Friday, September 30, 2011

Trimming Sarge and getting ready for the parade

I went out to see the horses around 1:00 PM for a few minutes.  They are so funny.  Here are their stinky faces
I think Biscuit needs a serious tooth brush!!! 

Stinky Stinky Stinky Face!

Biscuit needs to have his teeth cleaned!!!  When I have Doc float his teeth I may see about cleaning them too!!!  Good grief, his teeth are yukky.  Sarge's aren't that yukky!!!

I went back with Barry this afternoon to pull Biscuit up into the arena.  We went out to the pasture and I got Biscuit's halter on.  Barry took his lead rope when he decided to bring up Sarge into the arena.  He walked them both back to the barn.  I got out my trimming tools and wow!  Sarge's back feet were LONG.  I did his front feet last week.  He is not that cooperative about his feet with me.  He doesn't give Craig any fuss but he can be a little bit of a toot with me.  I got them nipped and rasped on the bottom and then got them from the front.  I am concerned where he had had that abscess - it has a nasty blowout on his hoof that is almost to the bottom and I want to keep it rasped so it doesn't cause a problem.  Here are his trimmings....I am getting quicker and better at trimming and faster.  It is hard work and my hat is off to farriers that do this all day every day.  Wow - they must have some seriously strong backs.  My goal is to keep up with both of the horses feet.  It will save me on both approximately $624 per year.  That is a chunk of change. 

 Lee-Ann P told me that I could buy their shots at the feed store and I thought I had to get them at the vet.  I can get their regular shots at the feedstore or Tractor Supply for $27 instead of $50-60 except their rabies shots.  Their rabies shots are due in October so next week I am going to take them for their shots and Biscuit's Coggin's.

I want to save money where I can - I am already giving them their shots myself so buying them cheaper will work for me.  The barn is going to worm them as they can get the wormer cheaper than I can as Lee-Ann P buys it in bulk for the ranch.  I have my Rendaivue software to keep up with shots/worming/Coggins/teethfloating/hoofs, etc.  It really is a neat application that keeps my information current.

Barry worked with Sarge in the arena and I brushed Biscuit's mane and sprayed him with fly spray.  He was covered in flies.  I cleaned off the was filthy and I  didn't do all of that!  The water pressure was low so I got the broom and swept the water off. 

I put Biscuit in the arena when Barry walked Sarge back down to his paddock.  I loaded Biscuit's saddle, saddle pad, and bridle in the Rav4 to put in the trailer so I didn't have to fool with that in the morning.  We got home and I hooked the trailer up and put it on the driveway so I am ready to go to the Winnie Rice Festival Parade tomorrow. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Legato rides in The Brenderup

Riding in Circles at Tyrrell

EveryTrail - Find the best Hiking near Beaumont, Texas

 Lee-Ann P and I planned a ride to Tyrrell Park for Tuesday at 1:00 PM.  I went out to hook up the Brenderup and had a bunch of trouble getting it on the ball again.  Gaaaa!!!  That really cranks me out of shape.  I had parked it on the washout by the road so I could get it on the ball easier.  I was having a hard time pulling the handle up.  I don't know if it needs to be greased or not but something has to be done or someone is going to have a COW.  More on that later.

I got the trailer hitched FINALLY and had sweat rolling down my face (ICK!!!) and off I went.  I got to the barn and Lee-Ann P was getting Legato and Amirasong across the road.  Well, Amirasong was supposed to go in the equipment barn paddock and Legato was standing by the fence.  Equipment barn gates wouldn't close, Amirasong is trying to get out, Lee-Ann P is waving her arms at her to back her up and Legato gets away from the fence on the other side and is off and running -  leadrope flapping in the wind and whipping around.  She is running all over the place, Lee-Ann P is trying to contain Amirasong so I got out of the car and walked towards the running Legato who runs to a clump of grass to eat.  I picked up her lead rope and that was it.  She is a good girl...full of beans and loads of energy to run off.  LOL  I handed her to Lee-Ann and went down to get Biscuit.  He was out in the pasture and so I had to walk out there but he was no problem.  I had treats.  I gave Sarge 2...but on the ground.  He didn't seem to understand to get it off the ground but Barry has a fit if you hand feed Sargent treats as the Sarge can be a little pushy about treats.  He reminds me of a 3 year old child after candy.

