Wednesday, October 29, 2014

September 26 Beach Ride

Kellie and I met at Tyrrell Park to go to the beach for a ride.  We loaded up The Biscuit, transferred my tack and stuff and off we went.

We got down to the beach and the grass was HIGH at the fire station and OMG the mosquitoes were swarming.  I got Biscuit out of the trailer and poor fellow had cut above his eye.

Poor guy!  It was cut at an angle but it didn't seem to bother him.  Not head shy at all.  I put Neosporin on it and cleaned his face up. 

We went for a terrific ride about 4 miles down the beach.  Tried a little canter but it was so lumpy I pulled him back.

Kellie gave me some human spray cleanser that really helped heal his eye!!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Riding on Friday Saturday and Sunday

We had a nice ride that Friday.  The horses were all rearing to go.  I lead the way for part of the ride.  We crossed the first creek and went to the left and over to that side.  We only rode about 6 miles that day.  Biscuit charged up a hill after Kellie and Randy cantered up it.  OMG Biscuit was busting out in a gallop running towards them shaking his head.  UGH.  Like someone wants to see that flying up towards you.

Some of the area had slick clay.  One area we had to cross was WET and sloppy.  Biscuit went through it with mud flying all over the place.  Another time he felt like he bucked when going up a incline through mud.  Kellie said he wasn't bucking - just getting his hindquarters up under himself. 

Jimmy's girlfriend, Christy, was riding a very nice forward mare that was a very seasoned trail horse.  She was a pleasure.  We all enjoyed the ride.  Biscuit was a little charged up and I said no more alfalfa for him. 

That afternoon Barry got in the creek - everyone came down and wanted in too.  Randy and Kent went to town and got swim suits for the next day.  LOL  I had walked out onto the rocks with bare feet...omg won't do that again.  I made it down to the creek down a sharp slope but was ok.

That night Kellie heated up her spaghetti at the cabin.  We all laughed and talked and had a great time.  Food was great - company was terrific.

Saturday we rode about 10 miles.  We rode back behind Brushy Creek, over in the middle section and past that tall hill I went up 2 years ago.  The horses did great crossing the bridges.  OMG we came upon the bra tree.  Last time there was ONE brand new red bra hanging in the trees.  This time there were tons of bras and panties.  The guys all wanted their pictures taken with the tree.  Freaks :-)

We enjoyed that ride so much.  The horses were a little better behaved.  Reagan did spook really hard when he sank down in the creek edge.  I don't know how Randy managed to stay on. 

On the way back Reagan started kinda hopping and threw his face down to the ground...Kellie jumped off.  Hornets/ground bees - but we don't think he was actually stung.   Always a rodeo!!!

Back into the creek for hours of cooling off.  But dang, these little "no see 'ems" were about to eat me to pieces.  I could see they were like a little speck of pepper and bit like a son of a gun.  Ugh.  Kent made friends with Patty and Peter and they came down to the creek with us.  Peter knows the way to the caves and said he would take us Sunday.  We really enjoyed their company.

It was Kent's turn to cook so he made grilled/fried chicken, hamburgers and OMG fabulous fried onion rings.  The guys all helped him cook and we ladies just chilled out. 

Sunday I got ready to go and felt like a dang UTI was coming on again.   I had to get off to try to go!!!  Not too much success.  We had rode down the road to the cemetery road.  I would have never found that with the map they gave us.  We passed the lone grave and kept going.  We rode out in some open area and then back into the forest.  We came to a point and Peter said we could go up the hill that was STEEP or go around an area that was pretty boggy.  Barry and Kent went up the steep, the rest of us on the boggy.  Biscuit did terrific considering he is not a fan of mud!!!  We finally arrived at the caves.  How cool was that! 

We started back and went a different way - bushwacking in some places and back tracking some too.  Over the boggy spot again. 

We went down one area to the creek and Biscuit was slipping on a cap rock area...Patty took her horse up the other side and mud flew on me from about 15 feet away!!  I went over and Kellie came behind me but when I turned around she was leading Elan.  He has slipped and fell on her leg.  OMG that was stunning.  She was ok and worried about Elan.  He seemed ok.   Off we went again.  We had to go down a slough to a creek, across and up the other side.  Biscuit went straight up on the other side through the little trees instead of the exit area the other horses went through.  LOL he can be a pill but he was pretty dang good that day. 

We had a great ride and enjoyed Peter and Patty.  Hope to ride with them again. 

We hit the creek again to just relax.  Barry and James rearranged the stones to rearrange the flow of the creek.  LOL they  worked hard on that!!!

It was Bev's turn to cook and we had Chicken and dressing and green bean casserole.  YUM. 

We all had such a great time and are ready to go back.  Randy topped out coming over the hills leaving and tore the sewer lines.  We stopped at the paved road while they got it tied up for the trip home. 

We had an uneventful drive home.  We are already planning our next trip in May.  From a Thursday through a Tuesday.  Brushy Creek...our posse will return!!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

On our way Thursday

Got to the barn and picked up poop - fed the horses and then left.  It was drizzling rain.  We met at Flying J in Orange.  We left out with us in the lead.  Barry drives too fast in my opinion hauling the horses but he gets pretty cranky if you point that out.  We stopped on the other side of Jennings and then just before we got into Baton Rouge.

We overshot Brushy Creek but were able to get there - again - Barry drives too fast!

Took us 5 hours to get there.  We unloaded the horses and put them in their stalls and then headed to our cabin.  Everyone thought it was gorgeous.

The horses made the trip just fine but Sarge blew out snot which concerned me.  I think the dust flying caused it.

We didn't ride Thursday - we let the horses rest.  Everyone came to the cabin to eat the brisket/roast rice and gravy and corn.  We also had brownies and Bev's famous cornflake/peanutbutter cookies.

We were all excited about riding and couldn't wait to go.

Brushy Creek Trip - Getting ready

I took my Brenderup to Duval's and bless their hearts - they put screws in the window mechanism so that it wouldn't pop open.  Not sure what the metal is but they had a hard time screwing into it.  Archie said most like stainless steel - but only one is unstained!  Three are corroded looking but one is not.  Anyway - they did one and I hauled down the road to make sure it wouldn't open.  I hauled the trailer home for lunch and then back to the shop and they did the other side.

I got all of their feed set into the 5 gallon bucket I have.  I shopped and got feed for us - I made a brisket like Momma always made to serve everyone.

Got our clothes packed and we were ready to go...we put the horses in the arena so we didn't have to worry about catching them.