Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Walking with the Biscuit

Biscuit and I have gone for a number  of walks down the ranch road this month.  He is just being a doll.  Lee Ann said we had to give him a reset on being caught.  LOL  Kenny used to chase him with a 4 wheeler and he would run circles around me like it was a game.

I had taken him out to eat grass before but now we go for walks.  He let me halter him again in the pasture but I can't get out of the car and into the pasture fast enough now...he makes a bee line for me and can't wait to get his halter on.

The Wednesday before Christmas I had doctors appointments in the morning and got to the barn around 11:30 am.  Windy weather but I took him out.  We only got halfway down and he turned into a giraffe and was spooking all over the place - there was something in the air that was  bothering him.  He spooked around the front of me like something was going to eat him.  I put him up!!!

We left that day for Fredericksburg and stayed there til Friday night.  I bought these from an artisan while we were there and got one for Kellie too!!!

We had a good time.  I came back and walked Biscuit on Saturday - he is doing just fabulous.

I got a new Contour Roam camera for Christmas.  My old Roam bit the dust and no longer worked.  I have missed some great pictures from rides because he no longer worked so thanks Honey Darling Precious!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Monday was a Red Letter Day

Monday was a red letter day!!!  I went out to the barn and Biscuit was on the backside of his pasture.  I got carrots and opened the gate - I took his halter and leadrope and headed out into the pasture.  He was coming to me. 

When he saw the lead rope/halter I could see he sucked back a little but took the carrot.  He drew in his nose a little but let me halter him with no fuss!!!  Woo Hoo.  It has been about 20 months since he let me halter him in the pasture.

Good Biscuit!!!  We walked down the road with him munching on grasses and all kinds of green stuff.  So very proud of him.

Eric called from Steele this morning.  Saddle will be shipping out tomorrrow or so.  Can't wait.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Allegany Saddle for Sale

Allegany Mountain Trail Saddle Renegade Endurance purchased July 2012. It doesn't fit my horse so it is sadly for sale. It fits me wonderfully and the seat and stirrups are very comfortable. It is their D Bar tree with a 7" spread in the gullet. In the 28 months I have owned it I have rode in it about 18 months due to surgery and then no longer fitting my horse. It has pretty much every option offered.
17" Supracor Ultra Padded Seat
Curvy Slim Fenders
Drop Ring Rigging
Horse Shoe Stainless Hardware
Two sets of stirrups - the endurance ones have only been used for one
hour - they are brand spankin' new
Barb Wire Stamp
Two sets of ties on each corner, rings and brackets on the pommel and cantle for extra things to tote along.

Always kept inside - non smoking area. Brand new it would be a around $1600 without the extra stirrups. Asking $1000.00 My horse has a roach back and is causing the saddle to slide forward and pinch him. I hate selling it but it is just decorating my living room at this moment.
Call or Text me at 409-454-1931

Working on Biscuit coming to me

When I got the injection in my leg I was able to walk and needed to retrain myself to walk without limping.   So, I went out to the barn and Biscuit and Sarge came in and I shut the corral.  I gave them carrots and haltered Biscuit without a problem. 

I took him for a 45 minute smorgasbord walk down the ranch road.  It was exactly 1/2 mile.  He grazed and stuffed himself with fresh green grass.   It is getting thinner in the pasture but still nice outside by the road. 

I was going almost everyday and Biscuit would come to me as soon as I drove up.  No problems haltering - no shutting the corral either.  We walk down the road while he grazes - it is working.

He still is a little leery of me coming to him in the pasture.  He was sucking back and a little cautious but I would give him a carrot and pet him and he'd follow me to the corral.

He is getting a little more relaxed about me meeting him in the pasture.  He has been so difficult to catch but this is working.  We have been at it for 5 and a half weeks and he comes to me EVERY time - no matter what time I go out there.  We have made rides to so it isn't like we are just walking

He has been getting a little pushy on when he wants to stop to graze - since that has been the exercise.  Today we worked on walking til I stopped - patted his face and gave him the command to graze.  He pulled at the halter a little bit that is why I started that today.  By the end of the walk he was getting that he needed to walk without pulling, turn his face to me for a forehead rub and a command to graze.  He is so freaking smart. 