Biscuit loaded right up and I hauled to the front and lowered the ramp.  Lee-Ann was lounging Legato.  I put my tack in and then Lee-Ann put her tack in.  Now, the moment of truth: getting Legato to go up the ramp and into the trailer!!  She walked on the ramp and stood there.  Lee-Ann finally had to walk her in but she was as calm and cool as a cucumber about it and hey!!!  There was some hay in there!!!   Wow!!  Legato said this was her kind of ride!

We took off and got to the park and Biscuit was SO minding his own business.  I think Legato told him that while it may be HIS trailer, she was the GUEST and he had better mind his P's and Q's or she'd let him have it.  LOL Biscuit is generally annoying Sarge where ever we are going!

Biscuit and Legato
We tacked up and I had my little stool to mount on so we were set.  Except my girth was too loose.  Biscuit has lost weight since I started re-riding and I have also adjusted the girth on the other side.  I had to get of and on 3 times to get it right and then off we went.  We went around the woods and Biscuit kept tripping some or cripping up.  I got off to check his feet for a rock and found nothing.  I told Lee-Ann this was the moment of truth.  Could I get on from the flat without a struggle or hurting my leg!!  It was FLAT where I was at and I looked around for a high/low spot or log in case this didn't work out...there was NOTHING so I thought I had better get my butt into the saddle!!   I put my foot into the stirrup, held the reins and pulled up and onto the saddle with absolutely NO problem or pain.  Woot!!!!  Woot!!!!  for Dr. Hayes and my uncranky knee.  How fabulous is that?

I took Lee-Ann down the "new" trail to see the picnic tables.  What fun!  It is going to be a great place to picnic.  It is still pretty rough back there but that is ok.  I like that!!!

We went a little ways looking for places that MIGHT have been a former trail.  We found on and tried to go through the woods....LOL  we went about 35 feet or so and had to turn around.   Biscuit and Legato thought we had lost our minds.   But hey, isn't that what trail riding is all about - sometimes blazing trails.  We went around the woods and down the little trail and came out by Cattail Marsh.

We went in and on the rocks and Biscuit is seriously tenderfooted over that kind of chunky rocks.  I have been riding him all summer in his hoof boots and just on the last rides since  my surgery have taken them off.  We went over to the side and then through the little chunky concrete barriers.  Down the little dip where I had gone with Kellie and Elan but this time we could see better and it wasn't wet.  We went to the right instead of the left and it worked out just fine.  Up the little embankment that was probably 3 foot high almost straight up.  We walked all the way down to Willow Bayou.  The woods looked so nice!  It was dry in there and you could see a dry creek bed or run off area and pig trails.  It would be so nice to have trails in there!!!!

I scrapbooked this picture of The Biscuit and me. 
We got to the corner and I stopped and took pictures because it was so pretty.  The marsh was gorgeous.  It was such a pleasant place to be at that time.  Biscuit wasn't too happy about having to go over the rocks but he went.  He is a good boy.

We came down the side of Willow Bayou and it was so pretty - a little warm in the sun but nice all the same.  We went into the woods and to the right.  We started a jog and kept going.  We jogged almost to the front.  We called it a day then.  We took their tack off and rinsed the horses off.  I passed out treats to them because they had both been terrific.  We loaded up and headed back.  We stopped to get a coke, a REAL Coke! for Lee-Ann.  At the barn, I hauled to Legato's paddock and we unloaded The Princess and then hauled to Biscuit's and we put him up.

Back at the barn we brushed out the trailer and unloaded the tack and I dropped Lee-Ann off at her car!  Easy Peasy.  We are going again next week and I can't wait.

