Sunday, May 31, 2009

Little Red Riding Hood

Red and I rode out today with LeeAnne Brown and Rogue. We had a great time. When I got to the barn a guy named Mike was there. He sometimes rides Ms. Jean's horses. His horse was euthanized last year due to colic. He can make the horses bow!!! I asked him about teaching Red to stretch out so I am going to try to teach that to him. Red is very smart and he is such a good boy.

Yesterday and today he acted like walking on the concrete was the devil. He would stop and just stand there. He doesn't see to be lame or really sore. Maybe they are tender? One of the farrier's said he might be from the shoes trying to uncontract his hooves.

We saddled up and went down the road next to the stallion, Sadda. Sadda came running up teeth bared acting like a stallion!! LOL Red laid back his ears and kept going. He was moving slow on the road. We got 3/4 down the road and he stopped. I made him go forward. He stopped again and I made him go and got onto him. He walked slow until we got out to the main pasture. The grass is really grown up!!! After we got out to the grass he walked much quicker! We had a good ride but when we came back to where the paddock/pastures start he startled right in the same place where he did with Barry. Krystina told me that lots of the horses startle there. Maybe there is a pit of snakes there. Red is not a spooky horse but his idea of spooking is really a giant flinch!!

We got back to the barn and I took his tack off and brushed him. He leaned his face on me and put his mouth on the side of my face. I guess that is close to a kiss!! He is such a sweetie. LeeAnne held Red's hoof while I took pictures for the farriers to evaluate.

I took Red back to the barn and he stopped dead in his tracks on grass. Now that is BS so I yanked his halter and swatted him with the end of the lead rope. That got his attention. His eyes were big and he was suddenly ready to walk like a happy camper. I guess he is testing me just a little but I WILL make him mind. I can't stand a horse that doesn't mind!!

I gave him a handful of alfalfa in the yard and because they were about to feed. I did put his alfalfa in his stall but didn't put him up. I walked back to the main barn and he got through with his handful and he came trotting fast up to the main barn and I am sure he was yelling "I can't get in the stall Sister. My alfalfa is calling me!" I hugged him up and had to leave.

LeeAnne and I are going to try to ride tomorrow.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Education in floating teeth and sheath cleaning

Dr. Sherwood was out at the stables yesterday and today. I had the experience of watching him float teeth and clean sheaths. The teeth floating was pretty amazing. He was floating Blue's teeth. Blue is a HUGE Quarter Horse - so huge he looks like a small draft horse! He had been sedated and Dr. Sherwood had a drill with a specialized attachment to grind down the teeth. I got a good look inside a horse's mouth - wow wee - that was really something. Lee Ann flushed Blue's mouth out a few times with a big old tube of water...looked like a caulking tube. I was fascinated.

Dr. Sherwood said to clean their sheaths with Dawn - that the baby oil I used on Red was actually kind of caustic....poor RED!!!! He flushed it out really good with water and put Furazone in it just in case it was irritated.

I had wanted so badly to be a vet when I was a teenager. Sigh.....I would have loved that. I adore animals. I was talking to poor old Blue and rubbing his face and reassuring him. Bless his heart. I know the owners never come out there and he is just a pasture puff. He has a huge bulge on his back left leg just below the hock. It doesn't seem to bother him but it looks horrible. He has lots of boo boo's and scrapes. His mane is a twisted, knotted mess. That is terrible.

I went out to see Red and I gave him his alfalfa because most likely, I will not be able to get out there this evening. He is loved and pampered and in return he brings me peace and contentment.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pictures of the new boy!

I called the people we are getting the new boy from and she sent these pictures to me. I went out to the barn to see Red and he came when I called! Bless his little heart. I gave him a little alfalfa and hugged him up.

I told Ms. Jean and Lee Ann that I had bought a new horse and would be bringing him Sunday. Dr. Sherwood was there and I met with him. I had called his office and made a 9:30 AM appointment for Monday. LOL he said they made a mistake and he was gelding a horse Monday. He called them and we set it up for 1:00 PM. That works better. I will go to work and then go get the horse at 12:00 and load him up.

Ms. Jean said we will put the new boy in a paddock next to Red for a few days before we move them out to the pasture. I am so excited that we have 2 horses. It is a dream come true for me.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We are getting another horse!!!!

I called today about a "ranch gelding" up in Huntington and liked what the fellow told me. I called Barry and said "lets go look at him" so he and I drove up to Huntington to see "Snake". Big old gelding that is as push button as they come. Barry rode him and he was impressed. We visited with Cevin (Kevin with a C!!) and Terrie about their horses. We decided on the way home to get him.

He is as tall as Red but heavier. Beautiful solid sorrel horse with a beautiful mane that I can't wait to get my hands on.

I forgot to take pictures - idiot!

