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I will be riding at Brushy Creek in Gloster, Mississippi in late October so check back to see those trails.  I understand that it is a beautiful place to ride.

This will have all the trails that I have rode since Jan 2, 2011.  I received a Garmin eTrex  Ventura HC for Christmas and have had a blast logging miles on The Biscuit.  There are multiple trails for Tyrrell Park and Ebenezer as these are the places I ride most often as they are closest.

Tyrrell Park in Beaumont, TX
Ebenezer at Sam Rayburn in Jasper, TX
Pundt Park in Spring, TX
Kisatchie National Forest in Melder, Louisiana
McKinney Roughs in Bastrop, TX
Masterson's in Buna, TX
Big Sandy Park in Big Sandy, TX
Crystal Beach

Tyrrell Park has a place to park trailers in the center of the park.  There is no water in the parking lot so bring your own.   There are rest rooms there.  The woods are very nice to ride.  The trails are wide and most of it is shaded.   Ride out of the woods onto Willow Bayou and follow it down to the big bridge.  That is about a 2 mile ride.  From the bridge you can go straight and follow the trail down to Hildabrandt Bayou and follow it around back to the land bridge near the big bridge.  When you go back through the woods to the center of the park it is around an 8.4 mile ride.  Watch out for alligators and hogs. There are other trails that I have mapped so check them all out.

Ebenezer has a wonderful campground to camp at with the horses or a place to park for day rides.  I have mapped several different trails to go on there.  It is a great place to ride - plenty of creek and slew crossings, hills, downed trees to cross over, you can go down to the lake, but remember, don't ever take your horse in the water with a tie-down.  A horse drowned there in June of 2011 because he had a tie down on.  Ebenezer has the beaver pond, Eagle's Nest Hill, The Waterfall, Hidden Beach and other pretty places to ride.  Miles of trails, roads, etc.  It is a large park that is bordered by the lake, Hwy 255, and county roads.  We have seen deer, turkeys, eagles, etc. up there.  Gorgeous riding and the camp is terrific with corrals, water, electric, covered tables, super clean bathrooms and shower house.  Don't forget your Coggins!

Pundt Park in Spring, TX is a pretty, heavily shaded park.  Lots of sandy trails, beautiful sandy creek.  Parking is in a big water at the trail head.  We watered the horses in the creek so they did have access to that water.  There is a bathroom there.  Park doesn't open until 8:00 AM and is day ride only.

Kisatchie National Forsest was fabulous.  We stayed at the Lucky 4B Ranch in Melder, LA.  Wonderful ride through gorgeous forest.  Heavy shade in many places, so it wasn't as hot as riding in other places with less shade!  We saw wild horses and hogs.  Dry sandy washes, hills, a bluff.  We rode miles and miles and really enjoyed riding there.  I highly recommend riding there.

McKinney Roughs in  Bastrop, TX was a really terrific ride!  We stayed at the Happy Horse Hotel and liked it so much we have already planned another trip for November.  It is in the Colorado River Authority property and has 4 ecosystems.  You can tell the difference when you go from one to the other.  Well laid out trails with maps at both trail heads.  Some are rocky trails and we put hoof boots on our barefoot horses.  Beautiful vistas from certain points.  About 18 miles of trails.  You can't get lost there - they are too well marked!

Masterson's in Buna, TX is not a huge place but it was a pretty little ride even though when we went there was lots of standing water we sloshed through!  That actually was kinda fun.  I remember water at the trail head but there were bathrooms.  It is great for a little day ride for a change of pace.  We rode 8.5 miles there in two different rides - one in the morning and one in the early afternoon. 

Big Sandy is in the Big Thicket and the vegetation is very thick!!!  It is a straight shot ride that is 18 miles if you go the entire length.  I think we went 12.  I liked this ride.  Lots of shade but then also lots of out in the open so it is best for a fall, winter, spring ride - and skip the summer!  Way too hot out in the open!  The trail head was small but nice with a bathroom and picnic tables.  We had a good time.  We did bring water for the horses.

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