Friday, April 30, 2010

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Red & Sarge aren't the only one who escaped & Glad I was dragging hinney today

I got a call this morning from Lee Ann and she said my boys had escaped!!  They broke the chain and were down by Sadda's pen!!  My little convicts!

I told Barry I was going out to ride after my cakes were baked but I was fiddling around, washed my hair and styled it...put on sunscreen, iron my shirt..yada yada yada.  Went to the credit union and Fed X to send the $125 to the radar happy cop.  Then I went out to the barn about 3:30.  I got the boys and walked them up to the barn and Barry started down the road to the back.  I got Red and Sarge tied up and Barry went to the bathroom.  He was gone forever.  When he came back he said that Lee Anne told him a sex offender escaped and was found on the ranch down by the trees by the pastures.  OMG...Lee Anne called the county jail and they asked her if she was calling about the reports on the TV and she said "no, to report a suspicious person on the property!  They came out with officers, dogs, helicopters.

OMG I am so glad I was dragging hinny today.  I would have been down there by myself with my car.  Ok...I need a hair standing up icon.

I tacked Red up amid phone calls from various people.  I put Red's new curb chain on and Edgar helped me punch holes in it because it was too tight.  Into the arena and I worked with Red on side passing and backing up.  He didn't even fidget with the new bit today - calm as can be.  We walked and trotted around and round and he did a tight circle when asked at a trot.  He is a good boy.

He seems to have a little thrush smell in his front right hoof.  I put the stuff in it that Dr. Sherwood gave me and I groomed him too.  He is looking terrific and Sarge too!

Sarge is trimmed, baby talking to Haflinger's & Billy Cook goes to a new home

Here is Red with the Billy Cook and his Les Vogt bit without the curb chain.

This morning Craig Williams trimmed Sarge's hooves.  Sarge was a little pill but not too bad - just a little sassy.  Craig did a good job - Sarge is easy.

Lee Ann Potter had her darling Haflinger's there.  OMG Mike and Andy are darling.  So cute!  I was talking baby talk to them and Mr. Gus thought that was hysterical.  He was teasing me about it and I told him that I knew that Miss Jean used to talk baby talk to him and he LOVED it.  He said naaahhhhh!  LOL  I told Miss Jean and she busted him...yeah...he liked baby talk when it was coming from Miss Jean.  They are such sweet darling people.  I just love them. 

Lee Anne mentioned that Krystina was in the market for a western saddle so I called Krystina left a message.  We later talked and she was interested so I told her I would bring the saddle out to Terra Bella Stables.  Barry and I took it after work and Krystina tried it on Fancy and she liked it and bought it.  Woot!!!!  She was happy with a BRAND NEW Billy Cook that just rode Red around the arena 3 times and I am happy it is gone and got a good price for it.  Woot!!!  I have an extra set of stirrups for her that I am going to give to her so the new ones can be kept for shows.

I got a curb chain for Red's bridle to make the new bit work.

Billy Cook Saddle Arrived

The Billy Cook saddle arrived.  It is a very nice saddle.  Barry and I took it out to the barn Monday afternoon and put it on Red.  It seemed to fit him better than the original saddle.  It felt really nice to my backside but I decided that it is not for me.  I don't want Red to end up with issues again.  Just the thought is horrible. 

I put the new bit on Red and he kept opening his mouth really wide and making funny faces!  It didn't have a curb chain so I will have to get one.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Les Vogt Arrived

Yesterday my Les Vogt bit finally arrived and it is stunning.  It is heavy as all get out!  Barry and I went up to watch the team penning in Jasper today and I took Margaret's bridle back for Cub.  LOL  Ronnie was riding him and he was trying to run away with him.  He was riding him in a snaffle and that wasn't cutting the mustard with Cub.  Ronnie changed the bridle right there even though he had told Margaret that wasn't a cool thing to do!  LOL  Whatever it takes.

I showed them the bit and they loved it and thought it was gorgeous.  Some cowboy walked up and said "you don't need that!  I will take it off of your hands!"  Several of them crowded around to see it and Margaret called out to the old cowboy sitting in a chair with his oxygen tank and said to look at it.  He turned it over in his hands and said "you got a good one by the best, Les Vogt" so I guess it is ok!

After the team roping Archie, Barry and I went and ate at the Cedar Tree.  It was ok today - not great but ok.  After that we trotted out to Margaret and Ronnie's and Ronnie showed me a simple bridle that would look good with the bit.  We went out to the the little filly and she is growing so strong!  We visited awhile and hit the road.

We stopped at the stable but the boys must have been in their shed and I couldn't see them in the dark.  I got my original bridle that Barry has been using and put my new bit on it and it looks pretty darn good!