I am going to have him vet checked and we are going to get him Sunday. I can't wait to get him home! He is 2 months younger than Red. I believe we are going to call him Kojak.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Red and his alfalfa

It was pouring rain when I came home today - the sky was black towards Beaumont and Vidor. I cooked dinner and then I went out to the barn to see Red. I let him out of his stall and he trotted out to eat grass. I was talking to him and petting him. He is so fun to love on.

I went and got his alfalfa and he came up to me and I walked with him out to the center of the paddock and he behaved. I put his alfalfa on the ground and he started in on it. Charlie came up and I shooed him away. Later Red let him know by flattening his ears. Poor ole Charlie - I later gave him a little chunk because I felt bad for him!

Red ate his alfalfa into a circle. He was enjoying every bite. I scooped up the last of it because I needed to go and put it in his stall. He was still eating the pieces on the ground and I called him. I was going to go get the rope to bring him in but he looked up and then came to me and walked quietly into his stall to eat the rest of his alfalfa. I hugged his neck and passed out kisses. Here is pictures of my boy enjoying his favorite treats.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Red visits Aggie Land

Barry and I hauled Red up to Texas A & M on Thursday to be shod by Jason Maki - farrier extraordinaire.

We stopped in Cypress to look at a horse for Barry. Sir Lancelot looks a bunch like Red and Barry likes him. He said he rode better than Red!!!! He wants to look at a palomino I found and we are going to see that horse Sunday a week.

We traveled on to A & M and met Jason. What a nice guy!!! We took Red into the farrier station and he started to work on his hooves. He looked from all angles and trimmed and rasped and pounded on shoes and heated them up.

He decided to hot shoe Red and we took Red out on the pavilion. When he applied the shoe smoke rose up and swirled around. Red took that ok but he was pretty fussy in the cross ties. Well, fussy for him! It was loud and clanging and inside and most horses would be a little nervous. His muscles in his butt were trembling when we first got in there - LOL I hugged him up and said it was ok. He was shaking his head and twitching his tail. Once when Jason left to get something he pooped so I cleaned that up.

Later Jason was doing his back hooves and Red pooped on Jason. OMG I nearly died. Jason said it wasn't the first time!!

He countersunk the clips on Red's shoes and rasped the right hoof that is run over and causing the heels to contract. He put some thrush meds on a cotton piece and showed me how to stuff it in the contracted crease thing and how to pull it out.

Barry and I walked Red out and his head was up and he was trying to whinney - it is so strained sounded. I think he thought he was at the races!

I took Jason and Cindy some cake and asked them to share it with the staff. They are all so nice. I paid and Barry and I went to fill up the truck and get lunch. We went to Chris Jeanis' house and I let Red eat and I cleaned out his trailer. He doesn't like to step in poop!!!! We had a little trouble getting him in the trailer and when we got home we loaded and loaded him several times. I had to get Alfalfa to get that rascal in. Don't know what the problem is but we will work on it!! Here are pictures of Red's farrier visit.

Monday, May 18, 2009

A Saturday Ride in the Country

Barry and I went to the barn this morning to get Red. I dumped his feed in and Barry got his saddle and stuff out. We took him to the wash rack and brushed him. OMG he had rolled in something that STUNK like dammit.

We loaded him up and drove up to Margaret and Ronnie's. They had Cub, Butterbean and Easy out. We put one of Ronnie's bridle's on Red with a different bit. It had shanks on it and we tested it out in the arena first. Red did really well in it. I am going to use it for a few weeks and see how he does. We saddled Red and we all went for a ride! I wore my new hat!! Red didn't leap the little ditch this time but I was ready for it. We got on the road that goes off to the North and crossed over. We could hear a truck coming and oddly, Red startled causing a chain reaction of all the horses. He settled down though. We went through water several times. He kept laying back his ears at Butterbean. We went through a slough of water about 4" deep.

We went down where we have been down before and then back over to where the deer stand was that Cub has gave the evil eye before. We turned around to come back. We crossed the water again and in the slough of water Red sunk down to his knees and I though he was going to go down but he pulled up and I didn't end up in the water!!! YAY for me!!!!! One of the little ditch thingies he did LEAP over but I was ready for him. I am getting better and that makes me glad.

We got back to Margaret and Ronnie's and I took Red's tack off by the truck and put it up. We gave him a bath and had to go. He had pooped in his trailer and when Barry went to lead him on he switched around to the side. LOL he did that several times. He didn't want to walk in his own poop - Cary Grant in the making. I told Barry to walk him up the other side which he loaded right up and then promptly pooped.

We ate at Sonic and came on home. We got home at 2:00 PM and I got ready to go to Tyler. I had a great time and am ready to go again. We might go next weekend.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Brenderup has a boo boo

I called Kay to find out how to that the center post out of the Brenderup today. Barry, Devin and Jarrod took the middle out. Barry and Jarrod went to get the lawn mower Mom gave him.

