Friday, July 31, 2009

Red has another boo boo

I went out to check on Red. His bites look crusted over and better - not oozing or anything like that. Checked him over and I be doggone - he has a fresh tear on his right jaw. Good grief what is he doing?

I saw that the little roan gelding from the back pastures was next to him in the mare's former paddock. He was gelded recently so I don't know if it was him who took a few bites out of Red but this new cut could have been from anything. Didn't look like a bite. Sigh.

I combed his mane and noticed he was sweating under his mane, around his ears, at the top of his neck and his chest was damp. He was under the over hang when I got there so I know he wasn't out in the sun.

Barry got him his alfalfa and I had given him two handfuls. This new bale is really full of stalks but he still liked it. I hugged up my baby and we left.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Red has 3 nasty bites......

Barry and I went to the barn to check on the boys. We took the Furazone out to Sarge and put it on his scrape. He was fine and followed us around. We went back to the barn and got Red's alfalfa bag and went down the left side of his paddock between the row of paddocks attached to the main barn. Barry shook out the bag of the loose alfalfa. I was hugging Red and noticed he had been sweating which is good.

I walked around him and on the top of his left leg was a cut - I examined it and there was another on e to the right, a big scrape to the left and a big scrape cut thingy on his left jowl. It looks like bites to me. I told Barry to go get my iodine and Furazone. It was getting dark but I led Red to the wash rack and used warm water to clean the cuts and look at them again.

It looks like bites and they weren't real bad but they were bad enough. I think the mares did it - the only other horses would have been Charlie and Torique and neither one of them are cranky at all. Red was flinching when I was touching it so I know it hurt.

Barry brought me the iodine and when I put it on he really flinched. I washed it out with iodine and then put the Furazone on them. I cleaned his hooves and added the stuff Dr. Sherwood gave me for him. I led him out to his alfalfa and he was a happy camper. I told him I hoped the other horses looked worse...but I doubt it. He is a pretty sweet guy.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sarge busts his butt and gives me a nervous breakdown.

What a day. Sigh...I hooked up the Brenderup trailer to go out and work with Sarge on trailering. I was so proud of myself. I pulled all the way to the back of the paddock road and turn the Brenderup on the road, backed it up and turned it!!! WOO HOOO

Sarge won't load up easily in the Brenderup. He will come up the ramp after some encouragement and working together, Barry & I have got him in it twice with Red and took them for little rides. So I was going to practice with Sarge.

I pull out to his paddock - Duke in the other paddock kept running back and forth making racket. I get Sarge out and encourge him with grain. We go back and forth up the ramp. He doesn't want to yield to the lead rope pulling him. He will pull back.

I finally get him all the way in the trailer with grain and alfalfa, put the breakaway lead on his halter and slowly go to move the center rail over to set the butt bar. He gets cross about and starts to back out ... hits the end of the strap and goes buck a$$ nuts. Pulling shaking - my Brenderup is shaking and rocking and I am trying to get to the lead to pull it off when it gives and out his goes down the ramp and stumbles and falls on his butt.

Saints preserve me I nearly had a nervous breakdown. He doesn't run off - he is just standing there, a scrape on his top left leg and his hair is roughed up in scratch marks on his left thigh and hip.

I called Ray right there from the trailer!! He trained Sarge from the git go and sold him to Charlotte.

I told Ray I needed help with one of his students!!! I told him that Sarge was really a butt wipe about getting in the trailer and I needed him to load when I said load! Ray said he had had to show him who was boss before and popped him with a buggy whip on his legs. He said it sounded like Sarge needs an attitude adjustment. I made arrangements for Ray to keep him for a week and train him to get in MY trailer. He said Sarge was used to more open trailers and would just hop in. He is not afraid of this trailer or nervous - he just doesn't want to load up.

I did as he suggested and backed Sarge up quiet a way, popped him with the buggy whip on the legs, not hard, but just to let him know I was serious and asked for the load again. I got him 2/3 of the way but he then backed out and I called it a day.