I hadn't been out there in two days due to cakes and having to go to Archie's visitation.  My darling cousin passed away.  He is who helped me buy Dashing Big Red.  It was up in Woodville so I couldn't go Thursday and then Friday I had cakes to make so I missed two days of seeing him.

Biscuit is being 100% Biscuit!!

catch up post

I haven't posted in a while.  I was trying to catch up but just haven't.

Cherie came to ride with me 5 weeks ago Tuesday.  I was having trouble with m y blood pressure meds.  We met at Abbie's and had lunch and then went to Tyrrell Park.  When we got there I started feeling bad.  I was seeing spots.  Upset stomach.  I sat for more than an hour til I felt better. 

Cherie saddled Biscuit and held him while I mounted.  I felt better.  She was lunging BG and Biscuit startled and flinched hard.  Next thing I new I was fall over backwards and hit the ground.  Ugh.  I had a huge hematoma on my right calf.  I know I didn't pass out because I can remember thinking "I hope my feet come out of my stirrups". 
Scrapped my left elbow and hit on my back left ribs.  My head fell back after I hit the ground and bonked on the ground.  I had my helmet on. I had Barry come take me home and then he dropped Biscuit off. 

I went to the doctor the next day over the blood pressure.  I had a tetanus shot and asked about getting injections in my knee.  I went for an exray.  I  saw Dr. Hays the next day and started the first of 3 injections that WORKED.  

I did ride with Cherie the next week for 11 miles.  Kellie and I have rode twice - once behind the golf course and once all around the back.  So much fun but my leg was sore. 

I only had a tiny scrap on my leg that got cellutis - Dr. Hays gave me antibiotics.  Had to go to a wound care specialist.   He said no riding.  Gaaaa.  Hoping it gets better soon.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Trimming hooves and Scrubbing Legs

Lee Ann P said that she thought it was Harvest Mites that chewed Sarge to pieces and that b I should scrub off the scabs/drainage.  I read up on Harvest Mites.  They are the larva stage of Chiggars.  LeesAnn helped me scrub Sarge's legs with Betadine.  They started to clear up immediately.

The Tuesday after coming back from Ebenezer Mike came to do their hooves.  Biscuit was being a PILL while Mike was doing his hooves.  OMG twisting all over the place - back and setting back - Mike and I couldn't figure out what was wrong with him.

He finally finished them and started on Sarge.  Biscuit lifted up his tail poop and Mike said was what was wrong with him - he needed to poop.   The last little one EXPLODED out and flew about 3 feet.  LOL  no wonder he was fidgety!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

A week at Ebenezer

Barry and I planned a week up at Ebenezer starting on Monday October 13.  It was POURING down rain til 3:00 PM.  I had spent quiet a bit of time getting the trailer ready and stocked.  Barry left a little before I did.  I went to the barn to get the horses and it started sprinkling.  The horses were terrific and didn't give me a minutes trouble.

I loaded them up and slowly drove up to Ebenezer.  Unfortunately, my Steele tree form still wasn't ready so I will still be riding in Kellie's Circle Y.

It stopped raining near Parkdale Mall.  Barry already had the trailer set up when I got there.  The pens  were wet.  We set up the electric tape corral - we got it at Tractor Supply.  They were a little scared of it.  Sarge quickly realized it wasn't on.  Biscuit always respected it.

I fell down by tripping over a dang hose.  Ugh.  It was dark and I hit the ground.  I didn't realize it but I twisted my glasses when they fell off of my head.  Barry found them later that night after I had looked all over for them.

It was a little cool that first night so we were a little cold!!  We watched a movie and ate sandwiches.  We put the horses in one pen as it was the only one dry.

The next morning I went to town to get a few items and the horses ran out of the electric tape corral when Barry dropped on side.  Sarge escaped and Biscuit ran with him.  They ran all over the park and then into #10's pen!  LOL

We rode that afternoon but just about 4 miles.  Sarge started coughing so we went back. 

Wednesday Cherie and Tammie came up to ride with me.  We rode over to Double Heart and a couple from Jasper rode with us.  I rode 15 miles.  We looped around the pond and decided to go check out the Black Hole.  We hung to the right like the Lee Ann's said to do and woo hooo we went right through.  Biscuit was tall enough it was just below his chest.  :-)  have wanted to do that for 5 years. 