I used my trip computer on this ride - that is pretty neat.  Learning more and more about the Garmin and it is fun.  This ride was right at 5 miles.  Biscuit and I have about 319 miles for 2011 and more than 400 since I first rode him.  Wow!  That is quiet a few miles.  Going to try to hit 400 miles for the year and I know we can do it.  That will give me more than 500 miles for the year. 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Trimmed Hooves and a bouncing Biscuit

I went out to the barn today to do Biscuit's feet.  I pulled him up out of the pasture and got all of my gear.  I started with my round knife (that thing is AMAZING) and worked on his frogs, cutting out little pockets of thrush.  It is still there but not like before!!!  I cut the little channels in the back of his hoof so that mud will not pack in his feet.  I trimmed his bars.  Some of them looked like they were ran out in places.   I trimmed up in the corners getting rid of any flakyness.  I did all four without a bit of trouble from The Biscuit.  He was such a little gentleman today.  He only pulled one hoof away from me and that was the last one I did!  I got the cradle attachment to the hoof stand and cupped his hooves into it to start rasping from the bottom.  I did like Lee-Ann P showed me (she said I wasn't being aggressive enough with it and I wasn't) and went around his feet rasping at an angle to start the Mustang Roll.

After doing all four feet I changed the cradle for the knob attachment and stretched his hooves forward to do the Mustang Roll.  I rasped them from the top trying to make sure they were level and shaped correctly.  Treats for The Biscuit for being such a good boy today. 
Still fighting a crack in the back left hoof but it is getting better

Still fighting the cracks, etc. in the front hooves but they are better too.  Hopefully in a few trimmings this will be resolved!!!
After trimming Biscuit I put him in the arena and he was fine until he was jacking around the Nebi who was being groomed.  I told Amanda (she is a friend of Allison's visiting from Pennsylvania) to move Nebi to the wash rack.  I got out my saddle to condition it and spiff it up for the parade ride.  Biscuit started galloping around the arena like he was a 2 year old!!!  He was so funny!!  I took this video of him galloping around

Riding down a new trail to discoveries!!!

We found a new trail in Tyrrell Park!

EveryTrail - Find the best Hiking near Beaumont, Texas
I went riding with Sue and Kellie today. Sue was riding Dulce for the first time in about a year and a half. Doc said she could ride providing it was no more than 2 miles, walking or a little trotting on grass. I got up and got ready and hauled out to the barn. I had to load the tack in the trailer and then get Biscuit. He loaded right up. I got to the park first and groomed Biscuit. Kellie arrived and I moved my trailer up to let her pull in behind me.Phil came over to visit and I said that I had lost my purple crop and I had looked all over for it. Phil went back to the church and a little later came back with my crop! Kenny's daughter's had it - they found it somewhere around there. I must have dropped it at the ACTHA ride. I was thrilled to get it back!!!!Kenny arrived and we talked about the parade next week. I can't wait to go!!!We saddled up and met Sue on the other side of the park. Dulce was so excited to see Elan - she started squirting and swishing her tail and OMG she was slinging horse pee EVERYWHERE!!!! We rode in the back of the golf course. They were using a big backhoe kinda thing and the horses were a little put off by it. We went down and a few times the horses would stop and Biscuit backed up. I popped him with my crop and he went forward. We got to the corner and went down a little and turned around to come back.