I have very little experience trailering and Red is very motivated by food and if you get onto Red he will do just about anything you ask. On the few occasions he hesitates to load a shake of alfalfa and he will go anywhere.

Sarge is going to Ray's Saturday if Barry and I can get him in the trailer. We have been able to get Sarge in the trailer together before but if we can't - Ray is coming to get him. Ray said give him a week and he will be getting in the Brenderup like he got in all the other trailers.

I hauled the trailer home & my Barry was like "what did you do to my horse?!!!" We went back out to the barn to check on Sarge...he was fine, just a little scrape but geez...this trailer thing has to be resolved!

So Sarge is going to Trailer Boot Camp Saturday for a week. Ray is going to tune him up and work with Barry on all of Sarge's buttons. It will be worth the money and we will be on Happy Trails then.

Vinton Feed Store has ONE AC

Dropped into the Vinton Feed Store to buy alfalfa and they have ONE AC!!!!! WOW wish I had known. I bought some...I have plenty but now I have Red covered for about 7 more weeks.

We went out to ride today. Red seemed to be breathing kinda hard but there was a cool breeze blowing and so we got into the arena. Red wasn't very cooperative today like he was 2 days ago. He did sidepass really well once....after that...he wasn't interested. We walked over and over the rails...I had spurs on this time and had to use them. He was being a lazy boy today. Breathing hard though poor baby.

We trotted several times but mostly walked. His coat was moist when we were through. He did have sweat under his saddle pad. Yay for Red!! I took this picture in the arena. I told him to stay and he stood there while I took pictures...bless his little heart.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I am not scared anymore

Barry and I went out to the barn to ride today. I got Red out and saddled him up and Barry saddled up Sarge.

I got out in the arena and Red was having a great time. He was not breathing hard or having any issues. It was overcast and about 87 degrees. It might have been cooler as it started raining lightly which just felt good. I pulled back Red's saddle blanket and he was sweating some but it wasn't really hot and we were just walking for the most part.

We did trot a few times and even a little lope for about 15 to 20 yards. I told Barry that I am not scared anymore. What a thrill that is. I used to be a little nervous every time I rode. I would always have that little bit of being scared since I was thrown. But since I got Red up to a lope just before I had to stop riding him, I have not been afraid. I thought I might be today since I haven't ridden in a month but I was just fine. A big hug to Red for that too. He makes me feel confident. He is such a sweet boy. It was so liberating not be nervous anymore.

Red and I worked over the rails that I had Barry lay out for me. He walked Sarge over them too. Red went over them the first time - stepping on them, clunking them with his hooves - he is a lazy boy. I kept making him walk over them until he quit hitting them with his hooves. He never stumbled one time today - I hope his farrier work is working. I worked with him on side passing to the right and he side passed like a champion today!!! Woo Hoo!!!

I rode Red today with his new reins. They look terrific. I also used the running martingale but I think it is too long and it kept running down to the bit. I had Barry take it off.

When I got off of Red and took his saddle off he did have some sweat. Not very much sweat under the saddle but he was slightly damp on the chest and under the saddle towards the first half was wet. He wasn't distressed though at all. No puffing or breathing heavy.

I will continue with his electrolytes, One AC and Beer. Got to get the beer out there tomorrow.

I put him up with his alfalfa and grain. I did brush him really well before and after riding. He is shedding quiet a bit. Hopefully we can ride tomorrow if it is not too wet. It started raining after we had been home awhile....really it was like a squall it was so severe.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Orvus Shampoo for my boy

I trotted to 5 Star Feed today and bought a huge jug of Orvus shampoo. Margaret swears by it so off I trot to buy it for Red. I get out to the barn and call my boy. Here he comes...he is such a sweetie. A tiny bit of sweat behind his ears and under his legs - good. It is not really that hot and it is overcast so he was not panting. Great. Haven't seen panting since before we went to Texas A & M.