Thursday Kent came up and we rode to Double Heart side.  We went through the Black Hole and Sarge is a little short so Barry's boots got a little wet.  We rode to the right at number #8 and all the way around to Double Heart.  I rode ahead of Kent and Barry put Biscuit at a jog and worked on my posting!  woo hooo...I was doing pretty dang good!!! 
Met two nice ladies at Double Heart - Janet and Kay.  Kay is freaking 80 years old.  I want to be like her!!!  I cooked fajita's for Kent and us that night. 

Sarge kept trying to get out - what a little pill.

Friday Kent had to go to the ER for kidney stones so I took out a group of ladies.  what an adventure.  We went through the black hole - but before that one fellow's Paso Fino got away from him and took a while to catch her - another lady was stung by a hornet...later another horse went lame and when we got to Double Heart we asked Tammy to take her back.

Kellie and Randy got up there Friday and the next day Reagan was bit by a snake.

Kent and I took a group to the waterfall.  So much fun.  My friend Cherie came up again and we made new friends too.

I made Gumbo for our group for Saturday night and we all hard a great time.
Biscuit enjoyed the little corral - Sarge was in the pen most of the time as he kept pushing the tape.

On Saturday he popped out with spots that were weeping.  Ugh. 

Sunday we packed up and went home.  Best Vacation EVER.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Riding at Tyrrell Park

Kellie and I rode at Tyrrell Park on Oct 5 with James.  We rode out to the back and had a great time.  Saw a man out in the back that shouldn't be there - he was fishing.  We went through an area in the back that had James coughing and gagging with his allergies poor guy!!!

Elan stopped on the trail for a rest.  Kellie is worried about him as he is not behaving in his normal way.  We waited until he was ready to go before taking off again.

It was a fun ride - slow and easy but fun.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

September 26 Beach Ride

Kellie and I met at Tyrrell Park to go to the beach for a ride.  We loaded up The Biscuit, transferred my tack and stuff and off we went.

We got down to the beach and the grass was HIGH at the fire station and OMG the mosquitoes were swarming.  I got Biscuit out of the trailer and poor fellow had cut above his eye.

Poor guy!  It was cut at an angle but it didn't seem to bother him.  Not head shy at all.  I put Neosporin on it and cleaned his face up. 

We went for a terrific ride about 4 miles down the beach.  Tried a little canter but it was so lumpy I pulled him back.

Kellie gave me some human spray cleanser that really helped heal his eye!!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Riding on Friday Saturday and Sunday

We had a nice ride that Friday.  The horses were all rearing to go.  I lead the way for part of the ride.  We crossed the first creek and went to the left and over to that side.  We only rode about 6 miles that day.  Biscuit charged up a hill after Kellie and Randy cantered up it.  OMG Biscuit was busting out in a gallop running towards them shaking his head.  UGH.  Like someone wants to see that flying up towards you.

Some of the area had slick clay.  One area we had to cross was WET and sloppy.  Biscuit went through it with mud flying all over the place.  Another time he felt like he bucked when going up a incline through mud.  Kellie said he wasn't bucking - just getting his hindquarters up under himself. 

Jimmy's girlfriend, Christy, was riding a very nice forward mare that was a very seasoned trail horse.  She was a pleasure.  We all enjoyed the ride.  Biscuit was a little charged up and I said no more alfalfa for him. 

That afternoon Barry got in the creek - everyone came down and wanted in too.  Randy and Kent went to town and got swim suits for the next day.  LOL  I had walked out onto the rocks with bare feet...omg won't do that again.  I made it down to the creek down a sharp slope but was ok.

That night Kellie heated up her spaghetti at the cabin.  We all laughed and talked and had a great time.  Food was great - company was terrific.

Saturday we rode about 10 miles.  We rode back behind Brushy Creek, over in the middle section and past that tall hill I went up 2 years ago.  The horses did great crossing the bridges.  OMG we came upon the bra tree.  Last time there was ONE brand new red bra hanging in the trees.  This time there were tons of bras and panties.  The guys all wanted their pictures taken with the tree.  Freaks :-)

We enjoyed that ride so much.  The horses were a little better behaved.  Reagan did spook really hard when he sank down in the creek edge.  I don't know how Randy managed to stay on. 