Biscuit is ok after his adventures
Biscuit hopped up like a goober to take off - but he listened when I said no. He wanted to GO. We went back to the center of the park where Sue was parked and she was going to come over to where we were at to get something from Kellie. We walked over to the stables and Sue came over and she was so thrilled to be riding again. Kellie and I went into the woods. We walked all the way around to the little off shoot trail and went down it. We back tracked to the trail Lee-Ann P and I saw last week that looked like someone ran a 4 wheeler down it. Kellie and I took off down the trail. I think it was a truck that went down the trail- not a 4 wheeler. We rode until I could see a fence and then lo and behold!!! two picnic tables!!! Looks like the city is uncovering a long lost trail. How cool is that? I could hear a truck coming down the Cattail Marsh road but couldn't see it as the trees were too thick. We jogged quiet a ways today and Biscuit did a good job. We got back to the trailer and untacked the horses. I cleaned Biscuit's feet and gave both horses some treats. We took them over to the hose to wash them off. Kellie asked me about getting Elan to drop like I did Red. I washed Biscuit and took him around and tied him to the hitching post with just enough slack so he could nibble some grass. I showed Kel where I would scratch Red to make him drop! LOL good thing no one saw us. I told her I had started by just brushing my hand against Sarge and Biscuit's sheaths so they would get used to someone touching them there. I sprayed a little water in Elan's sheath after gently touching him and he was fine with it. Gaaa!!! He is a dirty boy...full of black junk. All of a sudden, Biscuit is pulling back and spooking and his lead rope is wrapped around his fetlock. I nearly had a stroke. He had pulled the leadrope tight where I couldn't just pull and release. I told him whoaaa whoaaa easy and he stopped pulling and stood there like a good boy til I undid his rope. OMG that horse is just amazing. He is such a sweetheart. I gave them both treats again and a bite of alfalfa. Kellie and I visited and later we decided we'd ride out there and have a picnic next weekend. Can't wait to go again!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Winnie Rice Festival Parade

It has always been a dream of mine to ride my horse in a parade. If all goes well, next week I will get my wish. I will be riding The Biscuit in the Winnie Rice Festival Parade! I spoke to Kenny today and he said that Biscuit has already been rode in the parade several times so he is not a first timer like me. Sarge has been rode by Ray in several parades. He is such a show off I know that he would be a crowd pleaser. I asked Barry if he wanted to ride in the parade but he didn't really say whether he would or not. Kellie may ride too. Elan would be absolutely gorgeous! He is such an eye catcher! I don't have a cake for next Saturday and won't be taking one. I will make sure that Biscuit is clean and shiny and my tack in clean as a whistle. I will wear my fancy boots if possible. Depends on what the knee says on that one! Otherwise I will just clean up my Justin Gypsy boots. I am really looking forward to it.

Lee-Ann P and I got for a ride with the Garmins

Working with Garmins in Tyrrell Park

EveryTrail - Find the best Hiking in Texas

On Thursday Lee-Ann P and I planned a ride to test out her new Garmin.  I was going to haul the Brenderup.  For the first time I had to give up getting it on the ball of my car.  I was sweating like a pig and pretty annoyed.  I need a cement pad so it is level.  We decided to take the ranch trailer.

I drove out to the barn and brought Biscuit up.  Loaded my stuff in the trailer and then we loaded the horses.  We drove out to Tyrrell Park and saddled up.  Biscuit was still pretty clean from the day before so just a quick brush (his mane looks so pretty!!!)  and I mounted up.  I then got off - saddle wasn't tight enough.  We started towards the woods and Biscuit stopped.  He didn't want to go forward.  Legato started throwing a little tizzy fit and Lee-Ann P got off to check her saddle.  Got back on and off we go for a short while.  Tizzy fit - Lee-Ann P gets off and walks her into the woods and remounts.  Princess Legato was a little spooky and on edge.  We walked the entire woods first...birds flew up at the back down by the canal and Biscuit lifted his head a little but that was it.

After the first round we set into a jog.  Biscuit goes back and forth on the trail and Lee-Ann P. said to guide him over with leg pressure.  He did a great job for the most part.  He collected up, kept his pace and just did a fantastic job.  There was a little trail that looked like someone had gone down it with a four wheeler.  I need to ask Kenny if he did that.   Someone went down a path on the Cattail Marsh side so that would be great if Kenny started a new trail.  I think Lee-Ann put a waypoint on the track.

We went down the little tiny trail - I showed her the LIMBO branch and I was able to lift it up and get Biscuit to go under it.  Lee-Ann P. got off and pulled the branch down which is terrific!!!  We were going to go down the little walking trail but their was rebar coming out of the top of the landscaping timbers so we got out of there!!!

