hugged him and turned and said come on boy.  He followed me like a dog.  No leading...just him following.  He was the biggest pill he has been since I got him but we will be working on it as often as possible.

LeeAnn B won't be going this weekend to Ebenezer but had a site that she is "selling" to us.  I want to stay at Ebenezer in the trailer and Barry agreed.  He said anything is fun once.  LOL  I am excited about it.

So this weekend we will stay in #5.  I will be taking tarps, the little air conditioner, air mattress, sheets and pillows.  Can't wait!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Goodbye to Skar

Ms. Jean's first Arabian, Skar (don't know her full name) was put down today.  Poor old girl was around 38 years old.  She had such long hair she looked like she had Cushings Disease.  She was in the pasture next to Red and Sarge and I would give her nose a pat every now and then when she was at the gate.  I got out to the barn this morning to see Red's shoes and Dr. Sherwood was there to put her down.  Ms. Jean was sad, I am sure, but stoic.  She said Skar is who started the entire farm.  She is now buried in the back of the ranch.

Rest in Peace Skar. 

It is on like Donkey Kong for Memorial Day Weekend!!!

I went and put the deposit down on a 30' travel trailer today!  Woo Hooo!!!!!  We will pick it up Friday of Memorial Day Weekend and return it Tuesday.  We will get up to Ebenezer around 1:00 or so.  I will have to get the trailer packed.  Take hay.  Take feed and supplements.  Tack out the wazootie.  I will take 2 bales of coastal type hay and a bale of alfalfa.  Woot!

We will ride Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  I can't wait!!!  I hope the kids will come join us for some of the time.  We will have plenty of room for them.  The couch and the dinette make into beds and there is a double bed and a single bunk in the back. 

I will have to figure out what we are going to eat so I can get "stored in".  Sandwich and breakfast stuff.  I was thinking about maybe some cowboy cooking in a dutch oven.  Heck, that might be fun and I think I still have a dutch oven in the barn!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Riding on Mother's Day

I didn't get to ride yesterday - best laid plans of mice and men!!!  I did go see the boys after delivering my cake.  Barry and I delivered a cake in Colmesneil and then ate dinner at Carrabba's.  We went out to the barn and I got to hug up the boys.  They are so sweet!

Barry and I went out to the barn around 4:00 PM this afternoon.  We brought the horses up to the washrack and got them tacked up.  Barry took Sarge in the big arena and Red and I went into the little arena.  I worked with Red jogging at a steady speed, turning which he is doing a good job on, stopping, side passing.  He gave me some guff a few times on side passing but we keep working at it.  He is getting better and I will keep working at it.

Barry was hauling hinney on Sarge and stopping.  He said Sarge did a wonderful job today.   Sarge is such a little show off but he did look gorgeous today.

I was watching him ride and I leaned down and tried to braid Red's mane in a French braid!  Raquel used to try to show me how to do that and good golly...for the first time in my life I was able to make a running French Braid!!!  I took a picture of it with my cell phone...I thought it looked pretty good.  It wasn't real tight but I liked it.  I will braid his mane when we ride at Ebenezer next weekend.  I am  going to braid a ribbon in it...a purple ribbon!

Riding Thursday

I got out to the barn Thursday and Red's shoe was pretty darn loose.  I worked at getting nails out and Barry helped me and we finally got Red's front right shoe off!  Barry and I rode in the little arena.   I worked with Red and he is doing a great job.  We are working on keeping pace, turning, side passing and backing up.  I am going to try to ride 3 or 4 times a week.  Sometimes that is easier said than done!  Red worked hard doing what I asked...he was sweating a little when I got off.  I did save his shoe so that if Ronnie shoes him he can put it back on.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Red has a bump

Red had a bump right on his jugular vein near his jaw line yesterday.  Today is was larger and had been leaking.  I tried to see if it was pus and I think it was.  I put Furazone on it and there was another bump about an inch and a half away from that one.  I will keep an eye on it.  Red looks wonderful - he is super shiny and I am thrilled over that.

I bought two saddle stands today and a pink grooming tote bag at the Liberty Tack Shop.  I always love visiting Cheryl.  She is a darling.  She rode up to look at Ebenezer when we were there last but we were at lunch at The Stump!!  I told her to join us in 2 weeks when we ride.

Red's shoes are so loose but are still on.  I tried to call Doc's son, Casey, today to make an appointment but no luck.  Kellie said he is a fireman and is taking tests.  Poor ol' Aladin still has some issues and he was at the vet's again.  Poor guy!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Red Letter Day - I rode out of the arena by myself!!!!!

I went out to the barn today and brought Red to the washrack.  His shoes are SUPER loose.  I tried nailing them back on but they are still clanking.  I tacked him up and mounted up in the arena.  Woot - round and round waiting on Esther.  Esther came into the arena and we started.  Jogging around and around, hands low.  Turning Red and using leg cues to move him closer to the rail and he responded!  Woot!  We turned circles and u turns at the corners.  For the most part he and I did a good job.  He wasn't wanted to side pass in the beginning.  Worked on sitting straight going around corners.  Esther talked about flexing at his poll and taught me how to work with him on that.  I will work on the ground and in the saddle on flexing.  I am going to read up on that. 

After the lesson was over, I kept riding in the arena, round and round.  Lee Anne P.  came and rode in the arena for a short while and then out in the front pastures.  She suggested I give it a try - and I did!  She was watching me though.  Red behaved quiet nicely.  Barry arrived and Lee Anne suggested I go out in the back, she lent me her helmet and I rode Red down the ranch road and when we got to the trees I rode next to the trees.   It was blazing hot.  Down to the end....he had a tiny spook but just in place.  Down to the end and to the left down the back pasture.  Snippy came thundering up but Red was ok with that.  I was so proud of him and ME!!!  I am going to work as often as possible.  I rode for 3 hours today and enjoyed myself so much!  I love my boy!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Riding My Boy

I went out to the barn today.  The day started off overcast but by the time I went to the barn it was a bright, clear blue sky day!  I went down to the boy's pasture, they were on the other side at the other gate.  When Red saw me get out he came walking/trotting over.  He is such a big old sweetheart.  I love my boy. 

I brought him up and got him tacked up.  Lee Anne Brown was there and we were chatting about Rouge's issues.  He looks fantastic!  He is almost totally jet black since he has been out of the sun.  Wow!  He looked like tar.  

I put Red's bridle on and it was way too long, like someone had messed with it.  Hum.....Lee Anne and I took it up and I went into the arena.  I told Lee Anne I always get a little nervous getting on.  Red moved once, started over.  I stepped in but couldn't throw my leg over as the saddle moved.  I came off.  That makes me even more anxious..  Lee Ann said "grab his mane - not the horn" so I did.  I was up and on.  Red and I walked and trotted around and around.  Side passed both ways and he did great.  I would stop to talk to Lee Anne and he started to walk away and he was made to back up quickly.  With the new bit, he will back up fast to get off the pressure. 

Chelsey came out and visited with us and said she'd like to ride so I let her ride Red.  She rides very well...I am jealous!  She just loved Red and said he was such a good boy.  She hugged him up when she got off.  I told her he was a total sweetie and he is.

I took his tack off and gave him a bite of alfalfa.  He loves his alfalfa.  I gave Red a bath - he was a little sweaty, but the bath was more to make him feel was hot!  I scrubbed his tail and mane and put condition in both and combed it out.  His mane and tail felt coarse and I want them to be silky feeling.  I will have to keep after it so that his hair feels soft.  He is shedding out nicely.  I noticed he had lost some weight though.  I will have to talk to Lee Anne P. about it if I think he is losing too much.  I want him to gain weight not lose it!