Betty had came over and Barry returned and asked me to come see something. Sign..the lawnmower went forward and smashed into the front of my trailer and put two little round hickeys on it. OMGosh that bites. I just walked away. What can you say? I went back to the trailer and looked at it - it isn't too bad. I told Barry he could just have it fixed. He said he'd never use it again. Ok........

Betty and I went to the cake club meeting. When I came back Barry said he was very sorry and I said "it is just a horse trailer". He said he knew how much my trailer meant to me and he wanted to sell it and get me a new one. I said "no". We can have it repaired but no we aren't buying a new one.

I hate that it damaged but it is inside and it isn't bad. I don't plan on selling it so it isn't an issue.

I went to see Red this morning before going to work. He is such a sweetie! I talked to Margaret today and we talked about going riding. I might go up there and ride before I go to Waco.

I bought a hat today!!!!

I went to see Red for just a few minutes today. I was having dinner with Ava and Archie so I didn't have time to groom him. Sigh...I prefer to always be able to take him out and groom him and hug him up.

He hadn't ate yet and was standing at the end of the barn waiting to be fed!!

I bought more joint flex stuff today, new rubber pull on bell boots and a new cowboy hat for me with the little tie thingy. I got his joint stuff and went out to the paddock right when they were bringing his food. He was glad to see me but was focused on his food!!!! LOL He went into his stall and started scarfing up his grain. I got out some of his alfalfa and gave it to him. He always likes that.

I called about a gelding today for Barry. He is about Red's size and color. Very pretty boy and has been used for trail riding. We are going to go see him Wednesday and Archie might to with us. He is flying out of Houston Wednesday night to attend a funeral so he will be in that general area.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Visiting Red

Yesterday after delivering my wedding cake I visited with Red for a few minutes to give him his alfalfa. He looks terrific.

Today was Mother's Day and the kids and I went to eat at Mom's. Barry went with his family. He later joined us. Judy, Sheena, Kheena, Hector, Little James and Cameron, Lana, Kylyn, Vivian, Brendon and a friend of Kylyn's came to Mom's. We had a great visit. I showed them pictures of Red. After I left there I went to the barn to see Red. Barry and I let him out of his stall and I got his joint compound and alfalfa. I walked up to him with a handful of alfalfa and he turned and walked quietly into his stall. I petted and loved on him for a minute and then we came home.

I talked to Margare and she said their church is going to put on another trail ride. Woo Hoo I would like to go again!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Red knows he is my horse now!

Barry and I went out to the barn yesterday and he had Red's halter. Red plays a game with Barry where he walks away and circles Barry. I was standing off to the side and Red walked away from Barry and down the fence...turned and walked right up to me. LOL Barry gave me the halter and I slipped it on him and hugged him up.

I groomed him and talked to Krystina and LeAnne2 about the trail ride and how much fun it was. LeAnne2 said she didn't know if Rogue would be strong enough to go that many miles. He probably isn't right now...maybe at the end of the year or next year. It would be fun for us all to go up the country and ride.

Barry went to the barn with me at 6:15 and there was no one there except Sergio. Red was in his stall so I got him out and took him for a walk down the pasture road. We saw Duke and he came up to Red and was nipping at him. Red pretty much ignored him and Duke turned and bucked up his back end and kicked out and ran off bucking and blowing raspberries. I think he just is lonely. Red gobbled up grass and got down in the ditch to get what he thought was better grass. I finally headed back to the barns and sprayed him with fly spray. Barry said Red nipped at him or lipped him or something. LOL I told him not to allow that. I gave Red his alfalfa and he was settled in for the night after a few hugs on the neck.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Red and I go on a trail ride!!!

Margaret invited Red and me on a trail ride! I was so excited. I got up at 5:15 Tuesday morning and was out the door at 5:40. I filled up my gas tank and away I went. Barry had hooked up the Brenderup from the night before. I got out at the barn around 6:00 AM. I got Red out and gave him his food while I put my tack in the trailer. I brushed him and got him out to load up. I wanted him to just walk on but he is not ready for that yet. I am going to work on that. We were out of the gate at 6:35 am. I drove at 60 mpg to Kirbyville. The Brenderup travels so well!!! Woo Hoo!!!! I had no problems getting to Margaret's house - the hills weren't any problem.

I got to Margaret's and got Red out and Ronnie put his shoe on him and we got him saddled up. We hopped in Ronnie's truck and away we went. We got to the site about 7 miles from their house. I got on the side of the trailer to hop on and away Margaret and I went. Red was rearing to go!! He usually acts like he has got a tractor tied to his tail except on the trail!

We rode for quiet awhile and Red was so much fun! He started sweating up a storm - he was hot and humid. We pulled over for a rest and the little white mules started throwing a fit!!! LOL They were something else. They can really move out - the horses were trotting to keep up with them.