On the way back Reagan started kinda hopping and threw his face down to the ground...Kellie jumped off.  Hornets/ground bees - but we don't think he was actually stung.   Always a rodeo!!!

Back into the creek for hours of cooling off.  But dang, these little "no see 'ems" were about to eat me to pieces.  I could see they were like a little speck of pepper and bit like a son of a gun.  Ugh.  Kent made friends with Patty and Peter and they came down to the creek with us.  Peter knows the way to the caves and said he would take us Sunday.  We really enjoyed their company.

It was Kent's turn to cook so he made grilled/fried chicken, hamburgers and OMG fabulous fried onion rings.  The guys all helped him cook and we ladies just chilled out. 

Sunday I got ready to go and felt like a dang UTI was coming on again.   I had to get off to try to go!!!  Not too much success.  We had rode down the road to the cemetery road.  I would have never found that with the map they gave us.  We passed the lone grave and kept going.  We rode out in some open area and then back into the forest.  We came to a point and Peter said we could go up the hill that was STEEP or go around an area that was pretty boggy.  Barry and Kent went up the steep, the rest of us on the boggy.  Biscuit did terrific considering he is not a fan of mud!!!  We finally arrived at the caves.  How cool was that! 

We started back and went a different way - bushwacking in some places and back tracking some too.  Over the boggy spot again. 

We went down one area to the creek and Biscuit was slipping on a cap rock area...Patty took her horse up the other side and mud flew on me from about 15 feet away!!  I went over and Kellie came behind me but when I turned around she was leading Elan.  He has slipped and fell on her leg.  OMG that was stunning.  She was ok and worried about Elan.  He seemed ok.   Off we went again.  We had to go down a slough to a creek, across and up the other side.  Biscuit went straight up on the other side through the little trees instead of the exit area the other horses went through.  LOL he can be a pill but he was pretty dang good that day. 

We had a great ride and enjoyed Peter and Patty.  Hope to ride with them again. 

We hit the creek again to just relax.  Barry and James rearranged the stones to rearrange the flow of the creek.  LOL they  worked hard on that!!!

It was Bev's turn to cook and we had Chicken and dressing and green bean casserole.  YUM. 

We all had such a great time and are ready to go back.  Randy topped out coming over the hills leaving and tore the sewer lines.  We stopped at the paved road while they got it tied up for the trip home. 

We had an uneventful drive home.  We are already planning our next trip in May.  From a Thursday through a Tuesday.  Brushy Creek...our posse will return!!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

On our way Thursday

Got to the barn and picked up poop - fed the horses and then left.  It was drizzling rain.  We met at Flying J in Orange.  We left out with us in the lead.  Barry drives too fast in my opinion hauling the horses but he gets pretty cranky if you point that out.  We stopped on the other side of Jennings and then just before we got into Baton Rouge.

We overshot Brushy Creek but were able to get there - again - Barry drives too fast!

Took us 5 hours to get there.  We unloaded the horses and put them in their stalls and then headed to our cabin.  Everyone thought it was gorgeous.

The horses made the trip just fine but Sarge blew out snot which concerned me.  I think the dust flying caused it.

We didn't ride Thursday - we let the horses rest.  Everyone came to the cabin to eat the brisket/roast rice and gravy and corn.  We also had brownies and Bev's famous cornflake/peanutbutter cookies.

We were all excited about riding and couldn't wait to go.

Brushy Creek Trip - Getting ready

I took my Brenderup to Duval's and bless their hearts - they put screws in the window mechanism so that it wouldn't pop open.  Not sure what the metal is but they had a hard time screwing into it.  Archie said most like stainless steel - but only one is unstained!  Three are corroded looking but one is not.  Anyway - they did one and I hauled down the road to make sure it wouldn't open.  I hauled the trailer home for lunch and then back to the shop and they did the other side.

I got all of their feed set into the 5 gallon bucket I have.  I shopped and got feed for us - I made a brisket like Momma always made to serve everyone.

