Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Riding with Friends

On June 7th I went riding with Jimmy, Christie, Jazzy and Rita.  Jimmy was a sweetie and put Biscuit's saddle on his back.  Kellie's saddle is heavier than my Allengany and I had it in the RAV.  Ugh...to far for me and my balance issues!

I took my Kool Vest in the saddle bags - it was hot as blazes.  We rode out in the back - I put it on once we were out by the bayou.  Christie's horse Rooster is a doll!!!  Biscuit was so well behaved so I was very pleased with him.

It was a fun ride - I enjoyed it so much - about 8.3 miles.  Can't wait for the woods to  dry up but that doesn't seem like it is going to happen any time soon!

Repairing the Brenderup

I took my trailer to Duvall's and Danny looked at it.  We discussed best way to repair it.  In the end, he cut out the front across the trailer, added in a piece of marine plywood that was wrapped in the stuff under slide outs on travel trailers, then added an additional piece of plywood on top of that with flashing and silicone.  Cost - $400 cash.  Ugh....not a happy camper...but I feel this was my fault.  I left the windows open most of the time thinking that because it was sealed it was ok.  I am not batting a .1000!

Anyway - trailer is now repaired and I closed those windows TIGHT.

Kellie and I ride Tyrrell and my Brenderup has a rotten spot.

 Kellie and I rode Tyrrell Park a month ago.  It was a bit of a trial.  I got out to the barn and Biscuit can tell time and has a calendar.  He refused to come to me.  Ugh.  I took Sarge out and took him to the front hoping Biscuit would come in.  I finally got him to come into the corral but out he went when I went to close the gate.  So, I just sat there and waited.  He slowly moved closer and closer...in the mean time, I found a dang mushroom growing in my trailer.  I nearly had a stroke.  The floor at the front of my Brenderup was rotten - like mushy rotten.  UGHGHGHGHGHHGGGHGHHGHG.

Biscuit finally came in and I closed the gate.  What a pill.  I loaded him up and off we went to Tyrrell - an hour or so late.

We had such a good time!  It was nice to ride in Tyrrell - it had been awhile.  We saw quiet a few hogs that day.  But, because we got a later start it was freaking HOT.  We both kinda had a little melt down when we got back...she felt bad and I was seeing spots.  LOL we are old bats now.

We hosed the horses off and after I quit seeing spots we left!!!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Sarge's Sheath Injury and going to Ebenezer

On Wednesday after we came back from Lotus Hill, Sarge's sheath swelled up the size of a softball and had opened up on the left side and was draining.  I called the vet and went and got a steroid shot and 4 antibiotic shots to the tune of $136.  Gave the steroid and 1st antibiotic shot.

By Friday when we left for Ebenezer it was improving.  We took Sarge along so I could give him his shot in the evening.

We went and had lunch with Kellie and Randy at the Stump, checked out the KOA camp on Friday.  It poured down raining so we didn't ride Friday.   Saturday Sarge's sheath was normal sized and we went on a ride to the waterfall - an easy ride more on flat land.  A man from Kountze and his granddaughter joined us.  Very nice people.  Sarge was raring to go on the ride - that fellow is tough as a boot.

We rode 8.4 miles to the waterfall with Randy leading - we went the long way!  Biscuit powered through some mud catching up with everyone - he cantered through the mud - he was a very good boy.

The gnats were pretty bad up there like at Kisatchie.  Ugh...so sick of the rain and bugs.