I take him into the wash rack and make up a bucket of Orvus. I scrub and scrub my clogs the drain at one point. I scrub some more. Clean hooves, scrub mane. I put conditioner in his mane and brush out.

Edgar and Jaime through with a bunch of mares and Red pricks up his ears and puts his nose over the wash rack to see them better. He is such a friendly fellow.

I brush out his tail and by that time he was dry. I had the fans running. I go get his alfalfa and put it in his stall. Edgar had the feed cart in the main barn so I got Red's grain and untied Red and off we went to his stall. He looks great. Shiny coat. He dug into his food with gusto. Bless his heart. I hope his coat continues to improve. I like my boy to look good!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Red is improving every day

I went out to the barn this evening. It has been raining and was very cool outside - 77 degrees. That must be a record for Texas in July. I took Red some alfalfa. I noticed that, even though he was full of sand from rolling, that he looked pretty darn terrific. His coat has shine to it...the hair he had lost has grown back in and he looks like he has put on weight.

Overall better picture. He stood there munching his alfalfa, snorting some, and flinging out hay as he deemed necessary.

Red is looking and smelling better!

Anhydrosis seems to involve the oil glands too! Red's coat has been looking like dammit. I have really worked hard at keeping his coat shiny, clean and healthy. Since he stopped sweating his coat looked coarse and rough and did some time just before he stopped sweating.

Sarge, on the other hand, is shiny as a new copper penny. His coat looks great. Sigh....

Yesterday I went out to see Red and he is sweating appropriately in the right spots considering he is in a stall with two fans running on him. Damp under his mane, under his front legs and deep between his back legs. Yay for Red. I hugged him, wrapping my arms around his neck and breathing in his scent....and he actually had a scent this time. He hasn't smelled like anything lately and he smelled like his wonderful horsey self. He is getting corn oil in his grain so hopefully with all he is taking right now his coat will return to its former glory. His tail is growing out nicely and should continue to add to the fullness.

I did notice a little rain rot just above his hock yesterday that I need to get after - I will be buying Orbis shampoo today to start giving him a bath everyday. I know the farriers say it isn't good but darn...he looks like dammit. I don't like him looking less than wonderful!

Sargent San Peppy - Foundation Quarter Horse!!

I received the following email today from the Foundation Quarter Horse Association:

Dear Denise,

Your request for a foundation Quarter Horse percentage calculation has been received and completed. The results are below:

SARGENT SAN PEPPY ~ 93.359375% Foundation Quarter Horse

Sire: RIGHT THIS MINNICK   (90.625% FQH)

Dam: NICKY SAN PEPPY   (96.09375% FQH)

Congratulations on your horse qualifying for FQHA Registration!

To proceed with the FQHA Registration of this horse please click on the following link:. 
FQHA Registration and Membership Form


Ann Charles
FQHA Secretary

So, our little Sargent San Peppy is 93.3 percent Foundation.  I was not surprised.  I thought he would be.  He certainly looks like it!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Red in a Purple Dream

I was playing with Photo Shop Elements to learn to use the different filters to crystalize and use the little tools to drag the fragments around.

I love these colors so I plopped Red down in it, feathered the edges and enjoyed!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Red was unhappy that his salad was ruined

I went out to the barn today and got Red a flake of alfalfa.  I had a bottle of corn oil to add to his feed.  He came to the end of the barn and was stretching his neck out to get some alfalfa.  I put his halter and lead rope on and picked up the alfalfa and corn oil and led him to his stall.  He was so excited about his alfalfa I had to pull him up a couple of times.

We got into the stall and I added some corn oil to his alfalfa and then the trouble began.  He kept snorting and sorting through the hay and snorted on me several times.  He flipped the hay over and generally was looking at me like "what the heck did you do to my hay?"

I walked out of the stall and he followed me and went out to eat grass!  OMG Red walked away from alfalfa.  I walked up to the front of his paddock and he followed me.  I put his halter and on and we walked down to Sarge's paddock.  Barry was playing with Sarge and Red started eating his grass.  