We only went around twice as I had a cake consult.  We hauled back to the barn and unloaded tack and took the horses down on the Gater. 

The ride was a BLAST.  We are hoping to go a few times next week after Lee-Ann gets off of work.  It will get Biscuit fit.  He lost some weight this weekend which was great.  He was pretty darn fluffy.  Heck, I might lose a pound or two!!! 

I would love to ride Biscuit in some Limited Distance rides while Lee-Ann P does the Endurance rides.  But to do that, I need to get Biscuit in shape which means riding him more than 2 times a week and I need to lose weight and be in better shape!!  What fun that would be!!! 

Biscuit's feet are looking better - his frogs are looking good.  I will be doing both horses feet Monday.  I have to haul Biscuit to Doc's to get a Coggins.  His Coggins is due on the 10th of October. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Grooming and Photography

Pretty Buns!!!
Ms. Jean arranged to have a professional photographer come out to the barn today. I go out to the barn and pulled Biscuit up. I gave him a bath and scrubbed his mane and tail. Ms. Jean had scrubbed Mi Ti and her tail was so white. She said to wash it with Palmolive so I scrubbed him up with Palmolive. Then she said to put Oxyclean on his tail so I did that and finished with the purple shampoo. I just used the Palmolive and the purple shampoo on his mane. I scrubbed him up and and washed his face. He was a little resistant to the towel in his face at first but he relaxed and let me scrub his face. I put the last of my Cowboy Magic in his mane and tail and brushed him good. When he was dry I put him in a stall next to Legato. I left the barn and went to get lunch.

I actually met up with mom and my sisters at a local restaurant on their patio and visited. I left there and went to the feed store and got a new halter, lead rope and Show Sheen for the boys. I went to the house to get a clean shirt and my makeup and hair stuff and returned to the barn.

I pulled Sarge up to the wash rack and soaked him down. I scrubbed him up with Baby Magic Shampoo!!! I hosed his feet to clean them. OMG they look TERRIBLE and they were done about 5 1/2 weeks ago. I got my nippers and nipped his feet. I used my circle knife to pull down the bars and pulled his heels down. He was fussy about it and tried to pull his feet away. I popped him with the rasp on the gut. LOL he was shocked. Sarge doesn't like to be spanked!!! Too bad. I told him to stand still and I meant it. I rasped his feet too and put a mustang roll on the fronts. I will have to do the back ones tomorrow. He was as cranky to do as Biscuit in some ways. I think Sarge is a male chauvinist pig!!!

I brushed his mane and put the Show Sheen on him. I oiled his hooves and his mouth and nose area and around his eyes. He looked pretty darn cute. MiTi's owner arrived and I had never met her. Very nice lady. I told her MiTi was a doll and she needed to give her to me! LOL The photographer arrived and Ms. Jean and Lee-Ann P (I found out the LeAnn's spell their names the same but Lee-Ann P has a hyphen in her name! The things you learn at the barn!!!) worked with Lamontie and Azziza in the arena. Azziza is a super nice little 2 year old filly. Barry arrived and I went into the bathroom and washed my hair (that was a chore in that little TINY sink!!!) and blow dried it and put on make up so I could take some pictures with the horses without looking like dammit. I got Biscuit out of his stall and took him over to the wash rack. He had pooped so I had to clean his legs. He pooped on the wash rack AGAIN so I had to clean his legs AGAIN. I put oil on his hooves and face. He looked so pretty!!

We did Sarge first as I wanted "at liberty" pictures of Sarge. He got in the arena and he started running in a circle and didn't really listen to Barry. Barry was trying to get him to collect up! LOL He just kept going - charging around like a wild man. It took a while to calm him down. I think she was able to get some nice pictures of him - I did!!! I told Lyne that Sarge is kinda of a plain bay horse just standing there but his real beauty comes out when he is moving. She said he was that kind of bay that had the metallic sheen to his coat which he does.
Sargent looking like a million bucks
Do I have to do what Barry says?  Sarge sometimes thinks "no, I don't think I do!!"
Biscuit on the move
Blonde Ambition