Les Vogt Bit arrives today

I finally got my Les Vogt Bit today.  It is gorgeous!!!  I am going to work with Margaret and Ronnie on working with Red in this new bit.  I like it - it is heavy!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Billy Cook saddle is being shipped tomorrow

I spoke to Jody at Billy Cook today.  He said my saddle was complete and was shipping tomorrow.  Wow - it has been 5 months.   FIVE MONTHS.   I hope that it fits Red.  We will see.  It should arrive Monday.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I got spooked - but I made it over the spook!!

Barry and I got up to Ebenezer Friday.  I was exhausted after making a 5 tier cake.  She came up with the money and Margaret helped me get it out.  Woot!  We got up to the site and put up our tent.  Lots of folks were there - Barry's friends from last week, Randy and Kellie, Denise, Kent, Randy, James, Justin and Esther.  Lots of folks!  Kent put a tarp around his stock trailer and I told him it was ghetto-fabulous.

We set off on a ride - I was leading.  Red was going along fine until we got to his favorite dip - I went to the left and everyone else went to the right.  He had a cow and crow hopped and was pretty cranked up.  Not bad but I got spooked.  Denise encouraged me and we went on.  Justin's horse was hopping and spinning - she is a former barrel racer.  Red seemed like he wanted to GO.  We kept going and I was nervous.  Barry was working with Sarge and he was way behind and Red didn't like that either.  We stopped and Barry was way behind and Sarge was prancing around.  Red was getting more and more agitated and I was getting more and more nervous.  He started side stepping and I was turning him.  I finally asked Randy to come get him.  I got off.  I was near tears.  Randy offered to let me ride Lady Dollar but I said no.  I told Barry I wanted to go back.  Red was good on the way back and I had tears going down my face.  Barry got off Sarge and hugged me and kissed me.  LOL  He was trying to make me feel better.  I think I was just exhausted.  I worked like a crazy person this week and didn't have any sleep - stress out the wazootie.

I made fajitas and Randy and Kellie came and had some with us and so did Kent.  He brought some chicken sausage for us to taste that was fabulous.  We visited around the camp fire and then we crashed.  I was exhausted.  It got cold during the night.

The next day I lunged Red before we started out.  I did get off to walk him over a tree area so he didn't jump - my hematoma  still can't take a hit at this time.  He was wanting to go but listened.  We went all over the park and had a great time.  I enjoyed my ride.  We went through the water and Red was pawing it.  LOL  He is so funny.  He wanted to get a little cranky over by a road so I put him in the road and made him walk on it.  He wasn't too happy with that!  It slowed him down because Red has tender tootsies.  I held my reins in my hands at my knees and when he would want to take off without my signal I would stop him and make him back up.

I was glad I made the ride and didn't get scared.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Woot! Going camping this weekend!

I am getting up Thursday, loading up the boys and going camping at Ebenezer.  I will take the tent, the chairs, cooking stuff and the air mattress.  I will get a tarp tomorrow at WalMart and a stiff broom to clean the trailer.  I need to get the camping stuff out of the shop.  Woot!!  I hope Red's new bit comes in before I go but no matter what, I am going camping.  My cake fell through - I hate to miss the money but I don't hate that I am going camping with my boys!

I will need to get sandwich stuff and stuff to make eggs, sausage and cheese breakfast muffins for
breakfast.  Friday night dinner will be chicken fajita's because they are easy to make.  I will make the chicken from the chicken thigh fajita meat at HEB.  Add some cheese, salsa, sour cream and guacamole and we will have a feast.  Hummmm.....I can make some Spanish Rice too.  Woot!  Easy stuff.

So I need:

Fajita meat
Sour Cream
Guacamole that I make so bring lemon juice and cumin
Refried beans because I love them
Fresh Tomatos

Sandwich's will do for the other meals but Friday night we will kick hinney with Mexican Food!!

I will also get drinks - diet Coke, water and Propel.  Paper plates, napkins and forks.  Woot!!!  I am so excited about going back to Ebenezer.  It is so much fun.  Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous forests, wonderful trails.  Can't wait!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Maps of Ebenezer

I am posting pics of the maps of Ebenezer - I was thrilled to get them.

A Belly Full of Horn and Maps of Ebenezer

Barry and I got up Friday morning and started the haul up to Ebenezer.  Margaret called and was taking Ronnie to the ER so she wasn't there when we got up there to get Red.  He loaded up and we went to the park.  They were burning along Hwy 63 - wow - a ton of smoke in the air.  We groomed the horses and tacked up.  I couldn't get on - wasn't stretched enough.  We rode off and had the trails to ourselves.  Red and Sarge were having a great time.  I caught a call from Kellie and Margaret on top of the big hill for an update on Ronnie.