Barry and I walked Red back to his paddock and Red just stood there looking at me with "you messed up my alfalfa" look.   LOL  I walked to his stall and called him.  He just stood there with Barry.  He came with Barry and finally entered the stall and started eating the alfalfa and snorting.  Barry and I walked out and he followed us!  LOL  He was not too interested in dressing on his salad!!!  

I hugged him up.   There was some alfalfa on the hallway floor and I crossed the gate and picked it up.   I held it out to him and he came over to scarf it up and looked at me like "yeah...that is what I am talking about - salad with NO dressing!"

I am going to go out to the barn in the morning and check on his alfalfa.  If he hasn't ate any of it I will remove it.  I think he will eat it though.  He is just a picky boy!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Anhydrosis on the RUN!!!

Barry and I hauled the trailer out to take the boys for a ride.  we wanted to rider later if possible but that didn't happen.

Barry went down to get Sarge and I called out to Serve to give me Sarge's feed so we could feed him in the trailer.  I then went to Red's paddock to get him.  I was so excited to see this:

Crystal Sweat!!!!!!!!  Red has big salt crystals on his face.  I was thrilled!!  Anhydrosis is a horrible condition that has caused me much grief and has cost a pretty penny.  I had to put him back up in a stall which costs way more than pasture board and purchased electrolytes and One AC plus Red's daily beer.  I haven't been able to ride him either and he has suffered, poor darling.  

I took him out to the trailer and asked him to load up...he went off the side.  Sigh...I backed him up quickly and popped him with the leadrope and fussed loudly at him.  I said he would think I was Margaret in a few minutes if he didn't load up.  I opened the center divider up and told him to load up.  He went up into the trailer and I gave him a bite of alfalfa.  

We tried to load Sarge but he was not too excited about it.  I told Barry that we should unload Red and open up the center so we backed Red out and tied him to the side of the trailer.  I had to go to the bathroom and when I came out Sarge was on the ramp and went up!!!  Good boy!!!

I came up behind him and put my hand on his hip and moved him over with the center bar and closed the butt bar.  Barry was giving him his grain and Red was sticking his head in the side door trying to get a bite too!!!  We got Red and I backed him up  and said "load up" and walked up the ramp and so did Red.  I think he just wanted a treat but what ever.  I gave him a bucket of alfalfa and Sarge kept dipping into Red's stash and skipping his bahaia hay!!!  
We pulled the trailer to our house and Barry put air in the tires and checked the pressure.  I checked the boys and glory hallaluia  - Red was sweating on his chest, neck and shoulders!!!  I was thrilled!!  

We pulled the boys back to the stables and we unloaded Sarge first and he was sweaty as could be.  I never thought I would be thrilled to see a sweaty horse but sweaty horses look good to me.  I wouldn't wish anhydrosis on anyone's horse.  

Red's butt was soaking wet - both sides of his tail was wet with sweat so that was a good thing.  I forgot to reattach Sarge's butt bar when Barry started backing Red out and I had to go up the ramp and pull the middle divider out of his way.

I told Barry I was going to wash Red off but changed my mind.  Sweating is good for him and I didn't want to change anything that was going on at that time.  

I am going to keep Red on electrolytes and One AC during the hot months and hopefully be able to put him out in the pasture in the cooler months.  

I will keep researching anhydrosis and see if I can head this off before it starts next year.  

Washing the Brenderup

I finally got out to clean the Brenderup at the car wash today.  OMGosh it was filthy and there were a few maggots under the mat - I think from the grain and urine combination.  UGH.  

I hit the pile of poo with the water spray and wow wee what a mess.  I got in the side door spraying down to push the mess out.  

I cleaned the interior of the trailer and cleaned off Red's snorting all over the front!  I pulled out the mats that weigh 9000 lbs and cleaned those too.  I had to power wash the walls of the car wash when I got through.  LOL Horse poopee was EVERYWHERE.  We pulled out and headed for the barn to take the boys for a ride.  