Got our clothes packed and we were ready to go...we put the horses in the arena so we didn't have to worry about catching them.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Saturday afternoon ride

Kellie and I met up for a Saturday afternoon ride at Tyrrell park yesterday.  I saddled Biscuit and he was trying to evade the saddle and dang near ran me over.  Poor fellow.  I put Desitin on his fetlocks down to his coronary bands before putting on his hoof boots.
and headed back
Kellie and started into the woods and went back for my crop.  Gaaaaaaa...I swatted a spider and it flew forward and whapped me in the eye...thank God it bounced off and onto the ground.  It took us quiet a while to get through the woods because of the spiders.

We went out on the bayou and it had really grown up since Labor Day.  We walked almost to the bridge and turned around and went back down Cattail Marsh road. 

Had a great time...can't wait to go to Mississippi next week.

Labor Day Ride

Kellie and I rode on Labor Day.  We met out at Tyrrell Park and went in at Cattail Marsh.  We rode down to Willow Bayou and went to the right.  WE went down to the the woods entry and turned around and went back.  It was only about 1 4 mile ride but we sure enjoyed ourselves.  We haven't rode enough this month. 

I rode in Kellie's Flex Tree Circle Y saddle.  It is comfortable.  I need to lift up the stirrups some.

Busy Week

On Monday I went to the barn and brought Biscuit up to rasp his feet.  I had planned to go riding with Cherie but after working with Biscuit's hooves and sweating a ton I changed my mind.  I did work with Biscuit in the arena and he did a great job.

Tuesday Mike came to the barn to do the horses hooves.   Biscuit and Sarge both have a little bit of thrush going on.  Got to put Lysol in water and soak their hooves. 

Wednesday I hauled the horses to the vet for their regular shots, rabies and Biscuit's Coggins.  Cassie said she heard gurgling when I was taking Sarge out of the trailer.  Long and short...he has a slight upper respiratory infection.  They put a bag over his nose to make him breath deeply.  Doc said could be related to allergies.  Sarge got medications and a shot in the bum. 

Biscuit's no see 'em's around his hooves turned out to be  a fungus.  He got his feet shaved from his fetlocks down.  Spray medication and the pink salve that I already had. 

Left the vet $381 poorer. 

Friday, August 29, 2014

The Road Runner is moving to Colorado

I had a lady from Montana wanting to buy the trailer.  We went back and forth on delivery.  I was going  to haul it to Dallas and someone would pick it up there.  She loved the trailer but we couldn't come to terms on payment.  Not price - how to pay.

Anyway, this man from Colorado called last Saturday.  He called again Wednesday.  He asked more questions and his wife called me Thursday.  He left Thursday afternoon and was here at 11:00 AM Friday!  Barry came home from work and we showed him the trailer.  We went to Wells Fargo, got a check, went to Du Pont in Beaumont and voila!  Trailer is his and on its way to Colorado.

Goodbye little Road Runner - so sorry I had to sell it. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ordered a new Steele Saddle

I ordered the Steele Saddle on Tuesday, August 26.  I ordered the Frontier.  We skipped the demo.  Hoping to get the tree before we go to Mississippi.  We shall see.  Been out to see Biscuit and Sarge.  It is hot and they are sweaty little fellows.  I am going to give Sarge a bath and rinse him off tomorrow/well, really today as it is 1:30 AM 

Paid my board today and visited with LeAnn and we discussed selling the RoadRunner Trailer.  A lady from Montana wants it.  Hopefully it will go through. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Working with Biscuit and Sarge goes for a ride

Biscuit again, doesn't want to come in.  Kinda started when I was putting meds on their feet for summer sore looking issues.  I know that stuff burns.  Poor guys.

Anywhoo...I got them to come in LATE Thursday evening and I took Biscuit up to the arena.  He hadn't wanted to let me put his halter on and was moving away from me in the little corral.  Barry suggested using the lead rope and slipping around his neck.  I said "No.  This is what I do in the little arena and he is going to let me do this."  After 2 tries he stood for me to put the halter on.  Up to the arena and round and round...whoa...stop...stay...Join up.

Friday afternoon he came in ONLY because Sarge did.  I took him up to the front and worked him in the arena.

Sometimes this horse makes me crazy.

Saturday while I was working on wedding cake Barry took Sarge up to Fred, Texas.  He wanted to look at the land we might move up to.  Sarge stepped in a soft spot and sunk

Biscuit needs a new Saddle

I went to the barn yesterday at feeding time so I could catch him!  I didn't have any trouble catching him then.  I walked him up to the front and worked him in the arena.  He did a great job.