We stopped for lunch at Margaret's. We put Red and Cub under the shed and I gave him water. They were too hot to drink at first. We had to wait about 2 hours to go again because some people wanted to go get their trailers. A man came and asked me about the Brenderup so I gave him a "tour" of the Ice Cream Stand.

When we started again I was up near the front and Margaret said come back behind the wagons. The wagon went by and Red leaped forward and tried to get away from me. He didn't! LOL He isn't afraid of the wagons either. Goodness...he was all up in the KoolAid of the wagon blaring music! I changed my reins from the leather ones to the soft cotton ones. My hands were taking a beating. We started off in front of Margaret's house and came to the little tiny ditch. Red was hesitating and then LEAPED over it. Good grief...I was almost unseated.

Margaret said I rode well...I said that I used to be a really good rider but I am lacking confidence. She said you are getting it back. I am working on it! We rode down rocky roads, sandy roads, gravel, asphalt type roads and Red walked in water. I had to encourage him a few times with my spur (very gently - it doesn't take much). Later he would willingly go.

I pulled into a drive way to let a truck go by and Red started prancing sideways and I was trying to get back to the road and he didn't want to go through the ditch (this was before we started going through water!) and I didn't want to spur him and cause him to jump in front of the truck. LOL he backed into a yucca plant and I think poked his butt. LOL He pranced down the side of the yard and I was trying to get him out of the yard! He was about to blow up but I was talking to him that he was ok. Margaret grabbed him at the end of the yard by his halter and led him out. He got a little excited but he was ok. He did really good for his first trail ride and it was my first real trail ride!

It was so hot and later my legs felt like lead and my nether regions were saying "didn't you give up childbirth 18 years ago?" We stopped for a rest and the mules again threw a fit. I gave them a wide berth. I was tired and Margaret said I could ride in the wagon and I said no...not just no but hell no! I wouldn't dare get in that wagon with those little white mules!

At the end of the ride I was pretty exhausted. We rode to this private ranch and loosened the girths on the horses. Margaret fished out a protein bar and water and I ate that. I was sick to my stomach almost from heat and I had sweated about 9 gallons of water out!!

The Cowboy Church fed everyone a wonderful dinner and everyone was so nice. I really enjoyed myself so much. Ronnie came with the trailer and had dinner with us and later we went back to Margaret's house.

I took Red out of the trailer and led him to The Ice Cream Stand and got out his dinner. He dug his nose in that while I untacked him and put his saddle in the trailer. I walked him over to the wash rack and he was digging into his grain. We gave Red and Cub soap baths and curried them. Red was rinsed off and Margaret gave him an alcohol sponge bath and we rubbed a icy/hot linament on their front legs. Red wiped his mouth full of crumbly grain across my chest - it looked like baby poop.

I scraped him dry and loaded him up in the trailer. I hugged Margaret and off we went. I drove at 50-55 all the way home. Red unloaded like a dream...not even on his toes. I was taking him down the main barn aisle and he let out a little strangled whinney. That boy can't talk!! He rarely is vocal. I put him in his stall and his evening meal was waiting. He nosed it once and turned around and stretched out to relieve himself. I am surprised he had anything to relieve from...he has sweated so much it was pouring off of him.

He was so pretty and shiny when I left. He looked like a million bucks. All in all, we went about 14.5 miles! WOW. I have NEVER rode that far before - even when I was a kid I never rode fore 14 and a half miles. We are ready to go again!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Red Visits at our House

Barry put the permanent tags on the Brenderup this morning and then took Red to the Cattail Marsh for a ride Friday a week ago. He then brought Red home! LOL Red had his lunch out of the pink pail I bought for him. Barry rinsed him off and I walked around the yard with him. He strode all over the yard sniffing everything like a dog. LOL He went over the the fence by Central Drive and looked into the patio.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Red was better today

Barry and I went out to the barn this afternoon. He rode and I forgot my boots. IDIOT. Red was in a much better mood or he felt better. Margaret called and I let her know he was better. He seemed calm today and not over excited or anxious. Margaret had stopped by earlier today and Ronnie said horses have their own way of letting you know when something is wrong and he clearly was letting me know yesterday that he was not feeling well. I was concerned about my boy.

Margaret did tell me when she was at the house this morning that they are considering selling Butterbean. I would LOVE to buy Butterbean. He is such a sweetheart and I love his red roan color. He would be a great horse for us to have...we could trade off on riding them. Red will forever by my boy though.

Anyhooo...Barry rode Red and he was doing just fine. I groomed him and did his hooves and put fly spray on him.

He should be moving out to a pasture tomorrow if it is indeed, available. I did call the farrier at Texas A & M and Red has an appointment to see Jason, the farrier whom was recommended to me. I will be going out to ride Red tomorrow morning while Sherry is here cleaning.