I then started getting Biscuit ready. We took some head shots by the back side of the stallion barn. Biscuit cooperated pretty much - he is a good boy. We then took him into the arena for some liberty pictures. He ran around with a little encouragement - not quiet like Sarge did but he looked really pretty - he will flag his tail in a heartbeat! I then caught him and made him stand in a certain position so she could get some shots of him with the clouds behind him. His face was sweaty by then and I think they will look terrific!! I can't wait to see them. Lee-Ann P went after us but I didn't get to see her shots. She took some farrier shots!!! Wow wee, I didn't even think to do that! I can't wait to see her pictures!! I wiped all of the oil off of the boys faces - Biscuit wasn't too thrilled but he had to suck up on that. I didn't want his face to burn tomorrow in the sun! Barry walked them down to their pasture and I followed. I snapped this picture

Sarge having his portrait taken!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again

Two Ebenezer Rides though my favorite places at EveryTrail
EveryTrail - Find the best Hiking in Texas Barry and I hauled the boys up to Ebenezer Friday afternoon, arriving around 1:00 PM.  We set up our camp.  LOL our air mattress popped a few cells and this is its last trip.  Kenny, Kellie and Randy were already there.  The LeAnns, James and Bev, Elizabeth and Esther, Kent and Melody arrived a little later.  Jamie from Houston was there.

We all ate together Friday evening.  Jamie rode down to the beach and slipped off of her horse and broke the bone above her toe.  Aaaaaccccckkk!!!!!!  that hurt!!!

The boys loaded in the Brenderup and ready to go

James on Hollywood, Barry on Sarge and Bev on Nicky

Barry on Sarge on the beach at Ebenezer

Sarge and Barry with Bella in the middle and Toby to the left

Riding the trails with Biscuit

Pretty Mushroom

The group

Biscuit on the trails

Kellie took this on the short ride we did together

RRR gang before riding out

Robin, Legato and LeAnn after their endurance ride!!!


Biscuit grabbed a snack

Kent, James, Beverly, Denise and Randy

Esther and Hershey

Randy, Kelly, Elizabeth, Beverly

Barry and Sarge
The next morning The LeAnns were up and saddled up and ready to go.  They went out first.  I got Biscuit saddled up and I didn't have any problems mounting and my leg wasn't hurting.  We waited til everyone was ready, Kenny said a prayer for our safety and off we went.  Biscuit was very tender over rocks but was ok on the trails.  He seems a little tentative for about 1/2 the ride but was good to go after that.  We saw some pretty flowers, trees, mushrooms and other flora and fauna.  We stopped and took a group picture which was nice. 

It was so good to be back in the saddle again after not being able to ride for 4 weeks.  Last weeks 1 mile ride didn't count!!!  My leg is better and wasn't hurting so that was encouraging!!!  We rode down the trails and came out on the road.  Kellie, Randy, Kent, Melody and I headed back towards the camp.  I didn't want to over do it for either Biscuit or myself.  We got to the trail head and Kellie and I went down another trail for awhile.  Biscuit was walking slow and tentative.  LOL Elan too!  They backed up at one point but Biscuit finally went.  We rode for a little more than 5 miles on that ride.  Barry arrived back just after I did.  I washed Biscuit off and he had dropped so I took that opportunity to search for a bean.  He let me with no fussing.  Lee Ann B had shown me on Rogue last week exactly what to do.  No been for the Biscuit!!!  He got several treats for being a good boy and put back in his pen.  He is HUGE.  LOL  he has really gained a lot of weight on his time off.

The LeAnns were still gone when we left to go eat at The Stump.  We had a good time.  We returned and they were still gone.  Around 2:30 or so we got a text/call that they were lost!  OMG.  They finally flagged down someone who told them what road they were on and Barry, Kenny, Kent and Randy hopped in Kenny's truck and Robin hauled her trailer.  They found them and hauled them back.  They were WAY WAY WAY on the other side.  LeAnn said the trails were gorgeous and was ready to show them to us tomorrow.  I was excited about that.