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Is Sarge a Foundation Quarter Horse?

I looked on the Foundation Quarter Horse site today and I think Sarge may qualify for registry in the Foundation Quarter Horse Association. I entered his number and registered name and paid $15 to find out. If he is I will have him registered as a FQHA.

Red isn't foundation. He has too much Thoroughbred up close!!! I should know in 4 or 5 days.

Red's Hot Scrubby Bath

I have done some research on anhydrosis and one report said to open up the pores like in a sauna. I was going to give it a I got Red out and tried to regulate the hot water flow and it was either way too hot or not hot enough!! I got it warm and started soaking him down and then got the shampoo and scrubbed him with the little red scrubber.

Barry had walked down and brought Sarge up. He said he was fresh as can be. LOL Sarge has loads of spunk.

Yesterday we went out to the barn and drove down to see Sarge. LOL I left the car running and the lights on. Sarge would only come 1/2 way up and then he took off across his pasture - tail flagging - and spun to a stop and was blowing and snorting hard. I walked down to him and he let me come up to him and give him a peppermint. I did go turn off the car and lights. I think he thought it was a fire breathing dragon. He put on a show several times for us. He is full of personality and we just think he is darling.

Barry said he put on a show today too. I had Red in the center lawn while Barry groomed Sarge. We took the boys down to the arena area and tied them by the tack room. Barry wanted me to saddle Sarge so I did. Sarge has some rainrot on his face so we got the MTG and I was going to put it on his face. He was lifting up his face away from me so I pulled on his halter and growled at him. He stopped his foolishness and listened. I put some of the MTG on Red's back right leg where the sorrel hair meets the white.

I took Sarge's saddle off and put it up. Barry took Sarge down to his pasture and Sadda was giving Barry trash when he went by. Barry stopped and was fussing at him and Sarge was right up in his Kool Aide. He seems to like it when someone gets onto Sadda!! You can almost see him sticking his tongue at at him!

I took Red back to his paddock and picked up his alfalfa going through the main barn. He wanted to crowd a little and I stopped that. I gave him his alfalfa in the paddock and took some into his stall to mix with the little crumbs he left in his feeder. I want him to eat that in particular...that is where the electrolytes are!

I took the leftovers off of the counter and took them out to since wasting expensive alfalfa!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Trip to A & M

I went to the barn Monday evening and Red is sweating just a little. I licked his neck LOL and he was a little salty. I called Margaret because I was so excited. I just want him to get better!

I went home and hooked up the trailer and put it on the driveway. I got up at 5:30 to get ready to go. I go out and the trailer lights don't work. Margaret said it sounded like the ground want making a connection so to pull it to the barn and it should connect and make a ground. I did..wasn't working when I stopped for gas. Started working when I was at the barn. Sigh!!!

There were some men working in Red's paddock when I got there. I called Red and he started trotting fast towards me...stopped and darted into his stall. I know him...he thought there was food in there. I was calling him and all of a sudden he exploded out of his stall like a starting gate and bucked across his paddock. LOL he came to me then and I put his halter on. I took him into the wash rack and wet him down.

He gave me trash getting into the trailer. I waved his alfalfa and up he went to his grain waiting in his bucket and off we went. Picked up Margaret 4 minutes later than we had wanted to leave so that was good. We left at 7:48 am. We stopped on Reins Road to get a coke and use the restroom. We drove to A & M and got there just after 11:00.

Jason came out and he had a vet student with him. He examined Red's feet and thought they had grown well. We went back to the farrier's station and he started working on Red's feet. He said Red's little right foot is pretty funky...almost a club foot. He and Margaret talked about his foot from the time he was a baby. He worked with it and said he thought it was the best he could get it. He is still a hi/low footed guy though. I will probably always have to keep him shod.