I haven't worked with him much lately but need to keep it up.  He is smart as a whip and responded correctly.  We worked for about 15 minutes.  Keep it short and sweet.

Mike was out there doing hooves.  I had asked Lee Ann to look at Biscuit's saddle as I think it is too tight.  Dang, he has a dime sized piece of hair gone AGAIN.  I don't think this is the fungus.  I think it is the saddle.  So I went down to the trailer and got the saddles out and brought them up to the barn.  I saddled Biscuit up and LeAnn checked the fit.  She thought it was too tight, too.   I had Mike check it and he said he was snug.  Gaaaaa...I then put Barry's Billy Cook on Biscuit and it fits him.  Mike agreed that the BC fit him just fine.  I will have to ride in that saddle until I can get Biscuit a new saddle.

I talked to Kellie when I left and told her I was going to order Biscuit a Steele saddle so they can custom make Biscuit a tree. we go again.  I looked at the site for Steele saddles and I know I will like it...I just hate spending the money.

I spoke to Eric at Steele this morning and he wanted pictures of Biscuit's back with a level across his back and then we will go from there.

Today I went out to the barn a little after 3:00 PM.  Biscuit wasn't in the little corral but he came in!  Woo hoo!!!  Good Biscuit.  I took him up to the front and worked in the arena for maybe 10 minutes or so.  I had gone to therapy today and that makes my legs a little weak so 10 minutes was good.  I washed Biscuit off and he spooked when Alison came out of the barn.  LOL he is a funny guy at times.  I got the stick for measuring height and LeAnn P held Biscuit while I took pictures of his back.  Where the hair came off seems wasn't until I put the saddle on yesterday.  I may go out tomorrow and put an ice pack on it for just a while.  My poor Biscuit!!!

I gave Biscuit a handful of alfalfa and took him back down to his pasture.  I emailed the pictures to Eric and hope to hear from him tomorrow. 

On top of everything computer kicked the bucket awhile ago or went into a coma.  DANG...computers and saddles are killing me.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sunday Spider Ride

Kellie and I hauled to Tyrrell Park Sunday for a silent ride.  I tacked Biscuit up and he got scrunchie and nervous when I went to put the crop into my water holder.  OMG  Sometimes I wonder about this horse.  I have never hurt him and he still gets scared.

I mounted up with no problems and we headed for the woods.   It was a slow ride due to swatting spiders.  Gaaa...I got a few on in my hair and face.  Another fell on Biscuit's neck and crawled over him.  I was trying to get it off of him without whapping him.  Once I was trying to get one off of my crop and I popped poor Biscuit.

I noted to Kellie that it is funny that I can swing that crop all over his head, over his ears, beside him, etc and he doesn't flinch but he sees the crop on the ground and has a cow.  Sigh...poor baby.

I washed him off and cleaned his hoof boots.  He was a happy camper to graze before we left.

Riding from Double Heart

The day before I went  to Double Heart I met the farrier Mike in Lumberton to get new gators for Biscuit's hoof boots.  I learned something...I should be putting the same boot on the same hoof every time.  Duh.  Didn't know that.  I put the gators on when I got home...with the tips Mike gave me I didn't have a problem.  I even put the little purple strap on the middle.

Then on Tuesday  August 5th I hauled up to Double Heart to meet Cherie, Tammy and Caren for a ride.  I got out to the barn and fed Biscuit and Sarge.  I didn't have any problem with Biscuit.  He was filthy though with mud in his mane.

I took him up to the wash rack and hosed him off before leaving.  I stopped once in Buna for a Starbucks cold coffee drink.  I bought a lottery ticket for $2 and won $5.  I was excited!  Got a sandwich and cookies to share.

Got up to the DH and unloaded Biscuit.  Cherie got there a little bit later.  We tacked up and rode in a loop to the left.  We did a little cantering (Biscuit was long trotting) down a road.  We looped around and back to DH for lunch.  We shared a nice lunch and watermelon.  We mounted up again and rode to the right and around to the #8 and then back up #1 trail.

We rode just short of 9 miles.  It was so much fun.

I took a shower before I left.  It was pretty dang hot up there and humid.