Later some of us saddled up for a late afternoon ride.  I wanted to go down my favorite trail but didn't know how to get there...I do know!!!  Esther led the way.  We went down the trail til we got to to little humps.  We went between the humps to the right and onto the area I like.  Down a STEEP incline that was only about 6 feet or so but it was STEEP.  Did I say it was STEEP?  We went around and we saw 3 deer...two spotted ones and a doe.  We came out on the road and went to the left.  It was thundering.  We kept going and came around by the road and spillway.  We started trotting as it was kicking up wind and thundering.  We trotted and then were cantering.  Biscuit was kinda all over the trail and other than getting excited once and tossing and throwing up his head, he was ok.

Bella kicked up a deer and was baying. I was holding on for dear life in case a deer bounded towards us.  Thank God that didn't happen.  We were trotting up the trail at a fast pace when Bella ran up behind Biscuit and he kicked out with a buck.  I didn't even come close to losing my seat but I yelled at Bella to get the heck away.  Kent hollered for her.  I was right behind James and we were cantering and I was trying to relax but I wasn't totally relaxed but I wasn't scared either.

We got to the front and it was thundering, sprinkling hard and the wind was blowing.  We came out of the woods and Biscuit had a mini meltdown - he jumped to the right and was throwing his head all over the place.  I pulled him up so we could cross the road safely.  He busted through the rail fence and I headed him for James and yelled at James to catch him.  LOL he was trying to unsaddle Hollywood.  God Bless James...he is an angel.  I got off of Biscuit and popped him on the shoulder yelling it is just rain!  Stop acting like an idiot.  I was leading him to my camp and he was trying to get in front of me and jumping around.  I stopped and backed him up about 20 feet telling him to BACK BACK BACK.  He settled down then.  I got to the camp and Barry had beat me back.  He had pealed off of the group and went another way.  I thought Kenny and someone else was with him because Elizabeth was behind me and said she couldn't see them.

Barry helped me get my gear off and by that time it was flat out raining.  My saddle was soaking wet!!!  OMG it was FUN!!!  I wasn't scared with the galloping and Biscuit was good until the very end - he just got his motor running!!

We all got together and had a great dinner together.  I made shish kabobs and we all ate together.  The LeAnn's had gone to town and were not there.  I eventually dried out.  I went and took a shower and blow dried my hair.  We went to bed around 9:30 which was early.

We got up and the LeAnns were gone.  I said that was odd.  I said I hoped nothing had happened.  A little later we got the news that Lee Ann B's hubby had been in a motorcycle accident and was in ICU.  Someone pulled out in front of him.  It started sprinkling again and Barry and Randy went to town to see if they could get the maps the LeAnns had arranged to get from an older couple.

James and Bev saddled up and took off during a small break in the weather - it was sun shining.  Margaret arrived in her Cadillac.  She had got up, saddled up, loaded up and hauled almost to Hwy 225 and her trailer lost a spring to the axle.  Ronnie came and got the trailer and Cub and she came up for a short visit.  She was disappointed.

She visited and then left.  A short time later James and Bev came up at a fast clip and Bev said that 3 kids had been killed in Orange early in the morning and one was her son Kurt's best friend.  She was so upset.  They had been on the other side of the park about 3 miles away and they came back as fast as they could.  We all ran over and helped them pull their camp down and load up.

OMG it was so sad.  Two 17 year olds and a 16 year seat belts.  My heart hurt for them.  The 16 year old was Kurt's best friend and was an only child.  I have been praying for them.

We loaded up and packed up and hauled home following Randy and Kellie.  We stopped at Buna for gasoline.  I shared a banana with Sarge...Biscuit didn't care for it and refused to eat it.  LOL  this weekend I gave him Vinegar and Salt chips and he didn't like those either - but Sarge did!!  LOL Sarge loves treats and will eat anything.  God love him...he is so cute!

I looked at my Garmin and I rode 8.8 miles this weekend for a total of 304.6 miles this year on trails.