I went into pay and Margaret took Red to the trailer. He gave her trash about getting in too. She jacked him up. LOL he was more than happy to get into the trailer. We took off - and stopped at Starbucks. We gave Red his lunch with a Shiner Bock and trotted in for a cool frappachino and a donut for me and zucchini bread for Margaret. We stopped a little later at Burger King...heck it was nearly 2:00 and we were starving. Red got a bag of hay and we left the side doors open so he'd be cool.

We stopped in Conroe for gas. I looked at one of the tires and thought it was low. Margaret got some flat fixit just in case at the store there. Judy Kay came over to see him at the station and we chit chatted. Before she got there I went in and bought 2 gallons of cold water for Red. I dumped one gallon into his bucket and he drank 2/3's of it. He pee'd in his trailer...a bunch....poor thing...I guess he held it as long as he could. He has poop and pee making a disgusting little brew in the trailer!

We went down the road and pulled over to look at the tire. Not as low looking. We went to an O'Reilly's to get a tire gauge and they all had 34 lbs of air. Hummm....I am going to inflate them to 42 lbs. They hold 50. The trailer did feel a little swayyeee...moreso than before.

We got back to Beaumont and I dropped Margaret off at her car and Red and I hauled it to the barn. He came out pretty as you please and Sergio had his food ready. I asked Sergio to get his alfalfa and he did.

I was TIRED when I got home but had to get ready to go to Houston. Stuffed what I needed in a bag and off Barry and I went to Houston for his procedure. I am now sitting in the hospital room and they are releasing him NOW!! WOO HOO... I am going home to see my boys!

Missed my Boys!

I missed Red and Sarge while I was in California!!! I talked to Lee Ann one day and she said they were fine - Sarge did have a discharge from his eye that she put some salve in. She told me Red was doing fine.

Barry didn't get there everyday as he wasn't feeling well.

First thing I did Friday morning was go see my boys! Red looked ok..his hair is dull though. I rinsed him off and spent about 2 hours with hik and then back to the grind stone.

Barry said he threw his right shoe on Monday. His hoof was curling so I made an appointment while I was in California for his farrier trip.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Red understands English perfectly

My horse is brilliant. LOL I sound like a proud mother "look what my baby can do!!!" Barry and I went out to the barn. Edgar was in the main barn with the food bin feeding the horses. I took Red's and went into his stall. He was cool as a cucumber. I dumped his feed, opened his Guiness, which bubbled all over me, and poured it over his feed. I stood there quiet a while and went to give Edgar more of his Once AC's so that he would have them while I am gone. I went back to Red's paddock and he was outside grazing. I went into his stall and about 3/4 cup of crumbes were in the bottom...but I WANT him to eat the crumbs...there is still beer in that!!!

I went outside and sarted talking to my boy " why didn't you finish your dinner? You left a bunch of need to finish yhour food." He kept grazing for few minutes and stopped suddenly and walked into his stall and licked up the last of his food. His tongue was going to town.

I told Barry my boy was BRILLIANT and he is. I love my boy.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

One AC arrived and Sarge is trimmed

The One AC arrived yesterday in its own Sterlite container and each little packet stating that it was for Dashing Big Red!

I went to the barn and mixed a little grain with it and Red scarfed it up and was licking the bottom of the bucket. I gave 5 of them to Edgar to give him every morning and I will give him more in 5 days. It was raining a little yesterday so I know Red was comfortable.

Today I went to the barn to check on Red. It was overcast and Red was still out. It was 11:00 AM. Lee Ann hollared that he had been out since 9:00 and I said I was putting him back up because the sun was coming out. He followed me into his stall and he is comfy with his 2 fans that Lee Ann set up for him.

Craig the farrier was there and I talked to him about Red's feet and he is going to take over Red's feet after one more trip to A & M. I asked him about Sarge's feet and said Sarge had been trimmed exactly 4 weeks ago. He only comes to PNR every 6 weeks so we decided to do Sarge's feet today. He knew Ray Langley and he had actually trimmed Sarge several years ago!!! I brought up Sarge and he did a little trim on his feet and it was $30. Now Sarge will be on Craig's rotation. He is a nice young man.