Red was starting to get antsy from Sarge walking off and him having to stay.  I made him stay and then start off when I gave him to go ahead.  We went down the steep hill and met Barry and Sarge at the bottom.  We got to the tree down by the water.  Sarge refused but Red went over it!  Woot!!!  We went down to the water and Red had a big ol' drink.  We went back and he went over carefully, not leaping this time.  We went up a little ways and went to the right down a trail we had never gone down.  It was kinda steep.  We got to the bottom and then went up.  Red was jumping/galloping up and I pulled him up slightly and he bucked twice - but it was so steep was not a problem except it drove my gut into my horn twice.  UGH.  Burned like nobodies business - like busted blood vessels.  Stung and I was holding my stomach telling Barry that it sucked!  Red was pretty hopped up and it took me about 10 minutes to calm him down.  We walked after that - I knew I'd have an ugly bruise.  We went down the trails over to the other beach area and I got off to pull Red's saddle up.  I couldn't get back on though - my stomach hurt too bad.  We kept going - it was beautiful.  We rode for 3 hours.  It was so much fun.

We got back to the truck and I groomed Red.  We loaded them up and headed for Archies.  I told Barry he was hauling too fast.  He said he was going the speed limit.  I heard on of the boys stomping around and said "see, the boys think you're hauling too fast too".  We got out at Archie's and Red's back left leg on the pastern was skinned up and his right leg on the outside below the hock was bloody.  That is from one of the bolts in the trailer.   Barry and I had a few choice words of the cranky sort.  I don't won't my boys shy about trailering.

We turned them out and they turned up their noses at grain - they wanted the pasture!  We got cleaned up and went to eat at The Stump on the other side of the dam.  Food was mediocre.  I was tired when we got back and we crashed.  Archie's bed is way more comfy than our brand new bed.

We got up Sunday morning and were pretty lazy about getting ready.  We finally got up and out at 9:30 and I was going to drive.  I could see a white truck and trailer coming up the road from a distance and I pulled out.  Phone rang and it was Archie saying he was pulling in the house in the white truck!  LOL  He brought home 4 Angus & Angus cross heifers and 1 Angus yearling bull.  They were darling - little chunky bunkies.  Millard brought home 2 Angus yearling bulls and they were cute, too!  We took the horses out of the trailer, turned them out and drove Archie to Millard's to get his truck, stopping at a feed store for some chunks to feed the heifers.  I drove him back...we stopped at Subway for lunch and Arch told us about his trip.  We went back to his house, unloaded the feed, went to the house to see pictures of Shanna's barn and finally at 2:00 we were on our way.  Woot.  Up to Ebenezer we went.  There were quiet a few people out there.  We saddled up and hit the trail - me very carefully.  A trot was like getting kicked in the gut.  I could only walk.  Red wanted to go but he listened.  We stopped and talked to some folks from Liberty and then went on down the trail.

We then met up with two ladies from the area that were endurance riders!  Woot - they gave me 4 maps of the area and we chit chatted.  Red stood there patiently.  Later we side passed, backed up, etc.  He is doing well.  We went down to the left, came back went to the top right and down and over and then turned back.  We rode about 2 hours or so.  I hauled Red water and he sucked down 2 gallons in a flash.  We visited with some other riders and then left.  We went down 225 across the dam to go a different way.  Woot...It was fun.  We stopped and ate at the Cedar Tree.   We stopped in Silsbee so that I could get Barry a drink.  I checked on the boys and I think they were in coma's.  They didn't even lift their heads when I opened the door!!   Onward to home.  Red had not been home in two weeks and he trotted around his paddock and settled in to eat his grain. 

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Les Vogt Bits

I tried to get Red a Classic Equine bit designed by Gist but it didn't work out.  The one I wanted was no longer made.  So Margaret suggested Les Vogt bits and I called there this morning.  I spoke to Mr. Vogt who is an absolute hoot.  I told him what I wanted and what Red was in and he showed me a bit and said to just cut the roller off with a hack saw!  LOL  That is too funny.  So, I got the bit ordered and it should be here next week.  Woot!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Red Letter Day with Dashing Big Red

I hauled up to Jasper today, stopping in Buna to get Subway sandwiches.  A man stopped me and asked me about the Brenderup.  LOL  it is an attention getter.   (I paid my board and paid for trailer insurance while I was at it too!)  I picked up Red, Easy and Margaret to ride at Ebenezer.  I backed the trailer up into the alley at Margaret's...woot!!!  We loaded up the boys and off we went to Ebenezer.  This is the first time I have hauled two horses in the Brenderup with my Rav.  It did just fine.  I did feel it sway when my speed inched up around 60.  We were in hilly terrain and the wind was blowing pretty stiff.  I slowed down and the sway stopped.  We got to the park and there was only one trailer there.  It needed to be mowed!!!  We pulled into the public area - not the camping grounds.  We tacked up and I got on from the back ramp.  It worked for me - not a problem at all.

We went to the left in the park and down to where the crossing of water is but we stopped there.  Margaret didn't want to push Easy right away.  So, we dismounted and ate the Subway Sandwiches - why are sandwiches so good out in the gorgeous forest?  It was so quiet today.  We did see a man and a woman coming out of the woods when we went in but that was it!  Anywhoo...I finished my sandwich, turned Red around and said I was going to try to mount by myself.  LOL  I must have lost my mind.  I grabbed a handful of mane and the next thing I knew I was in my saddle!!!  WOOOOOT!!!!!!!!  OMG I was so excited!  It was a Red Letter Day on Dashing Big Red.  Red was eager to go but so easy to work with today.  I was riding in Margaret's bridal and Ronnie's hand plaited reins.  They were very comfortable. 

We started back to the other side of the trails and I stopped and decided to side pass both ways and WOW WEE  Red side passed both ways like a pro.  I was thrilled.  I am sure I look like an idiot but he is sidepassing so well.  I picked up the reins, applied pressure and he just side passes so pretty.  Margaret was filming it with my Flip camera.  I love that thing!

He is handling so good with the new bit.  Going down hill all I had to do was barely touch the reins and he stopped.  No more rushing down hill.  No more holding him back when he gets excited.  He was just fantastic.  We got to the tree where he had always refused.  Margaret went first and Red followed her after some hesitation.  We walked to the end of the land and we took turns taking pictures of each other with the lake in the background.  We headed back and I asked Red to go over the log...he refused and I was spurring him...nothing but refuse.  Margaret took Easy over it...and he has never been there and over he went.  I asked Red again and he was refusing and I was spurring him.  Finally when I thought I was going to have to get off and get Margaret to get him over it, he LEAPED over the tree from a stand still.  My God, he should have been a hunter jumper because Red can jump!!!!    Good thing I was in my Aussie saddle and it has Poleys.  I was safe and secure and not going over Red's left shoulder!!!  Woot!!!  We rode up and down the hills and Red went slowly as commanded.  He wanted to go faster.  At one point he literally galloped up a hill.  It was only about 5 strides but he was not trotting or walking!  He is a darling and we did trot some and he kept his pace better with a smooch kiss command. 

We got to Margaret's and I cleaned his feet and gave him a bath and on the walker he went.  He walked for an hour on the walker this morning and we rode about 3 or 3.5 hours today.  Woot.  He will be in shape in no time. 

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Red will be getting a new bit

I will be ordering Red a new bit so that I can continue his training as Margaret has started.  He will be in an Equine Classic Bit.  I went to Equine Classic and they don't carry it any longer but found it out on line elsewhere.    It is very pretty and he does respond to it.  It could be a very severe bit in the wrong hands - but I do have light hands and will always be cognizant of the bit in his mouth.  The last thing I would want to do would be to hurt my baby.

I know I am a paranoid person when it comes to him.  I dreamed he had broke his leg last night.  Why do I dream such horrible stuff about him?  I think I am just afraid something will happen to him.  Uggh.  Just the thought is horrible.

Margaret and I are going riding in Jasper in 9 hours!  Woot!!!!!  I will haul the trailer up there and pick her, Red and Easy up and go to Ebeneezer.  Can't wait!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Red has good results at the spa!!!

I went up to the Jasper Arena today to see Red!  He was saddled and sweaty when I got there.  He turned around when I called his name - he was somewhat agitated.  LOL  He had gotten in trouble.  He got a little snotty with Margaret and she buffed him up.

He is very responsive with this new bit.  It is a serious bit which I think Red needs, he has a hard mouth from racing so this makes him listen when you just barely touch the bit.  He backes up and neck reins and side passes so well!  Woot.  He even side passes for me.  Margaret took him through the poles!

Sara Ferguson was riding her new horse and he was just darling!  Short and stocky as all get out.  She rode Cub and wow wee!!!!  He can haul his big giant hinney around a pole like no bodies business.  I couldn't believe how fast he went around the last pole!

Margaret is keeping Red for another week.  He will still be in training this week and hopefully we will be able to go riding Tuesday at Ebeneezer.  I want to see what Red can do...I want to send him for training again this summer for a couple of weeks.  Woot!  I want Red to be a super trail horse.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Red is at the Spa

I took Red up to Margaret's last Sunday.  When we got there she was still at church so I groomed Red and he is shedding.  He looks good - he has gained weight.  I brought his food for him.  I checked his hoof and the little split part fell off but he seems ok.  I hugged him to pieces before I left. 

Margaret started riding him Tuesday.  She rode him Tuesday through today twice a day except today.  She said he is doing great on his sidepassing, she loped him in figure 8's and he was doing flying lead changes.  She said he was going from a trot to a smooth baby doll lope which should be interesting because his lope can be pretty rough!!  I can't wait to see him and hug his neck Sunday.